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  1x02 - In Too Deep
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My name is Stephen Jameson.

I'm one of the Tomorrow People, the next step in human evolution.

They call our powers the three T's.

Telepathy - Stephen? Telekinesis And teleportation.

There's a shadow war going on between us and Ultra No! the secret organization that hunts us.

The only way to keep my species from going extinct is to find my father.

And the only way to do that is by working for the enemy.

Previously on The Tomorrow People You have a visitor.

This is your uncle.

That's your dad and I.

Only I was born human, and he was born like you.

Why didn't you tell me Jedikiah was my uncle? You are not like him.

You're one of us.

He asked me to come work for him.

Stephen, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into.

I'm in.

Welcome aboard, Stephen.

Stop! Stop! You don't understand.

Just listen to me.

Listen to me, okay? You and me, we're the same.

Oh, yeah? - Yes.

Prove it! Up, up, up.


I'm leaving.

I'm working a double at the hospital tonight, so you have to make sure that you pick up your brother and he does his homework, all right? Here.

I got your meds refilled.

You're gonna have to get creative again with dinner.

Oh, Stephen, this room.

Clean it up! About those powers, sometimes they work perfectly.

Mom says I'm supposed to babysit.

What am I, nine? Pass.

Yeah, agreed.

Stay out of trouble.


Bus stop's this way.

I'll find my own way to school.

And sometimes my powers are a little off.

Where'd you come from? I was waiting for you outside.

Hey, uh I teleported.


Kidding, kidding.

Uh, my my mom gave me a lift.


I see we've moved into the comedy portion of your psychotic break.

I'm sorry.

I was off my meds.

Now I'm back on them.

I'm good.

Okay? Seriously.

So, does that mean you're free to hang? Can we watch dumb Internet videos and plot a revolution or something? Yes.

8:00 my place? I'll be there with bells on.


Okay, I'm going this way.

This is my after-school job.


To the outside world, it's an institute of genomics and advanced biomathematics.

But what they're really researching is us.

The next phase in human evolution.

They call our powers the three T's.



And finally, telepathy.

Reading someone's thoughts is just the beginning.

With the proper training, you'll be able to access their feelings, their emotions.

Even their memories.

But what about the things I don't want them to see? Jedikiah would drive us extinct.

Just for the sake of the human race.

We're not done here.

Um, I have to babysit my little brother.

I forgot.

I gotta go.

Ah, just who I was looking for.

Walk with me.

Actually, I'm in a bit of a hurry It's okay, it can wait, it can wait.

Right now, I'd like to bring you up to speed on our program.

Welcome to our nerve center.

We've got news feeds, surveillance monitors, police wires, we track incidents, altercations, suicidal teens, behavioral disorders, reports of chronic sleepwalking, which is how we found you, by the way.

Anything that can indicate a new breakout and then we have our agents, like you and Vaughn, who help us track rogue paranormals.

Homo superiors? Yeah, I don't especially like that name.

You and me both.

No, it implies my race, the human race, is somehow inferior.

Which is why you want to round ours up, strip them of their powers? No, it's up to us to guard against a species who can strike anywhere, any time.

What are you doing, Harold? It's not me, I'm not doing this.

Something's moving me! Hurry up! Please! I don't want to hurt anyone! Just stay down, please.

I'm sorry.

Don't look at me! Cara, we need to talk.

Cara, come on, answer me.

Fine, you don't want to come to me? I'm coming to you.

I'm gonna have to mark you down on the dismount.


Still working out a few kinks with the whole teleporting thing.

What are you doing here? Wow, what happened to the whole, "Welcome, Stephen, you're one of us, "we're the Lost Boys" speech? That was before you went to go work for Ultra and Jedikiah.

He's right.

You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.

Actually, I do.

Okay? That's why I'm here, to give you guys a heads-up.

They were inside my head today.

If I didn't leave, they might have figured out I've been talking to you.

You're not talking to us.

You're not seeing us.

Not anymore.

Look, it's not like I want to work there.

Okay? I'm doing it because I have to.

Because I have a life, and a family.

You're not the only one who had a human life.

Ask Cara about the little sister she left behind.

We all made sacrifices, Stephen, but somehow, you think you're special.

You don't think I know what it's like to lose someone? Up until last week, I thought my dad, your great hero, was just some human loser who left me.

Now I don't know what to think other than he's alive.

But how are you gonna find him if you're hiding down here like a bunch of paranormal refugees? I will do whatever it takes to find my dad.

If that means working for Ultra, fine.

