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  02x13 - Dead Reckoning
 Posted: 02/02/13 19:58
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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything.

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You'll never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

[Phone rings]

Agent Donnelly, stop your car.

Who is this?

I'm the partner of the man in your back seat.

I have a source that tells me you're in grave danger.

Hey, lover. Miss me?

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings] _


Detective, are you all right?

We were ambushed.

She killed Donnelly and took John.

Are you injured?

No, I'm just handcuffed.

You have to focus now.

Find the keys.

Okay, wait. W-w-wait.


Detective, did anyone see you with John and Agent Donnelly?

I don't think so.

Then you need to get out of there, now!

I can't just flee a crime scene, Finch.

I understand, Joss, but things will get a lot more complicated if you don't.

Listen, Finch, the woman who ambushed us, I think it was his partner from the CIA.

The one that Snow said was dead.


Yes, I'm aware of who she is.

Now go, Detective.

Kara Stanton. What is it that you want?

Welcome back, John.


I thought you were--


I wasn't very good at it.

Of course, neither were you.

Our friend here, on the other hand, who sent us to kill each other, I suspect he'll be great at it.



Looks just like mine.

Welcome to the party.

I know that look you get, John.

Right before you do something disruptive.

[Phone beeps]

You may not care about yourself, but you've got enough semtex duct-taped to you to spread a lot of misery around.

And before you think about disarming that vest...

[Phone beeps] just remember I've got you both on speed dial.

So what's this about, Kara?

I thought I'd get us all back together for one last little bit of field work for old time's sake.

You were never that sentimental.

I wasn't, was I?

You and Mark are gonna run a few errands for me.

Execute your tasks in a timely manner and you will remain intact.

So what's this really about?

[Bell dings]

This is about three dead little spies in a brave new world.

It's about the afterlife, John, and us negotiating our places in it.


[Phone rings]


There you are.

You don't answer your cell anymore?

I, uh, lost it.

What's up?

A call came in this morning.

An FBI agent was found shot.

It was Donnelly.

He's dead, Carter.

What happened?

The feds are trying to find that out.

They're asking for you.

They say why?

They knew you two were working a case together.

Um... I'm on my way.


Have you heard from our mutual friends?


Glasses sent me out looking for you and wonderboy last night.

Said it was some kind of emergency.

Hey... lose an earring?

Oh, guess I did.

Excuse me, are you Detective Carter?


SAIC Moss.

Talk to you a minute?


When was the last time you saw Special Agent Donnelly?

Uh, yesterday at Rikers.

Anything out of the ordinary with him?

He seem concerned or troubled?

No. Why?

That case, your suit guy.

Donnelly was spending a lot of time on him.

Seemed convince this guy you were chasing had backing inside the government.

He mention that to you?

Not that I can recall.

The superiors at the Bureau were concerned he was getting paranoid.

That he might have lost his perspective.

What do you think?

I think Donnelly was a good agent.

I appreciate your assistance on this, Detective.

I'll be in touch.

You okay?


You sure?

You wanna tell me what's going on?

I don't know if I can.

But I know someone who might.

Kara Stanton's work history, aliases, prior addresses, financial records, and her death certificate.

Unfortunately, the most relevant part of her life is the one we know the least about.

After she was declared dead.

Snow knew Stanton too.

When I caught up with him after he broke into that tech company, he mentioned a woman.

Said she was planning something big.

What was it he was looking for at the technology company?

He stole a hard drive.

I'm gonna need everything you know about that drive from your report.

The only way we can help Mr. Reese is to try to figure out what she planning to do and for whom.

Well, when I saw Snow, he was wired with a bomb vest.

I guess it's fair to say that wherever John is, he needs our help and quickly.

Who are we meeting?

Don't worry about it.

You're just picking something up.


You coming in or what?

[Gunfire on TV]

You guys dirty cops?


I'm guessing feds.

Do you have what we came for?

Good to go.

Formatted to your boss's specifications.

I don't see many high-end government rigs like this one.

