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  2x07 - Darla
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Previously on Angel:

Angel re: Darla: "That's her!"

Angel: "So you're what Wolfram and Hart brought back in that box - and they brought you back as human."

Lindsey to Darla: "We don't want him dead - we want him dark."

Wesley to Gunn: "There are forces that can make Angel revert to Angelus."

Cordy: "He knows perfect happiness, he goes evil."

Darla to Angel: "We were together 150 years!"

Angelus spotting Dru: "The one in the middle."

Darla: "She has the sight."

Angelus: "She is pure innocence. We turn her into one of us."

Darla to Angel: "The gypsies gave you a soul - a filthy soul! No!"

Darla in the water tank: "I remember everything, Angel"

Angel: "You have a soul now. Pretty soon those memories are gonna start eating away at you. Believe me, I know."

Angel is sitting alone in his room sketching a portrait of Darla. Wesley hesitantly steps up to the open door behind Angel and looks in.

Angel without looking up from his sketch: "What is it, Wesley?"

Wesley: "It? - There is no it. - It's nothing, really. - Just popping around, seeing if everything's all right."

Angel, still sketching: "Fine."

Wesley: "Oh, good. Good. - You're certain?"

Angel: "Uh-huh. Good night."

Wesley: "Good night."

Angel: "You're still here."

Wesley hesitantly comes into the room: "Apparently. So, you're sure there is - nothing on your mind? - That is to say nothing you'd like to - perhaps (sees what Angel is drawing) - share?"

Angel looks up at him for a moment: "No."

Wesley: "Really."

Angel looks up at him, then at what Wesley is looking at. The floor of the room is littered with papers, some crumpled up, others not, showing earlier attempts at drawing Darla.

Darla is sitting slumped in a chair, moaning softly.

Lindsey opens the door, takes his sunglasses off, walks in and looks around the room. The floor is littered with shards of the mirrors that used grace the walls.

Darla: "Hello, Lindsey."

Lindsey crouches down in front of her and looks at the cuts on her hands and wrists.

Lindsey: "You're bleeding."

Darla: "I guess I am."

Lindsey: "Something happened?"

Darla: "God, yes. So many things. I remember them all. Which one were you thinking of?"

Lindsey: "It's too soon. (Pulls out a handkerchief to blot at her hands) We shouldn't have sent you to him. We should have waited."

Darla reaches to brush the hair out of his face.

Darla: "Lindsey. You never talk about yourself, Lindsey. You have a girlfriend? - Boyfriend? - Someone special?"

Lindsey: "There is no one."

Darla: "No. No, there really isn't, is there? You can be with someone for 150 years - think you know them. Still - doesn't work out. Angelus - why, you should have seen us together."

Lindsey: "He was a different person then."

Darla: "And so was I. - Now do you know what we've become?"

Lindsey: "Enemies."

Darla: "Oh no. - *Much* worse. - Now we're soul *mates*."

Darla starts to laugh as Lindsey stares at her.


1609, the Virginia Colony.

The sun is shining on Darla as she is lying in bed. There are two veiled sisters standing at the foot of her bed watching as a doctor takes a leech from her arm.

Darla: "Someone close the shutters. (One of the sisters does so) Seems wrong that I should die while the sun is still so bright."

A hooded priest enters the room.

Priest: "You'll not see it again. Before it sets, you will have left this life."

Darla: "I didn't ask for a priest. Who invited him here?"

Priest: "You did. You cried out for me last night in your delirium."

Darla: "I don't remember. Do you even *know* what I am?"

Man walks into the room: "A woman of some property. No husband, no inheritance. Yes. I know what you are."

Darla: "I'm a whore."

Priest: "Well, yes, that too. You should have asked for a priest long ago, child. Your life may have been the better for it."

Darla: "And you should have paid me a visit before today, father. Your life may have been more interesting because of it."

Priest: "Are you prepared now to renounce Satan and beg God his forgiveness?"

Darla: "God never did anything for me."

Priest to the others: "Leave us."

The two sisters leave.

Priest to the doctor still sitting at her bedside: "You can't save her life - perhaps I can still save her soul."

The doctor gets up and leaves.

Darla: "My soul is well past saving. Let the devil take me if he'll have me. Either way - I die."

Priest: "No (The priest steps closer and pulls his hood back to reveal - the Master) you will not die. (Darla looks up at his inhuman face without flinching) You will be reborn."

Darla: "I know you."

The Master leans down and takes one of Darla's hands in his.

Master: "I came to you last night. I sang to you from that window."

Darla: "Hmm, I remember now. You're death?"

Master: "No."

Darla: "What then?"

