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  1x04 - I Fall To Pieces
 Posted: 10/29/99 02:50
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***** Angel's office. *****

Cordelia is walking into the office carrying the mail.

Cordelia: “Uh, look at all these bills: water... power... and my perennial favorite: the rent. What am I missing ?”

Doyle: “Not a thing I can see.”

Cordelia: “Doyle, try to pay attention.”

Doyle: “I am paying attention princess. We just need the income to pay for the outgo around here.”

Cordelia: “Exactly ! You know ? This is a business and we should be running it like one. We should be charging. I know Angel has been working day and night helping people fight their personal demons, but I need a raise !”

Doyle: “A raise ? What, you’ve been working for him for like 20 minutes ?”

Cordelia: “A month, and I have needs.”

Doyle: “Needs.”

Cordelia: “A person needs certain... designer... things.”

Doyle: “Personally I don’t think you need much in the way of clothes. But you are right, and I do agree. Angel needs to start charging. He just hates bringing up the finances with the clients. He likes playing the hero... walking off into the dark with his long coat flowing behind him in a mysterious and attractive way.”

Cordelia: “Is this a privet moment ? Because I can leave you alone.”

Doyle: “No, no, I’m not saying *I’m* attracted. I’m just saying he’s projecting a certain kind of image and asking for money isn’t part of it. He’s sensitive about that.”

Cordy (elevator opens), getting up: “Oh, here he comes. Ok, we’re going to stand up to him.”

Doyle standing up: “Yup, we’re standing up.”

Cordelia: “Just as soon as he’s had his coffee.”

Doyle: “Right.”

Angel, walking in: “Morning.”

Doyle and Cordelia, standing and watching him: “Morning.”

Angel pours himself a cup of coffee, drink and makes a face

Angel: “What is this ?”

Cordelia: “Last weeks coffee. Think of it as Espresso.”

Angel: “I think my esophagus is melting.”

Doyle: “Sure been making us proud these last few weeks fighting the evil and all that.”

Cordelia: “Yeah, you been fantastic ! Saving people left and right...”

Angel, interrupting not looking at them: “I’m not comfortable asking people for money.”

Cordelia: “Then get over it ! (Angel looks at her) I mean that in a sensitive way.”

Doyle: “Look, bud, I know it’s not your favorite thing, but you’ve got to do what’s right.”

Angel: “You think it’s right to ask people in trouble for money.”

Doyle: “No.”

Angel: “So we agree.”

Doyle: “No.”

Angel: “We don’t agree.”

Cordelia: “Make up your mind, will you ? (Doyle’s face scrunches up in pain and hunches over the table.) Doyle ? (Angel walks over to him) Oh-oh, vision fit approaching.”

Cut to smeared images of an office and a brown haired woman with shoulder length hair.

Doyle: “Pen.. Paper. (Cordy hands it to him) single malt scotch.”

Angel, pouring him a shot: “What did you see ?”

Doyle: “Melissa Burns, works at Pardell Paper products.”

Cordelia flipping through the phone book: “Melissa Burns.”

Angel: “How did she look ?”

Doyle: “Better than me. (takes a swallow from the cup makes a face) This ain’t single malt... it’s... polymalt!”

Cordelia: “Okay, Pardell Paper Products. 200 Wilshire Boulevard.”

Angel grabbing his coat and throwing it on: “I guess I’m going to work.”

Doyle watches him as he leaves the office (in slow motion) his coat flowing behind him. Cordelia looks over at Doyle.

Doyle: “Maybe I’m a little attracted.”


***** Cut to Melissa’s office. *****

There is a cake on the table with “Happy Birthday Benji” written on it.

Melissa: “I said Penny. I was very clear on the phone ! I even spelled it with letters... It’s okay. I’ll fix it. Here (hands the guy standing next to her a pack of candles) you do these.”

Melissa wipes of the bottom bulge of the B with her finger while the other guy sticks some of the candles on the cake.

Guy: “Ok, perfect.”

Melissa: “Ok, light them.”

Guy: “I’m lighting, I’m lighting ! (lights the candles) um, what about the ‘J’ ?”

Penny, walking in: “What’s going on ?”

Guy and Melissa together: “Happy Birthday !”

Penny: “Oh, this is so sweet! (Looks at the writing) You’ve only been here a month and you already know four of the letters of my name.”

Melissa: “It’s just...”

Guy, with a half laugh: “Yeah !”

Melissa: “Well, we think that you should be Penji from now on. We think it suits you better !”

Guy: “Make a wish already !”

Penny: “Okay, wait (blows out the candles).”

Guy: “Yeah !”

Melissa, handing a potted plant to Penny: “And I brought you this. I painted the pot myself so feel free to break it accidentally.”

Penny, accepting it with a smile: “Oh, don’t be silly. Thanks !”

A black guy comes in with a bouquet of white flowers.

Melissa: “Oh, look at that ! Looks like my little philodendron just got upstaged.”

Penny: “Oh, no way. I don’t know anyone with tastes that good !”

Black guy, handing the card to Melissa: “And right you are. They are for Melissa.”

