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01x02 - A Whiff of Sulfur
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Previously on Dracula We have schemed and built this empire of lies.

Give me one good reason I should not peel you like a grape! Because without me you'd still be rotting in that iron box.

[Gasping] From this day forward, you are an American industrialist.

Ladies and gentleman, Mr.

Alexander Grayson.

I give to you free, wireless power.

You are a fraud, sir, and I will see to it that you never do business here.

Rape, torture, wholesale slaughter, that is the stock-in-trade of the Order of the Dragon.

They employ business, politics, and oil, and that last thing, Renfield, will be their undoing.

Sir Clive not a day in the ground, and Grayson locked up Clive's entire block of imperial coolant.

I trust you were unobserved? How long has it been since a vampire stalked the streets of this city? Seven years? Eight years.

What do you suggest? - I will put Kruger on patrol.

[Men grunting] You areDracula.

I will destroy your Order and everything it stands for.

This is my most lovely friend, Miss Mina Murray.

If you don't ask her to marry you soon, someone else is bound to.

[Laughter] [Dog barking] [Clock chimes] [Grunting] [Gasps] [Growls] [Roars] Surely you recognize the blades of Saint Eligius.

[Hisses] - Exquisite, aren't they? Now then, let me introduce myself.

My name is Abraham Van Helsing.

I will tear your heart out, peasant! And you are Vlad the Third, prince of Wallachia, second son of the House of Basarab, also known as Vlad Tepes, Vlad the Impaler, Dracula.

Soon the sun will take you, and you will be no more.

But at least in your case, unlike my own, there will be one who deeply mourns your passing.

[Spits] For with your death, so too will pass my last chance to obliterate the Order of the Dragon.

What is the Ordo Draco to you? They slaughtered my wife, Adalind, and my three children.

They stole from me everything in this world that I have loved.

Everything you have loved.

[Gasps] [Screams] No! Ilona.

They burned her alive, as they did my Adalind.

And if you die this day, they will never face justice for these and all the other vile crimes they have committed in the Lord's name.

No man can change that.


But you are far greater than any mortal man.

[Growls] Though I possess the means, I lack the power, the presence, and the ruthlessness to wield it to any effect.

Only you and I - [Grunts] - together, can destroy them.

You say you have means.

I do.

Then stop wasting my time.

Remove this cursed blade before your confederate is rendered to Ash! Aah! Every move you make is another card face up on the table.

Sir Clive is slaughtered.

There is a vampire in London.

Then Kruger, a huntsman.

I had no choice.

He saw my face.

A seasoned huntsman! Now they will activate their seers, if they haven't already.

I can deal with them.

And no doubt reveal yet another measure of your power.

We require stealth.

[Grunts] - You deliver mayhem.

Our sole purpose in London is to make geomagnetic power a practical reality and wipe out the Order's investments in oil.

Damn it.

Cursed sludge.

Like tapping a wretched corpse.

You're lucky I fed.

Your other arm.

Must I? Stop being a baby.

[Sighs] Knives, swords, lances, stakes, a century in a metal box.

Mere annoyances.

But your needles will be the death of me.

It cannot be helped.

Your blood is a necessary component if you are ever to conquer daylight.

It's not the blood you draw that vexes me, Van Helsing, but the sublime pleasure you draw from its taking.

Must your progress be so painfully slow? You must have patience.

When? When it's done.

You've been telling me that for a decade.

[Sighs] It's only a matter of time before my aversion to sunlight becomes obvious.

When? You must have patience.

[Grunts] [Indistinct chatter] - Order! - Excuse me, momma.

Ready? Allez! Alastair, you look positively ferocious.

Shall I have the pleasure of wearing your colors? Huh.

It's all for a good cause, I know, but I would like to see them advance beyond the semi-final, at least.

And what, fair lady, shall be my prize, should I triumph? [Whispers inaudibly] Seriously? - [Grunts] - Touche! [Applause] En garde! Mina.

Hello, Minerva.

Allez! My dear, whatever happened? Oh, it's nothing, really.

