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  1x17 - Endgame
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My name is Stephen Jameson.

I'm one of the Tomorrow People, They call our powers the three T's.

Telepathy Telekinesis and teleportation.

There's a shadow war going on between us and Ultra - No! - the secret organization that hunts us.

The only way to keep my species from going extinct is to find my father.

And the only way to do that is by working for the enemy.

Previously on The Tomorrow People What are you going to do with me? Will you be so kind as to give my daughter a sedative? No.

No, get off me! I don't need your drugs! It's okay, Cassie, it's okay.

Isn't that better? So you think they were messing with her mind? It was Ultra.

She was strapped to some sort of device.

John, I wanted to talk to you about your problems trying to get inside Jedikiah's head.

Maybe I can find out where he's hiding Roger's body.

Here's what I figure happened.

Morgan ransacked my brain, shared her discoveries with the Tomorrow People, and now here you are.

You said you cremated him.

Yes, well it looks like we both have some explaining to do.

Hey, Jed.

Jed, you okay? I heard what happened.

That guy's a total jerk.

He's right! I'm weak.

Hey, Jed.

Jed, what are you doing with that? It's Dad's.

He doesn't know I found where he hides it.

Why? I wanted to feel powerful.

Hey, hey.

Don't be stupid.

I thought I was the smart one.

You're making fun of me now, too? Put it down.

Roger! Roger! - No! Stop! No! How did you? What? How did Your father saved my life.

I owe him everything.

So this is how you repay him? I loved your father.

Every book I read, every class I took, was for the purpose of understanding him and protecting him.

He was more than my brother, he was my life's work! Everything you see here is part of a plan.

He never would have chosen this.

He chose survival.

I know you want him back, Stephen.

So do I.

Then why wouldn't you just tell me this from the beginning? Because if you knew the plan, the Founder would have sniffed it out like a shark after blood.

And if he knew that I was protecting Roger Protecting him? Frozen? With a bullet through the chest? Nothing in comparison to what Bathory, the Founder, had in store for him.

He'd invented some kind of machine to amplify your father's powers.

Machine for what? I don't know.

I don't know.

Whatever it is, your father risked death to stop it.

He was always in danger of being turned into a weapon by the Founder, or being destroyed by him, and the second he comes back, so does the threat.

You wouldn't have done all this if you didn't have an endgame.

A way of taking down the Founder.

A way of bringing my father back.

Oh, I always have a plan, Stephen.

No, this can't be.


Please, stop.

Please! - Tim, wake up.

My functions do not require sleep.

It seems as if yours don't either.

Come back to bed.

What are you doing, wandering off in the middle of the night, anyway? I keep sensing a breakout near Lincoln Center.

I wanted to see if Tim was picking anything up.

Now, usually, it's like like they're calling out to me, but this one It feels like it's coming from inside me.

The only other time I felt that was - Stephen.

It means something, John.

The signal's so faint, the computer can't properly track it.

The breakouts could be underground, or Dr.




Well, I haven't been called that name in a long while.

My apologies, a slip.

No, no, it makes me think of the old days.

And friends.

But I'm not here to walk down memory lane.

We have business.

Actually, I'm in the middle of a breakout in Oh, it can wait.

So The reconstruction of the machine your brother destroyed is finally complete.

It's time to move forward.

How? We've been looking for a suitable subject for over a decade.

Oh, you know very well we've found him.

Stephen? No, he's not ready.

Plus, entrusting the future - of the planet to a teenager - You're stalling.

Perhaps you've grown a little too close to the boy.

He's my nephew.

And Cassie is my daughter.

A synergist like Stephen.

Stephen's mother is a paranormal? Oh, you didn't know? Oh, of course, that old familiar blind spot for family.

A luxury I cannot afford.

I had thought, perhaps, that Cassie would be up for the task, given her pedigree, but it was not to be.

This would all be so much simpler if we still had your brother.