Penny and guy: “Ooooh.”

Melissa, accepting the card: “Who are they from ?”

Black guy: “I don’t know. Delivery guy form Ned’s Flowers.”

Melissa looks at the card and looks spooked.

Black guy: “Something wrong ?”

Melissa, looking up and shaking her head: “No.” (Walks away from the others.)

Guy: “No one ever sends me flowers.”

Melissa gets a bottle of pills out of her purse and hides it in her hands

Melissa, to Penny: “Would you watch my phones ?”

Penny: “Oh, sure, honey.”

Cut to Melissa walking into the bathroom.

She stares at herself in the mirror, shakes some pills out of the bottle and swallows them with some water.

Cut to Melissa walking into the parking garage.

Angel is waiting in the shadows by her car.

Angel, stepping forward: “Melissa. (she spins around, then lets out a relieved sigh) I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Melissa, walking on to her car: “Oh, I thought you were someone else.”

Angel, following her: “Are you all right ?”

Melissa, stopping then walking on: “yes.”

Angel: “My name is Angel. I’m in private security.”

Melissa, turning to him: “Excuse me ?”

Angel, pulling out a calling card and twists it in his hands: “It’s... it’s what I do. It’s my job.”

Melissa: “And you are walking around in underground garages telling people this because...?”

Angel, holding the card out to her: “I think you maybe in need of my services.”

Melissa, looking at him for a moment then takes the card: “I don’t think I can afford private security.”

Angel: “It’s not about money. You see, I just help people... sometimes when the police can’t ?”

Melissa, getting in the car: “Out of the goodness of your heart ?”

Angel: “I’m not explaining this very well.”

Melissa: “No, but thanks.”

Angel, as she gets ready to drive off: “If you need anything, just call that number !”

***** Cut to Angel’s office. *****

Angel: "I scared her."

Doyle, sitting next to Cordelia: "Sounds to me like she was scared to begin with."

Angel, pacing: "Am I intimidating ? I mean... do I put people off ?"

Cordelia: "Well, as vampires go, you’re pretty cuddly. Maybe you might want to think about mixing up the black on black look."

Angel to Cordelia: "Maybe you should talk to her. She’d feel safer."

Cordelia: "When she hires us, I’ll get involved."

Doyle: "Cordelia is right."

Angel: "I don’t think so. I’ve got a bad feeling that we need get involved now. (walks over to them and leans on the table) This shouldn’t be about money."

Doyle: "It isn’t."

Cordelia: "Yeah, you should listen to... (looks hard at Doyle) It isn’t ?!"

Doyle: "No, it’s about doing what’s best for the people you’ve helped (Angel straightens up) People get attached to a mysterious savior, and can you blame them ? But as long as you’re just a man who’s doing a job, and getting paid, they can feel like they’ve paid their debt to you and they can move on... independent like."

Cordelia to Doyle: "You are a lot smarter than you look (Doyle looks at her)... Of course you look like a retard."

***** Cut to the street. *****

Melissa walks up to an ATM. She tries to get money out, but her pin is invalid. Tries again. A tall guy in a nice suit with short gray hair and bald on top steps up next to her.

Ronald: “it won’t work. (she recoils) I’ve changed your pin number. (smiles at her) I mean, Melissa, your birthday ? That’s the first thing a thief would try.”

Melissa: “What are you doing here ?”

Ronald, punching a number into the ATM: “I changed it to 3-5-99... The day we met.”

Melissa: “You have to stop doing this.”

Ronald: “Stop looking after you ? Why ?”

Melissa: “I don’t know what you want.”

Ronald: “Oh, I just want you to be happy and healthy, silly... Speaking of... are you losing weight ? I think it’s the tranquilizers. How many did you take in the bathroom at work today, 3 ?”

Melissa: “How do you know what I did...”

Ronald, interrupting her: “I’ve got to be honest. I don’t see them helping with the anxiety. Now I prescribed a Calcium-Selenium supplement Did you take it ?”

Melissa: “I...”

Ronald: “No, you threw it in the drawer the minute you got home. These things are for your own good."

Melissa: “Why can’t you just leave me alone ?”

Ronald, staring at her: “How can two people in love leave each other alone ?”

Melissa: “In love ?!... Ronald, we had one date...”

Ronald: “Honey, honey, don’t get upset !... I take commitment pretty seriously, and I know you do, too. Did you have a rough day at work ? Is that it ? (Pager goes off) Oh, (looks at the number) surgery. I have to run. (takes the money out of the ATM slot and hands it to her) Oh, don’t forget your money, sweetheart. (she takes the money hesitantly, but when he leans in to kiss her good-bye she recoils. He pulls back) I’ll see you tonight.”

***** Cut to Angel’s office. *****

The phone rings.

Cordelia: “Angel Investigations. We help the hopeless. (looks up at Angel as she listens) Well, I’d say right a way. (hangs up phone) She’s coming in.”

Angel, looking at his dark sweater: “I’ve got to change my shirt.”

***** Cut to Angel's office, later. *****

Melissa is sitting in the office, drinking coffee.

