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Mom ? Mom ? Mom ? Nobis peccatoribus , nunc et in hora mortis nostrae .

Amen .

Ave Maria , gratia plena , Dominus tecum , Benedicta you in mulieribus et benedictus fructus ventris tui , Iesus .

Sancta Maria , Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus , nunc et in hora mortis nostrae .

Amen .

Ave Maria , gratia plena , Dominus tecum , benedictus fruc Soon, child, soon I'm hungry Right there LONDON, September 22, 1891 I saw Crazy Horse in person THE SHOW IN THE WEST OF COLONEL BREWSTER who rode with his band of Sioux murderers and bloodthirsty .

The General Custer gave the order , with his blond hair that fluttered in the wind , as something legendary .

" Seventh ! " "A head-on and fight , guys! Fight to save his life! " And that's what I did ! One of the few survivors, Can you now tell this story courage and boldness.

Thank you for coming today.

And I hope you've got your favor , estimable gentlemen.

And sir.

You rivedrò yet ? I'd like .

The show moves to Paris.

so many details to think about.

You understand .

The life of a gentleman of the theater is somewhat pathetic , my dear.

But I was convinced Just know that you made ?my visit here truly memorable.

Do not you 'll never forget .

Maybe , then , would you like you know my name .



You have not told the truth.

According to my calculations , you were a boy when General Custer died .

And it is well known that there were no survivors.

We call them unrealistic stories , dear.

Extraordinarily unrealistic .

The vice is my homeland.

We are storytellers .

Join me , will you? - Have you seen my performance .

Very impressive.

Especially the ending.

They got what they wanted more than that.

As we say in the entertainment world.

And what could I do for you? - I need a night job .

Oh, dear, is not true for everyone? I need a gentleman that is at ease with firearms and do not hesitate in getting involved in dangerous enterprises .

Or even this was totally unrealistic ? What do you say ? expensive watch , but jacket frayed.

You are sentimental for the money you had .

The eye is firm , but the left hand is shaking.

And ' alcohol.

Then hold it under the table, hoping not known.

The other hand is healing from a bruise .

Consequence of a recent scuffle with a jealous husband .

Without a doubt.

The boots are of Furnishings , but they have been resoled more than once .

I see a man who was accustomed to wealth, but that is given to excess and the pleasures of unbridled youth.

A man much more complicated than they like it to appear .

So , it's a job? - This engagement night .

Yes .

Something criminal? it matter ? - Not at all.

Why ask then? The show, in short, partirà Paris .

The work is tonight .

It's a murder? - It matter ? A smile and say yes.

Meet me at this address at eleven.

I do not know London.

Then ask a policeman.

Do you have a name ? Yeah .


Chandler .

I never imagined you would be punctual .

I do not ever wait for a lady.

Very wise.

Right this way, please .

Is this the man ? - Yes .

Did you bring your arms ? In another minute .

What are we doing here? - We are looking for someone.

more of this you do not need to know.

Do not be surprised by anything you see and do not hesitate.

Who are we looking for, exactly? Someone very dear to me , who has been kidnapped .

We are looking for the one you serve.

where is she ? The young girls should not play with games like that.

Where is your master? Closer than you think .

We would like to meet him? It's not her.

It's not here .

There has to be another .

Another creature? There n'è another ? There's another creature like that? - Jesus Christ ! - Do not move , Mr.

Chandler ! - This night is not over .

Help us .

Please .

What place is this? where the men of the resurrection make their businesses.

The surgeons must provide a lot of material to their students , when the chances are less than legal , are forced to resort to other means.

I need your services , sir.

It does not come from the river ? We do not need anything, if they get there fish.

no river , no.

Well, thank goodness.

Take him in the back we see if my server is free .

Your Master told you can assist us.

I have no master.

I mean the owner before .

Go away .

I'll pay you for your time .

You can not afford it .

You are very proud.

Take him to the slaughterhouse , they are not a student, are engaged in a search.

You are a man with a bloody knife as anyone out there .

Stop give airs.

American ? - You are smart.

Do you know anything about electricity ? Your country is making headway , while we grope in the darkness of coal and peat .

Do you have experience with the principles and practical application of the - galvanism ? - Oh, the usual.

Sir, I need urgent autopsy .

Would you like to assist ? I deal only search .

I do not annoierò with explanations you would not understand .

Now, kindly , stop wasting my time and expenses.

Oh , my God! Livor mortis absent Rigor mortis absent.

remarkable ocular hyperemia .

Reaction eye absent.

dental malformation does not occur naturally .

Due to the isotropy .

Nature is rarely so precise .

Nature abhors symmetry.

Trauma and penetration into the chest through the sternum would seem the cause of death , but I suppose you know that.

Age of the subject impossible to determine.

The teeth seem little used , which seems to me unlikely , given the muscle development.

The dermis is unusual.

It seems that lack the normal pores merocrini .

Pass me that.

Well know why the skin looks weird.

