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  03x02 - Nothing to Hide
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(Finch) You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything... violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

(Man #1) Everything's in place.

(Man #2) Good, let's begin.

He does that.

The man likes his privacy.

You can't blame a girl for trying.

[Phone ringing]


It's for you.

Good morning, Ms. Shaw.


Beautiful day for a walk.

(Shaw) I suppose.

When you finish yours, could you join us back at the library? We have another number.

Detective Carter, right?

Officer, actually.

Alonzo Quinn.

Cal's godfather. Of course.

I remember you from the funeral. Your eulogy was beautiful.

Wasn't hard to find good things to say about Cal.

Chief was keeping me apprised of his case.

Says they're looking at a couple of Carl Elias' men as the shooters.

Yeah, heard that too.

You think otherwise?

Not sure, but I think there's more to it than that.

Oh! My shift is about to start, so...

Don't let me hold you up.

It's nice seeing you again, officer.

You too. Take care.

It's me.

I think we might still have a problem with Officer Carter.

[Phone line trilling]

Hey, what's up?

Looking for news on Cal's case.

I haven't heard any.

What about in the database?


Look, I'd check it myself, but you know they pulled my access.

Yeah, and they'll pull mine too if they catch me poking around a case I'm not assigned to.

Come on, it's important.

[Sighs] Okay.

When it clears out a little.

Thanks, Fusco.

I've got our number, Finch. What do you know about this guy?

Wayne Kruger, 43, married, Internet entrepreneur and founder of a company called "Lifetrace."

And what's their business?

They market themselves as a "people search" service, where their users can look up old friends or relatives, anyone they've fallen out of touch with.

Sounds harmless enough.

There is, however, more to it than that.

Always is.

(Finch) Kruger's business isn't really about reconnecting people.

It's about collecting and selling their information.

He's a data broker.

What kind of data?

Anything you would ever want to know about a person, where they live, work, shop, eat, how much they earn, how they vote, and more.

Then he turns around and sells the information to businesses, individuals, even the government.

Is that legal?

Technically. Data brokers get their information from public records, but also from the ways people reveal themselves online, whether they're aware of it or not.

Sounds a little like your machine.

A principal difference would be that the machine never reveals any of its information, beyond a social security number.

So you're not a fan of Kruger's.

People like him are one of the reasons
I made sure the machine was an impenetrable black box.

(Reese) Kruger just entered his building.

He's in Shaw's hands now.

I hope sending her in there was a good decision.

You doubt her ability to be discreet?

I doubt her ability to keep from shooting someone.

[Elevator bell dings]

I'm in, Finch.

Kruger's got some kind of big-shot meeting.

(Timmons) Well, gentlemen, we're thrilled that you're considering us.

We know that Riverton is a huge retailer and that you've got your pick of potential data partners.

Well, we've done our homework-- or rather Peter has done our homework, and he says you're one of the companies we should consider.

(Peter) I've looked at all the information you provided,
including the company profile, growth rate, consumer analytic statistics, and data points per target--


Any problems with your cover, Ms. Shaw?

Not unless someone asks me to type.



A baby rattle?

I apologize if I spoiled the surprise.

No, it's all right, it's just, my wife and I haven't told anybody outside the immediate family.

How did you know?

Your wine consumption. Excuse me?

It's dropped from two bottles a week to almost nothing in the past three months, and your milk, yogurt, and cheese consumption has tripled.

The grocery store where you shop.

You're members of their customer loyalty program.

We created that.

And I thought they just sent out coupons.

[Clears throat]

No. Programs like that are just scratching the surface of what we can do.

What we're really working towards here at Lifetrace is the future, a future where every person's needs will be met because we have all the information necessary to meet those needs.

Eating habits to predict diseases.

Compatibility factors to eliminate loneliness.

And the way we do that is by getting to know someone, from the major events of their lives, right down to the tiniest detail of their everyday routine.

Learning everything about a person allows us to help them improve their life.

Sounds appealing, but can I ask, have you run into any issues with respect to privacy concerns?

