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  05x21 - After Hours
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Episode 521 - After Hours

[Scene: Brecher's Apartment. Pacey is staying here. Jack is sitting at the table studying while Pacey is walking around from one room to another.]

Pacey: You're still studying?

Jack: You sound surprised. Well, it's just... it's just that you half expected to see me lying on the ground with a beer bong dangling out of my throat, right?

Pacey: Well, forgive the momentary lack of faith, but you were recently seen attempting flight.

Jack: Yeah, well, there's nothin' like gettin' pulled out of a swimming pool face down to make a guy seriously consider changing his ways.

Pacey: Yeah. Your recent exploits at spring break do qualify you for official rock bottom.

Jack: Yeah. Well, now all I have to do is learn an entire semester of advanced multivariable calculus in the next 18 hours so that I can pass this exam, stay in school, and have back that elusive entity we call "a life."

Pacey: Well, I'm gonna be at work all night, so you're more than welcome to stay here and study as long as you like.

Jack: Nah. Thanks, but I think it's ok to get back to Grams'. She and Mr. Smalls have to be done practicing choir by now.

Pacey: You don't really believe that they asked you to leave so that they could rehearse Jesus loves me in private, do you?

Jack: Please, just don't try and take that--that myth away from me, all right? There are some things that, uh, we just don't need to know about. See ya.

[Jack goes to leave. Opens the door]

Pacey: Does being propositioned by your boss count as one of those things?

Jack: Your boss? Boss that fired Audrey?

Pacey: Boss that kissed me directly after I asked her to give Audrey her job back boss.

Jack: Well, that's sexual harassment.

Pacey: And strangely, I think that Audrey would concentrate more on the sexual and less on the harassment.

Jack: I say you shouldn't tell her.

Pacey: But for the fact that honesty is really the cornerstone of a healthy relationship and she kissed her ex-boyfriend at spring break and told me.

Jack: Well, all right, but you weren't foolin' around with an old flame here, ok? You got kissed against your will.

Pacey: This is true.

Jack: Any chance this woman's gonna develop a conscience and open up to Audrey?

Pacey: None.

Jack: Is it gonna happen again?

Pacey: Not on my watch.

Jack: I don't see any reason to tell Audrey.

Pacey: Except I'd feel much less guilty.

Jack: Why? You didn't do anything. She's hot. Right? Come on, pace. Fess up. She's a total hottie, right?

Pacey: I really don't see how that's relevant, ok? I'm a victim here. A victim of unwanted sexual advances.

Jack: Pace.

Pacey: Ok, perhaps not entirely unwanted.

Jack: So how hot is she?

[Alex walks up behind him through the open door.]

Pacey: Why don't you ask her?

Alex: Hi. I'm Alex.

Jack: Hi. I'm, uh, I'm Jake--uh, Jack. You, my friend, are in trouble.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Brecher's Apartment. Jack has just left, and Alex looks strangely as he leaves, then turns to Pacey who is sitting at the table.]


Pacey: I'm really flattered, Alex, but didn't anybody ever tell you that no means no?

Alex: Look, Pacey, I didn't come here to... jump your bones.

Pacey: You didn't?

Alex: No. I came here to apologize. I hope you accept this. [] I'm really sorry about coming onto you the other night. It was a terrible thing to do.

Pacey: Well, somehow, I've managed to survive.

Alex: Yeah, I just got out of a doomed relationship before I moved here, and I really haven't made a lot of friends yet, and I was just feeling kind of lonely. Obviously, I completely misjudged that situation. So I feel like a fool.

Pacey: Well, it's nothing worth beating yourself up over.

Alex: No, it's just so embarrassing. I mean, this is exactly why I'm still single.

Pacey: Why, 'cause you kiss the help?

Alex: No. Because I take getting what I want for granted. Look, you have a girlfriend. I respect that. As a matter of fact, I'm hoping that she'll come back to work with us. Do you think that she might?

Pacey: Yeah, well, I can certainly talk to her.

Alex: Great. And listen, no matter how cute you are in your uniform, I promise from now on complete professionalism. Deal?

Pacey: Yeah, I think I can work under those conditions. Heh. Heh.

Alex: Wow. This is a really nice place you've got here. I mean, I must be seriously overpaying you.

Pacey: No, no. It's Brecher's old apartment. I'm just squatting here until they find a new tenant to pick up her lease.

Alex: Oh, I've been looking for a place. Hey, maybe I'll grab it and let you live here for a little while rent-free. We could work somethin' out.

Pacey: Work something out?

Alex: Oh, lighten up, Pacey. I'm talkin' about the apartment.

Pacey: Of course.