Melissa: “It’s been going on for about 7 months now. It wasn’t so bad a t first.”

Angel (wearing an off-white sweater): “What’s his name ?”

Melissa: “Dr. Ronald Meltzer. He’s a neurosurgeon. I had an infected nerve... behind my right eye. He operated, saved my sight. Afterwards he asked me out. I didn’t really want to, but...”

Cordelia (taking notes with a pad and pencil): “He helped you, you felt obligated. (Melissa nods)... Plus, a doctor.”

Melissa: “So we had *one* drink, *one* time... and afterwards he started calling me, a lot. Then he started showing up at my work, my apartment... saying that we had something special, that we should get married.”

Angel: “And then it got worse ?”

Melissa: “I know it sounds stupid, but I can feel him watching me... all the time. Today at work, he knew I took my Xanitab when I was alone in the bathroom. I mean, how did he see that ? He is just everywhere. I don’t think I can take much more of this.”

Angel: “Well, we’re going to help you.”

Cordelia: “Big time... and for a reasonable fee.” (Gets a look from Angel and ducks her head.)

Angel: “Doyle will make sure that you get home safely.”

Melissa: “Thanks. You guy’s have been very kind, listening to me. (takes a sip of coffee) It’s terrible.”

Doyle: “Yeah, we’re going to take care of that.”

Melissa, setting down the cup and getting up to leave: “No, I mean the coffee. (turns before she reaches the door) Angel, how did you know that I needed help ?”

Angel: “I have a friend in the police department.”

Doyle, to Angel as he follows Melissa out: “I’ll see you later.”

Cordelia: “Can you imagine ? A doctor... they examine your body... they know every inch of you. (shudders) ugh !”

Angel: “How is he doing it ? How does he see her when she’s alone, in private ?... Is he invisible ?... Or some kind of ghost ?... Maybe he can astral project.”

Cordelia: “Maybe he has an accomplice... or a hidden camera. Not everything has to be creepy and supernatural, you know.”

Angel: “Not everything, but Doyle had a vision.”

Cordelia: “Which last time led to a sex-changing-body-switching-tear-your-innards-out-demon, right. I guess they don’t call you for their every day cases.”

Angel, sitting down thinking: “He sees her when he is nowhere around... How ?”

Cordelia, turning to go: “Okay, flesh, anytime you want to stop crawling is okay with me.”

Cut to Melissa drawing the curtains closed in her bedroom and brushing her hair in front of the mirror.

Cut to Ronald sitting alone in the dark in his office sipping a scotch.

There is a picture of Melissa in front of him on the desk.

Cut to Melissa getting undressed.

Cut to Ronald holding the bridge of his nose with one hand.

Cut to Melissa opening the back of her slip.

Cut to Ronald taking his hand down. His right eye-socket is empty.

Cut to an eyeball floating in the air with a few nerve endings trailing behind.

Camera pans around to show Melissa getting out of her slip, her back to the eyeball.

***** Cut to the police department. *****

Angel walks up to Kate’s desk.

Angel: “Hello, Kate.”

Kate, getting up and folding her arms in front of her: “Angel. Um, hi... It’s good to see you.”

Angel: “You too.”

Kate: “So judging by your uncomfortableness, I’d say you either about to ask me out on a date, or you need a favor. (Angel just looks at her) And I’m going to go with favor. (sits down) so ask, and I’ll see if I can do.”

Angel, sitting down: “Girl... a client. She’s being stalked, and I think it could get ugly.”

Kate: “She’s being stalked ? Then ugly it already is. What’s her name ?”

***** Cut to Melissa's work. *****

Doyle walks next to Melissa.

Melissa: “You know you really don’t have to stay with me all day.”

Doyle: “Protect and serve. It’s entirely my bag. As long as I’m not in the way.”

Melissa: “Oh, no. I like it. As long as you’re not bored.”

Doyle: “No, no. I’m good. I have a word jumble right here. That should keep me occupied, sadly, for most of the day.”

Melissa, sitting down at her desk: “I do feel better having you all on the case. I guess Angel has handled a lot of cases like this.”

Doyle: “Dozens. Hundreds. Dozens of hundreds.”

Melissa: “Wow, it happens that often ?”

Doyle: “Well, exactly like yours ? Not quite so many. But protecting young women such as yourself ? Yeah, there’ve been... ah... 4. And 3 of them are very much alive. (she gives him a shocked look and he quickly points at a picture on her desk) Is that you ?”

Melissa: “Ah, yeah. Bungee jumping.”

Doyle, picking up the picture: “I’ve always meant to do that, but I intensely don’t want to, so I haven’t gotten around to it yet.”

Melissa: “It’s fun. Scary.”

Doyle, replacing the picture and sitting down: “You don’t seem like the thrill seeker type.”

Melissa, looking at the picture: “Well, I used to... You know, I used to do a lot of things... before...”

Doyle: “Don’t you worry. When Angel is finished with this case I can guarantee you’ll be wanting to jump off a bridge again.”

***** Cut to the police department. *****

Kate comes to her desk with a file in her hand.

