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01x06 - Entrée
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Previously on Hannibal...

I thought it might be The Chesapeake Ripper, but there were no surgical trophies taken. I'm gonna need you to prepare yourself on this one.

I'm prepared.

Yeah, prepare yourself some more. It's soup in there.

Jack gave you his word he would protect your headspace, yet he leaves you to your mental devices.

Are you trying to alienate me from Jack Crawford?

It's difficult to lie still and fear going to sleep when it's there to think about.

(Siren) Do you have a history of sleepwalking, Mr. Graham?

My wife and I need to talk. May we use your waiting room?

Lung cancer.

When were you gonna tell me?

Do I seem different?

But you've always been a little different.

It's getting harder and harder to make myself look.

I'm not gonna tell you what you ought to do.

I don't know how much longer I can be all that useful to you, Jack.

Really? The last three we had, you caught.

You can't arrest me for writing an article.

You don't write another word about Will Graham and I won't have to.

This is your final opportunity to comply.

On your feet, Dr. Gideon, or we will restrain you.

(Door buzzer)

Alright, lace your fingers behind your head!

Get a gurney!

(Monitor beeping)

(Flatline tone)

Well, thanks to Freddie Lounds, there's an unconfirmed story floating out there that The Chesapeake Ripper's already in custody.

Unconfirmed. Am I confirming?

Fact-checking for Freddie Lounds...

You're fact-checking for me.

I always feel a little nervous going into these places.

Why's that?

Afraid they won't let me out.

Don't worry.

I won't leave you here. Yeah, not today.

Dr. Bloom just called me about you, Mr. Graham... or should I call you Dr. Graham?

I'm not a doctor.

You're not FBI either.

That's a temporary identification Mr. Graham teaches at the academy.

Ah, a teacher. Please, gentlemen, take a seat.

Thank you.

Dr. Chilton, we're going to need to see the crime scene while it's still relatively undisturbed.

I assure you, for something so disturbing, it is quite undisturbed.

Why was a nurse left alone with a prisoner in a high-security psychiatric hospital?

For the two years since he was brought here, Gideon behaved perfectly and gave every appearance of cooperating with attempts at therapy. As dictated by our present administrator, security around him was slightly... Relaxed.

I cannot help feeling responsible myself for what happened. He sat directly across from me and I had no idea what he was hiding.

And now one of our staff is dead. I understand, doctor.

Mr. Graham's going to need to see the crime scene with as much privacy as you can provide.

Oh, yes, that thing you do.

You're quite the topic of conversation in, uh, psychiatric circles, Mr. Graham.

Am I?

Uh, yes. A unique cocktail of personality disorders and neuroses that make you a highly skilled profiler.

He's not here to be analyzed.

Perhaps he should be.

We are woefully short of material on your sort of thing, Mr. Graham.

Would you mind speaking to some of the staff?


No, no, no. Not this trip.

Maybe a special visit. Thank you, Dr. Chilton.

I'd like to see the crime scene now.

So, Gideon was restrained?



He concealed a fork tine in the palm of his hand and used it to pick the lock. Where is he now?

In his cell. You'll note the removal of organs and the abdominal mutilations are all consistent with The Chesapeake Ripper.

So is the brutalization of the corpses, but that doesn't change the fact that The Ripper is still out there.

Jack, what I'm about to show you suggests otherwise.

(Door buzzer)

Dr. Chilton consulted on the case when we failed to catch The Ripper after his last series of murders.

The reason you failed and kept failing to capture The Chesapeake Ripper...

Was I already had him.



(monitor beeping)

(Flatline tone)

(Nurse crying out)

(Nurse coughing)

(Nurse coughing)

(Nurse coughing)


As far as we know, it's been over two years since the Chesapeake Ripper killed?

That's correct.

When was Gideon admitted?

Almost two years ago.

Hold on. Lass, Miriam. Come in.

Morning, agent Crawford.

