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01x04 - In Poor Taste
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(insects chirping)

(frogs croaking)

(train horn in the distance)

(crow cawing)

What are you doing here?

It's funny...

I've passed this place a thousand times, and...

I never gave a second thought as to who might live here.

Why would you?

I'm not what you think I am.


And, uh... what is it that you think I think you are?

I wonder if he can see us right now.

He sees what he chooses to.

Did you know that the wettest place on earth is a small garden island in Hawaii?

(She sighs with pleasure.)

(She gasps.)

(kids laughing)

Hey, hey, Robbie, man, check it out.


(wind chimes softly chiming)

No. Please, please, I didn't mean to...

I didn't meant to say... No, no. No, no, please. No.

No, no, no, no, no. I didn't mean to...

(whispering): Wake up.

(whispering): OK.

(whispering): Look.

My book.

I saw... I saw you.

She said she was over it.

Maybe we should call her parents.

No! Her parents being her parents--that's why she's staying with us.

Hehe... I didn't think it was real. I didn't want... No, it wasn't real, it wasn't real...

Are you...

Are you a werewolf?

Oh, OK, you know what--

No, Alyssa!


If you wake up a person that's dreaming that they're dying, they actually die.

No, they don't.

Alyssa, they do.

Alexa, where did you get that from?

I saw it on the internet.

(screaming): No!

(Alyssa and Alexa): Dad!

It's OK. Shh, shh. It's OK.

(beastly panting)

(snarling and chomping)

(quiet growling)

(Chasseur): Black fur, yellow eyes, five to six feet in height, torso roughly the size of a smallish pony.

Francis, can I ask your proximity to the animal?

Twenty paces.

You were in open ground?

Trees. I ran for the trees.

The tree line is triple that distance.

Well, forgive my f*cking depth perception.

In moonlight.

(page flipped)

Francis, were you under the influence of alcohol or any narcotics that night?

I saw what I saw.

The doctor is just trying to get all of the facts, Francis.

(Francis chuckles.)

Today I have seen the dragon.

Don't touch him.

It's OK.


It was you.

I don't want to see that.

I don't want to see that!

I'd like to believe you, but given the physical... improbability of what it is you saw, is there anything you could tell us that could not have been fabricated from any number of newspaper or TV reports?

You come from a place where it was OK to call a man a liar?

You were in the 24th infantry?


I was in the 16th.


You didn't ask to see what you've seen.

But people who've been to places that we've been to, we see things in a different way.

And if there is a single bit of forensic evidence that you can remember...

(yelling in fear) would go a long way in making sure this doesn't happen again, Francis.


The demon dog went for her lady part first.

Your wings... are wet.

Excuse me?


Hospital coffee.

The miracles of modern medicine still can't pour water over beans.

Well, it's the grind, not the pour.

So, what do you make of our demon dog?

I would say there's no question Mr. Pullman suffers from typical dissociative symptoms associated with severe psychological trauma.

He was right about the murder.

The animal did go snatch-first.

Well, I didn't say I thought he was wrong.

He's seen other things that are... corroborated.


Well, I won't take up any more of your time.

But if you were me... what would you do next?

The creature he described didn't seem especially probable to me either.

I would go to the most likely place it would have come from... if he really saw what he saw.

The town's other medical facility.

The conspicuously phallic one.

The White Tower.

Wouldn't be the first improbable thing to come out of there.

Oh, I'd encourage you not to make an appointment.

If I'm not mistaken, your name is on the side of the building.

Or mention my name.

Oh, and ask to speak to Dr. Johann Pryce.

(insects chirping)

Good morning, sister!

(Olivia): Morning, darling.

There was a time when the breakfast table was a place for civilized conversation.

I have some business to attend.

You need to give your sister a ride.

Uh, I have plans after school.


Giving your sister a ride.

Your visitor last night. It seemed the two of you had rather a lot to talk about.

Oh, yeah.

We're building a diorama of the solar system.

Mercury, Mars...


(quiet laugh)

Don't encourage him.


