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  2x08 - The Shroud Of Rahmon
 Posted: 11/24/00 22:33
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Previously on Angel:

Kate to Angel: "What are you?"

Angel: "You already know the answer, Kate."

Kate: "I'm glad we're not playing friends anymore."

Shot of the vampire bite on the side of her dad's neck.

Angel: "I'm sick and tired of you blaming me for everything you can't handle!"

Angel: "That's her! That's Darla. They brought her back."

Darla: "This is no life, Angel! My boy is still in there and he wants out!"

White cop: "I'm telling you this creep knows what happened. He's playing us."

Black cop: "Maybe. He's got mental problems."

White cop: "I don't care about that. We got one body already - and if *she* dies..."

Black cop: "If she dies, he's all yours."

They walk back into the interrogation room. There is a dark haired man, wearing a dark jacket sitting slumped over at the table, his face buried in one arm lying on the table.

Black cop: "We can help you. Tell us what you know and we send you back down to holding. (The man doesn't move) Stay quiet and my partner here will dent your skull."

White cop bangs his hands on the table: "Hey! You listening?"

Black cop: "My guess is you got yourself involved in something a little bigger than you expected. You got scared, you panicked, and in the end there was an officer on the floor. (Still nothing) Not to mention the body without a head. - Do yourself a favor and..."

The Guy finally straightens up and bangs a fist on the table. It's Wesley.

Wesley: "She shouldn't have been there. She didn't know! - I had to warn him. He didn't know what he was getting into. None of them did. If they'd known of them wouldn't... (Looks at the black cop) You didn't bring it here, did you? (Looks to the side, then gives a relieved smile) No. No, then it'd be too late for all of us. (Looks down at the table) He grabbed her hard - very hard. (Looks at the black cop) I'm quite good with the ladies myself, you know."

Black cop: "Just tell us what happened."

Wesley: "It all went horribly wrong."

Blend into a blonde body slipping to the floor, released by a vamp-faced Angel with blood on his lips, blinking his eyes rapidly.


Back on Wesley staring straight ahead.

Wesley: "None of us knew the effect it would have - until it was too late. - I tried to stop him - but I got hit... and I fell... and when I looked up - he had her. He was holding her, then - she was on the floor. - If we'd found out sooner, I would have stopped him. I would have."

Black cop leans into Wesley's face: "Stopped who?"

Wesley: "He should never have *been* there! Of all people he should never... You don't tell *him* what to do. He's the boss."

White cop: "The boss?"

Wesley: "He helps people, you know? - When he's not in trouble himself. Cordy and I tried to get him out of there. She was with me. (Looks up) Oh God. - Cordelia?"

The Hyperion lobby.

Wesley: "What happened to your hair?"

Cordy touches her now shoulder-length. black hair: "Excuse me?"

Wesley: "Your hair. It's new... - it's great! (Cordy smiles) When did this happen?"

Cordy, smile gone: "Ten days ago."

Wesley: "Of course! I didn't want to embarrass you by..."

Cordy: "...noticing? - Nice suit."

Wesley: "I was just on my way out to..."

Cordy: "...yet another glamorous, celebrity filled gala with Miss Virginia Bryce? (Pretends to yawn)"

Wesley: "Have you seen Angel? I thought I might check on him. He doesn't seem to be doing much with his time lately."

Cordy: "Au contraire. His day is packed. Brood about Darla. Brood about Darla. Lunch! -followed by a little Darla brooding."

Wesley: "Right. Enough is enough. (Moves towards the stairs) I'm gonna march up there and tell him just that."

Wesley stops, staring at the stairs.

Cordy: "Nice posturing!"

Wesley: "Thank you!"

Cordy: "Anyway he's not there. Gunn's cousin got involved in something pretty big. Big meaning illegal. So Angel and Gunn went to see if they could help."

Wesley: "That's good! He's getting out. Something I'm gonna do myself right now."

Cordy: "A-huh, time to traipse off to your shallow, soul-sucking Hollywood party?"

Wesley: "Premier, actually. And - I happen to have an extra ticket..."

Cordy with a smile: "Who does shallow better than me?"

Puts her hand on his arm as they leave together.

Gunn and Angel are leaning against the hood of Angel's convertible looking at the black kid standing in front of them.

Lester: "He's cool, right?"

Gunn: "He's cool."

Lester: "You know, not that I'm prejudiced. I just hate vampires."

Angel: "You're enlightened, I can tell."

Lester: "See? See how they do? See man? They-they mess with your mind, man! That's the whole reason I called you, G..."

Gunn: " 'cause you got a vampire problem, and Angel has a little experience in that area. (Lester stares at Angel) Yo, spill it! We ain't got all night."

Lester: "I-I sort of said I'd take this job drivin..."

Gunn: "A-huh."

Lester: "...for that big time crew. I never met them but E. J. vouched for me, and now I'm thinking..."

Gunn: "'d like to stay out of prison."

Lester: "Well, yeah, there is that. Then-then I heard they were bringin' in this-this psycho vampire from Vegas. And like I said, man..."

