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3x11 - Birthday
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Author:  bunniefuu [ 01/17/02 01:23 ]
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Previously on Angel:

Angel: "I'm gonna have a son."

Darla stakes herself leaving the baby behind in the rain.

Cordy: "I have a room mate. It's cool I never see him. He's a ghost."

Fred: "When I see you and Cordelia sparring... It's only natural that you and she should be drawn to one another."

Cordy clocks Angel on the nose, and he turns his head to hide the pain from her.

Gunn: "Cordelia, she doesn't choose to have a vision. The Powers send them to her when they got info to share."

Cordy: "I look forward to my next vision."

Series of highlights of some of the worst vision pains Cordy's gotten over the years.

Angel: "Easy. Are you gonna be alright?"

Cordy is taking pills in the bathroom: "These visions are killing me."

Cordy to Angel: "If I lose the visions, I wouldn't be able to help you anymore. You wouldn't need me."

Close up on a bedraggled and shaken looking Cordy.

Cordy: "I'd - just like to say thank you. (Deep breath) You believed in me when no one else would. Even in my darkest hours you were there for me (almost starts crying) and that means more to me that you'll ever know. (sniffs) I guess what I'm really trying to say is - I love you. - To all my fans: (Holds up a scrub brush in plastic gloved hand) this is for you!"

Shot widens to show that Cordy is sitting on the floor of the Hyperion lobby. Fred is sitting a little ways away, wearing yellow plastic gloves and applauding wildly.

Fred: "Wow! That was just - wow. 'cause... oh, and with the tears! I-I got chill bumps all up my arms."

Cordy: "Yup. That's the famous speech. Not that I'll ever use it of course - unless they start handing out awards for best slime and grime. - Oh, I swear. Next time Angel decides to blow something up he's cleaning his own scorch marks."

Gunn walks in wearing a hairnet and facemask and carrying a spray bottle.

Gunn: "Ladies. Less yammering, more scrub."

Cordy: "My, Gunn. Don't you look - sterile."

Gunn takes the facemask off: "Couple more hours of sniffing that industrial cleanser, I think I might be. Hey, I don't suppose you ladies wanna trade jobs?"

Cordy: "Ah - hmm. Scrape up Wolfram and Hart's entrails off floor, hmm - Fred?"

Fred: "You're screwed."

Cordy chuckles and goes back to scrubbing the floor.

Gunn leans in closer to Fred: "Wes back yet?"

Cordy: "No. He's still at the store picking up some more extra strength ick remover."

Gunn salutes Fred with his bottle and leaves.

Angel: "Look who's up from his nap."

Cordy pulls off her gloves and gets up: "Oh, Conner!"

Angel curls up protectively around the baby as Cordy stretches out her hands.

Angel: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa - dirty people. Not touching the baby."

Cordy: "But pig-drinking bloodsuckers are okay? - I meant that in a nice way. Okay, I'm gonna go wash my hands, but when I get back I get first dibs on baby snuggles."

Angel calls after her: "Don't forget to get under your fingernails. (Quietly to Fred) Does she know?"

Wes burst through the door carrying a couple of bags.

Wes: "Where is she?"

Cordy is in the bathroom popping some pills from a prescription bottle.

She comes out of the bathroom to find Gunn and Wes holding a cake with six lit candles and the picture of a female superhero on it. All four start singing 'happy birthday.'

Cordy grinning: "Oh you guys. I can't believe you did this."

Gunn: "Don't just stand there. Blow out the candles, girl."

Cordy blows out the candles and they guys cheer.

Fred: "Did you make a wish?"

Cordy: "I sure did. Ah, Jude Law was a little busy, huh?"

Wes: "Oh, how disappointing for you. Well, I guess you won't be wanting the presents we..."

Cordy: "Oh, wanting. Wanting presents."

Gunn and Wes put the cake on the lobby counter.

Angel: "Do you want to hold the baby now?"

Cordy: "Yeah. (Takes Connor) Oh, thank you. Hey, honey. Yeeh, the baby, baby."

Angel shifts awkwardly then pulls a small box out of his pocket.

Angel: "Uhm - ah, I - I got you a - a little something."

Cordy takes it: "Oh, Angel, you didn't have to do that. You have enough to take care of as it is."

Angel: "Well, I'm a champion. (Chuckles) We do important stuff. Hey, and who's more important then..."

Wes: "You have to forgive the wrapping. Some of us seem to have fostered a strange addiction to Scotch tape."

Wes, Fred, and Gunn come up, each of them carrying a big, wrapped box with a big bow on top.

Cordy: "Oh - what a cruel dilemma: presents of sweet little baby face."

Cordy looks down at Connor and coos. Then her head whips up all smiles gone.

Cordy to Angel: "Take the baby."

Angel: "You're choosing birthday gifts over my kid?"

Cordy: "Take the baby! Take the baby!"

Angel quickly takes Connor as Cordy gets hit by a vision.

Cordy: "There's a teenager, a girl, she... she..."

Cordy is suddenly blasted backwards into the glass doors of the weapons cabinet.

The others cluster around her as she lies motionless on the floor.

Fred: "Is she alright?"

Close on Cordy as she gasps and sits up.

Cordy: "I'm fine - you guys. I'll be okay. I'm just..."

