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  03x15 - Last Call
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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

911. What is your emergency? - I need you to calm down.

911. What's your emergency? - Shut up! Shut up!

(Man) 911. What's your emergency?

(Woman) 911.

(Woman) 911. What's your emergency?

(Finch) 911. What's your emergency?

(Man) You gotta help me. They've broken into my car.

Are you in the car now, sir?

No. Thank God. I'm across the street.

Good. Please do not attempt to approach the vehicle.

Now do you see any weapons?

They're ripping up the interior. They're everywhere!

All right, and are they attempting to steal the vehicle?

(Man) What? Don't be ridiculous.

Squirrels can't drive.

I'm afraid squirrels fall outside the purview of 911.

Let me connect you to a non-emergency operator.

(Sandra) Good job, Harold.

You sure you've never done this kind of thing before?

Not quite, although I do have some applicable experience.

(Reese) I don't know, Finch.

Maybe we should get Fusco to question those squirrels.

Reese is right.

Could be a whole rodent carjacking ring.

Keeping entertained, are we?

I'd be happy to trade places, Ms. Shaw.

I admit I'm not sure what makes me the best fit for this particular undercover mission.

At a desk, surrounded by monitors, helping people in danger.

All you're missing is the dog.

(Shaw) Besides, would you really want someone to call 911 and get me?

Point taken.

These calls represent the numbers we never get.

Crimes that unfold too quickly for the machine to detect.

So it's a win-win, Finch.

You get to help them while looking into our latest number.

Sandra Nicholson.

(Shaw) 911 operator and trainee supervisor.

She's got a stack of commendations.

So what's the threat?

911 operators are often witnesses at trial, targets of lawsuits, and... now that I've hacked the routing system, I can monitor every call she gets.



Her car went off a bridge into the water.

She's sinking. I don't know what to do.

Okay, hello, ma'am, can you hear me? What's your name?

(Jackie) Jackie. I'm trapped. Oh, my God.

All right, Jackie, just relax. We're gonna get you outta there.


Cars can float for up to two minutes, so we got a little time.

(Jackie) The doors are stuck, and the windows have shorted out.

- Please help. - Jackie, are you wearing heels?

(Jackie) Yes, these stupid 4-inch pumps.

All right, those pumps are gonna save your life.

Your car window's weak spot is up front near the door hinges.

I want you to kick that spot as hard as you can with your heel, okay?


[Jackie grunts]

[Glass breaks]

[More glass breaks, Jackie screams]

[Water rushing in]

It worked!

(Man) Unit 1234 arriving on scene.

We have eyes on the car. We'll take it from here.

All right, Jackie. Rescue team's on the way.

She's good.

At handling other people's emergencies.

Wonder how she'll hold up when she's faced with one of her own.

Murder weapon on the Kipling case.

What do you think, Fusco? Right size, right shape?

Wrong edge.

Wound was serrated, remember?

(Kane) Hey, Fusco, hold up a second.

Suspect's guilty as hell, but we can't get his DNA without a warrant.

The DA wants to kick him.

Ever hear of dumpster diving, Kane?

Excuse me. Detective Fusco?

Jake Harrison.

Just transferred over from the 12th, and I caught this case.

Tara Cooke, 29.

Found by the East River yesterday morning.

Head bashed in, wallet stolen.

[Phone ringing]

Mugging gone bad, right?

Everyone said you were the guy to talk to.

Look, kid, they bumped you up to Homicide Task Force for a reason.

They don't all come with instructions.

Figure it out.

You want something from me too?

Is this a bad time, Detective?


It ain't good.

My brain's being picked on everything from interrogation to evidence collection.

Hardly surprising.

Your arrest of Officer Simmons brought you no small amount of esteem.

Perhaps you should be flattered that your peers are soliciting your advice.

Yeah, yeah.

Speaking of which, did you receive the name I sent?

Yeah, it was, uh...

Sandra Nicholson.

Yeah, I mean, other than a couple of parking tickets, she's clean.

