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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I know because I built it.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people, people like you, crimes the government considered irrelevant.

They wouldn't act, so I decided I would.

But I needed a partner--

Someone with the skills to intervene.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You'll never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if you're number's up, we'll find you.

He's on his way there now.

What do we assume he knows?

Assume he knows everything.

All luggage and cartons must be attended at all times.

Any items left unattended will be removed by, subject search by the MTA Police.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Final boarding call for the eastbound express--

Track 18.

Final boarding call, eastbound express-- Track 18.

All aboard.

No, thanks. I don't drink coffee.

Sencha green tea...

One sugar.

You've been paying attention.

Relax, Finch. It's just tea.

I haven't guessed your favorite color yet.

New number...

Wallace Negel.

Born in Germany, 1946, immigrated to the US in 1980, worked in international export--

You noticed.

Negel hasn't made a single electronic transaction in his own name since December of 1987.

So where has he been for 24 years?

And why is he back?

I don't think there is a Negel.

Foreign background, boring life, a job involving travel--

Spycraft 101.

This is an alias.

I've used dozens of them.

I think Negel is a cover.

So, where do we start?

Shortly before he disappeared in 1987, Negel purchased a cemetery plot in the Bronx.

I've checked. It's still there.

[Keys clacking]

Why does a person who doesn't exist need a cemetery plot?


Might be worth a look.


Where are you going?

If we're dealing with a spy from the 1980s, I know someone who can provide us with the kind of pre-digital information we need--

Things I can't find on computers.

All first editions, the best available on German history.

The entire span of the cold war would do it, but specifically, the 1980s.

And I'll be needing something more precise than books.


I'm not sure what you mean.

How about the Soviet submarine schematics that you sold back to Russian intelligence last year?

You register that income with the IRS, FBI?

It'd be hard to run this store from prison, don't you think?

Row 18, plot 20.


What was the name?

Wallace Negel.


Before the country reunified, east Germany was the greatest surveillance state the world has seen.

The Stasi knew everything.

I've read about them. I'm a sucker for surveillance.

They had millions of hours of wiretaps, sweat and body-odor samples.

I just need a name to go with an alias.

Real name Ulrich Kohl--

Part of an espionage team.

I've read about the Stasi teams--

Kohl's unit went around the world, in and out of Western Europe and the US.

That's why he needed the American papers.

The team hunted down east German defectors and neutralized them before they could talk.


Where guys like him went, people died.


How did you know about the submarine schematics?

Told you...

I'm a sucker for surveillance.

Looks like Kohl was in Europe when the wall fell.

Western authorities were hunting him, so he ran to hide in the Soviet Union.

His wife, Anja, who worked as a secretary at Stasi headquarters, ran with him, but she was killed in a car accident shortly after.

That was in 1987.

By '89, east Germany has collapsed.

The Stasi no longer exists, and Kohl...

Was never heard from again.

Well, he's here now.

Negel's cemetery plot--

It was a buried stash kit. He dug it up a few hours ago.

What do you think was in it?

If it was anything like the ones I used to bury, IDs, weapons, definitely money.

So it seems Kohl, the spy, is back.

[Knock on door]



Can I help you?

It can't be you.


We have something to discuss.

You're the new guy, right?

Let's go somewhere private so we can talk.

You're Stanton? I'm--

No, you're not.

The ID NCS gave you didn't pass muster, so you're nobody, which means I get to name you.

Wilson, maybe.

No. You should have a drink.

I don't drink when I'm working.

No? Well, start.

You tier one boys are all the same--


Out here, "tense" gets us killed.

In your old job, you were behind enemy lines for 6, 12 months?

In this job, you never go back, because there is no line to cross back over.

Never was. Understand?

So you may as well get comfortable.

When you were in transit, did you see any old friends?


Why are you asking?

We know about the ex-girlfriend.

Like I told you, you never go back.

[Door opens, indistinct chatter]

The coin Kohl dropped...

Was an east German mark.

They've been out of circulation everywhere since 1990, but I found a rare-coin exchange in the city where a whole set of marks was sold this morning.

Let me guess, the seller was Ulrich Kohl.


He used the store's phone, waited for an answer, hung up.

I traced the call to that address in the west village--

Apartment 4A.

