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  05x04 - The Long Goodbye
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Episode 504 - The Long Goodbye

[Scenes: Outside the Leery Fresh Fish. A couple go up to the door and there is a sign on the door that says “Closed due to death in the family. Then a montage of scenes from an empty rooms in the Dawson house, to Dawson in the kitchen looking out the window thinking.]

[Opening Credits]

[Scene: The Funeral Parlor. Dawson is meeting with the salesman walking down the stairs talking about his father.]

Salesman: Your mother... how is she holding up?

Dawson: She cries a lot.

Salesman: I understand. And you? How are you?

Dawson: People ask me that a lot. It's a weird question. Every time I start to give too long of an answer, which I'm starting to do right now, those same people get very uncomfortable. Not you, though, huh? I guess you're an old pro at this.

Salesman: You could say that.

Dawson: I'm fine. [Clears throat] That one.

[Points to a coffin]

Salesman: Very nice choice. Very tasteful.

Dawson: Thank you.

[Scene: Pacey's Boat. Pacey is sitting on the deck of the boat reading a book, when Joey comes walking up to him with a very sad look on her face.]

Joey Hey.

Pacey: Hey. What's with the furrowed brow? Better watch out. You're gonna give yourself a wrinkle.

Joey Pacey, I've got some bad news.

Pacey: Aw, why don't you look like you're kidding?

Joey Doug gave me a call. He said he's been trying to get in touch with you. He left you a bunch of messages at the restaurant.

Pacey: Yeah, I know. I meant to call him back, but what are you gonna do?

Joey You probably should've.

Pacey: What's going on?

Joey It's Mitch. Um... he's dead.

Pacey: What? Well, how? [in disbelief]

Joey It was a car accident.

Pacey: And I-I-is everybody-- I mean—

Joey They're all fine. It was just Mitch. He was alone.

Pacey: When did this happen, Jo?

Joey It happened a couple of nights ago.

Pacey: Ohh. How's Dawson doing?

Joey Well, he's not so good. His father's dead.

Pacey: Right. That's a stupid question.

Joey No, you're entitled, believe me. I've said about 800 stupid things to him in the last couple of days, but, um, you want to come with me?

Pacey: Do you really think that I should?

Joey What are you talking about?

Pacey: Well, I... maybe he doesn't want me there, Jo.

Joey Ok, your father dies tomorrow. You're at the funeral. You look up, and you see Dawson. Would that mean something to you? Would seeing one of your oldest friends mean som—

Pacey: Just give me 5 minutes.

[Scene: Potter B&B. Jen and Jack are talking together about Mitch's death.]

Jen: Be right there. Can I talk to you about something?

Jack: Sure.

Jen: I'm nervous.

Jack: About what?

Jen: Seeing him.

Jack: Why?

Jen: Because I don't know what to say.

Jack: I don't think he's expecting you to give a speech, Jen.

Jen: I couldn't sleep last night. I was up and tossing and turning, trying to figure out what to say, how I was gonna act.

Jack: No one ever knows what to say, but when Tim died, you wouldn't believe some of the things that people said to me. But the thing is, no matter what you say or what you do, Dawson is alone in this, ok? There isn't a word or a sentence in the English language that can take away the kind of pain that he's dealing with.

Jen: Well, so then, what do I do?

Jack: You've just gotta figure out your own way of being there for him.

Jen: Ok.

[Scene: Dawson's House. Dawson lies Lilly down to sleep in her crib, then goes over to Gale's room and lightly knocks on the door and looks in to see her asleep. He puts a blanket over here and leaves the room and goes back to his room. He sits down and lies back on her bed, and then has a flashback to his twelfth Birthday, when Mitch came up to him in his room.]

Mitch: You having a good birthday?

Dawson: Yeah, definitely.

Mitch: How's it feel to be 12 years old?

Dawson: Pretty good. I think I'm ready for a girlfriend.

Mitch: Oh, you think so?

Dawson: Yeah.

Mitch: Well, I'd say give it a few years. You've got plenty of time before girls start clouding your head.

Dawson: Ha, ok.

Mitch: Did you like all your gifts?

Dawson: Yeah, I loved 'em, especially the 1941 video.

Mitch: Which was not easy to find, let me tell you.

Dawson: Thank you, dad.