Master: "I'm you're savior. God never did anything for you - but I will."

With that he leans down and sinks his fangs into her neck.

Angel is sitting behind his desk at the Hyperion. Wesley and Cordy are sitting in a couple of chairs on the other side of it, while Gunn is hovering in the background.

Cordy: "Am I the only one that thinks that this is just a really bad idea?"

Angel: "We can't just sit here waiting for Wolfram and Hart to make a move. It's time we go ahead in the game."

Cordy: "This won't involve kidnapping again, will it?"

Angel: "All we gonna do is find her."

Cordy: "And this would be the same woman you didn't notice was in your bedroom every night for like three weeks straight?"

Angel: "That was different."

Cordy: "Different in the sitting right on top of you sense, yeah."

Wesley: "Cordelia has a point."

Cordy: "Finally!"

Wesley: "The last time Darla emerged she wanted to be found. Now she is out there among six million other people."

Cordy: "She could be sitting on top of anybody."

Angel: "Come on guys. We are a detective agency. We investigate things. That's what we're good at."

Cordy: "That's what we suck at. Let's face it, unless there's a website called, we're pretty much out of luck."

Wesley: "It's not gonna be easy."

Cordy gets up: "Before he said he could smell her. How about - we cruise around with the top down - and you take big whiffs? (No one says anything) Well, we'll wait until after the sun sets obviously."

Gunn: "It's a big law firm. They've got to have housing for the out-of-towers, right?"

Wesley: "Out-of-towners? It's not as if they flew her in from Miami. She was raised from the very depths of hell by an ancient and dangerous ritual."

Gunn: "Yeah and? They still got to put her up, don't they? That's an expense. (Everyone stares at him) You're telling me these lawyers haven't figured out a way to write that off?"

Cordy looks at Wesley, then turns to go.

Cordy: "I'm gonna start digging into Wolfram and Hart's real estate acquisitions."

Wesley following her: "Not just primary holdings, but subsidiary as well."

Angel calls after them: "She'd want something with a view. (To himself) Darla always loved something with a view."

1760, London.

Angelus is standing in front of the Master seated on a big carved chair.

Master: "Angelus - the Latinate for Angel. (Laughs) It's marvelous."

Darla, standing beside the Master: "His name would already be legend in his home village - had he left anyone alive there to tell the tale."

Master, caressing Darla's hand: "Ah, you had a nice trip. I'm so glad."

Darla: "On the way back we cut a bloody swath through South Wales and northern England. He was magnificent."

Angelus: "Hmm, Yorkshire men - tough as leather. (The Master and Angelus both laugh at that remark) So, Darla here tells me you're some sort of Master."

Darla: "The* Master. He commands out order."

Master: "*The order of Aurelius. We are the select - the elite."

Angelus folds his arms and surveys their surroundings.

Angelus: "And you live in the sewers, do you?"

The Master gives Darla's hand a pat and stands up.

Master: "We live below, giving tribute to the old ones. Awaiting that promised day when we will arise -Arise! - and lay *waste* to the world above us."

The Master laughs.

Angelus: "Why'd you want to do that?"

Master: "Huh?"

Angelus: "Well, I mean, have you *been* above lately? It's quite nice. Me - I could never live in a rat infested stink hole - like this, if you'll pardon me for saying so. I got to have meself a proper bed or I'm a terror. (To Darla) Isn't that right love?"

Darla to the Master: "He's young."

Angelus: "And this one, down in the goose feathers, and the finest silks and linens and a view (Angelus comes around to Darla) she's always got to have the view (leans in close to her) don't you, my lamb?."

Darla to Master: "We fed very recently. The blood is still hot in his veins."

Angel in Darla's ear: "You noticed that, did you?"

Master: "We stalk the surface to feed and grow our ranks. We do not live amongst the human pestilence!"

Angelus: "I'll be honest, you really couldn't with that face, now could you?"

Darla slaps his face: "Angelus!"

Angelus laughs and drops into the Masters chair, left leg dangling over one of the armrests and takes a bit of snuff.

Angelus: "It's not stuck like that now is it?"

The Master leans in on him with a growl.

Darla: "The Master has grown past the curse of human features."

Angelus: "I'm not gonna get a bat-nose like that, huh? Am I?"

Master: "Very few vampires are cunning enough to have lived as long as I have - which you've now (The Master grabs Angelus by the front of his coat and throws him across the room) demonstrated."

Darla flinches as Angelus slides down the wall. Laughing, he gets back up, and keeps talking to Darla as if the Master wasn't even there.

Angelus: "Naples, you and me Darla. What do you say?"

The Master hits him with a hard right throwing him back against the wall.

