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01x13 - Savoureux
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Previously on "Hannibal"

Georgia Madchen was murdered by whoever killed Dr. Sutcliffe.

Dad? It's for you.

They know.

He said he got so close to Garret Jacob Hobbs he was becoming him.

My name is Will Graham.

You think he's mentally ill?

Whoever killed Marissa Schuur and Cassie Boyle wanted to copy how Hobbs killed his victims.

Now he has Hobbs' daughter.

Who Hobbs intended to kill.

Mind if I sit?

Did Hannibal tell you?

No, he didn't.

How many people have you killed?

Many more than your father.

Are you gonna kill me?



(catching his breath)

(dog barking)


(suspense music)

(Vehicle approaching)

I went to Minnesota.

I took Abigail.

We went to Minnesota and...

She didn't come back with me.

Show me.

I don't remember going to bed last night.


I must have.

I- I don't know, maybe I got up to let the dogs out, and, and, and then...

When was the last time you saw Abigail?

I woke up, my feet were muddy.

Will. When was the last time you saw Abigail?


At her father's cabin.

I had... an episode.

Uh, she said something was wrong with me.

She was afraid of me.

And she ran away.

What happened?

Why was she afraid?

I hallucinated that I killed her.

But it wasn't real.

I know it wasn't real.

Will, we have to call Jack.

You can't run from this.

It'll only be worse.

Get dressed.

(Theme song)

Hannibal 01x13


Original Air Date June 20, 2013

What are we gonna find in Minnesota, Will?

I don't know.

Go ahead and process him.

(Dog whimpering)

Right rear pocket.

A leather wallet containing 17 dollars cash.

Right rear pocket.

Leather wallet,

17 dollars cash.

Right front pocket.

One folding knife. Right front pocket.

Folding knife.

I can't do the silent treatment.

I can't pretend I don't know you and I can't pretend we both don't know what I'm finding under your nails.

You called me once because you didn't trust yourself to know what was real.

This blood is real, Will.

I know.

Do you know how it got there?

Not with any certainty, no.

Certainty comes from the evidence.

I didn't want to find any evidence on you.

I wanted to be certain about who you are, but you can't even be certain with yourself.

Not anymore.

If you weren't certain with yourself, you shouldn't have been here.

This is the FBI.

I thought I would get better.

You always said you interpret the evidence, so do it, Will.

Interpret the evidence.

According to the evidence...

I killed Abigail Hobbs.

We analyzed the tissue.

It matched Abigail Hobbs.

It was her ear, her blood under Will's fingernails.

Scratches on his arms are all defensive wounds, like she fought back.

Shut up.


stop talking.

"He won't get too close."

You said you would cover him.

You could see he was breaking.

Yes, I could.

And I kept pushing him because he was saving lives, Alana.

Not Abigail Hobbs' life.

You look me in the face and tell me that you couldn't see that he was breaking?

Of course, I could see it.

I told you not to put him out there!

Every decision I made concerning Will's mental health I made under advisement of a respected psychiatrist, who you recommended.

Hannibal had to know. He had to see something was wrong.

Not until it was too late.

Just like everybody else.


Hannibal said that Will was exhibiting signs of dementia.

Dementia isn't a disease.

It's a symptom of disease!

We have to find out what's causing it and treat it!

The concern is that there may not be anything to treat.

Will had a brain scan.

They found nothing.

Well then, they don't know what they're looking for.

This started with Garret Jacob Hobbs.

Maybe Will just did what Hobbs couldn't.

He killed his daughter.

Abigail's blood is on all of us.

And so is Will's.

(Silent screams)



You're flushed. You been yelling?

Screaming is more like it.

I could use a good scream.

I can feel one perched under my chin.

Let it out.

I'm afraid that if I started...

I wouldn't be able to stop.

I'm surprised Jack let you in here, given my romantic overtures.

Jack doesn't know about your romantic overtures.

Didn't know.

(Whispering): I guess you dodged a bullet with me.

I don't feel like I dodged a bullet.

I feel wounded.

I've been in touch with, um, animal services.