(Kruger) Nothing significant.

There are always a few who take issue with what we do, but these days, people know, you can't fight the technology.

And let's be honest, those crying the loudest about privacy are probably the ones trying to hide something.

That's why-- uh, Barry.

Oh, yeah.

That's why I put my own profile up on our site.

Anyone can look me up and see, I've got nothing to hide.

(Jenkins) We'll need to work out a proposal to present to our board.

How would tomorrow morning work for you?

Sounds great.

Yes, it'll be all their numbers--

Whatever's going on with this guy, it sure isn't hurting his business.

I think it's time to look a little more closely at Mr. Kruger.

People who say they have nothing to hide almost always do.

Nothing comes up on his record.

Well, thank you for checking.

I understand you're back on the day shift.

Yeah, but I'm giving up something what's that?

My patience.

Good morning.

We'll see.

Before we roll, I just want to say I'm really looking forward to working together and--

[chuckles] Uh, Laskey, one, I didn't want to be an F.T.O., but it beats being a vampire.

Number two, when I tell you to do something, just you do it, no questions.

And number three, don't touch my radio. Got it?

Yes, ma'am.

Carter. Just Carter.

[Car engine starts]

How is it I got stuck being the office monkey?

I thought you liked being in the middle of the action, Shaw.

I think I'd see more action in a tollbooth.

Ah! I was just emptying the trash.

No problem.

I'll come back. Okay.

(Kruger) Tell the board we're meeting tomorrow.

(Man #1) Sure thing, Mr. Kruger.

(Barry) Quite a stunt you pulled with the baby rattle.

Well, I'd have told you about it, but you'd have tried to talk me out of it.

You're right. We need this deal.

(Kruger) Well, we just got it. Come on, Barry.

This changes everything. This puts us on the map.

[Knocks at the door]

What is it, Haley?

It's about the party tonight. I tried to put the restaurant deposit on your credit card but it was declined.

What? Why?

I don't know, the bank wouldn't tell me, I'm sorry.

I'll handle it.

You know, sometimes, I wish I had an assistant whose qualifications extended beyond having a great ass.

I sure hope this guy's a perpetrator.

Want to go to a party, Shaw?

Only if you promise to wear something pretty.

[Indistinct party chatter]

[Clears throat]

[Tinks glass]

[Room quiets] Thanks.



First, I want to say it's great of all of you to make it tonight, especially my wife Dedee.


Mr. Reese, how's the Kruger's party?


Have you learned anything?

Just that Kruger's got a lot of friends, appears to be happily married, and Shaw likes truffled quail eggs.

You can't expect me to shoot somebody on an empty stomach.

I'd prefer you didn't shoot anyone at all.

What about you, Finch? Dig anything up?

Yes. Kruger's gone to great lengths to suppress any bad publicity about Lifetrace.

Negative blog posts, news articles, even a class action lawsuit buried in non-disclosure agreements, all scrubbed from the Internet.

Sweetheart, I love you. This is for you.

[Falling In Love by Ben Rector]

♪ Oh, ooh ♪ falling in love is something ♪ ooh [laughter]

♪ Falling in love is nothing ♪ ooh ♪ falling in love is nothing [dance music briefly interrupts]

[Falling In Love by Ben Rector resumes]

[Aggressive dance music]

(Kruger's voice) I've got nothing to hide.

I've got nothing to hide.

[Voice slowed down]

I've got nothing to hide.

Turn it off. Turn it off, now!

Turn it off!

This somebody's idea of a joke?

Dedee, honey, I have no ID--

Mr. Reese?

Yeah, someone just turned Kruger's anniversary video into a sex tape.

Oh, my.

Sweetie, listen--

What are you all looking at?

Go home. The party's over.

Party's over!

Just when things were getting interesting.

I know, first his credit cards, now this.

(Reese) Someone's messing with Kruger, Finch.

Well, the machine wouldn't send us his number if someone just wanted to humiliate him.

No, we need to find whoever's behind this before they come after him again.