Why ? - Pliers .

Why is not the skin.

Not in the usual sense .

It ' more like a flexible exoskeleton .

How's that for an insect or a crustacean .

It must have been really tough .

But do not tell me.

Wait , what's this ? Charming.

hieroglyphs .

Egyptians ? doubt .

Well it seems that we have an Egyptian ETR uncertain, that at some point in his life has decided to sharpen his teeth, cover hieroglyphs and develop an exoskeleton .

Or is it something completely different .

Who the fuck are you? Do you know where is Grandage Place, in Westminster ? - I can find it.

Number 8 .

Come tomorrow at noon.

Unless you prefer to spend your life shooting at clay puppets and telling lies .

A carnage.

Lord? It 's like a battlefield .

Should I take it all? - Everything .

Are you ? - Especially you .

It does not look a thing to do.

Where's the dignity in all this ? We will resume the dignity when will catch this monster.

Ethan Chandler to see Sir Malcolm .

I expected .

Take a seat .

Wait here , please.

It's not what you expected .

Do you have the light step , miss.

Or should I say lady? Miss Vanessa Ives.

Follow me this way.

Can I offer you some tea ? No, thank you .

So , you're a fortune teller .

It's not the appropriate term .

Spiritualist ? - If you prefer .

Shots on the table? Voices dall'Aldilà ? Not exactly .

Are you a skeptic.

Not at all .

Last night , for example.

You want an explanation? I think I should see Sir Malcolm .

Can I talk to him.

Do you believe there is a demi - monde , Mr.

Chandler ? A world in half between what we know and what we fear .

A place in the shade.

Seen infrequently, but felt deep inside.

Do you believe it ? Yeah .

We were in there last night .

Where wretched souls are affected from the curse of eternal life.

Of course , if you believe in curses .

You are a wise man , Mr.

Chandler ? Not really.

A wise man would run away from this house and attempts definitely to forget the events of last night.

would look not back.

It looks like a warning.

And ' an invitation.

If you were so reckless to consider the idea , We need constant a man of your abilities .

A man of your type .

And what kind would it be? A man of great violence Depth and hidden .

Recite very well your part , Mr.

Chandler .

But you are not like that.

Tell me what it is .

The daughter of Sir Malcolm has been kidnapped by a creature as the one we killed .

Not suspected there was another .

There's still a lot we do not know and we have to find out .

And what role you have in this story? My role is none of my business .

I 've done the mercenary.

It's not for me.

There's exaltation , killing for money.

After all, you are a wise man.

Sembene has your money.

There mostrerà the exit.

I hope you enjoy your life as an actor .

It seems to be right for you.

But .


if you find yourself in the demi - monde we've talked about and would like to escape from you know my address.

And you try to run away from what ? Maybe the same thing so try to get away from you.

We all have our curses , right? Good day, Mr.

Chandler .

Miss Ives.

Before you go last request , if you will allow me .

Choose a card.

No, no, not like that.

Do not impulsively.

Not without thinking about it.

Let me work on you.

Look into my eyes.

believe .


He was tempted ? I'd been intrigued .

So coming back .

He's going to leave town .

No he will not.

will not let them .

I need you , in an hour.

We have an appointment .

Where to now? Among the dead things .

JACK AND 'BACK ? A FAMILY quartered MASSACRE IN EAST END ! For just one penny ! Lord.


Malcolm Murray is out here.

That Malcolm Murray ? I am extremely pleased .

Foul enter.

And you're straight with your back , Felix ! You move like an orangutan ! Mr.

Lyle .

Oh, Sir Malcolm , you are.

The photograph in your book no justice , but they never do .

Promise autografarlo .

Your book , I mean.

It ' a very personal matter .

I'll do it with pleasure.

I present to you Miss Vanessa Ives.

I could not be more delighted ! No, really .

And what brings you to the humble neighborhoods Department of Egyptian and Assyrian antiquities actually, only Egypt.

we do not have high opinion of the Assyrians , actually .

Please , sit down .

What are these? Sylphs .

We believe that when we use the solvents usual would be too aggressive.

They eat meat , you know.

I beg your pardon , my dear, for the uninitiated it's a little ' macabre.

They are very exotic .

Where did they come from? By Waveney , in Suffolk, to tell the truth .

A place not at all exotic .


Lyle I was counting on your help .

I have some hieroglyphs to be translated.

I'm not on parchment.

Where did they come from? They are tattooed on a corpse .

Very extravagant.

Let's see what we have here .

late hieratic writing eighteenth dynasty , perhaps earlier , standard funerary text .

In this arrangement, you can translates roughly with " care with blood ," or "transformation with the blood.

" Or , according to another theory , are something more like a curse.

" Curse of the Blood .

" Believe me, those Egyptians did not like be specific.

They talked a lot to metaphors.

Are there any others ? - Yes .

I'd love to see it.

Not here .

The British Museum does not tolerate that they operate research series on the inside, after all.

