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01x19 - Don't Let Go
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Previously on The Fosters - Zachary! - Who is that? My mom.

I don't have time for a girlfriend right now.

I'm sorry.

You don't trust your business partner? - We're not business partners.

We could be.

I know you were at school making fake IDs.

Did you steal the e-readers, too? Vico did.

I accused Daphne of taking them! I just got off my ADHD meds.

Well, that's cool.

Nervous? Harness that energy and focus.

Focus is key.

I really like you, but I love Lexi.

But I really think we need to break up.

If you're interested in using me as sperm donor, I'm in.

If you wanna use Timothy, I think we should get together, all three of us, talk about it.

The lawyer would like to know if you two would like to see your father first.

Oh, we don't.

You don't have to.

But I wanna see my dad.

He has agreed to sign away his parental rights.

You look just like your mother.

You wanna come in? No.

I, uh I just I wanna know what you're gonna say to Jude.

What? Whaddaya mean? Well, when he asks you why you stopped writing, and why when you got out of prison like a year ago, you didn't even bother to call us and don't say that you think we're better off without you because we both know that that is a cop out.

I had to get my life back together, Callie.

Had to get a job, had to find a decent place to live.

Before you could even talk to us? No.

Before I could get you back.

I didn't want this to go down like this.

I wanted to have something to offer you.

It just it takes time.

I just wanna do right by you kids.

You can't You can't say those things to Jude.

You're just gonna confuse him.

Callie, please, you've gotta give me a chance, Callie - Please.

No, you're too late.

No, you're too late.


Your dinner's in the oven.

How was group? I didn't go.

I just, um couldn't deal with it today so I hung out in the lobby.

I wasn't like playing Candy Crush or anything, I did homework.

But group is a condition of your probation, you know.

She knows.

Your P.


is going to get your attendance report.

No, I know.

I'm gonna make it up.

I just had a bad day.

You wanna talk about it? I'm just hungry.

I think this whole thing with her father signing away his rights is probably hitting her pretty hard, you know.

Yeah, well, that's all the more reason for her to go to group, so she can talk about it.

Well, give her some time.

She will.

Not all of us are like you with your relentless need to process things the very second they happens.

Some of us just need a little more time to figure out how we feel.

What's going on? I'm moving in.

To Brandon's room? No.

No way.

What if I want it? Too bad.

Snoozers are losers.

Get out of my room.

It's not your room! Hey, hey, what is happening in here? He's trying to move into Brandon's room.

Like, don't I get a say in this? It is my room now.

I need some peace and quiet.

I can't concentrate! Well, duh, you have ADHD.

Oh, hey.

All right, that is enough, Mariana.

Go to your room.

Thank you.

What are you doing? What are you doing? - I'm making the bed No no no no no.

No one is moving in here.

Go on, get out of here! - You just told Mariana To go back to her room, yes, and the same applies to you.

Go, now.


Don't blame me when I fail Algebra.

Really? Hey.

Are you gonna eat those? Hey, so I've been thinking, um are you sure? Are you sure you wanna see Dad? What are you hoping he's gonna say? I guess I just want a chance to say goodbye.

But what if he doesn't say goodbye, I mean ? What if he says, like, he wants to get us back or something? He won't, but if he did, what would you think? I don't know.

I mean, he is our dad.

He up yet? - He's in the shower.

So listen, uh I wanted to thank you for the money and everything.

And I want you to know that I'm gonna pay you back.

I promise.

I'm gonna get a job, or School is your job.

Let's just say the money was a gift? - Are you serious? - Totally.

Makes me happy to help you out.

I do have one request, though.

You need to start playing piano again.


So get to it.

Right now? - Come on, play for the cook.





How'd you make this happen? He hasn't touched that thing since he moved in.

Maybe I'm a good influence.

So, um I've been thinking about our talk the other night, you know, you moving in, and you're right.

Brandon probably has resented sharing Stef and Lena all this time you know, with the twins and now Callie and Jude and I just don't want him to feel like he has to share me, too.

You know.

Not right now.

Yeah, of course.

No, you're right.

You're 100% right.

It's not that I don't appreciate everything you're doing.

I do.

Just maybe when he moves back to his mom's we can revisit the idea.

Yeah, of course.


Oh-oh, bad news? If you consider getting kissed and dumped on the same day bad news.

Well, you didn't give him your underwear, too, did you? Relax, I'm kidding.

Since I moved to Dad's, I don't get to tease you as much.