Cordy turns to see all of the guys clustered around her body - lying a few feet away from where she is.

Cordy: "Dead?"


Right back where we left off.

Fred: "Oh, no."

Angel: "Take him. (Hands Connor to Wes) Come on Cordy, wake up. It's all over. Come back to us."

Cordy: "I haven't gone anywhere. Angel..."

Angel: "Please wake up."

Wes: "Angel, is she..."

Angel and Cordy: "No!"

Cordy: "I'm not?"

Angel: "She's still breathing. Her heart's still beating."

Cordy: "Yes! But - If I'm not dead then..."

Angel: "She's just in some sort of trance or a coma."

Cordy: "Like hell I am!"

Angel: "Well, let's get her over to the couch."

Angel and Gunn pick up Cordy's body and carry it over to the couch.

Angel: "Easy."

Gunn: "All right."

Angel: "Easy."

Cordy watching: "Ookay. I get it. This is some kind of bizarre birthday present you guys cooked up."

Fred spots the bottle of prescription pills on the floor where Cordy's body was lying and picks it up.

Cordy: "Alright. The joke's on me. Now put me back in my body!"

Angel: "It was a vision, wasn't it? I mean, she just started saying something about a girl..."

Cordy: "That's right. She's in a house on Oak street (the others keep talking, but we can't hear what they're saying anymore than they can hear or see Cordy) the middle of Reseda. It feels like we have some time here, but - but (looks at the others) you can't hear me at all, can you?"

Lorne coming down the stairs: "What's all the hubbub, bub?"

Cordy: "Lorne! Thank god! You can hear me, right? 'cause if there's some weird, other-worldly thing going on you'd still be able to..."

Cordy trails off as Lorne walks right through her, never noticing her.

Cordy: "Oh. That's not good. (A black shadow passes overhead) Did anybody else just see that?'

Lorne: "Jumping Judas on a unicycle. What happened?"

Angel: "All we know is that she had a vision."

Fred: "There is a lot we don't know. I think she dropped this."

Holds out the bottle of pills to Angel.

Cordy: "No Fred! Put that away. That's not important."

Fred: "Seltrex."

Wes: "Oh god."

Angel: "What's Seltrex?"

Cordy: "Nothing! It's just..."

Wes: "Seltrex is a highly powerful migraine medication."

Gunn: "Maybe we should get her to a hospital."

Angel: "So they can do what? Do what they did last time, strap her to a bed and tell us there's no hope?"

Wes: "Angel is right. Seltrex is potent but - it doesn't cause the catatonia."

Lorne: "I'm picking up some hardcore woo-woo vibes in the room. This ain't medical, kids. It's mystical."

Fred: "That's what I'm saying. There is so much we don't know. If Cordelia is taking a drug this powerful in secret, the visions are probably doing a lot more damage than she lets on."

Gunn: "This last one must have overloaded her."

Angel: "Don't say last! Okay? She'll come out of this. She has to."

Cordy: "She will!"

Angel: "Okay. Look, if this is a mystical problem there has to be some kind of mystical solution."

Cordy: "There you go. Great idea!"

Angel: "Gunn, you and Fred go to Cordy's place."

Cordy: "No! Bad idea. Bad idea!"

Angel picks up Cordy's body: "See if she's been hiding anything. Anything that could tell us what's wrong with her. Wes?"

Wes: "I'll hit the books."

Lorne: "I'll take the little peanut."

The group disperses, leaving Cordy behind in the lobby.

Cordy: "Does nobody care that there is a girl in Reseda that is about to be fed to a no-eyed, three-mouthed monster? (Hears indistinct whispering and looks around) What? - Hello? - Message. I'll leave a message."

Cordy walks over to the counter top but her hand goes right through the pens sitting there. Tries again, with the same results.

Gunn and Fred stand inside the door of Cordy's apartment facing a floating party hat and noisemaker, confetti floating down from the ceiling and a 'happy birthday' sign.

Gunn: "I think Phantom Dennis was expecting the birthday girl."

Fred smiles and steps forward: "Oh. Hi there. I-I know we haven't been formally introduced... Actually I'm not sure how to introduce myself to someone who is, you know - former. But, I'm Fred. (Reaches out and shakes the top of the party hat) It's nice to meet you."

Gunn smiling: "Fred, you are - you are so cool."

Fred: "I think we should tell him."

Gunn takes a deep breath and steps forward.

Gunn: "Okay. Uh. You might wanna... (To Fred) Do ghosts sit down?"

Wes is sitting at his desk reading a book. Cordy is standing in front of it, yelling at him.

Cordy: "Wesley. Wesley! WESLEY! (Waves her arms wildly) Yoo-hoo!"

Wes: "But if she's in the astral plane, she could be here unable to communicate."

Cordy sighs: "Yeah. Here! Unable to communicate. (Slowly walks over to take a look at Wes' book) 'Astral Projection.' I should read up. (Wes turns the page over) Wait, don't turn - turn..."

Fred: "It doesn't make any sense."

Gunn: "What doesn't?"

Fred: "It's all - normal."

Shuts the door to Cordy's bathroom vanity.

Gunn: "And that's wrong?"

Fred: "No (turns and sees Gunn standing in the door, one of Cordy's bras in his hands) what's wrong is you picking through Cordy's (fails around as Gunn raises his eyebrows at her) support - things."