Kate: “Your girl did file a report two months ago. The doctor responded and denied everything. (sits down) A lot of noise from his lawyers. Ouch..”

Angel: “What ?”

Kate: “His lawyers. Wolfram and Hart. You know the name ?”

Angel: “I’ve heard it.”

Kate: “Yeah. They’re the law firm that Johnny Cochran is too ethical to join. They actually filed a restraining order against *her*. Very cute. Still no record of violence for the doctor.”

Angel: “Yet.”

Kate: “You think he’s going to blow ?”

Angel: “I do.”

Kate: “I’ll put a uniform on her building. But I can probably not spare one for more than a day or two.”

Angel: “Thanks. That’ll help.”

Kate: “And your client, she’s holding up?”

Angel: “She’s scared. He’s had her on the ropes for a while now.”

Kate: “Then you better help her get mad, because that is the only way she’ll be able to fight him.”

Angel: “Well, hopefully I’ll be doing the fighting. That’s why she hired me.”

Kate: “That’s not what I mean. This guy could go to jail tomorrow, Angel, and still kill her in her dreams every night. I’ve put a few of these creeps away and the hardest thing is to know that he is still winning. She’s still afraid. He took her power away and no one can get it back for her but her.”

***** Cut to an unknown clinic. *****

Angel is walking down the hallway of the expensive clinic. He sneaks into Dr. Meltzer’s office and starts to look around. He hears the doctor consulting with a patient through a half open door. He checks his book shelf and pulls out a book called “Anything is Possible”. It has a personal dedication in the front.

Dr. Meltzer, walking in: “What are you doing in my office ?”

Angel with his back turned to the doctor sticks the book in the inside pocket of his jacket and while turning around pulls out a business card out of the same pocket and hands it to Dr. Meltzer.

Angel: “Name’s Jensen. I need to talk to you.”

Ronald, taking the card: “Then you make an appointment. You don’t just barge in here.”

Angel: “I don’t have time for appointments. I’m told that you can do things no one else can.”

Ronald, picking up the phone: “You’ll never find out. I’m calling security.”

Angel: “My wife has a malignant tumor that’s pressing on her ocular cavity. She’ going to die unless someone has the nerve to operate.”

Ronald, hanging up the phone: “What you are talking about is a very difficult and dangerous procedure. I could lose my license. Now, I understand your situation, but I can’t help you.”

Angel, picking up Melissa’s picture from the desk and holding it up to Ronald: “What does she mean to you ?”

Ronald: “What ?”

Angel: “What is she, your wife, your girlfriend ? What ?”

Ronald: “She’s my fiancée.”

Angel: “Nice. Set a date ?”

Ronald: “Uh... ah... we’re working that out.”

Angel: “Did you know right away ?... That she was the one ?”

Ronald: “I don’t see how this has anything...”

Angel: “I tell you how. Do you know what it’s like to be so much a part of someone that you don’t know where they end and you begin ? (hold up Melissa’s picture) Would you die for her ?”

Ronald: “Yes.”

Angel: “Then you understand that I’m not willing to make any compromises. I’m not willing to watch her suffer and die while the law catches up with science. What I’m willing to do, is pay you what ever it takes... Think about it... Please.”

***** Cut to the Good Samaritan Hospital. *****

Cordy is interviewing a nurse.

Nurse: “Another article about Meltzer.”

Cordelia: “Well, our readers at the... uhm (glances down at some magazines) journal of diagnostic orthoped... etcetera seem endlessly fascinated with him.”

Nurse: “He is fascinating. Before he became an ocular surgeon he specialized in orthopedics. He developed nerve and blood vessel accelerants that helped a lot of people.”

Cordelia: “How ?”

Nurse: “When you sever a limb there is only so much time to reattach before it atrophies.”

Cordelia: “Yuck !”

Nurse: “What ?”

Cordelia, smiling: “Nothing, please go on.”

Nurse: “Dr. Meltzer’s work extended that time significantly. Plus he's of one of the best at reattaching severed nerves.”

Cordelia: “So he is good at the cutting and the sewing. Did he ever strike you as a big dangerous creep ?”

Nurse: “What ? What kind of article are you writing ?”

Cordelia: “I’ve got to be honest with you. It may not be a very nice one. I don’t like the way he treats women. I’ll keep your name out of it, but just between us... what’s the real dish on this guy ?”

Nurse, looking around to make sure there is no one close: “He is not very generous. He doesn’t share his techniques with the medical community at large and a lot of what he claims to have done is pretty radical.”

Cordelia: “Like what ?”

***** Cut to Angel's office. *****

Cordelia, pacing: “Like reattaching eyes for one thing. Apparently this guy can do anything with a knife. You so don’t want this guy fixated on you. What is stalking now a days... the third most popular sport among men ?”

Angel, typing on the computer: “Fourth... after Luge.”

Cordelia: “I don’t get it. This guy has a lot to lose. What is it about Melissa that got him to go all O.J. on her ?”