Sorry to pull you out of class. There's nothing wrong.

Uh, no reason to be nervous.

I'm not nervous. Curious.

Your instructors tell me that you are in the top 10%?

Top five, sir.

You're gonna have to stop correcting me if we're gonna get along, Lass.

Take a seat.

You wrote me a letter when you qualified for the academy.

I wasn't sure you got it. You never replied.

Never do. Odds are against any trainee completing the program.

But I'm glad to see you're still here.

In your letter, you said you wanted to work for me in the violent criminal apprehension program.

Yes, sir.

There might be an opportunity.

I'm assuming that you're familiar with The Chesapeake Ripper.


Ripper's very hot right now.

Killed his last two victims in six days. There'll be at least one more body and then nothing for months.

They say he's a true sociopath.

What do you say?

I say they don't know what else to label him.

He has some of the characteristics of what they call a sociopath...

No remorse or guilt at all.

He won't have any of the other marks.

He won't be a drifter.

He'll have no history of trouble with the law.

He'll be hard to catch.

I'm assigning you to the Chesapeake Ripper task force.

You're gonna work directly under me.

I'm grateful for the opportunity, agent Crawford.

But I can't help wondering... why me?

You have a forensics fellowship, six years of law enforcement, a degree in psychology, doctorate in criminology.

And what I don't have are enough warm bodies.

So, I'm gonna need your full attention on this.

Miriam:Yes, sir.

The volume of Abel Gideon's mail is becoming a nuisance.

Sometimes I feel like his secretary rather than his keeper.

Any specific correspondences that stood out from the others?

Mostly researchers or PhD candidates requesting interviews. A scattered dozen lonely hearts seeking his hand in marriage. He butchered his last wife and her family on Thanksgiving.

There's no accounting for taste... or intelligence.

Murdering his wife was impulsive. The Chesapeake Ripper is methodical, meticulous.

That's why he's so hard to catch.

Was so hard to catch.

Will you be conducting a joint interview?

Separate. Compare and contrast.

I know you're anxious to get on with it.

You have talked to Gideon before, for some length of time.

Well, I saw him mainly in court. I wrote an article about him in the journal of criminal psychology.

He is very familiar with you.

He has given you a lot of thought.

You had some sessions with him?

Yes, two, a couple years ago when he was first institutionalized.

I've read your notes, of course. They were more or less helpful as I conducted my own interviews with Dr. Gideon over the years.

Well, I'm glad I was helpful. Will: More or less.

I'll go first.

(Door buzzer)

Dr. Gideon.

Why, Dr. Bloom.

How wonderful to see you again.

You remembered.

I've met a lot of psychiatrists in the last two years. It's hard to forget one so sublime.

Thank you for your time, Dr. Gideon, I won't waste it.

Shall we begin?

Dr. Bloom, what is this to be?

I was caught red-handed. I mean, literally.

There's no mystery as to whodunit. I did it.

The mystery is whether you are who you say you are.

Or not. Never liked being called The Chesapeake Ripper.

Maybe something with a little more wit.

Is that why you didn't take credit for The Ripper murders before now?

Just watching the goose chase from the box seats.

Two years of goose chasing.

You must be a very patient man. Are you just gonna run the psychopathic checklist here? I have had my personality inventoried by the Minnesota Multiphasic.

Would you prefer a rorschach test?

Well, if you're gonna show me those pictures, maybe you should put a blood pressure cuff to my genitals.

I find it gives a much truer gauge of reaction.

What effect were you hoping to have by killing Elizabeth Shell?

The effect I was hoping to have was her death.

Mission accomplished.

Brutalization of the body was done posthumously.

Chesapeake ripper usually does that sort of thing during, not after.

I do not have to convince you that I am The Chesapeake Ripper.

Seems that's what you need to do.

Certainly what somebody needs.


Come in.

I'm sorry. Um...

I was just, uh...

In the neighborhood.