Gunn: "What - this? Come on, you're telling me you never hid anything in your underwear drawer?"

Fred: "I don't know. I mean, for five years I didn't even have... Can we not talk abut my underwear, please? - And put that down. (Gunn does) I just figured if Cordy was taking something serious like Seltrex she'd have tried other stuff first. But - there is not even any Aspirin in here. (Leans in closer to Gunn) I think he's protecting her."

Gunn looks around the room, the steps back into Cordy's bedroom.

Gunn: "Phantom Dennis? Listen, we would never ask you to betray Cordelia, but we need to see whatever it is she's been hiding from us. I mean, unless you're so hyped on the ghosting life that you want her to join you?"

After a moment, Gunn sighs and drops down on the end of Cordy's bed. A storage container slides out from under the bed. Fred and Gunn open it.

Fred: "Hmm. You looked through the underwear drawer first, didn't you? (They pick up several prescription bottles) The date on this prescription? It's from a year ago."

Cordy's body is lying on Angel's bed. Angel is sitting in a chair beside it, holding her hand. Through the opening to the next part of the suite we can see Connor's crib.

Angel: "Cordy - Look, I know that you can't hear me, but - there is something I have to say. (Puts down her hand) You really piss me off, you know that? I thought we trusted each other. But you've been lying. MRI's and CAT scans? It's been going on for over a year. Why couldn't you let me in? I could have helped you. You make me so furious."

Cordy: "You're furious? I get body-jacked on my birthday, and *you're* the one that's furious?"

Lorne walks in: "Knock, knock. How is she?"

Angel: "The same. You ready?"

Lorne: "As I'll ever be."

Cordy: "For what? What's he gonna do?"

Lorne sits down on the edge of the bed.

Lorne: "Although I'm sort of wishing I brought my helmet. Last time I tried this I got blown across the room."

Cordy: "Oh, god, please let this work."

Lorne puts his fingers on the temples of Cordy's body and closes his eyes. Cordy closes her eyes as well.

Lorne: "Cordelia? Are you there?"

Cordy: "It's me. Lorne, I'm here."

Lorne: "Cordelia?"

Cordy's eyes pop open: "Yes! One seven one Oak street. Can you hear me? Lorne?"

Lorne takes his hands away and looks at Angel.

Angel looks from Cordy's body to Lorne: "What?"

Lorne: "Cordelia's not in there. She's just gone."

Cordy: "I'm standing right in front of you."

Angel sighs and rest his head on his hands. Cordy looks up as she hears the indistinct whisperings again.

Cordy: "And - I'm afraid."

Angel raises his head: "No. This isn't gonna happen. (Gets up) I don't care how many favors you have to call in. I don't care how many gods you have to cross. You have a connection to the Powers That Be and you're gonna find me a way to talk to them. Understand?"

Lorne backs up a step: "A-angel honey, it-it's not that easy. I mean, contacting the Powers is a muddy, not to mention dangerous, area. But this is a - this is a bit much to ask."

Angel: "I'm not asking."

Lorne sighs and leaves. Angel sits back down on the chair beside the bed.

Blend to Cordy sitting on the floor at the end of the bed. She looks over as Angel begins to snore. Cordy gets up.

Cordy: "Finally! (Walks over to Angel) Okay, Wes, let's hope your books know what they're talking about."

Cordy sits down on the chair, melting into Angel's body as she positions herself to match Angel's. Angel's head comes up and he exhales slowly as he straightens. He sees a permanent marker on the nightstand, and knocks over a glass sitting beside it as he picks it up. Moving slowly, he starts to write 171 Oak on the wall above the bed.

We hear indistinct whispering and a dark, smoke-like shadow writhes across the wall beside Angel.

(I missed the next part because of a glitch during the recording, but I take it that the shadow threw Cordy out of Angel's body, making Angel fall to the floor.)

Wes walks in just as Angel picks himself up off the floor.

Wes: "Angel - what are you doing on the floor?"

Angel: "I don't know. I had this dream that, uh - Cordy was here. She was - ah, trying to tell me something. Something really important."

Cordy: "Yes! And, and...?"

Angel: "It's weird."

Cordy: "*How* are *you* a champion? In what *way* are *you* a champion?"

Wes: "Fred studied Cordy's latest CAT scans. The news isn't good. The tests show widespread neuro-electrical deterioration."

Cordy: "That's just a fancy way of saying..."

Angel: "She's dying."

Cordy after a beat: "I think I like the fancy way better."

Wes: "I'm still working on, ah, the mystical aspect: trance states, astral projection, spiritual possession. But so far I haven't been able to... Why don't you take a break? I-I'll watch her and Connor."

Angel leaves, not meeting Wes' eyes.

Cordy looking down at her body: "I'm not ready yet."

A wind starts blast through the room affecting only Cordy. She backs into a corner and slowly slides down to the floor, watching as the dark shadow seeps out of the wall opposite her. The air ripples like a pond and Skip (the demon from TVT) materializes from it.

Skip: "Hey. How's it going?"


Cordy slowly stands up takes a few steps closer to Skip.

Cordy: "You're - you're - death? You've come to take me."

Skip burst into echoing laughter.

