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  Majandra Answers Fan Questions
 Posted: 09/06/05 08:51
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Thanks to the moderators from Majandra's official website messageboard, for suggesting these questions.

Candyspark asked:

My question is what would be your ideal Christmas gift this year and why?

I don't know really. I love being surprised. My boyfriend has an amazing ability to truly surprise me with the things I wouldn't have dreamed of, and I never see it coming. I really hope that happens again this Christmas.

Vallygirl asked:

Majandra, you mentioned in one of your answers that you would love to play any of the women from Anne Rice's book The Witching Hour and as a huge fan of Anne Rice I have a few questions.

Are you a big fan of Anne Rice? What is your favorite book by her (other than The Witching Hour obviously)?

I love Anne Rice. My favorite book would have to be The Witching Hour and Lasher. I am about to dive into Blackwood Farm; anything to do with the Mayfair witches is my favorite.

If you saw it, what did you think of the merging of The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned books for the last movie they made? Do you think they lost a lot of the character's storylines by squeezing it together the way they did?

I didn't even watch it. I had no desire whatsoever. I just think with that particular subject you have to be very careful with how you execute it.

Do you think that something like The Witching Hour would be better if is done as a mini-series so they can take their time telling the story verse a two-hour movie for the theaters?

It would absolutely HAVE to be a mini-series. It's too great to cut down to two hours!

You said you would love to play any woman from the books (and I can't blame you, they're all great characters) but is there one you would really love to play that you would campaign for if the book was made into a movie...maybe Mona?

I LOVE Mona. Definitely started wearing ribbons in my hair after that. First would be Mona, and then would be Rowan. I think it would be kind of interesting to have the same actress play each generation of witches.

Also do you think a character like Mona should be 'aged' like they aged Claudia in Interview With A Vampire film?

No, I think the age was what was so important.

Immortal-Butterflie asked:

1) If you could choose which band or singer you could do a tour with anywhere in the world who and where would you choose?

I would have to say Fiona Apple. And I would like to tour Europe.

2) Are you interested in introducing you music in a big way to England like you did with France?

We kind of never introduced the music to France. They just really liked it and made it happen. It was really a creation of my French fans. We didn't even know it was so popular there until someone from France contacted us and set up a concert and made it happen. I give everyone the equal opportunity to listen and decide whether they like the music. And wherever it catches is where we go to perform.

3) Just a funny little thing, there's this game called "Get outta dodge" probably called something else in other places, but basically you think about where in the world you'd most like to be, who you'd most like to be with and what you'd most like to be doing. I was just wondering what you answers would be.

I would most like to be in Miami at the moment hanging out with my best Friend Alexandra and just having good food and being boring.

candymagda asked:
Thank you for answering all our questions Majandra!

Your welcome love!

Could you tell us something more about the thing you wrote-that Jason Katims tried to set you up with Devon from the beginning of the show?

Well, it didn't go so well at first. I was 17, Devon was 19 and it just wasn't the right time. We had both gotten out of very intense relationships and both needed to have more calm in our lives. So I went and had a few very young, un-intense fun kind of relationship and so did he. Sometimes you can just tell with certain people that if you date them that It's going to be huge. We just knew. So we took our time and now here we are. But there was never any question that all those years we liked each other and knew what was around the corner. It turns out Devon and I met at the premiere of the film Life and later he asked Jason about me and that's what got the ball rolling.

barbaraw asked:
Dear Majandra,
with great interest I have seen you on DVD and visited your homepage.
As I do not only like your attitudes of life but also your charisma towards people, I would be pleased if you could tell me at what time you were born on 20 February 1981 in Caracas, Venezuela.

With hearty greetings,

I don't know. No one in my family knows. The Venezuelan Birth Certificate is not very specific and my mom has no recollection. After all I was born 10 and a half pounds so I am sure she ad her mind on other things. Like not dying of pain! Heh.

spacedogs_halo asked:

Hey thanks for answering our generally trivial questions...

Do you like jam? lol I joke...

I dunno if you heard but a group of singers have remade the Band Aid single 'feed the world', what do you think of the new version? Is it just me or are there not many famous singers on the record? Should it have been covered at?

I wish I knew but I haven't heard it. I'm sorry! :(

Francesca asked:

1st question: Yesterday I received my picture signed from you and Devon, you're great! I'd like to know: do you like taking photographs?

Well taking photos with people is a lot of fun. Taking them by alone is boring!

2nd question: I had the chance to see the third season of Roswell this summer in Italy! What do you think about the season finale? I don't like how Jesse stayed at home and Isabel left with the others... and I did not imagine that end for Maria-Michael relationship.