Angel: “Nothing. It’s not about Melissa, it’s about rage. This guy is too messed up to deal with a real woman and he can’t stand that. So he creates a fantasy about a girl he barely knows. But eventually even she fails him. So he has to hurt her, because when he looks at her all he sees is how useless he is, how damaged...”

Cordelia, interrupting him: “Uh, what a fun date you must have been in back in your bad vamp days. (sits down) On the other hand, it should give you some insight into the jerks of the world.”

Angel: “I know how this guy thinks, I just don’t know how he’s doing it.”

Cordelia: “Being everywhere at once ?”

Angel, showing her the book he stole from the doctor’s office: “Vinpur Natpudan says that we are everywhere at once since we are all made up of the same molecules.”

Cordelia: “I remember that guy. He made a big noise a few years ago on public television. Huh. Then had a big case of Joe Recluse.”

Angel, looking at the computer: “What he had was a nervous breakdown. Not long after he conducted an exclusive retreat for a group of well known yogis and doctors.”

Cordelia: “I’m guessing Dr. Stalker was at that retreat ? What are you doing ?”

Angel: “Sending Joe Recluse an e-mail. I’d really like to talk to him.”

Cordelia, reading what he is typing: “I hope you have the nerve to believe that I need help with Ronald Meltzer. (looks down and reads the dedication in the front of the book) hope you have the nerve to believe - did you steal this book ?”

Angel: “Yeah.”

Cordelia: “Good.”

***** Cut to Vinpur’s darkened room. *****

Angel is sitting in the room.

Vinpur: “You said in your e-mail that Dr, Meltzer might hurt an innocent woman. What is it that you think I can do about that ?”

Angel: “Help me understand him better. I don’t think he is like other people.”

Vinpur: “No, he’s not... Of course no two people are alike. God in his infinite variety and wisdom likes to keep it interesting.”

Angel: “How did you meet him ?”

Vinpur: “He came to one of my lectures. My operating thesis at the time was that the mind is the single most powerful force in the universe. In any average human it regulates billions of cells, and that is with 80% of the brain still untapped.”

Angel: “So what are the possibilities if a person could master all that power.”

Vinpur: “I introduced Dr. Meltzer to psychic surgeons, Yogis that can shut down their somatic system for days a t a time. But he eclipsed us all. Until Dr. Meltzer my studies had been based on theories and hearsay, but he exploded that all. That’s when I stopped teaching.”

Angel: “Because you stopped believing.”

Vinpur: “No, because I began to believe... completely.”

***** Cut to Melissa’s house, at night. *****

Ronald is standing outside the rod iron fence staring in.

Cut to Melissa sleeping in her bed.

Cut to a police car pulling up to the curb.

The Officer gets out.

Officer: “All right, pal... why don’t you just turn around... nice and easy... put your hands in the air.”

Ronald, turning around, his hands in his pockets: “I was just out for a walk.”

Officer, pulling his gun: “Hands, now !”

Ronald pulls out his hands with a slight smile. His arms end in two stumps, no hands.

Cut to a severed hand crawling up the side of Melissa’s bed. A second one follows.

Cut to the officer holstering his gun.

Officer: “I’m sorry we got a report of someone... not you.”

Ronald: “That’s quite all right, officer. Just doing your job. I understand.” (Walks off.)

Cut to the hands slipping under Melissa’s blanket.

She wakes, looks under the blanket and screams.

Cut to the officer as he is calling in his report standing next to his car.

He hears the scream and runs towards the house. He smashes in the glass of the door to open it from the inside and runs up the steps.

Cut to Melissa frantically undoing the safety chain on her door.

The officer steps in gun drawn.

Officer: “What’s wrong ?”

Melissa: “Oh, he’s..”

Officer: “Did someone break in ?... Lady I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong. Now, did someone break in or are you just having a bad dream ?”

Melissa, pointing to her bedroom: “In there !”

The officer inspects the room and bathroom with his gun drawn. There is no one there. He holsters his gun.

Officer: “Okay. Everything’s okay now. Look there is nobody in your bedroom, there is nobody in your bathroom. Now if you want to start from the beginning and just tell me..”

One of the hands grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him back. Melissa screams.

Officer: “Oh, god.”

Cut to Ronald watching the house from outside with a smirk on his face.

Cut to the upstairs hallway.

The officer comes stumbling out into the hallway. Two disembodied hands are choking him. Melissa runs screaming past him down the stairs and out of the house and right into a guy.

Angel, stopping her: “It’s me. It’s me.”

Melissa: “He’s... he’s in there... His... his hands...”

Angel: “I know, I know what he can do.”

Melissa: “He killed a... Please don’t leave me alone ! Please don’t leave me !”

Angel: “It’s all right. It’s all right. (Melissa buries her face against his chest and cries) I’m not going to let him near you. Shh !”

As Melissa continues crying, the camera pans over to show us Ronald watching them from outside the fence. A hand crawls along the ground and up his leg then reattaches itself to the end of his arm. Ronald takes one last look at Angel holding Melissa then walks away.