Skip: "Kidding. (Offers her his hand) I'm Skip. (Cordy just looks at him) You're Cordelia Chase, right? (Cordy nods slightly) Sorry it took me so long, I... (Indicates her body) Is this you? Most people go astral, their spiritual shapes tend to be an idealized version of themselves. You know, straighten the nose, lose the gray, sort of a self-esteem kind of thing. You're pretty confident, aren't you?"

Cordy: "What is this? Who are you? What the hell is going on?!"

Skip: "You have questions. I get that. And I'll answer them, too, but first we got to get out of here."

Cordy: "But why? Here is good. I feel really comfortable here. I-I like here."

Skip: "But you see, there is a slight problem: you - don't belong here anymore."

Cordy: "Because I'm dead?"

Skip: "Not yet. But you will be - very soon - unless - you - come with me."

Cordy looks over towards Wes sitting on the chair beside her bed.

Cordy: "Well, I'll follow you on-on one condition. You have to tell my friends about this vision that I had."

Skip: "Sorry. No can do. I'm not a messenger. I'm just a guide."

Skip holds out his hand to Cordy.

Cordy looks at it: "I don't wanna die."

Skip: "So don't."

Cordy slowly puts her hand into Skips. There is a blue flash of light.

We see a stack of CAT scan prints lying on Wes' desk.

Fred: "That's from eight months ago. The red spots are what they call hot areas or what you'd expect from a healthy, functioning brain. This one is dated one month ago."

Gunn: "Cordy's doctors couldn't explain it."

Fred moves the print, revealing one that's mostly green and yellow underneath.

Fred: "See - green is a cold color, usually signifying dead areas of the cerebrum. Normally you wouldn't see a scan like that..."

Gunn: "Unless the person was a cucumber."

Angel: "How could we not know?"

Lorne comes in moaning: "Oh, for the love of god, somebody get me a sea-breeze."

Lorne's clothes are torn and his left horn is dangling by a thread.

Fred: "Lorne! What happened?"

Lorne: "I can't really talk about it."

Gunn: "Then how the hell are we supposed to find them so we can kick their asses?"

Lorne: "Ah, no. I mean I *can't* talk about it. They cast a spell. I went down to the lo...(his speech turns to incoherent mumbling) See?"

Angel: "Did you get the information?"

Lorne: "Oh, why yes, Angel. My horn should grow back in a couple of days. So kind of you to be concerned. - Well, they didn't say I couldn't write it."

Lorne holds out a piece of paper. Angel takes it, grabs his coat and heads for the door.

Lorne: "Angel, all kidding aside, this isn't something to be taken lightly. Only a champion can deal with the conduit. And even then you have to la-argh arr..."

Angel: "I'll keep that in mind."

Angel leaves and Lorne shakes himself.

Cordy looks around as a flash of white light resolves itself into a deserted open room.

Cordy: "Is this... This is a mall."

Skip: "We just figured you'd be more comfortable here."

Cordy: "We?"

Skip: "The Powers That Be."

Cordy: "The Powers That Be popped me out of my body and sent me to a mall?'

Skip: "Actually, this is more a construct of a mall. You know, like in the Matrix."

Cordy: "You've seen the Matrix."

Skip: "Oh, I love that flick. When Trinity is all 'dodge this' and the agent just crumples to the (Cordy sighs) and I'm not really instilling any *awe* anymore, am I?"

Cordy: "Why did you bring me here?"

Skip: "To give you a choice. But, we'll get to that later. Right now there is something I want you to see."

Skip touches an info-TV-screen and motions here over as a picture of Doyle appears on it.

Cordy: "Oh my god. - Doyle."

The screen shows the kiss that transferred the visions for Doyle to Cordelia.

Skip: "This is where it happened, big cosmic whoops. - Doyle was never meant to give you those visions."

Cordy: "The why did the Powers let him?"

Skip: "Well, they're usually pretty good at catching that sort of thing. What they didn't count on where his feelings for you."

Cordy: "You mean - Doyle gave me the visions because - he loved me?"

Skip: "I can't answer that. What I *can* tell you is that it was a mistake."

Cordy turns away: "But I thought the Powers That Be knew everything."

Skip: "Life and death, that sort of thing, they got a handle on. Who someone chooses to love, well, that's just good old free will. See Cordelia, the visions are an ancient, powerful force. Demons are the only ones who can withstand them."

Cordy: "But I've had them for more than two years now. Doesn't that mean I'm strong?"

Skip: "Strong, yes. Demon, no. Just ask Tammy here."

Cordy: "Tammy where?"

Skip steps aside to reveal a girl dressed like a peasant.

Tammy (in Cockney accent): "Hello, miss?"

Cordy spins to face her.

Skip: "This is Tammy. She had the visions back in - sixteen thirty?"

Tammy: "Aye. Had 'em well neigh on a year, and a hellish year it was, too. Town fathers called me a witch, wanted to burn me at the stake."

Cordy: "They killed you because you had visions?"

Tammy: "No, miss. They didn't have to. (Turns so her back is facing Cordy) Last vision I had blew out the back of me skull. (Tammy turns back around and we see the hole in the back of her head) We wasn't mean to have the visions, us humans. Look, you want my advice, you listen to our man Skip here. He won't steer you wrong, this one."

Skip smiles: "Aw, get out of here. (Turns serious) Really. Get out. I've got work."