But she did have a sealed juvie record.

Must have gotten into some kind of trouble as a kid.

I don't suppose you could take a peek behind that seal.


I'm sorry, pal.

With the whole HR takedown, hit the force pretty hard.

The whole department's under scrutiny.

So unless you got a court order, I guess I'm gonna have to say no.

Understood. I thank you for your time, Detective.

And as for your newfound popularity, - you've earned it. - Yeah.

See these bruises?

Livor mortis.

Happens when a body stays in one place, okay?

Tara was found on her right side.

These bruises are on the left.

And look.

Forensics found industrial carpet fibers stuck in the wound.

But she wasn't wrapped up in any carpet.

Body was moved.

This isn't a mugging at all.

Let's get to work. Show me what else you got.

Uh, yeah.


911. What's your emergency?

(Aaron) My name is Aaron.

Some men are trying to break into my apartment.

Hi, Aaron. I'm Sandra.

I'm gonna help you out, okay? Are you alone?

The sitter wasn't here when I got home from school, and mom's at work.

All right, I'm sending the police right away.

All units, 1031 in progress.

216 Bakersfield Way, unit 4E.

Code Three. Repeat, Code Three.

Mr. Reese, Ms. Shaw, he may not be our number, but...

We got it, Finch. We're on our way.

[Loud thud]

Sandra, they're breaking through the door.

Is there any place you can hide?

There's a crawlspace behind a panel in my closet.

Perfect. Go there now.


(Aaron) Okay, Sandra, I'm in.

Okay, you're doing great, Aaron.

Now I want you to stay super quiet, not a sound.

[In Spanish] - Where is it? Are you sure?

[Spanish] - Said it was going to be here.

[In Spanish] Keep looking.

[Whispering] Sandra?

It worked. They're leaving.



[In Spanish]

In the closet.



No, no, no! No!

Aaron, are you all right?


- No!


The men want me to tell you something.

What-- what is it?

Answer your phone.


[Phone ringing]


(Man) So nice to meet you, Sandra.

I apologize for calling you on your personal cell phone, but for what we're about to do together, I need you mobile.

And what are we about to do?

Anything I say.

You see, I've just taken this boy hostage, and unless you follow my instructions precisely, little Aaron is going to die.

Who is this? What's your name?

(Man) Really, Sandra?

A boy's life is at stake, and you want proper introductions.

How do I know Aaron is even real... that this kidnapping wasn't staged?

(Man) I'd be happy to cut off Aaron's hand and dump it outside your apartment at 3621 17th Avenue.

Take a look at your phone.

Now tell me exactly which body part you'd like him to lose first.


I believe you.

- Good.

Now for the ground rules.

Alert anyone to the situation, disobey any of my commands, attempt in any way to disconnect this call, and Aaron dies.

Sounds simple enough.

I'm glad you think so.

Command number one, call off the police you've dispatched to Aaron's home.


All units, disregard 1031 at 216 Bakersfield Way.

The call was a hoax. Repeat, there is no emergency.

(Man) Copy that. Sector Charlie canceling response.

(Man) Excellent, Sandra.

You're gonna do just fine.

(Reese) Finch, we're entering Aaron's apartment building.

Any news?

Aaron's been abducted by a man who was able to hack into the 911 private branch exchange and ensure that the boy's call went directly to Sandra.

Any idea why he'd single her out?

Could be a grudge.

One of Sandra's 911 calls gone bad.

Doesn't explain the kid, though.

Why would Sandra's number come up if Aaron's the one in danger?

If the machine gave us Sandra's number, her fate and Aaron's are entwined.

Finch, no sign of them or the kid.

Try the webcam.

I used a remote administration tool to access Aaron's computer.

(Shaw) There he is.

Guys who took him were pros.

(Reese) They're not military.

No sweep and clear.

Flashy chrome pistol.

And that ring-- a Gothic cross.


Express kidnappers from a Mexican cartel.