Angel: "What's the job?"

Lester: "Takin' off some museum. Don't know which one."

Angel: "What are they after?"

Lester: "Something big. Supernatural. It's going down later this week, but I'm supposed to meet the head honcho tonight, and if I don't show... E. J. said if they don't hunt me down and kill me he will!"

Gunn: "Where's the meet?"

Lester looks around then pulls out a piece of paper. Both Gunn and Angel reach for it, but Gunn is the one that gets it.

Angel: "Psycho vampire got a name?"

Lester: "Yeah, uh, E.J. said it-it's something like, uh, Jee-don, or Joe-don..."

Angel: "Jay-don."

Lester: "Yeah, that's it. Yeah, yeah, he's comin' here for the meetin' tonight. They're picking him up."

Angel: "Where?"

Lester: "Downtown bus, midnight. (To Gunn) Hey, what am I gonna do?"

Gunn: "Take the meeting. I'll get you out before the crime goes down."

Lester hugs Gunn: "I owe you big time, cous. Hey, man! (To Angel) *Nice* to meet you. (Laughs. To Gunn) See you!"

Hurries off.

Gunn looking at the paper: "You know this Jay-don bloodsucker?"

Angel: "I know of him."

Gunn: "And?"

Angel: "And he's a player, big on the nightlife and way too dangerous for you. I'll take it from here."

Gunn: "You'll what? - That's my cousin's life we're talking about."

Angel takes the paper away from Gunn and reads it: "Which I don't want you jumping in this thing, guns-a-blazing."

Gunn: "Since when do I take orders from you?"

Angel: "Since I'm paying you."

Gunn: "This ain't no paying gig. I brought it to you."

Angel: "And I'm taking it from here. If I can shut it down, great. If not, I'll protect him."

Gunn: "And what am I supposed to do? Sit home and knit?"

Angel: "I could use a sweater. - Something dark."

Angel gets into his car and drives off as Gunn shakes his head.

Angel's car pulls up in front of the Hyperion.

A blonde walks through Angel's dimly lit suite. Angel walks in, sees her back.

Angel: "Darla?"

Kate: "You expecting her? Because that would really cut down on my legwork."

Angel: "What are you doing here?"

Kate: "Well, there is that little thing about a murder she was involved in? You remember, a few weeks ago a guy got his throat ripped out? I'm sure you're gonna tell me she's innocent."

Angel just walks past her, not answering.

Kate: "Maybe not. I don't suppose you'd testify against her in a blindingly sunny court of law?"

Angel: "I don't suppose you have a search warrant?"

Kate pulls out a wooden cross, the end of it's long beam sharpened into a stake.

Kate: "Well, I knew I forgot something."

Angel: "Darla's not here. I don't know where she is."

Kate: "I will find her, Angel, you can be sure of that. And when I do, she's toast."

Angel: "She's human now, remember?"

Kate: "Toast with life in prison."

Angel: "Listen, Kate, (He steps closer, she holds her cross up, and he gives a chuckle) there are forces at work here that you know nothing about."

Kate: "Gathering storm, is it?"

Angel: "Which you don't want to get caught in."

Kate: "You afraid I'll get hurt?"

Angel: "No. I'm afraid you'll get killed. - I'm just telling you this so you won't."

Kate: "Me dead. - I guess I'd kind of be like you then, wouldn't I? - You think I'm gonna stand by while you and your playmate finish the game?"

Angel: "Lets try this one more time, huh? (Sends her cross flying (it sticks in the wall) and grabs a hold of her) You get stuck between me and Darla, it'll be the last thing you ever do."

Kate: "Let go of me!"

He does. They look at each other for a moment then she turns and walks out.

Cordy, a big red stain down the front of her white blouse, walks into the lobby, followed by Wesley.

Wesley: "Really, the stain - it's hardly noticeable!"

Angel sees Cordy: "What happened?"

Cordy: "It's not blood it's cocktail sauce, courtesy of Mr. Star-schmoozer here."

Angel: "I mean to your head. Your - your hair. (She gives him a look) It looks great. (Chuckles) When did this happen?"

Wesley: "Ten days ago! Pay attention."

Cordy looks at Wesley, gives a short laugh then steps around the reception counter.

Angel: "Why doesn't anybody tell me any of this stuff..."

Wesley: "We had a little mishap. With the little shrimp - and the sauce - and her dress."

Angel: "You were at a party."

Cordy popping her head up from under the counter: "You know, party, soiree, night of a thousand humiliations..."

Wesley: "I spilled it on her in front of Mr. Fat Chow - Chow..."

Cordy pops up above the counter: "Chow Yun Fat!" then ducks back under it.

Angel: "What, you met Chow Yun Fat?!"

Wesley: "How did it go with Gunn's cousin?"

Angel: "Fine. A group of... (looks towards the counter) Cordelia?"

Cordy: "Listening."

Angel: "Uh, a group of thieves is planning to steal something from a local museum. Probably something with mystical power, which means something we really don't want them to have."

Wesley: "Indeed! Do you know which museum they will be targeting?"

