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01x06 - Saturday
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Previously on The Fosters - Taking out the trash? - Hey! Last night, Lexi and I had sex but we needed the morning after pill.

So now what? Have you thought any more about talking to your mom? If she ever found out, that you guys gave me the pill, she'd go crazy.

I did it, so that you did not have to.

Hey, what's he doin' here? I invited him.

I don't want you dating Wyatt, because I don't want you dating anyone.

Yeah, well, even having this conversation, could get me and Jude kicked out of the house.

That would never happen.

Brandon, it can happen I'll take Jude to his tutor, then drop Jesus at practice.

Mike is taking Brandon to his audition while you're at your dad's.

How long do you think you're going to be? Not long, just enough to stock the fridge, say hello, you know.

Good morning, sweets.

Good morning.

Good morning, sleepy head.

Is this thing supposed to itch? That's a excellent question, one you should have posed before you stuck a needle in your face.

Oh, since you're going to the store, will you pick up a couple bottles of white? Yeah.

What's wrong with what we have? We're not serving wine in a box.

Ok, fancy-pants.

But it's Lexi's parents.

We're not trying to impress them.

Jesus' relentless micromanagement would suggest otherwise Speaking of which, you're still welcome to join us.

I'm sure the Riveras would love to see you.

Or not.

Well, you're up and at 'em this morning.

I got to practice.

You were up practicing pretty late night.

It's a big day.

He stresses himself out every time he has an audition like this.

I know.

He'll be fine.

Brandon wake you up, too? - He's supposed to be wearing his headphones.

He is.

You can hear him banging on his keyboard through the walls.

It's like a construction site in there.

Oh, everybody's up.

Before 10:00.

What kind of teenagers are you? Not Jude.

That kid could sleep through the apocalypse.

Did you guys decide what we're having for dinner tonight? As a matter of fact, I do believe we're starting with some caviar, then lobster tails with Belgian escarole, and a side of truffled potatoes - Seriously? - No, of course not.

Mama's making halibut.

I just want to impress them.

If we have to have caviar to impress them, we're not going to make the cut.

What are you so nervous for? This isn't a sit-down like The Godfather.

The Riveras just want to be sure both families are on the same page.

We'll do our best to assure them we're not running a teen brothel, but we're not going to pretend to be something we aren't.

I know, they're just old school.

Oh, Callie.

Are you ok to walk to your support group, tonight? Um, yeah.

Did you take those? It's not like it requires talent.

I just clicked a button.

No, these are great.

Is this something you're into, photography? I mean, I guess.

You better run and get a shower before you're late.


Oh, I almost forgot.

Let me guess, you'd like us to use the fine china? Lexi's parents are chaperoning a retreat next weekend, and I really want to go.

Um, hello.

We have the adoption fair next weekend.

Since when are you religious? - Since when are you a hipster? Ok.


We'll not make any promises, Jesus, but we'll we'll look into it.

You never invited Lexi's parents over when we were friends.

Ok, church camp? So, we can subject our son to people who don't approve of our family? Um, no.

I figured, hey, it's still technically "ours", I might as well throw one last party.

You're not upset the bank's foreclosing on the only home you've ever lived in? That's like me throwing a party every time I got yanked out of one foster home and dropped in another.

It's just a house.

Is this really your house? 'Cause, last time we went to your house, I almost got arrested.

Come see.

How hard is it to sneak into a place with a marker? Look.

You did this? Yeah, when I was little.

I started in fourth grade.

When life sucked I'd go in there and just draw.

This is stupid No, it's not stupid.

I want to see more.

You want to see more of me? Oh, you're really incapable of being serious for more than 30 seconds.

Do you want me to be serious? Let's talk about us.

What are we? Are we dating? What do you call this thing that we're doing? I do not get you.

I feel like I'm a girl in this relationship.

Relationship? If you could only see how ridiculous you look right now.

Come tonight.

No I want you at my party.

No way.

Wyatt, I'm on probation.

One close call is enough for me.

It's just a little get together.

Sorry, I have to go.

Got a hot date? - Yeah.

With a bunch of angry foster kids.

Why don't you blow it off? - It's required.


Very nice.

Oh, sorry.

Was it too loud? I took my headphones off, my ears were hurting.

No, no, no.

It was beautiful.

Well we'll see.

I just wanted to wish you luck before I head out.

We won't be back before your dad comes to pick you up this afternoon.

You need anything? - Um, I'm good.


Hey I have all the confidence in the world that you're going to impress this guy, but this audition can't be the be-all, end-all of your life.

He's just a piano teacher.


No, he's not.

