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  3x18 - Graduation
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Previously on Roswell…

Fortune Teller: I've never seen the cards fall like this before. Boy.

He's different.

Flashback of Liz igniting her schoolbook.

Max: I didn't do that.

Liz: I did.

Liz blasting Tess with her powers.

Liz: You healed me and now I'm different.

Isabel on tape using her powers while her parents watch.

Mr. Evans: Can you please just tell us what this means?

Who are you?

Flash to Kyle on the payphone.

Kyle: Tess is back?

Flash to Tess handing Max their son.

Then to them sitting and talking to their parents.

Isabel: Max's baby is an, is an alien. So am I.

The FBI searching the Evans', and find the tape of Isable.

Then to Tess in the car with Liz.

Liz: You're not going to let them throw you in the white room are you?

Tess: No.

Tess going through the gate and the compound blowing up.

At the Crashdown.

Liz: I'm not religious but I've been to church. I know right from wrong.

And I know it's wrong to benefit in any way from someone else's passing.

But I won't deny that Tess's death has freed me. Like a dark shadow passed

Over the sun before the light came flooding back (looking at a paper about the

Explosion) It's a brand new day. Full of possibilities and hope. I haven't felt

Like that in a long long time. (She looks over at Max sitting at the counter at the

Crashdown) It's different for Max. He lost more than his son. He lost the sense of

Direction to his life, his sense of purpose. He puts up a brave front but, I know.

What are you still doing here? Got it hot for some local waitress?

Max: That's the rumor. Have you heard from North Western yet?

Liz: Still waiting.

Max: You must be nervous.

Liz: I'm trying to handle the whole college acceptance thing with grace and aplumb.

Max: Aplumb? (smiling)

Liz: Yeah it's an SAT word that I just can't get outta my head. It's slowly driving me crazy.

Max: Liz. What if I came with you to North Western.

Liz: Max if that's something that you seriously think you could or would do then fine. We'll,

We'll talk about it otherwize please don't put me through the whole emotional rollercoaster.

Customer: Excuse me, Miss?

Liz: I'll be right back.

Customer: Thank you.

She hands Liz the check and as she does Liz gets a flash of the customer being shot and killed by a mugger.

Max gets up and goes to her as she sits down stunned.

Max: Hey what's wrong.

Liz: That woman that just walked out of here.

Max: What about her?

Liz: I think she's going to be murdered.

Max: What are you talking about?

Liz: She was walking down an alley and there was a man with a gun.

Max: Are you telling me that you saw the future?

Liz: I saw something. We have to go after her.

They leave the Crashdown and go down a back alley.

Liz: Around here.

Max: Are you sure that…

They make it around just to see her walk away and the man grab her in an attempt to mug her

Woman: Please.

Liz: Max. (Max uses his powers to get the gun away from the would be mugger and sets off a car

Alarm and scares the man away)

Liz: Ok. Let's go, let's go.

Max looks on for a second at the woman and then runs away.

Liz: The trouble with making plans for the future…

Hogens Air Force Base : New Mexico

The men are rummaging through the debree.

Liz: Even when you can see the future, is that fate has a way of intervening. And upsetting the best laid

Plans of mice and men. Robert Burns 1785. That was on the SAT too.

The men find the tape of Isabel using her powers.

At the Remerez's apartment.

Jesse is on the phone as Isabel walks in.

Jesse: So this is for real. Well um, I'm going to have to get back to you on that. Bye.

Isabel: What?

Jesse: Uh, my friend Chris Hobson. He just made partner at Langtree, Watkins and Sullivan. One of the top law firms in Boston.

Isabel: That's nice.

Jesse: And he needs someone to take over their litigation department.

Isabel: Oh. So Boston huh? Well, what does it pay?

Jesse: 3 - 50 to start.

Isabel: Jesse get real, we can't live on 3 – 50 a week. Especially in that city, I mean the cost of living

Alone would be at least I don't know..

Jesse: No. 3 – 50 a year.

Isabel: So you, you mean I-it's…

Jesse: Three hundred and fifty thousand.

Isabel: A year?

Jesse: (laughs) A year.

Isabel: (she hugs him) Oh my gosh. Honey that is so great. Oh my gosh.