Tammy leaves.

Skip to Cordy: "You okay?"

Dissolve to a white light and whisperings that resolves into chamber. Its walls are hidden in the shadows. The only thing in it is a square cube of stone with a fire burning on top.

We hear a scream and Angel drops into frame to land face down on the floor beside the cube.

Angel: "Thanks Lorne."

Voices: "It is come. The champion is come. (Angel picks himself up and looks around) Come for what? Answers not to be had. Death is certain. Death awaits."

Angel: "I wanna talk to the conduit."

Voices: "We are the conduit. We are the gateway, the all the time, the ever. It wishes to speak to us."

Angel: "Yes, it does. Are you gonna show yourselves?"

Voices: "We are unseen. Formless. It speaks unknowing. Send it away."

Angel: "I'm not going anywhere until I get my message to the Powers That Be. My friend - Cordelia - has visions given to her by the Powers. They're killing her. I want the Powers to take them back. - Let her go. She's suffered enough!"

Suddenly Angel flies across the room to smash into one of the walls.

Voices: "Suffering? Does it know suffering?"

Angel flies across the room to smash into the opposite wall then drops to the floor.

Voices: "Yes it does. - The Powers owe nothing. Send it away. Send it away."

Angel picks himself back up: "I'm not finished."

Skip: "You ever have the vague sensation that maybe you left the oven on? Or that you're supposed to call someone back, you just forgot who it was? More to the point, have you ever felt that way about your acting career?"

Cordy: "I don't have an acting career."

Skip: "Which sort of brings me to my next point."

Skip points to a stack of TV screens and they come to life, showing scenes of a Hollywood party.

Cordy: "Hey! I remember that night."

Skip: "You'd been in LA for a few months, things had been kind of lean, and who should you run into?"

Angel appears on the screen, making his way through the party goers.

Cordy watches with a slight smile on her face as she and Angel meet at the party from "City of..."

Skip: "Your entire life changed that night. In ways you couldn't imagine. Indescribably painful ways, I think you'll agree. Now, what if the play ran a little different? (The picture on the screen rewinds) You're on the sideline over here, (Skip points and a white x appears on the lower right corner of the screen) talking to a couple wanna-be moguls. Angel is down field here. (A circle appears around Angel's head in the back of the screen) Instead of cutting through the middle to meet Angel, (two white intersecting lines appear on the screen) what if you'd been forced to counter? What if *this* guy, (a circle appears around another man in the crowd) who happens to be a very powerful talent agent, flanks you (A white line connects the circled agent to the X denoting Cordy's position) and drew you off side? (A white line leads from the X in the right lower corner of the screen over to the left corner and another X) What would happen then?"

Cordy: "I'd, ah, score a touchdown?"

Skip: "Metaphorically speaking, heck, yeah! Inside every living thing there is a connection to the Powers That Be. Call it instinct, intuition. Deep down we all know our purpose in this world."

Cordy: "Are you saying that - I was meant to be an actress?"

Skip: "No. I'm saying you were meant to be an incredibly famous and wealthy actress. And the Powers That Be can make that happen."

Cordy: "They can do that? They can turn back time?"

Skip: "They don't go for that - much. Think of it as 'writing over history.' From this moment on you could live the life you always wanted. No monsters, no visions, no dying. Well, not for a long time, anyway."

Cordy: "But no Angel."

Skip: "Cordelia, I want you to listen to me. If you go back inside your body, you *won't* wake up. You will lie there, unable to move, unable to speak - until the next vision hits you and then you will die."

Cordy: "But that's not fair. How's Angel gonna know to save that girl if I don't tell him where she is? He needs me."

Skip after a beat: "Let's go in here."

Skip takes a hold of Cordy's hand and pulls her through one of the walls of the mall - into the space where Angel is arguing with the Conduit.

Voices: "Its pleas are pointless. Her path is chosen. We will not interfere."

Angel: "The visions are too much. She's not strong enough to handle them."

Voices: "Obstinate. It speaks and does not listen."

Angel spins around, yelling: "No, you're not listening! Cordelia is not a champion. She is a rich girl from Sunnydale who likes to play superhero. She doesn't have what it takes to do this! Don't the Powers get that? Stop whispering and listen to me, damn it! She's weak."

Cordy: "Skip. Get me out of here. Now!"

Skip and Cordy melt away.

Angel: "You're killing her. She's unconscious, and she's alone. Who knows if she's in pain?"

Voices: "It is angry. It is afraid."

Angel after a beat: "I'm more afraid of her dying than she is. - What is that?"

Skip and Cordy are back at the mall.

Skip: "Cordelia - are you sure?"

Cordy: "You gave me a choice, so I'm choosing."

Skip: "Okay, kid. Here goes. I'm gonna make you a star."

Cordy closes her eyes.

Announcers voice: "And now, ladies and gentlemen, the two time Emmy award winning star of our show, the gal with the million dollar smile: Cordelia Chase!"

The mall has changed into the set of a sit-com around Cordy. She is caught in a spotlight and opens her eyes to wild applause form the audience and crew. She is now wearing a tight, blue, sparkly dress and smiles brilliantly at her fans.


We get to see the opening credits of her show, titled Cordy!