Best at what they do.

I've pinpointed the GPS signal from the mystery caller's phone.

It's in a car cruising Upper Manhattan.

I'm on it.

I'll see if I can track down the cartel.

(Fusco) Looks like your dead girl, Tara Cooke, worked at a private equity firm.

Let's go check out her office.

We'll run the usual tests.

But first glance? Carpet fibers aren't a match.

Your girl wasn't killed in her office.

[Phone ringing]

Hey. Didn't Glasses give you the message?

My dance card's booked.

I'm helping a rookie with a homicide.

So unless the world's coming to an end--

For a ten-year-old boy it is, unless we save him.

Why didn't you say so? What do you need?

The Templarios.

Any idea where they've been hanging out lately?

I can't say for sure.

They used to frequent a bar up in Bedford Park called El Cetrero.

That's where I'd try. Good luck.

And you are?

Brent Holm.

I worked side by side with Tara for two years.

I heard she was mugged. Why are you checking her office?

Just have to rule some things out.

We'll provide the police with whatever you need.

Did you know Tara as well?

I should hope so. I hired her.

Gina Kincaid, CFO.

And this is my husband and CEO Ron Kincaid.

Good to meet you both.

Tara was one of our top young executives.

We intend to help in any way we can.

You know what would be really helpful?

If you could get us a copy of the security footage of Tara's last day at work.

It's done.

I've labeled Aaron's call a prank.

(Man) Good.

Now plug your headset into your phone.

Your hands need to be free.

To do what?

Shut down the building's backup generator.

If the power goes out, that generator is the only thing keeping this call center online.

Why shut it down?

Because I asked nicely.

I can be more emphatic, but people tend to get hurt when that happens.

Good girl.

And try not to look so nervous, Sandra.

If I can see your hands shaking, everyone can.

(Man) Is that in Washington heights?

[Indistinct chatter]

(Man) How old would you say he was?

(Woman) Go get them as fast as you can.

(Woman) Now how long ago did you take the pills?

(Woman) Do you have a fire extinguisher in the house?

(Man) What was the man wearing?

(Man) All right, sir.

What's your location? What's the apartment number?

(Woman) Well, then you need to get out of there as quickly as possible.

And how long has your cat been stuck in the AC duct?

(Woman) Do not attempt to save any of your possessions, okay?

(Woman) And have you had any alcohol?

(Man) What about the other passengers?

Anyone hurt when the car hit you?

(Man) Did you see which way he ran--


I just wanted to thank you again for your help.

Are you all right?

Fine. Thanks.

(Finch) Why would he send her to shut down the backup generator?

Can I help you, Sandra?

I'm such a klutz.

I think I dropped an earring back there this morning.

Is there any way I could go in and take a look?

Just sign in.

(Man) Oh, Sandra, did you really think I wouldn't see that?

You must not care about Aaron at all.

Just like you didn't care about little Joseph 20 years ago.


(Man) With the right resources, you can access anything... even sealed juvenile records.

The question is, are you doomed to make the same mistake twice?

Creepy down here, isn't it?

All right.

Now find the backup generator switch, and shut it off.

Nicely done, Sandra.

Just one more task to perform.

Let's go to the server room.

Now have a seat and sign in.

Now... pull up all the 911 calls that came in two days ago.

30,918 emergencies.

New York, New York. It's a wonderful town.

Okay, one more step, and Aaron is home free.

Tell me, so we can get this over with.

I want you to delete them, Sandra-- all of them.

I can't.

Those calls are part of the public record.

They're evidence, confessions, dying words.

I won't.

(Man) I've told you what I require.

Now you have to choose.

Save 30,000 phone calls or the life of one boy.

Ms. Shaw, I do hope you're closing in on our mystery caller because he's proving to be quite elusive.

There's no evidence that he's broken into the camera feeds, yet he's somehow able to watch Sandra's every move.

(Shaw) Thanks to the GPS coordinates you sent me, I've got eyes on his car.