[Scene: The School Library. Joey is sitting in a chair studying, while Dawson sits in a chair next to her watching a movie on his laptop and listening to it through headphones. He is eating some chips that are crunching very loudly, and Joey kicks him to get his attention.]

Dawson: [Whispering] Oh, sorry.

Dawson: [Laughing]

Joey: You're laughing again.

Dawson: Oh, sorry. Sorry. It's so hard to believe that the same guy who gave us spinal tap gave us the story of us.

Joey: You know, this is so unfair. I have to spend my entire night preparing for finals tomorrow while you get to watch movies.

Dawson: I have finals. I'm under pressure. I've got 5 movies to get through.

Joey: Sounds a lot better than a macroeconomic textbook in medieval literature.

Dawson: One of the movies I have to see is playing in town. You wanna take a break?

Joey: Oh, I can't, Dawson. I have major catch-up to do tonight.

Dawson: See, that's what happens when you get yourself a life.

Joey: You know, I remember getting straight as, and then there was this singing incident in a bar, and now here I am, several chapters behind in my reading assignment.

Dawson: You're not having second thoughts about this new life, are you?

Joey: Yeah. I'm never going to take a class again where they make you read Beowulf.

Dawson: Right.

Joey: Dawson... while I'm grateful for your company and really glad that you wanted to hang out with me and study for finals, do you think you could do it quietly?

Dawson: Yeah, no problem.

[He puts his headphones back on]

Dawson: Ha ha ha! [Realizes that he is loud] I think I'm just gonna catch that movie now.

Joey: Good idea.

[Scene: Grams' house. Jack is studying at the table, when Grams comes over carrying a rather large cup of tea]

Grams: I'm pulling out the big guns tonight, Jack. Gingko biloba. Stimulates the memory, improves mental acuity.

Jack: I'm gonna need a lot more than herbal tea to learn this stuff.

Grams: Well, natural ginkgolides and faith-- a powerful combination.

Jack: Sorry, grams, but I am way beyond blind, can-do enthusiasm at this point. I'm now deep into fear and panic.

Grams: Now, you've managed to adequately prepare for all your other examinations. I'm quite certain you can do the same for this one.

Jack: I could fudge my way through the English lit essays. Intro to archeology is multiple-choice. But this stuff, I mean, multivariable calculus. You either know it or you don't, and I definitely don't know it.

Grams: Well, perhaps you should enlist some help from one of your classmates.

Jack: Heh. Perhaps I don't know any of my classmates because perhaps I haven't even been to class. Perhaps that's why I don't even have the notes I need to understand the textbooks.

Grams: Oh, dear boy. I know it seems all hope is lost, but remember—

Jack: I love you, grams, but please don't launch into a speech about Daniel in the lion's den right now.

Grams: A little David and goliath?

Jack: Mm-mmm.

Grams: Need some new material, eh?

Jack: Yeah, you do. Mm. Can I have the ginky, please?

Grams: To hell with herbal tea. You need coffee, and a lot of it. Now hit those books. One way or another, we're gonna get you through this.

[Scene: The movie theater. Dawson is just getting out after watching his movie, when he hears a familiar voice behind him. He turns to see Amy Lloyd the film critic who he met during the showing of his and Oliver's movie.]

Amy: Of all the movie joints in all the towns in all the world...

Dawson: Sex, lies, and videotape is 14 years old. You're a little late for your review.

Amy: I'm not here for work.

Dawson: Pleasure?

Amy: No, a date.

Dawson: Not one and the same?

Amy: Not so much.

Dawson: Where is he?

Amy: Probably still in storytelling with the rest of the freaks. Let's get out of here before he comes out. You seen it?

[The begin walking away from the theater]

Amy: Storytelling?

Dawson: No interest. So, you just went and saw a different movie?

Amy: I left him in there, actually.

Dawson: Why?

Amy: What kind of a man sucks a Jordan almond?

Dawson: Ha ha. You're telling me you walked out on a date because you didn't like the way the guy ate his candy?

Amy: You didn't hear the noise he was making. Oh, and when we parked, car cover.

Dawson: Have I ever told you you're a very critical person?

Amy: Thank you. We all have our gifts, and some of us have figured out how to scam a living out of 'em.

Dawson: I'm very well aware of how you make a living. Let's see, how was it? "Despite a truly inspired ending "which should garner him some attention, "Mr. Leery's first effort "is at times imitative, derivative, and full of unexplored potential."

Amy: That's not a slam. Hey, you didn't expect me to go easy on you just because we kissed, did you?

Dawson: I'm surprised you didn't critique the kiss.

Amy: Who says I didn't?

Dawson: [Chuckles]

Amy: I like your work, Dawson, more than you know. So, what about you? Tested the dating waters of insanity?