Wouldn't it? But we don't.

No, of course not.

It's a pity.

But be advised, Jedikiah.

This operation will move forward.

With or without you.

He's on to me.

We don't have much time.

You still haven't told me the plan, how do we stop the Founder? We kill him.

"We," meaning, "You.

" My species can't kill, you know that.

You mean John.

Stephen, can't you see that this was part of the plan? The reason I engineered him to be lethal? - This is crazy.


But it is the only way to bring your father back.

A life for a life, what do you say? Really, Tim? Nothing? I think you're projecting your frustration at not being able to locate the breakout onto me.

Don't get all sensitive on me now.

Hey, where's John? - Popcorn? - We're going uptown.

But, I was actually planning on Going with me uptown? Smells really good.

I can't believe you're asking me to do this.

I have been racking my brain to try to find another way.

So keep thinking.

Even if I could kill the Founder, why would I? Because it's the only way to bring my father back safely.

So you want me to wash my hands of his blood with someone else's? I don't want you to do any of this.

Okay? It makes me sick just thinking about it.

But if the Founder's death means my father's life? Says who? The same man who tricked me into killing your dad? Stephen, listen.

It wasn't long ago that I was starting to think this was hopeless.

That I was propping us up on on a promise that I had stopped believing in.

But then you came along.

And reminded me that we can change the rules.

There's always another way.

We're never trapped.

If I have to do this alone, I will.

How? Stephen, this isn't who we are.

And it sure as hell isn't what your dad would have wanted.

Okay, how do we do this? Well, it's simple.

And not so simple.

You and John are gonna have to find No.

No John.

You want this done so bad, you pull the trigger.

Well, a human being doesn't stand a chance against the Founder, Stephen.

So, I take it our gentle-hearted friend turned down my proposal.

I'll find a way to do this alone.

Just tell me where the Founder is.

This is a man who broke out decades ago, Stephen.

Hiding became a kind of survival instinct for those early breakouts.

Now he has more safe houses than the CIA, he trusts a very small group of people, and, sadly, I'm not one of them.

You're not giving me much to work with here.

There's gotta be some way.


Provided you're willing to adapt.

So think, Stephen.

No man is an island.

His daughter.


But she's in the Citadel.

A victim of the same experiments he would have subjected you to, had I not been protecting you, by the way.

What experiments? - Focus, like a laser beam.

Cassie is our only hope for locating the Founder.

Not if I can't get to her.

A rebel assassin wouldn't stand a chance.

But an Ultra agent? Acting on my orders? You issue those orders, the Founder will know.

You'll be putting the noose around your own neck.

And you'll be standing in the gallows with me.

Which is why you can't fail.

And I need John.

The Bronze Age.

A cairn on a grave was said to keep the dead from rising.

All right, well, it would seem the heavier stones take more effort.

Quick, somebody call the Nobel Prize Committee.

Or, the subject's interest in historical trivia is distracting him from the experiment at hand here.

Spare me, Jed.

I'm bored out of my skull.

The man is moving objects with his mind and he's bored out of his skull.

Go figure.

Come on.

I've been doing these little experiments for years now.

We've hit a wall.

Besides, I'm sick of this dungeon of a lab.

Why is that a "Good thing"? Stop it.

We agreed you wouldn't read my mind.

Don't read my mind, please.

All right, then tell me why that's a good thing.

The wall we've hit is a consequence of attempting next-generation research on a shoestring budget.

But I think I may have found a door.

A new phase of our work through a possible partnership.

I'm telling you, he will absolutely blow your mind.

He already has.

I can't tell what he's thinking.

Like I said, a vegetative state.

She's been that way for two weeks.

I still need to talk to her.

You might as well talk to the wall.

Well, if you'd like to tell Dr.

Price his orders are pointless, I've got him on speed dial.

Thank you.


It's Stephen.

Can you hear me? Cassie, I know you're in there.