Your boss, she must have very deep pockets.

Let's have the drive.

The price has gone up another $50,000.

Make a counteroffer.

Break his neck.

I believe you've been paid already.

I believe you have my price.

Kill him, John.



I'll just, uh, hang on to it then.

Maybe see what I can get for it.

[Ascending electronic tone]


Now get the drive and get moving.

And, John?

That's your last warning.

We believe someone inside the Pentagon sold a secure laptop to a Chinese firm.

We need the laptop returned.

Where are we going?


It's a company town in the middle of China.

Reese, one more thing.

After you secure the package, you are to retire Agent Stanton.

She's been compromised.

You're telling me to kill my partner?

Noticed you're not joining us on our little Far East getaway.

This one's strictly a two-man job and for good reason.

Over the past couple of months, it has come to our attention that Agent Reese has been compromised.

And as his partner--

You want me to take him out?

We clean up our own mess, Kara.

I'll take care of it.

Time to wrap this up, John.

Listen, Kara--

Sorry, John.

They told me you'd been compromised.

I got the same orders as you.

[Jet engine roars]

You are clear to engage.


[Missile whistles]

Good. You're awake.

Where am I?

You're in the afterlife, my dear.

I won't talk.

I wouldn't want you to.

You need rest.

Besides, I already know your name, Ms. Stanton.

In fact, I know almost everything about you.

Where you're from, who you work for.

How you ended up in that bed.

Information is my business.

This is what your government sent you to find.

Something they were so eager to destroy that they were willing to kill you too.

Do you know what it is?

An answer to a very interesting question.

Would you like to know what that question is?

I don't care.


No, you don't, do you?

That's why you and I are gonna get along.

You should eat something, John.

You may not get another chance.

I don't have that much of an appetite.

Mark was like you at first.

So was I when I woke up half-dead in a hospital in Dongsheng.

You can't control anything around you.

So you fight back in whatever little ways you can.

Like refusing to eat.

But in time, you accept your fate like Mark here... and have a hamburger.

I'm just not that hungry, Kara.

But when I do fight back, you'll know it.

Something funny, Mark?

You're both damaged goods.

Having the two of you take each other out wasn't just efficient.

It was poetic.

So why the cruise missile?

Had to be sure.

And how's that working out for you?

See you next time, huh?

That's your cue.

The men at the counter.

Follow them outside.

You're going to steal their car.

Pretty sure they'll object to that.

So change their minds.

Or should I deal with them my way?

Hey, fellas?

You got the time?


That's enough.

I said enough.

I'll play along with Kara's little game.

But killing civilians isn't going to be a part of it.


Fine, John.

What do you suggest?

This guy's carrying.

They're ATF agents.

And now you are too.

You're being temporarily reassigned.

[Phone rings]

Answer the phone, John.

But be smart or I'll make it impossible for anyone to tell where you end and Mark begins.


Baker, we've got a situation developing over at 780 Mercer.

Need you and Louis to check it out.

Will do.

Time for you boys to go to work.

Take the jackets, lose the phones.

[Bear whines]

We'll get him back, Bear.

I promise.

[Phone rings] Yes, Detective?

So the hard drive Snow stole from Fujima is from a small batch.

Uh, model number DH-950.

It's NSA certified.

This model is made exclusively for government and military installations.

What would Stanton want with it?

If I had to guess, it's to store something highly sensitive or dangerous.

[Phone vibrates]

Listen, I've just received a text from an unfamiliar number.

It reads UXO.

UXO is the military designation for unexploded ordinance.

Mr. Reese.

He could be wearing a bomb vest.

Sending you the number.

You ed to track down the location it was sent from, Detective.

I'm on it.

Clear this area!

Lock down the street as soon as you can.

[Indistinct chatter]

Come on, come on, come on.


Need everyone out of here right now!

I think I know what kind of situation we're responding to.

Bomb threat.

Couldn't resist.

Now use your cover to get inside the building.

Go to the elevators.

Get in the right rear one.

Just go that way, yeah. Keep moving.

