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  1x11 - The Honeymoon
 Posted: 03/29/14 20:37
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Previously on The Fosters Callie, this is Lena.

Lena, Callie.

It's just for a few weeks, right? She's gonna be staying with us for a little while.

How are you, honey? - I'm good, how are you? - Hi babies! - What? Nobody told you our mom's a cop? Whoa! Hey! - What the hell are you doing? - I just want to talk Calm down, man! Ok, ok, ok.

Police, freeze! Freeze! Get down on your knees now! We are not sending these kids back into that system.

You selling my pills? - I've been talking to Ana.

Our birth mom? - Here.

I don't want you dating Wyatt because I don't want you dating anyone.

Even having this conversation can get me and Jude kicked out.

That was Liam.

The foster brother you told me about? He forced me to have sex with him.

Will you marry me? I thought you'd never ask.

You mean, like, adopt us? - Is that a yes? - Yeah.

Yes! You deserve to be happy, don't you? I'm very proud to welcome you to the marriage of Lena Elizabeth Adams to Stefanie Marie Foster.

She's gonna be devastated when she finds out we aren't coming back.

I'm not going to be selfish anymore, ok? I promise.

What are you doing here? - I need a ride.

Good morning, Mrs.

Adams Foster.

Good morning, Mrs.

Adams Foster.

No hyphen, right? We agreed, yes? No hyphen.

But how much do I love that we all have the same last names now.

I love it, I love it, I love it Is that bacon? Your mom must be making breakfast.

Oh, I love her in this moment right now I love her very much.

Does that mean we have to join them? No.

It's our honeymoon, it's our honeymoon.

Do we have to? Please say no.

The only thing you have to do Yeah? Is kiss me.

Morning breath, that's not going to happen.

I don't care.

Come here, woman.

I love it when you call me "woman.

" Well, I thought that that was just the most beautiful wedding that I'd ever seen.

You know, Stef's dad and I got married in Las Vegas, in one of those awful theme chapels.

Good morning, darling.

Sit down and eat.

Wow, you've been busy, Grandma.

Well, you know, they don't tell you when you do a DIY wedding that you're gonna have to un-DIY it yourself.

I mean, look at all this stuff.

Where's Callie? - She has guitar lessons Sunday morning.

Wow, Ma! Did you even sleep? - Sleep is so over-rated.

I wanted to make sure we got everything done before I fly out tonight.

You know, I don't want to leave you with any of this.

Thank you.

That is so sweet, Sharon, thank you.

I'm loading up the glasses and the dishes now, I already got the tables in the SUV.

You loaded the tables? - Well, Jesus helped me.

You did? Good boy.

That's great because the tables That's all I'm doing.

It's Lexi's last day before she leaves, and I'm spending it with her.

Um, no.

Lexi's coming over and we're working on our English project.

And we're totally behind because every time she comes over here, she ends up hanging out with you.

But that's not due for like a month.

Yeah, and Lexi's going to be gone for awhile.

We're not saving it until the last minute, we're supposed work on it all semester.

Where's she going? - To Honduras to see family.

Wait, how's that going to work? Her dad has a way, I guess.

When is she supposed to be back? - Um, two weeks.

The way you said it I thought she was moving away forever.

God, no.

I think I'd die.

Hey, Ma.

Thank you so much for everything you've done.

I can't believe you loaded the tables in the SUV because unfortunately Hey! Why are all the tables in your SUV? I thought I was supposed to pick them up to return them? I'm sorry, my fault.

It's fine, but the glasses and the dishes - And the chairs.

And the chairs they have to go back after the glasses.

We could do the glasses first but it makes more sense geographically if we start with the chairs and work our way around the loop ending with the glasses.

A word of advice to the newly married, we say yes.

It's so much easier.

You never do, so shut up.

All right, well we got tables to unload and reload That means everybody.

Let's go, let's go! - I just got dressed.

Guys, I'm so sorry.

Mom, it's fine.

I was just trying to help.

Yes, and you were a very big help and we appreciate it.

Listen, I didn't want to say anything yesterday 'cause the wedding and all, but Adoption? Really? I mean, I think Jude and Callie are great kids, I really do, but they've only been here a little while, you don't really know what they have been through and you've got three other kids you need to take care of.

Have you thought this through? Yes, Mom.


Wyatt I'm not letting you in until you tell me what's going on.

Come on, Wyatt.


I don't think I want to be harboring a known fugitive unless I know why.


Can I please get in? - I'm not moving.

Things just weren't working out, ok? I was probably gonna get sent to another foster home and I just I can't do it anymore.

I want I need to be in charge of my own life for once, you know? What do you mean, things weren't working out? - You seemed pretty happy.

Yeah? Yeah.

Sure, I was.