He's one of the best in the state.

Well, he'd be lucky to have you.

He didn't exactly feel that way last year or the year before that.

We're proud of you.

No matter what.

Whoa, where are you headed in such a hurry? - Garret invited me to lunch.


You two are spending quite a bit of time together these days.

Can I go? We were just going to meet at Paco's.

Sure, I was just about to leave, I can drop you off.


But, can we hurry? I don't want to be late.

Sounds like you dealt with that really well, Nicole.

Thank you.

Sarah, we haven't heard from you yet.

Well, um after a few misses, I think my third foster home's a match.

The Olmsteads have really gone out of their way to make me feel welcome.

They don't introduce me as their "foster daughter," and they take me everywhere.

It's nice to feel like I belong.

Even if it is temporary.

And we lived happily ever after.


Thanks for that, Sarah.

It's time to break, but I hope next week we'll all participate.

Such a waste, right? - Oh.


I can't believe they make us do this crap on a Saturday.

I know, right? - Hey, um Do you want to talk about it over coffee or something? - My treat.


Yeah, just let me text my foster mom.


You came.


Your folks must be mad, huh? Well, they're not exactly happy.

I like it.

I'm sure you'd rather be hanging with your friends on a Saturday afternoon, so thank you for coming.

Well, my weekends are pretty boring these days.

Don't you have a boyfriend? Pretty girl like you.

And where are your girls? I remember when I was your age, I would not go anywhere without my girl Nati.

Well, my Nati's name is Lexi and we aren't talking.

What'd she do? - It's complicated.

Try me.

She's been hooking up with Jesus behind my back.

Oh, man.

Yeah, that sucks.

Um I was surprised to hear from you again.

Last time, you you know, took off so fast.


Well, this is awkward.

I don't have anymore money, if that's what you mean.

Oh, no.

No, God, no.

I was thinking about you on your birthday wishing I was there.

Wondering if you even got to have a Quinceanera.

I did, yeah.

That's so nice.

I bet it was wonderful.

Oh, yeah.

It was amazing.

Well, I wish I could've seen it.

Anyway I wanted to give you something.


My God, thank you.

Do you like it.

I love it.

Dad, you were supposed to be here like 20 minutes ago! I'm going to miss this audition, where are you? Hi Dad! - There's my favorite daughter.

You're only daughter.

But I'm relieved I made the list.

Here, let me help you.

I got it.

I'm not an invalid.

You don't have to keep doing this, you know.

If I don't stock the fridge you'll live on sodium-packed TV dinners.

It's bad for your heart.

Come on, you're nuts.

Your mother and I raised you on TV dinners.

And I still have nightmares about frozen peas and Salisbury steak.

Spoke to mom last night by the way.

She sends her regards from Florida.

Good for her.

See the Padres game last night? You mean the massacre? Barely heard the last inning.

Jesus was screaming at the TV.

You got to love that kid.

I should take him to a game since baseball isn't Brandon's thing.

They would both love an invite, Dad.

Just not next weekend, Jesus wants to go to Bible camp.

Come again? Your grandson wants to go to church camp.

Catholic church camp.

Catholic? You're not raising the kids Catholic, are you? Please, Dad.

You know we don't do church.

Don't you think they need a church though? A good Christian church? I never understood why you stopped.

You're kidding, right? - What? You never understood why I stopped? I know you remember Tess, Tess Brown, my friend from high school? Yeah.



You sent me to see a youth minister because you caught us "cuddling" on the couch.

Even though we weren't doing anything.

Was only trying to help.

How? You never talked to me about it.

You never asked me anything.

All you did was lock me in a room with some man, who proceeded to tell me that being gay was a sin.

I was being a parent, I was pushing you in the right direction.

Well, I was completely humiliated.

That's why you stopped going to church? One meeting 20 years ago? How could I ever go back, Dad? I didn't want you to make wrong choices.

I'm just saying! You had a husband, and a son.

And you still left Mike for Lena.

You had everything, and made the choice to be gay.

It's not a Oh, my God.

Ok, let's pretend it is a choice, Dad.

At the end of the day, who I love shouldn't be an issue for you, or anyone else.

I have an amazing family.

Lena is an amazing woman, whom I absolutely adore.

So, yeah.

I made a choice.

I made a choice to be happy, Dad.

I don't want to get into this right now.

You're welcome for the groceries, Dad.

Sorry, I fell asleep watching the game.

Yeah, well, it's the middle of the freaking day.

I said I'm sorry.

Yeah, I heard you.

I get my own room.

You're lucky.

When I first moved in to my new house my roommate totally hated me.

