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  1x05 - All Tomorrow's Parties
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STEPHEN: My name is Stephen Jameson.

I'm one of the Tomorrow People, the next step in human evolution.

They call our powers the three T's.

Telepathy - CARA: Stephen? STEPHEN: Telekinesis And teleportation.

There is a shadow war going on between us and Ultra - No! - the secret organization that hunts us.

The only way to keep my species from going extinct is to find my father.

And the only way to do that is by working for the enemy.

Previously on The Tomorrow People ASTRID: You were at the train tracks.

And then, all of a sudden, you were just not.

I wasn't anywhere near a train.

You're really gonna stand there and lie to my face? - Our kind can't even kill.


But you are one mutation away from acquiring that ability.

After all of that, he just ups and leaves.

Hey, I admit it took some convincing.

What took you so long? - Hey.

What? I got him holed up.

What are we waiting for? - We wait for backup.

Two against one, Darce.

I like our odds.

You are still in training.

We wait for the TAC squad.

By the time they get here, he could be long gone.

DARCY: Hey! Stephen! Stand the hell down.

Stephen! (CLANGING) (THINKING) Darcy, I got him cornered.

(BOTH GRUNTING) - JEDIKIAH: Time! - (ALARM SOUNDING) (COUGHING) You know how many rules of engagement you just broke? - I have a feeling you're gonna tell me.

You disobeyed a superior.


I thought we were partners.

JEDIKIAH: You failed to wait for the TAC team.

I thought I could handle it without the goon squad.

No offense.

And worst of all, you hesitated at the moment of contact.

She caught me off guard, okay? I was expecting her to be - different.

As in, not female? Do you have a problem taking down a girl? No! Of course not.

I've just never had to punch one in the face.

Thank you, Agent Nichols.

Come here, Stephen.

Look She's not a girl.

She's the enemy.

A rogue paranormal who will do whatever it takes to escape, who could wreak untold havoc in this world.

And the next time you don't strike first, she will.

And I won't be here to call "time.

" - You got it? - Yeah.

Now, go home and get some sleep.


Gotta study.

(CELL PHONE RINGING) - Yeah, I'm in the middle of a - MAN: Training exercise? Perhaps you should have started with the simulations instead of sending your latest recruit to bring in Kurt Rundle.

Our paranormal bank robber.

Still in possession of his powers and still at large.

Or Killian McCrane, the target who tried to kill you.

Yes, I understand there have been some less than optimal operations recently.

It's time you brought him in.

Roger's son.

He's not ready.

Jedikiah, as I'm sure you know, it's not me who's asking.


Seriously? We don't talk for a week and all I get is "hey"? Hey, what happened to your face? A girl punched me.


She beat me to it.

So, uh, homecoming.

You gonna go? Haven't really thought about it.

You? Well, normally I would go with my best friend, but since we're not talking Because you lied to me.

I'm sorry.

So will you hit up the dance with me? Please? I'll think about it.

Hey! - Nice shiner.

Darcy? - Different chick.


" No wonder she clocked you.

Tim, pull up the file.

TIM: Yes, Cara.

Here's the file on Mark Menendez.

CARA: He's being held by your uncle.

Scheduled to have his powers extracted.

So, what, you want me to try and spring him? I want you to be there when he has the serum injection.

As much as I hate any of us being subjected to your uncle's "cure," frankly, this guy had it coming.

What did he do? Teleported into maximum security prisons, teleported out with murderers, drug lords (KNOCKING) Ah, someone I'd like you to meet.

This is our resident genetics expert, Irene.

She'll explain the plan.

Genetics expert.

What are you, like, 18? - Seventeen.

I graduated from Yale when I was 14, and would've finished my PhD last year at MIT, not to brag, if I hadn't accidentally TK'd my dickhead advisor into a wall and ended up for six months on a 5150.

Irene has a theory about Ultra's serum, the one that takes our powers.

If you can get her a sample, she thinks she can create an antidote.

It utilizes our DNA, which inserts palindromic sequences, chimeric strands, into our code, substituting human nucleotide patterns for our own.

But if we change the sticky end of the RDNA into a blunt end, well, then, um we all know what that means.

That the serum won't hurt us.

Oh, brains, too.

(LAUGHING) So? - Can you get us a sample? - I will see what I can do.