Or before Kruger finds them first.

[Indistinct yelling]

[Cell phone ringing]

(Shaw) Finch.

Ms. Shaw. Is everything all right?

Don't sound so worried, Harold. I haven't hurt anybody...yet.

Very reassuring. You have news?

I think I know who hijacked Kruger's anniversary party.

Here's the restaurant's security camera footage from last night.

(Shaw) A woman dressed as a waiter.

None of the waitstaff had seen her before.

Well, I might have.

I've been going through all the parties to the class action suit against Kruger.

All of them claim to have been victimized when their personal information was released by Lifetrace.

Victimized how?

Identity theft, harassment, blackmail, fraud.

Even murder.


(Finch) Chloe Harper,
daughter of the lead plaintiff, Sherry Harper.

She lost her life to a stalker, who found her home address using Lifetrace.

No wonder Kruger wanted the suit buried.

Detective Fusco is running background checks on all of the plaintiffs as we speak.

Wait, I just found our mystery waiter.

Her name is Karen Mills. She lives in Queens.

I'm on my way.

No, stay put, Ms. Shaw.

I'll see if Detective Carter can help us.

[Police siren chirps]

What did she do?

Rolled a stop.


Stay in the car. I got this.

License and registration, please.

Something wrong, officer?

You could say that.

Why are you coming after Wayne Kruger?

Don't make me ask twice, Ms. Mills.

I-I got a package.

A package? From who?

I don't know.

It was anonymous.

There was a DVD and some instructions on what to do if I wanted to get back at him.

Why? What did he do to you?

He ruined my life.


I was a paralegal at a law firm.

It's where I met my fiance.

One day, some of the assistants were looking people up on this website, Lifetrace.

They found some pictures.

What kind of pictures?

They were taken by an ex-boyfriend, of us, in his bedroom.

And everyone saw them.

My fiance, he... called off our engagement.

When I got the package, I saw a chance to make Kruger feel the humiliation that I felt.

So I took it.


I'm gonna let you off with a warning this time, Ms. Mills.

So long as you take that package you got... take it to a Detective Lionel Fusco at the 8th Precinct, and you promise me you'll never do anything like that again.

Thank you. I won't, officer.

Good, 'cause the NYPD, we'll know.

Trust me.

Hope you got that.

Mr. Reese?

I heard.

Doesn't sound like she had anything to do with the other attacks on Kruger.

Likely done by whoever sent the anonymous package.

(Kruger) Look, baby, I know you're mad, but I need you to call me back.

The bank says our cards have been cancelled and our accounts emptied out.

Something's wrong. Just call me.

Haley, will you get my accountant on the line?

What are you doing? What's the problem?

My problem?

(Electronic voice) First saved message.

(Kruger's voice) You know, sometimes, I wish I had an assistant whose qualifications extended beyond having a great ass.

[Recording stops]

Where did that come from? You, apparently.

Someone is using Kruger's own words against him.

His office must be bugged.

Screw you, Wayne.


(Kruger) Mr. Hayes?

Mr. Collier.

Mr. Collier, what's going on?

Well, in light of recent developments, Mr. Deaver doesn't think Lifetrace is the best partner for us, after all.

Excuse me.


This is getting better by the minute.

What the hell happened?

I was hoping you could tell me.

Oh, no. No, no, no. You gotta take the site down.

We already did, but not before Riverton saw it.

They yanked the deal!

I cannot believe this is happening!

You never said you went bankrupt, or had a D.U.I.

That was over ten years ago. It was expunged.

Is this an arrest warrant?

I was in college. It was dismissed.

Look, this is all ancient history.

It's new to us, and to Riverton.

Someone is screwing with me. Can't you see that?

Wayne, we think it might be best if you... took some time to sort out your personal issues.

If I took some time?

A leave of absence while we evaluate our options.

While you evaluate your options?

This is my company, Barry!

And you're the face of it. And that's now a problem.

Okay, look--

We already took a vote.

Fine. Fine.