***** Cut to the front of Melissa's house. *****

A bunch of people is crowing. he officer’s dead body is being wheeled out. Doyle is handing Melissa a cup of coffee. She is wrapped into a blanket.

Doyle: “Here drink up, love. It’s over.”

Cut to Angel and Kate walking up.

Kate: “She is not making a lot of sense.”

Angel: “She’s been living in terror for the last 5 months.”

Kate: “You think it’s the doctor.”

Angel: “I know it’s the doctor.”

Kate, putting her hands on her hips: “How could he do it ? I mean, she’s got bars on her windows. The security cameras in the hallway show our officers going in and nobody suspicious all day. I mean, who is this guy, Houdini ?”

Angel: “Something like that.”

Kate: “I’ve pulled prints. If they match his, he’s going down.”

Officer, from off screen: “Detective ? Can you sign the coroners release ?”

Kate walks off and Angel walks towards Doyle and Melissa. Doyle sees him coming and meets him half way.

Angel: “How’s she doing ?”

Doyle: “Numb... Did they get any prints ?”

Angel: “Yeah.”

Doyle: “Good. So we can put him behind bars... for about 90 seconds, until he skitters through ‘em. (shakes his head) Not a lot of things that make me shudder, but this guy... crawling around under the covers... At least it was just his hands down there. Wish I hadn’t even thought that.”

Angel: “He’s coming undone.”

Doyle: “I’ll say.”

Angel: “No, I mean he’s out of control. He’s killing now.”

Doyle: “Anyone that comes between him and his obsession. (Looks over at Melissa) Don’t we stand between him and his obsession ? I’m not putting too cowardly a point on it... but if this guy can’t be contained and he can’t be killed, what are we going to do about it ?”

Angel: “If his body parts go long enough without any blood and oxygen, they’re going to deteriorate, he’s not gonna be able to put himself back together no matter how much psychic surgery he knows.”

Doyle: “So what are you saying ? Break him down and box him up ?”

Angel: “Of course that’s just a theory.”

Doyle: “Hmm. What do we do in the mean time ?”

Angel, looking over at Melissa: “Protect her.”

***** Cut to Angel's apartment. *****

Doyle is putting a duct tape over a vent.

Doyle: “It’s not good for the ventilation, but he’s not getting in here. (Cordy touches his collar and he jumps) What...”

Cordelia: “I was just trying to fix your collar.”

Doyle: “Yeah, well, what say we just leave it crooked until this thing’s resolved.”

They walk into the other room where Angel and Melissa are sitting at a table.

Melissa, sipping from a cup of tea: “I don’t see how this can... I mean this can’t be happening. What I saw... you must think I’m crazy.”

Angel: “No, I believe you.”

Melissa: “But it’s not possible. I mean, he can really...”

Angel, noding: “Yes !... Remember I told you I sometimes handle things the police can’t ? (Melissa nods) This is one of those things... I’m going to take care of him. Doyle and Cordelia are going to stay here with you. I want you to try and get some rest.”

Doyle flips the latch closed on the trap door to the sewers and secures it with a bolt. Cordelia offers Melissa a tissue.

Melissa: “Thanks, but I’m not going to cry any more. At least I hope not. I’m tired of crying and being afraid.”

Angel: “You don’t have to be afraid.”

Melissa: “You’re just duct taping me in for fun ?”

Angel: “You’ve survived a living hell these last few months and you’re still standing, while he’s coming unhinged at not being able to control you. He’s the weak one. You’re the strong one.”

Cordelia: “You should listen to him, Melissa. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s stalked plenty of (Angel and Melissa look at her) books on the subject. (to Angel) Could I see you upstairs for a moment ?”

Cut to Cordy and Angel going up in the elevator.

Cordelia: “Okay Melissa stays here with us that makes sense, but the part about you taking care of the doctor... This guy is *really* dangerous.”

Angel opens the elevator, walks over to the desk and starts flipping through the yellow pages.

Cordelia: “What are you doing ?”

Angel: “Seeing where I can get some steel boxes at this hour of the night.”

Cordelia: “Steel boxes ? Why would you want... Oh. For packing up people parts... You know this job... Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful to have it. God knows it’s educational, but sometimes... (she jumps as the phone rings) God who’s calling at this... (looks down at the phone and sees the line 3 light blinking) It’s the special line.”

Angel: “Answer it.”

Cordelia: “Right, right. Okay. Now, who are we again ? Johnson International Holdings ?”

Angel: “Jensen.”

Cordelia: “Jensen. Good, got it. Jensen, now does that sound like an international name ?”

Angel: “Cordelia.”

Cordelia, picking up the phone: “Jensen International Holdings. How may I direct your call ?... Please hold. (puts him on hold) It’s him.”

Angel takes a deep breath and picks up the phone on his desk.

Angel: “Brian Jensen.”

Ronald: “You’re working late.”

Angel: “Down side of being global.”

Ronald: “If you still want me to, I’ll operate on your wife.”

Angel: “I do, thank you.”

Ronald: “We’ll have to do it out of the country, and I need $100 000 in cash to get things rolling.”

Angel: “Are you in your office ?”

Ronald: “Yes.”