He told me he was here to finish an English assignment.


That's what I said.

What was his business here?

(Roman sighs.)


You win, Mom. I've been waiting for the right time to tell you, but without all the fiery passion of your disapproval.

We take turns playing Juliet. I hope the headboard didn't make too much noise.

Make no mistake: what you track into this house you will scrub from the floor.

Have you ever made a threat so cryptic you yourself don't understand it?

(pot banging)

I will not have that filth in my house!

(He laughs.)

All right, I'm going to school.

Can I pick up some new batteries for your vibrator?

I hope you're proud of your foulness at your own mother.

Imagine that whatever comes out of my mouth next is exactly what you want to hear. All right?

Come on, Shel.

Have a good day at school, darling.

(Shelley)I am dismayed to report this is not the only evidence of a general decline in mother's temper lately.

Roman and I made a quick stop en route to school, and who should we encounter but Jenny from the club.

To my surprise, she was ringing up a sale at the jewelry counter.

But Jenny looked at me with a distinct lack of enthusiasm and only the barest nod of recognition.

Of course I was crushed and wracked my brains for any offense I may have caused her.

My first assumption, as always, is that it was my own fault.

Missed you at the club the other night.

Well, your psycho mother got me fired.

She's a farm-fresh cunt.

You're bad.

(Shelley)I was horrified, both at mother's rashness and Roman. Within our walls is one thing, but to talk so in a public setting...

Do you know what would look fabulous on you?

(Shelley)But then she turned to me and smiled, and my dejection was immediately an un-mourned memory.

So elegant.

Just waiting for the perfect lady.

Come here.

(Shelley)Astonishing how much of the world's troubles can be erased by the simplest smile and the feeling of something precious against one's cheek.

Ah,jolie fille! What do you think, big brother?

I think my sister deserves a diamond as big as the Ritz.

But Mom would shit a bowling ball.

Don't tell me you're becoming the responsible one.

Who told you anything about us?

(Shelley)But of course Roman was right about how mother would receive this gesture, and even he picks his battles.

There's a dread to even the calms of this family lately, and I cannot escape the feeling if things continue on this course, it is building to some fearful and mysterious and irreparable end.

Car 2, respond to the corner of Oslo and 5th.

Female caller is on scene.

Report of suspicious behavior in the alley behind the mini-mart.

Car 2, we're two blocks north of that location.

We'll turn up the alley and see what we can see.

Dispatch, this is Sworn. I'm about a hundred yards south of Mile Marker 4 on the county fire access road. Hikers found what looks like wolf droppings. Need a car bring out some evidence bags.

You never know. - This is Dispatch. Right away, Sheriff.

(insects chirping)

When was it discovered?

About an hour ago. What are you doing here?

I'm not here for your coffee and pie.

How long you think it's been there?

A week or so.

Quite conceivably left the night of the killing.

Do you think it's... relevant?

One way to find out.

I'm too old for this.

No bone matter, undigested fabric...

But what do we have here?

Is that animal?

You a betting man?

Could run it up to Godfrey's mausoleum and get Dr. Pryce's people to take a look.

Hm. Enough tongues wagging as it is.

Mind if I take a look?

(police radio chatter)


Guess you never know what might come up, huh?

That's quite the setup... fish and game-wise.


Lucky for me, I guess, we send our forensic evidence out to Pittsburgh.

They got a... lab there.


Top... drawer.

(He clears his throat.)

You got anything?

Well, I can't tell much from the hair since it's partially digested so the root isn't present.

I need the root for an in-depth analysis.

We'll send it out, see what they can find.

Not your first rodeo, huh?

Jack of all trades... master of none.

But you... can't find anything?

Well, it's certainly human. Uh, probably female.

You can tell the sex?

Just assumption. It's, uh, six inches long.




Can I interest you in a glass of rye?