Kinda my job as a big brother.

Yeah, well, we miss you, too.

How is everyone? How's Callie? Is she happy to be home? She is.

How about you, how's life in the man cave? I'm on lock down.

Why? I told my dad about the piano money and everything.


Well, it sucks you're grounded, but to be honest, I'm a little relieved that Mike's isn't all fun and games, 'cause then you'd never want to come home.

I mean, you are gonna move back, right? - Definitely.

Good, 'cause Jesus is eyeing your room.

If you don't come soon, you might not have a room to come home to.

Don't be a stranger.

Foster, you ok? I don't get this crap.

If I fail this midterm, I'm totally getting kicked off the wrestling team.

Haven't you been studying? I'm tryin'.

I'm sure it's tough with Lexi in town.

Lexi left.

We broke up.

Oh, yeah? She hooked up with some guy in Honduras.

Hey, do you think maybe you and me could study together tonight? Um Yeah I don't think I can.


I need my own room.

Need? Really? Well I need One Direction tickets.

I'm pretty that's not gonna happen either.

Come on.

What is it gonna take for you to help me convince Moms that I should get Brandon's room? - Tommy, I'll have that.



So if I do your chores for a week? A week? Oh hells no.

Six months.

Six months? Are you insane.

I'm not gonna be your slave.

One month.



Mmmm no, I don't think so.

Two months.

Then you've got to go to bat for me with Moms.


I would've done it for one.

Oh God.

Oh God.

Oh God.

Oh God.

What? It's Zac's mom.

I'm pretty sure she hates me.

Please, don't leave me alone with her.

Yeah, good luck, sucker.

You're Mariana, right? I'm Amanda Rogers, Zac's mom.

Is Zac ok? He was home sick, right? Lovesick's more like it.

And I think that what he really needs is, um, a little cheering up.

And just so you know, I just had my annual physical and got tested for, you know, everything and all clear.

What? This is a primal need for you to spread your seed? Honey.

What, I just I'm curious why he would want to donate in the first place.

I guess that could seem a little odd to you.

Um Very few people find it in their hearts to open their homes to foster children, not to mention the "high risk" ones.

You're the kind of parents that should be bringing kids into this world, so Good answer.

Um, you'll, uh, you'll sign a contract? What sort of contract? I didn't Well, basically that says we're the parents, not you.

Um, yeah, yeah, of course.

And we all agree that anonymity is best, yeah? - Absolutely.

Right now we don't want anyone, mostly our kids to know that it's you, especially while they're your students.

Yeah, got it.

Right, good thinking.

So are we are we doing this? Yeah.

Mom? What are you ? Hi.

I I was visiting your beautiful Mama.


Romance at lunch.


Way to up your game.

I I don't need more game.

I've got plenty of game.

Zac's mom invited me over for dinner tonight.

Is it ok if I eat there? I promise I'll be home early.


That's not the problem.

We just We were planning on inviting B over for dinner tonight.

There's a couple of things we want to talk to you guys about.

What about? Is everything ok? Nothing's wrong, just a kind of a you know, how's-everybody-doing check in/update kinda thing.

Sort of a team meeting.

Well, have you talked to Mike about that? Because Team Member Brandon is grounded.

He's grounded? You couldn't even answer my texts? I have a limited data plan.

Oh, come on.

Ok, I know what I did sucks.

You asked me to forgive you once.

How about you return the favor? Why you even want to be friends? The only thing we have in common is Girls United and that's history.

Well, history means something to me.

Not like I have that much of it.

So what happens the next time something goes missing? I'm always gonna be a thief or a drug dealer to you.

No, that's not true.

I'm sorry.

Ok, really.

I know what it's like to be judged for your past.

And I know, you and I don't have exactly the same background.

But it's not like I belong at Anchor Beach either, with girls who ugly cry when their Facebook photos don't get enough "likes".

I'm not kidding.

I saw my dad.

Look, I know how bad it feels to be out of the loop when it comes to our son.

It's how I've felt the past ten years, but I had to trust that you and Lena were always looking out for B's best interest, now you have to trust me.

You must be loving this.

Your chance to turn the tables on us, isn't it? I'm not loving this.

This isn't about me, this isn't a game, Stef.

It's about our son.

Look, ever since Callie came to live with you guys, Brandon's been acting out.

Oh, really, ok.


And the good news is, that he came clean about the money and gave it all back.

He's talking to me, he trusts me.

He's back on the right track.