Angel: “I’ll bring it to you tonight.” (Hangs up the phone.)

Cordelia: “You’re going over there ? What if he comes apart on you ?”

Angel: “If he comes apart on me, he’s going to stay that way.” (Gets up.)

***** Cut to Ronald's office. *****

Ronald is sitting in his office. Angel comes in carrying a steel box.

Ronald: "That’s a big box. You didn’t have to bring it in small bills Mr. Jensen.”

Angel, putting the box on the table: “Actually I didn’t bring..."

Ronald: “Any money at all ? No, I didn’t think you would. Though the safety deposit box is a nice touch. I mean your name is not really Jensen. You don’t have a wife. What a tangled web, eh ?”

Ronald reaches for something on the desk with his left hand, and while Angel’s attention is on his left hand, he lifts his right and shoots Angel right into the neck with a tranquilizer dart.

Ronald: “I developed this injector while working with animals. (Angel pulls out the dart and looks at it. It drops from his fingers) They don’t like their limbs cut off any more than we do and they can hurt you if you get to close. (Angel is gasping, his eyes wide) You’ll feel a slight sinking sensation... that’s your heart slowing down as the paralytic takes effect. Eventually it’ll stop all together. (Ronald stands up) I just can’t get over the audacity... to think that you could take her from me ? (Angel’s knees are sagging) I saw you. I saw you holding her. (Angel drops on all fours) Nobody can break the bond between us. Nobody. (Ronald picks up a scalpel from his desk) Clearly even she can’t accept that. If tried so hard to show her in so many ways. I’ve taken care of her... been there for her... even when she didn’t know it. (Angel rolls onto his back on the floor. Ronald’s voice becomes distorted) If that isn’t devotion. And what do I get for my trouble ?... She lies, she cheats. But no more. I won’t be made a fool of. She would have made a beautiful bride."

As Angel finally passes out all together, Ronald leaves the office.

***** Cut to Angel's appartment. *****

Doyle is taping up yet another vent.

Doyle, walking over towards the bedroom looking around: “I got everything, I think.”

Cordelia: “Shh. She’s resting. (motions to Melissa sleeping on Angel’s bed) What did you put in her tea ?”

Doyle, still looking for holes he might have missed: “Enough whiskey to drop my Aunt Tudy. That woman had some girth.”

Cordelia, sighing: “What’s the point ?”

Doyle: “Well, it tastes good and it relaxes you.”

Cordelia: “No, I mean of ever going out with anyone.”

Doyle: “Well, people need people. And people who need people (takes a step closer to Cordy) are the luckiest..”

Cordelia, putting a hand on his chest and pushing him back: “Either you like them and they don’t like you. Or you can’t stand them which just guarantees that they’ll keep on hovering around and never go away.”

Doyle: “Uh,... yeah, I just hate guys like that. (steps away with a sigh) I’ll just check on...” (Walks away.)

Cordelia, folding her arms: “It’s just so unfair. I mean, here is this poor girl. She hooks up with a doctor. That’s supposed to be a good thing. I mean you should be able to call home and say: ‘Hey, mom, guess what, I’ve met a doctor ! Not, guess what, I met a psycho and he’s stalking me and oh, by the way, his hands and feet come off and he’s not even in the circus !”

Camera pans over to a vent. Fingers are poking through the duct tape.

Doyle: “Not every relationship leads to disaster.”

Cordelia: “You ever had one ?”

Doyle: “Not me personally. But I’ve read...”

Cut to Melissa sleeping on the bed.

Cordelia, checking her watch: “What if Angel doesn’t come back ?”

Doyle, still putting more tape over something: “Ah, he’ll be back.”

Cordelia: “What if Dr. Chopped Salad shows up before he does ?”

Doyle, ripping off another piece of tape: “I have this place sewed up tighter than...”

They hear a rattling noise.

Cordelia: “What was that ?”

Doyle gets up and slowly walks over towards the living room. He pulls two weapons free from a brick wall as he passes it and hands one to Cordy.

Doyle: “Just the wind.”

The camera pans up to show them slowly advancing into the living room weapons raised as a disembodied eye watches from behind a pipe.

Doyle: “So, you want to play some cards – or you want to watch the tube.”

Cordelia: “Sure, how about some... gin ? Penny a point ?”

Doyle: “Yeah, you’ll owe me money.”

Cordelia: “We’ll see about that.”

The rattling starts again. It’s the trap door to the sewers.

Doyle: “Cordelia.”

Two fingers come up through a slit and start to work on pushing the bolt aside.

Cut to another hand opening the door to the apartment.

Ronald steps in and the eyeball floats up and back into its socket.

Cut to Cordy and Doyle watching as the fingers push the bolt to the side.

Doyle crouches down next the trap door, hatchet at the ready and flicks the latch back. He opens the trap door and peers into the tunnel below. Ronald puts a hand over Cordy’s mouth from behind, slams her into a wall and then out through the door, while the other hand pulls Doyle head first through the trap door, which slams shut behind him.