KURT: Seriously, dude.

What's your problem? You followed me? What the hell? JOHN: I told you to keep an eye on him.

What, did you rob another bank? - Caught him sneaking out of his mom's place.

Look, I was careful! No one else saw me, all right? I just wanted her to know I wasn't dead.

You are dead, Kurt.

To her and to everyone else you ever knew.

We do not make contact with humans.

You go topside on your own and Ultra's kill squad follows you back down here, you get us all killed.

And we can't kill them back.

Guys, give him a break.

It's not easy to turn your back on your human life.


He gets to live at home.

How is that fair? (ALL MUTTERING AGREEMENT) Thank you, Stephen.

Very helpful.

He gets to live up there so he can be embedded at Ultra.

So he can use them to find his father.

I thought he was dead.

Stephen's father is the only one who can lead us to the Refuge.

Yeah, some sort of mythical safe haven for our species.

It exists.

How do you know? Have you seen it? Have you been there, Chosen One? Here's what I know.

There have to be more of us out there.

What if Stephen's father has found the Refuge and just hasn't been able to make it back? What if the rest of us are with him? Anyone thinks that's a fairy tale, feel free to leave.


If you sneak off to mommy again, don't bother coming back.

Did you have to go so hard on him? You think I like doing this? They need to understand this isn't a game.

I get that.

But I think we're all going a little stir crazy here.

Do you remember when we used to teleport into Yankee Stadium just to play softball? Or when you "borrowed" Princess Grace's diamonds for me on New Year's? Cara, you were captured by Ultra, almost got a psychic lobotomy last week.

I think a night out could do all of us a lot of good.

It's not worth the risk.

John, what's the point of surviving if we don't get to really live? We're dying down here, John.

All of us.

It seemed to be working out just fine, before someone came along.

Get your hands off me, putos! I swear to God, if I ever get out of (GRUNTS) You talk too much.

What do you want? I just wanted to say I'm sorry for not listening.

Do you need a hand? - I got this, thank you.

Look, Darcy.

I get that I'm still agent in training, okay? And from now on, I'm gonna act like it.

Hand me the syringe.


Is he finished here? I didn't need him in here in the first place.

We need to talk.

So, let me guess, I'm getting promoted? There's someone who wants to meet you.

You and I are gonna be taking a little trip tomorrow.

Where? Headquarters.

Wait, this isn't headquarters? We're merely the tip of the spear.

I'm sorry, why do I feel like I've done something wrong? Have you? No.

Then you have nothing to worry about.


You said there's other people in charge of Ultra.

The ones who ordered my father's death, is that who I'm going to meet? I'll have a car waiting for you.

Oh, and Stephen, don't go wandering off on me.

If your father had come when he was asked, he might still be alive.

CARA: John? What's this? - "A night in Barcelona.

" - Club Barcelona.

It's an invitation to Molly Batchelder's 21st birthday.


Upper East Side gossip girl blowing it out on daddy's dime.

Tim got us on the guest list.

It's got everything we're looking for.

Minimal security, lots of dark corners.

We get in, we have a few drinks, we get out.

Last time you had a few drinks, you levitated a bus for a bachelorette party.

I blew those chicks' minds, John.

Russell will behave himself.

We just want to remember what it's like to live like humans.

We're not humans.

But still, we shouldn't have to wait for the Refuge to enjoy ourselves.

This world belongs to us, too.

You sound like Stephen.

Maybe he's right.

It's not happening.

(FRUSTRATED GROAN) I'll jaunt you for it.

(PEOPLE REACTING) (CHUCKLES) Cara, don't do this.

I win, we all go topside.

I win, you never mention this again.

You're on.

(KNOCKING) I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Ok, uh, I managed to get the serum.

But listen, Jedikiah is taking me to Ultra headquarters to meet someone important.

Well, that's great.

Meeting the guy who ordered a hit on my dad? Yeah, should be a blast.

No, I mean, we can use it to our advantage.

Cut the head off the snake one day, - if you can lead us back there.

What if I never come back? What if I'm being summoned because Ultra found out that I'm helping you guys? Hey, this is what you signed up for.


Just so you know, I took your side in all this.

Ultra's acting like it's DEFCON 1 and I'd like to figure out what's going on before you guys take your little spring break topside.

