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  1x17 - Eternity
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Close-ups of Angel’s and Wesley’s faces.

Angel: “Maybe we can make a break for it.”

Wesley: “Impossible.”

Angel: “Front exit?”

Wesley: “We’d be spotted instantly.”

Angel: “Back door?”

Wesley: “Blocked.”

Angel: “That’s it then – we’re trapped.”

Wesley: “We might try shouting ‘fire.’ (Camera pulls back to reveal that they are sitting in an almost empty theater) Not technically a crowed theater.”

Cut to Cordy on stage, wearing an old-fashioned dress.

Cordy: “One day, I might, yes, many years from now – when I’ve lost my looks a little. Do not laugh.”

Wesley looking at his watch: “Only another hour.”

Cordy: “I mean, of course a time will come when Torvald is not – is not – (turns to back of stage) Line!”

Prompter: “is not as devoted to me”

Wesley: “Perhaps two.”

Cordy: “What?”

Prompter: “is not as devoted to me”

Cordy: “Right, right. (turns back around) When Torvald is not as devoted to me (give a dramatic sob then turns her head back towards the prompter).”

Angel: “And I thought I knew eternity.”


Angel and Wesley are walking down the street at night with Cordy between them.

Cordy: “So? What did you think?”

Angel and Wesley exchange a look.

Wesley: “Well, your - projection was excellent.”

Angel: “Yeah. I could hear every word and we were way in the back.”

Cordy: “Okay, so I was loud. But was I any good?”

Wesley: “You – took the role and made it your own.”

Cordy: “Really? Thanks. Angel, was I good?”

Angel: “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t think so.”

Cordy: “Thanks. – You didn’t say it.”

Angel: “I didn’t?”

Cordy spots something across the street.

Cordy: “I don’t believe it!”

Angel: “Hey, you know, it was a night in the theater I’ll never forget.”

Cordy: “That’s Oliver Simon!”

Wesley: “Who?”

Cordy: “Only one of the most important talent managers in this town! I was at a party with him. (To Angel) You were there!”

Angel: “Right. - He gave me his card.”

Cordy: “What?! I was working him all night and he gave *you* his card?”

Angel: “He thought I had a quality.”

Cordy: “Look who he’s with! - Rebecca Lowell.”

Wesley: “Who?”

Cordy: “Raven! - She played Raven in ‘On Your Own?’ Big hit television show that was only on for like 9 ½ years? Do either of you even own a television?”

Wesley: “I..”

Angel: “No.”

Cordy: “It was a seminal show. Canceled by the idiot network. (Angel sees a car pulling away from the curb) I was going to picket them but I didn’t have any comfortable shoes...”

Cordy trails off as Angel walks over the hood of the car parked next to them and pushes Rebecca out of the way of the oncoming car. Rebecca rolls clear, but Angel hits the windshield (breaking the glass) then rolls over top of it and down the street to come to rest in front of another parked car.

Oliver: “Oh, my god, Rebecca! (Hurries over to her as Rebecca watches Angel get up) Are you alright darling?”

Wesley and Cordy hurry over to Angel.

Cordy: “Oh my god! What was she like?”

Rebecca to Angel: “Excuse me – are you alright?”

Cordy: “Oh, he’s fine. It was such an honor to save your life, Ms. Lowell.”

Rebecca: “Thank you. (To Angel) I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name.”

Cordy: “Cordelia Chase. I’m so glad you weren’t – oh. (motions towards Angel) He doesn’t eve know who you are.”

Rebecca to Angel: “You don’t know me?”

Oliver: “Sure he doesn’t. I’m sure he’ll accept a small reward anyway. (Pulls out his wallet)”

Angel: “No thanks.”

Oliver: “We’re not gonna be held up here.”

Rebecca: “Oliver, down. He doesn’t know who I am.”

Cordy: “He’s culturally retarded that way.”

Rebecca holds out her hand: “I’m Rebecca.”

Angel takes it: “Angel.”

Rebecca: “So – you make a habit of this sort of thing, Angel?”

Cordy: “Oh, it’s only like his purpose in life! Angel is the Dark Avenger – only not too dark – happy dark! I have a card in here somewhere.”

Wesley: “Cordelia.”

Cordy: “What?”