Just a little accident at university.

I was practicing my surgical technique, and I managed to cut myself to ribbons.


[Laughs] But at any rate, it did give me a chance to brush up on my suturing.

Stitches? Yes.

I stitched it right up.

Across the thumb at least.

[Cheers and applause] Oh, good lord, please stop.

We've only just finished luncheon.

[Giggles] [Applause] Mina! What kept you? - I found my champion.

Only one? Oh, don't tell me you put all three ribbons on one man again.

Well, why hedge when the outcome of the wager is certain? - [Laughing] - Shh, he's up.

It's Alastair.

Of course.

His opponent is Daniel Davenport, the son of Lord Davenport and the reigning champion.

Not for long.

Alastair's very motivated.

Ready? Allez! Our agents haven't reported a single incident since it bested Kruger.

He's gone to ground.

Perhaps, yes.

Or gone altogether.

Touche! [Cheers and applause] I take it, then, you'll be summoning another huntsman to replace Kruger? Perhaps MacLachlan from Glasgow? I'd rather I handled this one myself.

I think it's about time I had some fun for a change.

That's my girl.

Touche! [Cheers and applause] He's doing very well.

You're so mean.

Allez! I presume you have no objection to my deployment of the seers? Must you? There is more than a whiff of sulfur about those two.

But better the devil you know.

[Sighs] Very well.

If you must.

Touche! [Cheers and applause] Bravo! Bravo! Good show, son! Jolly good! - Well fought, Davenport.

Great job.

Well done.

Don't be ridiculous.

This is my treat.

No, no, please.

Absolutely not.

I insist.

Thank you, madam.

Thank you, Mrs.


[Indistinct chatter] I'll look forward to lunch next week.


Oh! I thought I'd missed you! I was just leaving, actually.

Later, then.

Of course.

[Cart rumbling] [Indistinct chatter] So, did you get the raise? - He says he'll look into it.

Sorry, mate.

At this rate, by the time I'll be able to afford a wife, Mina and I will be in advanced old age.

I wouldn't say that.

Well, not both of you, at least.

You do have a few years on the girl.

[Chuckles] Mr.

Renfield, this is my co-chairman on the board of British Imperial Coolant Company, Lord Laurent.


Please, sit.

I'm sorry, but I really don't have much time.

My driver is waiting, and you indicated in your wire that this was a matter of some urgency.

It is.

Namely, I've become uncomfortable with our business relationship.

It's nothing personal, of course.

I just don't like partners in general.

I see.

So you wish to sell your shares? Well, I'd be happy to offer No, no, no, no, no.

I have no interest in selling my interest.

I was rather hoping that you would entertain an offer for your interest.

Renfield? Certainly not! You haven't even looked at the offer.

[Scoffs] I do not need to see your offer, sir.

My interests are not for sale, at any price.

See, Renfield? Not for sale, at any price! [Chuckles] Good day, sir.

[Engine chugging] - If I may ask a question, sir? - [Sighs] I'd rather you didn't, yet I know somehow you will.

I still don't understand your circumspection.

Why engage Harker to bring the woman into your orbit? Surely you have the power to simply take her.

I can't.

I know it sounds absurd that someone such as I would hesitate to act on moral grounds.

But to simply take the woman, to turn her into such as I am it would be an abomination.

No, Renfield, I cannot I will not take her.

Yet still you seek to draw her in.

To what possible end? [Laughs] Now, that I cannot say.

I only know to lose her twice would be more than I could bear.

[Indistinct chatter] If you move this across, then [Fades] - Mr.

Harker? - Yes? If you don't mind.

Chop, chop.

I take it our interview was a feather in your cap? My editor was quite pleased.

But? Well, I was hoping for something rather more tangible than a feather.

As you should.

It's perfectly reasonable to expect a reward when one demonstrates initiative.

A man should never be ashamed of ambition only the lack of it.

Well, that may be true in America No, Harker.

It's simply true, everywhere.

In every man's heart.

Even in yours.