Yeah, something like that.

How's Mrs. Crawford?

Yeah, that's why I was in the neighborhood.

She's fine.

Well, she tells me that she's fine and she tells me when she's not.

You expect me to tell you more?

Look, Bella's at a NATO conference.

I can't talk to her. She's working.

I doubt I could talk to her if she was here.

About her condition?

Yeah. About her cancer, about her dying.

She doesn't want to talk to me about it.

I am prohibited from talking about it...

Doctor-patient confidentiality.

You talk to me about Will Graham.

Will Graham is not officially my patient. We have conversations.

What do you consider this?

Desperate coping.

You don't think I have a right to know what's happening with my wife?

You have every right to know what's happening, but not from me.

Well, I'm not just gonna stand outside my marriage and watch this happen.

If that's what she wants, too bad.

She married the wrong guy for that.

I'll offer one insight.

She doesn't think she married the wrong guy.

I can't stop thinking about when my wife is gonna die.

I look at her side of the bed and I think, "is she gonna die there?"

I can't stop thinking about it, you understand? I can't stop.

You're dreading the loss of your wife.


And I'm thinking about other losses too.

What other losses are you dreading?

Jack, you can't save her.

She won't let you.

The cancer won't let you.

Who else couldn't you save?

Miriam:Where is everyone?

It's just you and me for the time being.

Take a look around here. Tell me what you see.

He did it all here.

Did it while he was alive. He struck the throat so he couldn't call for help. Do you think he was unconscious when The Ripper did the ripping?

No, he'd want him awake.

Organs were removed.

Not all of them. He was choosy. He took the liver, Thymus, but left the heart.

What's he doing with the organs?

Surgical trophies.

He's a medical doctor, isn't he? Is that why you call him The Ripper?

Why do you say that?

Psychopaths are attracted to surgical fields.

They offer power. They require the ability to make objective clinical decisions without feeling.

White male?

Forties? Fifties?

I don't know that he's white.

He's exotic somehow, which is why you're gonna catch him.

I'm gonna catch him?

We call you the guru.

You have a peculiar cleverness.

I'll take that as a compliment.

You should.

You'll probably spot him before anybody else.

Or you will.

Now I want you to take a look at this.

There's no detectable consistency with The Ripper victims.

He doesn't Hunt exclusively within his own ethnic group.

He's killed all creeds, colors, men and women.

She has the exact same wound pattern as the last-known victim of The Chesapeake Ripper.

I mean exact. We never found a body for his last known victim.

Then the victim before that.

I see The Ripper, but I don't...

Feel The Ripper.

This is plagiarism. We never made the wound patterns for any of The Ripper's victims public.

Well, maybe he is The Ripper. I don't know.

But if he's a plagiarist, the real Chesapeake Ripper is gonna make sure everybody knows it.

(Jack sighs.)

(Phone ringing)


Miriam: Jack. Jack.

Who is this?

Jack, it's Miriam.

I don't know where I am. I can't see anything
. - Miriam?

I was so wrong. I was so wrong.


Please... Jack. Please.

(Signal cuts out.)

I'm hooked in to every carrier database and telephone provider in the United States.


Look again.

I did my agains. And my again and again and agains. I can't find any electronic trace of any call made to your home at 2:46am.

I am telling you that the phone rang.

Wake your wife up?

I was alone.

Whoever made that call could have made it from that little box outside your house or a junction in your neighborhood.

Either way, there would be no trace signal to track. You're sure it was Miriam Lass?

It was Miriam.

You haven't heard her voice in two years, Jack.

You gonna continue to question me on this, Z?

If so, maybe I should ask you to leave the room while it's still safe for you to be here.

The Chesapeake Ripper recorded Miriam Lass two years ago as he was killing her.

Last night, he called my house at 2:46am.

He played that recording for me.

And we know The Chesapeake Ripper is not Doctor Gideon.

We know the call wasn't made from the Baltimore state hospital for the criminally insane.