Mitch: Don't mention it. You know, I could be wrong, but I think you've got one more gift coming to you.

Dawson: Nope. I opened them all.

Mitch: Are you sure?

Dawson: Pretty sure.

Mitch: I don't know... I think maybe you better take a look... in the closet. Go on. [Dawson goes to his closet and finds a large bag inside.] Well, come on! Bring it out. Open it up. [He pulls out a camcorder] The guy at the store said it was a real good one for making movies. Great editing capabilities, and it comes with its own tripod.

Dawson: Thank you, dad. Ha ha.

Mitch: You're welcome, Dawson.

Dawson: Dad, this... this must have been really expensive, but you're not gonna regret it. I swear, I'm gonna make so many movies on this. This is not a phase.

Mitch: Oh, don't worry about that, Dawson. Just enjoy it. Let the things you love be your escape.

[Knock on door, and Joey snaps him out of the flashback and is standing in the doorway.]

Joey Dawson?

Dawson: Joey...hey.

Joey You're smiling.

Dawson: I was?

Joey You were. [she hugs him, but he doesn't really hug her back] Is there anything I can do?

Dawson: Um...yeah, actually. You know what? There is. Would you mind watching lily for a little bit? My mom fell asleep. I've gotta get to the funeral home.

Joey Of course.

Dawson: Great.

[Dawson grabs a suit of the back of his door.]

Joey Is that what you're wearing? It's nice.

Dawson: Uh, no. Actually, it's for my dad. He's gonna be buried in it.

Joey I'm sorry.

Dawson: Jo, that's ok. You couldn't have known that. I won't be long.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: A series of shot from the funeral. In one Joey grabs his hand in hers, and a couple of sends later he pulls it out to get something out of his coat, and then to Dawson's House after the funeral. Everyone has gathered for a party to honor Mitch's life. Dawson is sitting at the base of the stairs holding Lillian, when Grams comes up to him.]

Grams: Why don't you let me take her for a while, dear?

Dawson: I'm afraid I can't do that, grams. Lily here offers a great buffer. As long as I hold her, people tend not to come up to me and offer their platitudes.

Grams: Where's your mother?

Dawson: She's upstairs. She won't come down. So, what's yours?

Grams: My what?

Dawson: Your platitude.

Grams: I'm afraid I'm fresh out.

Dawson: Really? I thought for sure you'd whip out "the lord works in mysterious ways."

Grams: Hmm. The lord and I, we... we aren't on speaking terms this week.

[Scene: Outside Dawson's House. Joey is looking up at the window that years ago where used to climb into Dawson's Bedroom window. She has a flashback of the day that Mitch put a Ladder there for her to climb up, instead if climbing the trellis.]


Mitch: Listen, Joey... I don't want you climbing up the trellis anymore, ok? It's dangerous. You could hurt yourself, and if that happened, I don't think my son would ever forgive me.

Joey Yeah, right.

Mitch: Sooner or later, Joey, he's gonna pull his head out of the sand. He'll figure it out. Probably not as soon as you'd like, boys are stupid like that.

He kisses he on the forehead and then walks away, and she is left looking at the window]

[Scene: Dawson's Kitchen. Dawson is looking in the refrigerator for something to drink when Jen comes into the kitchen to join him.]

Jen: Hey.

Dawson: Hey.

Jen: What you doing?

Dawson: Trying to decide between a glass of orange juice and a bottle of wine. Any thoughts?

Jen: Well, wine's fine, but whiskey's quicker.

Dawson: What about narcotics?

Jen: Oh, even better.

Dawson: You know, times like this, I really wish I was more of a drug person, but I don't know. Starting up just seems like such a hassle.

Jen: Yeah, plus, you can't really score any good dope in Capeside.

Dawson: Good point. Orange juice it is.

Jen: So, I've been trying to figure exactly what it is that I'm supposed to say to you. I feel terrible, Dawson, I really do. I mean, I can't imagine what you're going through, but I feel so helpless. I mean, if this were about a girl, I could offer sage advice, but...this is out of my league. The only person that was ever taken from me was my grandfather, and that was a long time coming, you know. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna give you a hug, and I'm not gonna let go for a really long time. I'm gonna tell you that I love you, which is actually a pretty good deal, 'cause that means that I'll do anything on the off chance it'll make you a little less sad.

[She grabs him and gives him a huge hug.]