Especially yours.

If you don't mind, I have a little business matter to attend to.

Of course.

Ah, Mr.


You've met my man, Renfield? - I have.

This is my young friend, Mr.


How do you do? - Shall we? - By all means.

This is the main entry hall.

As you can see, it's quite spacious.

To the left is the drawing room.

There's a full cellar, of course, including kitchen and pantry, four bedrooms upstairs, and servants' quarters are on the second floor.

Thank you.

I must say, I was keenly impressed by your insights regarding Mr.

Clive's, uh How shall I put this? Marked fondness for games of chance.

[Chuckles] It was nothing, really.

Quite the contrary.

They proved very helpful indeed in persuading his widow to sell me his interests in a company I had my eye on.

British Imperial Coolant? The very same.

Of course, I don't yet have controlling interest.

Which is where you come in.

Gentlemen, is everything in order? Yes, sir.

I need a vice president of public affairs, a man with a certain finesse and a thorough knowledge of who's who and what's what.

The primary duties of the position will be to assist me in navigating a course through British society and her business community.

Enjoy your new home, Mr.



I shall see to all the details with the executor.

Thank you.

Oh, hold on a minute.

Is Is this Sir Clive's old place.

Got it for a song, really.

A little paint, a little polish So, Harker It's yours.

If you accept my offer.

I can't have my attache living in a hovel, now, can I? - Um - Is that a yes? Uh, no.

I-I mean I'm sorry.

This is very unexpected.

Think about it.

[Eerie music] Of course, the position comes with a generous salary.

However, I cannot wait indefinitely for an answer.

So I'll need yours by Monday morning.

Is that okay with you? Yes, of course.

Do me a favor, will you, Harker? Turn out the lights and lock up.

I just know I'm going to botch it.

I will be lucky to pass, much less be chosen as Professor Van Helsing's protégée.

You You'll do fine.

No, Jonathan, I most decidedly will not do fine.

The cardiovascular system is the most complex structure I've studied this term, and surgical skills are not my forte.

They never have been.

If I don't pass this examination, I won't advance past fourth year.


You haven't heard a word I've said.

Of Of course I have.

You've got a test on the interior thingamabob, and I'm quite certain that you'll leave all the other students in the shade.


I got the most extraordinary offer.

What? Mr.

Grayson has offered me a position in his firm.

Alexander Grayson? Yeah.


What? Well, then, you simply must take it.

Don't you even want to know what it entails? Of course I do.

Tell me everything about it.

[Dramatic music] [Indistinct chatter, laughter] You didn't answer my summons.

We only just lit that.

[Gasps] There is a vampire in London.

You shall find him forthwith.

We can't.

We've been ill.

Sick as pikes.

But as soon as we're up to snuff Yes, well, I think that snuff is half the problem.

You will find him, or you will answer to Mr.

Browning and the high council.

Jonathan, you would be perfect for that.

Doesn't it Doesn't it just feel a bit dodgy? But he's a visionary.

He's a brilliant business tactician.

Every concern he's had a hand in has prospered.

Yeah, for the past seven or eight years, yes.

But the farthest anyone can dig back is to the Manitoba rail and transport.

I mean, as far as the public record are concerned, before that, the man didn't even exist.

Yes, but he made his early fortune on the American frontier.

It's hardly a bastion for crack recordkeeping.


You're right.

[Sighs] Perhaps the whole thing just feels too good to be true.


Grayson is leading the charge in a technical revolution that will change everything.

I know.

I know you, Jonathan.

How can you not want to be a part of that? Hmm.

Let me think.

I will kick you if you don't.

Then I suppose I'll have to.

Oh [Both giggle] He's acquired every drop of coolant from our distributors and put in an order for 250,000 gallons, which, of course, we declined.

Then this.

He's offered to buy you out.

For treble the book value of my stock.

I declined, of course.

I should hope so.

As absurd as his claims are regarding this geomagnetism, we must obstruct him at every turn.

A schoolboy experiment delivered with a bit of panache hardly equals large-scale practical application.