Darla: "Angelus..."

Angelus just pushes himself off the wall and goes on as if nothing had happened: "This is no place for you - bound to the likes of him."

Master: "You should show (Master hits Angelus over the head, dropping him to the ground) the proper respect."

Angelus, now on all fours and breathing hard, still ignores the Master and talks only to Darla.

Angelus: "You belong by my side - out in the world - feeding as we like - taking what we need. I'll give you that view you crave, darling. I'll give you everything."

The Master knocks Angelus over onto his back. Angelus coughs than laughs again. Lifts his head to look at Darla.

Angelus: "Tell the truth - whose face do you want to look at for eternity? (Rolls over on his side) His - or mine?"

Master smiles down at Angelus: "You idiot. I *made* her."

Darla smiles at Angelus and he smiles back at her. The Master's smile fades and he turns to look at Darla.

Master: "You're leaving with the stallion, aren't you?"

Darla walks over to Angelus and helps him up. Angelus puts an arm around her shoulders and pulls her close and the two of them turn to leave. One of the Master's minions growls and blocks their path.

Master with his back to them: "No. Let them go. (He lets them pass) He won't last. I give it a century - tops."

Angel reading from a book: "Darla, Anglo-Saxon derivation, meaning 'dear one' - huh, didn't come into common usage until more than a 100 years after she was born. (Closes the book) He must have given it to her. - I didn't even know her real name. (To Wesley) Any luck?"

Wesley: "No yet, no. Working on it."

Angel rubs his eyes: "Something will come up."

Wesley: "Yes. That's my fear. - Angel, you must admit that your record when it comes to Darla has been - spotty at best."

Angel: "I killed her Wesley. - And she came back. - They brought her back and now I need to know why. I mean why like this? Why human?"

Wesley: "Perhaps human was the only way Wolfram and Hart could bring her back and hope to control her with any degree of success. - Angel, I don't supposed it occurred to you that *this* might be why they brought her back? You have all your attention focused on finding this one woman."

Angel: "So you think Wolfram and Hart went to all this trouble just to keep me distracted? Take me out of the game?"

Wesley: "It is possible. And if that's the case..."

Angel: "It's working."

Lindsey ushers Darla, huddled into her jacket, into his office.

Lindsey: "You hungry? (Drops his coat and pushes a button on a remote to open the curtains) I can run down the hall and grab some sandwiches from the vending machine if you want. It's not exactly gourmet cuisine, but..."

He trails off as Holland enters the office.

Holland: "Lindsey."

Lindsey: "Holland."

Holland: "Darla. How are you?"

Darla: "I'm fine, Holland. Good to see you."

Holland: "Always a pleasure. Lindsey, a word. (To Darla) You'll excuse us."

Holland steps back out of the office and Lindsey follows him.

Lindsey to Darla as he's about to close the door: "I'll be right outside."

Holland: "I thought we were *very* clear on this matter. Now that she's made contact it's not - prudent to have her on the premises."

Lindsey: "I know. I just... I didn't feel I could leave her alone. - I think there may be a problem, sir. She seems to be displaying post traumatic..."

Holland: "She's cracking up."

Lindsey: "No. I wouldn't say that."

Holland: "She is way ahead of schedule."

Lindsey: "What?"

Holland: "We'll have to accelerate matters. But, I think we're ready. (Claps Lindsey on the arm) Lindsey, you did the right thing. Good work. (Turns to go) Don't let her leave the building. (Turns back) Oh, and letter openers, staple guns, even ball point pens, anything with a sharp edge, you may want to remove so sorts of items from your office. Just in case."


1880, London.

Darla looking at a dead sailor lying on a street corner.

Darla: "So beautiful. Not a blemish, not a freckle. Perhaps we should have preserved that beauty for eternity."

Angelus: "Still he won't now age."

Darla: "No, but he'll rot. Seems a pity."

Dru: "I could hop into him, like I did the ocean."

Darla: "Of course you could."

Dru: "I'm full and warm - yet all alone."

Angelus: "That's not true, precious. You've got us."

Dru: "Not in the least. You won't even have me just a little bit."

Darla: "All you have to do is ask."

Dru: "No. He's head's too full of you, grandmother."

Darla: "Stop calling me that."

She hits a chuckling Angelus and pulls him down the street.

Dru following: "Don't be cross. I could be your mummy."

Angelus: "Well, if you're lonely, Dru, why don't you make yourself a playmate?"

Dru: "I could. I could pick the wisest and bravest knight in all the land - and make him mine forever with a kiss."

Just then a crying William bumps into them, dropping his notebook. He bends down to pick it up then stumbles on.