Dawson: That sounds very good to me.

[Scene: The Sun room. Gale is sitting on a bench looking out the window, when Joey comes in to join her.]

[Knock on door]

Gale: I, uh, can't believe that he's gone. I keep expecting to hear his car in the driveway, his keys in the lock, footsteps on the stairs. So, how's the party?

Joey It's fabulous. The pate is all the rage.

Gale: And how's our boy?

Joey Great. He's keeping it all together.

Gale: Which is exactly what bothers me.

Joey: Me, too.

Gale: He's stubborn, Joey. He's just like his father.

Joey You know, I know this probably doesn't mean much now, but he's not really gone, you know. 'Cause if ever there was someone who was an absolute reflection of his father, it's Dawson.

Gale: You think so?

Joey You know, growing up, spending that time with you guys... I think I was too little to really understand it, but I--I always knew there was something special about the way you guys looked at each other. Like you were in on this great little secret that the rest of us weren't privy to, and my parents never had that... not even in the best of times. I'm not gonna sit here and--and try to pretend to know what was going through his mind before he died, but... I know your husband loved you very much.

[Scene: the Porch. Pacey is leaving the house, when Dawson who is sitting alone on the porch sees him.]

Dawson: Hey.

Pacey: Dawson. Hey, man.

Dawson: Thanks for comin'.

Pacey: Of Course... but I can't say that this is exactly the way I wanted to see you again for the first time.

Dawson: Yeah, I know what you mean. How was your summer?

Pacey: My summer was really good. It was really, really good, actually. It totally cleared my head.

Dawson: Good.

Pacey: How's film school treatin' ya?

Dawson: Uh... I'm gonna be droppin' out, actually.

Pacey: Why?

Dawson: [Sighs] It's a long story.

Pacey: Gotcha. I'm sorry, Dawson. I wish I had somethin' better to say to you than that, but that's really what it boils down to. I'm really, really sorry.

Dawson: Remember the time he caught us smoking down here?

Pacey: Yeah. I, uh... of course I remember. Sixth grade, right? I don't think I've ever seen your father so mad. Being Mitch, he had to tell us that he was just concerned for us, which was a bit of a surprise to me because if it was my father, it would be kind of a different story. In fact, I guarantee I'd still be smoking to this day just to piss him off.

Dawson: [Laughs] Ahh... well... I should probably head inside and make myself useful or something.

Pacey: All right? It works.

Dawson: [Sighs] It was good to see you, pace.

Pacey: Yeah. [He pulls him in for a hug.] Come here.

[Scene: Inside the house. Dawson runs into an old friend of Gales.]

Friend: Dawson. You probably don't remember me, Dawson, but I'm Susan. I'm an old friend of your mother's from college.

Dawson: Right. You're my mom's deadhead friend.

Friend: [Laughs] That's right. Uh, tell me, are you dealing with your grief?

Dawson: Uh... I'm dealing.

Friend: How are you dealing with it?

Dawson: Um, not to be rude, but I--I don't know what you're talking about.

Friend: Where are you channeling all the feelings you're having about your father's passing?

Dawson: Um... you know, not to be rude again, but I really don't have the time or the luxury.

[Telephone rings]

Friend: Oh, you must take the time, Dawson.

[The answering machine picks up]

Mitch Voice: Hi. You've reached the Leerys... minus Dawson, that is, who can be reached in sunny California these days. If you have a message for Gale,

Llily, or myself, however, you can leave it at—

[Dawson continuously tries to get the machine to stop, and when he finally can't he rips it out of the wall. Everyone is looking at him worryingly, and Jack tries to say something to him but Dawson pushes his hand away.]

Jack: Hey.

Dawson: I'm fine. I'm... I'm fine.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Pier outside. Joey comes into to try and comfort Dawson in any way she can.]

Dawson: [Clears throat] Not one of my finer moments, huh?

Joey You know, a long time ago-- it must have been a couple of months after my mom passed away-- I was digging through this drawer in the kitchen looking for a pen or something, and I came across this grocery list she had made, and it was filled with all these little heart-shaped doodles, and I just...lost it. I cried like a baby for hours. If what just happened to you in there had happened to me back then, I would have run away screaming.

Dawson: I can't do that.

Joey Who says?

Dawson: I do. I can't. My mom's a wreck. I gotta keep it together.