But I'm gonna find out who's doing this to me.

And then, I'm gonna call Riverton.

I'm gonna fix this.

Looks like Kruger's just been kicked out of his own company.

Things are escalating with Kruger, Finch.

We any closer to finding the perpetrator?

I'm working on it, Mr. Reese.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Cell phone buzzing]


[Electronic deep voice]

You've hurt a great many people, Mr. Kruger. What? Who is this?

You need to understand.

(Kruger) Understand what?

You listen to me. If I find out
you're the one responsible--



(Shaw) The elevator's freefalling.

Modern elevators do not freefall, Ms. Shaw.

Tell that to Kruger.

(Kruger's recorded voice) You can't fight the technology.

Somebody has disabled the auto-safety features.

The elevators aren't networked. I can't access them.


[Elevator bell dings]

[Car alarm chirps]

[Engine starts]

[Engine revving and tires screeching]

Kruger made it out, Finch.

Whoever's coming after him has taken his company, his money, his marriage.

Soon the only thing left to take will be his life.

Finch, the call he got in the elevator, could you trace it?

No, but whoever hijacked the elevator would have needed access to the building's electrical room.

I do know who cleaned out Kruger's bank accounts.


Dennis Paulson.

Detective Fusco got his photo off the phony I.D.

He used to cash out Kruger's accounts.

He's another member of the class action suit against Kruger, same as Ms. Mills.

Then we're looking at multiple perpetrators.

Yes. Paulson lost his job and was arrested after Lifetrace conflated his profile with that of a serial rapist who happened to have the same name.

Hate it when that happens.

Paulson told Fusco he'd received the fake I.D.

And Kruger's banking information in an anonymous package.

(Shaw) Same as Karen Mills.

Someone's giving these victims everything they need to get back at Kruger.

It's turnkey revenge.

How many people in that class action?

Over 200.

23 in the Tri-state area.

Finch, we can't stop that many.

It'd be fun trying.

I gotta ask, though, is this guy even worth our time?

You know, that's not a question we entertained when we saved you, Ms. Shaw.

Our only chance to save Kruger is to find him.

I'm sending you his coordinates.

(Carter) Guy's a member of the Northside Killas.

Dang, got shot up pretty bad.

Who do you think did this?

(Carter) Hard to say.

I'd talk to his regular customers first, see who he was having problems with.

But that's not our job.

We just secure the scene and take the statements.


First body?


You okay?

Yeah, fine.



I don't know what happened.

No? Take a look at your shoes.

Just suck on the ice.

[Phone dialing]

[Cell phone rings]


Hey. You find anything?

I haven't looked yet. Hang on.

Let's see.

Whoa. What is it?

The file's been frozen.

What? Why?

Why do you think? Probably too many prying eyes.

Hey, I'm feeling a little better, so if you want to get back to it--

Yeah, sure. Let's go.

Okay, Finch, I've got him.

Mr. Collier, it's Wayne Kruger again.

I'm really hoping that we can meet before you leave town so I can explain the confusion earlier today.

If you give me a chance, I'm sure we can sort this all out.

[Heavy metal blares over radio]

(Kruger's recorded voice)

Those crying the loudest about privacy are probably the ones trying to hide something.

[Aggressive dance music plays]


They've hacked the car.

(Kruger's recorded voice) You can't fight the technology.

Someone is overriding the vehicle's electronic control unit.

(Kruger's recorded voice) You can't fight the technology.

(Finch) Mr. Reese, they can take control of his steering and throttle.

[Tires screeching]

Bet you could use a lift.

[Dog growling]

Where am I?

Somewhere you won't be attacked by the people who are trying to kill you.

And you are?

Right now, your only option.

Ow. My car, what happened?

This electronic control unit, it overrode your car's internal E.C.U., allowing someone to control the vehicle's functions remotely.

Someone who?

One of the members of that class action suit brought against you.

That suit? My lawyers settled that.

Not to everyone's satisfaction, it would seem.

Oh, that's interesting.