William: "You - watch where you're going!"

Darla looking after him: "Or you could just take the first drooling idiot that comes along."

Angelus laughing: "You think she'll find a good one?"

The walk on but Dru keeps looking after William.

Darla: "I found you."

Angel: "Based on *this* we think that the search is over? The property is owned by Wolfram and Hart?"

Wesley: "Annapolis Olive Oil Import Export, a corporate client of Wolfram and Hart."

Angel: "That's pretty slim."

Cordy: "It has a view."

Angel: "That's not enough."

Cordy: "And Berber carpeting."

Angel: "Nah, we need to narrow it down further. Keep looking."

Cordy: "And my sister is living in unit 319."

Angel walking out of the room: "You don't have a sister."

Cordy: "Sure I do. My older - way older - like 400 years older - blonde sister Darla, no last name. I've been desperately trying to find (Angel slowly comes back into the room) her because - mom and dad are in the coma. Sue, the property manager was - very helpful. (Cordy looks over at Wesley with a smile) She even cried."

Angel rips the page with the address off the notebook and walks towards the door.

Angel: "Let's go."

Wesley blocks his path: "Perhaps it would be best if you let me contact Gunn and he and I can check this out. (Tries to take the paper with the address, but Angel won't let go) We could do the reconnaissance, give you a full report and we can *all* decide how to proceed - as a team."

Cordy: "Probably a good idea - since it's 1 o'clock in the afternoon and that address is in Sun Valley."

Angel lets go of the paper and Wesley walks out.

Angel: "Right. (Laughs) Sun."

Cordy: "Actually I was thinking Valley. I mean why go *there* if you don't have to."

Darla is staring out the window in Lindsey's office. Lindsey walks in.

Lindsey: "Darla."

Darla: "Say that again?"

Lindsey: "I just - ah, - I said your name - Darla."

Darla: "It sounds so odd, doesn't it?"

Lindsey: "I don't know what you mean."

Darla: "It wasn't my name when I was human. - The first time when I was human, I mean."

Lindsey: "What was your name?"

Darla: "Hmm - I don't remember. (Shakes her head) I'm not her, whoever she was. I was Darla for so long - then I wasn't. I - I wasn't anything. I just stopped. - He killed me. I was done. (Turns to look at Lindsey) Then you brought be back."

Lindsey: "Yes."

Darla steps closer: "What did you bring back, Lindsey? What am I? Did you bring back that girl, whose name I can't remember? - Or did you bring back something else? - The other thing."

Lindsey: "Both. - Neither. - You're just you. Whatever that is."

Darla: "Why haven't you kissed me? - You've been dying for it, haven't you?"

Lindsey: "I didn't know if you wanted me to."

Darla: "Why should that matter? - Do you think I ever hesitated when I wanted something? Life's too short. Believe me, I know. - 400 years and still too short."

Lindsey steps forward and kisses her softly.

Darla: "Mmm, that's how humans get what *they* want. I remember that much."

Lindsey kisses her again.

Lindsey: "Do you like it?"

Darla: "It's nice. - But it's not me you want to screw."

Lindsey pulling back to look at her: "What?"

Darla: "It's him. You all think you can use me to get to Angel."

Lindsey looks at her for a moment: "Maybe."

He kisses her hard, pushing her up against the table.

Darla: "What am I?"

Lindsey: "I don't know - and I don't care."

They kiss and suddenly Darla bites the side of Lindsey's neck, hard and he pulls away. They break apart.

Darla: "Now do you care?"

Lindsey: "No."

Darla: "That's how vampires get what they want. What am I?"

Lindsey steps close to her again: "Darla..."

Darla: "Is that it? Am I Darla?"

Lindsey: "Yes."

Darla: "Careful. Darla would snap you in half. - Is that who I am?"

She pushes away from him and leans her head against the window.

Lindsey reaches one hand up to cover the side of his neck.

Lindsey: "I understand what you're going through."

Darla shakes her head and pushes away from the glass: "No. Nobody understands. Nobody *can* understand. - I can feel this body dying, Lindsey. I can feel it decaying moment by moment. It's being eaten away by this thing inside of it. - It's a cancer, this soul!"

1898, Romania.

A ragged Angel stumbles up a hill.

Darla is standing in front of an elder of the gypsies.

Darla: "You took him from me. You stole him away. - You gave him a soul."

Gypsy: "He must suffer - as all of his victims have suffered."

Darla: "That is no justice. Whatever pain he caused to your daughter was momentary - over in an instant - or an hour. But what you've done to him will force him to suffer for the rest of eternity! Remove that filthy soul so my boy might return to me."