Joey She's allowed to be a wreck, and so are you. I'll make you a deal. You take care of your mom, I'll take care of you.

Dawson: I gotta say, Jo, I-- when your mom died, I sympathized with you, and I really felt bad, but I had no idea it felt like this. Nothing feels real. It's like I've been transported to some alternate universe where I'm just walking around outside my body all day long.

Joey It'll get better. I promise.

Dawson: That's good. Any, uh, advice on how I should deal with the fact that my father's death was almost entirely my fault?

Joey What? How do you figure that?

Dawson: Come on, Jo. Think about it. If I hadn't come back and laid all this on him, none of this would've happened.

Joey Dawson, look at me. You father died in a car accident. There was nothing you could do to stop that.

Dawson: That's not entirely true, Jo. That's, I mean... first off, if I hadn't showed up that morning, my mom wouldn't have made me breakfast, which means they wouldn't have run out of milk, which means my dad wouldn't have had to drive to the store that night so lily would have some in the morning.

Joey That's crazy.

Dawson: Don't tell me what's crazy, Jo. For all I know, my dad was driving along that night, pissed, having some argument with me in his head which caused him to take his eyes off the road just long enough to—

Joey Look, you can't do this to yourself.

Dawson: [Sighs] You--you know what he said to me the last time I saw him?

Joey Hmm?

Dawson: He said that I was making a huge mistake and that he was disappointed in me.

Joey I know. You told me that. You remember what else you told me? He said he loved you very much.

Dawson: I'll never go through life doubting that my father loved me, Jo, but... do you have any idea how much it sucks to know that my father was disappointed in me the day he died? And he was right. I was acting crazy like a spoiled brat, and if I'd listened to him, he would've been driving me to the airport instead of driving to his death.

[Scene: Outside. Gale is leaning against a tree wiping the tears from her eyes, when Grams comes up to her.]

Grams: You all right, dear?

Gale: Oh, I'm hanging in there, I guess.

Grams: You know, every night for 46 years, I prayed the good lord would take me first. I never wanted to go on without him. I didn't think I was capable of it. But somehow, I was. It wasn't easy, but inevitably there comes a day that isn't as bad as the one before it.

Gale: And until then?

Grams: Well, that's what prescription medication is for.

[Both chuckle]

Grams: Oh, it's a strange thing we do.

Gale: What's that?

Grams: Falling in love. You share your life with another person. You--you give them your heart to the extent that losing them could potentially destroy you. It's a crazy thing to do.

Gale: You're right. It's insane.

Grams: Then why on earth do we do it?

Gale: What else is there?

[They Hug]

Grams: Oh, I wish I still lived next door.

Gale: So do I.

Grams: I could stay for a while if you like, help out with Llily.

Gale: Oh, that is such a generous offer, Evelyn, and I do love you for it, but, um... [Sniffles] No, I--I think Dawson and I are gonna have to meet this one head on.

Grams: You sure?

Gale: [Sighs] I'm sure.

Grams: Well, I understand, but don't you hesitate to pick up the phone, young lady. We merry widows have to stick together.

Gale: [Laughs faintly]

[Scene: A montage of shots of the Dawson house as the party is thinning out. Then to Dawson's Room. Dawson is lying down on his bed when Joey comes in to see if he is okay.]

Joey Hey.

Dawson: Hey.

Joey Everyone's starting to leave.

Dawson: I'll see ya.

Joey I can stay as long as you want.

Dawson: That's sweet of you, Jo.

Joey I'm serious.

Dawson: I know you are, but you gotta get back to school.

Joey School doesn't matter right now, Dawson.

Dawson: I'll be ok.

Joey Dawson.

Dawson: Joey, I wanna be alone. Ok?

Joey Ok. Call me if you need me. Will you do that?

Dawson: I will.

Joey Bye.

[Scene: Outside the Potter B&B. Joey is sitting on the Porch, when Pacey comes out to join her.]

Pacey: You know, I can't say as I have ever seen the Potter B&B quite so crowded.

Joey Nothin' like a funeral to drum up business.

Pacey: [Sighs] You wanna know what the worst part about death is? It has this horrible tendency of putting everyone in a really bad mood. When I go, I want to go in a way in which it makes everybody laugh. You know, like, no matter how sudden or tragic the circumstances, you just can't help but laugh... like getting run over by a car full of clowns. That's kinda funny, right? You smiled. Mission accomplished.