Ronald shuts the door and turns around to look at Melissa who is sitting on the edge of the bed looking at him. She watches as his second hand comes over and melds back into place.

Ronald, adjusting his tie: “Hi. Getting some rest ?”

Melissa: “I... What are you ?”

Ronald: “I’m more than meets the eye. But you never bothered to find out, did you ? You just took advantage of my kindness. (Pulls a surgeon’s scalpel out of his jacket) Led me on until you could find yourself a vacuous LA pretty boy.”

Melissa tries to run past him and he cuts her off and corners her up against the wall.

Ronald: “I’m very disappointed in you, Melissa.”

Melissa, staring at the scalpel in his hand: “I know... I didn’t mean...”

Ronald: “No, no, no. no. Stop now. You’re babbling.”

Melissa: “I think... I think you disappoint yourself. I think you gave up on being loved a long time ago and now you’re just another creep who gets off on pain.”

Ronald: “Now don’t try your little childish...”

Melissa: “I think you know that I would be crazy to want to touch you, to wake up next to little pieces of what ever you are.”

Ronald: “Shut up.”

Melissa: “You turned yourself into a freak, Ronald, a vile, repulsive freak. And I’m done being afraid of you. You can cut me and you can kill me, but it still won’t change what you are. (his throat is bulging strangely) Angel was right. You’re weak !”

Ronald: “I’m weak ? Then how was it I killed him ?”

The door slides open behind him and he looks around.

Angel: “Inefficiently.”

Ronald: “You can’t be alive. You... you’re not human !”

Melissa, backing away from him: “You should talk.”

Ronald’s teeth fly out and bite Angel’s arm. Angel smashes them against a wall and Ronald claps his hand over his mouth in pain. As Angel advances on him he slams the scalpel into his shoulder. Melissa screams but it barely slows Angel. Ronald throws his right hand, which grips Angel’s throat and slams him back on the floor. Ronald turns towards Melissa. Angel rips the hand off and throws it away. It comes skittering back towards him and he pulls the scalpel from his shoulder and stabs it with it, pinning it to the floor.

Ronald, to Melissa: “We could have been so happy.” (One of his ears falls off.)

Angel: “Ronald.”

As Ronald turns around Angel hits his head with a pipe, sending the head flying across the room.

Angel, stepping up to Melissa: “Are you all right ?”

She just gasps and he holds her carefully.

***** Cut to Angel’s office, the next day. *****

Cordelia, making coffee: “Oh, goody, recycled coffee, my personal favorite.”

She adds some fresh grounds to the ones already in the filter and starts the machine. Angel walks in wearing a dark blue shirt and hands her some papers.

Cordelia: “Oh. That guy’s never going to put himself back together, right ?”

Angel: “He’s in 12 steel boxes buried in 20 cubic feet of concrete in the floor of LA’s newest subway station.”

Doyle: “That ought to bring in the tourists.”

The door opens and Melissa walks in carrying a potted plant.

Melissa, smiling: “Hey.”

Angel and Cordy: “Hi.”

Doyle: “Hi, how’s it going ?”

Melissa, handing Angel the plant: “I brought this for you guys.”

Angel: “Oh. I hope it doesn’t need light ?”

Melissa: “I’m sure it’ll be fine in here.”

Cordelia: “Can I offer you some coffee ?”

Melissa: “Coffee, oh, no. I can only stay a minute. Places to go, people to see. (to Angel) Thanks to you.”

Cordelia and Doyle start coughing.

Angel: “Ah... there...”

Melissa, looking wide at them coughing: “What ?”

Angel: “There is... ah... there is a... bill ?”

Melissa: “Bill who ?”

Angel: “A bill for my services.”

Melissa: “Oh, of course. That’s the other reason I came. (pulls out a check and hands holds it out towards Angel) Here.”

Cordelia, darting forward and grabbing it: “I’ll take that, thank you.”

Angel: “I mean,... I didn’t do it for money.”

Melissa: “Oh, please you earned it. (reaches and shakes Angel’s hand) Well, hope I never see you again.”

Angel: “Me too. Good luck.”

Melissa leaves.

Doyle: “Well, that didn't go so badly.”

Cordelia: “See, you can save damsel and make decent money. Is this a great country or what ?!”

Doyle: “Let’s march down to the bank and deposit this beauty.”

Angel: “You guys go ahead. I think I’ll stay here and not burst into flames.”

Doyle: “Oh, right, you’re pretty much the night deposit guy. Still, cause to celebrate.”

Cordelia, patting him on the shoulder: “You think everything’s a cause to celebrate. (Picks up her purse) We could use more of these.”

Doyle, as they are heading out the door: “And we’ll have more of these soon.”

Cordelia: “We need more of these now. Have a vision.”

Doyle: “I can’t just perform on demand.”

Cordelia: “We need the clients. Have a vision.”

Doyle: “That money has corrupted you.”

Cordelia: “If I hit you on the head, will you have a vision ?”

Doyle: “Get away from me. You’re insane.”

Cordelia: “Am not. Now will you have a vision ?”

Angel walks into his office with a slight smile and sets the plant on his desk.

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