Dru: "Angelus is gone on away. Where is he?"

Darla grabs a hold of the Gypsy's neck: "Drusilla, the camp - go on - kill things!"

Dru: "He shall be very cross if he finds we had a lovely mass slaughter without him."

Darla closes her eyes for a moment: "He'll join us soon. Now do as you're told."

Dru licks one of her fingers and nods: "Okay."

Walks off.

Darla: "In that wagon is your family. Your wife and daughters will die tonight without my protection. (Strokes the man's cheek) but if you'll do as I say, your family can live."

Spike, in vamp face, blood on his chin, steps out of the wagon and burps. Darla looks at him.

Spike: "What?"

Darla closes her eyes, turns back to the gypsy and snaps his neck.

Dru swaying by the fire: "Pretty music, pretty, pretty music. (Spike comes up to her and she pulls him into her dance) They cry out for mercy. They cry out for mercy."

Darla walking away: "Show none."

Angel and Cordy are at Angel's desk, looking at some video footage of Darla's trashed apartment.

Cordy: "What happened? Did someone break in?"

Gunn is sitting on a sofa in the lobby, eating a sandwich.

Gunn: "Well, us."

Cordy: "You guys did this? Real mature!"

Wesley: "No. This is the way we found it. No evidence of a forced entry."

Gunn, talking around a bite of food: "Well, not before we got there anyway."

Wesley: "It appears she did this herself."

Angel: "She smashed all the mirrors."

Cordy: "Why?"

Angel: "Isn't it obvious?"

Wesley: "Angel, I don't think anything is obvious."

Angel: "The weight of her soul, she's feeling it."

Wesley: "We don't know that for certain."

Angel: "It makes sense. She was a vampire, now she has a soul."

Cordy: "That makes sense? So why don't you go around smashing mirrors?"

Angel: "Because I don't have to look at *myself* in them. (The phone rings and Cordy goes to answer it) Look, if she's in trouble we have to find her."

Wesley: "Angel..."

Angel: "She needs help."

Wesley: "That might very well be. It might also be what somebody would *like* you to think."

Cordy: "Angel..."

Angel: "Cordy, just take a message. (To Wesley) So you think this is a setup."

Wesley: "We mustn't rule it out."

Cordy: "Angel!"

Angel: "Cordy, please, I'm talking."

Cordy to phone: "Hi Darla. He can't talk right now. He'll call you back once he's found it (Angel runs over to Cordy reaching for the phone) Yeah, bye-bye."

Angel grabs the phone before she can hang it up.

Angel: "Darla?"

Darla: "My boy. My darling boy."

Angel: "Where are you?"

Darla: "I have question. Where was I? I don't remember anything. It's a great big nothing. Could it be there is no hell?"

Angel: "There is a hell. A few of them. I've been to one."

Darla: "I told him no one could understand, but I was wrong wasn't I? My boy knows."

Angel: "Yeah, I know."

Darla: "You said you'd give me everything. Do you remember that? - I believed it then. I still do."

Angel: "I'll do whatever I can."

Darla: "It's been four centuries since I've had to be afraid of anything. And now I'm sick with it."

Angel: "I know."

Darla: "Angel..."

Lindsey from the door of his office: "Darla. What are you doing."

Darla quietly to phone: "Help me!"

Angel can hear Lindsey over the phone saying: "Just put down the phone."

Angel: "Darla."

Lindsey: "Hang up the phone. (Darla turns to look at him) It's okay."

Angel: "Darla?"

At the office we can dimly hear Angel's voice coming from the phone: "Darla!"

Lindsey: "It's okay. All right? Just put it down."

A security guard steps through the office door.

Guard: "Mr. McDonalds, is everything okay in there?"

Lindsey: "Yes, we're fine."

Guard: "Mr. Manners said you might need some help with her."

Lindsey: "No. - Leave."

Darla still clutching the phone to her breast: "I have to go to him, Lindsey."

Lindsey: "Don't say that. - Don't say that."

Angel can not only hear the whole conversation over the phone, he can also hear Darla's heart beating.

Darla: "He's the only one. He can help me."

Lindsey: "No. I can help you too."

Darla shakes her head and the security guard steps a little closer.

Darla: "No. No you can't. You don't have it in you. - Sorry."

Guard: "Why don't we all take a walk down to Mr. Manners office."

Lindsey to guard: "I can handle this, alright? Go!"

Guard: "She's not leaving the building."

Lindsey: "I said go!"

Darla hits Lindsey with the phone and tries to run past the guard.

Angel to phone: "Darla."

He can hear a struggle, followed by a gunshot.

Angel: "Darla!"