Yeah, it was a sad situation. We were pretty much forced to end everything abruptly so it did feel a little weird. We all did the best we could under the situation of knowing we would be cancelled. Such a shame though.

majandria asked:
Hey majandra!
Will you come back to France this year? I was at your concert last year and I loved it! I'll be glad if you come for another concert! (You can't stay home if you want! kidding) Natacha

I would love to! Every time I have been approached by someone who coordinates the whole thing and that is how I can convince my manager and agents here to let me go. If that should ever be created again I would be there in a heartbeat.

Forrestal asked:

Tony Danza has started a talk show and I was wondering, if he asked you to be on it would you? I remember reading that you had starred in a show with him when you first started acting. I think that would be wonderful, especially if you got to sing while on the show. I know I would watch as well as video tape it.
Just a thought. Thanks again Majandra. Look forward to hearing more about your CD, especially when we can get it.

Yes, if Tony asked me to do anything I would do it.

FrenchMajandra asked:
Hi Majandra,
- Do your relatives or friends sometimes read your online diary or your answers to the Q&A sessions? If so, did you happen to be in trouble or to be praised/thanked by them because of something you wrote?

No, my family has no idea about my website really. They are a very tough bunch, hard to impress. My sister though is very supportive and would read it if she had the time.

- Which is your favorite/more special day of the year (if there is any) and why?

I love Christmas and Easter. Those are my favorite. It's very interesting to know of how they came about. Especially Easter, with its pagan origins. Also, Halloween is a favorite.

- Which breed is Maude?

Maude is a Pekingese.

- Can you ride?

I'm sorry, I don't know if I understand the question. Can I ride? What? A bike?

MacFan asked:

Hey Majandra!

1) Do you believe in traditional values or do you think its medieval now?

I have some traditional values I believe in. Not many though.

1 b.)When you have a child, what will be the first value you'll teach him/her to respect?

That not one religion is right or wrong. I despise elitism and bigotry. I have been around so many people that see their beliefs as superior and in my opinion tat is close-minded and a bit ignorant as well as terribly judgmental. I will always emphasize with my kids that it is important to see everyone's point of view while respecting your own.

2) What would you do/where would you go if you want to have a great evening out?

I like to go to dinner and a movie. Sushi or Indian food and movie with peanut M&Ms.

3) Are there things you would never want to tell or share? If so, which ones? Kidding of course! More seriously though, are you a secret person or are you usually pretty open about what you think/believe/feel/...?

I am pretty open about how I feel. The only things I keep secret are things I am hiding for other people.

Seneca asked:
Hey Majandra, if you're out there, I'm a British kid who is currently trying to get signed and makes dark electronic music which at times reminds me of some songs off the Sicks which I recently dusted off and had a listen to. Basically I was wondering if there's a postal address for Dripfeed records so I can mail them/you a demo?

Sorry. I actually am dripfeed records. It was my label, with one client-Me. It no longer exists because it never really did in the first place.

Thank you

pokeypoo asked:

Majandra! Hi! Umm lets see first off your replies crack me up you seem so down to earth. I watched jeepers creepers awhile back and through out the whole movie I was like "is that Majandra? Nah it can't be who is that?"(was a little delirious) so I looked it up and wow it was your sister but any who that's when I was like I wonder what's she's up too and I loved your singing in Roswell and read that you had made a cd and I listened to it and was so bummed that I missed it! Your voice and music is INCREDIBLY AWESOME! Just thought I'd let you know! Any who my Question umm here goes...

I'm a major Disneyland fan! And I wanna know do you love Disneyland? And if so do you go often? And when you go do you have a routine when you go there? Like I have to watch the Billy hill show or it's just not a full Disneyland day!

I go to Disneyland sometimes. But growing up in Miami you become spoiled with Disney World. I love it like everyone else, and I just go on some rides and try and avoid the large crowds, as it can feel very suffocating in the heat.

What do you think of POE and Golfrapp?

I love early Poe. I love all of Goldfrapp. Love love love Goldfrapp. They are in fact up in my top 10.

And umm do you think you'll post up your lyrics with guitar chords up? I'D JUST LOVE THAT

I don't really play the guitar much on my new CD, it's more piano based but the lyrics should be up. I don't know if the intricate sheet music would interest anyone.

Sorry I wrote so much I hope I didn't bore you! Thank you so much! And by the way I love cold stone too! It's a must after watching a movie!

The best is cold stone during a movie! You have to sneak it in though. Although my favorite theater (Arc Light) doesn't care if you bring outside food in. They are so adult orientated no one treats you like a kid doing something bad!

lpme19 asked

Hi Majandra! It is so great of you to answer so many fan questions. I have so much respect for you because of how kind you are to your fans. My question, you may not be able to answer. You stated previously that working on Roswell got to be trying because people got big headed and had egos. Now, I know you can't name names, but can you elaborate on that? Thanks so much for all you do~Megan

All I can say is it became very terrible and I had to get out of there. To out who it was, well it would just make so many people upset and it's not right. All I can say is I am glad I am out of there and I don't speak to the ones that were so difficult at all. Life is too short to be friends with people that aren't kind back.