♪ Did you ever really love me ♪
♪ Did you ever really care ♪
♪ Did you ever really miss me, kiss me ♪
♪ I wonder if your heart was ever there ♪
♪ Did you ever dream ♪


♪ About me ♪
♪ Did you ever really cry ♪

(strange whisperings)

♪ Did you ever really love me ♪
♪ Or did you really tell a lie ♪



(door chiming)

Psh. Forty years of Gloria Steinem so that some anorexic can teach girls that it's all about losing weight and pleasing men. Jeez.

I mean, if we don't make it easier on ourselves, who will?

It doesn't have to be this hard.

It doesn't cost anything to ask.

I think purple with a purpose is not your color.

OK. It's on, bitch.

(kids laughing)

Hey. Where you going?

Hey. Bus.

Godfreys don't ride buses.

Aren't you the gallant one.

All right, he's got two. Now let's try three.

All right. Oh, and he's doing three at a time! Oh, no, no!

He doesn't do it! He doesn't do it.


Got any other tricks?

Not with the ladies present.

Have you met my cousin Letha?




(Roman): If the circus is over, let's get going.

Come on, Shel.



Remember that guy lying in the road the night of the dance?

The one who saw Brooke Bluebell?



I seen that cheerleader. I saw her get killed.

Today I've seen the Dragon.

I was thinking maybe you could talk to your pops, see if you can find out more about him.

Like what?

Like, um, something that might not have made the papers.

What are you two up to?

That's on a need-to-know basis.

Hunting the demon dog.

No, you're not.

There are mitigating circumstances.

We think the demon dog might actually be a person.

Are you high?

Beside the point.

This guy is hurting people.


A, it's not a guy. It's an it.


B, say you had a single good reason to think it was a person, you can't seriously think you're better off chasing him than a trained professional.

And C, what do you think a psychiatric patient's gonna be able to tell you?

Is that a yes?

Say it was a person.

What do you imagine you're gonna do when you find him?

What do you think, sweetheart? Put him in the pound.

Can I ask what possible good you think is gonna come from this?


(dog barking in the distance)

Hey. Why did you say demon dog?

It calls less attention to seem like you're a retard than you're hiding something.

People paying attention to me isn't the same as people paying attention to you.

All right. Meet you at midnight.

You bring the shovels, I'll bring the rest.

(truck door closing)

(truck starting)

(truck driving away)

Jesus, Nicolai. Speak now or forever hold your peace.


How are ya? How was your day?

Weird day, month, whatever. Yours?

Oh, it was OK. I, uh, I ran into your friend's mom at the general store.

Well, you know what they say about small towns.

Yeah. Yeah, I think she was looking for me.


Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

The woman was trying to act sly, but you could smell the desperation.

I mean, she must've gone through the last of what Vince sold her.

You know? But she can't bring herself to ask someone like me for more.

She wants my stuff.

I suppose you could just give it to her.

What would be the fun in that?

I got duck.

I thought I would make something fancy schmancy tonight.

Ah, I'm going out.

I know.

You know, your grandfather Nicolai was very proud of you.

You know that?

Do you remember when that picture was taken?

No, I can't.

See you later.

I love you.

Have you been sleeping?

Why do you ask?

You look...

I would think very carefully how you choose to finish that sentence.

How's Norman holding up?

(She laughs.)

What a remarkable imitation of empathy! Have we been practicing?

I bear him no ill will, and the hatred he feels for me has the whiff of something stale and self-annihilating.

As a far-superior thinker to myself once wrote, men cling to their hates because they fear once their hates are gone, they'll have to deal with their own self-pain.

(Olivia speaking a foreign language)

And the men dig, gouge each other because you both imagine one will strike oil while the other drowns in his own blood.

At any rate, have you had the opportunity to speak with him about our friends at Lod?

They're prepared to make a bid for his shares.

That's generous, even by Godfrey standards.

It's not the right time.

They're getting... rather insistent.

More than I am?

Hello, glowworm. I sincerely apologize for any discomfort.

Are you still feeling pain here?

Just as long as we're on the subject, we need to discuss the matter of my niece's pregnancy.


She will require the best treatment.

Only the best for family.

That's it. Follow the light.

Did you have a place in mind?

You do realize we do not have an obstetrics wing here.