Finch, we're too late.

Kohl called to make sure he was home.

He was interrogated.

I'm going through more of these records.

Kohl was part of a four man team.

He shared trigger duties with a team leader named Steiller.

They were backed by a document forger named Wernick...

[Beeping] Ah.

And they reported to a case officer named Hauffe for orders.

So who's this dead guy?

The apartment is leased to Andrew Honem--

An unmarried, retired architect.

Kohl's job was killing defectors.

Sounds like this guy might have been one.

Hang on, Finch.

[Wood squeaks]

Half the intelligence services in the world were tracking these guys at one point.

But they were ghosts--


Finch, what was the case officer's name again?


This dead guy was Hauffe.

Kohl killed his Stasi teammate.

And he will kill again.

I don't know who you are or how you know to be here, but this is just the beginning.

Then this is gonna be a long day.

Finch, I got company.


German intelligence.

He seemed to know what went down here.

He also seemed sure Kohl would kill again.

[Cell phone rings]

Detective Fusco.

Anonymous tip for you, Lionel.

You got to stop calling me here.

Homicide in the west village.

I think the shooter might have others planned today.

I left you a care package at the scene.

I need you to find out whatever he knows.

Yeah, well, I can't do anything till someone calls in a crime.

You'll get a call--

"Shots fired."

Were there shots fired?


There were now.

Hauffe's dead.

Who's next on Kohl's hit list?

I took an encrypted phone from that German agent.

Every text is blocked except for the one they were reading--

Julian Werner.

Werner is a Wall Street lawyer, and...

Werner is really Wernick--

The forger.

Kohl's entire team is living under aliases in New York.

The perfect place to disappear, right, Finch?

These people were his teammates.

Why would he be hunting them two decades later?

Kohl vanishes without a trace, and his teammates end up living cushy lives in New York.

This could be revenge for something--

Maybe more than we know.

The wife's death?

The car crash.

She died in '87, the same year he disappeared.

And I know a staged accident when I see it.

We need to get to Wernick before Kohl does.

I thought you were dead.

Still with the needle, I see.

What is it coated with?

Something fast.

It's the least I could do for an old colleague.

How long have I got?

Long enough.

Where is your accent, Hauptmann?

We were advised...

To blend in America.

I saw Hauffe this morning.

He was a good case officer.

He kept information on you all these years.

Do you remember...

My Anja?

I called Werner's assistant.

He has lunch at the same place every day.

I'm on my way.

I remember.

I didn't know they would go after her, too.

But killing me won't bring her back, Ulrich.

I told her I would keep her safe.

What happened to you, Ulrich?

I paid...

For my sins, for yours, for the team.

The people who caught me kept me in a hole, but I never stopped thinking, planning.

It was long ago. I let myself forget.

I did not have that luxury.

It was wrong what we did.

You'll go after Steiller next?


Be at peace, my old friend.


[Patrons gasping, chattering excitedly]

Call 911.

[Chatter continues]

I need an ambulance at 43 19th street--

Craftbar Cafe.

Ma'am, stand back, please.

Excuse me.

Weak pulse, but tachycardic--

BP is 70/30.

Shallow respiration, signs of internal asphyxia.


Guy's having a seizure.

[Tires squeal]

[Shouts] Hey!

[Sirens wailing]

You can't breathe.

You have foam in your nose and your mouth.

It's hydrocyanic acid.

Now, they're going to find us in four minutes.

I can save you, but you need to talk.

What did Kohl come for? Why is he after all of you?

[Weakly] Kohl was killing their informants.

The Americans wanted him gone.

So you gave them Kohl.

They offered us a new life.

We traded Ulrich.

You were his team...

His friends.

A soldier deserves better.

I give you these, and you live.

What happened after you defected?

They told us Kohl ran to the Soviets--

He and Anja.

The Americans went for him.

[Indistinct chatter over radio]

They got her, too.

The car accident.

[Groaning] Yes.

Who will Kohl go after next?



He defected with the rest of you?

Hey? What's his alias?

I kept the lawyer alive, but Kohl's not done yet.

Kohl's team betrayed him, and it got his wife killed.

They preserved themselves over him.

This is as personal as it gets.