Jedikiah's goal is to eliminate our species from the face of the planet.

I worked there, Stephen.

I know.

Getting inside your head, it's just the beginning.

You haven't even scratched the surface of what they can do.

And as long as you're down here, the rest of us aren't safe! - What are you doing? - Saying goodbye.

Mom's gonna kill you.

You sold me out? Hell no, bro.

Where have you been? I have been calling for hours.

You didn't pick up Luca from soccer, you missed dinner.

If Astrid hadn't had called, I would've gone to the police.

Thought something happened to you.

I've been here since 8:00.

We were supposed to hang.


I got tied up.

I'm sorry.

And I forgot to call.

How long you been off your meds? What? - I found them in the trash can.

You tossed my room? Of course I did.

I'm gonna go.

Mom, I know you're not gonna believe me, but I threw out my meds 'cause I don't need pills.

I don't need a shrink.

I feel better than I have in a year.

That's exactly what your father would say.

And I believed him, every time.

But it wasn't true.

He wasn't fine.

And neither are you.

Mom, I am fine.

No, you're not! You're not fine! Okay, Stephen? I can't force you to do anything you don't wanna do.

But, baby Please.

You, me and Luca? That's all we've got.

Yeah, yeah.

You're right.

I shouldn't have gone off my meds cold turkey.

I will call Dr.

Bloom tomorrow.

Promise? Please don't do this.

We'll move again, we can find another doctor, and you'll get better.

That's not what this is about.

Well, then what is this about? I don't love you anymore.

What's wrong? Nothing.

Uh I just I'm tired.

I think I'm gonna crash.

Tim - Just stay down! Is it me, or are you getting slower? Facial recognition is a slow process, and as you know, I am scheduled for my software updates.

Sorry I can't take you back to where I stole you for maintenance.

Ultra wouldn't like that very much.

I have it.

A 99.

99% likelihood.

Kurt Rundle.

Went missing two weeks ago, coinciding with Cara's first sensing of him.

Mother recently filed a missing persons report.

He's been in and out of Belleview Dude's completely out of control.

So, what's the plan? Until his breakout's complete, I can't pick up on his voice telepathically.

Wait for him to rob another bank.

Hope Ultra doesn't find him first.

Good plan.

Are you okay? Yeah.

I'm fine.

No, you're not.

You're tired, you're stressed.

You feel responsible for all of us, and not just the ones down here.


Get out of my head.

Dark place, don't want to be there.

Why don't you take the night off? I was thinking we could crash our favorite suite at the Four Seasons.

You're referring to Room 2411.

It is currently occupied by Mr.

John Kenneth Peterson from St.


He's run up quite the adult entertainment bill.

Very romantic, Tim.

Let me get cleaned up.

Cara, you do realize you are searching through.

John's personal property? And according to New York Penal Code Article 14010 Tim, don't be that guy.

You want to make yourself useful? Help me find the D chip.

You're referring to John's D chip? End cabinet, second drawer, small wooden box.

The chip is inside.

I don't imagine John will be pleased to part with this.

Someone needs it more than we do.

Stephen Are you there? Okay, we have to establish some ground rules.

Like not invading each other's minds while we're naked.

Nice place.

So, what's good? We're not here to eat.

Give me your hand.

You got me an old watch.

Thank you? It's got a chip in it.

It's made of the same material used in the secure part of Ultra.

It deflects telepathic signals.

Stops anyone who tries to get inside your head.

You keep that on.

No one will be able to know what you're thinking.

It'll protect you.

And also protect you.

Something happened to me tonight.

I was talking to my mom, and I saw what what I guess was one of her memories of the night my dad left.

He was awful to her.

Maybe I am making a mistake.

People are complicated, Stephen.

You spend half of your life in their heads, that much becomes pretty clear.

John said you had a sister.

We may be connected.

We're not there yet.


I think we just found our boy, Kurt.

Looks like he's graduated from robbing banks and knocking over armored trucks.

I have to go.

Take care of yourself, Stephen.

Looks like we're late again.

Kurt must have made him crash.

That's him.

Kurt Rundle.

We're not going to hurt you.

Not going to turn you into the cops.

Just come with us, Kurt.

We can explain everything.

Let's go.

I can't understand how I couldn't control my arms and legs, it was It was like someone had my my limbs on a string.

Or something.

It doesn't make any sense.

That's the second guard to tell that story this month.

Pretty soon the local PD is going to smell a rat.

That hostage, the kid in the hoodie you managed to disappear, we're running facial recognition on him now.