Angel: "No. Gunn's cousin didn't know. He's just the driver."

Wesley: "We should find out which museums in the area have recent acquisitions. This is wonderful! (Gives a big grin) You're - You're on a case! You're back."

Angel blinks his eyes as Cordy pops back up from under the counter, now wearing a black top.

Cordy: "Yeah! It'll be just like old times, right Angel? Meeting evil, face to face - kicking evil's booty! Wes and I'll crank up the research machine and you'll... - What will you do again?"

Angel: "They're bringing a vampire in from Las Vegas tonight. His name is Jay-don. He's got a rep. If he's involved it's a big heist."

Wesley: "I've heard of him. Isn't he a..."

Cordy: "...deadly killer?"

Wesley: "Well, that, of course. I was about to say a loud, flashy sort of character."

Angel: "Well, he ran with the whole Sinatra rat-pack thing. Never got over it. You know, I think I'll meet his bus."

Cordy: "And take his place? (Claps him on the shoulder) Great plan, boss! (Angel turns to look at her and she steps back to stand beside Wesley) What better way to get your mind off... things we don't even need to... (To Wesley) How loud and flashy?"

Wesley: "I believe he is quite the extrovert."

They turn together to look at Angel.

Cordy: "Hmm..."

Angel after a beat: "What?"

Wesley: "Oh, I-I'm sure you can pull it off. You're - colorful."

Bus pulls into the downtown station.

A guy wearing dark pants and a red jacket dust himself off and adjusts his sunglasses.

Angel laughing, comes up behind him.

Angel: "This is such an honor! I'm a big fan, you know? (Bounces up and down) When the boss said that Jay-don was coming in I was just like "Whoa, wow!" Hey, can I see the glasses?"

Angel reaches for them, but Jay-don wards him off.

Jay-don: "No one touches the glasses or the hair, doll."

Angel laughs: "Yeah, right, doll! You got it. That's cool. Oh, oh, I'm supposed to ask you something (bounces up and down) Oh, what is it? (Hits his forehead with one hand) Oh, god, what is it? (Pulls his hand down) Oh, yeah. (Looks around and licks his lips and crunches up his face) What's the password, huh?"

Jay-don: "There is no password."

Angel: "Oh, (stretches his right hand straight down, triggering the stake hidden up his sleeve and stakes Jay-don while taking the glasses off his face and putting them on) Just checking."

A bus driver checks to make sure the bus is secured. After he leaves a demon with long black hair and an ugly white face with red lesions steps up and crouches down to check the door to the busses cargo compartment.

Demon: "Jay-don."

Angel, wearing a puke-green shirt, blue jacket and Jay-don's sunglasses comes up behind him and answers with a fake New York accent: "What, you think I'm traveling luggage? Hey, how you doing? You look sharp. That plastic surgeon, he give you a big rebate?"

Demon: "Let's go. The car is over here."

Angel: "Yeah, you know, the trip was fabo. (Pats the side of the bus) I love flying coach. (Sees the car and takes off his glasses) And what is that piece of junk?"

We see an old, somewhat beat up station wagon.

Demon: "You're funny, vampire."

Angel: "Whoa, whoa, we need to talk, bro. Two things bringin' in the chicks (puts on his glasses) the do' (adjusts his jacket) and the ride."

Demon: "Get in."

Angel: "I hope I don't see anybody I know."

The station wagon pulls up in front of a garage. A spiny demon looks out of the little window at Angel and Ugly getting out of the car.

Spiny motions to a human wearing a security guard uniform: "He's got him!"

Guard looks out: "Ah, vampires wig me."

Spiny: "You feel like a meal?"

Ugly slides the door open and Angel steps in, taking off his glasses.

Angel to Guard: "Don't tell me you must be (Indicates his nametag) Bob, the security guard. (Steps up to Spiny) and you're a great big - monster, aren't you?"

Ugly slides the door shut: "This is Jay-don. - He talks too much."

Angel: "I'm a people person. (To Spiny) I like the shirt. Where'd you get that, at Ed's big and spiny?"

Spiny: "He's funny. You're funny. You'll be even funnier when I crush your head."

Angel: "Funny 'ha, ha' or funny peculiar?"

Ugly: "Shut up, all of you!"

Bob: "Hey, I wasn't talking."

Ugly looks around: "Where is Lester?"

Angel: "Yeah, where is Lester? We can't get the ball rolling without Lester! Who's Lester?"

Bob: "The driver?"

Ugly: "He should've already been here. I don't like this."

Bob: "Hey, he's E. J.'s guy. He'll show."

Angel: "I hate waiting. (Eyes Bob) You got anybody to eat around here?"

Bob backs away from him.

A car door slams outside.

Ugly: "Finally."

Angel: "What kind of name is Lester anyways, huh? Norwegian? Finnish?"

Ugly slides open the door as Gunn comes up to it.

Ugly: "What took you so long?"

Gunn: "What took me so long is I'm a professional. (Angel turns to look at him) I had to case the neighborhood, make sure no cops followed me. (Sees Angel) Looks like I'm the last one at the party."