Jesse: So does that mean I'm taking it, we're going.

Isabel: Probably. (she laughs and hugs him again)

Back at the Crashdown.

Maria: So you're clairvoyant now?

Liz: I'm not clairvoyant, it only happened once.

Maria: All right, do you think you can tell me what's going to happen between me and spaceboy?

Maria and Liz walk up to Michael who is waiting with an order and he stares at them.

Liz: It's probably beyond my capabilities.

Maria: Yeah, tell me about it. Well at least we'll always have each other right?

Liz: Yeah of course we will.

They take their order to their tables. Liz walks up to Kyle.

Liz: What have you been doing?

Kyle: It's called working for the man.

Liz: In a sewer?

Kyle: Close, been flushing septic lines for a 1975 RV.

Mr.Parker walks into the room holding a letter. Liz walks up to him.

Mr. Parker: From North Western University. An acceptance letter?

Liz: Well either that or a dig letter.

The bell rings and they both look over.

Michael: Sorry. Your orbit rings are ready.

Mr.Parker sighs and hands the letter to Liz. As she takes it she gets a flash. She sees that it is an acceptance letter.

Liz: I've been accepted.

Mr.Parker: You haven't even opened it yet…

She opens the letter and smiles at her dad.

Liz: I did, I got in. (he hugs her)

Mr.Parker: Whew hew!

Maria looks on…

Kyle: (clapping) I gotta do something with my life.

At the Valenti's house.

Kyle: Anyway, thank's for taking this meeting.

Boss: Meeting? You just said you were springin' for lunch.

Kyle: All right but, I thought we could talk a little.

Boss: Are you going to complain? Look, trailer sewage is part of the job buddy.

Kyle: It's not about that. It's just that I-I've actually, I've been thinking about my future.

Boss: Oh so it's a money thing. Well, look all the salary's are frozen. Do you watch t.v.?

No we're in the middle of a recession I can't be dolin' out money…

Kyle: No-no-no. That's not… don't worry about it. Um. I think that I have a lot to offer.

Jim walks in and listens in.

Kyle: Maybe we can expand, one day even open a new garage. Anyway I was just, I was wondering if you

Would consider taking on a partner?

Boss: Partner? Look I'm sorry but that's not the way things work. You're a kid. You're not even my

Mechanic. You're an assistant.

Kyle: Yeah you're right let's just drop it.

Boss: Partner. Sounds a little crazy. (laughs)

Valenti looks away concerned for his son.

At a Hotel.

FBI Agent 1: One of my men picked this out of the rubble a few night's ago.

He puts in the tape of Isabel into a player and plays it for the other agents.

General: Is she the thing that destroyed our base?

FBI Agent 1: Possibly.

FBI Agent 3: There are several canditates.

General: Can the Special Unit DEAL with this?

FBI Agent 3: The Special Unit no longer exists.

FBI Agent 1: Neither does this meeting.

General: Right.

FBI Agent 3: However the members of the unit do remain in contact with one another.

General: Then you can take care of this…

FBI Agent 3: That's why you contacted us isn't it, General?

General: We lost a lot of good people at Rodgers. I don't want it to happen again.

FBI Agent 1: When this is over these creatures will never bother anyone ever again.

Max: Congratulations.

Liz: You said that already.

Max: Oh (kisses Liz)

Liz: But I like the way you say it.

Max: You college girls.

Liz: Hey we want to be loved for our minds not for our bodies. You serious, you know about wanting to

Come with me.

Max: I've never been more serious. What a great mind you have.

Liz: No, I don't think that's my mind. But keep looking, I'm sure you'll find it.

Max: Really.

Liz: Umhmm. Remember I can tell the future. And tonight. Your future looks very very bright.

Liz kisses him and as she does she gets a flash of the 4 of them being shot and killed.

First Max, then Michael, then Isabel and finally her.

She sits back stunned.

Max: What.

Liz: We're all going to be killed.

Liz and Max get everyone together and meet there.

Liz: It was terrible we're all killed I saw it.

Maria: All as in everybody?

Liz: Max, Isabel, Michael and me.

Michael: I dream we all get whacked ever other night. Why the meeting?