I think living here is great for him.

Brandon may be living under your roof, but I am still his mother, and technically, Mike, legally, I have custody.

I'm well aware of that, Stef.

I will not be kept out of the loop when it comes to what is going on with my son.

I need to be consulted about every decision regarding him.


Thank you.

I thought you handled that really well.

But, listen, if he's gonna move out eventually, isn't it better to just do it now before we upset everyone? I mean, it's not like Stef's ever gonna give up control.


You know what? Brandon's happy here, he's doing great.

I'm not gonna let Stef manipulate me again.

You're right.

You're totally right.

He's a young man now and he needs his father.

Guess what? - What? I'm ovulating! Wow! Whoa.

That's wow, ok.

But we still have to have the contract drawn up and Timothy has to sign it.

I hear you, but we both know, my hormone levels could drop at any moment.

Do we really want to take that chance? - Hey.


So I talked to Mariana and it's all good.

Uh, what's all good? She's cool with me moving into Brandon's room.

I didn't realize that was up for discussion.

It's not.

What? Why not? Because it's Brandon's room and he's coming home soon.

When? I don't know, sweetheart but it's gonna be soon.

And when he does, his room's gonna be waiting for him.

Got it? So I get a half of one room and Brandon gets two rooms.

It's great, just great.

You always put Golden Boy first.


All right, you know what? I think maybe you're right.

We should just wait until next month to, um, inseminate.

Look, sit.

Sit sit sit.

You always put everyone else first.

Let's not wait.

Let's do it now, ok? As long as the contract is signed before the baby is born, it's all good.

Are you sure? - Yeah.

But can we just, um maybe wait to tell the kids until we are actually pregnant? That would be great.

If he was trying to get us back, why not at least call us? I mean, he's been out of prison a year.

How long does it take to get your act together when your kids are at stake? It can take longer than you think.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean It's hard enough trying to get a good job out of juvie, let alone outta prison like your dad.

Well, you're nothing like my dad.

How was it? Seeing him, I mean? Weird.

I thought I was just gonna tell him to leave us alone.

I thought, "You're the reason that Mom's dead" and then you basically abandoned us, so screw you.

" And then he opened the door, and there he was my dad.

He was never a great dad.

He wasn't really around all that much when we were kids.

But he was still my dad.

I just don't want him confusing Jude with all this bull about wanting us back.

Sounds to me like Jude's not the one who's confused.

What're you doing here? Your mom invited me.

I hope that's cool.

You brought me flowers? Oh, no no, these are for Mariana! Oh, you made it! For you, Mrs.


Oh, they're beautiful.

Thank you.

And stop calling me Mrs.


I mean it, it makes me feel old.

Come on in.


Be a gentleman.

I hope you like garlic.

Here we go.

Oh my goodness, this all looks so delicious.


aren't you a love.

How come you never brought her over before? Well, technically, I didn't bring her over this time.

So tell me about you.

Well, um I did costumes for the play that Zac was I love this song! - Get up and dance with me.

What, no, Mom, not Zachary! Come on! Come on! Get up right now! Come on.

Come on.

You know I hate it when you call me that.




Mom, I'm sorry, can we just please eat? Sure.

Sure we can.

Of course.

This looks delicious.

Who made this? You did, Mom.

Of course I did.

I was joking! You kids never get my jokes.

Do you ever wish you had a dad? Everyone has a dad, I've just never met mine.

I miss my mom.

I don't really remember my dad.


I heard he's gonna let us adopt you guys.

That's good news, right? Yeah.

I'm supposed to see him soon.

You are? Why? They asked us if we wanted to and I said I did.

Just be careful, ok? You remember what happened with me and Ana.


Come on in.

I'm kinda surprised you came back.

Does your your foster family, they know you're here? No, they think I'm working on a project for school.

You want something to drink? You want me to get you something? Um, why'd you stop writing to us? You know, after you've been in prison for a couple of years, you, uh you start to think maybe you're not gonna get out.

I told myself you kids were better off.

Truth is, I was pretty messed up.

And I felt ashamed about what I'd done.

And I was just waiting for the day to come when I'd open up a letter from you accusing me of murdering your mother.

You didn't murder her.

Yeah, I did.

I got drunk, I got behind the wheel, she's dead.

I mean, I didn't use a gun, but it all added up the same.



Oh, I don't think I should.

Oh, don't be silly.

In Europe, everybody lets their kids have a little nip or two now and then.

Here we go.