Dawson: No. No, I'm just here studying for finals, doing research for a paper on first-time directors.

Amy: Smart boy. Hey, you want to see one of my favorite films by a new director?

Dawson: Now?

Amy: Sure. It's too early to go to bed. We could go back to my place.

Dawson: How do you know I'm not a Jordan almond-sucker?

Amy: Oh, I know. Anyway, all I keep in my house are junior mints.

Dawson: In the freezer?

Amy: Where else?

[Scene: The Civilization kitchen. Pacey is working at preparing some food while Audrey is standing next to him talking]

Audrey: So she wants me to come back?

Pacey: I told you I'd get you your job back. Can I deliver or what?

Audrey: She just changed her mind?

Pacey: Alex came to me this afternoon and told me to tell you that you have your job back. So, you see? She's not the wench that you think she is.

Audrey: Oh, pfft, I know exactly who she is, and she knows exactly who I am. Believe me, women speak a shorthand with each other.

Pacey: Well, not to knock the estrogenic Morse code, but I think you might've misjudged her a little bit.

Audrey: Oh, have I? And what reason did she give for suddenly changing her mind?

Pacey: Look, does it really matter?

Audrey: Humor me.

Pacey: Because she was being nice.

Audrey: Why?

Pacey: Because she's a nice person.

Audrey: Bull.

Pacey: And because I asked her, ok?

Audrey: Oh, ok. So she was being nice to you.

Pacey: What do you care? You got your job back. So, if you could just go put on your uniform, then we can resume our usual inappropriate work banter, ok?

Audrey: I think she wants you.

Pacey: Come on.

Audrey: I have seen the way that she looks at you. This woman would only be nice if it served her.

Pacey: Alex told me that she realized what a wonderful waitress you are and she just didn't want the restaurant to lose you, ok?

Audrey: Has she hit on you?

Pacey: No.

Audrey: I am a terrible waitress, and everyone knows it.

Pacey: That's not true. You've been getting much better lately.

Audrey: Oh, please. I would've been out of here on day one if it wasn't for my boobs.

Pacey: Don't sell yourself short like that—

[Audrey puts two fingers against the side of Pacey's throat]

Pacey: Whoa, whoa.

Audrey: Did she hit on you?

Pacey: No, and now you're being kind of ridiculous.

Audrey: Your pulse jumped.

Pacey: Because you're making me nervous.

Audrey: Your pulse is racing. You are afraid of something.

Pacey: You have your fingers to my jugular! I'm afraid of dying!

[Alex comes walking up behind them]

Alex: Look, I'm willing to bend the rules on inter-office relationships, but could you please try to keep it private?

Pacey: Yes, I think we can probably do that, right, honey?

Audrey: Sure.

Pacey: Well, I'm so glad to have you back, Audrey. Really, you're a vital part of our serving team.

Audrey: Thanks.

Pacey: [Snaps fingers] You see?

Audrey: Completely. Having me back is the last thing that woman wants.

Pacey: Then why would she say it?!

Audrey: 'Cause she knows that there is no way in hell that I ever would.

Pacey: Ohh. What is it that I'm missing here?

Audrey: Everything! God, I am quitting!

[Scene: Amy's Apartment. They are in the living room, and Dawson is sitting on the floor while Amy is going through a rather large pile of VHS tapes.]

Dawson: I like your place. It's very Bridget-Jones- meets-film-geek.

Amy: Some girls collect shoes. I pretty much keep Amazon in business. Been that way since I was a kid. Oh, now here is a truly great film.

Dawson: Traffic? Yeah, yeah.

Amy: Hey, Soderbergh finally found his voice.

Dawson: You prefer a long, self-important Hollywood movie over a unique independent first film?

Amy: Sex, lies, and videotape is basically just a throwback to all those wonderful old classics where all people do is talk, and whenever anything takes place that you really want to see, he has the camera cut away. It takes a while for young filmmakers to figure out what they want to say.

Dawson: [Laughs] That's a pretty broad generalization.

Amy: Name a truly original movie by a first-time director.

Dawson: Reservoir Dogs, les Mistons, Strictly Ballroom, Diner, Maltese Falcon, Body Heat, Clerks, Ordinary People, Say Anything. What? What are you looking at?

Amy: You.

Dawson: I've been pretty engulfed in my studies lately.

Amy: Don't tell me. The thesis for your final paper: "Soderbergh's first film shows us "how subtly provocative the movies can be, that just talk can be an erogenous zone."

Dawson: You don't agree?

Amy: I suppose it depends who you're talking to.

[Amy leans in and begins kissing him]

Dawson: I thought we were gonna watch a movie.