It's just Did you do something? Or something? Well, it's nothing illegal, no.

No, no, I mean like, like something bad.


So, I didn't get to talk to Callie last night, and I know that yesterday was kind of weird, what happened and everything, and I just, you know, wanted to make sure you're cool.

No, you don't.

You just wanna know if I'm gonna tell.

What? No, that's - So, what? You think you're gonna be with my sister now? You can't be together.

They won't adopt us.

Well, we we'll figure something out, you know.

We'll talk about it when she gets back from her guitar lesson.

You're no better than Liam.

Hey! I'm not Liam.

I'm nothing like Liam.

I love Callie.

This is the button for massage - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I I know how it works.

Here's a little something.

You'll share that with your friend.


Ok, great.

Thank you.

You two can see yourselves out, can't you? They're gonna kill you.

They are not.

Shh! Come here and check this out.

They're going to love it and I know they are, because I love this bed so much I love this bed like like Sleeping Beauty loves her Prince.

As a matter of fact, if Sleeping Beauty had had this bed, I don't think she would've even wanted that prince to wake her up.

Back home in Tampa I have this boyfriend, and, well, he's kind of a nimrod, but I'm not gonna break up with him, you know why? Because I love his bed.

Here, check it out.

You can raise the feet up or you can raise the head up if you wanna read.

Yeah, there you go.

You're doing it.

All right.

Ok, whoa! Hey cowboy! Ahh! - Give me that.


Jack your own side up there, buddy.

That's better.


Wouldn't it be better to get rid of the nimrod and buy yourself a bed? You don't pull any punches, do you? You're just like my daughter.

Ok, here we go.

There he goes.

Look, I'm a taco.

Look, I'm a corpse.

Can I have some time with my girlfriend now? No, we have to get this done, Jesus.

Leave us alone.

Can't you take a break? What part of no don't you understand? Lexi, come on.

Um, I can use a few minutes.

Ok, fine.

We'll finish this later.

Wait, Mariana's right.

We should probably keep working, but I'll come find you later? - Go on, it's fine.

Girl, it's obviously not fine.

What's up? Look, I'm totally cool with you dating Jesus, really, it's just every time you come over here, you always end up hanging out with him and, I don't know.

And I don't pay any attention to you.

I'm sorry.

It's ok.

You'll understand once you fall in love.

It's just what happens.


So, I don't understand because I've never really had a boyfriend before? You know what? I could use a break.

I'm going to get a soda.

Do you want one? So, you actually believe that all that's real? That hole in the ground is where an alien spaceship went in? No, totally fake.

Ok, but you think aliens are real.

One hundred percent.

No, I don't get it.

You just admitted that all this is fake.

That's how you know it is real.

The government is going through such lengths to make everything seem fake.

To throw us off.

Can we have two, please? - Right.

I see, so So, the fakeness itself is what makes it real? - Totally.

You're weird.

It's the best way to be.

Do you believe in ghosts? - And time travel? - Yeah, 100 percent.

Ok, then why haven't the people in the future made themselves known here today? Because it's dangerous they would mess with the future.

Haven't you seen a movie, like, ever? All right, when you're a time traveler you have to stay invisible, you have to disappear so that you don't wreak havoc on history.

You'd be a really good time traveler.

No, I wouldn't.

I wreak havoc wherever I go.

Well, if you could travel anywhere in time, where would you go? Five years in the future.

Five years? That's it? Yeah.

I'd be 21, living on my own.

Jude would be almost 18.

We wouldn't have to worry about foster families and CPS and stuff.

What about Jude? He's better off without me.

Jude, what are you doing? We're trying to work here.

Everything ok? Hey, what's going on? She ran away.

So no one knows anything? Ok, that's great.

When was the last time anyone saw her? Mariana? When we went to bed last night.


When I woke up this morning she was gone, but I figured she'd already left for her guitar lesson.

I don't believe this.

We just told her we wanted to adopt her, is that what this is about? Did we freak her out? I don't know, maybe.

We're going to have to call her probation officer.

What if she comes back? Maybe she just needed a day to herself.

With every single item she owns? Lena, come on.

Won't calling her PO just make things worse? She makes things worse for herself, Lena.

And you know as well as I do that we have to follow procedure so that they don't Yes, I know, you're right.

Go ahead.

Hey, you ok? Is Callie going to go back to juvie? I don't know, honey.

I don't know, but I promise you that everything's gonna be ok.

I need to get in the bathroom I know.

have a shower.

Uh, Wyatt, it's Lena here.

Have you seen Callie? Have you heard from her? Uh, I don't know why I'm waiting for you to answer, this is your voicemail.

Ok, um if you know anything, anything at all, please call me.

Thank you.

Of course, we will.


Ok, thanks.