And in a minute... I'll have eyes on him.

[Dramatic music]

(Finch) Ms. Shaw, did you find the caller?

Finch... we have a problem.

This guy's not just a voice, he's a ghost.

Finch, you wanna tell me what I'm holding here?

(Finch) From the description, it sounds like a phone relay.

The caller's voice is carried from one phone, through the other, and on to Sandra.

His call could be originating from anywhere in the city - or the world. - Should I untape them?

Maybe then you can trace the call.

No, Ms. Shaw, please.

If we untether the phones, the call will disconnect, and Aaron may well be killed.

Were you able to glean anything from the driver?

Some guy paid him 1,000 bucks to drive around all day with the phones in the back, never got a name.

If only I could determine how he's able to keep such a close eye on Sandra.

(Man) How many men were there? Did they both have guns?

Ma'am, are you someplace safe?

Did the dog try to bite you?

- I understand. - Is the door locked?

(Woman) And I'm not saying--

Of course.

Ms. Shaw, I have a pressing matter to attend to.

Can you get a description of the man who paid the driver?

My pleasure.

(Man) Think of it as an exchange, Sandra.

You delete a day's worth of calls, and I send Aaron home, happy and intact.

What good could deleting them possibly do anyone?

It's the simpler solution.

Then why not just do it yourself if you have all these resources?

You know as well as I do that the terminal you're sitting at is the only way to access them, which means I need someone on the inside-- you.

Now enough talk. What's it gonna be, Sandra, the calls or the kid?

(Finch) Don't turn around.

I have remotely activated the mute function on your cell phone, so he can't hear us.

Whoever's doing this to you has mounted a tiny webcam on your headset.

That's how he's been able to watch you no matter where you go.


How do you know about this?

- No time to explain.

You have to trust me.

I have a team working to save Aaron, but we need to determine who's behind all of this and what he wants.

If deleting 30,000 calls is the simpler solution, then that's likely just a smokescreen to hide the one call that our friend is truly concerned about.

If we could locate that call, we might be able to turn the tables on him.

(Man) I'm losing patience, Sandra.

I can't just hit delete once. I have to do it in batches.

It could take 15 minutes for an entire day, and to do that, I need an elite admin code.

Only the head of IT has it on a key fob that--

(Man) Then stop wasting time, and go get that code!

While you do that, I'll stay here and find that call.

And remember, keep me out of your line of sight.

So I checked the security footage from Tara Cooke's last day at work.

Arrives in the morning and leaves at night.

Nothing unusual.

Best I came up with was this-- a map of places Tara spent most of her time.

Forensics got carpet fibers from all these spots.

No matches.

What about that coworker of hers-- Mr. Concerned?

I'll check him out.

[Phone ringing]

Hey, Wonder Boy tells me you guys are trying to help a kid.

Indeed, Detective, which is why I need your help.

I'm looking for a needle in a haystack--

one suspicious 911 call out of 30,000.


That's not a haystack. That's a whole damn farm.

Using probabilities, I was able to reduce that number.

For instance, 38% of all calls to the 911 system are the result of unintended pressure to the keypad.

Wait a minute.

You're telling that 911 gets over 11,000 butt dials a day?

I'm afraid so, but it did allow me to weed out almost half of the calls.

I also removed purse-snatchings, stalled cars--

Let's cut to the chase. How many calls we gonna look at?

312 in the next five minutes.

I'm sending you your half of the list.

The attachment contains audio files, along with each phone's number, call history, and the map of its location data.

156 calls in five minutes?

Happy hunting, Detective.

No, it's gotta be version 10.6, okay?

No, I told you.

If the protocols don't match, the router won't work.

Well... try again.

Hey, Todd, you got a minute?

One of my trainees yanked too hard on a monitor cable, tore the connector right off.

You have a spare?

When will they learn to respect the tech?

Keep an eye on that one.

(Man) Now get that key fob.

Better hurry, or you're gonna get caught.

Here you go.