So where's Steiller?

Finch, I saw the exact same pin in Hauffe's apartment.

The Volks American Society...

Is an organization for New York citizens of German heritage.

When the Stasi team defected, they wouldn't have been allowed to contact each other.

A German organization would give all three a chance to meet in public.

[Keys clacking]

So, if Hauffe and Wernick were members...

Then Steiller would have been, too.

There are two crime scenes--

One in the West Village, the other near Wall Street.

Now, the same senior citizen wearing a gray suit was seen fleeing both locations.

Wall Street?

That's where the ambulance was jacked earlier, right?

It sure was.

Read the description of who jacked it?

My guy? How's he involved in this?

And this guy was found unconscious at the first scene.

Nice bruises.

He say anything yet, like who kicked his ass sideways?


Yeah, two words--

"Phone call."

Everything else is in German.

Either of these guys look familiar to you?

[Door closes]

Now, we know you're German intel.

We know a lot.

If that's all you know, polizei, then you don't know very much.

Yeah, why don't you tell me about your homicidal geriatric?

[Angrily speaking German]

Two crimes, a very dangerous man at work, and one agent trying to stop a killer?

It'd be a shame if we polizei couldn't help.

His name is Kohl.

He is a prisoner...

Arrested in an operation between my government and yours 24 years ago.

He had become old, feeble, they thought.

The order was given to transfer him to a minimum security facility.

And I'm guessing he escaped.

He's smart and lethal.

And he killed Germans for years.

There is nothing more important than putting him back where he belongs.

Why not involve US authorities?

He was jailed without trial.

Kohl isn't supposed to exist.

No one wants an international incident.

You aren't supposed to be operating on US soil.

Where he goes, people will keep dying.

Then help us. We want the same thing.

Don't say another word.

Hey, whoa, this is an interrogation.

You can't be in here.

This interview is over.

I am from the German consulate, and this is from the US State Department--

Orders to extradite him back to Germany immediately.

The Volks American website wasn't even using an open SSH secure proxy.

I cloned their log-in form in seconds.

Finch, the point?

I found the complete membership roster.

Hauffe and Wernick are both on it.

I'm running background checks on the other members.

Here... Michael Stegans--

Construction foreman from Newark.

Credit scores only go back to 1988.

If the pattern follows...

Then Stegans is really Steiller.

He's running a construction site in Brooklyn.

I have a cell phone.

[Key clacks, phone dialing rapidly]

[Cell phone rings, beeps]


Mr. Steiller?

I'm sorry.

I-I think you have the wrong number.

There's no time for games. You need to listen.

Do you remember Ulrich Kohl? He remembers you.

Just like he remembered all his old Stasi colleagues.

He's on his way.

You're speaking of a dead man.

I knew this day would come.

You were too good.

I learned from the best.

I learned from you.

You were my friend.

You knew me.

You knew my wife.

She trusted you as much as I did.

You changed, Ulrich.

I watched what the missions did to you--

The darkness in your eyes.

You believed in the killing.

You trained me. You made me what I was.

I believed in my country.

I believed in you.

We could not save you.

So you left Anja and me to the hounds...

For some money and an apartment in New York City?

I had to get out.

I was strong. I survived.

What they did to Anja, though...

You will pay for that.

Wait. Wait, Ulrich.

There is something you don't know.

I was the only one who knew.

[Line trilling]

[Telephone rings]



Anja is alive?

She found me a few years after we all defected.

She was more afraid of you than anyone, Ulrich.

So, you see, your revenge was all for nothing.

[Body thuds]

Finch, we need to find Anja.

I think Kohl just added her to his list.

The car accident was faked.

He was his wife, and she betrayed him.

To a man like Kohl, that makes her just as much a target.


We got a killer out there, and our best lead is getting deported.

You still got your vigilante looking for the shooter.

That's not bad news.

You can't send a killer to catch a killer, detective.

Hey, your guy still gets results.

[Cell phone chimes]

They'll take side streets to the airport--

Standard procedure.

Tell detective Fusco to send the GPS tracker number for the consulate car.

I found their position, Mr. Reese, but how do you intend to stop them?

Mr. Reese, I'm highly uncomfortable being here.

I'm highly uncomfortable having you here, but I need a spotter.