I know you can hear me, follow my voice.

You saved me, now it's my turn to save you.


You have to go.

You're next on his list.

They'll tell my father.

Let them.

Look, I love the arts as much as the next guy, but I'm not sensing any breakouts.

She's here.

I can sense her.

Dancer or crew? I can't tell, there's too much noise.

"This is ridiculous.

" "Come on, you never lose a step in a while, not to freak out!" "I used to be their agent.

" "I'll come" "Go and get it.

" " goes crazy.

I'll get him to" "Study" Sophie? Hi, we're here to help.

You hearing voices? Ultra's got her, we're too late.

No, we're not.

It's okay, we can make them go away.

You're not going crazy.

I'm not? What the hell? No breakout's worth getting busted for.

It's my sister.

Cara? Oh, my God! What's happening to me? When that guy attacked me and I fought back, something happened.

For the first time in my life I could hear that it wasn't just sounds, it went beyond that.

I could hear people's thoughts.

Everyone's thoughts.

And the disappearing into thin air? Teleportation.

Third power is telekinesis.

Moving things with your mind.

I did it a few times.


I thought I was hallucinating.

It can be scary, I know.

And these Men in Black psychos? Ultra? They're after you, like, always after you? So they'll always be after me? Sophie, we're a leap in evolution, don't you see how special that is? One in six girls get accepted into the Academy.

And now I'm AWOL for a rehearsal.

I was already special.

I can see that.

At least Let me show you what my life looks like.

This is where you live? It's pretty cool, huh? You hungry? We've got plenty of junk food.

I pretty much only eat bananas.

Hang here a second, I'll be right back.

And don't worry.

They don't bite.

I could only hear the doctors' voices.

I knew they were testing me but I never knew what for.

Looks like they were torturing you.

The device they hooked me up to to harness my powers.

Whatever they wanted, they weren't getting.

But they just kept trying.

And I just prayed they'd kill me.

Damn animals.

Her father is the animal.


I found the breakout.

There was a reason the connection was so strong.

So, who is she? She's my sister.

That's great.

I wish she thought so.

She's terrified.

She looks at me like I'm a stranger, which I am.

I just waited for this day for so many years and now Cara, what if I had a way to end this war? I mean, for good, and get us out of here.

I'd be for it.

What if it meant killing someone? The Founder.

If Stephen's right, Jedikiah has just been doing his dirty work.

Ultra, this war, it all begins and ends with the Founder.

But if we kill him - It means our freedom.

A life for my sister, outside the trenches, up in the real world? I say kill the bastard.

Ultra just launched an all-out manhunt.

They know Cassie's out.

Which means the Founder's hunting us.

Set up a meeting with your uncle.

Before I say yes to this, I need to know I'm not walking into a buzz saw.

You got it.

Where's my sister? Let me out.

Oh, my God.


Sophie, it's okay! Everything's gonna be okay.

I just want to go home! - Keep it.

I'm fine.

Come on, it looks good on you.

I don't want to wear your weird biker jacket, okay? You're safe here.

Just try and catch your breath.

We were seconds away from being road kill.

How are you so calm? Practice.

I'm sorry, Cara.

But I don't want this.

Any of it.

I just want things to go back to how they were.

They can't.

As long as you have these abilities, you're in danger.

Then Can I make them go away? Thank you for coming, John.

I'm only here for Stephen.

I know he told you about Roger, and the Founder and I.

I'm sorry, kiddo.

I wish I could've explained it to you a long time ago.

Lying comes easier to you, I guess.

Fair enough.

You turned me into your own personal killing machine.

John, I'm gonna tell you something.

Every time you hurt, I hurt right along with you.

Every trial you endured, I was right there with you.

For a single purpose that I could not tell you about until now.

I will never trust you.

Get that through your head.

A little truth? Your double agent was, in fact, mine.

I've known about Stephen's deception from the very beginning.