Chloe Harper, the young woman killed by her stalker.

Her mother was lead plaintiff, but there was no mention of her father. I just looked him up.

Stu Sommers.

Different last name than Chloe's--divorced?

I remember that man from your building.

He was posing as a janitor.

Yeah, uh, Carl, hasn't been around that long.

Because until three months ago, he worked as an electrical engineer at an aerospace firm.

With a pedigree like that, he would have the skills to design these sophisticated attacks.

We need to find him.

He must be staying somewhere in the city.

His personnel file, it would have to have an address.

I can call tomorrow morning.

Not necessary. Well--

Are you hacking my building's servers?

Do you mind?

Carl Miller, 162 Willow Street, apartment 4, Brooklyn.

He'll either be there or he'll be at Lifetrace, where he has access to the computers.

Planning his next attack. I'll check it out.

I'll hit the apartment.

Perhaps you should rest, Mr. Kruger.

You've had quite a day.


[Dog whines]

Got anything to eat around here?

Just Sencha green tea and a box of doggie treats.

[Dog growls]

I don't suppose what you're working on over there concerns me.

I'm trying to triangulate the location of the call you received in the elevator.

Did you recognize anything about the caller?

No, nothing.


I'd prefer you didn't do that.

I'd prefer you mind your own business.

That's a tad ironic, coming from a man of your profession.

Meaning what? Meaning your business is minding everyone else's business.

I do what I do to simplify and improve other people's lives.

What is it that you do?

We help people out of difficult situations, even situations of their own design.

Ah, so it's my fault that some wacko's trying to kill me?

The man lost his daughter, Mr. Kruger, to a stalker who was aided by your service.

You feel no accountability?

I'm part of a $300 billion-a-year industry.

Information abuses are unfortunate, but they happen.

Can't be helped. Oh, they can, but only if the people who have access to the information are as interested in protecting it as they are in profiting from it.

I was just checking to see if my wife had called.

I want to make sure she was okay.

Mr. Kruger, I didn't want you using the phone because it might not be safe, but if you must check your messages, we can go through your phone carrier's web portal.

Need my password?


(Finch) You have a message.

(Recorded voice) Mr. Kruger, Pete Collier.

I spoke with my colleagues and they agreed we should all sit down again.

If you could meet us at the Mayfield at 9:30, that should give us enough time before our flight.

We'll meet you in the east dining room.

Yes, yes! If I leave now, I can still make it.

And what about your wife?

I'll call her on the way.

Mr. Kruger, wait.

The message, it's not labeled as "new."

Someone else must have listened to it first.


Oh, Sommers!

And if he's listened to it, he'll be waiting for you at the hotel. It's too dangerous.

I don't care, there's too much riding on this deal.

All right, I'll contact my associates, then have them meet us at the hotel.

Okay, okay, Bear.



[Cell phone buzzes]


Mr. Reese... Kruger's gone.

I made the mistake of turning my back on him.

Are you all right?

I will be.

It would appear that bear slowed Kruger down.

He's making his way to the Mayfield Hotel to take a meeting with the Riverton people.

I believe that Sommers knows that as well.

I'm at his locker now.

He's been stalking Kruger, just like his own daughter was stalked.

And ultimately killed.

I'll get over to the Mayfield.

Something else, Mr. Reese.

Kruger's not only a potential victim, he may also now be a perpetrator.

(Kruger's recorded voice)

I cannot believe this is happening!

Someone is screwing with me. Can't you see that?

I'm gonna fix this.

Looking for someone? Easy.

I won't miss at this range.

So, what was the plan? Hmm?

Were you gonna take me out before or after my meeting?

I hadn't decided yet.

You know, you've caused me a great deal of pain and suffering, Mr. Sommers.

That was the point.

Well... now, you're gonna help me get it all back.

Mr. Kruger, you got my message.

What...happened to you?

Oh, you know, I'm... really glad you asked.

Where's the rest of your team?

Unfortunately, they had to catch an earlier flight.

They send their regrets.


Oh, yeah. This is Mr. Sommers.