I wanna make a toast.

Today is the two-year anniversary of the day your father walked out on me.

Best thing that ever happened to me.

Cheers! Mom, dad left ten years ago.

I know, but it feels like two.

Son of a bitch.

Good riddance.

Well, now you know.

Know what? How weird my mom is.

So? Is this why you didn't wanna go out with me? 'Cause of your mom? Oh my God, Zac, I love her.

She's funny and she's fun and, ok, yeah she's a little kooky, but so what? I like kooky.

I mean, I like you, don't I? Hey.

What's going on? Surprise! I know that you're into blue, but I didn't know which shade so Where did you get this? Someone told me The Weepies is your favorite band.

That's amazing, thank you.

Your dad and I want you to feel at home here, with a grown up room.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind, but that old Space Buddies bedding had to go.

You didn't have to do this.

Are you kidding? I love a makeover.

And no offense, but this apartment is where old black leather couches come to die.

I just mean that, you know, I'm not gonna be here forever.

Brandon do you really think that you're gonna feel comfortable, living in that house with Callie? Personally, I think that whole thing was handled really poorly.

I mean, she's not your sister.

You met, what, like a few months ago? And if you're not living under the same roof, I just I don't see why you couldn't have a relationship with her.

I mean, if that's what you both want.

Yeah, I I don't think my dad would be very down with that.

Honey, leave him to me.

He's down with more than you know.

So what about you? What about me? Well how've you been? - Honestly? - Yeah.

Um, pretty awful.

Jude and I have been in six different foster homes.

They've all basically sucked until this one.

And I went to juvie a couple of times myself, Really? Juvie? You were such a good girl.

What? No, you just you just rubbed your nose like It takes me back.

When you were a little kid, you used to rub your nose and suck your thumb to help you go to sleep.

Your mom and I thought we broke you of the habit.

Callie, I know, I know, I failed you and Jude in every way a man can possibly fail his kids, and I know this happened all wrong.

You weren't supposed to show up at my door, looking for me.

I wanna tell you something now, ok? And you can take this to the bank.

I am here for you now.

Ok, I know I'm out of time, and I don't want to confuse Jude any more than you do, so just I'll tell him whatever you want me to.

I want you to tell him the truth.

It's your turn to take out the garbage cans, please.

Oh, Jesus is gonna do that for me.

Mmm, no I'm not.

Um, we made a deal.

Well, deal didn't work, so it's off.

you suck.


So I'm not sure if I want to see my dad anymore.

Well, it's normal to be nervous, honey.

It's not that.

I just I don't know if I want to.

I think you should.

I think we both should.

Just hear him out at least.

Did you have a change of heart, Callie? - Yeah, I guess.

I think that's great, Callie.

And Jude, you know, I know it's tough, but if you don't see him, you might regret it later.

I'll be with you.

If we're gonna be together ok.

Ok, great.

So why don't you guys grab your stuff, we're gonna be late for school.

Hey, um I just want you both to know how much Jude and I love you.

We know that, honey.

And nothing's could ever change that.

We love you, too.



So Mariana told me about tomorrow, big day.

You finally get to see your dad.

You nervous? I mean, you haven't seen him in like what, six years? I saw him last night.

You did? Why? I mean, I thought he already agreed to sign away his rights.

Well, he will, if that's what Jude and I want.

Well, it is what you want, isn't it? You're not seriously considering going to live with him or something? - It's not that simple.

Yes, it is.

Callie, you can't keep changing your mind about what you want.

He didn't try to call you when he got out of jail.

There are reasons.

No, there are no good ones! - Brandon, stop it! And now you and Jude have a family who wants to adopt you who loves you and what, he suddenly he wants you back? - You really think he cares? - Stop it! Stop it! He abandoned you and Jude.

That's not what a father does.

Don't tell me about my father.

Callie! This is worse than the time we built that volcano for Mariana.

Well, hello.

Those aren't for us.

What! - They're for Timothy.

Oh, come on, he gets to have all the fun.

Yeah, well, we get a baby.

That is if we can figure out how to use this kit.

My Brandon-making kit was a bottle of whiskey and the backseat of Mike's car.

I shouldn't have said that, should I? So where exactly do you want Timothy to, you know, do his ? Well, I thought our bathroom.

I mean, time really is of the essence here, so I thought, you know, he could leave it and we can run right in and do our thing.



Look at this.



I'm sorry I couldn't help you study yesterday.

I just It's it's fine.