Ugly, Spiny and Bob are standing around a table. Angel and Gunn are leaning against something a little ways away.

Angel quietly: "I told you I'd handle this."

Gunn: "And I told you I don't take orders."

Ugly looks over at them: "Something wrong?"

Gunn: "Depends. (Motions at Angel) Do we all got to wear these ugly ass shirts? (Angel looks at his shirt) Is this, you know, a team thing? Because, you know, I got my pride. (Steps up to the table) So what are we looking for? Ming-somethings? Egyptian-somethings?"

Ugly: "The Shroud of Rahmon. Worth about 2 million on the black market. - Do you want to pay attention now?"

Angel and Gunn glance at each other.

Gunn to Ugly: "You got my undivided."

Ugly points to a map lying on the table.

Ugly: "This is the access door. Bob turns off the alarm at 2:40. We enter, take this hall to the elevator, where we meet Bob at 2:45. We all go down together. - This is the vault where they keep it. The vault has a lock code known only by the curator. That means we have to blow it. Now, the door *has* no alarm, but the vault itself has its own system - a thermal sensor."

Bob: "Any change in temperature will set off the alarm."

Angel: "Guess that's where I come in, huh?"

Gunn: "Oh, no body heat. I guess that comes with the no soul thing, huh?"

Ugly: "Jay-don enters, he goes to the control box in the back and disarms it. - Then we're in."

Angel: "How big is the case?"

Ugly: "Big. (Opens a book and points to an illustration) It's made of consecrated wood, the edges are sealed with gold. Inside the box is lined with lead. It weighs about a ton. It's gonna take all of us just to lift it."

Spiny: "I can handle my end. I'm not so sure about him."

Bob: "Hey, I can handle my side."

Gunn: "Yeah, maybe with a forklift."

Bob: "You want a piece of me, huh?"

Bob lunges across the table at Gunn but Angel pushes him back.

Angel: "Hey, hey, take it easy, huh? (Points at Gunn) This guy here is a troublemaker. Alright, I know a Vajnu demon, professional driver, never opens up his mouth."

Gunn: "Yeah, and I know a vampire that better shut his!"

Ugly watches Angel and Gunn

Angel: "Hey, guys, I apologize. This is something (hits Gunn and grabs him) that I should just take outside!"

Ugly pulls out to guns and aims them at Angel and Gunn: "I've got a problem with that."

Spiny: "So do I."

Angel lets go of Gunn: "You expect me to spend the rest of this week with this clown?"

Ugly: "No, just the rest of the night. We're not waiting. We're doing this now."

Gunn: "Tonight?"

Ugly: "And no one leaves my sight until it's over. - Anybody tries, they get a bullet from me or (motions towards Spiny) a stake from him."

Cordy is surfing the net.

Cordy: "Museums, museums. Okay, we've got the Moca. We've got the Lacma. Uh, the Gene Autry! (Wesley gives her a look) Well, it could be a magical stuffed horse!"

Wesley: "Let's assume not, and try Natural History."

Cordy: "Okay, here we go. Site map - membership - museum shop... don't they have a section like - things you might want to steal?"

Wesley: "Click on recent acquisitions. Right there. There!"

Cordy: "I got it! Jeez, back seat surfer!"

Wesley: "Angel should've been back by now."

Cordy: "Maybe the meeting ran late. (Points at screen) Could it be a collection of Chelicerate arthropods?"

Wesley: "Keep going. - Hold it. 'On the third of this month, museum research department received the Shroud of Rahmon from a tomb recently unearthed by University of New Mexico archeologists.'"

Cordy: "Okay. Two words I don't like right off the bat: tomb and unearthed. People, you've got to leave your tombs earthed!"

Wesley: "Shroud of Rahmon. Have you ever heard of it?"

Cordy: "I'm not big on shrouds. They're an after you die outfit."

Wesley: "Get everything you can from the museum database, I'll hit the books."

A big white van with 'Rehak Moving and Storage' stenciled on the side backs up to the dock at the back of the museum. Gunn and Ugly get out of the cab and Spiny and Angel get out of the back.

Angel: "The driver should stay with the truck. Just in case somebody shows up."

Ugly pulls a door open, revealing that the latch has been taped over with masking tape to keep it from locking.

Ugly: "We need him inside."

Spiny follows Ugly inside. Gunn taps Angel on the arm.

Gunn: "Hey, don't hit me again."

Angel takes off his glasses, quietly: "I was trying to protect you."

Gunn: "And I appreciate that. (Hits Angel with a hard right) Don't do it again."

Gunn walks in and Angel follows, putting his glasses back on.

They meet up with Bob and ride the elevator down.

Bob: "We have one minute before Earl makes his rounds. (To Spiny) You don't have to hit him hard."

Spiny smiles. Angel looks over at Gunn, who meets his eyes for a moment then looks straight ahead.

They walk down the hallway. Spiny darts ahead into an alcove. Bob swipes his card through a security scanner. Earl comes up around a corner of the hallway, whistling, and Ugly pulls his gun and grabs Bob from behind.