Max: Liz started to have premonitions. From touching people. Uh, she saw a woman about to be killed in

An armed robbery. We followed them and we were able to stop it.

Jesse: You believe it you think this could really happen?

Max: I think we should all take this seriously.

Michael: Ok, so where do we get popped? When do we get popped? And who pops us?

Liz: I don't know. The flashes were sort of impressionistic.

Jim: We need more information.

Isabel: Where were you. Where were you when you had the flashes?

Max: Here.

Kyle: You said you got these flashes from touching people.

Liz: We were. I … was touching people.

Maria: How Cozy…

Isabel: I think we should just focus on what we should do next.

Max: Right. Uh, we should all stay on guard. Liz and I will attempt to ah…

Kyle: Achieve another flash?

Max: Seems like the thing to do.

Maria: So I ah, I take it I have no homework right. Ok. So ah, I gotta speak to you spaceboy?

We have an appointment tommorrow.

Michael and Maria go for a visit at the Psychics.

Psychic: So what do you want out of this relationship? I mean where did each of you see yourselves?

Say 5 years from now.

Michael: The current theory is I'm gonna be dust.

Psychic: Dust?

Michael: Dead. Ca-put. Finito Michaelito. No offense can we get to the part where you take out your

Crystal ball and… I wanna get back in time for WWF.

Maria: I apologize for him. Michael please, I really just, I need for you to try and help me figure this out

All right.

Michael: You're the one who broke up with me two seconds after you sucked face with your ex-boyfriend. Maria: What about that thing with Courtney last year?

Michael: Those were extenuating circumstances. She was a Michael worshipper.

Maria: Oh, there are always extenuating circumstances aren't there? You know what? I'm just sick of it.

I am sick of it Michael.

They both look at the psychic who is looking at them as if they both have a screw loose.

Maria: Um, I apologize, I … See we're hopeless.

Psychic: Maria would you mind if I speak to Michael alone for a few minutes?

Maria: Why? I want to hear everything you have to say though.

Psychic: This is not about you and Michael. This is… much bigger than your relationship.

Maria: Of course it is. Everything always is, isn't it. Ok.

Pyschic: Michael. Something bad is about to happen.

She turns over the cards as Michael looks on perplexed.

Psychic: Very bad. And there is only one way to keep it from happening. You must believe in the love.

Michael: Believe in the love. I have no idea what that means.

Psychic: I know you don't. But try to. It could save your life and others.

Michael: I think you're a fraud.

She holds up a card for him to take.

Psychic: So you don't forget.

He takes it and it is the Lovers card.

He walks out to find Maria waiting for him.

Michael: Come on, she's a flake. Let's go.

Maria: I… don't believe this. You are not going to tell me what she said. You know this is so indicitive.

Michael: Shut up!

She goes to stop him and he blows up a flower pot with his powers.

Then we see the shot in a picture on a table in the hotel room with the FBI.

Back at wherever… (either Liz's, Michael's apartment)

Max and Liz on a bed together trying to achieve another flash.

Liz: Tough job.

Max: Yeah somebody's gotta do it.

Liz: So what's happening to me Max. I mean what does this mean, am I becoming one of you?

Max: I don't know but whatever is happening we're together now.

They kiss some more and Liz gets another flash. She sees a man at a podeum and then, them getting shot

Again. She sits up.

Max: Did you see something?

Liz: I saw you get killed again. Whoa what a second there was someone there. I've seen him before.

Max: Who was it?

She gets off the bed and starts looking for something.

Liz: That face. I know I've seen that face before. Where is that.

She grabs a book. It has a picture of a man with the name Bryce McCain.

Liz: This is him. He was there the moment that you got, the moment that you got killed. I mean, he was giving a speech or something.

Max: Bryce McCain? He's going to be the guest of honor at the UFO Convention. We die June 12th.

Liz: That's less than 2 weeks.

Max: We have 12 days to figure out how to stop it.

At the Pod Chamber. They gather together again.

Michael: So who's this Bryce McCain?

Liz: He's a science fiction novelist and he'll be at the UFO Convention.

Max: So we have less than 2 weeks before we're all killed.

Maria: Gosh, how does this happen? And why now?