Kurt Rundle, address in North Bergen.


I'm on it.

Great, I'll go with.

An active bank robber is not the kind of breakout you want to cut your teeth on, kid.

If trouble jumps off, I teleport out.

The subject is violent and antisocial You promised I could see Ultra top to bottom.

Hey, now, I have been busting my ass training, but how am I going to see this program's big picture when I'm stuck behind a desk? I'll keep him out of trouble.

Fly on the wall.


I lost track of you last night.

Hope you didn't hit our favorite hotel suite without me.

I saw Stephen.

I also noticed my watch is missing.

Any correlation? It's not like I gave away your letterman jacket.

I don't care about the watch.

Really? You seem a tad upset.

I'm trying to protect us.

And I am trying to protect Stephen.

Who's working for Ultra.

We need him.

You know that.

Stephen's the "chosen one," remember? Just because the two of you are all mind-meldy, doesn't mean he couldn't sell us out in a heartbeat.

Jealous much? You're kidding.

He did stop time.

I don't care what he did, or who his father is.

I will not let Stephen take the rest of us down with him.

You understand? Yeah.

I think I got it.

Truant officers? I thought you were the police.

That you might have news on Kurt.

I filed a missing person's report two weeks ago.

Well maybe we can help find Kurt through his friends at school.

Are there any names you can give us? Anything unusual? I did notice that Kurt was keeping odd hours.

Ma'am do you have any idea Uh, where's Kurt's father? He died.

Kurt was five.

Any idea where Kurt might be keeping himself? The movie theater, the mall, a girlfriend? How long has he been on medication? About three months.

He's been hearing voices? Is it possible that your son kept a diary? My colleague could take a peek into his room, look for it while we're talking.

Respectfully, of course.



Go away, please.

Just go away.


Just go away.

He's in the crawl space above his bedroom.

Good job, kid.

Well Mrs.

Rundle, we sure do appreciate your time.

You hear anything from Kurt please just give us a call.

What the hell are you doing? Upstairs bedroom.

Why are they here? - We can't kill people.

They can.

Stephen! Get your ass back here! No.

Wait! Wait! No.

You sent in a kill squad to mow down a 17-year-old kid? Okay, first of all, he's not a kid, he's not even human.

No offense.

He's a paranormal menace.

And that gives you license to put him down like an animal? Look, I told you from the very beginning, we were in a shadow war with your kind and mine.

You didn't think there'd be any casualties? Okay, enough with the war lingo.

This isn't a war, it's genocide.

One thing you'll understand after you've been here longer than 15 minutes, is that we police ourselves so the handful of people in the government that actually know about us, won't do worse.

Now, do we kill? We do.

But only those we can't help, train, or bring into line.

Our kind can't even kill.


But you are one mutation away from acquiring that ability.

That's insane.

Oh, come on, Stephen, we're protecting humanity.

You're in the big leagues now.

Please don't make me regret calling you up.

And Stephen No one barges into my office.

I'll make an exception this one time because you're new.

And because you're family.

Something happened.

There's no one else I could talk to.


This new breakout has been robbing banks.

He's on the run from Ultra.

Looks like they beat us to Kurt.

They're gonna kill him.


I know that they're bad guys, but execution? Jedikiah just said they strip them of their powers.

When a breakout demonstrates anti-social behavior, they take more extreme measures.

Yeah, yeah.

I just got a front row seat, we got to find him.

Once a breakout's on Ultra's radar, it's too late.

It's too dangerous for us to get involved.

He's gonna get a bullet in the head and you're talking risk assessment? - We bring in as many as we can.

And then what? When are you going to stop hiding? You think this is what my dad had in mind? You don't know what you're talking about.

Jedikiah has an army.

And not only his TP slaves, the ones like you, he has human operatives intent on killing every last one of us.

I have a responsibility to protect us.

Kurt's just a screwed up kid, okay? He doesn't deserve to die.

Neither do we.

You want to crawl back underground fine! I'm saving this kid.

Stephen, we are not superheroes.

We are a hunted species, trying to survive.

And we will survive.

That's what your dad had in mind.

Let's go.


Totally swamped.

Luca, if I hear you playing video games - Yeah, I got it, ma.

I'll wear headphones.

He learned that trick from you.

Yeah, he did.


Last night got me thinking about Dad.

All these years, it's been like we're not allowed to talk about him.

But I'm ready to know the truth.

Why did he leave? Why did why did we change our name? Okay.

Your father was out of control.

I never knew where he was or what he was doing.

But he was in trouble.