Mom, I really don't need an "I told you so" talk right now.

Hey, I did not come in here with a "My God" - That's good.

I just wanted to say, you know, no matter what happens with Callie, I certainly hope that, well, I hope you keep Jude.

He's he's a really, really special kid.

Yeah he's amazing and so is his sister.

I just don't understand.

I don't understand - I don't understand, Mom.

Shh My love Teenagers are just, they're just as confusing as all get out, you know.

Boy, raising you was like reading hieroglyphics blindfolded.

What? - That's it.

I told your dad, "I'm shipping her off to Nana.

" You have a flight to catch, Mom.

I can stay if you want, you know.

It's fine, Mom.

It's fine.

We'll be fine.

We have plenty of help.

What happened to our bed, Mom? Happy wedding! We loved our old bed, Mom.

Wait a minute wait a minute! This one goes up and down.

So Are you gonna call them? Stef and Lena, I mean.

Don't you think you should No, I can't just ruin things for Jude.

Besides, I just finally did probation.

So, what's your plan? You coming all the way to Indy with me? Maybe.

Would that be so bad? I'm not sure how my grandparents are going to feel about me just bringing someone to live with us.



Sure No, I just thought I could come with you to Indiana, and I could find a job, get my GED, find a place to live I mean, how hard can it be? People way dumber than us do it every day.

I know your mom's not around anymore, but what about your dad? - Could you maybe stay with him? - In prison? Besides, even if he wasn't in prison, he doesn't want us.

How do you know that? - I used to write to him.

He stopped writing a long time ago.

I just don't understand why you're so sure he just abandoned you.

It's like you automatically assume that everybody gives up on you.

Maybe he's maybe he's looking for you.

What are you doing? I'm going to make a bed on the floor.

You can sleep in the bed with me, fool.

You sure? - Yeah.


Oh, where are you going? We should get on the road soon.

What's the hurry? It's nothing, just We've got a lot of miles to cover today.

What happened to breakfast? - Grab something on the road, ok? Yeah, ok.

I'm going to go gas up the car.

Will you meet me down there as soon as you can? Hey, are you going somewhere? Where is Callie? Can I have a second to explain to her what I did? You did the right thing by calling us back Callie? Callie? Callie? Callie! Callie! I didn't know about it until she showed up at my house.

She was definitely going somewhere, and I figured she was better off with me than on the streets alone.

Like she is now? - Why? Why would she leave to begin with? She said things weren't working out.

How she's probably getting sent to another foster home.

What? What could she possibly mean by that? We just told her we wanted to adopt her.

Stay here.

Gentlemen, please Hey, bud I know you're worried.

I get it, but they found her, right? So you're going to school and when you get home, she'll be here.

Eat up.

Ooh I'm not eating eggs anymore.

Why not? - Chickens are treated really badly.

Like, awful.

Like a thousand of them crammed in a shoebox or something.

Well, I think these are cage-free.

More for me.

Would it be ok if I had cereal? Yeah, sure.

Uh, cereal cereal Ok.

B, you should eat something.

Uh - Dad, no ham.

Why not? I mean, it's fine for me, but Mariana won't eat it because of the pigs, - and Jude doesn't like it.

Jesus, you like ham? Ham's good.

I'm going to need two sandwiches, otherwise I'm starving to death.

Then I can make turkey for you, too? The birds? Ok How about peanut butter? Anybody abusing the peanuts? I mean, it's kinda fattening.

But that's cool.


Ok, peanut butter for you.

So, do you think she's back together with Wyatt? I mean, do you think they're a couple again? - Did she say anything to you? - No, I don't think so.

I'm pretty sure they broke up a month ago.

And she didn't say anything to you? I just, I don't get how she could just - Take off.

I know.

I was kind of starting to feel like I had a sister.

Wait what time does school start? - Uh, 7:55.

What? Aren't you guys supposed to walk? Brandon, help me with these.

Put them in there.

Good, good, good, good, good.

We got this.

Ok, so that's ham, two of Wait, you know what? Why don't you take Lena's car.

Anybody know where the keys are? Keys Keys, where are the keys? Keys! Keys Keys! Ok.


All right, so, we've got Let me see.


Two hams for you.

A ham for you.

Turkey for you.

And a slightly fattening but still ok peanut butter for you.

Wait, wait, wait.


All right, good.

All right, now go! B You can't be late, your moms are gonna kill me.

Mom's car won't start.

Ok, uh Everyone in my car.

Let's go.

Let's go, let's go.


Hey, you got any change? Do you? Mariana.

You got a sec? So, you're gonna need a new partner for your Gatsby project.

I was thinking you could ask Abby since she doesn't have a partner But I'm doing it with Lexi.

Um, I don't think Lexi's not coming back to school.

They're moving.