Stephen, it doesn't matter whose side you take.

The problem is, I'm about to fight Cara now because you already have her, everyone down here, thinking that we can just live in the human world.

Because you can.

The way I see it, you've got two choices.

You can tell me to take a hike, deal with Ultra on your own, or you can figure out how to be a leader to your people without blaming me for your problems.

I'm not gonna be your scapegoat.

Hey, where are you going? Wouldn't want to miss the big fight.

(CROWD CHEERING) Ladies and gentlemen.

Let's jaunt! In this corner, fresh off of wins against everyone, John Young! (SCATTERED APPLAUSE) Really brought the fans, John.

And in this corner, the challenger fighting for your right to party, (ALL CHEERING AND APPLAUDING) Cara Coburn! (ALL APPLAUDING) Kick his ass for me, will you? (CLAPS) Begin! Uh, is it just me or is this a little boring? Wait for it.


CARA: It's not too late to give in.

JOHN: Where's the fun in that? Normal couples talk through their differences, you know.

You challenged me, remember? Get him a body bag! (HORN BLOWING) (ALL CHEERING) It's settled then.

I'm sorry, John.

It's still a mistake.

(ALL CHEERING) Ta-da! Perfect! You said the last one was perfect.

The last three were perfect.

It's a dress.

For a school dance.

Yeah, exactly.

Work with me here.

So, now that we're besties again, maybe it's time you explained what happened on the train tracks with Emily.

Like I said, I honestly don't know what you're talking about.

I was there, Stephen.

And so were you.

The only thing in question is how did you disappear? You know, on second thought, not so much.

That's honest.


You keep it coming.

Look, we just made up, okay? I don't wanna argue with you.

Then why don't you just come clean? Wow.

Don't smokescreen me.

Yeah, I know, it's kind of cute, right? (GIGGLING) You know, you're not off the hook.

Okay, one more.

(WHISPERING) Just one.

(CELL PHONE RINGING) - Hello? - Meet me uptown.

What, now? Tell your friend something came up.

RUSSELL: Huddle up! Huddle up, team.

Come on.

Huddle up, team.

Huddle up, team.

It's a big day.

It's a big day.

Huh? Huh? Okay.

Rule number one of human party crashing, we blend in.

Yeah, time to tighten up your style, girl.

What's wrong with my style? You look great.

But I will help you pick out a nice dress, okay? Rule number two, whatever we take, we return after the party.

Unless it's especially dope, in which case, good find.


Rule number three, which actually should be rule number one, don't get caught, bitches! (ALL WHOOPING) Okay, break! (SIGHING) I thought we were past all this.

Yes, my apologies.

Come on, kiddo.

This person, who are they? Like like, your boss? Partners, really There are various facets to our organization, Stephen.

The department you work for is just one of many.

(DOOR OPENS) You must be Stephen.

Follow me.

You're not coming with me? Just be honest and you'll be fine.

MAN: Thank you for coming, Stephen.

Who are you? I'm not sure we're ready to be on a first name basis.

I want to meet face to face.

Not yet.

You're one of us.

Why are you hunting down your own kind? It's simple.

Someday, this war between our species is going to end.

And when it does, I'd like to be on the side that's still standing.

Wouldn't you? What do you want from me? Your abilities are powerful.

But also dangerous.

Like your father's.

Is that why you had him killed? His death was unfortunate.

It could have been avoided.

That's why I brought you here.

To see how alike you are.

So show me what it is you're hiding from your uncle and from your new friends.

(PULSATING) (PANTING) I had to guess your measurements, but I think I did all right.

I'm not going.

You're mad because you lost a fight? (CLATTERING) I'm mad we had to fight.

At all.

This last month, I've been shot at, you've been captured, and we've had more run-in's with Ultra than we've had in the past two years.

We can't go topside.

And of all people, I'd expect you to support me.

I do.

You undermined me in front of everyone.

How are they supposed to respect me? Respect or obey? You know, when I was being held down, afraid my powers were going to be stripped, I thought about how we spent the last two years.


Living in fear.


It's not enough anymore.

And you're right, maybe that's Stephen's fault.

But I didn't challenge you for him, or for Russell, or for anyone else.

I did it for us.

