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Where Are We Now?

Posted: 01/18/19 08:57
by destinyros2005
So.....for some of us, it has been almost 20 years since we've been on the boards. For some...a little less. Now that Roswell is back on the air (20 years later!!!), if you've come back to peek at the boards, tell us what you up to the last time you were on here and what you are doing now!

Re: Where Are We Now?

Posted: 01/20/19 09:31
by bunniefuu
Ohhhhh..... what I'm up to. Does this mean in RL or online? :lol Either way, it seems like I'm right back to where I began 20 years ago. I'm freaking watching Roswell again and posting here. :rotf

Re: Where Are We Now?

Posted: 04/18/20 13:22
by khalessi
Going to be watching Roswell's heatwave episode with commentary from brendan and majandra at 2am but i am currently furloughed so no rush to be up in the morning. So excited.