(The opening credits include: Cordelia Chase, Gregory Dunne, Elliott Sims, and Carol Wright

Created by Phlegmont and Mendoza)

Cordelia: "2,3,4"

Singers: "Yes, you can hear it in her laughter. - Ooh, you can see it in her smile. - Yeah, you'll be hanging from the rafters. - Ooh, you better stay awhile. - Ooh, better stay awhile. - - Yes, the whole world is full of laughter. - Ooh, you got my heart a little wired. - Yeah, you'll be hanging from the rafters. - Ooh, better stay awhile. - Ooh, you better stay awhile. - Ooh, better stay awhile..."

(Note: The theme song was sung by Marti Noxon and David Greenwalt. Words and music by David Greenwalt.)

Audience claps wildly.

We see Cordy walk down a corridor from the stage, dressed in a dark outfit now, wearing her hair different.

Man off screen: "Great show, Cordy!"

Cordy: "Thanks, you too."

Cordy's assistant falls in beside her, holding a PDA.

Nev: "Okay. There are stars and there are stars, and then there is you!"

Cordy: "God, that is sweet, Nev. Am I paying you enough?"

Nev: "Well, as a matter of fact..."

Cordy: "Good. What's cooking?"

Nev: "Okay. You got a costume fitting. The Producers want to run some ideas past you for next weeks show."

Cordy walks up to some fans lying in wait backstage, and begins to sign some of the autograph books held out to her.

Cordy: "Hi, how are you? What's your name?"

Nev: "We want to record that breast cancer PSA, but tomorrow is pretty booked. Maybe next week."

Cordy still signing: "No, make it tomorrow. I wanna get it on the air. (Turns to Nev with a sigh) Nev, you ever get that nagging feeling that you're supposed to be somewhere, doing something, but you can't remember what?"

Nev: "No. I'm highly organized. That's why you pay me - pretty well. But with the holidays coming I really..."

Cordy hands the autograph and pen back to one of the fans.

Cordy: "I have to go, I'm sorry. I have to go."

Starts to walk on. Nev dogs her, pulling out his phone.

Cordy: "I want something. Hypo-something. Hypothermia?"

Nev to phone: "Josh, lets get a large tub of ice water to Miss Chase's dressing room, pronto."

Cordy to herself: "No, that's not it."

Nev: "Canceling ice water."

Cordy: "Hyper... hyperbaric?"

Nev: "Josh, make it an oxygen tent."

Cordy to herself: "No, that's not it either."

Nev: "Canceling tent."

Cordy spins to face Nev: "Hyperion! That's it!"

Nev: "The hotel."

Cordy: "Yes. I wanna go there."

Nev: "Terrific. When would you like me to... (Cordy is already walking on) Now? Now you would like to... (Cordy snaps her fingers in the air without looking back at Nev) Without security? Without an entourage of me? Right. I'll give them a call. (To phone) Josh, car, side door, now."

Cordy enters the Hyperion. A string of lights are decorating the plants framing the entrance. Jazzy music is playing. People are scattered around the lobby. A bellboy pushes a baggage cart towards the elevators. Lights are decorating all the plants around the lobby.

Cordy walks up to the concierge writing something in the book lying open on the reception counter.

Cordy: "Hi. Excuse me."

Concierge: "Ah, yes, how can we help... (Looks up) Oh, Miss Chase. How can you help me? Ah, how can I help with... (Gives a little laugh) How can we help you?"

Cordy: "I believe my assistant made a reservation."

Concierge checks the book: "Ah. The, ah, luxury suite. I will take you right up to my room. *Your* room, I meant. - Welcome to the Hyperion."

Cordy is following the concierge down a corridor of the Hyperion.

Concierge: "And here we are, Ms. Chase. (Pulls out a key and starts to unlock a door) The luxury suite."

Cordy slowly walks past him looking around.

Cordy: "No. (Points at a door) This one. (Closes her eyes for a moment) I want this one."

Concierge: "That's ah - that's a *standard* Miss Chase. It's hardly fitting for someone of your..."

Cordy: "Open it?"

Concierge: "Yes, certainly."

Cordy slowly enters the suite she picked and looks around it. The standard warm d├ęcor of the hotel room is intercut with flashes of the same suite, but the way it looked when Angel was using it, including Connor's crib.

Cordy slowly walks over to the bed as the concierge watches her from just inside the door.

Cordy: "This wallpaper..."

Concierge: "Ah, yes. Designed by renowned artist Jacques Latour. Part of the remodeling we... (Cordy starts to rip some of it off the wall) Ha, ha... - Mmm, I hate that wallpaper. That's bad, bad wallpaper."

Cordy has ripped enough paper off the wall to reveal the address she wrote on it while 'borrowing' Angel's body.

Cordy: "One seven one Oak. (Turns to the Concierge) Where is that?"

Concierge: "Ah..."

Cordy rings the doorbell of house 171. A teenage girl answers the door.

Cordy: "Oh, hi. I'm - I'm really sorry to bother you..."

Cynthia: "Oh, my god. You're - Cordelia Chase. (Cordy smiles and nods) You're - Cordy!"

Cordy: "Yeah, hi. Listen, I know you don't know me, but would you mind if I..."

Cynthia: "Oh! Please, come in."

Cordy: "Oh, thanks."

Cordy walks in, and the girl closes the door behind her.

