What Color Headphones Are You?

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What Color Headphones Are You?

Post by MarieFlutterby » 09/25/14 13:32

You Are Pink Headphones


You are a romantic and even a little fanciful. You live in a world of possibilities, and your favorite music reflects that.
You tend to be more emotional that most people you know. You prefer music that makes you feel deeply.

You are very thoughtful and likely to get more out of a song every time you listen to it. And you consider lyrics carefully.
You are a gentle person, and you notice subtlety more that most people. You have a strong appreciation for many types of music.

What Color Headphones Are You?
Bet your beans and pink is my fave color as well!

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Re: What Color Headphones Are You?

Post by khalessi » 09/26/14 16:44

I got yellow :)

You love music, and you always have a new song that's your jam. And it's always something cool and uplifting.
You take music seriously, but you're not one for serious music. A lot of your favorite songs are very fun!

Your taste in music tends to be very modern. You, of course, have old favorites, but you appreciate solid production and musical innovation.
Your favorite musical artists are confident and even a bit showy. You enjoy music that's a bit of a spectacle.

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Re: What Color Headphones Are You?

Post by bunniefuu » 09/27/14 07:56

[https://www.blogthings.com/whatcolorhea ... ult=Purple]You Are Purple Headphones[/url]

You are a highly imaginative person, and you appreciate music that is a little outside the mainstream.
You value creativity, and you love it when musicians get a little out there with there music. Experimenting is good!

You are highly individualistic, and you prefer musical artists that have a strong voice. Cookie cutter music doesn't appeal you.
You are drawn to music that is very powerful, even if it's not the easiest to understand. You like complexity and meaning.

What Color Headphones Are You?

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