Rebecca seeing press and cameras: “Oh god. Who called ET?”

Wesley: “Emma Thompson?”

Cordy: “Entertainment Tonight, doofus.”

Oliver: “They’re here for the party.”

Rebecca: “Oliver?”

Oliver: “This will be all over the tabs come morning, Bec. We might as well just put our own spin on it first, right?”

Rebecca: “Look, I’d like to apologize... (looks around, but Angel is gone)”

Cordy: “Oh, he does that. Here is our card. If you ever need rescuing, or want to pal around or something – call us! (Wesley grabs a hold of her arms and drags her off) Let go!”

Wesley: “Come along.”

Rebecca looks around and catches a glimpse of Angel as he disappears around the corner of the next street.

Cut to the office, day. Angel is standing by the open file cabinet as Cordy comes in carrying a newspaper.

Cordy: “I made the papers. Last night is all over the front-page of the Calendar section!”

Wesley: “Really. There was a reviewer form the Times at your play?”

Cordy: “What? No! Like a reviewer needs to see some hundred-year-old play! The thing with Rebecca Lowell – I’m in the picture.”

Wesley: “Where?”

Cordy: “Right there.”

Wesley: “Where?”

Cordy: “Right there! Next to Rebecca. That’s my elbow.”

Angel: “Guys. Can we just forget about Rebecca Lowell? I mean, we ran into an actor. It’s Hollywood. It happens. (Looks over Wesley’s shoulder at the paper) We have a nice photo of Cordelia’s – elbow and an article about me saving a TV-star. (Walks towards his office) Just because the papers want to make it...”

Wesley: “There is no mention of you.”

Angel comes back to look at the paper: “What?”

Wesley: “Nothing.”

Angel: “Oh. – Well, - that’s good, right? I mean this whole high-profile thing really isn’t our deal anyway.”

Cordy: “What are you talking about? First off, Rebecca Lowell hasn’t had a series since ‘On Your Own’ was canceled, and that was almost a season and a half ago!”

Wesley: “And they say there are no seasons in Los Angeles.”

Cordy: “We have to use this now before she’s just another E! True Hollywood Story! When word gets out that you’re protector to the stars, they’re going to be lining up at the door!”

Rebecca walks in with tow bodyguards: “Glad I beat the crowd then.”

Cordy: “Oh, my god. No! (turns around to face Rebecca) I didn’t mean – uhm – coffee? Tea? We don’t have anything good here – uh, but our (motions at Wesley) intern would be happy to get you something, Ms. Lowell.”

Rebecca to Angel: “Can we talk?”

Angel: “Sure. Right in here.”

Rebecca to the bodyguards: “Stay.”

Angel to Cordy: “Stay.”

Inside Angel’s back office Rebecca takes in the closed blinds.

Rebecca: “You’re not fond of sunshine.”

Angel: “I’m a night person.”

Rebecca: “Me too. - It uh – makes it easier to hide.”

Angel: “Seems like you’re in the wrong business if you want to hide.”

Rebecca: “So – you never really saw even one single episode of ‘On Your Own.’”

Angel: “No.”

Rebecca: “Huh. – Well, stop by. I’ll give you a private screening of the episode I - didn’t win the Emmy for.”

Angel moves to put his desk between them: “Thanks for the invitation but - um...”

Rebecca: “Look. I’ve been famous since I was 14. It’s - refreshing to meet someone who doesn’t care.”

Angel sits down: “Seems like you’re surrounded by people who care about you.”

Rebecca: “They work for me. They’re paid to care.”

Angel: “So. How can I help you?”

Rebecca puts some letters on the table in front of him: “I have a - stack of these at home. All the same – written in blood. He also has my private telephone number.”

(Angel looks at the letter: Rebecca – I will make you love me. You will see me but I won’t speak to you unless you SEE ME. There is no OTHER WAY! We will be together – it will be SOON. I will be-)

Rebecca: “Scary calls in the middle of the night. Most of my devoted fans are harmless but these...”

Angel: “It’s not blood.”

Rebecca: “Are you sure?”

Angel: “Have you tried the police?”

Rebecca: “Oliver has been after me to but - then I’d just be hand-feeding the story to the Enquirer. No, thanks.”

Angel: “How do you know I won’t do the same?”