Hold on, fellas.

Bomb Squad's running the show. They go--

We don't answer to the Bomb Squad.

What can I tell you? It's SOP.

You know what just a half pound of semtex can do to a building like this or the people in it?

No, but I got--

Well, I do.

And the longer you delay us, the more likely it is you're gonna find out.

Now get out of the way.

[Elevator bell rings]

Detective, did you find them?

No, but they were here.

They followed two other men out.

It turns out the phone that sent the text belongs to an ATF agent.

He and his partner were just called to a bomb threat at 780 Mercer.

A bomb threat?

It's an office building, Detective.

Mostly commercial and corporate tenants.

Oh, no, this is interesting.

What is?

The building has 21 floors, but the directory only lists 20.

21st floor is registered to a Stillwater Imports.

Except Stillwater Imports doesn't appear to have any ongoing business activity.

This is a shell corporation.

I'll keep looking into it, but whatever Stanton's after, I bet it's in there.

You're going to the 21st floor.

The elevator only goes to 20.

The access pad.

Enter this code, 0-5-1-5-7-3.

What's up there?

The 21st floor is a level 5 DOD facility.

Unfortunately, the men guarding it won't leave it for something as routine as a bomb threat.

And they're not gonna be very happy to see you boys.

Damn it, Kara.

Come on, John. Didn't you miss this?

The three of us working together?

What are we looking at?

If I had to guess, two Delta Force operators with M-4s trained to fire if those elevator doors open without authorization.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Silenced gunfire]

Delta Force for guards?

Where the hell are we?

Safe house for high-level defectors?

Bioweapons lab maybe?

[Groans] Son of a bitch!

What did I say?

These guys get free, they're gonna kill us.

They're just doing their job and I don't know them.

The only person here I'm pretty sure deserves to die is you.

I guess you have changed, John.

I hope your conscience doesn't get us killed.


Time is a factor in this next stage, gentlemen.

And there may be some signal interference inside the facility, so we'll have to change your incentives a little bit.

[Ascending electronic tone]

Good morning.

[Female reporter speaking Mandarin on TV]

I was going to have them turn on the English captions, but then I remembered you're fluent in Mandarin.

Don't your bosses at the Ministry of State Security have anything better for you to do?

My dear, if you think I work for the government, I really must fire my tailor.

Then who do you work for?

You read the classics at Annapolis, Kara.

Do you recall The Titans?

The Old Gods?

They were so afraid of the New Gods-- their own children-- that they ate them.

You work for the Old Gods, Kara.

And they betrayed you.

They were willing to kill you... because they're afraid.

They have an inkling of what happens next.

If you don't work for the MSS, then, why are you here?

Because unlike the CIA, my organization still thinks you could be very useful.

You think I'd work for you?


If I break your neck, can I go back to watching TV?

No, Kara.

I know you wouldn't work for us.

Not for money.

But as I said, money is not my business.

I can offer you what your old employers couldn't or wouldn't give you.

I can give you an answer.

You merely have to tell me the question.


Who did this to me?


Not your old boss, Mark Snow.

I have a fairly graphic idea of your plans for him.

But the person truly responsible.

The person who sold the laptop in the first place.

In exchange for what?

Do you remember... how The Titans were finally killed?

Before they could eat their youngest child, Zeus, they wrapped a boulder in his swaddling clothes, then watched as his father choked on it.

We're in position.

The first thing you'll hit is the security desk.

Take out the cameras, alarms, and erase the last two hours on the backups.

I'll tell you where to go from there.

We're in.

In what is the question.

You're looking for a technician with high-level clearance.

Try the temperature-controlled room labeled "Applied Research""

Go. Let's go, folks.

I don't see them anywhere.

Must already be up there.

[Phone rings]


Detective, hello.

I have information on your restricted floor.

I can barely hear you.

Sorry about the noise, but I had to relocate to a place with better wi-fi anonymity before hacking the Department Of Defense.

You hacked the DOD?

Stillwater Imports is a cover for their Cyber Security operations center.