Range it.

I don't know.

500 yards?


45-degree oblique wind...

3/4 value wind speed.

Very impressive, Finch.

What if you miss?

I wouldn't know. Never have.

[Tires screeching]

Stop. We have diplomatic immunity.

I'm not a diplomat.

Who are you?

I'm the guy who still has time to save Anja Kohl.

Now, I know she's alive, but I need to know where.

This man has nothing to say.

Any communication would violate--

There's nothing I can do. Save her if you can.

[Car door opens]

[Door closes, engine turning]

Anna Klein-- An address in Morningside Heights.

It's Anja.

[Tires squealing]

Anja isn't here, Kohl.

She's safe...

Where you can't get to her.

That's a Welrod, isn't it?

Only 73 decibels when fired.

But it won't stop me before I get to you.

And I lose my patience when I get shot.

Wo ist Anja?

What's your plan, Kohl, hmm?

You gonna kill her, too...

Your own wife?

You don't have a plan, do you?


Your external carotid arteries--

Obstruct both...

And you wake up with quite a headache.


It can't be.

He's coming for me, isn't he?


What's important now is getting you into police custody.

There's a detective at the eighth precinct--

No, wait. We can't go yet.

It's safe there. I promise.

Not yet, please. I need to make a phone call.

A camera...

It's extraordinary.

The Stasi would have killed for this technology.

Wo ist Anja?

When you travel, you pick up things--



They all laughed at me when I learned to use these needles.

They didn't laugh for long.

I was, uh...

Bagged by an insurgent patrol when I was in Kandahar.

They used electricity on me...

16 hours.

All they wanted was my name.

I don't care for your name.

The ulnar nerve is the largest nerve in the human body that is unprotected.

It goes from the shoulder, to the fingernail beds, when it passes through the elbow, it's known as the funny bone.


Wo ist Anja?

Relax. We're on the same team.

And besides, where would I hide a gun in this dress?

You're Stanton, right?

Who's this?

Haven't decided yet.

Miller said you like bourbon.

You know what they drink here?

Plum brandy.

A shame about Miller.

What happened to him?

[Cork pops]

Wasn't getting the job done.

Word came down--

Time to take the gloves off.

So... What can we do for you?

We're looking into reports that Alim Assir was in country last week, possibly to secure financing.

We sent all of our intel in the pouch to Langley last week.

And Assir made it out of the country safely two days ago.

We want to know how.

That's also in our intel.

Like we said, he must have paid customs a fortune.

And how much did he pay you?



It's like I said--

You boys are too tense.

Here's to taking the gloves off.

[Silenced gunshot]

You've got to be kidding me.

They didn't get very far, did they?

Thank you.

Remember our friend, the German agent and his escort to JFK?

Apparently a guy in a suit shot them off the road with a high-caliber weapon.

I'm going to the scene, see if my guy left a trail that leads to Kohl.

[Cell phone rings, beeps]

Detective Fusco.

I need your help.


First him, now you.

Look, you guys just can't ring me up like I'm a bellhop.

Our mutual friend went after your perpetrator, and I haven't heard from him--

Something's wrong.

This man may be more dangerous than we anticipated.

I need you to check on--

Look, I'm doing everything I can to convince Carter your boy's not a problem.

Now you want me to just walk off the job?

Then you need to figure something out-- It's urgent.

I'm sending you an address.


Not getting a response?

I know you don't know me, but I'm someone who can help.

You're gonna have to kill me, Kohl.

Nobody enjoys taking life.

Killing is what I was good at.

I noticed.

That hydrogen cyanide that you used on Wernick--

You didn't bring that into the country.

You bought that here and mixed it yourself...

Didn't you?


Familiar with poisons?

Oh, I've had some experience.

I have taken lives...

Positioned on a wall...

With a rifle.

Then the Stasi came calling.

They said, "your country needs you."

They always say that.


For my country, I left my country...

And killed wherever they sent me.

For that, I was called a monster.

Even the blackest heart still beats.

I was you, Kohl.

Revenge won't help.

24 years...

They kept me buried in that hellhole.

I thought about nothing but today.

What about tomorrow?

I have to see her...

My Anja.

The brachial plexus is a network of nerves.