You okay, Sandra?

Rough call.

(Finch) Time is running out, Detective.

Let me know if you find that 911 call.

(Man) He's stealing from me every day!

It's my newspaper!

(Woman) Breaking everything in the house.

This is how it gets whenever the knicks lose, and I've had it.

(Sandra) 911. What's your emergency?

(Woman) It's my fault. I was wrong.

I shouldn't have slept with him.

Now he hurt me.

(Sandra) Honey, where are you?

I see your phone moving west on Highway 25.

(Woman) We-- we were driving.

I said I was leaving him. He-- he hurt me.

(Sandra) Okay, I've got police coming to find you.

Just stay with me.

You're on a prepaid cell, so I can't see your name.

Wanna tell me your name?

Hello? Are you there? Answer me.

Please answer me.

Wait a minute.

This caller's phone has been in the same locations as the rookie's homicide victim.


Hey, Glasses, I think I found the call.

And if I'm right, we're working the same case.

Homicide victim. She called from a burner phone.

Battery went dead before police could locate her.

But I'm pretty sure I know her name.

I'm sending you the info now.

[Phone chimes]

Tara Cooke.

(Fusco) - Yeah.

I'm betting whoever's threatening that kid is the same person who killed Tara.

Now is there any way you can access Tara's voice mail?

I'll try, Detective.

(Man) Who is that?

Who is helping you?

Nobody. I swear I don't know that person.

(Man) I'm not a fan of lies, Sandra.

- You broke one of my rules. - Please don't hurt Aaron.

(Man) You should've thought of Aaron before you involved someone else in our arrangement.

Now I have no choice.

I'm a man of my word.

Just remember, this was your fault.


[Indistinct chatter]

(Man) 911. What is your emergency?

(Woman) Would you like me to send an ambulance to your location?

An explosion. Are you sure?

Where was the bomb when it went off, sir?

- Are you all right? Is anyone injured? - I understand, sir.

How many windows were shattered from the explosion?

(Man) And as far as you can tell, was anyone injured?

Is he dead? Did you kill Aaron?

(Man) The bomb I exploded was in a parking garage.

Three cars were turned into flaming metal husks.

Call it a warning shot.

Aaron is still alive... for the moment.

Okay, I understand.

(Man) No, I don't think you do.

You see, a bomb of the exact same size is currently strapped to little Aaron.

And since my rules have proven too complicated for you to follow, I'm gonna make this all very simple.

You have exactly 15 minutes to delete those calls before I set that bomb off, starting now.

Do it!

Or the next dispatch call you make will be to have officers pick up the pieces of what's left of that boy's body.

Do you understand me now, Sandra?


At first, it didn't make sense.

Of all the operators out there on that floor, why pick the one who is least likely to crack under pressure and give in to his demands?

A foolish move... unless he knew something about you...

something in a sealed juvenile record that he could twist into the perfect leverage to get you to do what he was asking.

The loss of a child.

His name was Joseph.

He was three years old, and he had a smile that just made everything okay.

I lived across the street, used to babysit him all the time.

And one night, when I was 14, I was giving him a bath.

He wanted a toy.

Ridiculous yellow frog.

It was just downstairs.

I was only gone a minute, but...
you can probably guess the rest.

The worst part wasn't...

desperately trying to perform CPR before the paramedics arrived or even when the police charged me with negligent homicide.

No, the worst part... was when I came back upstairs and I found him lying facedown in the tub.

I froze.

I couldn't think. I couldn't move.

And to this day, I wonder whether those extra 15 seconds wouldn't have saved Joseph's life.

You were just a child yourself.

Anyone in those circumstances--

That's what my lawyer said.

And in the eyes of the law, I was found innocent.

But not in my eyes, Harold.

Which is why I'm gonna do whatever this man wants.

Sandra, wait.

There's a second reason why the caller is targeting you-- a 911 call you took two days ago, a murder.

I don't care.

I'm not giving up on another little boy.