Yes, but even if the mere idea gets a foothold in the public imagination, it could impact severely upon our portfolio.


But surely over the long Therefore, any member of this organization who knowingly assists Grayson will be dealt with in the harshest of terms.

So This trick with the light bulbs that you performed with just such panache at your housewarming party I prefer to think of it as a debutante ball.

[Laughs] Ah.

A cotillion, was it? Yes, ma'am.

And I was the belle of it.

And the main entertainment as well.

If you're referring to my little demonstration, yes.

How did you do it? [Laughs] Really.

No, I must know.

I simply adore magic tricks.

I'm sorry to disappoint you.

There was neither magic nor trickery involved.

Simply science, physics, and technology.

Although I have been known to dabble in the occult.

Have you? Do tell.


What are you doing? [Clock ticking] [Eerie whirring] Where did it go? [Whispering indistinctly] No.

Shall we show the butler? Jenkins, that will be all.

Yes, ma'am.

[Intense music] Miss Murray? [Thunder crashes] Good morning.

May I offer you my carriage? Mr.

Renfield, is it considered proper in America for a gentleman to ask a single lady if she would like to ride in his carriage? To tell you the truth, ma'am, I don't believe my employer ever gave a damn about what's proper.

Nor I.

Thank you.

[Thunder rumbles] Certain you wouldn't rather swim? I'd hate to compromise your reputation.

Well, I'm afraid only I can do that, Mr.


[Horses whinny] [Indistinct chatter] [Overlapping chatter] So Did you quit? I'm beginning to harbor second thoughts.

You are mad.

No, I'm not mad.

It's just, I keep wondering, why me? There are hundreds, thousands of men in London with greater qualifications, but Grayson chooses me.

Don't you think that's a bit odd? He must have some sort of agenda.

What agenda? - I don't know.

That's just it.

I can't figure it out.

Nothing adds up.

What will you tell Mina? The truth.

This whole This whole business, it just feels so wrong.

[Thunder rumbles] So did Mr.

Harker tell you about my offer? He did.

And what do you think? Well, I-I told him that I would give him a kick if he didn't take you up on it.

[Chuckles] I bet you did.

So what's your area of study, Miss Murray? Um, I'm studying to be a physician.

Are you? How extraordinary.

You don't approve.

Now, why would you say that? My father is the supervising physician at Bethlem Royal Hospital, and people would always say to me [Sighs] "Are you going to be a nurse when you grow up?" And I would say, "No, I'm going to be a doctor.

" - Really? - Yes.

And that was all very sweet and charming until I was 14 or so.

So what? [Laughs] Indeed, Mr.


Two words guaranteed to repel any manner of mediocrity masquerading as conventional wisdom.

[Laughs] [Thunder rumbles] I have a very difficult examination today, one which I may well fail, and if I do That'll be the end of your dreams? Very much so.

If there's one thing I've learned in all my years, in all my journeys, Miss Murray, is that when it comes to dreams, one may falter, but the only way to fail is to abandon them.


[Exhales] When it comes to dreams, one might falter, but the only way to fail is to abandon them.

[Tense music] The patient exhibits left ventricular wall thickening and mal-alignment of the muscle cells, or myocardial disarray.

The hypertrophic thickening is asymmetric and clearly involves the inter-ventricular septum, which obstructs the cardiac outflow and prevents the blood from flowing freely between the aortic valve and into the aorta.

[Eerie music] [Horse whinnies] [Roars] [Shouts] The seers located the vampire in Stepney.

He detected them.

He what? He detected them and then employed some kind of countermeasure.

Is that even possible? Well, it's rare, yes.

It's extraordinarily so, but it is possible if he is very, very old.

Two or three centuries at the least.

Have you consulted your peers? Has anyone ever come across anything like this? Not in our lifetime, no.

There was Lucrezia Borgia Yes, yes.

Spare me the history lesson.

All I need to know is, can we contain this? I promise.

I will track him, and I will destroy him, with or without the seers' assistance.

You just raised the rent a month ago.