Forrestal asked:
Majandra, I heard that you included some of your art work with the "Sick" album the first time it came out, when you release your next one will you again include some art work. I would love to see more then just the few things I see here and there.

There will be cool illustrations to go with each song for this new CD. I think you'll like it.

Thank you for always taking time to write in your Diary and for answering our many questions.

Anytime! And please whenever you have questions just let Lisa or ToM know!

FrenchMajandra asked:

1. It is common knowledge actors and singers have to face up to (good and bad) reviews and critics about their work. How do you react to those (whether they are positive or negative)? Do you mind? What are the nicest and worst things you've read about your work?

The truth is you hear about 80% bad news and 20% good news in this business so you really have to develop a thick exterior. I had a great upbringing for that so it only makes me want to keep doing it even more. Prove people wrong so to speak.

2. Lets get crazy and imagine a genie coming out of his bottle and asking you to tell him 3 wishes he's willing to fulfill. What would you ask him for?

Hmmm. Well honestly? I hate to be an actor who brings up political things but these greatly affect my life and those I love and have and will for a long time. So my first two wishes would be Peace in Venezuela. The end of communism in Cuba. My third wish would be…hmm to have 100 more wishes?

Gabpurple97 asked:
I was wondering if you still hang out with any cast members from Roswell?

I hang out with Brendan, Katie and Nick from time to time. Brendan the most since him and Devon are golf buddies and since Brendan and I have always had a strong friendship. Nick is just hilarious and Brendan hangs out with him a lot and I try to track him down. Katie is busy with her show but she is awesome whenever she is free. They are all truly nice people; it's nice to have had the fate to meet them.

Also, I wanted to say thanks for posting that picture of El C.C.T in Caracas, I went there during the summer and I totally forgot to go to that floor. (Now who knows when I'll be able to go there again, my mom is too afraid of all of the political stuff that's going, I had to beg her to go during the summer and she didn't even get to vote)

You've also said that you went to a private school in Miami, I just wondered if you could tell me the name of it and if it was good because I hate the school I'm going to now, the teachers are just so slow, they "teach" (and I stress the air quotes) while everyone is just talking amongst them selves which drags out all of their lesson plans, I feel like I'm going to be in school forever. The thing is that I read somewhere that you grew up in Miami and I live in Weston (that's near Ft. Lauderdale) so if it's in Miami (which, why wouldn't it be?) I'm sure I wouldn't be allowed to go.

Well my schools were many. I went to Ransom Everglades then I went to New World School of the Arts, which made me leave when I booked my first job. THEN when I got back to Miami I just worked in correspondence with Miami Country Day School.

I hope you have a great ?Valentines Day,

Melissa Granger asked:

Hey Majandra,

I don't know if this is the place to post this, but it seems as good a place as any. I'm an author in the UK with a novel currently under consideration by a number of agencies, and I ideally wanted to quote a small section of "Oil and Water" in the book, but I don't know who I have to approach for permission. Who should I write to? And, of course, would you yourself object? Promise it will be verbatim and only in the spirit of good publicity for you!

Thanks in advance,

Melissa Granger

All you have to do is send the info for what it is plus exactly how it will be used to my lawyer and then they file it and it is all cool. If it's not filed then it becomes a problem but it's so easy and painless. You just send it, if it's in context of what they agree with then they give you the go ahead and all is well. Send it to APA at 9200 Sunset Blvd Ste 900
Los Angeles CA 90069

P.S. Of course, if anyone else here knows, and can help me; there's no need to bother you.

Vallygirl asked:

Hi Majandra, I was watching my Wonderfalls DVDs and was wondering. I heard that one of the writers from Wonderfall who also wrote Roswell asked if she could use your name for the name of one of the characters from Wonderfalls.
Is this true?
Did you ever get to see the show and if you did was it weird hearing your name and seeing somebody else answering to it?

I never saw it. It got canceled before I was able to catch an episode. It must have been bad luck to have a character named after me without permission! Heehee says the mischievous fairy!

Polia asked:

Hi Majandra! My name is Polia, I'm from Australia. I have been a huge fan for years now. I am working on sending you one of my artworks that was inspired by 'Bruises'. I hope you get it and also I hope you enjoy it!
Q. When you meet a person, what is it about them that makes you:
a) Like them and think, we could be friends. OR
b) Not like them?