In fact, I let you and your friends find him and turn him because I knew it could bring us right to this exact point.

You can't! You can't paint yourself as the good guy, after all you've done.

You let me think that I killed Roger.

You let that haunt me for years.

Had no choice, kid.

Your ignorance was part of the conspiracy.

You ruined my life.

I know.

You made me into something that I hate.

I know.

And now, the only way to free ourselves from our past is for you to kill the Founder.

For better or worse, John, it's your destiny.


Please, stop this war.

For all of us.

This house is off limits for Ultra.

You're safe as long as you stay here.

I thought you said Stephen needed help.

He does.

But I can't help him if you don't look after Sophie.

It's just for a couple of hours.

Please? What's happening? What is it he has to do? Are you sure you want to know? No.

And honestly, I don't know why I'm the person for the job.

Stephen trusts you.

And I figure you have more in common with her tern I do.

She's not a big fan of the lair either.


But do you promise to look out for Stephen? I will.

Might be the one thing you and I always have in common.


Sophie? Sit tight, okay? Tim, this is the best image you've got? No other images exist of the address Cassie provided.

Seems to be in some imaging dead zone.

It's the same technology the CIA uses to keep you from snooping on Langley.

So we're gunning for a paranormal supervillain holed up in his secret hideout with government-grade defenses? Hallelujah.

Don't forget the place will be swarming with his personal guards.

All ex-military.

But first we have to get inside and the only way past the perimeter is with a lock coded to his DNA.

Meaning yours will unlock it? No.


No, that wasn't part of the plan.

You're not coming with us.

Not in your condition.

Do you have a choice? What happens once we're inside? Most likely we all die.

That's not gonna work for me.

Barely started on my bucket list.

So, how do we get our supervillain to lower his guard? Come on, guys, this is the moment we've been waiting for.

Forgive the hyperbole, gentlemen, but everything has been leading me to exactly this moment.

For any particular reason? That you could maybe share with us? Mr.

Bathory's come a long way, I think we should listen to him with an open mind.

Your brother's hesitation is natural.

I dream of a cutting edge research organization dedicated to the study of your species.

Didn't realize I was a species.

The first of a new kind.

A new people.

A tomorrow person.


A little stiff, maybe.

What do you think? Give it a little Latin flair.

Roger, what are you doing? Come on.

Just imagine the potential.

Telekinetic surgery.

Telepathic psychotherapy.

Goodness, think what teleportation will do for travel, economics, humanitarian aid.

We will redefine life on this planet, gentlemen.

That's all well and good, but it doesn't explain who you are or how you found us.

And I don't like mysteries.

Such as why you can't read my mind? I'm more powerful than you are, Roger.

Care to know more? Wait a minute, are you guys communicating telepathically right now? We're not alone, Roger.

Not for long, but we're the first.

The vanguard, but there will be others.

And this organization of yours will find them? These "Tomorrow People"? That's the real purpose.

For now.

But in time and with the aid of others like us we will use these powers to change the world.

Okay, wow.

You guys gonna give me any of the details on this conversation or Well, uh First we eat.

I'm famished.

Oh, my god.

How long were you stuck underground? For a lot longer than I wanted to be.

It was rough.

I would have totally lost it.

Yeah, there's not a lot of space to dance down there, huh? Dance is my life.

Or was.

Till my sister stepped out of whatever comic book she's been living in to ruin it.

You know, they didn't choose this.

I was so proud of her when we were young.

Growing up deaf.

Cut off from the world.

She was so brave.

She still is.


But why do I have to live her life? I don't know.

You're chosen.

What about my choice? Doesn't that count for anything? How did you like having that taken away? Exactly.

Russell, wake up, buddy.

Is it zero dark thirty? Five more minutes.

We don't have five minutes.

Get up now, Russell.

Dude, what the hell Who let him in the lair? Russell, listen to me, we need him.

He is the only one who can hack into the Ultra mainframe using Tim.