That we would've been able to trace. Are you certain it was a recording?

Jack, you said yourself there is no body.

Miriam Lass is dead!

The Chesapeake Ripper is making it very clear that someone is plagiarizing his work!

It was 2:46 in the morning, Jack. You're in a deep sleep, you're roused, you're disoriented. You might not even know you're still asleep.

I know when I'm awake.

(Taking a deep breath)

Will? You look like you were dreaming.

I was, uh, thinking about something else.

Well, here's something for you to think about.

We have a direct way of communicating with The Chesapeake Ripper, and we'd like to see if we can push him.

Push him toward what?

We might be able to influence him to become visible. If we can enrage him.

To what purpose, Jack? I-I don't see what you're asking.

Do you think there's a way to push the Chesapeake Ripper and focus his attention?

Well, he's already focused on Gideon as his adversary

. Don't fool around.

Gideon is just a tabloid rumor right now.

We think we need to make him the truth.

You might push The Ripper to kill again just to prove he isn't in a hospital for the criminally insane.

I have to push, Will.

Are you thinking about getting into bed with Freddie Lounds?

You yourself know it's the best way to bait the real Chesapeake Ripper.

Morning, agent Crawford. Thank you for inviting me.

Miss Lounds.

This is Dr. alana Bloom.

She's one of our psychiatric consultants.

I believe you know Will Graham.

Mr. Graham. So good to see you.

Miss Lounds.

You have all the qualities of a good reporter. You have intelligence, guts, a good eye.

So how is it that you wind up where you've ended up?

Where I wound up being criminal justice journalism?

"Criminal justice journalism" being a euphemism for tabloid reporting.

You ran an unconfirmed story about The Chesapeake Ripper.

What I want is for you to confirm it.

An exclusive story would be a coup.

Mm, yes, it would. And you would get the satisfaction of seeing the Los Angeles times,

the sanctified Washington post,

and even the holy New York times run copyrighted material

under your byline, with a picture credit. What's against you, and by association us, is that your brand of journalism is obnoxious and therefore disliked.

Yes. That is an obstacle.

Tried to get an interview with Dr. Gideon.

I was denied. Evidently some trouble with my euphemism.

I'm friendly with the new chief of staff. I can get you an interview.

Not to snap bubble gum and crack wise, but what's my angle?

Is he The Chesapeake Ripper, or do you just want me to tell everybody that he is?

He could be, and certain personalities are attracted to certain professions.

Do you know what profession psychopaths disproportionately gravitate to?

CEOs, lawyers, the clergy.

Number five on the list is surgeons.

I know the list.

Well, then you know what number six is.


Know what number seven is, Mr. Graham?

Law enforcement.

Here we are, a bunch of psychopaths helping each other out.

(Door buzzer)

(Beeping) (Door buzzer)

Dr. Gideon. I'm Freddie Lounds.

May I call you Dr. Gideon?

Or do you prefer The Chesapeake Ripper?

His name is Dr. Abel Gideon,

and strong evidence has surfaced

that he's far more than a mild-mannered surgeon who cruelly murdered his wife.

Maybe, just maybe,

Gideon is the most sought-after

serial killer at large, a killer who's eluded the FBI for years and has baffled their most gifted profilers.

That serial killer? None other than The Chesapeake Ripper.

This would explain why The Ripper has been silent for more than two years.

Gideon: So, are you enjoying reading my mail?

No, not particularly.

Looking for something instructional?

Diagrams? Don't believe I can recreate one of my own murders from memory?

You wouldn't be recreating them from your memory, doctor.

You're not The Chesapeake Ripper.

Ooh, have to agree to disagree.

Then why the surgical trophies?

Agent Crawford, there are just some things you're not allowed to do in a state-certified operating room.

You didn't take any trophies when you murdered your wife and her family on Thanksgiving. You didn't put any of them on display. Why not?

Crime of passion.