Joey He blames himself, you know.

Pacey: Why?

Joey Well... he wanted to drop out of USC and move to Boston, and Mitch thought he was crazy, and they had this huge blowout.

Pacey: Why on earth would Dawson Leery, of all people, want to drop out of film school? [Looks over at Joey and then knows.]Oh. Heh. I get it. It's ok. You can tell me, Jo. I'm not gonna get upset.

Joey Oh, Pace, I didn't ask him to, if that's what you mean.

Pacey: I-- oh, look. If anybody understands the various shades of gray here, it's me, and I think it's time the two of you got your shot... because the way I see it, you never did, and this world could use as many Romeo and Juliet's as it can get.

Joey Look what happened to them.

[Scene: Lillian's Room. Gale looks into the room and has a flashback of the day Mitch was setting up Dawson's Crib.]

[Mitch grunts]

Mitch: This thing's gonna be tip-top, baby. Don't you worry.

Gale: Oh, I'm not worried. I'll just call someone to fix it when the bottom falls out.

Mitch: [Laughs] Oh, ye of little faith. Mrs. Leery, have I ever let you down?

Gale: No, Mr. Leery, you haven't.

Mitch: What do you think he's gonna be?

Gale: If he's anything like you, a pain in the ass.

Mitch: A lot of fathers want their sons to play baseball. Not me. Team sports teach conformity. I hope he's a freak.

Gale: A freak?

Mitch: Yeah. Freaks never peak in high school. They never grow up to sell real estate, drink heavily on the weekends, and beat their kids.

Gale: Well, then, let's hope for a freak.

[Dawson comes into the room, snapping her out of her flashback.]

Dawson: Mom, you ok?

Gale: Uh... yeah. For the moment. You wanna know what the worst part is?

Dawson: What?

Gale: She'll never even know he existed.

Dawson: Not if I have anything to do about it. She's gonna hear about her daddy every chance I get.

Gale: [Crying] Oh, I'm such a mess. I'm sorry, honey.

Dawson: Mom, don't ever apologize.

Gale: You are gonna get your life back, I promise.

Dawson: Mom, I'm not going anywhere. Not anytime soon. My place is here with you and Lily.

Gale: Honey, you don't have to be so strong all the time. You can fall to pieces just about any time you want. There's nothing to be ashamed of.

Dawson: I'm not ashamed. There's-- everybody keeps on asking me, "How you doin'? How you feelin'?" Truth is, I don't feel anything. Not a thing. I'm numb. Which, to tell you the truth, is really not so bad.

Gale: Um, that's great... until it all comes crumbling down.

Dawson: Well...until then.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Outside Dawson's House. Pacey pulls up the house, and looks out of the back of the car and sees some flowers on the side of the house. Pacey has a flashback to the day that Mitch taught him how to drive.]

Mitch: Ok, Pacey, now... got your foot on the brake? Ok, put her in reverse... and gently-- ohh, ooh. Careful. Watch the flowers. Heh heh. My wife will have me killed. And park. There you go, Pacey. You did it. You know how to drive. Not terribly well, mind you, but good enough to pass that test.

Pacey: Thank you for your help, Mr. Leery.

Mitch: It's my pleasure. Just sorry your father had to work.

Pacey: [Quietly] Yeah, me, too.

Mitch: Go easy on him, Pacey. Can't always be fun being sheriff of these parts.

Pacey: I guess I just wish he was around more.

Mitch: Listen, you ever wanna practice, you knock on my door. Ok?

Pacey: Ok.

[Pacey goes up to the house and knocks on the door, and Dawson opens the door.]

Pacey: Hey, man. How ya doing today?

Dawson: He's still dead. It still sucks.

Pacey: Wanna go for a ride with me?

[Scene: the Side of a road, where Mitch's accident was. There are tread marks on the road, where the accident happened. Pacey pulls the car over.]

Dawson: What the hell are we doing here?

Pacey: Wanna show you something.