Amy: You know what? Change of plan.

[They begin making out.]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Amy's Living room. Dawson and Amy are lying on the floor wrapped in only a blanket.]

Dawson: Wow. That happened.

Amy: Yeah, it did.

Dawson: I just realized something.

Amy: Hmm?

Dawson: This whole business of people asking each other how it was afterwards comes from movies.

Amy: Sure, it's an expositional device needed because of the cutaway.

Dawson: There's no cutaway in real life.

Amy: No audience to spoon-feed something they weren't allowed to see.

Dawson: I like that.

Amy: Me, too.

[Dawson picks up one of the tapes near him.]

Dawson: The Marjorie game, directed by Amy Lloyd in completion of the BFA in filmmaking.

Amy: Give me that.

Dawson: Heh. You were a filmmaking major?

Amy: Yeah, amazing, isn't it?

Dawson: I totally had you pegged as a critical studies major.

Amy: Well, you learn something new every day. Now give me the tape.

Dawson: No, we're poppin' this in the VCR.

Amy: No, no.

Dawson: Come on. I showed you mine, and I should get to see yours.

Amy: No way. Dawson, I'm serious.

Dawson: I can see that.

Amy: [Sighs]

[Scene: The school library. Joey is trying to study, when Audrey comes in and plops down into the chair Dawson was sitting in earlier in the day.]

Audrey: Boys suck.

Joey: So does taking classes over in summer school. But you are my roommate, and I am legally required to be here for you, so... do tell. In precisely what way doth a male suckage occur?

Audrey: What?

Joey: Beowulf overdose.

Audrey: I think he could be cheating on me.

Joey: Who?

Audrey: Carlos, the dorm security guard. Who do you think? Pacey.

Joey: [Laughs] Pacey doesn't cheat.

Audrey: Oh, yeah? Get this. So he asks Mrs. Robinson to give me my job back, and she agrees.

Joey: And from that you deduce that he's having an affair with her?

Audrey: She's the affair type. Those Donna Karan business suits don't fool me. She is a femme fatale with an MBA in how to take your man away.

Joey: Audrey, if she wants your boyfriend, why would she offer to keep you around?

Audrey: To keep him happy. To keep him off-guard. It's all part of her crafty little plan. Have you ever heard of the expression, "keep your enemies close"?

Joey: Have you ever heard the expression, "you need to be medicated"?

Audrey: He is covering something, Joey. I know he is, ok? I don't know exactly what, but I can tell from his behavior that he's keeping something from me.

Joey: Maybe it's a family thing, or maybe he's having a problem with someone he's supervising. Not everything is about you, Audrey.

Audrey: Well, most everything is.

Joey: Ok, um, well, maybe he's planning a surprise for you, or getting you a present.

Audrey: [Sighs] Well, I do have a birthday coming up. Ok. Maybe you're right. Maybe he's just planning a surprise or something.

Joey: There you go.

Audrey: Earrings would be nice. You know, like, hoops. Rhinestone. Turquoise. Match my ring.

Joey: Audrey, don't you have finals to study for?

Audrey: Oh, yeah, those are coming up soon, right?

Joey: Audrey.

Audrey: You know I just do that to annoy you. You're so cute when you worry about me, bunny.

Joey: Books.

Audrey: I'm getting them.

[Scene: The Civilizations. Pacey is finishing cleaning up in the kitchen and comes out to see Alex alone sitting at the bar doing paperwork. It is the end of the day and no one else is in the restaurant]

Pacey: And now it's Witter time.

Alex: Good night.

Pacey: Right back at you. Are you gonna be here for a while?

Alex: Sorry?

Pacey: Well, it's gettin' kind of late, you know?

Alex: Oh. I have to get all this work finished and sent off to management by tomorrow. [Sighs] Thank god I'm a night owl.

Pacey: Well, aren't we all?

Alex: Mm-hmm.

Pacey: You know, if you want to be here, there's a ton of stuff I could do in the kitchen.

Alex: Oh, no, no. Go home. Go be with your Audrey.

Pacey: You sure you'll be all right?

Alex: I'm a big girl, Pacey.

Pacey: So I noticed.

Alex: Heh heh. I'm staying in a little place around the corner. When I'm finished, I'm just gonna walk there.

Pacey: Yeah, I know this seems like a real hip, artsy neighborhood during the day, but it's not the same thing at night, so maybe you should go now.

Alex: Um, I can take care of myself. Us girls are stronger than you think.

Pacey: Which is exactly what my friend Joey said right before she met up with a 9-millimeter just down the street.

Alex: Well, I can't leave right now. I'd have to carry these books.

Pacey: But you can leave right now because I'll carry them for you.