I'm a big believer in instinct. Nobody meets you and shakes your hand and says “I'm a bad person and will hurt you” Everyone comes off the same with the same words and greeting but it's your instinct that tells you whether they are good for you or not-so I am a big listener of my instinct and intuition. I think it's something we all have for a reason and are taught not to put much stock in it and I don't agree, I think it's a great compass.
As for the artwork, yay! Send it to APA as mentioned above 9200 Sunset Blvd Ste 900 LA CA 90069 and address it to Majandra Delfino c/o APA-Ryan Martin
They will send it on to me! I am excited!

MacFan asked:

Hi Majandra,

At first, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions

A few more ones:

1) Do your fans usually recognize you when you're outside now? Depending on what you're doing or who you're with, what is your reaction if they come to you and talk or ask for autographs or anything?

Well, I do live in LA so people are very jaded and blasé about the whole thing, so no one approaches. I do have to endure the staring thing, which sometimes comes off as mean rather then being recognized. I'd rather be approached and spoken to then just gawked at and then ignored. But hey this is a town FULL of celebrities so it shouldn't surprise me!

2) What do you think are the most boring or irritating things you have to do in your every day life or professional life (besides answering such a stupid question of course LOL)?

I like answering you guys' questions! The boring thing is having days where you have auditions and you don't really get to enjoy acting because it's rushed or stressful. I hate that. It sucks the creativity out of it!

3) Who would be the persons you would go to if:
- you want to have a good laugh: ...
Nick Wechsler
- you are bored and need distraction: ...
Devon or my best friend Alexandra. They both have the ability to make life colorful and fun.- you are sad and need comforting words: ...
Devon and Alexandra. They both really understand me and my sensitivities etc. I just don't ever have to explain myself.
- you want to live it up 'wildly': ...
The thought of that makes me want to take a nap. I guess though on the RARE occasion that I want to get nuts it would have to be with Art and his girlfriend Nicole. They are so much fun but never in that reckless way. They really know how to do it with balance and ease. We go out have a great time but never to the point where you're like “what did I do?” it's more like “that was awesome man”

3) Does the idea of (unfortunately inevitably) getting older upset you? Or you don't mind or don't even think of it yet?

I think it will be amazing. What an accomplishment to survive you know? I think it will be my best years really.

Funny Little Woman asked:
1) I'd like to quote RoBERT for one sentence she's said "Majandra writes as I cry". It's the same feeling for me. Where did you find the power and the courage (yes, it is the good word, courage) to write the songs of "The Sicks"? Don't you feel pain or sadness when you sing them on scene?

I don't feel pain. That's the whole point. I write so as to funnel the pain into something else. Then it leaves me and never haunts me again. I cry as I write it and as I bring it to song but after that I feel healed and well again.

2) You make me discover a lot of singers as Tori Amos, Erykah Badu... I wanted to thank you and ask if you know other singers. I like your choices about music. Then, if you have some names or/and titles of Cd, can you tell them?

Well I am very into Goldfrapp. I love Felt Mountain and Black Cherry (their albums) I also like Keane and Coldplay (more commercial) RoBERT has become a real favorite of mine and I also am in love with Fiona Apple's new CD, which a friend over at her label gave me. You guys are going to love it. It's beautiful.

3) Do you find a new music label for your future record or finally, would you like to create your own one?

I found Emperor Penguin Recordings and I love the man behind the label. He is awesome and he is a believer and he will be providing everyone with a chance to buy my new CD. You have to love him for that. His website is if you want to check it out. He's a hero.

4) Last question: ok, it's stupid but I'll maybe make some scenes with my band and, as I'm a singer, must I just drink water or something like "water with lemon"?

Apparently a really good thing for your voice is room temperature Pineapple Juice. I try to never do anything ritualistic so that I don't become to attached to anything should I be without it one day before I perform. However, I ALWAYS stay away from dairy a few hours before performing so that I don't have it in my throat later.

Thank you...

  Majandra Answers Fan Questions
 Posted: 09/07/05 16:08
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Thanks for posting those, Spicy! She seems so great and down-to-earth. I thought it was really interesting that JK tried to hook her and Devon up way back when. :lol

  Majandra Answers Fan Questions
 Posted: 09/17/05 11:57
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Blacked Out

Blacked Out

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Yeah, Majandra is such a sweet person. Not that I would know personally, because I still have yet to meet her, but I mean, one can just tell. It's like with Katie, for instance... people judge her because she's beautiful, you know, and in magazines, etc. But then you read interviews, and you see her on late night talk shows, and you can just tell that she's a really normal, sweet person. Same with Majandra.

Okay, I'm rambling... I'm just annoyed by the people who judge them by their looks, or roles... but don't take the time to pay attention to the real them.

Of course, we all know that Brendan is a smart-ass... but I still love him for it.

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