I'll go pick up your dogs in a couple hours.

I'll take them back home with me... (Sniffling)

and I'll take care of them until... whenever.

Whenever could be a long time from now.

I'll take care of them until then.

Thank you.

We have to do some tests.

They'll be the standard psychopathology tests.

I suppose you're gonna ask me to draw a clock while you're at it.

Did Hannibal ask you to draw a clock?

Said it was an exercise... to ground me in the present moment.

A handle to help me hold on to reality.

Was the clock normal?

Would I be here if it wasn't?

Draw me a clock.

You see? It's just a normal clock.

Telling the time isn't my problem.


It's the least of your problems.

Seems hard to find words today.


Despite the overwhelming evidence, I find myself searching for ways that Abigail could still be alive.

Grieving is an individual process with a universal goal:

the truest examination of the meaning of life and the meaning of its end.

I know what life means.

We've existed for a hundred thousand years.

In that time, a hundred billion human lives have had beginnings and ends.

A hundred billion lives haven't impacted yours, but clearly Abigail Hobbs' life has, and you seem surprised by that.

I never considered having a child.

But after meeting Abigail, I understood the appeal.

The opportunity to guide and support, and in many ways, direct a life.

You were having influence on her?

I was hoping I was.

Young people are supposed to be the lenses through which we see ourselves living beyond this life.

I think of my earliest memory and project forward to what I imagine will be my death.

I never think about living beyond that span of time.

Except by reputation.

Even after this loss?

More so after this loss.

Will Graham is a loss, too.

You might grieve him as a loss.

I haven't given up on Will.

If they do find him guilty of killing Abigail Hobbs...


Let's be honest.

I don't recommend you participate in any rehabilitation effort.

I was so confident in my ability to help him...

To solve him.

To save him.

Saving him, I lost Abigail.

It's hard to accept that I could fail them both so profoundly.

Okay Jimmy, what have you got?

Um, as you know, Will is a big fly fisherman, and he designs all of his own lures.

Most anglers use feathers, fur, twine, bits of shell.

They design each lure to catch a specific fish.

This one caught my eye.

I noticed the hair color. Took me a few to accept what I was seeing.

I ran a chem-set to confirm the connection.

What connection?

Four of the lures are made from materials including human remains.

And we have a DNA match for all of them.

This one is Cassie Boyle.

Bits of bone fragments and pieces of lung.

Marissa Schuur. Antler velvet, a fingernail, wound with her hair.

Doctor Sutcliffe.

Crushed teeth, soft tissue from inside his mouth, bound with cartilage from his jaw. All victims of the copycat?

And this last lure was made with hair and fiber that matches Georgia Madchen.

He took trophies of all his victims.

Trophies. So now Will Graham's a serial killer who takes trophies?

Something's wrong with Will physically, neurologically.

He's not a serial killer.

(Sound of a horse trotting)

(Suspense music)

You're sick, Will.

I - I wasn't consistent with taking my antibiotics.

The fever came back.

We're gonna move you to a secure medical ward.

We're gonna get to the bottom of whatever it is that's wrong with you and we're gonna make sure that you get whatever kind of treatment you need.

And then what?

Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane?

Have Chilton fumbling around in my head?

This job doesn't generally lend itself to optimism, all right?

But I desperately want to be optimistic about an alternative to what every fiber of the evidence is telling me you've done.

I can't confess to something I don't remember.

The question is, how much more is there that you don't remember?

We found your fishing lures.

Yeah, I should hope so.

They-they were on my desk right by the front door.

We found human remains amongst the materials that you made them from.

The human remains of Cassie Boyle, Marissa Schuur, Donald Sutcliffe, Georgia Madchen.

(Whispering): No.


(Whispering): I wasn't...

I wasn't sick when Cassie Boyle was murdered.

I wasn't sick when Marissa Schuur was murdered.

That's not an argument you want to be making right now.

Not with me.

Because then, I'd be a psychopath.

My biggest fear is that we'll learn that you knew what you were doing the whole time.

Hey, you don't have to be afraid of that, Jack.