You know how stressful the holidays can get.

Anyway, you didn't come here to talk about my wife...

Or the little nursey.

No. What am I here to talk about?

Your trainee.

Miriam... somebody.

You're telling me you killed Miriam Lass.

Yes. Didn't mean to kill her.

And don't get mad at me.

I'm not mad at you.

I know where you are. I know how you got here.

I read your file.

I'm curious, why are you being so forthcoming all of a sudden?

Well, what have I got to lose?

You know where I am and you know how I got here.

Why didn't you put rr on display?

What makes you think I didn't?

(Cell phone ringing)

Excuse me.

The polite thing to do is to ask them to call back.

(Door buzzer)

Unless it's not an option.

You're home early.

Bella? Something wrong?

Jack, it's Miriam. I don't know where I am.

I can't see anything.

I was so wrong. I was so wrong.

Please... Jack. Please.

(Signal cuts out.)

In my house.

In my bedroom.

Where my wife sleeps.

Got a lot of usable prints.

Nice detail too. I got three distinct beauties here.

Yours, your wife's, and presumably The Chesapeake Ripper.

I can't imagine the chesapeake ripper would start leaving prints at his crime scenes now.

The Ripper put his head on your wife's pillow.

Now somebody's sleeping in my bed.

There he is. Or there she is.

Was Miriam Lass a blonde?


I pulled her fingerprints from the Vicap database, Jack, and I got a match.

She's dead.

Jack. Did Miriam Lass know where you live?

If she wanted to know, she was smart enough to find out.

Could've told The Chesapeake Ripper before he killed her.

Did you know that you were sending her after him?

I sent her after information.

Whoever made that call thinks you were close to Miriam Lass and feel responsible for her death.

Don't you have classes today?

Aren't you still in school?

Yes, sir. I thought this might be more important than "exclusionary rules of search and seizure".

Is that what you thought?

I left a report here for you last night.

I don't know if you got it.

I got it.

Did you read it?

Go back to class.

You feeling frustrated, Lass?

If so, you should start forming calluses, some thick ones, 'cause frustration's gonna wear you thin.

You could have at least read the report.

I read it.

Your assessment? Sir.

My assessment is that instead of being here you should be in a lecture hall boning up on "good faith warrant exceptions".

What you're proposing in your report breaks confidentiality laws. You know that.

You shouldn't be so dismissive of what you're learning here.

If The Chesapeake Ripper is a surgeon, we should check medical records for all of the known victims.

I knew we couldn't get a warrant if we didn't have something substantial.

It's one thing for a trainee to go poking around in private medical records without a warrant; very different if the guru did it.

Better for a trainee to ask for forgiveness than an FBI agent to ask for permission?

In my experience.

Then I hope you forgive me for skipping class today.

If someone were using manipulative methods

to subvert your sense of control, you may not realize it until those methods are pointed out to you.

Which may be a manipulative method in itself.

You were a model patient.

You behaved yourself for two years.

Well, no opportunity to be naughty.

You could have been pushed.

Well, that would be unethical.

I can help you find out.

But I need your trust to do that.

Oh, I trust you, Dr. Bloom.

To The Chesapeake Ripper.

Dr. Gideon is going to provide us with a singular opportunity to analyze a pure sociopath.

It is so rare to find one in captivity.


Inspired by Auguste Escoffier, we are having

Langue d'agneau en papillottes,

served with a sauce of duxelles and oyster mushrooms.

Picked myself.

I don't think I've ever had tongue.

It was a particularly chatty lamb.

(Dr. Chilton laughs.)

The romans used to kill flamingos just to eat their tongues.

Don't give me ideas. Your tongue is very feisty.

And as this evening has already proven, it's nice to have an old friend for dinner.


I see three possibilities.


Gideon is The Chesapeake Ripper, or he just thinks he is, or he knows he isn't.

He is, he knows he is, so do I.