I mean so much so that one night he packed us up and said, "We're moving.

" Do you remember that? Said we were going to see the country, or something.

No, we were on the run.

We moved from city to city until we ended up here, and then then I thought we were done running.

But it turns out your dad was just done with me.

It didn't matter.

I was already on my own anyway.

That's why when you started acting like him, I didn't Mom You will never go through that again.

Okay? I promise.

Would you hold still? - Forgive me, my exhaust system triggers automatically, every six minutes.

I built your exhaust system, pal, spare me the lecture.

Stephen's right.

We should bring in Kurt.

Here we go.

Bank robber boy's a reckless jackass, but so was I.

And I turned out totally awesome.


I'm not judging this kid, but we have rules.

What about me? You had no business bringing me in.

You risked your life.

That was a long time ago, I was dumb.

Not that I regret it.

Well I don't want to regret sitting on our hands doing nothing this time.

Kurt needs us.

Look, we get that you're looking out for us, but but Stephen called it.

At some point we have got to stop playing defense, and fight back.

I mean we've hiding out down here for two years.

Which is two years longer than any of us would have survived up top.

We are all for survival.

But if we're not going to stand up for our own, what's the point of surviving? Any news on Kurt? My guess is he's laying low.

This kid can teleport anywhere he wants, and we find him hiding out in a crawl space? Is that kind of thing normal? Where did you go when you discovered you had powers? - Nowhere.


The crazier life gets, the more we want to hold on to what's familiar.

It's where I would have come.

How the hell did you - Empty building, good view of your house.

I got a family too, okay? I'm not going to hurt you.

You're the dick who ratted me out.

I had no idea they were going to send in a SWAT team, all right? You're lying or you're an idiot.

Either way, I'll pass.

Look, there's a group of us, okay? Not the guys in the suits.

A kind of paranormal underground.

Okay? Where people like us are safe.

You got to trust me.

We've all been through the same thing.

You're just trying to get in my head.

I don't have to.

Okay, I was you Kurt.

Let me take a wild guess.

You're robbing banks, because your Mom can't afford to pay for your pills.

And you feel responsible.

How do you think I found you here? But I'm not the only one who can find you.

So this paranormal underground they're not going to try to kill me too? No, the opposite, okay? Just let me show you.

Come with me.

Thanks, kid.

I'll take it from here.

Okay now, son Take it easy.


I just want to talk to you.

Ah! Don't hurt him.

I'm just going to put him asleep for a while.

Son of a Kurt! Stop! Kurt! Kurt! Stop! Kurt.


Stop! Stop, you don't understand! Just listen to me.

Listen to me, okay? You and me, we're the same.

Oh, yeah? - Yes.

Prove it! Where's Kurt? Kurt? Kurt, I know you're up here.

Kurt, I was like you.

I was alone.


Every meal I ate was stolen or fished out of a dumpster.

But then somebody helped me.

The way I want to help you.

Just tell me you're listening.

No it's gone too far.

I pushed that guy off the roof.

He's fine.

That's not possible.

Come out, Kurt.

You're not sick.

You're one of us.

I thought I told you to leave me alone! I'm just trying to help you! When you wake up.

Okay, let me just see if I can get this straight here, uh You could've captured the breakout, but instead, you bulldozed your supervising agent and let the target go free.

He's green, I should've There will be ample time to explain yourself, Mr.

Vaughn, right now we're focused on Stephen.

Okay? I'm not helping you execute a kid.

You know what? Maybe I don't belong here.

I'm not offering you a choice.

With powers like yours, I'm afraid we can't let you just walk away.



You know, what I'd like to believe is that this is just the isolated act of a naive mind.

If, however, it was something else If it's a, uh I don't know a conspiracy to hand over a deviant breakout to the Tomorrow People Now, I have to say that that would be quite unforgivable.

Anything you want to tell me, Stephen? - No.



Well, then your debrief should be a piece of cake.

Isn't this the debrief? Oh, no.

That's done by a senior telepath.

She's very thorough.

That's new.

Uh, pretty old, actually - May I? It was your dad's.

Beautiful watch.

One would never suspect.

D chip.

Deflects telepathy.


Always the tinkerer, your dad.

I am gonna keep this.

I really don't want anything compromising your first debriefing.

What do you think those two are conspiring about? You don't want to know.

You did the right thing.

Saving Stephen? Bringing Kurt in.

But, yes.

Saving Stephen.

You can trust him, John.

I know.

You trust him.

And I trust you.