There is something you should be afraid of, though.

Yeah? What's that?

Whoever's doing this to me.

Someone's doing this to you?

They'll be close to you.

It could be someone here.

Working with you.

So that's it? It's a setup?

They know the cases.

They know forensics.

They know that I'm unstable.

Can you hear how paranoid you sound?

Or it could just be you.

Then I'd be really screwed, wouldn't I?

I wanted to be the one to do this.

Will Graham, you're under arrest for murder.

You have the right to remain silent.

Jack: He disarmed his guard.

He threw the guard and the driver from the vehicle.

We found the ambulance in an alley in Dumfries.

These are not the actions of an innocent man.

They're the actions of a man who's impaired.

I had Will draw a clock to test for cognitive dysfunction.

That is extreme.

Now this is the clock he drew for me two weeks ago.

It's normal.

What disease progresses gradually but plateaus for lengths of time?

Will has periods of clarity.

We've seen him lucid and aware one moment and then the next he's not.

Could be some form of encephalitis.

Autoimmune encephalitis?

It's hard to diagnose.

There are no tumors, no lesions.

It wouldn't even show up on a brain scan unless you were looking for it.

Look, just tell me if he could kill five people and not be aware of it.

This doesn't feel like dementia.

This is an intelligent psychopath.

Look, this killer called the Hobbs' house, he warned Abigail's father.

I was with Will that entire time.

Did he have an opportunity to make a phone call?

Before we went to interview Garret Jacob Hobbs, he was alone in the office while I was outside loading the car with the files, but that was only for a few minutes.

Dumb luck and bad bookkeeping.

That's how Will said he caught Hobbs.

Now how would you say he caught him?

We were looking through the files and it was as if Will plucked his name out of a hat, based on little more than an incomplete address.

Let me play the devil here for a moment, doctor.

This clock test, could Will fake something like this?

Would he be able to do that?


Hello, Will.

How are you feeling?


You frightened Alana Bloom.

She's confused about who I am...

Which I can relate to.

Are you confused about who I am?

I'm not confused. I'm skeptical.

Meaning I'm willing to change my mind should the evidence change.

Do you believe I killed Abigail?

I believe it's entirely possible, if not nearly indisputable, based on how you discovered her ear.

If it was just Abigail, I would have believed.

I would have believed that I got so far inside Hobbs' head I couldn't get out.

But it wasn't just Abigail.

I know who I am.


All sense of who you are has been distorted by your illness.

You know who you are in this moment.

That's not always the case, Will.

I didn't kill any of 'em.

And somebody is making sure that no one believes me.

If we're to prove you didn't commit these murders, perhaps we should consider how you could have.

And then disprove that.

If you are this killer,

that identity runs through these events like a thread through pearls.

Cassie Boyle would have been your first victim.

You said her crime scene was practically gift-wrapped.

(Suspense music)

It told me everything I needed to know to catch Garret Jacob Hobbs.

You had seen one of Hobbs'

victims. You knew how he killed.

You may have been exploring how he killed to better understand who he was.

I wasn't in Minnesota when Cassie Boyle was murdered.

She disappeared on a Saturday. She was found on a Monday.

You would've had the weekend to do your work.

(Whispering): I know I didn't kill her.

How do you know?

What did you think when you first met Marissa Schuur?

How much like Abigail she was?

Same height, same weight, hair color, same age.

How could I resist?

So much like his daughter.

You may have wondered why Garret Jacob Hobbs didn't kill her himself.

Dr. Sutcliffe wasn't killed how Garret Jacob Hobbs killed.

He was murdered how you imagined yourself murdering a woman only days before.

How Georgia Madchen killed.

She dreamt she saw me killing Sutcliffe.

But she couldn't see my face. And then she was murdered.

You catch these killers by getting into their heads, but you also allow them into your own.

I'm trying to help you, Will.

Then take me to Minnesota.

I want to see where Abigail died.

Have you had any contact with Hannibal Lecter in the last 24 hours?

He didn't make his session this morning and he didn't call in, which he would consider rude.

Is something wrong?