What is that?

Officially their role is to monitor and protect sensitive government networks against cyber terrorism.

And unofficially?

They're developing weaponized malware like Stuxnet and Flame.

You may recall they were used to sabotage Iranian nuclear centrifuges.

Cyber warfare.



That's why Stanton needed the hard drive.


She's gonna have them steal a cyber weapon.

With that, the people that she's working for could shut down a country's power grids, cripple their communications, or worse.

We're gonna have to stop her, Detective.

I'm working on it.

We gotta get up to that floor.

You think the Bomb Squad boys are gonna go for that?

Good luck.

We'll just tell 'em we're gonna help 'em clear the stairs.

What? Wait, that's 20 floors.



That's it.

I was right.

Bioweapons lab.

Not bio. Electronic.

That room's a scif.

Built to keep any wireless or radio signals from getting in or out.

Your tax dollars at work.

You need to get into that room.

Mark can take it from there.

What's in there, Kara?

Just get inside and don't drag your feet.

Or you'll detonate?

You do and you'll blow up your plan along with us.

Fond as I am of you, John, don't make me remind you just how expendable you are.

See you tomorrow, Jimmy.

We're gonna need you to put in some overtime.


[Clears throat]

Who are you?

Hey, bud.

Do you guys have any idea where you are?

Just give us a hand, would you?

Log in.

Get the drive.

Mark, we don't have to do this.

Yes, we do or we're dead.

No, there's no signal.

She can't hear us.

We can figure out a way to stop her or at least a way out of these vests.

I've tried.

There isn't one.

Well, there has to be.

We don't have time.

Show him the servers.

This way.

I'll let you know when I find a bay for the drive.

What's your name?


I'm gonna try to get us out of this alive, Kevin.

But I'm gonna need your help.


It's me.

Mr. Reese.

I don't have much time. I'm in a DOD facility.

I got your text. What is she having you do?

Stealing something, I think.

I think she may be aiming to steal a cyber weapon.

Cyber weapon?

What's on these drives?


Kevin... if we're gonna survive this, you need to trust me.

Information warfare units.

Viruses, worms, military-grade malware designed to infect and destroy enemy computer networks.

That's why these machines aren't networked.

Yes, nothing in here can be allowed to get out there.

She may be looking for a project with a code name "Cygnus."

What is Cygnus?

It's a new super virus.

In the wrong hands it could cripple major civilian networks, our own defense systems, even kill the entire internet.

Which means it could be used to shut down the machine.

I won't let that happen.

Harold, I need you to stay clear of the building.

What are you going to do?

Mr. Reese?

Is there a way to erase these drives?

Only if there's a security breach to the system.

Then its failsafe is to wipe the drives.

What are you doing?

Destroying Cygnus before she gets her hands on it.

What are you talking about?

You're gonna get us killed, John.

We'll see.

Put that drive back in.

Not gonna happen.



[Ascending electronic tone]

Break it up, boys.


I knew you wouldn't follow orders, John.

Just like in Ordos.

You lost your nerve.

You're too late.

I erased the drives.

Never were one for the bigger picture.

Were you, John?

All I wanted was for you two to clear a path for me.

Nicely done.

Get the drive.

Let's go.

See, I'm not looking to take anything from this place.

These boys are at least a generation behind.

No offense.

I'm more interested in giving them something.

What is this room?

Where we monitor the government's most secure networks against cyber attacks.

From here she could reach--


What have you done, Kara?

My job, John.

[Device beeps]

Kara, listen.

I know how you feel.

I was in Ordos too, remember?

And, yes, we were burned, betrayed... but we survived.

You've gotta let it go.

It's not too late.

You can end this.

Oh, John.

I plan to.

[Device beeps]

I meant what I said before.

About missing this.

But it's true what they say.

You can't go home again.

So long, fellas.

Can you override the door?


But I can overload the room's power supply which should cause an emergency shutdown.

[Alarms ring]


Still locked.

Battery backup must have kicked in.

Over here.