She come around? - Yeah.

We'd probably never hang out if we weren't forced to live under the same roof, but as far as foster siblings go, I guess she's cool.

So, what about you? Any other kids at the Olmsteads? One.

He's older, he's out of high school, but he still lives at home.

That's cute.

Give me your Instagram handle and I'll tag you.

So, this boy.

Is he cute? Do you hang out? What do you do? Jeez, you ask a lot of questions.


I live with four other kids, so Well, he and his dad like golf.

Like, a lot.

Like, obsessed.

One time we went mini-golfing, you know, as a family, and he got so pissed when he missed this easy putt that he broke his club.

Like, in half! Wait, who? Liam or his dad? I never said his name was Liam.

You sure? I'm pretty sure you did.

No, um I've got to go.

Looks like you're having a rockin' Saturday.

The sunset looks cool behind your elm tree.



It's kind of your tree, too, you know? I never really noticed, but Wyatt's super cute.

You think? He's sexy.

Like, messy-sexy.


So, what's up with you two anyway? Don't most girls with boyfriends consider Saturday date night? Not my boyfriend.

And even if he was, he's having a party tonight, so Ok, excuse me? He's having a party tonight, and we're sitting here? - We have to go.

Ok, it's not like you're missing prom or anything.

It's just a stupid foreclosure party.

I don't want to be home when Lexi and her parents get here, please and admit it, you don't want to be stuck here on a Saturday night either.

And you totally like Wyatt.



If you really want to go.

Yay! - Don't force it.

It's stuck, can you hold on There we go.



It's just a dinner party, babe.

It's not dinner, it's my dad.

He just I don't know, maybe it is the dinner.

What, we're supposed to sit there and make nice with these people who are trying to "save" Jesus or something? Jesus isn't looking for a religious experience, he wants to spend the weekend with his girlfriend.

I'm sure he'd rather be going to Disneyland.

But before you jump to any conclusions, let's talk it over with the Riveras, ok? I'm telling you this, I will not be judged in my own house.

You know what? We owe it to Jesus to find out more about the camp before we shut it down.

Probably think we're a couple of heathens who let our children run amuck without any supervision.

If the Riveras had any problems with us they wouldn't have allowed Lexi to sleep over with Mariana all the time.

And Lexi and Jesus did have sex.

Not in the house.

Save some for the Riveras, please.

Whatever you're cooking smells amazing.

Mama's cooking halibut and grilled asparagus.

Mm - Still time for you to join us.

Actually, we were thinking about getting out of the house and watching a movie at Wyatt's.

The hair model? Oh, we like him.

Both of you? - Mm-hmm.

Together? - Yes.

Wyatt's parents gonna be there? Um, hello? It's Wyatt's parents' house? Ok, the two of you may go.

Be home by 10:00, please.

Call if you need a ride.

Have fun.

What? I didn't lie.

I'm sorry he made you wait and audition last, but you're going to blow him away I know it.

Ok, Dad.

All right.

No, I'm serious.

You're gonna make him forget anyone else played today.

Dad, seriously.


I don't know who's more nervous, me or you.

All right, I'm going to take a walk, Dad.

Thank you very much.

Brandon Foster? Good luck, buddy.

Um, I'm sorry.

Can I start again? Ok.

Oh, my God.

We should go.

Oh, hells no.


Ok, look, if you're going to drink just have one and sip it all night.

God, don't worry.

You act like I've never been to a party before.

Hey, girl! - Hey! - Wyatt.

Hey, you made it! Yeah, Mariana needed a babysitter, so Oh, way to make a boy feel special.

Guess I'm stoked you came at all.

Want a spray can, marker, glow-in-the-dark paint pen? Thought you were just having a little get together? Is that not what this is? What exactly are you trying to accomplish by destroying your house? I am giving the bank a remodel.

Free of charge.

Everyone's destroying the house you lived in your whole life and you don't even care? Don't tell me what I care about.

I'm just - You know what? Have fun babysitting.

I didn't think I'd run into you here, especially with juvie girl, but yay! Her name's Callie and she's fine.

Ok, what did I miss? A lot.


Looks like rehab really did the trick.

Aren't you supposed to be, you know, sober? Hello, I went to rehab for pills, not beer.

And obviously, my parents overreacted.



Well, it's delicious.

Thank you.

Thank you for having us.


When Lexi asked for our permission to date Jesus, you can imagine our hesitation.

Well, she's 15 now, and if she wants to start dating, that's fine, but we do have concerns.

But if she's going to keep spending time here, not as Mariana's friend, but as Jesus' girlfriend, we need to set some rules.