To get us in and out of the Founder's compound undetected.

Okay? And, obviously, I can't leave him down here alone.

No tricks, Russell.

You have my word.

Ready for this? Are you? Well, seeing as this is my first suicide mission No.


Get ready fast.

The thing about a suicide mission is You only get one shot.

You got your sister all squared away? - Said your goodbyes? She's at your house, actually.

Astrid's looking after her.

Actually, recent cell phone activity indicates that Astrid and your sister are currently at the Lincoln Center.

Wait, what? It's opening night of Giselle.

One of my favorites.

Oh, my god! Go.

Do what you gotta do.

What about the mission? The Founder? - Family first.

Besides, we got this.


No sweat.


Yeah, I know.

This won't be the last time I see you.

But in case it is Look, I know you're mad.

I'm not mad, but we need to go.

Just let me stay.

I can't.

I need to protect you, I cannot lose you again Can't you protect me here? - My friends need me.

I need you.

Just let me do this one last thing as a human being and I'll come with you.


So, what happens now, uh, in the story? I rise from the grave and join the other virgins who died of unrequited love.

So, it's a comedy? Just watch.

I'm gonna kill it.

Okay, this is the last firewall before we are in Ultra's mainframe.

And Tim, if I catch you accessing this, you're gonna wish you were never programmed, you got it? Of course, Dr.


All right, deactivate protocol 77, please.

Whoa! No mysterious protocols.

Tim, de-deactivate protocol 77.

What do I hit? Protocol 77 transmits the compound's security status to Ultra.

And any agent with a pulse will be swarming them within seconds.

Tim Re-deactivate protocol 7 Whatever, just kill the damn alarm, would you? - Smart move.

Yes, I concur, Dr.


Love you even though you left me, Tim.

Thank you, Dr.


Quit stroking each other.

Sir, we have a breach.

Someone just accessed the main gate.

They're already inside.

One of my own kind, if I'm not mistaken.


All guards? Intruder is a Paranormal.

Daddy? It's me.

Stand down.

It's only my daughter.

Intruder is not a target.

Stand down.

Repeat, stand down.

Cassandra, what are you doing? I want to come home, Daddy.

She's taking too long.


Just breathe.

She'll do it.

Welcome home, Cassandra.

Thank you, Daddy.

Oh, you're sick, darling.

You should be in the hospital.

The doctors They hurt me so bad.

Well, you know, I'm I'm sure that they were just trying to help you.

We both know that you have a powerful imagination.

I can still see their faces.

And the needles.

And that chair.

Oh, you poor thing.

How did you manage to get out? I must have teleported out.

In your condition? No.

Perhaps you were helped? Somehow? The only thing that got me through that hell was thinking of you.



What is it, darling? It's done.


We're up.

I truly have broken your heart, haven't I? Sound the alarm! Yell all you want, Dad.

It's over.

Dreaming of this moment was the only thing that got me through the nightmare that you abandoned me to.

It's time to reap the whirlwind, Daddy.

Uh, let me guess, you've just had a little heart-to-heart with your uncle.

Can't you see what he's doing? This is about what you've done.

Just let me explain.



All that Jedikiah's told you about me and about the machine, it's to drive a wedge between us.

Just like he did with your father and me.

To make himself into a martyr when your uncle is a monster.

You experimented on your own daughter.

I hoped that Cassie would be able to activate the machine, yes.

And I made sacrifices that no father should ever have to make.

But the machine was your father's dream, Stephen.

A device that could finally build a road to our salvation.

Why else would I risk my own child? I did it for you.

I did it for your father, I did it for all of us! What are you waiting for? Jedikiah has always been fuelled by jealousy.

He formed Ultra to acquire your father's abilities for himself.

And now, he's using you! You're lying.

You're lying.

You don't need tricks, Stephen.

And I don't need to lie to you.

I'm on your side.


Just like the weakling he is, Jedikiah poisoned Roger's mind.