Liz: Well it probably has something to do with Tess destroying the base.

Michael: Maybe they found your mom's videotape.

Isabel: What now it's my fault?

Michael: I'm just saying they put it together pretty quick.

Jesse: Look. It's not going to help to point fingers. Ok.

Jim: He's right. We need to come up with a plan as a team.

Michael: Team? Look at us, it's rediculous.

Maria: Michael you're not helping.

Max: She's right.

Michael: Ok, fine then help. What's the plan?

They all look at Max.

Max: I won't make this decision for everyone. I've given up the throne. I'm not a king. And your not

My second in command. And you're not a princess. We're just fighting for our lives.

Isabel: Well then we need to start planning on how to fight back.

Michael: I got a better idea. Why don't we get out of Dodge before they land on us? I mean, we leave.

Kyle: And where do we go?

Michael: Anywhere but here. I mean, let's face it. They know who we are, it's over. We leave Roswell,

We leave fast and we leave as quietly as we can. We all go seperately.

Maria: Seperately?

Michael: Right now we're safer as individuals, then we are as a group. I mean, what are we all going to do if we go together? Get a van? If we go quietly into the night. Each of us on our own. If they get some of

Us, maybe they don't get all of us.

Jim: Wait a minute. We all go?

Michael: Right now the only ones in danger, according to the crystal ball here are, me, Max, Isabel and Liz. So the rest of you are safe. You can stay here.

Maria: Oh what, so now I'm not invited?

Michael: Maria.

Maria: You're just, you're just gonna leave me here, I mean. You know this is incred…. This is perfect.

This is just a perfect way to end this entire stupid thing. Forget it. Fine. Goodbye, Good luck.

She goes to leave and Michael makes to go after her but Liz steps in.

Liz: Hey. Let me.

They go off.

Max: If we're gonna go we shouldn't hesitate. We should start leaving right after graduation.

One at a time. And we don't look back.

Liz: Maria.

Maria: What!

Liz: Wait! Where. Maria what is your problem? What's your problem!

Maria: I have risked my life. I have given up everything. I mean, every other friend I've ever had I've Completely blown off. My mother doesn't even know me anymore. And now that it's all over, you're one

Of them. You're part of it. You're gonna go off with them and leave me in Roswell when I'm

Gonna be stuck here just a waitress for the rest of my life.

Liz: Can you really look at me and say this! I am most likely about to get killed in 12 days and what are you saying? You are saying that you are pissed off because you're not getting killed too?

Maria: Yes. I don't… I ‘m falling apart here Liz Ok. I know I'm rediculous right now. I know I sound

Crazy but I…

Liz: All I have heard for the past five months is how you want out of the alien chaos. And now, what you

Want back in? Maria!

Maria: I just…

Liz: Maria. Which one is it? Do you want in or do you want out?

Maria: I don't know. I don't know which one is better for me? You can see the future Liz, please.

Tell me, Hold me hand maybe you'll have a flash, just tell me which one is better for me…

Liz: Maria, maria, maria. (she places her hands on her friends face) Listen to me, You've got to stop. Ok.

Who knows. All right. I can see the future. And I have no idea. Look, maybe you just, you need to try

And decide what you want and then go get it. Ok?

They hug each other.

Jim: Well I guess we stay here huh.

Kyle: Yeah this'll be fun. We could take bets on when they're gonna repossess our house.

Jim: I made a call on your behalf.

Kyle: What are you talking about?

Jim hands Kyle a badge.

Kyle: What's this?

Jim: Local Police badge. Sheriff Hanson wants to give you a shot in the sheriff's office.

Kyle: Dad. This is the last thing I want to do with my life. Being a cop like you and grandpa that's

My worst nightmare.

Jim: Hey you can do whatever the hell you want but this badge is an honor. And being a law enforcement

Officer is not a nightmare it's a dream.

Kyle: Your dream. Why the hell are you calling in favors to get me a badge anyway. And all this time

You haven't lifted a finger to get your own badge back.

He walks away.

Jesse: I'll call Boston and tell them to give the job to someone else.

Isabel: No. Take the job. We'll go to Boston. We'll figure out a way, I'm not just gonna let this stop

Us anymore.