Bob: "They got me, Earl!"

Before Earl can react, Spine come up behind him and throws him into the wall. As he steps up to hit him again Angel catches his arm.

Angel: "You kill him, cops will be all over us. We have to do this clean."

Spiny pulls free and stares at Angel, but makes no move towards Earl.

Ugly throws a roll of duct tape towards Bob, who catches it.

Ugly: "Tape him. (To the others) Let's go."

They come up to the vault door and Ugly lays one hand against it.

Spiny: "Come on! Come on. Hurry up and blow it!"

Ugly is drilling a hole in the door, while Angel sprays water to cool the drill. Gunn is assembling the trigger. He and Angel stare at each other.

A police cruiser pulls up in front of a police station.

White cop points at a picture lying in front of him on the desk: "This one is a security guard at the Southern California Museum of Natural History. His name is Robert Skale. He's got a record. Small-timer. The other one (points at Ugly standing in the picture beside Bob) may or may not be one M. James Menlo, who likes to crack bank vaults. Our guess is they're putting together a heist, probably at the museum. (Pulls out another photograph) And we picked up this one earlier tonight. We couldn't make this guy until we ran him past Carlson. He said you knew him. (The picture shows Ugly picking up Angel at the bus station.) He's out of the scope of our investigation, but, uh, Carlson said you might be interested."

The camera pans up from the hands holding the photo to Kate's face.

Kate: "I'm interested."

Ugly is taking a small glass bottle filled with yellow liquid out of a padded box, his hand shaking a little, and moves to insert it into the hole drilled into the door.

Spiny: "You're taking too long!"

Everyone jumps.

Gunn: "Spine-man, chill. All right? This is nitro. The last thing I want is my body parts mixed up with yours!"

Spiny: "We should have been in the vault by now."

Ugly turns to yell at him: "Shut up! (The nitro slips from his fingers) No!"

Angel stretches out his foot and softly catches the bottle so it comes to rest on top of his boot.

Angel: "Allow me."

Balancing on one foot he slowly reaches down, takes the bottle and inserts it into the door.

With all of them standing around the corner of the corridor, Ugly blows the lock out of the door.

Wesley walks into the lobby reading from a book.

Wesley: "The shroud was woven by the head priest, said to have been driven mad by the demon himself. Once Rahmon was defeated the priest dyed the shroud with the blood of seven virgin women sacrificed on the first full moon. Then laid it upon Rahmon's body in order to prevent his resurrection."

Cordy: "Why is it always virgin women who have to do the sacrificing?"

Wesley: "For purity, I suppose."

Cordy: "This has nothing to do with purity. This is all about dominance, buddy. You can bet if someone ordered a male body part for religious sacrifice the world would be atheist (snaps her fingers) like that."

Wesley: "The shroud supposedly absorbed Rahmon's power."

Cordy: "So, he who has the shroud has the power. You said Rahmon was a drive-you-mad kind of fella?"

Wesley reading: "Mmmm..."

Cordy: "I hate it when you do that."

Wesley: "Once in 1803 the shroud was removed from its casing."

Cordy: "And yuckiness ensued?"

Wesley: "Well, yes. The entire population of El Encanto went insane, mothers and children hacking one another to pieces, men roaming the streets like rabid dogs..."

He turns the page to continue but Cordy stops him.

Cordy: "I get the picture. - So in order to take his mind off the torment that is Darla, we sent Angel after a box that makes you crazy."

Wesley: "Worst case scenario, we warn Angel off it before they steal the shroud."

Cordy: "Just as soon as he comes back - unless of course - they're stealing it right now."

They look at each other, then run for the door.

Angel enters the vault with Ugly closing the door again behind him. The big box from the book is sitting in the middle of it. As Angel passes it we hear some low whispering and see something come over Angel. He takes a deep breath and turns towards the box, eyes wide open. For a moment his eyes turn yellow as if he was about to change, but Angel shakes it off with some effort and his eyes turn brown again.

Spiny is pacing outside the vault while everyone stares at the door.

Bob: "This shroud is gonna make us rich! I can feel it. Can you feel it? This is gonna be amazing!"

Angel looks past the coffin towards the control box, then down at the coffin. Steps closer to look down into it through a square glass window over the place where the demon's face has imprinted itself onto the shroud. He morphs into his vamp face.

Gunn calling through the door: "How's it going in there?"

Angel morphs back to human and stares straight in front of him.

Angel: "Everything's fine."

Angel walks to the control box and yanks out some wires. A light outside the vault goes off and Ugly comes in wearing a smile. The others follow.

Gunn: "I feel something weird in here."

Spiny: "Humans always got to *feel* something about everything. And they always got to tell you about it. 'I'm so happy - I'm so sad - I'm so scared.' Makes me sick."

Angel: "Oh, now, I like it when they're scared! Makes them taste kind of - salty."

Spiny gets right into Angel's face: "Did I ask for your opinion, you overgrown leech?"

Angel squirms away from him: "Oh, please! Altoids, aisle 4!"