Rebecca: “I don’t. But I do know that you came out of nowhere and saved my life last night. I know that you didn’t ask for anything in return. And I know – I feel safer in this office than I do in my own home. - I’m up for a new series. One of those make-or-break gigs for Rebecca’s career part two. - I need – peace of mind.”

Angel: “The car that ran you down was a green, freshly painted ’76 Chevy Nova. I caught the plates, ran the vehicle ID. It was stolen. (Hands Rebecca the paper with the information) And I’m sorry, but – I can’t take your case.”

Cordy yells through the closed door: “Are you insane?” then quickly turns away pretending to sneeze.

Rebecca: “I don’t understand.”

Angel: “Give that information to your people. They’ll find the guy. You don’t need me.”

Cut to Angel still sitting behind his desk, Wesley leaning in the door and Cordy pacing the floor.

Cordy: “My first big connection to Hollywood and you practically throw her out of the office. Haven’t you ever heard of networking?”

Wesley: “Cordelia.”

Cordy: “No! He can fight off Donkey-Demons, who rip peoples - guts out, but he can’t help one defenseless actress from a psycho? (To Angel) What is your thing?”

Wesley: “He likes her. He’s afraid of getting close.”

Cordy to Wesley: “Cause of his curse? (To Angel) You’d have to get awfully close to her for that to kick in. And in the mean time you could be helping me.”

Wesley: “The person who needs help here – is Ms Lowell.”

Cordy: “Right. He could be helping us both! (To Angel) Think of the Karma!”

Wesley leans on Angel’s desk: “This may not be the right case for you. Maybe we can find somebody else to help her.”

Cordy puts a hand to her forehead and hunches over: “Oh no! Not now! God! What’s this I see in my vision? Oh. It’s a figure – a woman. It’s Rebecca. She’s in danger. Teeerrible danger. (The guys are not impressed and Cordy gives up her act) Great! Just – great. Because Mr. Distance has intimacy issues, I lose my brush with fame!”

Angel: “Oh, jeez. Cordelia, she is just a person.”

Cordy: “Spoke like a true non-person! - Just knowing a star makes your life better. I’d do anything to live in her world!”

Cut to Rebecca lying on a lounger beside a pool.

Girl: “They make this incision behind the jaw and under both eyes and suction out the fat. You have to be proactive with deterioration.”

Rebecca: “Right.”

Girl: “Christiana had it done at 24.”

Blend into the pool at night. Pull in on the house behind it. Rebecca is giving a fabulous Hollywood party. One scene blends into the next with less and less people until Rebecca is the only one left. She walks up the stairs, then hears a noise and comes back down. A figure crashes through a glass door. It’s Angel. He charges past her to kick a guy in a black ski mask coming up behind her. They exchange a few blows then the guy pulls a shelving unit down on top of Angel and runs out through the broken door.

Angel crawls out from under the shelf and gets up. Rebecca runs over to him.

Rebecca: “Are you...”

Her eyes go past him to the huge mirror behind her sofa. She is alone in the reflection. Angel sees the mirror. They look at each other, then there is a banging on the door.

Bodyguard through door: “Ms. Lowell, are you alright in there? I’m gonna call the police.”

Rebecca looks towards the door, when she looks back, Angel is gone.

Rebecca: “Yes, Oliver, I am sure. I’d rather be alone tonight.”

Oliver: “Alone though? After all this? Don’t you at least want someone in the house?”

Rebecca: “Half the LAPD is camped out on my front lawn. He won’t be back tonight.”

Oliver: “All right. I should probably go deal with the press.”

Rebecca: “You do that Oliver.”

Oliver pulls her into a hug: “I love you kiddo. (Steps back) You know that.”

Rebecca: “I know.”

Cut to Rebecca locking the door after Oliver and the last of the police have left.

Rebecca: “I know you’re still here.”

Angel slowly comes out of hiding: “I’m not what you think.”

Rebecca: “You’re not? Because – no reflection, - dark, private office, instantly knowing those letters weren’t written in blood, I guess what I would think is - vampire.”

Angel: “Then again...”

Rebecca: “Which is impossible. Bela Lugosi, Gary Oldman, they’re vampires.”

Angel: “Frank Langella was the only performance I believed but...”