What do you say we swing by the hotel? Tim says our suite's empty.

I'll teleport to that sushi bar of yours.

Grab us some room service.

Cara, I'm in trouble.

It's him.

It's Stephen.

I may trust him.

But I really hate his timing.

What is it, Stephen? He took the watch, and some bionic telepath is about to go postal inside my brain.

Get out of there.

Not an option.

What do I do? Stephen, if she gets in your head, she'll know everything.

You need to fill your mind with something else.

An idea, an emotion, a memory.

Something so overwhelming, so powerful, it eclipses everything else in your mind.

Are you ready? Ready.

What's your name? Stephen Jameson.

Is the sky blue? Yeah, depending on the day.

Did the Tomorrow People assist today's breakout in his escape? Not that I know of.

Where's the breakout right now? I don't know.

Did the Tomorrow People assist today's breakout in his escape? No.

Did the Tomorrow People assist today's breakout in his escape? I said no! You really should keep this at home, you know.

Wouldn't want to scratch a family heirloom.

Good idea.


It appears you passed your debriefing with flying colors.

Good work.

Thank you.

No, thank you for being a straight shooter.

I have to admit, I was a tad concerned we had a problem, but this seems to be nothing more than a senior agent who failed to keep his trainee in check.

This wasn't Vaughn's fault.

Oh, fault has nothing to do with it, Stephen.

This is about accountability.

If I cannot hold my agents responsible for their subordinates, the efficacy of the entire program breaks down.

I'm accountable.

Yes, there are people above me, Stephen.

Who? - Another day.

Look, I think the lesson today is clear.

Failure will not be tolerated.

So what happens to Vaughn? He's being put on a desk.

Not your concern.

Have a good night.

Hey, we gotta talk.

If you wanna thank me for saving your life, now we're even.


I mean, yes, thank you.

But that's not You wanna give me my watch back? It's my dad's watch and you can tell me how you got it later.

I came here to tell you that you were right about Ultra.

I can't work there anymore.

Hey, they killed my partner because of me.

Now I thought I could find my dad without getting caught up in my uncle's world.

I was wrong.

No, you weren't.

I was.

You said we can't keep running, that we have to stand and fight back.

You're right.

But we need you on the inside to do it, Stephen.

Can't you see? This is perfect, you working for Ultra.

The only way we can take it down is from - No, I'm not going back, okay? It's way too dangerous.

Jedikiah already had one of his evil telepaths try and figure out where you guys were hiding.

If he finds out, it's my fault.

I can't do it.

Okay? I'm I won't put the people I care about in danger.

I didn't realize you had such strong feelings for us.

Look, if Ultra could get inside your head, they'd be here right now.

Look, you had that watch.

Your father gave me that when he left.

Not just to protect me, he told me it was to remind me to be brave.

I guess somehow I must've forgotten that.

Thanks for reminding me, Stephen.

It's yours now.

Thanks for coming.

Are you sure we're safe here? Ultra can't pick up on us.

There's a few safe spots like this in the city.

Whoever built this place was one of us.

They also happen to have amazing dumplings.

I meant safe from your boyfriend.

My what? John? It's a it's not like that.

What's it like then? Oh, wait.

Okay, let me guess.

It's a new species of relationship.

In the future, people won't have to use outdated terms like "boyfriend" and "girlfriend.

" Did you really bring me here to talk about my personal life? No.

I just wanted to thank you.

For talking me through a bad situation.

How'd you do it? How'd you keep 'em out of your head? I did what you told me.

I thought of something that could fill my whole mind.

I focused on the most painful thing I could think of.

I'll show you.

What are you doin' up? I heard you and Mom fighting.

Are you going somewhere? Yes.

But I'll be back.

I need you to do me a favor.

I need you to look after your mom.

Can you - I don't want you to go.

I know, honey.

I don't either.

Be brave for me, Stephen.

Be brave.

That's why I have to find him.

I can't let that be my last memory of my dad.

What are you gonna do? I'm gonna do what he asked me to do.

I'm gonna take care of my family.

I'm going to be a better brother.

A better son.

And a better friend.

To both of our species.

Because what I've realized is that I can't turn my back on either of them.

You cheater! But the only way I can do all this is by pretending to be a good soldier.

By working for my uncle.

Staying one step ahead of him.

And that is what I'm going to do.

Keep an eye on him.

His former partner was negligent.

But his debrief was clean.

Too clean.

You think he's still in touch with them? - Oh, I do.

And when the time comes, Stephen will lead us to the Tomorrow People.

And we'll kill them.

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