You do now.

I expect you'll have a contractor by the end of the weekend.

Whoever the top-flight minds are in the field, offer them... whatever you need to.

Consider any budgetary requirements for this project pre-approved.

Norman... will never agree.

Norman will agree to what's best.

For Letha.

I'll start reviewing candidates immediately.

(strange whisperings)

I, um...

I need some fresh air.

Uh, I'll be right outside, darling.

Would you like to see something, glowworm?

(electronic voice)Beautiful.

And like so many beautiful things, deceiving.

It grows, feeds, breathes, and is not a living thing... technically speaking.

Consider it a... preview.

A promise of more to come.

A gift.

(electronic voice)Please, a hand.


(country music playing)

They don't carry rye here. Is bourbon OK?

Don't know I could tell the difference.

Hm. Birds fly and pigs don't.

Excuse me, hon.

When you get a chance.

Sheriff, if you don't mind me asking, are you familiar with funerary practices?

Ashes to ashes, like that?

Mm. Another hobby of mine.

You ever consider stamps?

The history's quite fascinating, actually.

For instance, did you know the ancient Egyptians were the first to develop the process of embalming?

Preserving the flesh of their deceased so they could be welcomed by their god Osiris.

Greeks, on the other hand, they anointed their dead with perfumes and spices.

For them, it was all about the send-off.

Well, you only go once, I guess, huh?


Topic for another time.

Of course, Western culture's developed its own burial rituals.

Like so much of modern life, it's a hodgepodge of capitalism, religion, health code, and statues.

I don't mean to be rude, Doctor.

You as much as asked Peter Rumancek if he was a werewolf.

I don't suppose you are by any chance a werewolf, Peter.

(Peter): I beg your pardon?

When the moon is full, do you walk in the skin of a wolf?

(laughing): No, sir.

Ma'am.- And I stood there like it was the most sensible thing

I'd ever heard, which it sure as hell wasn't.

Today, you show up uninvited to poke through a pile of crap and then invite me down here for a drink so you can explain undertaking.

If this is some kind of joke, it's not funny.

The Willoughby girl's autopsy. They f*cked it up.


They didn't collect any usable hair samples.

I don't recall anyone releasing the autopsy results.

Have a drink, Sheriff.

One way or the other, we're gonna need that sample.

She's in the ground, Doctor.


And exhumation requires a court order, parental consent.

I doubt a convincing case could be made for either, and regardless, time's a-wastin'.


Stop. Stop.

No, no, no.



(girl)So, is it weird being out in the world again?

I'm highly medicated.

Did they give you like a million awesome tranquilizers?

Topamax for post-traumatic stress, Trazodone for insomnia, and Lexapro.

Oh, lucky!

I thought Lexapro was for depression.


Well... we could fix that.



I call that the Slutty Summer Mix of 2013.

Subtitled "We love Christina best in the world".

(pop music playing)

♪ Uh oh uh oh ♪
♪ Wherever you go, there you are ♪



It's the Trazodone.

Don't worry. You'll feel better after you hear it.

I thought it was a prank.

♪ But you had it too good ♪
♪ Ooh ooh ooh mmm ♪
♪ There's only so much... ♪

It's OK. Tell us.

♪ can change ♪



We both want to know.

♪ ...the pieces in your puzzle to find... ♪

Because of her eyes.

They were just staring like that.

They looked fake.

And then when I saw that the rest of her was missing...

I thought... how could it be real?

I thought... someone had... put it there for some little girl like me to find, and I thought they were filming it.

So I thought it would be funny.

You thought what would be funny?

I kissed her.


Dizygotic twinning.

Two eggs, two sperm.

Twins run in my family.

They were cheek to jaw at the embryonic stage.

The sad thing is they'll never be that close to another human being again.

What the hell is going on in this town?

Let's do this before I think better of it.

(insects chirping)

(frogs croaking)


Did you actually dress up as a grave robber?

No. I dressed up like you.