Do you remember what you said to me when we first got together? - That it would be impossible? - Cara What if you were right? What if "us" only exists hidden down here in the dark? I mean, how are we supposed to survive like this? We'll find a way.

I'll find a way.

Come with me.

One night.

Let's try and pretend to be a normal couple.


We're not.

Your call.

Have fun guarding an empty subway station.

(DOOR CLOSING) What? You called me Nothing.

You look amazing.


Where's John? Holding down the fort.

Did he see that dress? That guy's hardcore.

That's putting it politely.

Look, I met someone today.

One of Jedikiah's partners.

He was one of us, Cara.

He tried to get into my head.

Well, you blocked him, right? The way I showed you, telepathically.

I tried.

What if he found out I'm helping you? It sounds like John is the one getting in your head.

You're the one who reminded us to be brave.

Tonight wouldn't have happened without you.

That's what I'm worried about.

If Jedikiah gets his hands on you again, on any of you guys If Ultra comes after us, I'll sense them coming a mile away, and we'll teleport out.

And in case you haven't noticed, I'm kind of a badass.


Oh, and I, uh, almost forgot.

I thought it would look good on you.

Pocket square.



And civilization.

To Tim! - (GLASSES CLINKING) - How's everyone doing? - Looking sharp, player.

They're great.

Except for Irene, who's having some sort of seizure.

Oh, wait, that's just her dancing.

Now she's twerking.

I can't watch.

Dude? That chick is totally checking you out.

Oh, hello! - You know what red means.


It means ready.

If you'll excuse me.

Have fun.

Care to dance? You really wear that suit.

Well, you went through all the trouble to steal it, I figured I'd at least try it on.

May I? Why are you the only person in the world I can't read? Why won't you let me in? I thought you wanted to be a normal couple.


You're early, Astrid.

What are you doing here? - You need to come with me.

No, I can't, I'm waiting for someone - It's not a request.


(PHONE CHIMING) Hey! Hey, hey! Hey! Hey, hey! Hey, you want to get out of here? Yeah, how about the VIP bar? I better keep an eye on him.

I better keep an eye on her.

Ever feel like we're the parents? (LAUGHING) - You want to see something cool? - Sure.

I bet I can make this olive float.


I must be drunk.


Bottom's up.

So, what is this? Another one of your brain scans? Don't you trust me? Oh, I do.

I've done everything in my power to protect you.

Unfortunately, my colleague still has misgivings about you.

He doesn't want to repeat the mistake he made with your father.

I'm not him.

I have given Ultra no reason to question my loyalty.

Fidelity, Stephen.

Loyalty is something a dog offers.

It's based on an emotion, like love.

Fidelity, on the other hand, is based on a moral obligation.

A sense of duty.

This is what we will examine tonight.

(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Is the room secure? Yes, sir.

The civilians have been cleared.

And our containment system? It's up and running.

I stuck my neck out for you son.

Don't make me regret it.

What are you doing here? I was invited.

No, you weren't.

Well, my friend is in there, so - Who's your friend? - MAN: (ON RADIO) He's arrived.

Everyone in position.

MAN 2: (ON RADIO) Copy that.

You know what? Never mind.

My mistake.

(DOOR CLOSES) (DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) Why aren't you listening? I've been screaming at you telepathically.

Sorry, I couldn't hear you.

Neither can I I can't hear anyone.

Come on.


It's not a good idea.

I'm cut off.


Party foul.

RUSSELL: There was this red thing, here uh a second ago.

It was right here.

Do you see where it - It's an ambush.

I can't jump.

D chips.

We got to get everyone out.

I'm on it.

STEPHEN: Cara! Cara, it's a trap.

Get out of here.

Can you hear me? Careful, kiddo.

I'll go round everybody up.

(MUFFLED GUNSHOTS) (SCREAMING) (AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE) JOHN: Stay down! Everybody stay down! Whatever this is supposed to be teaching me, I've seen enough.


Come on.






Let's go.

(GROANING) We gotta get up, come on.

(GRUNTS) JOHN: Split up.

What the hell was that? Oh my God! Good.

We're out of range.

Jump! Now! (GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) CARA: John! (DISTORTED) Get her out of here.

(PEOPLE WHIMPERING) - CARA: Irene? Irene, listen to me.

Irene, look at me.