Jesse: Isabel are you sure?

Isabel: Yes. Take the job.

They hug.

Isabel: I can't believe it's all ending this way.

Michael: Well I'm not graduating so I guess I'll be the first to leave.

Max: Michael, look.

Michael: Uh, I'm travelling light, so you can have my Metallica Cd's.

Max: I know things between us have been a little uh…

Michael: Eh uh, Maxwell don't cause, I can. (can't?)

He hugs Michael as they all gather around.

At the hotel room they have pictures laid out on the table in front of the woman Max and Liz saved.

FBI Agent 1: The sooner you help us Mrs, Mills, the sooner you can return home.

Mrs. Mills: They helped me. They saved my life.

FBI Agent 3: I'm sure you're two children will be very happy to see you. It's getting late.

She looks up at them and looks at the pictures. She picks out Max and Liz.

FBI Agent 1: Thank you.

Mrs. Mills: Can I go now?

She grabs her purse and they stand.

FBI Agent 1: You were never here. (she nods) You never saw us.

Agent 3 walks her out and Agent one sorts through the picture and puts Michael, Max, Liz and Isabel on

The top of the pile.

FBI Agent 1: These four. This is everyone. Now we can move.

FBI Agent 3: Where?

FBI Agent 1: Some place where they're all together. Indoors. A facility we can lock down. Some place

Where they won't expect it to happen.

Maria walks up to Michael's.

Maria: I thought you were leaving?

Michael: I am. But I just wanted… I don't know.

Maria: To say goodbye?

Michael: I wanted to say that this whole thing has been screwed up from the beginning. You and me. Us,

Just the whole long stupid story.

Maria: Thanks.

Michael: But I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's meant so much to me. You know, from day one, from

The moment that I kidnapped you and stole your car. I knew you were the girl for me. I never wanted any

One else.

Maria: Michael.

Michael: I still don't just, wherever I'm going, whatever I'm doing just know I'll always love you.

He starts his bike and leaves.

Maria: Wait., no, you just can't say that and…

Liz and Max on the crashdown's balcony. Liz is lighting candles and Max is folding a blanket.

Max: Liz, I've been thinking about what happened before. We saved that woman's life.

Liz: I know.

Max: I just, I have this weird feeling about it.

Liz: Oh, what do you mean.

Max: Uh, I've just been feeling like… (he walks over to the barbecue) I have no path, You know.

No where to go. Maybe th- maybe that's why I've been put here. To help people. Maybe that's what I should do with my life after I leave Roswell.

Liz: Like Tom Jode in Grapes of Wrath. Doing good deeds and avoiding the law.

Max: The thing is that I can't do that without you.

Liz: I would do anything if it means being with you.

He smiles at her and lifts the barbecue lid and takes out a piece of coal.

Max: Trick I learned from Superman. Let's see if it really works.

Max uses his powers on the charcoal and his hand glows. He rubs it off with his shirt and walks to Liz.

He then gets on his knees and holds a perfect diamond out to Liz.

Liz: Oh my.

Max: Liz. They're taking our home from us. They wanna kill us and they might. But when I look in your

Eyes, I don't feel angry or deprived. I feel like the luckiest half-human on the planet. You're pure. You're, you're true and you're real. And right now that seems like the only thing that's important. I wanna

Be with you Liz. Forever.

Liz: Forever may only be 12 days.

He puts the diamond in her hand and closes it.

Max: Then we'll take those 12 days and we'll live 12 lifetimes. Liz Parker. Will you marry me?

Liz then gets down on her knees.

Liz: Yes.

They go to kiss.

Max: After Graduation.

Liz: Ok.

Liz nods and they kiss.


Principle: Congratulations.

Max looks back at Liz and smiles.

Principle: Congratulations and as we continue to honor our senior class. We'd like to give them a few

Of our own words of wisdom. Before we send them out into the world as highschool graduates. So now it's my pleasure to introduce our special guest for this evening. A three time Hugo award winner for excellency in science fiction and an international best-selling author. Bryce McCain.

As he walks on the stage they all know they are in trouble. Max looks back at Liz.