Did you discuss the chesapeake ripper's crimes with Dr. Gideon before he murdered the night nurse?

Mmhmm. When I began to suspect what he was.

Fearing he might be exposed may have, uh, spurred him into action.

Is it possible you inadvertently planted the suggestion in Gideon's mind that he was The Ripper?

You're not suggesting coercive persuasion.

No, I said inadvertently.

Psychic driving is unethical.

But reasonable in certain circumstances.

What circumstances?

It may have been useful trying to remind Gideon he's the Chesapeake Ripper.


If he repressed those memories.

But he seems to have come to that awareness all by himself.

Dr. Bloom, if he has been unethically manipulated somehow, I need to know.

I would love your insight.

Dr. Chilton, would you care to assist me with dessert?


I love Norton grapes. Same color inside as outside.

Peel it...

And the flesh is also purple. Not like other grapes where flesh is white and color comes from the skin.

A grape with nothing to hide.

Were I in your position, I would have attempted psychic driving.

Perhaps you already have.

I promise I am much more forgiving of the unorthodox than Dr. Bloom.

Shall we?

(Phone ringing)

Jack. Jack, it's Miriam.

The last call was made

to Jack's cell from a disposable phone traced here...

Or within 100 feet of here.

What was Miriam Lass looking into?

Medical records. If The Ripper was a surgeon, she thought he might've treated one of his victims.

Have they retraced her steps?

The ones they could find.

She made a jump somewhere they couldn't explain.

You make those jumps.

The evidence has to be there.

Every surgeon that came into contact with any of The Ripper victims has been thoroughly vetted or currently under observation.

Including Dr. Gideon?

Dr. Gideon wasn't in my bedroom; The Chesapeake Ripper was. The last call left something the others didn't...

A phone number.

(Phone ringing inside)

(Phone ringing)

What would be the benefit of making you believe your trainee was alive?

Hope. The Ripper wanted to cloud my vision with hope.

It can sometimes be brave to allow yourself hope.

Not the false kind.

Don't give up hope for your wife. Not yet.

She's lost hope, which means you can't.

I don't have any control over that.

Take control.

I'm sorry about your wife, Jack.

I truly am. I believe the world is a better place with her in it.

I am sorry about your trainee.

Whatever The Ripper was doing, it worked.

I mean, I thought she was alive. For a moment, anyway.

I actually let myself believe something that I knew was impossible.

Talk to me about her.

What was her name?

My name is Miriam Lass. I'm with the FBI.

I would show you my credentials, but I'm actually just a trainee.

Never just a trainee. An agent in training.

Please. Come in.

I was hoping to talk to you about a former patient...

Not necessarily one of yours, but someone you may have come into contact with when you were a practicing physician.

I haven't practiced medicine for some time, but fortunately for you, I have a very good memory. Please.

His name was Jeremy Olmstead.

Perhaps not so good a memory after all.

I don't recall a patient with that name, but it sounds familiar.

He was recently found murdered in his workshop.

We think he may be a victim of The Chesapeake Ripper.

That's why he sounds familiar. It was all over the news.

He had two old scars on his thigh.

Pathology checked with the local hospital. He had fallen out of a tree-blind five years ago while bow hunting... Stuck an arrow through his leg. The doctor of record was a resident surgeon, but you were on duty in the ER that night.

I was?

Your name was on the admissions log.

Let me think.

You'll have to forgive me.

I saw so many people in the ER, but not so many hunters.

It's been a long time since the accident, but I thought you may remember if anything was fishy with the arrow wound.

If it's the gentleman I'm thinking of, I vaguely remember a fellow hunter bringing him in, but I recall very little else.

Figured it was a long shot.

I did keep detailed journals during those days.

If you like, I can get them for you.

Maybe you'll find something helpful.

That would be great... If you don't mind.

Not at all. If you'll wait here, I'll be right back.

Thank you.

(Lass struggling)

She was a very brave young woman.

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