Alex: Hmm. You really are a find, aren't you?

Pacey: Oh, yeah, that's what all the girls say right before they see my socks.

Alex: Heh. Ha ha. Maybe what you need is a girl who knows how to take care of you.

Pacey: And maybe you just need to let a guy walk you home.

Alex: [Sighs] Who am I to argue with a chivalrous gentleman at this hour?

Pacey: Ok.

[Scene: The frat house. There is a party going on when Jack comes in carrying a book bag on his shoulder. Get sees several of the members standing at the base of the stairs.]

[Alternative rock music playing]

Jack: Polar bear.

Polar Bear: Jack, what are you doing here?

Jack: I was kind of hoping you guys could help me out.

Polar Bear: You really shouldn't be here, man. Here's a margarita. You really gotta get going.

Jack: I don't need a drink right now, all right?

[Blossom comes down the stairs.]

Blossom: Jack McPhee turnin' down alcohol. You live long enough, I guess you see everything, huh?

Jack: Look, guys, I need to get into the notes and test files for a calculus class.

Blossom: Notes and tests? Notes and tests, um, I don't know what you're talkin' about, Jack.

Jack: Come on, blossom. I know sigma has a whole file on old class notes and exams from way back.

Blossom: What? I've never heard of anything like that. Has anyone here ever heard of anything like that? Must be just a rumor. Anyways, if something like that were to exist, obviously it would be completely off limits to, uh, non-brothers.

[Eric walks up from behind the group to hear what is going on]

Jack: Look, I know we've had our differences, all right? But I'm really trying to clean up my act here, so I'm asking you, as someone who used to hang out with you guys, can you do me a favor?

Blossom: Sorry, but there's just really nothing the brotherhood can do for you. Later, McPhee.

Jack: You know, if you want to be a jerk because it's in your nature, fine, but don't stand here and hide behind the bonds of brotherhood. There's a whole world out there full of people who actually do give a crap about other people as individuals, and sooner or later, you're gonna have to stop hiding out at this house and join that world, blossom.

Blossom: [Laughs] Get a load of earnest McPhee. You know, you just really need a drink.

Jack: What I need is help.

[Jack looks at each of them then turns and leaves]

[Scene: Amy's apartment. Dawson is wrapped in a blanket, and goes to the door to get the food that they ordered from the delivery guy]

Dawson: Thanks.

[He brings the food over to the table in the living room, and they sit on the floor and eat]]

Amy: Look at you, all Harrison ford in working girl.

Dawson: I'd rather be him in raiders.

Amy: Cuter in the former.

Dawson: Cooler in the latter. This is yours. So... what is it about your movie that you don't want me to see?

Amy: It's just too personal.

Dawson: I'll admit that my experience in this area is limited, but, uh, haven't we already kinda crossed the personal barrier?

Amy: Ok, you want the truth-- the no-holds-barred, ugly truth?

Dawson: Please.

Amy: The movie stinks.

Dawson: That's it?

Amy: Yeah, not in a common way. I mean, this baby is an extraordinary masterwork of stinkage. I mean, it's amazing we can even tolerate being in the same room with the videotape of it.

Dawson: You don't think you're bein' a little hard on yourself?

Amy: Oh, no.

Dawson: 'Cause I've read your reviews. You can be rather relentless.

Amy: I wasn't alone in my particular opinion.

Dawson: So, what, you just never wanted to make another one?

Amy: Dawson, I love movies. I started faking sick in the third grade just so that I could stay home and watch them...

Dawson: I started in the fifth.

Amy: And now I'm a grownup who gets paid to watch them all day long.

Dawson: That sounds great, but you never answered my question. I mean, have you ever wanted to make another film?

Amy: The first one was such a disaster. Why would I want to do it again?

Dawson: A very attractive girl once told me that it takes a while for young filmmakers to figure out what they wanna say.

Amy: What am I gonna do? Quit my job and use my credit cards to finance a movie now?

Dawson: You wouldn't be the first.

Amy: I'm not sure I have the same raw talent that you have, Dawson.

Dawson: How would you know?

Amy: Filmmaking was something I loved, but I was given chance to do this job, and it turns out that I'm pretty damn great at it, and that makes me happy. So I left filmmaking behind, and I moved on with my life. Sometimes you just have to let things go like that.

Dawson: It sounds very smart and practical.

Amy: And a little sad.

Dawson: A little.

[Scene: Along the street outside. Pacey is walking Audrey home from the restaurant, carrying a rather large number of books.]

Alex: Are you sure those aren't too heavy?

Pacey: What, the encyclopedia of civilization collection? No, I'll be fine.

Alex: Did you know we have letters in there about the foie gras? Stop the suffering. I mean, what's wrong with people?