We agree.

Boundaries are essential, and curfews, no closed doors How about supervised visits only? - Mami.

Meaning If Lexi and Jesus start spending time together, it'll be in a common area where siblings or parents will be present.

We want you to feel comfortable having her here, and we love Lexi like she was our own But we don't want our kids to feel like we're breathing down their necks.

Well, that's exactly what we want.

She's joking.


Well, a little.

We aren't sure how we feel about Lexi spending the night with Mariana anymore.

Um, excuse me.

I'll get it, hon.

Sorry for the interruption.

More wine anyone? - Fill 'er up.

He's kidding.

Um honey, look who's here.

I, I didn't realize you had company.



Uh, Ernie and Sonia Rivera, this is my dad, Frank.

Hi, how do you do? - Great to meet you.

Nice to meet you.


Hey, Gramps.

How are you, kiddo? - What's up, Dad? - You know what? I'm going to go.

We were just about to start.

Would you like to join us? Uh sure, ok.

Love to.

Uh I'll go get another plate.


Been looking for you.

How'd it go? Can we go? No, not until you tell me how it went.

You were late.

Brandon, I'm sorry.

And you stink like booze.

You really think I wouldn't notice? Did you think it wouldn't matter? - What happened in there? - I screwed up, ok? I failed performing a song that I've played perfectly a thousand times.

So, let's go.

Wait here.

Dad, what are you doing? - Just give me a second.

Dad It's my fault he wasn't at his best.

I was late picking him up, could you just please let him play again? - It's been a long day, ok? - Look, I understand that.

But, you're missing out.

He's really amazing - I'm sorry, let's go - Give him another shot.

Please? Come on, don't make the kid pay for my screw up.

Oh, yeah.

I totally get why you're still pissed at Lexi, and it's crazy that your parents are hanging out.

It's kind of gross if you ask me Oh, my God, do you think your moms are telling the Riveras - they bought Lexi the pill? - What? Lexi wanted my help getting the morning-after pill.

Hello, if you need a pill, call Kelsey after she and Jesus had sex.

I couldn't help, so I guess they went to your moms.

Oh, you didn't know? Oops.

And you should have seen Papi's face when he got to the top, he a almost backed out.

That was my first and last zip-line adventure.

Lexi's such a good girl, but she's always getting me into trouble.

So, Jesus tell me about this camp.

What do you want to know? Well, what do you, as a non-Catholic, expect to get out of this Catholic Bible camp.

Dad, we're not sure he's going yet anyway, - so let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Oh, you're not? Uh, well, we have some concerns.

There's nothing to be worried about.

We're chaperoning.

It's going to be a great weekend.

Completely supervised, separate bunks for boys and girls.

That's not exactly what we're worried about.

Our hesitation has nothing to do with chaperoning or sleeping arrangements.

Our issue has to do with a difference in core values, I think.

We do not want to put Jesus in any kind of situation where he might hear anything negative about his family, or that his mothers' relationship is wrong in the eyes of God.

Oh, no.

No, no, no.

There's been some misunderstanding.

No, we would never let anyone ever we totally support this family.

You do? - Of course we do.

What's more Christian than family? Do it, man! Let's break it! Break it! What the hell do I care? Going to burn the whole freaking place down.


Wyatt! I grew up in this house! My mom worked so hard to pay for it! They took it after a few missed payments! Hey hey It's just a house.

It's not you, or your family, or your childhood.

It's just a house.

Some wood and some stone, and glass.

I never had a house.

Not in my whole life.

I'm sorry they're taking yours away, but you don't have to let them take away what matters.

Ok? All the memories and stuff.

That's yours.

They can't have it.

Ok? Ok? What are you doing? I'm keeping my memories and stuff.

You want to get out of here? This party sucks.

Um, I'm going to go find Mariana, ok? I'm going to wait outside.

Hey, has anyone seen Mariana? No, I - Oh, hey.


Yeah? You're a cool girl, you know? You and Wyatt are like a thing, now? Funny.

Everyone I liked, likes you.

I told you that you had nothing to worry about with me and Brandon.

I know, I know.

I freaked.

Can you blame me? You're the shiny new girl.

I should've realized that you were never into Brandon.

He's into you You're very fortunate to have such a relentless father.

That was excellent.

I'm impressed.

But I'm sorry to say I can not offer you a scholarship.

I already gave that out this afternoon.

I understand.

I'm not finished.

I can't offer you a scholarship, but you have a lot of potential.

So, I will make room in my schedule to take you on as a student.

Wow thank you.

Thank you so much.