I'll give you as many minutes as I can, and then I'm deleting those calls.

I'm turning around now. Please get out of my way.

I understand you won't give up on Aaron.

I won't give up on you.

[Door opens and closes]

Ms. Shaw, if you still have those tethered phones, hold on to them.

I have work to do.

Got a description.

Might be the guy we're looking for.

(Reese) All right, Shaw, let's hear it.

Latino in a slick suit.

Ridiculous number of piercings in his right ear, including a Gothic cross.


Why am I not surprised?

There he is.

Five does seem a bit ridiculous.

I'm on way.

No need to handle this on your own.

Never been one to wait for backup.

[Clears throat]

Just want a quick conversation with him.

The rest of you can... leave.

Nobody gets hurt.

Nobody gets hurt? How about you, pendejo?

I was kinda hoping you'd pick the hard way.

(Fusco) Hey, Glasses, got some interesting information about my homicide victim and her bosses, the Kincaids.

Might help you with your kid.

Call you when I'm done.

I just got one other question.

Any idea what Tara has in her hand?

That's her cell phone.


That's her cell phone.

Found in her apartment.

That is a burner phone.

Tara had it on her the night she died, but can't seem to find it in any of her things.

Turns out somebody got rid of it... somebody who killed her.

(Fusco) We accessed the phone records.

Tara used that burner phone to only call two numbers--

911 the night she died, and... this one. Recognize it?

Me neither.

That's why we decided to check its voice mail.

I know, how do you do that without the code, right?

I got this friend of mine who's just-- he's great at that type of thing.

(Tara) Ron, it's Tara.

I-I can't do this anymore, the sneaking around.

It's not fair to me or to Gina.

I wanna tell the world about us.

Even deleted voice mails can be retrieved for up to 30 days.

Ones and zeros, they never really go away.

None of this is admissible in court.

But this is.

Carpet fibers from the mat in your trunk, which is where Ron stuffed the body after he hid her... before he dumped her down by the river.

But the real scare came when you realized she made a 911 call.

You didn't know what was on that call, but you knew you needed to get rid of it.

See, normally, I'd let you squirm and deny it.

But you had to kidnap a little boy to cover it up.

Little boy. What?

Now you're gonna get on that phone, and you're gonna tell 'em to let him go.

Wait. He was just supposed to get rid of the call.

He never said anything about--


Who'd you hire?

I don't know.

Ron told me what he'd done.

I found someone who could get rid of the problem.

How do you call it off?

I never asked.

[Men groaning]

[Blows landing, grunts]

Don't worry, Shaw.

I saved the best for last.

Are you him... the guy who's been terrorizing a 911 operator and threatening to blow up a kid?

[In Spanish] No way, girl.

You'll never catch him.

Guy's careful.

Untraceable calls, self-deleting texts.

We do what he asks, the money shows up in an account.

(Reese) Yeah, I'm gonna make this simple.

You're gonna tell us where you're holding the boy.

No way.

[In Spanish] I'm a tomb.

You're going to have to shoot me.

That... won't be necessary.

(Man) On their way, sir.

I just need you to stay on the phone with me.

Mr. Reese, Ms. Shaw, I have news.

I was able to hack into the one cell phone tower relaying signals from both the tethered phones Ms. Shaw found.

I know where our mystery man is calling from.

Chances are it's the same place they're holding Aaron--

an office tower in midtown. [Tires screeching]

Already there, Finch.

The Templario gave up Aaron's location?

We managed to pry it out of him.

(Finch) Please be careful.

The man we're looking for is highly intelligent,
resourceful, and no doubt dangerous when cornered.

So basically, Finch, he's you... if you were evil.

I hardly welcome the comparison, Ms. Shaw.

Please hurry.

This man kidnapped a child to help a killer, and he'll succeed if Sandra deletes those calls.

(Shaw) What, you need a new suit?

(Man) Stop.

I've just been informed that the clients who hired me for this job have confessed to the police.

As such, my contract with them is now null and void.