Pacey: I don't know. There's a lot of crazies in the world, I guess.

Alex: Well, I guess you never know what you're dealing with. This is me.

Pacey: So this is it, huh?

Alex: Mm-hmm.

Pacey: I heard they have theme rooms in this place.

Alex: It's true. I'm in the Santa Fe suite. Me and Theo.

Pacey: Theo?

Alex: [Laughs] He's the bull's head on the wall. I've named him Theo.

Pacey: You really need to get your own place.

Alex: You're telling me.

Pacey: You should seriously consider taking over my apartment.

Alex: Ok, I will.

Pacey: If you wanna come by and look at it again, just, you know, you can bring Theo for a second opinion if you need him.

Alex: [Laughs] You sure about that?

Pacey: Yeah, of course.

Alex: Thanks, Pacey. It's nice to have you as a friend.

Pacey: Ok, well. [He gives her a very big and long lasting hug] I guess I should be going, Alex.

Alex: Yeah, I guess so.

[he hands her the books]

Pacey: Ah. Heh. Ok. Good night.

Alex: Good night, Pacey.

[Ambient street noise]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The school library. Audrey is still sitting and trying to decide what exactly that Pacey must be planning for her. While Joey is still trying to study]

Audrey: Maybe he's planning a little surprise trip for the two of us.

Joey: Audrey.

Audrey: You know, like, a spa or something? Ooh, a massage would be nice. God, sitting on these chairs is murder on my butt.

[Joey slams her book shut, and everyone around turns and looks at her.]

Joey: Cramming boring, dreary, medieval fairy tales and the inner workings of the fed is hard enough without having to hear a diatribe about your ass. So unless you wanna come visit me at Worchester trade school next year, I suggest you go find your boyfriend and drive him crazy.

[Audrey notices everyone staring]

Audrey: Finals. Pressure. Pup tent with a boy when she should have been studying.

Joey: Audrey. You need to go now.

Audrey: I think I'm gonna go see Pacey.

Joey: Good idea.

[Audrey leaves, but is replaced 2 seconds later, by a frantic Jack]

Jack: Please tell me you know something about multivariable calculus.

[Scene: Amy's bedroom. Amy and Dawson are lying under the covers in her bedroom, and talking.]

Dawson: I can honestly say I've never had a date like this before.

Amy: Me, neither.

Dawson: Can I ask you a question?

Amy: You just did, but feel free to ask another one.

Dawson: What makes a girl decide to spend the night with a guy she hardly knows?

Amy: The same things that make a guy want to. Of course, with girls, the deciding factor is usually the shoes.

Dawson: You decided to sleep with me because of my sketchers?

Amy: Yeah, I could tell you were ok. Safe. Genuine. A kindred spirit.

Dawson: And Mr. Car cover?

Amy: Loafers.

Dawson: Interesting.

Amy: See, maybe the problem with your girlfriend was just that she didn't appreciate quality footwear. Does breaking up bite or what?

Dawson: You know what? It wasn't that bad, actually. We're still great friends.

Amy: You're friends?

Dawson: Pretty much the same as before.

Amy: I threw a cuisinart at my boyfriend when we broke up.

Dawson: I'm not so much the appliance thrower.

Amy: Come on. You've never had any knock-down, drag-out fights?

Dawson: No.

Amy: It doesn't sound like there was all that much there with this girl.

Dawson: What, just 'cause I don't believe in fighting?

Amy: You are a passionate guy, Mr. Leary. The secret is out, and someday, you are gonna meet someone who drives you absolutely mad, who you are gonna fight with and laugh with and do totally insane things for. Someone who turns your life wildly upside down.

Dawson: [Sighs] I think I've already met that person.

Amy: Really? Why aren't you with her?

Dawson: Bad timing... I suppose. Oh, I had a chance a while back, and I blew it, and then she just kinda, I guess, felt the same way you did about your life and moved on.

Amy: How do you know that?

Dawson: She spent the night with another guy.

Amy: [Laughs]

Dawson: What?

Amy: Nothing.

Dawson: Well, why are you laughing at me?

Amy: It's funny. I mean, you're so convinced that she's moved on because, why, she's with another guy?

Dawson: Yeah.

Amy: Well... you're spending the night with me. Does that mean that you've moved on?

[Scene: Grams' House. Jack comes into the house, with a very dejected look on his face, when grams comes out to meet him.]

Grams: Oh, Jack. Where have you been?

Jack: Oh, the Worthington library. It turns out this stuff is even beyond the academic ability of Joey potter. I'm telling you, if that isn't a sign to throw in the towel, I don't know what is.

Grams: We have been waiting for you.