Ugly: "We don't have time for this! - Let's get it and go."

We hear the indistinct whispering in the background as Gunn stares down at the image of the demon through the glass square.

Gunn: "When are they gonna start making some pretty demons?"

Ugly: "On the count of three - 1..."

They all take a hold of the box and Gunn notices that Angel's eyes have gone yellow again.

Gunn: "You about to turn or something?"

Angel: "No."

Ugly: "2"

Gunn quietly: "You don't look like 'no.'"

Angel: "Shut up and lift, Lester!"

Gunn: "Don't give me orders, Elvis!"

Ugly: "3."

They all strain and lift the box up together.

Wesley pulls open the taped backdoor and he and Cordy enter.

Wesley: "So it is tonight. They must be somewhere (some wave rolls over them) inside. Oh, I'm sorry - I'm - I'm feeling a little..."

Cordy: "Me too. I think it's the altitude."

Wesley: "Right. The altitude here at sea level."

They both crack up laughing.

Wesley: "Let's - let's not lose focus."

Cordy: "Maybe we should split up."

Wesley: "Ah, no, too dangerous. We - we better stick together."

Cordy: "Right."

And with that they both go their separate ways.

A slick silver car pulls up to the back of the museum.

Kate: "This is detective Lockley requesting backup. Got a possible 4-5-9 in progress at the museum of natural history."

Kate gets out of her car, pulls her gun and walks up to the museum.

The group is carrying the heavy coffin down the corridor.

Angel: "Try holding up your corner, Les."

Gunn: "Who died and made you corner monitor?"

Spiny: "Are you two gonna get married or what?"

Gunn: "Same old story. Vampires always pushing people around. Think the world is theirs."

Ugly: "From what I've seen of this world they can have it."

Bob: "Well, I visited Topkapi once."

Gunn is staring at Angel, who's staring back at him.

Gunn: "Nothing but take, take, take - take your blood, take your sister!"

Spiny: "Somebody shut that human up!"

Gunn: "You want to take somebody, huh? (Lets go of his corner of the coffin) Lets see you take me!"

Bob: "It's slipping!"

Ugly: "Don't drop it!"

Spiny: "Hold it! Hold it!"

Gunn tackles Angel and the box drops to the ground. The glass cracks and a purple mist seeps out.

Bob: "Oops."

Angel had Gunn by the throat and is pushing him up against the wall.

Angel: "You know I'm getting pretty tired of this 'vampires killed my sister so now I'm all entitled' song. Don't you know anything else, like say MacArthur Park?"

Gunn: "Get your hands off my throat."

Again there is an indistinct whispering in the background.

Angel: "Ah, ah, ah! You're gonna play nice? - Huh?"

Gunn: "Cool."

Angel lets go of Gunn and he drops back to his feet.

Ugly: "We can't leave it here, we have to move it! Someone else will come along! Lets move it!"

Gunn pulls out a stake and attacks Angel from behind. Angel bats the stake aside and kicks him into the wall.

Spiny: "Kill him. Kill the human! Kill it!"

Angel cocks back his fist to strike Gunn again, but hears Ugly cock his gun and freezes, then takes a step back.

Ugly lays the gun on the coffin.

Ugly: "Case."

Bob pulls a rope out of Ugly's bag. The whispering is still going on.

Bob: "All righty, partners, it's roping time! Tonight I will be playing the part of the poor defenseless calf. Who gets to be the cowboy?"

Ugly takes the rope and starts to tie the guys hands behind his back.

Bob: "Just make it tight. Okay, cowboy? It's got to be tight. It's got to look real. Ha, ha, ha! I'm not the bad guy, I'm the good guy!"

Angel: "I'm the good guy - no wait - the bad guy!"

Ugly moves towards the coffin: "Pick it up!"

Bob: "No, wait. You've got to hit me. - Look, somebody's gotta hit me! Come on, man, you got to hit me. Do it. Come on, make it real!"

Spiny walks over to him and twists his head right off, making Gunn flinch.

Spiny to Bob's head: "Looks real to me."

He drops the head and moves back to his end of the coffin.

Kate comes down some steps in the museum, gun in hand. A shadow flies across and she aims her gun at it while continuing down the steps. The shadow flies across above her, she spins around, firing in the air and knocking Wesley to the ground in the process.

Kate: "Where is Angel?"

Wesley: "Angel? - Right. (Picks himself up and looks around) That's why I'm here - to warn Angel about - something (points at Kate and takes a deep breath) important! - Your hair!"

Kate: "You're here to warn Angel about my hair."

Wesley: "It's blonde!"

There is a whoosh and he reaches up to his head in pain.

Wesley: "The shroud! He's got to know about the shroud! It will make everybody - it makes everybody - act differently!"

Cordy is admiring her reflection in a glass case.

Cordy: "My teeth are so - big! I - am - pleasant."

Wesley: "We have to hurry before it's to late."

There is a whooshing sound again and Kate spins around, then grabs the bridge of her nose.

Wesley: "I noticed your hair right away."