You won't be disappointed.


It'll be $150 an hour, and a minimum of two hours per week.

Um I'm sorry Yeah, that's I got it.

That'll be fine.

Dad, no, you - Shh.

I'm paying.

Thank you.

All right.

It's settled then.

See you at 5:00 on Monday, Brandon.

Yes, sir.

And don't be late.

Wait, wait, wait.

I'm no Catholic, but the Church is not in favor of - Dad - You know what I mean.

Sorry, the Church is not in favor of same-sex marriage.

Well, we are.

How can you do that? How can you claim to be Catholics and not follow the teachings of the We don't have to subscribe to every teaching or guideline to be good Catholics or to be good people for that matter.

Well, you can't just pick and choose.

With all due respect, everybody does.

Or else I could sell you Lexi's hand in marriage.

Or you could stone me to death for contradicting you.

And no one wants that, do they? But, I have to ask you, you sit at this table and you call these people family, but you don't think your daughter has a right to marry Lena? I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

All right, Dad.

This is supposed to be a nice dinner, not a religious symposium.

You guys, there's nothing anyone could say to change the way I feel about my family.

I don't want to go to the stupid camp if it's going to cause World War III.

But seriously, Moms, have some faith in me.


Hey, come on.

Wyatt's going to walk us home.

Really? Oh, my God, your moms are going to kill me.

I'm fine.

My turn.

Wait Mariana, wait! No! Hey, Cal.


Saw your shots on Instagram.

You're pretty good with that thing.

What do you want? I heard you were asking questions about me, so I figured I'd save you some time and catch up face-to-face.

You look great.

Can't believe how much you've grown in two years.

Look, when Sarah said she was staying with your family I was just curious, that's all.

So, you missed me? - I got to go.

Hey, I'm talking to you.

Let go of me.

I'm going to say this once, stop asking questions and stay the hell away from Sarah.

Got me? - Hey, everything ok here? Yeah, everything's great.

Just catching up with an old friend.

See you around, Cal.

We got to go.

Let's go.

Hey! We're walking home.

Why don't you come with us? - Oh, no.

I'm staying.

Are you sure you're ok? I'm great.

That that halibut was great.


Yeah, of course.

I can't remember the last time that you joined us for dinner.

I can't remember the last time I was asked.

Yeah, sorry about that.

That's on me.

You're welcome here anytime, Dad.

A phone call would've been nice.

Sorry about that.

That's fine.

It's just that after our little talk this afternoon I got to thinking and I felt like I should - That's fine, Dad.

No, no.

It's not.

I need to apologize.

I never should've done that to you.

Scared you like that when you were a kid.

And if forcing you to talk to that minister drove a wedge between you and God Well, that's the biggest sin of all.

And I'm sorry.

For that.

You ok? He he apologized.

For the religious stuff.

Not the Wow.

Look at that.

People can surprise you.

I think it's fine that Jesus goes to the Jesus camp.

I mean, they named it after him.

Right? Yeah, well, let's spare the Riveras that joke, shall we? Things are going so well.

Look, I appreciate it, Dad, but I mean we're not just talking a couple classes here.

We're talking 1,200 a month.

Yeah, I can do the math.

I'll pick up a few shifts, get a job doing security something.

It's a couple extra hours? Dad, you don't have to Stop it.

I'm doing it and that's it.

Let me be the hero for once.

Shh! Quiet.


Shh Ok Hey Chew and maintain.

Shh! - Mariana? - Callie, is that you? - Yeah.

Come on in and say hello.


Hi, Mari.

So nice to see you.


Callie, this is Sonia and Ernie.


Nice to meet you.

You, too.

Um, we were just going to bed.

No, no, Mari.

It's been to long.


Come join us.


Mariana, your nose.

You like it? Yeah, I think it's time we called it a night.

What do you say? Yeah, Mami, I'm tired.

Ok Mari, Jesus is going to join us at the church retreat next weekend, - why don't you come, too? - What? You're going to let them spend the night together when you know they're having sex? You're drunk and you lied to us.

Do you have anything to say for yourself? If your goal was to keep Jesus and Lexi from seeing each other, you have certainly succeeded.

We're going to continue this conversation in the morning, young lady.

Guess we should've made her take the nose-ring out.

If we made her take it out, she'd have come home looking like a Lite-Brite.

Sorry, I tried to get her out of there.

Who's idea was it to go to this party? Was it Mariana's? Thank you very much for not drinking, and for getting her home in one piece.

If this ever happens again, please, please call us.

Understood? - Yeah.

Ok, get to bed.

You ok? Mm-hmm.

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