Cynthia: "I'm Cynthia. Cynthia York. And - I love your show. Like, *love* love. You're just - you're my idol, Cordy. I wanna be just like you, and have my own design firm and... (Frowns) Wait a second. What are you doing in Reseda?"

Cordy laughs: "Yeah, uhm, hmm. Good question. Uhm, this is - gonna sound a little bizarre, but, uhm, is everything okay here? Nothing - bad - happened, has it?"

Cynthia half shrugs: "My dad left us a couple months ago."

Cordy reaches out to touch the girls shoulder: "Oh. Honey, I'm sorry. Is your mom here?"

Cynthia shakes her head: "She's up in Ojai visiting friends."

Cordy: "Oh. - Well, ah... - That's, ah... Well, okay, then, ahem..."

Cordy turns to the door to leave.

Cynthia: "Hey! You wanna see something cool?"

Cordy turns back: "Sure."

Cynthia takes Cordy's hand and leads her over to a pentagram drawn on the floor on the other side of the couch.

Cynthia: "It's a retrieval spell. I'm gonna make my dad come back and live with us again. - I'm pretty sure I did everything right. Even though I - spilled some diet coke on the book I was using and had to improvise a little. Pretty cool pentagram, huh?"

Cordy: "Cynthia? I think we should get out of here before..."

A blue light flashes and suddenly there is a big demon standing in the middle of the pentagram.

Cordy: "...that happens."


Cordy pushes Cynthia towards the door.

Cordy: "Get our of here, Cynthia. Go!"

Cordy picks up a table lamp and smashes it over the monster's head, then turns to run. The monster trips her, then grabs a hold of her ankle. Cordy grabs a hold of a book (?) lying on the coffee table and rams it in the monster face, making it fall back.

The door behind her opens and Cordy turns to stare up as Gunn and Wes enter. Wes is carrying a drawn sword in his right hand. His left sleeve is pinned up, empty, against the side of his jacket.

Wes to Gunn: "Get the girl."

Gunn to Cynthia: "Lets go! Outside."

Gunn pulls Cynthia towards the door as Wes runs the demon through with his sword.

Cordy: "Wesley, what are you doing here and - what - happened to your other arm?"

Wes pushes her aside: "Look out."

The monster comes at Wes again and he fends it off with his sword. Gunn comes in and tries to beat the monster with his baseball bat. After a brief struggle they manage to down the monster, and Wes skewers it with his sword.

Cordy: "So, you - like - kill things now? Cause last time I saw you, you just kind of fainted in front of them."

Wes: "Cordelia, why on earth are you here?"

Cordy: "I know, I know. Reseda. It's practically the ninth circle of hell."

Wes: "Not Reseda. Here in this house. Is that girl a friend of yours?"

Cordy: "Oh, look, I know we haven't seen each other in a while, Wesley, and... (Laughs a little) But there is something *weird* going on with me. Like (whispering) Sunnydale weird."

Cynthia: "Oh, my god. (Looking at the dead monster) My mom is gonna freak."

Gunn is sticking the appendage of the monster hanging over the gate of his truck under the tarp spread over the bed of it. Cordy and Wes are walking down the walkway from the house to the truck.

Cordy: "...and underneath the wallpaper was an address. This address. So, for absolutely no sane person reason I can think of, I come out here and whammo! Slimy monster fun time. What's up with that?"

Wes throws his sword in the back of the truck and turns to face her.

Wes: "I'm not sure. I'd have to consult my books."

Cordy smiles at him: "Some things never change."

Gunn clears his throat behind them.

Wes: "Oh, sorry. This is my partner, Charles Gunn."

Gunn: "Man, Wes told me he knew you, but I-I didn't believe him."

Cordy: "Yeah, we go way back. (Gives a laugh) Back to, uhm, when - you had two arms, which, by the way..."

Wes: "Ah, Kungai demon a couple of years ago."

Gunn: "Hey, is it true that you and Wes were... You know, that you had a little..."

Cordy: "...humiliating kiss where he drooled all over my chin? (Gunn looks from Wes to Cordy) Yeah. But I worked *really* hard to repress it."

Wes: "Right. Well, as much as I'm enjoying this forced death march down memory lane..."

Wes goes over to the passenger side of the truck and opens the door.

Gunn: "Hey, what is it with you Sunnydale folks and repression? I mean, you three are the most denying it folks I've ever met."

Cordy: "Three? Who else is here in LA?"

We get flashes of Gunn's truck driving down the road and different shots of the city at night.

Wes walks into his apartment, followed by Cordy and Gunn.

Wes: "Cordelia, I want you to think about this. Angel's not the person you knew. He came to Los Angeles in pain, vulnerable - and when Doyle, his only friend died he - he retreated into himself."

Gunn: "Him getting the visions didn't help either."

Cordy: "So, let me get this straight. Angel gets the visions of people who are gonna die, and he tells you, and you go out and slay, and - this is how you make your living? This - got to be the suckiest job in the world."

Gunn: "It pays the bills - occasionally."

Wes walks over to a door: "Don't be shocked by his condition. (Takes a key from a hook beside it) The visions have taken a toll - and the isolation. Sometimes he sends us out to save people he killed two hundred years ago. (Cordy looks from Wes to Gunn, then looks down) So, why don't we just tell him you stopped by and said hi?"