Stay put.

We'll never catch up with her.

We need to get clear of any civilians.

We can get up to the roof--

God, Reese.

The whole self-sacrifice bit?

Beginning to wear a little thin, don't you think?

Agency's got a safe house less than two blocks from here.

It's a long shot, but it's all I got.

Even if you made it, you think the agency would take you back?

In their eyes, you're compromised.

Think about it.

All that's waiting for you is a black hood.

Good luck, John.



You need to get off this floor right now.

No, we need to get you out of that vest.

You can't.

I saw enough of them in Iraq.

Get her out of here.

John, please listen to me--

There's no time.

You've got too much to lose.

No, John, you are not doing that.


Carter, he's right.

Get off of me.

Think of your son.


You don't have to do this.

You know I do.

Because you'd do the exact same thing.

Thank you.

Both of you.

Come on, Carter, let's go. Come on.

So I see I'm not too late.

I should have known you'd turn up here.

I told you to stay clear.

Which is how I knew you'd put yourself in a situation like this, Mr. Reese.

Stay where you are.


Find out what's on that hard drive and stop it.

Will you just let me--

What are you gonna do?

Shoot me?

This is my past catching up with me.

It doesn't concern you.

But this moment does.

I'm not leaving you here, John.

So can we please stop wasting time?

Well, let's see what we've got here.

Have you ever defused a bomb vest before?

Can't say I have.

But I believe I grasp the basic principles.

Well, that's encouraging.

It appears that she's wired the phone to a capacitor-based trigger.

If the phone is called, it will charge the capacitor which will, in turn, release it's charge in a single--


I'm sorry. This is my process.

Can you shut off the timer?

I can't get at the battery.

I need to hack the phone's lock code.

Can you do it?

I have built some of the most complex computer systems in existence.

I can certainly unlock a phone.

All phones have a universal unlock code based on their model and the unique IMEI number.


For this phone, it's one of five combinations.

Well, that's good.

The problem is we only get three attempts before the phone permanently locks us out.

That's not.

I take it that one didn't do it?


[Indistinct radio chatter]


[Phone line trills]

Hello, Kara.

It's done.


So I see. Nicely done.

We'll take it from here.

Now I want what you promised.

The person who sold the laptop that took you on your unfortunate trip to China.

Or fortunate, depending on one's view.

The name.

I'm afraid a name is all I have for you... for someone who seemingly does not exist on any known database.

Perhaps you'll have better luck in your search than I did.

Go ahead.


Something you said once.

About how sooner or later we'd both probably end up dead.

I'd prefer later.

After all, I'm the one that got you into this in the first place.

I'm pretty sure I'd be dead already if you hadn't found me.

It's hard to say.

Not really.

Pick a winner, Harold.


[Car engine turns over]

[Ascending electronic tone]

You were right, Kara.

About me being dead.

I'm gonna be great at it.

Must have been a dud.


[Car alarms ring]

[Overlapping chatter]

Guess Snow retired after all.

[Bear barks]

Hey, boy.


Hey, hey.



Agent Moss.

What brings you by?

We identified the suicide bombers who broke into the DOD facility.

Apparently they were a couple of rogue CIA agents.

Agency's not saying a peep, but we think they went pro.

This one, Mark Snow, fits the description of your "man in a suit."


We believe Donnelly was on to them.

They found out and killed him.

So does that mean the Bureau's case against the man in the suit is--

Closed officially.

As for Donnelly, we'll deal with the agency on our end.

You take care, Detective.

Thank you.

Hey. Everything okay?

We'll see.

The hard drive tell you anything?

Nothing yet.

Whatever she uploaded, the encryption is remarkable.

I can only assume that the malware it's protecting is equally sophisticated.

The only thing I've been able to decompile is when it's set to go live a little more than five months from now.

What happens then?

I suppose we'll find out.


Thank you.

Please, don't mention it.

Well, I'm afraid a name is all I have for you... for someone who seemingly does not exist on any known database.

Perhaps you'll have better luck your search than I did.

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