Jack: "We"?

[He hears Eric's voice from the next room]

Eric: Hey, man.

Jack: What the hell's he doin' here? What do you want?

Eric: Well, I heard you needed some help.

[Scene: Pacey's place. Pacey is taking a shower, when he hears the doorbell. He quickly gets out of the shower and puts some sweats on to answer the door.]

[Doorbell buzzes]

Pacey: Just a second.

[He opens the door to see Alex.]

Alex: Hey, I know it's late, but sitting around my room made me realize that you are completely right.

Pacey: About what?

Alex: Well, I do need a place of my own, so I decided to take you up on your offer.

Pacey: And which offer would that be?

Alex: To check out your apartment.

Pacey: Alex, it's nearly 2:00 in the morning.

Alex: Yeah, but, I mean, you said you were a night owl like I am, and you walked me home, like, an hour ago. I just figured... what? Oh, my god. I'm sorry.

Pacey: It's ok.

Alex: No, you know what? It's not ok. I misjudged this whole thing again. I'm--I'm--I'm just, I'm leaving. I feel terrible.

Pacey: There's nothing for you to feel terrible about.

Alex: Yes, there is. Ok, here, you have this life, this great wonderful life, and I keep imposing myself on it.

Pacey: You are not imposing.

Alex: I know that I am.

Pacey: You are not, ok? It's fine. Please. Come in. Take a look around. It's fine.

Alex: No, I couldn't.

Pacey: You can, and let me get you a glass of something. All I really have is water and O.J., So I hope that's all right.

Alex: Well, what about the champagne? I mean, if you want to.

Pacey: Sure. I guess a little champagne between colleagues never hurt.

Alex: You know, Pacey Witter, you are such a doll. I have so much respect for you having the strength not to act on this thing.

Pacey: And what thing would that be?

Alex: You know, the thing. This heat. I felt it tonight when you hugged me. I felt it that time when we kissed.

[Audrey had walked up to the open door, and has heard all she needed to hear]

Audrey: [Audrey clears throat] You might wanna shut the door, Pacey. It'll keep the heat in.

[Audrey storms off and Pacey runs after her]

Pacey: Audrey. Audrey! Audrey, stop! Let me explain!

Audrey: I don't wanna hear any more of your explanations. It's all very clear to me now.

Pacey: She just dropped by.

Audrey: Oh, yeah, and you were trying so hard to get her to leave, weren't you?

Pacey: It is not what it looks like, all right?

Audrey: Just go back to your apartment!

Pacey: Nothing happened!

Audrey: You kissed her, Pacey!

Pacey: She kissed me!

Audrey: Oh, well, that makes me feel so much better!

Pacey: And it didn't mean anything!

Audrey: Which, the hug or the kiss?

Pacey: Neither.

Audrey: It meant your arms around her body. It meant her tongue in your throat.

Pacey: Well, for what it's worth, it was her tongue in my—

Audrey: Ah! I don't wanna hear about this! I'm sorry! Stop! Let go of me!

Pacey: Just listen to me, will you?

Audrey: Why should I? You've lied to me.

Pacey: I didn't tell you because I didn't think it was gonna happen again.

Audrey: Well, you were wrong.

Pacey: And I didn't think it was right to embarrass her.

Audrey: What are you talking about, Pacey? This isn't high school. This is your boss hitting on you. If you really wanted to stop it, you could have, and you didn't because you like it, because you are attracted to her, and it's--it's really obvious to me. If you didn't want her to hit on you again, why didn't you just quit?

Pacey: Because maybe I need this job. I don't know if you notice, but I'm not exactly rollin' around in money here. I can't even afford a place to live. I'm not just some rich college girl who can quit when the mood strikes me.

Audrey: It's cool. You know what? Screw the girl. Keep your job. Have your cake and eat it, too. It's fine.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Pacey's apartment. Pacey comes back inside to see Alex sitting on the couch, drinking champagne.]

Pacey: You're still here.

Alex: Well, I thought you might need a friend. Come and sit.

Pacey: You realize that she may never talk to me again.

Alex: Mmm. I told you 19 is too young to be settling down.

[He sits down next to her, and she places her hand on his cheek]

Pacey: You're driving me crazy, Alex. You realize that.

Alex: Mmm. Can't help it. I told you I take getting what I want for granted.

Pacey: I thought you said you were trying to change that about yourself.

Alex: I believe that people should listen to their urges.

Pacey: You're a very determined woman, aren't you?

Alex: Mmm. Everybody already thinks you did it, Pacey, so why don't you just do it?

[They begin making out]

Alex: God, this is great. Too bad we have to stop.

Pacey: We have to what?

Alex: Stop.