Your services in this matter are no longer required, Sandra.

So it's over. You're letting Aaron go.

(Man) Regretfully, that has now become impossible.

I simply cannot risk any details of this operation falling into police hands.

Cleanliness is all.


Don't blame yourself. You did everything you could.

Don't do this, I'm begging you.

I'm sorry, Sandra. It's too late for Aaron.

And for you as well.

Though of course eliminating you was always part of the plan.

[Indistinct chatter]

It was a genuine pleasure speaking with you, Sandra.





It's protocol.

During a blackout, we're all supposed to exit through the front.

Which is exactly what the man who called you will be waiting for.

Is there another way out?

Follow me.

Vamonos. Let's go.


[Breathing heavily]

[Elevator dings]

What the hell?

I thought the elevator was locked.


We gotta defuse that bomb.

Hey. There is no "Dead" in "Team."

So instead of going all Charles Bronson on me, let me clear that way.


[Gunfire continues]

You're Aaron, right?

I'm here to help.

There's an exit down there.



[Silenced gunshots]

(Reese) A level switch. Hold very still.

Hey, Aaron.

You like baseball, right?

Yeah, but I'm not a very good hitter.

I used to have the same problem.

Know what helped?

Every night, I'd close my eyes... imagine myself hitting one out of the park.

I realized it was all about timing.

Wanna give it a try?

Go ahead.

[Footsteps approaching]

See that pitch coming, Aaron?


Swing as hard as you can.


I did it.

Yeah, you did.

Got the last kidnapper.

You figure out which one was behind all this?


None of them.

Then he's still out there.

[Breathing heavily]


(Finch) Don't move.

Before you make a grave error of judgment, permit me to describe what I have in my hand.

It's a severed electrical cable connected to this generator.

Current is running through it at ten times the amperage required for electrocution.

All I have to do is drop it in that water, and within three seconds, the muscles in your heart will fibrillate.

Now I'm not a violent man.

But not only have you tried to harm this young woman and an innocent child, you have shut down a 911 call center in one of the more dangerous cities in the country.

So now there are two things that will keep me from ending your life right now.

First, I want you to drop the gun.

Second, I need to hear the sound of your voice.

Please. I just work for the guy.

I don't even know his name.

Sandra, get his weapon.

(Harrison) Hey.

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help.

The Kincaids have lawyered up.

But the carpet fibers in Ron's trunk are a match for the ones found on Tara's body.

So between that and the phone records, shouldn't be too hard to get a conviction.


Yeah, you too.

I'd say we make a pretty good team.

Don't you think?

We ain't a team.

What, are you gonna stand there all day?

Get yourself a cup of coffee and get back to work.

I can't help you solve all your cases.




So glad you could meet.

I was on my way to work. It's the least I could do.

I owe you my life.

I was happy to lend a hand.

To tell you the truth, I've come to think of us as kindred spirits, taking emergency calls to help those who need us.

So is that how you found me?

You got a call?

Something like that.

What I mean to say is... it does my heart good to know that you're out there.

Likewise, Harold. I should get to work.

Before you leave, there was... something I'd like to show you.

Nice hit, Aaron.

Is that him?

I wanted to offer you the one thing that 911 operators never get-- closure.

Aaron looks happy.

You'd never guess what he'd been through.

Kids are resilient creatures.

As are adults, if they have the right friends.

My deepest thanks to both of you for a job well done.

Well, not quite done.

If you still wanna find the guy, maybe these could help.

[Phone ringing]


(Man) Finally.

A chance to speak to the man who handed me my first defeat.

I didn't do it alone.

(Man) Oh, believe me, I'm quite aware.

I'm warning you now, any attempt to harm either Sandra or Aaron again would be a mistake.

(Man) No need to worry.

Sandra's earned her life, as far as I'm concerned.

And at this point, harming Aaron would be counterproductive.

You, however, are another story entirely.

Be seeing you.

What did he say?

Nothing of any consequence.

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