Taking a deep breath Kate drops her hand and turns back to him. She looks around but he is nowhere to be seen.

Cordy sees a gray puppet wearing a Native American costume.

Cordy: "Oh. Hello, plastic person. You're all by you're lonesome in here. (Sees its necklace) So, (Whispers) I guess you won't be needing this."

She takes the necklace off then puts it around her own neck.

Angel, Gunn, Ugly and Spiny carry the heavy coffin out of the elevator.

Ugly: "Fingerprints!"

Angel: "What are you doing?"

Ugly: "We left fingerprints!"

Angel: "What are you doing?!"

Ugly lets go of his corner snatches up a rag from his bag and starts to frantically wipe at the walls of the elevator.

Ugly: "They'll find us. They'll take it away!"

Angel: "Forget him. Keep going."

Ugly: "No fingerprints!"

The move a little ways further down the hall.

Gunn: "I got to put it down."

Spiny: "Huh?"

Gunn: "I got to put it down!"

Spiny: "See? Stinking humans, good for nothing!"

Angel: "Try to keep going."

Gunn: "I can't. I can't. My head - it's full of flies!"

Gunn sets his corner down, grabs his head and backs against the wall.

Gunn: "Get away from it. Get away from it!"

Spiny moves to the side of the box: "I don't need any of you."

Angel to Gunn: "What's wrong now - son, huh? Getting a little tired? Little backache? A little toothache? (The whispering gets louder, Angel's eyes go yellow again, and he lifts a hand to his head) What...?"

Wesley comes stumbling along the wall of the corridor.

Wesley: "Angel? Thank God I found you (Angel turns to look at him, eyes still yellow) in time. Is it in time?"

Angel: "Wesley?"

Wesley: "Yes! I had a message for you. And the message was... (hits his hand with his fist) the shroud! The shroud, very dangerous. It makes people - bad! Although it's amazing how good I feel!"

Angel grabs him by the front of his shirt and pushes him down the corridor.

Angel: "Wesley, get out!"

Wesley: "Is that Gunn? What's he doing here? I never thought of him as the museum type."

Angel: "Wesley - Wesley..."

Kate whips around the corner aiming her gun at them: "Police! Nobody move!"

Angel squints at her with his yellow eyes.

Angel: "Wow! - Look at you - rushing in here all by yourself! You're the best cop ever."

Spiny: "Too many humans."

Angel: "Excuse me that is *my* girl."

Kate aiming her gun at Angel: "Stay back."

Angel: "Whoo! Okay. (Laughs) You got me. My life of crime is over. (Spiny watches as Angel, hands up in the air slowly steps closer to Kate) I'm going down. But first - a little impression. (Laughs) I'm a cop- with a mission to protect the innocent and rain on everybody's parade and obsessed about my father's death and bother people who are about to steal things!"

Wesley: "Angel..."

Angel spins around, knocking Wesley into the wall, then turns back to Kate.

Angel: "Oh - Katie - what are you so afraid of? - Is it this? (Morphs into vamp face) Is it the part where I'm gonna kill you? Because I got to tell you I love that in a woman!"

Kate shoots at him, but he rushes her, grabs her, pointing her gun up at the ceiling and sinks his fangs into the side of her neck.

The swat team Kate called in for back up enters the museum through the taped backdoor, guns at the ready, and spread out to search the museum.

Two of them find Wesley crouched over a motionless Kate.

Swat: "Don't move! Police!"

Wesley: "Oh, I-I didn't..."

Swat: "*Don't* move. Stay where you are."

The swat guy leans in closer and sees the bite mark on the side of Kate's neck.

Swat: "Oh my God!"

Wesley: "Kate, come on. Wake up!"

Swat to walkie-talkie: "We have an officer down."

The other swat guy pulls Wesley off of Kate rather roughly.

The moving van crashes into one of the cars parked in the lot in front of the garage.

Gunn, Angel, Ugly and Spiny carry in the coffin with Angel chuckling maniacally.

They set it down.

Gunn to Angel: "You drank her. - Animal! You drank that cop!"

Spiny: "What now?"

Ugly: "Open it."

Angel: "Oh, that's genius! Good thing we didn't think about that back at the ol' museum and miss out on all this *swell* heavy lifting!"

Ugly: "Open it! There is a catch."

Ugly runs his hands along the coffin's lid, but Spiny just punches his fist through the glass window, rips the lid right off and throws it aside.

Gunn: "That works too."

The whispering gets louder and is now joined by some laughter and a soft whooshing sound as the four of them step closer to the coffin and look at the shroud wrapped body inside.

Angel looks slightly wigged, Gunn is smiling. Ugly is shaking and reaches for the shroud.

Ugly: "I got it! I got it!"

Spiny pushes him away from the coffin: "No! No! You don't know what this means. You have no idea what this is about. It belongs to my people. (Hits himself on the chest) MY people."

Gunn: "Your people? I didn't see none of your people when we was hauling this thing!"

Angel: "Hey, fellas! Fellas! - Cool your jets, alright? There is plenty here for all of (he hesitates and we hear that whooshing sound) me!"