He tricked him into destroying the machine.

Think about it, Stephen! Who ordered your father's death? Who forced the gun into your hand? Him.

Him, and his bitterness and lies.

But now, we have a chance.

We can end this, together! We can complete your father's work.

He's trying to get into your head.

We only got one shot here, Stephen.

The guards will be here any second.

Do the right thing, Stephen.

Or we will all suffer the consequences.

Now! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! No No, no, no, no, no.

This is because of him.

Your uncle did this! You have an enemy.

But it is not me.

All I ever wanted was to stop the bloodshed.

To stop it.

Definitely not used to that yet.

Well, that's surprising considering how much time you spend flying through the air.

No matter how many times I perform it, that last dance always brings tears to my eyes.

It's just - Beautiful.

You were beautiful.

Are you sure you weren't using your powers? Like, just a little bit? That was all me.


What happened? Where are John and Stephen? The mission went sideways.

Very, very sideways.

How bad? - Are they okay? - I don't know! Cara? John.

Where's Cassie? She's gone.

She's dead.

Cara, what's happening? The Founder couldn't have He didn't.


Russell, where's Jedikiah? What? After Mission Impossible went off the rails he cracked me on the head with a gun and forced me to bring him topside.

Damn it, Russell! What about her? You picked a great time for your little family reunion Okay.

Okay! Where did you take him? The belly of the beast.


That's where I'm going.

Wait, wait, wait.

We don't know who we can trust.

But if you set foot in Ultra, you're a dead man.

We need answers, and I will get them.

You have one hour.

Then I'm coming for him.


Come on, let's get you out of here.

I'm sorry that you had to see that.

Is it always like this in your world? I can't believe I have to give up my entire life for I didn't mean I just feel like I'm losing everything.

Maybe you don't have to.


Stephen will wipe you from Ultra's mainframe.

And that will suppress your powers.

But you have to promise to wear it at all times.

Thank you so much, Cara.

You're saving my life.

Or the opposite.

Be careful.

You're going? Can I see you again? Do you want to? Of course.

You're my sister.

It's not fair.

I don't choose who has abilities, Jedikiah, and neither do you.

I'm sorry, but we have to address this inequity.

Otherwise, when it goes public The backlash against paranormals could be catastrophic.

Hmm, can we at least call this "Inequity" for what it is, "Jealousy.

" You will never be your brother.

Either you direct a portion of this research towards transferring powers to Homo sapiens Saps.

Oh, it's just a little term I came up with.

Or we sever ties.

We do? That's right.

Roger's loyal to me, he'll do what I ask.

So, it's you two versus me on the paranormal front? Rivalries can get ugly, Jedikiah.

Then don't start one.

Well, if you insist.

All for one and one for all.

You're running? After Cassie died for us, for your plan? You told me you'd bring my dad back.

You failed him, Stephen.

Just like you failed Cassie.

Now, the Founder - The Founder said that your jealousy destroyed our family.

What do you really want with my father? I told you before, I loved Roger.

You know all this? Hunting my kind? Killing my father.

Just tell me it's not about you wanting his powers for yourself.

It wasn't Roger's powers that saved me that day, Stephen.

It was his love for me.

His humanity saved me.

What am I supposed to do? You need to decide who you really are.

Your powers make you very strong.

But only your humanity can save us.

Every one of us.

Where is he?

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could you please add the characters name in front of their line when they're saying it? It makes it easier to understand who is saying what.

sorry to bother you

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Hey Crazydude! Welcome to the boards! :hi

You're not bothering me at all! In all honesty, I don't watch this show personally but post the raw transcripts for those that have requested them. I wish I could add character names but I can't. Hopefully, someone else who watches and loves this show will offer to add the character names at some point for everyone. Some of our shows you'll notice members offer to edit the scripts and are really great transcripts while others are just in raw format like this one.

Anyway, wish I could be of more help! :hi

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