Rebecca: “This is real. - You’re real. – Do you drink blood?”

Angel: “Yeah. But not people.”

Rebecca: “You’re not a killer.”

Angel: “I gave that up.”

Rebecca: “Well, there is a support group for everything in this town, I guess.”

Angel: “It’s a long story.”

Rebecca: “How long? - A hundred years?”

Angel: “Two – hundred, and some change.”

Rebecca: “200 years – but you look... If I touch you, will you be cold? (She reaches out a hand to touch Angel’s cheek) I’ve felt colder.”

Angel: “You’re really not afraid.”

Rebecca: “No.”

Angel: “Most people who saw what you saw...”

Rebecca: “I’m not most people. - I lied to Oliver. I don’t - really want to be alone tonight.”

Cut to Wesley sitting behind a desk in the office, day.

Cordy: “He took the case?”

Wesley: “Yes. He phoned early this morning. We’re to follow up on the stolen vehicle.”

Cordy: “What made him change his mind?”

Wesley: “Apparently he didn’t. He was quietly keeping tabs on her all along.”

Cordy: “And he called you early this morning?”

Wesley: “Yes. Uh, isn’t this what you were lobbying for?”

Cordy: “How early? Did he spend the night?”

Wesley: “One assumes.”

Cordy: “Oh, great. He spent the night with the fantasy of millions. - All alone, ‘protecting’ her.”

Wesley: “You’re worried about the curse. (Cordy huffs) I wouldn’t be.”

Cordy: “Hey, you weren’t around the last time Angel went mental. I, on the other hand, was on the first wave of the clean-up crew. - He knows perfect happiness, he goes evil. So don’t tell me not to worry.”

Wesley: “Angel’s moment of true happiness occurred because he was with Buffy. You realize how rare that is – true happiness? - And what are the odds he’s find that with an actress.”

Cordy: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Wesley: “I was – I meant TV-actress.”

Cordy: “Save it. Angel spent the night at Rebecca’s. I owe it to that poor girl - to see if he wound up chowing down on my one link to fame.”

Cut to Angel walking down the stairs in Rebecca’s house, as there is a knock on the door.

Angel: “Cordelia, - you’re here – and you brought a cross.”

Cordy carefully staying in the sun shining in through the door: “Along with three double half-caf, non-fat, skinny lattes.”

Angel: “And a cross.”

Cordy: “Well, judging by the outfit, I guess it’s safe to come in. Evil Angel never would have worn those pants. - Where is Rebecca?”

Angel: “She had a lunch to go to.”

Cordy: “Lunch? It’s still noon. Shouldn’t that be more of a brunch for her?”

Angel: “Well, actually she was up before dawn, working out.”

Cordy: “So she went to lunch and just left you here to rummage through her things?”

Angel: “No, I - told her that I was a vampire, and that daytime patio dining was out.”

Cordy: “Did you just make a joke?”

Angel: “I really told her.”

Cordy: “Wow. So do you think she’d still set me up with her manager?”

Cut to Rebecca meeting Oliver at a restaurant table.

Oliver: “You look terrific.”

Rebecca: “They canceled, didn’t they?”

Oliver: “Not canceled – postponed. That’s all. Scheduling conflicts – it’s nothing.”

Rebecca: “Oliver you said I had this part.”

Oliver: “Yes. They want you to come into their offices and read.”

Rebecca: “Read?”

Cut to Rebecca’s house.

Rebecca: “Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had to read for anything? Season and a half off the air, and suddenly - I’m nobody again.”

Angel picks up some tabloids: “Not according to these.”

Rebecca: “According to those, I’ve slept with Ernest Borgnine, and I’m bulimic.”

Angel: “I hear Borgnine is a very skilled lover.”

Rebecca: “Listen to me. Poor little rich girl.”

Angel: “We all got problems.”

Rebecca: “Yeah, well, right now my problem involves getting this fright-night guy off my back long enough to win this part. I’ve been so distracted lately I haven’t had enough time to play the game. And now I’m afraid I’m losing.”

Rebecca goes to answer a knock on the door while Angel looks at the tabloid.

Maid: “Here you are, Ms. Lowell.”

Rebecca: “Thanks Maria. (Accepts a garment bag and closes the door) You’re what? – a 44 long?”