Pacey: What about the heat?

Alex: Well, just... knowing that we could do it is enough.

Pacey: It is?

Alex: It is. It would just be inappropriate.

[she leaves, and Pacey is trying to figure out what just happened.]

[Scene: the school library. Joey is trying to study, while 2 people are making out in the chair across from her. The noise they are making finally gets to her.]

Joey: Could you guys get a room? It's a library.

[They look at her weird then leave]

[Scene: Gram's house. Jack and Eric are sitting at the table studying for his exam.]

Jack: Check this exam out. It's dated may 10, 1982, and it's graded by my same professor.

Eric: That multivariable calculus probably hasn't changed much since then, huh?

Jack: Yeah. Based on these year's notes, neither has the way he's been teaching it. How did you-- how did you do this? How did you get all this stuff out of the house?

Eric: Well, I just put it in my backpack and just walked on out of there, you know?

[Both laugh]

Jack: But what about the by-laws? I mean, what if somebody finds out?

Eric: Well, then, I guess I get expelled from the house.

Jack: Well, are you willin' to risk that?

Eric: Well, I hear it's possible to leave a fraternity and survive. You know? I know guys that have done it.

Jack: Why are you doing this, Eric? Why are you helpin' me?

Eric: Because you helped me.

[Scene: Amy's Apartment. Dawson is finishing getting dressed, and getting ready to leave.]

Amy: Ooh, I wanna give you something before you go.

Dawson: Your thesis film?

Amy: You know, if this were the third act of a movie, that's exactly what this would be, and you'd watch it, and it would be great, and...

Dawson: I would give it to one of my professors who would love it, and he'd give it to one of his old students who now runs a movie studio.

Amy: And I'd see my name up on the big screen just a few months later. I would have liked that. Seeing my name on the screen just once.

Dawson: Well, you get to see your name in print quite a lot.

Amy: Yes, I sure do. It's what's up, tiger lily?

Dawson: Woody Allen.

Amy: His first. You know it?

Dawson: No, I don't.

Amy: Oh, he took this old Japanese movie and he just replaced the dialogue with his own. It's literally a remake of someone else's picture. Obviously, it's derivative and imitative and full of—

Dawson: Unexplored potential.

Amy: But if you look at it closely, you can see a glimmer of Annie Hall, a Twinkle of Manhattan, the Promise of Hannah.

Dawson: Thank you. I'll call you when I'm done, and we can, uh—

Amy: It's a gift.

Dawson: [Sighs]

Amy: We're both in very different places in our lives, Dawson. Mine is much more predictable and defined than yours, and I think we both know I'm probably not the person you need to be spending your precious time with right now.

Dawson: For what it's worth, I don't think your life is nearly as predictable and defined as you think it is, Amy.

Amy: Why is that?

Dawson: Would you have predicted a night like this? I would like to keep in touch with you.

Amy: Then do. I'd like that. Maybe we can catch a movie sometime.

[Scene: A montage of scenes. First late at night at the library. Joey pacing back and forth while studying from her book. Next Grams' house. Jack is getting ready to leave for his test, and grams hands him a sack lunch she has made him, and he kisses her on the forehead before leaving to take his exam. Finally to Pacey's Apartment. He is sitting on the floor making a phone call.]

[Telephone rings]


[Answering machine beeps]

Pacey: Audrey, it's Pacey. If you're there, could you please pick up the phone? Audrey. Please? Audrey, come on.

[Audrey is there, but she doesn't get up to answer the phone. She instead stays in bed crying]

[Scene: The school Library. Joey has fallen asleep studying sitting in the chair. Dawson is just standing there staring at her, when she suddenly wakes herself up.]

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: How long have you... how long have you been here?

Dawson: A while.

Joey: How was the movie?

Dawson: Fun. Inspiring. Completely unexpected.

Joey: Mmm, lucky you.

Dawson: How's studying?

Joey: Not so good, actually. I only have a couple hours left.

Dawson: Maybe this will help.

[He hands her a cup of coffee]

Dawson: You mind if I just sit here a little while? Or if you need anything, I can...

Joey: Sure. Thank you. Very sweet. Much needed. I gotta tell you, Dawson. It's like the entire world has been coming at me tonight. Like, completely distracting me from what I've spent my entire life preparing for. I mean, it's like this night has been a metaphor for the whole semester and one big left turn. Not that it's been bad, because it hasn't, but it's just, if I don't get myself back on track, I could... [she looks over to see that he has fallen asleep] Dawson?

Dawson: Joey, can I ask you a question? Do you like my shoes?

Joey: Yeah. Why?

Dawson: Just wondering.

[She just stares at him confused as the camera fades to black]

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