If you don't bloody like it, move out.

There you are, Harker.

We've been looking for you.

I passed.

Not only passed, but first in her class.

[Laughs] It was stupendous.

Professor Van Helsing says that I She's the first female student to come top of her class in college.

I reserved a table.

At the Savoy! August is going to make something special just for Mina.

Isn't that divine? August? August who? Oh, August Escoffier, silly.

Don't you know anything? Doesn't he know anything? Come, we've got a cab waiting.


I can't.

I'm under the cosh with a deadline, and I have to deliver the copy before they set the presses.

Oh, don't worry, Harker.

The whole celebration's my treat! I can't tell you how happy we are to have you on board.

You will call me Alexander, and I will call you Harker.

Of course, if it pleases you.

There's something you should know about me right now, Harker.

I never do anything, anything that does not please me.

Is that not true, Renfield? All too true, I'm afraid, sir.

[Laughs] Please.

He insists on calling me "sir" because he knows how much it annoys me, but I will brook no such insubordination from the likes of you.

Now, to business.

I want you to tell me everything you know about Lord Laurent.

Lord Laurent.

Uh Well, he He dabbles in business.

He sits in parliament.

We know all that, but every man has a dark side.

I need to know his.

I want you to tell me everything.

Everything you need to know you can find out at 10:00 P.


at the Swinburne Club.


Very good.

[Rain pattering] Members only.

[Cheerful piano music] I love my little cat With soft, black, silky hair [Laughter, overlapping chatter] And sits upon the chair When teacher says, why do you bring That little pet of yours I tell her that I bring my cat Along with me because Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow Whiskey.

Daniel - The night's hardly started.

I'm sorry.

I must be off.

Father and I play polo tomorrow, and you know how cross he gets if I come in late the night before a match.

Only so cross as I get when you leave so early.

You are irresistible when you sulk.

Do you think so? [Men singing indistinctly] [Overlapping chatter] [Clears throat] How did you get in here? This is a private establishment.

You can't Stephen, what is this? Who is this man? I'm Alexander Grayson.

The American.


And you would be Daniel, Lord Davenport's only son.

Hello, Daniel.

Leave him alone.

Stephen, please.


[Crowd shouting, singing] Personally, I couldn't care who a man chooses to love.

It's really none of my business.

However, there are legions of less broad-minded souls.

Your wife, his father, who would take considerable umbrage if your inclinations were given a public airing.

Why, thank you.

What, I wonder, would that do to your reputations? Indeed, your families' reputations? [Cheers and applause] What do you want? [Cheers continue] Bravo! ALL: Ohh - Very nice.


I mean to ask for her hand this very night.

What? - In front of everyone.

Of course, in front of everyone.

In front of God, the prophets, the angels, and every bloody soul in this room! Yeah! Even you, you miserable git.


[Laughter] My boy is going to be a proper English gentleman! [All cheering] That's right.

That's right, with a proper English wife! ALL: Cheers! Hold on, hold on.

Miss Murray intends to be a physician.

How does that square with the "proper English wife" bit? ALL: Ooh [Laughs] Mate, when I slip this ring on Mina's lovely little finger, I have every confidence that she'll forget all this silliness at university and settle down and dedicate herself to more natural, womanly pursuits.

Mina Mina, wait! Mina! Mina! Mina! Mina, wait! Mina, Mina.

Look, I'm sorry - [Sighs] - I'm sorry.

Why apologize? It's how you feel.

It is how you have always felt.

That's not fair! I've never said a word of discouragement to you, ever.

[Sighs] Nor a single word of support.

Please, Mina [Indistinct chatter] [Ominous music] Good night.

[Hooves clopping] I must know your name.


If you don't give me your name, I won't give you your stub.

Then I shan't give you your coat.

Ah, but I can always purchase another coat.

But your name? Now, that's something I treasure more than any mere garment.


Ah, Sinead.


[Whimpering] [Growls] [Squishing] [Echoing moans] [Snarls] [Dramatic music] [Growling]

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