Angel: “Why”

Rebecca: “I’ve got a premier tonight. (Holds out the garment bag) Can’t go without my bodyguard, can I?”

Cut to Angel getting out of the limousine as cameras snap and the crowd yells ‘Raven.’ He turns and helps Rebecca out as the crowd breaks into applause.

Angel scans the crowd as Rebecca smiles for the cameras.

Rebecca: “Raven. They think that I’m the character I play.”

As they walk up the red carpet, the camera shows a guy among the spectators with a gun stuck in the waistband of his black suit.

Cut to Angel pushing open a door into an alley for Rebecca.

Angel: “They’re showing the movie in the alleyway.”

Rebecca: “Oh, no. I just come to these things for the photo-op. My driver knows to meet me out back. God, if I had to sit through everyone of these, I’m sure boredom would kill me.”

Angel sees the man from the crowd on the landing of stairs going up between the buildings above them pulling out his gun and pushes Rebecca to the side.

Angel: “Rebecca.”

Angel jumps straight up onto the landing and grabs the guys gun hand, while he’s firing his gun at Rebecca.

Angel: “Rebecca, get down!”

Angel knock the guys hand down on the railing, making him drop his gun. During the ensuing fight they roll down the stairs together. After a few more hits, Angel knocks the other guy out, then hurries over to pull Rebecca into his arms.

Angel: “It’s okay. I’m here. Shh. Shh.”

Cut to the police taking Angel’s statement.

Officer: “I just want to go over your statement one more time, sir. You arrived here...”

Oliver comes up to Rebecca: “Rebecca, not again. Are you alright? I came as soon as I heard.”

Rebecca: “And when was that exactly?”

Oliver: “What do you mean?”

Rebecca: “I know the stalker. I’ve seen him.”

Oliver: “At your house.”

Rebecca: “Mmm. He’s a stuntman. You used to represent him.”

Oliver: “Oh, I – I didn’t get a good look.”

Rebecca: “Oh, come on, Oliver. My private phone number, how to get into my house, that I skip the movie at a premier – only you know all that.”

Oliver: “I never would have let you get hurt, you must believe that. - I thought the publicity might help you get the series. I did it out of love.”

Rebecca: “I don’t - pay you to love me.”

Oliver: “No. That you get for free.”

Rebecca: “I didn’t get the part, did I?”

Oliver: “I was gonna tell you tonight. The network suddenly feels that you’re too mature for the role. I know it may not seem that way now, but once we get a little distance between you and Raven...”

Rebecca: “Oliver. The series is in syndication. She’ll always be there.”

Oliver: “Beck...”

Rebecca: “Looking younger and better and sweeter than me – forever.”

Oliver: “Sweetie, your life is not over at 24.”

Rebecca: “I’m not 24. I’m twenty...”

Oliver: “Shh, shh!”

Rebecca: “Raven is 22. She will always be 22.”

Oliver: “All right, so she’ll always be 22. She’s not you, and we’re gonna have to face it – that nobody stays young forever.”

Raven looks over at Angel still talking to the cops.

Angel’s office, day, Angel is sitting behind his desk.

Wesley: “I thought you might like to know I got the preliminary forensics report from the theater. The bullets were...”

Angel: “Blanks.”

Wesley: “No, I’m afraid they were blanks.”

Angel: “The shots never connected. I went back. There were no holes in the wall, no chipped paint, nothing.”

Wesley: “Since when does a killer use blanks?”

Angel: “When he’s not a killer. When it’s a fake.”

Wesley: “Ms. Lowell?”

Angel: “I don’t think she knows and I don’t know how to tell her.”

Wesley: “Well, this is good news, isn’t it?”

Angel: “Depends on what’s going to bother her more, being stalked, or not being stalked.”

Wesley: “Actresses.”

Angel: “Tell me about it.”

Cut to Cordy and Rebecca walking down a street carrying shopping bags.

Rebecca: “Thanks for coming. I’m sure glad that you could find the time.”

Cordy laughs out loud: “Oh, you were being serious? Because big, important stars ask me out for lunch and a shopping spree like all the time – in my dreams! Ha, ha.”

Rebecca: “I’m just an actress. Like you.”

Cordy: “You’re an actress. I’m someone who auditions and auditions and...”