I'm on my way to Minnesota.

I believe that Will Graham has taken Hannibal Lecter to Minnesota.

Will thinks he's being framed for these murders.

He's slipping in and out of delusion.

He could kill Hannibal and not even know he's doing it.

If anyone could've helped Mr. Graham, it would've been Hannibal.

In fact, he may still be trying.

(Phone ringing)


Just a second. Dad?

It's for you.

Caller ID said it was blocked.





We're here.

Are we gonna re-enact the crime?

You be my dad, and you be my mom, and you be the man on the phone.

Are we gonna re-enact the crime?

If that would help you.

It's as if Abigail was supposed to die in this kitchen.

Her throat was cut.

She lost great gouts of blood.

There's an unmistakable arterial spray.

They haven't found her body.

Just the one piece.

If you were in Garret Jacob Hobbs'

frame of mind when you killed her, they may never find her.

Cause I honored every part of her?

Perhaps you didn't come here looking for a killer.

Perhaps you came here to find yourself.

You killed a man in this very room.

I stared at Hobbs... and the space opposite me assumed the shape of a man filled with dark and swarming flies.

Then I scattered them.

At a time when other men fear their isolation, yours has become understandable to you.

You are alone because you are unique.

I'm as alone as you are.

If you followed the urges you kept down for so long, cultivated them as the inspirations they are, you would have become someone other than yourself.


I know who I am.

I'm not so sure I know who you are anymore.

But I am certain... one of us killed Abigail.

Whoever that was killed the others.

Are you a killer, Will?


Right now. This man standing in front of me.

Is this who you really are?

I am who I've always been.

The scales have just fallen from my eyes.

I can see you now.

What do you see?

You called here that morning.

Abigail knew.

And you kept her secrets... until-until what?

Until she found out some of yours?

You said it felt good to kill Garret Jacob Hobbs.

Would it feel good to kill me now?

Oh, Garret Jacob Hobbs was a murderer.

Are you a murderer, Dr. Lecter?

What reason would I have?

You, you have no traceable motive...

Which is why you were so hard to see.

You were just... curious what I would do.

Someone like me.

Someone who thinks how I think.

Wind him up... and watch him go.

And apparently, Dr. Lecter... this is how I go.




You see?

The right hemisphere of in his brain was inflamed.

They have placed him in an induced sleep and they are treating him with antiviral and steroid therapies.

Is he responding?

More or less.

He's expected to make a substantial recovery.

Would you have gone to Minnesota with him if he didn't have a gun on you?

(Monitor beeping)

I would have wanted to.

I believe I've failed to satisfy my obligation to Will, more than I care to admit.

Well he's not your victim, doctor.

Nor is he yours.

You know, in my time I've seen people broken by the world.

I've seen them broken in all kinds of hideous and offhanded ways, but never like this.

Never like this.

No one in this room will be the same.

(Monitor beeping)

Good evening.

Hello, Hannibal.

Please come in.

Tête de veau en sauce verte.

Smells like a bonfire.

I smoked the veal on a pyre of dry hay.

It imparts a unique smoldering flavor to the meat and to the room.

This is an unexpected treat.

Thank you for indulging me.

You seemed like you needed to talk.

And since you refuse invitations to my dinner table, this is the only way I could cook for you.

What's on your mind, Hannibal?

I'm going to see Will tomorrow.

As a patient or as a friend?

As a farewell.

Of sorts.

I thought Mr. Graham was finally going to be the patient who cost you your life.

He didn't cost me my life.

He cost Abigail hers.

Your veal is getting cold.

Controversial dish.



Those who denounce veal often cite the young age at which the animals are killed, when they are in fact older than many pigs going to slaughter.

You have to be careful, Hannibal.

They're starting to see your pattern.

What pattern would that be?

You develop relationships with patients who are prone to violence.

That pattern.

Under scrutiny, Jack Crawford's beliefs about you might start to unravel.

Tell me, Dr. du Maurier...

Have your beliefs about me begun to unravel?

(Soft opera song)

Hello, Will.

Hello, Dr. Lecter.

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