Each of them grabs a hold of one corner of the shroud and tries to pull it away from the others.

Angel: "Okay, how does this work, huh? Huh? The person with the biggest piece gets their wish?"

Ugly: "No!"

Spiny: "Don't hurt it!"

Angel: "What about you, Lester? All of a sudden you want it too?"

Gunn: "I get this, I'll kill you."

Angel: "Yeah, too bad, kid. Tell your wishes it won't come true."

Ugly pulls out his gun and shoots Angel. Spiny hits Ugly with a hard right, sending him to the floor. His gun goes off again and Gunn ducks down beside the coffin. Spiny grabs the shroud pulls it away from Angel, almost pulling him into the coffin. Angel catches himself with his face only inches away from the skull of the demon. Spiny runs towards the door. Angel tackles him in one incredible leap before he reaches it and gets the shroud away from him. Gunn snags the other end of the shroud and tries to pull it out of Angel's hands.

They stare at each other as they work their way hand over hand towards the middle. Spiny jumps back up.

Spiny: "It's mine!"

He runs towards them, but Ugly gets off one last shot in their direction, hitting Spiny in the forehead. Spiny's body drops onto the shroud held between Gunn and Angel, and all three of them topple tot he ground with Gunn at the bottom and Angel on top.

Gunn still clutching the shroud with all his might: "Got it. Got it. Got it!"

Angel: "Wait! Wait. Gunn, I remember. You have to - trust me. I know what to do with this. Have faith, kid."

Gunn lets go of the shroud.

Angel stumbles out of the door of the garage carrying the shroud and Bob's bottle of Whiskey. He drops the shroud and pours the whiskey over it. We can hear the whispering and laughter again as Angel stares down on the image of the demon's face on the shroud.

He pulls out a lighter, and flicks it. Stares at the flame, looks down at the shroud. The lighter tumbles from his hand in slow motion. Angel watches the flames, breathing hard. We still hear the whispering. Angel slowly takes a step back. Suddenly there is a soundless explosion, the flames shoot straight up, Angel flies through the air and against a stack of cement bags behind him, then lands in a heap. The whispering has stopped.

The flames die back down and Angel lies there, barely lifting his head of the ground, watching the shroud burn.

White cop: "You want us to believe - that a magic sheet..."

Wesley: "A shroud! A shroud."

Black cop: "Right. Right. Right. It turns people into super strong lunatics, right? (Wesley sighs) So, one rips the head off a guard and another viciously attacked Detective Lockley. That about it?"

Wesley: "I know how it sounds..."

Black cop quietly: "I really don't think you do."

White Cop gets up and steps towards Wesley.

Wesley: "What are you doing?"

White cop grabs him under the arms from behind and pulls Wesley up out of his chair.

White Cop: "Arresting you."

Black Cop: "For the murder of the guard and the attempted..."

The door opens and Kate steps in. She locks eyes with Wesley.

Kate: "Let him go."

The camera pans over Kate's desk and a picture of her father sitting there then up to show Kate standing in front of the window beside her desk looking out at the night through the open blinds. Angel's bite mark is clearly visible on the right side of her neck. She covers it with one hand and we flash back to Angel grabbing her, divert her shots towards the ceiling and sinking his teeth into her neck. We hear him drink, then he turns so she can see over his shoulder that Ugly has his gun trained on her.

Angel whispering in her ear: "Stay down or they'll kill you."

Angel lets go of her and she drops to the floor. She looks up at his bloody vamp-face for a moment then her eyes slide shut as Angel turns to look around and chuckles as Ugly lowers his gun.

Kate's head rolls to the side and the picture fades into a negative image then back to Kate slowly taking her hand away form her neck and turning around.

Wesley paces in front of the stairs in the Hyperion's lobby with his hands buried in the pockets of his gray sweat pants. He goes to sit down on the sofa beside Cordy, who has changed her clothes as well, but is still wearing the Native American necklace she out around her neck at the museum.

Wesley: "I don't think he's coming down."

Cordy: "Hmm."

Wesley: "I don't think recent events did him a lot of good."

Cordy: "Again a hearty - hmm."

Wesley: "We had every good *intention* of course."

Cordy: "Right. Sending him into the path of a crazy-making, one-way-ticket-to-evil-town death cloth. - Good plan."

Wesley: "It's not the shrouds effects on him that worry me as much as..."

Cordy: "As what? (Wesley looks over at her and she looks back at him with big eyes) My stealing? I returned everything. I swear."

Wesley frowns slightly: "Angel drank human blood, from a living person. - Something he hasn't done in a *very* long time."

Cordy: "So, on top of everything else we may have reawakened his bloodlust?"

Wesley: "Yes."

Cordy: "Hmm. - Full days work then."

Wesley: "I think so."

They both get up at the same time and leave, turning off the lights.

Angel sitting in a chair in his dimly lit suite - leans back his head with a sigh. He closes his eyes and we blend into a shot of him sinking his teeth into Kate's neck. We hear Kate pant as he drinks, and see his pale hand flex as he holds on to her shoulder.


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