Just hold on, you hold on.

You're gonna be fine.

(IRENE MOANING) - You're gonna be fine.

I've got you.

No, Irene, Irene, look at me.

Stay with me please! John! Irene! Let me see, let me see.

Can you help her? (PEOPLE SOBBING) Here.


Just try to make her comfortable.

Comfortable so she can die? Keep pressure on it.

Hey, she needs a hospital.

Look around, Stephen.

She's not the only one that's hurting.

We were ambushed.

Yeah, I know.

I was there.

What? - My sick uncle.

I had no idea.

I tried to warn you.

We have three dead because of him.

What about Irene? You want to make it four? I am not breaking protocol again.

It's what got us into this mess.

Just hold on, it's okay, you're gonna be fine.

CARA: This is all my fault.

This is all my fault.


What are you doing? - I got her.

What are you doing? (PANTING) Breaking protocol.

Why didn't you tell me? We never should have gone up there.

You know damn well that's not what I'm talking about.

Cara I don't know what to tell you.

How about the truth? That I'm a killer? Genetically enhanced freak.

I don't understand how The Annex project? You're a you're a part of it? I was one of the lucky ones who survived the beta test.

Why didn't you just tell me? Because this part of me was supposed to stay dead.

This is what you've been hiding from me all these years? This is why you've been keeping me at arm's length? Do you see what it has done to us, John? What choice did I have? How do you think they'd take the news? That Jedikiah had turned their fearless leader into a freak.

That I wasn't one of them anymore.

I'm not talking about them.

Why didn't you tell me? 'Cause of the way because of the way you're looking at me right now.

Like I'm some monster.

I don't care what your secret was.

It's that you kept it from me.

That is what you were seeing, John.

How's Irene doing? I dropped her at the ER.

I had to leave pretty fast, but I think she's going to make it.

She looked pretty messed up, man.

This whole thing is a nightmare.

I'll check on her tomorrow.

My mom's a nurse over there.

CARA: Next.

What's going on? JOHN: Ultra knew we were going to be at that party.

Someone gave us up.

And no one is leaving this room until I find out who.

RUSSELL: Cara is searching everyone's minds.

To try to find out who the traitor is.

The traitor.

Oh Uh John.

The ambush.

I think it might have been my fault.

Excuse me? Jedikiah's partner.

He got inside my head.

I tried to block him.

But I don't know.

CARA: Clear.


I'll go.

Will you be able to see everything he saw? Find out if it was me? KURT: I swear to God, it wasn't supposed to happen like that.

What did you just say? They said no one would get hurt.

They said they just wanted you.

Who said, Kurt? Ultra? They lied to me.

You son of a bitch! You said you were going to kick me out for trying to visit my mom.

So you went to our enemy? I went to go say goodbye to my mom for good.

You were right.

I shouldn't have gone.

They were there.

What was I supposed to do? They said they'd kill her if I didn't help them capture you.

So you let them kill three of our own instead? We trusted you.

We made you one of us, you piece of JOHN: Hey, hey, come on! We treated you like family, Kurt.

We saved your life.

And this how you repay us? What are you gonna (GROANS) (YELPING) Somebody stop her! Cara That serum wasn't easy to come by.

Okay? He's not worth it.

(GRUNTING) You're not one of us, Kurt.

Not anymore.

(SCREAMING) If you breathe a word of this to anyone, you try and lead Ultra back here, I swear to God I will get inside your head.

I will magnify the pain you are feeling so much you won't recognize your mother's face.

Do you understand me, Kurt? (GRUNTING) Get him out of here.

Where have you been? Oh, Astrid.

I'm sorry, I should have called.

I followed you.

What? I saw you go in and some Secret Service woman stopped me.

No, Astrid.

You could've I could've been what? How about you tell me what is going on? You can't follow me.

Okay? It isn't safe.

What is that? Is that blood? (SIGHS) Stephen Stephen, what is going on? (SIGHS) Look I saw, um, something tonight.

Something awful.

And I don't know if I can deal with it alone.

You don't have to.

Okay? I'm right here.

No, I can't drag you into this.

I'm sorry.

I'm already in it.

If it's your life we're talking about.


Do you remember where we first became friends? Yeah, of course.

Why? Take my hands.

Trust me.

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