Rebecca: “That’s what happens when you first start out. I’m sure you’re going to make it really big.”

Cordy: “Yee-hee-hee! – Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to squeal like that in public. Anyway thank you for calling. You must have a ton of friends you could have asked.”

Rebecca: “Yeah, but - none of them would know what to buy a 200 year-old vampire as a thank-you gift.”

Cordy: “Oh god! He’s impossible to buy for. What on earth does he need? More socks?”

Rebecca: “So, what’s his story anyway? How did he become what he is.”

Cordy: “Oh, god. You got 8 hours?”

Rebecca: “I got all day.”

Cordy: “Yee-ha-hum! Ah, I won’t do that again.”

Cut to night, Angel’s Apartment. Angel is about to leave when Rebecca comes down the stairs.

Angel: “I was just coming to see you.”

Rebecca: “There was no one upstairs. So I just came down. I hope that’s okay?”

Angel: “Uh, sure. Come on in.”

Rebecca: “I went shopping with Cordelia to - pick out a thank-you gift for you, but what do you get the guy who has already seen everything? So I figured what’s better than Dom? (Holds up a bottle of champagne) You can – I mean, you do...”

Angel: “I can drink other – liquids, yeah.”

Rebecca: “Good. - Have you got glasses?”

Angel: “Yeah. Yeah. Please – sit down.”

Angel goes to open the bottle and get some glasses from the kitchen, while Rebecca settles down on the sofa, looking around.

Rebecca: “Wow. It’s sort of what you’d expect – and (sees Angel’s bed) sort of not.”

Angel pouring the champagne: “Well, there is no coffin.”

Rebecca: “You know, that hadn’t even crossed my mind.”

Angel: “Rebecca – there is something I have to tell you. Your stalker, he’s not really...”

Rebecca: “Oh, - that. I already know.”

Angel: “You do?”

Rebecca: “It turns out we share representation.”

Angel: “Oliver.”

Rebecca: “He set the whole thing up to - revive my flagging career. Didn’t work. I didn’t get the part.”

Angel: “I’m sorry.”

Rebecca: “Yeah.”

Angel hands her one of the glasses of champagne and sits down on the armrest on the other end of the sofa from her.

Rebecca: “Have you ever (laughs) oh, this is so dumb. Have you ever - done that thing where you link arms and sip champagne? It’s sort of a good luck thing.”

Angel moves off the arm of the sofa and sits beside her and they proceed to do just that. At the end Rebecca laughs and spills most of her drink on Angel’s shirt. Angel grins.

Rebecca: “Your shirt! I’m so...”

Angel: “It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s kind of fun. Cold – but fun. I’ll – I’ll be right back.”

Angel sets down his glass and goes to change his shirt. Rebecca takes a pouch of powder out of her purse and dumps it in Angel’s glass.

Rebecca: “You know the next time I try something so corny, I promise not to ruin your wardrobe in the process.”

She pours some more Champagne in Angel’s glass and offers it to him as he comes back wearing a fresh shirt.

Rebecca: “Lets try this again.”

Angel takes the glass and sits down next to her.

Rebecca: “A toast – to the end of an ending and the beginning of a beginning.”

They clink glasses and drink.

Cut to Cordy answering a knock on the door of her apartment.

Cordy: “Oh, Wesley.”

Wesley: “I got your pages. What’s happening?”

Cordy: “I think I may have done something terrible. - I went shopping with Rebecca.”

Wesley: “And that was terrible.”

Cordy: “Huh? No! That was fantastic! You know they close of stores for her? Oh, and lunch at Mirabelle’s. I had the most to-die-for veal filet with a light truffle marinade, and...”

Wesley: “Cordelia.”

Cordy: “Sorry. Anyway the whole time Rebecca is real gabby, asking questions about Angel.”

Wesley: “Well, what sort of questions?”

Cordy: “Oh, you know, where does Angel hail from, what’s his favorite color, what kind of after-shave he wears, the exact specific details on how someone could make themselves into a vampire.”

Wesley: “Surely you don’t think...”

Cordy: “What? - That she’d try to maneuver Angel into an exchange of bodily fluids in order to make herself eternally young and beautiful, thus saving her failing career? Gee, now that you mention it.”

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