God forbid ! And, before you take care of business , is vital for human contact me .

Knowing the people I work with , you know .

My wife and I receive guests, every now and then .

So gorgeous , make no mistake .

And ' absurdly rich .

We will give a little party next Friday .

You could join us .

The question is fairly urgent.

Good God, Sir Malcolm .

There's no urgency for the Egyptians two thousand years.

And I'm really overwhelmed .

I understand are overwhelmed by the papyri to translate.

It's not a word delicious ? " Papyri.

" It looks like a food eaten Persians from the boys , right? So , to Friday next .

As you wish .

Great .

It ' decided .

Take with you the other pictures and I'll give a look.

In private do not you agree ? It ' been a pleasure to meet you .

The pleasure has been ours, Mr.

Lyle .

Good day, good day .

And I guess you know the origin of enrollment.


And 'from the Egyptian Book of the Dead .

Do not exceed this point , please.

Please , come back Stand back .

Look at all that blood.

Do you think you have suffered a lot? You can say , the devil.

too small .

He was going to have another one , you know.

Do not tell me ! - Of course yes.

He was choosing the name .

It ' returned the Ripper ? - Who else but the old Jack Damn , whoever it was .

That goes straight to Hell.

A parcel for you.

From Sir Malcolm Murray.




So you are an explorer .

I have contributed to the modest discoveries.

There's a Mount Murray in the eastern part of the Belgian Congo , if you happen to be there.

It's not the most high mountain , of course, but even the most low.

I have spent most of his life in Africa.

I have seen many wonders.

Your message has surprised me .

You look like a man who keeps their secrets jealously .




I intended to accept the invitation.

But you do not have resisted .

When you see a river you have to follow it to the source .

Heedless of the dangers and companions who lose along the way.

You have to know how things work .

You have to discover its secrets.

You are perpetually dissatisfied .

And you, you're unhappy ? - I am looking for .

Of what? Maybe what you are looking for .

I am looking for the truth.

You are very young .

For some now I know that the truth is mutable .

Maybe we see science in a different way .

Really? Not traccerei ever the course of a river nor would climb mountains to measure them or planting a flag.

It makes no sense .

It ' a solipsistic personal growth .

As scientists studying the planet looking astronomical unnecessary lighting .

Botanists , who study the variegation of a fern Amazon.

Zoologists , imprisoned in the charm endless coils of a snake .

And for what? knowledge for its own sake ? The euphoria of discovery? You plant your flag on the truth.

There's only one sensible order , for scientific exploration .

pierce the veil that separates the living death.

Everything else, from the depths of the sea to the top most high mountain on the planet further away , is insignificant.

The life and death, Sir Malcolm .

The glitter that separates one from the other fast as the wings of a bat more beautiful than any sonnet.

That's my river.

That 's my mountain.

LE pianterò my flag .

You have the soul of a poet , boy.

And a bank account matched.

Now because you wanted to see me, Sir Malcolm ? - Tell me you.

Last night , of course.

That body was not , Put simply , human.


Did you kill him? - Yes .

Are there any others ? - At least one .

And what is your purpose ? - Look for a cure for the disease more rare .

famished , are in a position to offer you a job.

You seem to be a free thinker , able to imagine a world not bound by such that we consider " truth .

" - You mean the supernatural.

I mean the place where science and superstition go hand in hand .

A anatomist of your caliber would be invaluable for my work .

You will be well paid.

I do not care to join a sect of amateur occultists .

And I 'm not forming a .

It's not a game to me.

So stop behaving as if it were.

What do you want? I'm trying to save my daughter.

In order to save her, kill the world .

Come join me , Doctor.

With me , witness a horrific wonders.




how much of the world we will have to kill? Do you care ? I have another question .

Why me? Why did you not afraid to pull the skin and watch below .

Mina? My God Mina.

Do not you have any doubts .

It was her.

It was a cry for help ? I do not know .

In the beginning there was such urgency in her eyes.

And then something monstrous.

My true friend would not hurt you .

Our nature does not change under any circumstances.

You can not know .

No? I was not in charge? If not for my transgression , this would happen ? We can not undo the past .

We have to live with our fault , yours and mine .

After all this time is coming from me.

I'll find .

I had another thought when it was close a strange memory mechanism .

I thought of hunting lion years ago You move through the tall grass , with a view of the elusive prey.

The back especially , the mane.

Prepare the gun, silently .

And then there's a moment the wind changes grass stops waving The lion turns and looks at you .

The moment when you realize not be more than the hunter but the prey .

Pater noster qui est in caelis sanctificetur nomen tuum Adveniat regnum tuum fiat volentas your sicut in caelo , et on earth.

Panem nostrum cotidianum by nobis hodie et nobis due Dimitte our Adveniat regnum tuum I nos inducas in tentationem sed libera nos a malo .

Amen .

Pater noster qui est in caelis sanctificetur nomen tuum Adveniat regnum tuum Damn ! Can you hear ? My name is

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