Did you know that people used to believe the dead came back as bloodthirsty revenants because the bloating of internal organs made them, like... like, belch up fluid from inside the lungs.


They're coming to get you, Barbara.

They're coming for you, Barbara!

(Peter laughs.)

Is there like a summer school for serial killers?



How many funerals have you been to?

A few. Rumanceks are reliably kicking it as a result of positive lifestyle choices.

What are they like for... for you people?

Funerals, I mean.


You're not allowed to eat or wash, mirrors are covered, and the dead guy's stuff is burnt.


Because a Rumancek should not be remembered for his worldly things.

They also cut off their head.


Things happen to our kind after death if you don't do the head.

What kind of things?

The bad kind.

I've been to two funerals.

One was my dad's.

It's all pieces. I remember hearing the shot and going downstairs.


He was on the floor.

I remember thinking how much trouble he'd be in for the mess.

That's f*cked up.


(wind chimes softly chiming)

Where is she?

Hold on.

Oh, f*ck me.

Get the thing from my bag.

Well, you want this dance?

You're the expert.

Here, grab the light.

(speaking a Romani language)

You don't deserve this.

You make this look easy.

What's your cousin gonna do with that?

What she can. No promises.

The other funeral...


It was Shelley's.

(vehicle approaching)

Someone's here, someone's here, someone's here, someone's here.

(Peter): Damn it.

Come on.

St. Jude.

The patron saint of hopeless causes?

I--oh--don't suppose you have an extra one.

You got people here, Sheriff?

No, not me.

I don't want a hole when I go. Just roast me and drizzle the leavings over the rose bushes.

You're not much for ceremony, I take it.

Ah, I haven't been to a play in years.

Do you see that?


What the hell?


Whoa! Ah! Ugh!

Jesus Christ.

(yelling in fear)

(gasping and panting)

Looks like someone beat us to it.


May the sacred heart of Jesus... be adored, preserved, glorified, and loved throughout the world now and forever.


What the f*ck are you doing?

You can call it in.

We got what we came for.

(Shelley): I have an uneasy feeling, Uncle.

(Norman): What is it?

(Shelley)Christina was absent from school yesterday.

Poor innocent. I cannot imagine what toll the demon dog's handiwork must have taken on her.

(Norman)Have you heard from her?

(Shelley)I sent her a card with a poem, but I shall not repeat it here. I mentioned your name in the card, should she desire the audience of a professional.

I do hope you don't mind.

(Norman)Of course not.

(Shelley): I know it all weighs on you, Uncle.

The burden of it lies between your words.

(Norman): Don't worry about your old uncle.

That's the last thing you need.

(Shelley): Forgive my presumptions, but when I'm making my own reconciliations, I derive some consolation by remembering these words: "I cannot tell how it mounts on the winds, "through the clouds, and flies through heaven.

Today I have seen the Dragon."

(wind chimes softly chiming)

(Christina): Tom?

Jesus Christ.

I couldn't sleep.

Yeah... you and me both.

How you doin'?

A little better? I know you've been through a lot.

So have you.

(She sniffs.)

I know that smell.

Yeah, don't worry about that.

Christina, it's really l--

You know what I was thinking?



I want a felt life, because I want to be an author.

So, like, all the horrible things that happen to me, they're OK, because they just... bring me closer to enlightenment.

Sometimes when I talk to you...

I forget who the grown-up is.

I'm gonna go to bed now.

All right.

Peter, are you ready?

OK, tell me someone brought the bottle.

Who's got the bottle?

I have it here.


(small cough)



(phone ringing)

(phone ringing)


Chasseur: [Congratulations. It's a boy.]

What do you mean?

The hair sample. Didn't come from Willoughby.

Came from a human male.


♪ Now don't tell me what a man won't do for a woman ♪
♪ What a woman won't do for her man ♪
♪ Since I met you, you ain't nothing but trouble ♪
♪ But, girl, I'm sure about a thing about you ♪
♪ I feel safe it's just a matter of time ♪
♪ Before you're leaving, before you're leaving me behind ♪
♪ Woo! Ow! ♪

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