Cordy: "Wesley. I've gotta see him."

Wes opens to the door to a room empty except for some shackles dangling from the ceiling and a mattress lying cockeyed in the middle of the floor. Angel, bare footed, is sitting on the edge of the mattress, his arms wrapped tightly around his knees. As the door opens he gasps, then curls up even tighter.

Cordy looks at the shackles.

Wes: "Restraints. Sometimes the visions make him violent."

Angel scrambles to his feet, arms wrapped tightly around himself and begins to ramble.

Angel: "One seven one Oak drive, do you hear me? I feel better now. I can be alone here. I won't run away..."

Cordy: "Oh my god."

Wes: "This is one of his good days."

Angel: "No, I - I won't. I won't do that. I won't do... I didn't mean... I didn't mean... Only if it's dead. It's me. (Drops back down on the corner of the mattress) It was my fault. It was me. I'm okay. I didn't mean... I didn't mean..."

Cordy takes a step closer, but Wes takes hold of her arm.

Wes: "Don't get too close."

Angel covers his head:"Ah! I won't run away."

Cordy walks towards him: "Angel. - Do you remember me? (Squats down beside him) Cordelia?"

Angel looks up and scrambles away from her on all fours.

Angel: "No. I'm afraid."

Angel goes to cower in a corner of the room.

Angel: "I'm afraid. I'm afraid."

Cordy slowly walks over to him: "Shh. Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you."

Angel: "I'm fine. Fine. One seven one. One seven one. You'll see. You'll see, one seven one. My head doesn't hurt. (Bangs his head back against the wall) My head doesn't hurt. Now I'm warm. My head doesn't hurt."

Cordy: "You don't remember me, do you?"

Angel: "I was there. I wanted to die. But - but I was - was afraid to die. So afraid to die. One seven one."

Angel repeats the number over and over as he keeps writing it with his finger on the wall beside him.

Cordy: "Shh, Angel, it's okay. Everything is gonna be okay."

Angel: "It was my fault. I was there. I couldn't do anything. There was nothing I could do."

Cordy: "Everything is gonna be okay."

Cordy leans in and softly kisses Angel on the mouth. Wes and Gunn watch in slow motion. There is a whoosing sound and a blue light passes from Angel's lips to Cordy. Cordy sits back on her heels and turns to look at Wes and Gunn, then stands up.

Cordy: "I remember everything. The visions (Walks over to where Skip is suddenly standing in the room) they're mine."

Skip: "We made a deal. You gave up the visions, not to mention the certain death that goes with them, and you get to live out your dream. Call me crazy, but I thought that was a pretty fair trade."

Cordy: "Sure it's fair. But it wasn't me."

Skip: "We've been over this. I respect what you're trying to do. It's noble and heroic, and all that other Russle Crowe 'Gladiator' crap."

Cordy: "You've seen..."

Skip: "Didn't love it. The fact remains that humans are not strong enough to harbor the visions! Period. Even the Powers That Be can't change that."

Cordy steps closer: "Then find a loop hole, Skip. I know my purpose in this world and it includes the visions. And if the Powers That Be aren't complete dumb-asses, they know it, too."

Skip: "There maybe a - tiny - loophole."

Cordy: "I'll take it."

Skip: "You may wanna think about that. The only way *you* get to keep the visions is by becoming - part demon. (Cordy looks down) The process isn't easy. It'll make your vision pain feel like a stroll through candyland. And even after the pain subsides the effects of the transition will be numerous and unpredictable. You may never be able to lead a human life again."

Cordy looks over at Angel (who appears to be frozen in time), then back at Skip.

Cordy: "So - demonize me already."

Skip after a beat: "It was an honor being your guide, Cordelia Chase."

Cordy gives him slight smile.

Skip raises his hand, a blue light illuminates the room and Cordy arcs back, screaming in pain.

On the bed in Angel's room Cordy arcs back, screaming in pain. Angel rushes to her side as the rest of the gang come running.

Fred: "What's happening to her?"

Cordy sits up on the bed, gasping, and opens her eyes. Angel catches her in a hug.

Angel: "I thought I'd lost you."

Cordy: "Angel."

Cordy gasps, pulls back and grabs a hold of her head.

Cordy: "No horns."

Checks her backside.

Smiles up at Angel: "No tail."

Angel looks at the others, but no one volunteers an opinion.

Cordy: "Whew! Just checking."

Cordy scrambles up out of bed and stretches, while Angel takes a suspicious look under the pillow before slowly trailing after her.

Cordy: "It feels *so* good to be solid again."

Angel joins the rest of the gang and they all pivot to keep watching Cordy.

Wes: "Cordelia, what is the last thing you remember?"

Cordy: "When? I've been so... Oh. You mean the vision downstairs. No, I had a vision, but it's been taken care off. There was this actress, and an one-armed guy. (Everyone watches her silently) It's a long story. But right now, we have to solve my vision."

Lorne: "The one you just said was taken care of?"

Cordy: "No. The one I'm having right now. There is a young man in a park in Glendale. Uh, somewhere near a pond. There is a demon waiting for him. He's red with four, no make that five horns."

Angel looks at the others then back at Cordy.

Angel: "Uh, Cordy?"

The camera pulls back and we can see that Cordy is floating about a foot off the ground.

Cordy: "What?"

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