Bryce: Much of my work is about the possibility of alien life. Of course, that's fiction. But the truth is,

That we're all aliens really in our own way. Especially in highschool. So…

FBI Agent: This is Viceroy. All shooters report in, please.

FBI Agent: This is Bulldog. My target is in the clear. (He centers on Max)

FBI Agent: This is Terrier. My target is in the clear. (He centers on Liz)

FBI Agent: This is pointer. My target is in the clear. (He centers on Isabel)

FBI Agent: This is Viceroy. All shooters stand by. Do not fire until the rest of the unit has arrived. Repeat. Do not fire until the rest of the unit has arrived to provide ground control and secure the facility.

A whole whack of black sedans drive up while Michael watches on. He pulls out the Lovers card and

Drives off.

Bryce: When I, I sat down to write this speech I was struck by the similarities between what I do and the

Situation that you find yourselves in now. (Max looks back at Liz again) Believe in what could be.

About having faith. That life and the universe holds more than what we perceive. As you contemplate your…

Max gets up and walks toward the stage.

FBI Agent: We've got movement. Target is active. Target is active.

FBI Agent: Bulldog. Maintain target. Keep the kid in your sights.

FBI Agent: What the hell is he doing?

Max walks up to Bryce.

Max: You need to leave the building right now.

Bryce: What?

Max: It's for your own safety.

Max uses the author's notes as an example. He changes the notes to read: Leave now for your own safety.

Max: Just walk away.

Bryce leaves and Max takes the Podium.

Max: Hi. I'm uh, I'm Max Evans. I thought I'd take this opportunity to ah, to say a few things on behalf

Of myself and the graduating class…

He reaches down and uses his powers on a power cable as a result the lights go out except for a spotlight on himself.

FBI Agent: I've lost target.

FBI Agent: So have I.

FBI Agent: Bulldog still has a lock.

As max talks Isabel and Liz and the others get away.

Max: Some of us are, are here tonight to walk across this stage and get our hard earned diplomas and toss

Our caps in the air. (Mr.Evans looks over confused) But there's another group here tonight. A group of

People who are here for another reason all together. They're here to say goodbye. Goodbye to their highschool lives…

Isabel looks at Jesse.

Isabel: This is it.

She takes off her rings and hands them to Jesse.

Isabel: Maybe in my next life.

Max: Goodbye to their families, friends,

Mr.Evans: What's going on?

Isabel: Max and I have to leave. There's no time to explain, but Jesse will give you the details. Mom and Dad I love you so much. I am so grateful that you know the truth.

Mr.Evans: We love you.

Isabel hugs her mom.

Isabel: I'm sorry.

She gets up, hugs her dad and leaves.

Max: You see this group has been through a lot. And tonight is the night they've decided to call it quits.

Jesse looks sadly at the rings in his hand.

Max: It's been a long hard road for them. They have a lot of wounds. (Liz takes a last look at Max and leaves) They've lost people. People that were close to them. (Isabel looks at Max and leaves) They've

Had each other to cling to but tonight that's all coming to an end. (He looks up and around)

FBI Agent 1: What's going on? Do you have them or not?

FBI Agent: This is pointer. I don't see her.

FBI Agent: This is terrier. I've lost my target too.

FBI Agent: Bulldog still has a clean shot. Should I take it?

FBI Agent 1: Wait 1 more we're almost in position.

Max: I'm a member of that group of, outsiders. I always knew I was different. And for a long, long time

All I wanted was to be another face in the crowd. But in the end, it wasn't possible. I guess it never was.

So from now on, I'll just concentrate on being who I really am. Some of you might not like that. Some of

You might even find that frightening. But that's not my problem anymore. I have to be who I really am.

And let fate take care of the rest. So thank you, Roswell, thank you for, for letting me live among you.

Thank you for giving me a family. (Mr. and Mrs. Evans watch on) Thank you for giving me a home.

The FBI Agents smash in the door and walk in. The swat teams file in the room.

FBI Agent 1: We're in position. Take it.

The FBI Agent centers on Max and is preparing to take the shot, when suddenly everyone is blinded by a

Bright light and the sound of a motorcycle engine revving.

FBI Agent: Lost my target, lost my target. Can't see anything. What the hell's going on.

FBI Agent: Maintain target. Maintain target.