Lindsey sits in his office watching a video of the surveillance tape showing the struggle in his office and the guard getting hit by his own gun when Darla runs into him.

On tape: Guard: "She's not leaving the building." Lindsey: "I said go!"

Holland is standing there watching Lindsey.

The Lindsey on the tape takes a hold of Darla: "Come on. Lets go. You're gonna come with me."

Holland stops the tape.

Holland: "You not only allowed her to escape - you facilitated it."

Lindsey: "Things were confusing."

Holland: "Things are often confusing for you, aren't they, Lindsey? - Especially, it seems, when it comes to this woman. - You allowed yourself to be ruled by your emotions."

Lindsey after a beat: "What about the guard?"

Holland: "Family's been notified, Police have a suspect in custody. It's handled. (Holland turns to leave) You're off this project, Lindsey."

Lindsey: "I can find her!"

Holland: "You don't have to find her. We picked her up two blocks from here."

Lindsey: "She's safe?"

Holland: "We won't discuss it any further."

Lindsey gets up: "If you're thinking about handing this project..."

Holland: "This situation has gotten too far out of control. I'm terminating the project."

Lindsey: "Terminating?"

Holland: "Go home, Lindsey. Get some rest. - We start fresh tomorrow."

Angel is putting on his coat in the hotel lobby.

Gunn: "You want me to come with you?"

Angel: "No. This is something I have to do on my own. (Cordy hands him his car keys) Thanks."

Wesley: "Angel..."

Angel: "I know, Wesley, I could be walking into a trap. I get that."

Wesley: "I'm not convinced you do."

Angel: "Look, she asked for my help. I can't turn my back."

Wesley: "No, you shouldn't. Not for one moment. You know better than anyone what she was."

Angel: "What we were. And I also know what she's going through. And unlike me, maybe she won't have to go through it alone."

Cordy: "You're not alone."

Wesley: "You may be right. She may be experiencing all of this exactly as *you* did. But Angel, you yourself wandered for a hundred years without ever seeking redemption."

Angel: "That's right. I sought her."

1900, China, night. Buildings on fire, complete chaos in the streets.

Darla is in a house, carrying a cloth wrapped package. A filthy Angel grabs the sides of her face from behind.

Angel: "You're so warm. You just fed."

Darla: "You found me."

Angel: "You can never resist a religious war - and you always talked about China. I just followed the bodies. You never used to be so careless."

Darla: "Maybe I wanted to be found."

Angel: "Spike and Dru?"

Darla: "They're here. Probably out in the riots (she loosens something from the package) maybe starting a new one."

Angel lets go of her and she spins around, pushes him up against the wall, holding a knife against his throat.

Darla: "I should kill you right now."

Angel: "Go ahead."

Darla: "Is that why you've come all this way? Too much of a coward to end your own existence, you want me to do it for you? Release that filthy soul?"

Angel: "If you'd like."

Darla: "I can still smell it, you know. And that's not all. You reek of vermin! - Is that what you've been living off of?"

Angel grabs a hold of her hand: "Come on, huh? This should be nothing for you. Go ahead, Darla. Make sure you cut clear to the bone. Put the blade in the wall. Hmm?"

Darla stares at him for a moment then pulls away from him.

Darla with her back to him: "What do you want?"

Angel: "A second chance."

Darla: "What?"

Angel: "I want things to be like they were. - You and me - together - Darla. - I miss the view."

Darla shakes her head, still with her back to him: "That's impossible."

Angel: "It's not impossible."

Darla: "You still have a soul."

Angel: "I'm still a vampire."

Darla turns around: "You're not. - Look at you. I don't know what you are anymore."

Angel: "You know what I am. You *made* me. Darla. I'm Angelus."

Darla: "Not anymore."

Angel slowly stepping closer: "I can be again. Just give me a chance to prove it to you."

Darla: "You almost made me believe you."

Angel: "Believe it. - We can have the whirlwind back."

Darla looks up at him: "We can do this."

Angel with a slight smile: "Yes, we can."

Darla: "We can do anything."

Angel pulls her close: "Anything we like."

They kiss.

Lindsey is walking to his car in the parking garage, dialing a number on his cell phone. He stands beside his car, listening to the phone ring, when Angel wraps a cable around his neck.

Angel: "Where is she?"

Lindsey holds up his phone: "I was..."

Angel tightens the noose, pulling up so Lindsey's feet barely touch the ground anymore

Angel: "No, you get just enough breath to tell me where she is. My advice? Don't waste it."

We hear Cordy's voice from the phone: "Angel Investigations, we help the helpless. (Angel looks at the phone) How can we help you? (Angel lets Lindsey drop back to his feet) Hello? Hello?"