I heard the mid-term is gonna cover powers, roots, and radicals.

No polynomials, thank God! If you want, we can cram at lunch.

I can't.

I've got to go home, I've gotta grab something.

So no one's here so you can just take your time.

I always do.

Um, you don't you don't have to fill the whole thing, it's that's good.

Um, you, shouldn't use any lotion or anything like that and, uh and we did leave some some reading material for you in case you need it.




Oh, so our room is at the top of the stairs and you'll find everything you need in the bathroom.

And we'll just wait out back.

Come on.


This is crazy.

Right? We're gonna have a baby.

I love you.

I love you.

Timothy? - Hey.

What are you doing here? I was just having a parent/teacher conference with your moms.

At your home.

And um, I just needed to use the bathroom, so I'll see you at school.

Um Jesus is here.

Moms! I just found a cup - We know, honey.

You know? I think we might wanna tell the kids now.

Tell us what? So we were going to wait until later, to tell you guys this, but since the cat's outta the bag we are trying to have a baby.

What adopt a baby? Oh my God, a baby! We've never had one of those.

Please get a girl! - Wait, wait, there's more.

We're not gonna adopt.

Mama wants to carry the baby.

We've decided to give it a try.

And we have a donor.

It's Timothy.

Timothy, as in our English teacher Timothy? We wanted it to be anonymous, but your brother Basically walked in on Timothy in Moms' bathroom Ok, look, none of this is easy, you guys, but we just we wanted someone that we knew and trusted and respected.

And who would make a freaking adorable baby.

So that's why I can't have Brandon's room? You're turning it into a nursery? If Mama gets pregnant, uh, the baby will sleep in our bedroom.

We want all of you to be on board with this.

Ok, it's really really important to Mama.

I think it's cool.

Yeah, me too.

Me three.

And, Jesus, if you want to move into my room, it's yours.

For real? - Yeah.

Are you sure about that, bud? I mean, you know, until I get back, ok? - Can I start moving in? - Go.

Ooh, but after, you need to take the trash bins in from the curb.

A deal's a deal.

Oh, my God, I'm so excited.

You're seeing your dad, right? Yeah, tomorrow.

I hope that turns out the way you want.

All right, well, I'm gonna go grab some stuff before Jesus claims squatter rights and keeps it all.


Well, see you later, honey.


No, not yet.

Don't let go.

No, you hang up.

No, you hang up first.

I don't wanna hang up first.

I don't wanna either.

Ok, fine.

Goodnight, Zac.


Ok, fine, but we can only talk for five more minutes I have home Shut up.

Shut up, you little whore! - Amanda? Don't you "Amanda" me.

I know what you've been doing with Zachary.

And if you so much as breathe in his direction again, I will make you pay, do you understand me? - Can I? - Of course.



Come in.

Well, look at you all grown up.

So, you know Jude.

Wow, you got so tall.



And I'm Lena.

It's very nice to meet you.

Hi, Donald.

Thank you.

I'm Stef.

We're glad you could made it.


Yes, sorry I'm late.

Just make yourself comfortable.

Thank you.

And if you need anything, we'll be in the kitchen, ok? Thanks.


Um whatcha got there? Uh you don't remember? Um I'm sorry, should I? Um 'TJ'.

For Thomas Jacob? Um Oh, yeah yeah.


You kept it all this time, huh? Do you want it back? I mean, since it was your dad's? No.

No, this is yours.

I want you I want you to keep it.

So, um Listen, I wanted you guys to know that I I signed um I terminated my rights so you guys can get adopted now.

I just want you guys to know how how proud I am to be your dad.

And nothing will ever change that.

I love you guys I love you more than you'll ever know.

But, um the truth is your mother did all the raising when you were little.

And these ladies, Lena and Stef, they seem really nice and this is a This is a really this is a really good home, this is.

I could never provide you with anything like this.

So I think it's for the best.

Can I give you a hug? Yeah, ok.

I'm so sorry for everything.

I'll walk you out.



You be good, kiddo, ok? Thank you for saying those things and signing the papers.

I said I'd do whatever you wanted.

This is what I want.


When you called me last night, I thought, "No, I don't care what she says", "she's wrong, I'm gonna fight for them.

" But you asked me to tell Jude the truth.

If I'm being honest with myself, it's that's what I just did.

I'll always be your dad.

I'm just not a parent.

If you ever need anything um you know where to find me.

You two take care of each other, ok? We always do.

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