Ulrich was always gone for work, but when he was with me, he loved me...

And I loved him.

I was the wife of a spy.

I knew he couldn't talk about what he did.

Then one day he came home and said the Stasi had turned on him.

So then you fled to the Soviet Union.

He thought it was still safe there.

We traveled separately.

That's when the Americans found me.

Then they showed me photos.

Of all the assassinations.

I told myself that he had lied first.

So much death...

[Crying] How could he?

The Americans staged the car accident to keep me safe.

Ulrich believed I was dead.

But I started a new life.


This could take all night.

She has my mother's eyes.

Don't do anything stupid, Ulrich.

You hid this?

[Scoffs] Her name is Marie.

You're not a monster to her yet.

It's too late for you and me, but she could have a normal life.

How could she keep this from me?


How could she take...

How could they... Take this girl from me?

That girl could have a chance. Just leave her be.

As one professional to another...

I respect what you have tried to do, but I can't have you following me.

Wouldn't worry. You aren't going anywhere.

Fusco, untie me.

Where do you think he's going?

To find his daughter.

Oh, good night.

See you later.

Bye, you guys.

Have fun. Call me tomorrow.

[Cell phone chimes]

Excuse me, miss.

Can you help me? I'm looking for Lerner Hall.

Oh, yeah. Sure, um...

You need to call your mother.



There's a man here with me. He wants to talk to you.

Kohl wants to meet in the park.

He said he wouldn't hurt the girl if his wife came alone.

She's not going anywhere alone.

Please don't hurt me.

I just need to speak to your mother, and then this will all be over.

How do you know her?

From the past.

I knew her. I knew your father.

My father?

Did your mother tell you about him?

He was a soldier in Germany...

Before she moved here.

He was a brave man.

He died before I was born.

He died a hero.

A hero?

After the Berlin wall fell, he helped her get out.

He helped her get free so she and I could start a life here.

Did you know my father?

I did...


[Over radio]

All units be advised--

Possible abduction in the vicinity of Central Park.

Perpetrator, male, age 60-plus.


Female, age 23.

I'm really sorry about this...

More sorry than you'll ever know.

Where is your friend?

He's right here.

Where you been? We got an anonymous call.

Our shooter's in the park?

If he's here, I got a feeling my vigilante's here, too.

Think we'll get them both?

Why don't the two of you go with him?

Come on.


Why did you go?

I found out my husband wasn't the man I married.

He was a killer.

I was trapped and pregnant.

I thought I knew him...

But they told me he had become a monster.


Who is this man?

I was afraid of the person you had become.

Can you forgive me for the person I was?

I had to see your face...

To see both of your faces.

You told her about her father--

That he was a hero, that he saved you.

Without him...

We wouldn't have had this life--

Either of us.

A part of me has been with you always.



This is Carter--


Who has a 20 on that shot?

[Ulrich groaning]

Are you all right?

[Crying] Ulrich, no.

No, no.

Finch, get them out of here.


You were right to fear me.

You were right.


I wouldn't have hurt her.

I never had a tomorrow.


How did you know I'd shoot?

You are a soldier, like me.

They took everything I had.

But part of me survived.

It was...


[Exhales deeply, groans]

[Over radio] All units, we've located source of that shot.


Male, down, dead.

Bravo team leader, report in.

[Indistinct chatter over police radio]

Who'd you think it was, Carter?

[Men speaking indistinctly]


No, not a Harper.

I need you to dispose of this and them.

You didn't even question them.

We don't have time for questions--

Only answers.

These men took a bribe to let a mass murderer escape.

How do we know it was them?

Anonymous source--

Very reliable.

You need to know this is right?

I'll tell you one last time before it gets complicated.

This is right.

The threat is real.

Your country needs you.

No teeth, no fingertips.

One last thing...

You don't have any old friends.

You see them...

You don't know them.

We're walking in the dark here, you understand?

I think I've got it.

You'll be...

Mr. Reese.

After all that, he goes in the ground under a name that isn't even his.

The German government will sweep the whole thing under the rug.

And Ulrich Kohl never existed.

I always thought I'd die in a place that didn't know my name.

You think anyone will care for our names?

After we're dead.

I thought we already were.

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