She didn't tell you? You forgot to put down your phone number.

Yeah, I kinda don't have one right now.

Well, how am I supposed to get in touch with you? Why, I just figured I could stop back in.

And Lismore Street? Where's that? It's the other side of town.



I'll just need to see an ID.

You didn't fill any of this out.

I don't have an ID.

You can't get a job without an ID, and I've lived here my entire life, I've never heard of Lismore Street.


So, you can't get a place to live without a job, you can't get a job without a place to live.

Uh, sweetheart I have a daughter and if she were out on the streets on her own I'd want someone to tell her to go home.


Just say it.

Say what? - What you're thinking.

How do you know what I'm thinking? - 'Cause I know you.

Well, if you know me, I shouldn't have to say it.

So just drop it.

But you want to.

You want to say, "I told you so," "I was right.

" "I should've called the police as soon as Wyatt called us, but I let you talk me out of it, and if we had done what I wanted to do, then Callie would be safe right now.

" Yes, that's exactly what I want to say, because it's true.

I know that you think I am impulsive sometimes, Lena.

I know you think I rush into things without thinking about - Like Ana's house.

Yes, like Ana's house.

Yeah, but sometimes, sometimes I am right.

Obviously, sometimes you are right.


Are we just gonna keep driving around in circles? Shouldn't we stop, maybe get a map, make a plan There's not a mark on a map that says "Callie is here," ok? So, this is the plan.

All right? This is the plan.

We drive, we look for her.

This is the plan.

This is all I've got.

You know what else I was right about? Should've returned the damn glass first before the place closed! What, you're just going to leave them there? We have to pay for those! Yes, we're just going to leave them there.

Feel better? No.

What's going on? Mariana did this for us.

My going away present.

To both of you.

She's only going away for a couple weeks.

We're not coming back.

What what? Hold on.

Hold on.

What do you mean? They told me this morning.

I was gonna call you guys, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get on the plane if I saw you.

Why are they doing this? Well, my dad's job figured out he wasn't here legally and they fired him.

And I guess that was the final straw, you know? I think they're just tired of being afraid all the time.

Oh, my God.

This sucks.

I can't believe this is happening.

I'm gonna miss you so much.

And I'm gonna figure out a way to come back.

Like, maybe for college or something.

I can get a student visa.

But I don't want you to wait for me or anything, ok? - Lexi - No, no.

I'm serious.

Don't say anything you don't mean, ok? Well, I mean this: I love you.

If I have to wait a while till I'm gonna be with you again Well, then that's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna wait for you.


Of course.

Don't worry about it.

Stef, it's fine.

All right.



What's going on, Dad? Is she still with Wyatt? Did they find her? She took off again.

You know who I am, Lena, and I know that it's frustrating as hell for you sometimes.

Same here.

We're so different it's baffling to me sometimes.

But I think that's why we work? We balance each other out.

Usually, at least one of us is right.

Well, the sad thing is this time I think we were both wrong.

I think we were both wrong about Callie.

Ever since we found out she was gone, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out why the hell would Callie leave.

And for a minute there, I thought she was with Wyatt and she must still be into him.

Then she took off on her own.

And I realized that, no, she didn't run away with Wyatt.

She ran away from me.

I kissed her and she ran away.

I completely screwed this up.

I'm really, really sorry.

She didn't leave because of you.

She left because of me.

I told her that she was selfish and that she ruined everything for me.

So she left.


It's not your fault, Jude.

Ok? It's not your fault.

End of the line, little darling.

You've got to go.

Looking for the shelter? Good.

Stay out of there unless you want real trouble.

You want a place to stay? You don't talk much, huh? - Sorry.

I'm just - Don't worry.

It's crazy out here.

I get you.

Hell, I used to be you.

Well, if you need a place to crash, me and some of the girls, we got a place.

You can hang with us.

Thanks, I'm cool.

Hey, um Sorry.

Do you have a phone I could use? Calling home? - Lompoc.

Yes, um I need to speak to an inmate there.


Donald Jacob.

That's not how it works.

Prisoners have to call you collect.

Yeah I can't really get calls right now.

That's not my problem.


No, I know it's not.

Could you at least tell me when visiting hours are? I'm gonna come see him.

My dad.

Come see my dad.

What's his name again? - Donald Jacob.

Hold on.

Look, there's no point in coming here for visiting hours.

Donald Jacob was released over a year ago.



Everything ok? - Yeah.

Well, if you need anything You know where to find me.

Hey, you gotta pay for that.

I don't have any money.

Then put it back.

I said, put it back.

Hey! I don't know what your problem is, but if you take one bite of that candy bar, I'm gonna call the cops.

Do you understand me? One bite Yeah, this is the Liquor Palace.

I want to report a robbery.

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