Lindsey closes the phone: "I was trying to call you. They're gonna kill her. You got to stop it. Hey, she needs you. Please."

Angel pulls up on the noose again: "You're a liar."

Lindsey: "It's true!"

Angel lets him back down: "Where?"

Lindsey: "In an abandoned bank on Figaro and Ninth. Wolfram and Hart own the property. I'm pretty sure that's where they're gonna take her."

Angel pulls up on the noose again: "You think you're pretty sure."

Lindsey: "I'm not exactly in the loop on this! (Angel lets him back down) Alright, that's where they do this sort of stuff. It'll be underground where the vaults used to be."

Angel pulls up again, forcing Lindsey back to the tip of his toes.

Angel: "If this is a trick, just know that I'll be coming back for you. (Angel lets go of the cable and Lindsey drops against the trunk of his car) Hell, I just might be coming back for you anyway."

Angel is walking through the riots back in China.

Angel: "Darla? - Darla! - Darla. - Darla?!"

He enters an alley to see a missionary family huddled against one of the walls, holding a basket with a crying baby between them.

A Chinese swinging a sword attacks Angel from behind and he slaps him aside, headfirst into the wall, then turns back to stare at the family. Slowly backs away from them.

He hears Darla calling for him and quickly leaves the alley.

Darla: "Angelus? (She bumps into his chest, smiles at him) The whirlwind, Angelus."

They kiss, then Darla tries to peer past him into the alley.

Darla: "Hmm, what's over here?"

Angel doesn't let go of her: "Nothing. - Bodies. Let's find something warm."

Darla: "Yes. Some missionaries. We'll drain the piety right out of them."

They move down the street and meet Dru and a roughed up and bleeding Spike.

Darla: "So, where have you two been?"

Dru: "Will I tell?"

Spike: "No need to be humble."

Dru: "My little Spike just killed himself a Slayer."

Darla to Angel: "Did you hear that?"

Angel to Spike: "Congratulations. - I guess that makes you one of us."

Spike: "Don't be so glum, eh? The way you tell it, one Slayer snuffs another one rises. I figure, there is a new chosen one getting all chosen even as we speak. I tell you what, when and if this new bird shows up, I'll give you first crack at it!"

Dru steps past Angel in the direction of the alley.

Dru: "Hmm, I smell fear."

Angel: "This whole place reeks of it."

Spike wraps his arms around Dru from behind.

Dru: "It's intoxicating."

Angel: "Let's get out of here. This rebellion is starting to bore me."

Darla watches as Angel walks past Dru, giggling in Spike's arms, then follows him.

Nice, slow motion shot of the four of them walking down the street with the burning buildings and riot all around. Spike steps on a bundle in his path and leaps high into the air.

Angel is walking down the street, grim-faced leading the way, with Darla just a step behind him. Spike is carrying Dru in his arms, kissing her. Darla is watching Angel.

Darla in an echoing voice over: "Are you with me Angel? (Fade to white.) Why aren't you with me?"

Darla gets tossed out of the back of a van by three white-clad guys. One of them pulls out a gun and aims it at her.

Guy: "Sorry, lady. It's just us."

Angel walks into Darla's house in china.

Darla: "Where have you been?"

Angel: "Darla."

Darla: "Answer me!"

Angel: "Just out. Why?"

Darla: "Feeding?"

Angel: "Yeah."

Darla: "On vermin?"

Angel after a beat: "No."

Darla: "Don't lie to me."

Angel: "Look I've killed men. You've seen it!"

Darla, wearing a kimono, gets up form her seat against the wall and walks towards him.

Darla: "Rapists and murderers, thieves and scoundrels. Did you think I wouldn't notice? - Only evildoers, that's all you hunt now. (Angel looks down) You swore to me. You said, if I took you back you'd prove yourself."

Angel: "And I will."

Darla: "Good. (Pulls the blanket of a basket sitting between them, revealing the missionaries' baby) Now is your chance."

Angel looks down at the baby, shifts restlessly.

Darla looking down at the baby: "I went back before dawn. They were still cowering there. Praying to their god for a salvation. (Looks at Angel, who's staring down at the baby) They didn't know that their only savior was at the waterfront - dining on rats. I won't be made a fool, Angelus. (He looks at her) Not by you. Not by anyone."

Angel looks down: "I didn't mean..."

Darla: "While Spike - Spike! - was out killing a Slayer you were saving missionaries! Form me!"

Angel: "I'm sorry..."

Darla: "No. No more words. (She takes a step back and Angel looks down at the baby) Act!"