[Pacey gets out of the car and Dawson follows]

Pacey: According to my brother, your father was driving down the road here at about 45 miles an hour. Which is, granted, a little bit above the speed limit, but not at all unusual for this stretch of road. At the same time, a man named Gary Peters was getting off work, driving down the road a little farther up, just around the bend. Gary Peters is a pretty average guy. 35 years old, wife, 2 kids. Works as a baggage handler for blue star airlines. And Gary had to pull a double shift that day, and it must've been a real bitch 'cause when he came around that bend, he was asleep at the wheel.

Dawson: Why are you doing this, Pacey?

Pacey: Why? Because I want you to know that it was a man named Gary Peters who killed your father. A guy who should've known better than to get behind the wheel of a car. A guy who, for the rest of his life, will carry around the guilt of taking Mitch leery away from his wife and 2 kids. And I want you to know that that guy is not you. It's not you, Dawson. Do not blame yourself for this. You wanna grieve? You go right ahead. Be my guest. But do not for one single second think that this is your fault, because it is not your fault. You got your father for 18 years... and that is a hell of a lot more than some people get. And your father did one hell of a job, Dawson. He made you into a man. And he made you into a man that people care about and admire and respect and most importantly, love. So, why am I doing this? I'm doing this because, once upon a time, you and I were best friends. And that means that whenever you need me, I'm here. Any time, anywhere, any place. Forever. You understand that?

Dawson: We should get going.

[Scene: Joey's Dorm room. Joey is unpacking while Audrey is talking to her.]

Audrey: What was he like?

Joey Well, he was a dad. You know, in the best possible way, I mean. He was warm and caring and just the kind of pain in the ass you secretly want your parents to be.

Audrey: How's Dawson doing?

Joey I wouldn't know. Didn't want anything to do with me. I thought I'd be able to help him. I thought I would be this incredible resource 'cause I've been there, you know? He didn't want anything from me. He didn't even just wanna sit there in silence. He wanted me out of his sight.

[Joey collapses on her bed holding her head in her hands, and Audrey comes over and sits next to her and tries awkwardly to comfort her.]

[Scene: Dawson's Kitchen. Dawson is eating at the table when Gale gets up and goes over to the Refrigerator.]

Gale: Honey?

Dawson: Yeah?

Gale: We're outta milk. Would you mind-- [Sobbing she slams the carton down and goes to the sink sobbing]

[Dawson gets up and puts his dishes in the sink, tries to confort her, and then leaves.]

[Scene: The local store. Dawson is buying some milk, when the owner begins talking to him.]

Mr. Brennan: I can't tell you how sorry I am for your loss, Dawson.

Dawson: Thank you, Mr. Brennan. I appreciate it.

Mr. Brennan: He was here, you know. That night. Your father.

Dawson: I know. I asked him about you.

Mr. Brennan: He said, uh, you were a royal pain in the ass.

Dawson: [Chuckles] That's me.

Mr. Brennan: He was proud, though. How do I know that, huh? Well, when I mentioned your name, his whole face just lit up. He said you were this brave kid, but he had no idea how you got to be that way. He said you had a romantic streak a mile long, and he said he was proud to know you. I'm sorry if that makes you sad, Dawson, but I figure if somebody says that about you, you ought to know it. Oh, don't forget your change. And be certain to convey my condolences to your mother, would you?

Dawson: Thank you. I will.

[Dawson goes outside and gets into his Jeep, and then finally breaks down crying.]

[Scene: Outside the Dawson House. A Flashback of a day where Mitch is trying to take a family picture of Him, Gale, Dawson and Lillian, with his new camera.]

Mitch: All right! I think I've got it figured out. Ok, quick. Let's go, everybody. Gather. Hurry up,

Dawson: 'cause what this family really needs is another picture.

Gale: Oh, don't be so fresh.

Mitch: Yeah. Lose the 'tude, dude.

Dawson: Clever, dad.

Mitch: Smiles, people.

Dawson: All right. Great! That was wonderful. I am now late for the movies with Joey, Jack, and Jen.

Gale: Have fun, honey.

Mitch: No drinking and driving.

Dawson: Hey, dad, just so you know, going to the movies is not code for going out and getting wasted.

Mitch: Go, go, go. Get out of here. Have fun.

Dawson: Later, creators.

[Dawson leaves]

Gale: Well, this one's hungry.

Mitch: Uh, need some help?

Gale: Nah. Stay and play with your camera. Boys and their toys.

Mitch: [Laughs]

[Mitch watches her come in, and then begins to look all around and has a huge proud look on her face.]

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