Look, I thought we were gonna discuss our deal.

Yes, well, shortly after I called you.

We attempted to revisit the issue with our CEO, but we couldn't get him to reconsider his decision.


I'm sorry, I thought a face-to-face would be better than another phone call.



Excuse me? No!

You have no idea what I've been through to get here!

Mr. Kruger, why do you have a gun?

Because this man humiliated me, stole from me, and even tried to kill me.

It was his twisted little game that made our deal fall apart.

Tell him.

Okay, just, let's put down the gun.

I said tell him!

Don't do it, Mr. Sommers.

Who are you?

Someone who knows what this is about.


Then you know he killed her, and something had to be done.

I never touched your daughter.

You may not have put your hands on her like that monster did, but you're just as guilty.

I didn't do anything!


See, her ex-boyfriend found her three times-- three times, using your Lifetrace.

And every time he found her, we asked the company to take her information down, and they didn't do it, and so he found her again, and again, until the last time when he killed her.

All because you and your company didn't do anything.

I didn't know.

I'm sorry.



Sorry isn't good enough.

Listen to me, Stu.

You do this, and your life... it's over.

It's already over.

Stu... this isn't the way to honor your daughter's memory.

Think about it. What would Chloe want?

You did the right thing, for both of you.

Mr. Reese, I triangulated the call that Kruger received in the elevator.

It's now coming from inside the Mayfield.


(Finch) Mr. Reese?

You were right. Something had to be done, which is why we reached out to you, Mr. Sommers.

You--you did it. You sent me the package.

We sent you the means to exact justice for your daughter, and you had the courage to act.

Unfortunately, the car crash wasn't successful...

Ugh! Requiring this improvisation, but everything worked out in the end.

You should go now, Mr. Sommers.


I think you understand now.

Understand what?

What is lost when your privacy's stripped away.

Your identity, your job, your family, security, everything.


(Collier) and thousands more just like me.

People who have chosen action over apathy, to take back what men like you and the government have stolen.

This wasn't a game, Mr. Kruger, this was a lesson, the first.

We were just gonna scare you, but... that wouldn't change anything, would it?




John, are you shot?

My vest caught it. Think my rib's broken.

And Kruger?

He's dead, Finch.

I got him.

Can you walk?

I need to get to Collier.

We've got to get you out of here.

She's right, Mr. Reese. Another time.

Back for more, huh?

I need to say something.

[Sighs] Can it wait until after you buy me coffee?

I know you had to take a partner to get back on days, but did you know that two other rookies were supposed to be in this seat before me?

And both requested to be reassigned.

If you want another F.T.O., just say the word.

No, that's the point, I didn't ask to be reassigned, because I chose you.

Chose me? Why?

In the academy, I heard about you.

Your work with the Homicide task force and how you took down those corrupt cops.

I thought, "Someday, that's what I want to do."

That's why I jumped at the chance to train under you.

But I don't get the sense that you want to train anybody, and if that's the case, then I'd prefer it if you just cut me loose.

(Man over radio) 3-Adam-10, we got a report of a 10-53 near Morris and 149th.

Roger, dispatch.

3-Adam-10 responding.

[Engine starts]

(Finch) I made a call to Riverton's home office.

Seems Collier, no doubt an alias, has not returned to work.

And I don't think he will.

He started four months ago as V.P. of Customer Analytics, a position that allowed him to get close enough to Kruger so that he could both witness and participate in the dismantling of his life.

He told Kruger there were others like him.

Yes, and I'm inclined to believe him.

I discovered that the anonymous packages sent to Mr. Sommers and the others came through mail-processing centers scattered all over the country.

Could've saved on the postage and just shot him when they had the chance.

I'm just saying it was an elaborate plan.

It wasn't just about killing Kruger.

It was about giving the people he hurt a chance at retribution.

And also putting an ideology into action.

Collier referred to Kruger's murder as "a lesson."

The first.

I fear that whatever his organization's ultimate goals may be, this could be just the beginning.

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