See Brian & Justin on the BIG screen!!

Brian & Justin from Queer as Folk
Brian: How old are you really?
Justin: Twenty... nineteen... eighteen...
Brian: Well, what is this, a missile launch?
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See Brian & Justin on the BIG screen!!

Post by bunniefuu » 07/22/14 17:20

Talks are in the works that this might actually happen! Take a moment to sign it and make it come a reality!
As progress in Marriage Equality picks up steam throughout the country it's time for Showtime to bring back the original cast to tie up all the loose ends and celebrate the victories. Now that gay marriage is legal in Pennsylvania, our favorite Pittsburgh residents Carl and Debbie can finally tie the knot. Michael and Ben can be legally married and Mel and Lindsay can move back from Toronto.
Read more & Sign the Petition Here: ... -marriage/

How would you feel about seeing them in a movie? What would you like to happen in it?

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