Michael dives up on the stage on his motorcycle.

Michael: Let's go!

Max jumps on the back of Michael's bike and the take off like a bat out of hell, going right through the FBI Agents and through the door.

Back at the Pod chamber.

Michael: Modesty prevents me from taking a bow.

Liz: They probably don't know anything about you Kyle. You could still go back.

Kyle: Even if by some miracle they haven't put me together with the rest of you guys there's still the little

Matter of my latent alien powers. Someday I'll be buzzing and crackling like tinfoil in a microwave and

I'd just as soon be with my own kind when it happens.

Michael: Does he really get to start referring to us as his own kind.

Maria: I'm not going back either.

Liz: No?

Maria: No, my future's here.

Michael: Maria, think about what you're saying.

Maria: I have and this is my choice. (She walks over to Michael) This is what I want. And whatever that is in the end that's what it'll be but we're doing it together.

Michael hugs her close.

Max: So now there's six.

Michael: Like I said, we're going to need a van.

Just then what pulls up but a VW van. Yeah! Max, Isabel and Michael prepare to use their powers.

Jesse jumps out.

Jesse: Look don't wait, wait! Don't, don't shoot or blast. Or whatever it is that you do. Ok.

Isabel runs and hugs him.

Jesse: I'm going with you.

Isabel: No. Jesse you can't.

Jesse: To hell with Boston. An, and… to hell with a career, and a normal life. Whatever that is. I love you. (She starts to cry) That's all that matters to me.

Isabel: The fact that you would come here, and you're willing to do this. It means more to me then you will ever know. But I can't let you do it.

Jesse: Isabel.

Isabel: No. I dragged you into this whole thing without ever telling you the truth and it was wrong. And the only way to make it right is to let you go. So go, go to Boston. Start over just, have the life that you were supposed to have before you met me.

Jesse: I'm not going without you.

Isabel: You have to.

Jesse: Will you come back to me?

Isabel: I will keep praying, that some day it will be safe enough.

Jesse: Well, I'm going to count on that.

He puts her rings back on her finger, and kisses her hand.

She hugs him again.

Isabel: I love you.

She kisses him and walks away.

Driving along in the VW Van.

They drive into a roadblock with a police car that just happens to turn out to be Jim.

Kyle gets out of the van and walks over to his dad.

Jim: I hear I missed quite a ceremony.

Kyle laughs.

Kyle: I don't think they're gonna forget class of 2002. It's a nice outfit. Deputy.

Jim: Yeah. Yeah well when you're starting over you gotta start somewhere right?

Kyle: Right.

Jim: I uh, I won't ask you where you're going so I can honestly say I don't know. But I can tell you there

Are a lot of people looking for you. (Kyle nods) Right now they think you're headed South to Mexico.

Kyle: Why do they think that?

Jim: I guess they got an anonymous tip. (Jim smiles) I can get you to Arizona and then you're on your own. (Kyle nods) I mean you're really on your own.

Kyle: Thanks dad.

Jim: (tearing) It's the least I could do.

Kyle: I mean, thanks for…just thanks.

Jim takes of his hat and hugs his son.

Kyle: I love you dad.

Jim: I love you too.

Kyle: All right.

Kyle walks back and gets in the Van.

Liz: I can't tell you much more than that it wouldn't be safe. For you or for us. I can tell you that we're far away and that we're all trying to avoid the law and do good in the world. (Mr.Parker reading Liz's journal) Oh, and I guess I should tell you that… (Outside a small white chapel) Max and I did eventually tie the knot. (Max and Liz kiss while Maria throws flowers at them) Give my love to mom. Let her read this journal too. (Mr.Parker starts to tear) Then give it to Maria's mom and after that take it and burn it out in the desert by the ruins of the pod chamber where my husband was born. (Isabel gives Max and Liz a hug) So that's the end. Our life in Roswell. What a long strange trip it's been. (Liz takes Max's hand and they get into the van.) Will we ever go back? I don't know. Even I can't see everything in the future. All I know is that I'm Liz Parker and I'm happy. (she closes the van door with a serene smile on her face)

Thank you for visiting Roswell is what we see as they drive off into the wild blue yonder.

The end.

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