Darla is lying on the ground in front of the three guys, gun pointing at her, when Angel pulls up in his convertible and jumps put over the windshield. One of them grabs Darla as Angel kicks the gun out of the first guys hand. Darla gets thrown against a wall, while Angel makes quick work of the three men, throwing the last one into the back of the van.

Angel walks over to where Darla is slumped against the wall and crouches down in front of her.

Angel: "Darla?"

Lindsey walks past the receptionist desk of Wolfram and Hart, looks back and sees Holland and another man shaking hands.

Flash back to earlier.

Guard: "Mr. McDonald, is everything okay in there?"

Flash back to the guy shaking Holland's hand. It's the same guard.

Lindsey remembers Holland saying: "The family's been notified." As we hear a gunshot and see the guard drop to the floor of Lindsey's office on the videotape.

Holland, in the lobby looks over and sees Lindsey looking at him.

Lindsey enters his office, leaving the door open and Holland steps in and closes the door.

Lindsey: "Should we notify his family?"

Holland: "Lindsey..."

Lindsey: "You played me. You played her."

Holland: "We had to make you believe it Lindsey."

Lindsey: "Why?"

Holland: "Because she has to believe it, because Angel has to. - The Crisis needed to be real."

Lindsey: "You think now that you've driven her back to him she's gonna give him that perfect moment of happiness? He's gonna come on our side? Won't happen. He's noble. He'll never take advantage of her - not in this state, not now."

Holland: "Lindsey, you don't understand our friend at all. We know there is no prospect for physical intimacy here. - So you needn't torture yourself."

Lindsey steps closer: "Then what do you expect him to do?"

Holland: "What he will do. What he must do. Save her soul."

Darla is lying with her eyes closed on a sofa in the hotel lobby with Angel crouched in front of it and Wesley, Cordy and Gunn standing around it.

Angel: "She's gonna be okay."

Cordy: "Maybe we should get her a doctor."

Darla opening her eyes: "No. No doctors. (Looks at Angel and smiles) Angelus."

Cordy: "Uhm. Sorry, I know you're concussion girl and all, but around here it's Angel - just Angel, okay?"

Angel: "Guys, do you mind? - Just give us a minute?"

Wesley leaving: "Yeah, of course."

Gunn leaving: "No problem."

Cordy follows them with a last look at Darla and Angel.

Darla: "I thought I was dead."

Angel: "You're not dead."

Darla: "I'm not sure how I feel about that."

Angel gives her a small smile: "I know what you mean."

Darla puts her hand on his: "I'm so lucky - to have someone who understands - who knows. It's something you never had, is it?"

Angel: "It wasn't your fault."

Darla pulls her self up into a sitting position: "No. No, but there is so much that is."

Angel: "It's gonna be okay."

Darla gives him a smile: "I knew you'd help me. Now if I could only get to you. - Funny. That's why they brought me back - to get to you. - Now I find I need you, just as I've always needed you. - You'll make the pain stop, won't you?"

Angel: "Takes time."

Darla: "Takes moments. (Shakes her hair back and exposes her throat) Do it - now."

Angel stares at her throat, stands up and backs away from her.

Angel: "What?"

Darla follows him and grabs him by the front of his shirt.

Darla: "Make me what I was again!"

Angel: "Darla..."

Darla: "You said you'd help me!"

Angel backs away but she won't let go of him.

Angel: "I will. - I want to - but - not like this."

Darla: "Turn me back. God! I can't bear this pounding in my chest for another instant!"

Angel quietly: "It's gift. - Too feel that heart beat - to know, really and for once, that you're alive. - You're human again, Darla. You know what that means?"

Darla: "Of course I do. It means pain and suffering - and disease and death. - Look, I released you from this world once, I gave you eternal life. Now it's time for you to return the favor."

Angel backs away a step, just looking at her: "Favor - is that what you think? - You think you did me a favor? - You damned me."

Darla after a beat: "Fine. Fine then, if it's such a punishment, take out your revenge, pay me back! (Angel just looks at her) - Please."

Angel swallows and shakes his head ever so slightly: "I can't."

Darla closes her eyes.

Angel is looking down at the baby in the basket.

Darla: "What do you mean you can't? You won't!"

Angel: "I can't seem to be able to uhm, I'm sorry."

Darla shakes her head ever so slightly: "You disgust me."

Angel grabs a hold of the baby and runs out on Darla, crashing through some glass doors.

Darla in the present is running away from Angel.

Angel: "Darla, wait!"

Darla stops in front of the doors and spins around to face him.

Darla: "No! Don't look for me again."

She turns and rushes out the door and a he makes no move to stop her.

Fade to black.

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