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1x03 - For the Triumph of Evil
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I came as soon as I got the call.

What's going on? Sorry to pull you in this late.

We just tracked down our perp.

Lieutenant, this is the doctor I mentioned.


Forensic psychologist? That's right.

Nice to meet you.

Where's Crane? He's already interrogating the suspect.

What do you mean, Crane's interrogating the suspect? We know you saw more than you admitted.

Tell us.

We mean you no harm.

The suspect is obviously teeing up an insanity defense.

She's smart.

She knows exactly what she's doing.

She? Why is that? Why are you deceiving us? What did you see? Abbie! What is going on here? We finally caught Abigail Mills.

Mostly thanks to the good doctor here.

Caught? I don't understand.

She didn't do anything wrong.

Did she? I think you know the answer to that.

Stop lying, Abbie.

The truth will set you free.

Captain! The door's locked! Sir! Let me out of here! Someone let me out of here! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out of here! This is Mills.

Dispatch here.

Emergency response has requested you at 3rd and Main.

On my way.

What kind of dream? A really weird one.

You were in it.

Oh? And what, pray tell, was I doing in your dream? Freaking me out even more than usual.


What's going on, Captain? Do you know a Dr.

Mara Vega? No.

Should I? We have our crisis responders up there now trying to talk her down, but she doesn't want to speak to anyone except, apparently, you.

Why the lieutenant? That's what I need her to find out.


Vega? Lieutenant Abbie Mills.

You wanted to speak to me? It was my fault.

Everything she saw was real.

I believed her and I lied.

Should have told the truth.

About what? Who are you talking about, Doc? Your sister Jenny.

It's my fault, Abbie.

I deserve it.

I've had this coming a long time.

We all have.

Wait Don't! Are you all right? Yeah, I'm okay.

What happened? I'm not sure.

It was bizarre.

It was really bizarre.


Vega It was like she was sleepwalking, her mind was elsewhere, and her eyes they were glazed over white.

Glazed white? Maybe she was prescribing herself some sort of recreational drug.

Didn't look like that or anything else I've ever seen before.

All the color was gone.

Uh, medic, I'd like to see the body before you remove it.

I'd like to take a look at her eyes.

Yeah, sure.

It presents as a massive cataract.

No sign of trauma, no petechiae.

Whoa! No one sees or goes near this body until I say.

You understand? What the hell is going on here? A complete stranger summons Lieutenant Mills to her side before sleepwalking to her death.

This after her eyes somehow transmogrified into sand-filled orbs of the purest white.

What else is going on, Lieutenant? - She mentioned my sister, Jenny.

She must have known her, maybe that's how she knew who I was.

Hang on a sec.

Did your sister spend any time at Tarrytown Psychiatric? First year she was committed, yeah.

Been in and out of there for years.


Vega's one of the resident psychs.

I'll get you all of her files.

See what you can dig up.

In the meantime, let's keep a lid on this.

The last thing we need around here is another episode of The Twilight Zone.

Yes, sir.

Care to share any additional information you withheld from the captain? You know the nightmare I had? You were in it, so was the requisite faceless nightmare monster, but Vega was there, too.

Except that is impossible because I have never met her before.

I think our definition of possible has been irrevocably broadened.

You had a prophetic dream warning you of an impending event.

Which stands to reason, given that, according to Washington's Bible The Book of Revelation foretells of two witnesses, I know.

I am a cop in a small town.

So let's not curse me as a capital "W" witness just yet.

Consider what you just saw.

This isn't simply a suicide.

This pertains to the seven years of tribulations.

The creature in your nightmare I barely saw it.

Perhaps it is the true cause of the doctor's death.

A soldier in the army of evil sent against us.

Against you, the capital "W" witness.


But unless you have an encyclopedia of faceless nightmare monsters, why don't we just start with a little regular detective work here? One more time.

From the beginning, Jenny.

I saw a demon.

I heard a voice say, "Come and see.

" Then I wasn't in the forest anymore.

Where do you think you were? Listen to this Vega's private notes.

"Jenny exhibits no other signs of delusion.

" What did you do? Sorry.


"The better I get to know her, the more I believe she's telling the truth.

" There are at least three other similar mentions.

Vega knew that Jenny wasn't crazy.

Yet she allowed her to remain institutionalized, presumably from fear of censure.

Believe me, fear is a pretty powerful motivator.

Fear causes inaction.

Inaction causes pain.

QED, fear causes pain.

I'll grant it's a syllogism, but you get my meaning.

Vega feels responsible for keeping Jenny committed.

The guilt eats her up inside until she can't take it anymore.

She seeks me out for some kind of absolution, then jumps.

QED, case closed.

You're forgetting about the doctor's white eyes.

About the sand that poured from them and your prophetic dream about Dr.


And Vega's last words.

Before she jumped, she said that she had it coming.

"We" have it coming.

And you question that this death has to do with your role as a witness? Fine.

Let's say that this is some evil minion sent after us by the demon in the woods.

What does it want? Why hurt Dr.

Vega, and what do I have to do with any of it? My best guess is the enemy wants what all enemies want.

To thwart his opponent.

Clearly you're a threat to him as is your sister.

We must speak to her at once.

No, it's not happening.

I understand you've not spoken to your sister in some time, but We don't talk, period.

What time doesn't change, death will, don't you suppose? Now, I'd rather keep the latter at bay.


You want to see her? Let's go.

See for yourself.

This is pointless.

All of our personal issues aside, she's not gonna help me because I'm a cop and she's a criminal.

Oh, she's a criminal now? - Do you know why she's locked up in here? She broke into a sporting goods store and stole a bunch of survival gear, over 4,000 bucks' worth of stuff.

Does your current law enforcement incarcerate all thieves in sanatoriums? She told the cops that she needed it because she was preparing for the End of Days.

Oh, well, she's perfectly sane, then.

Lieutenant Abbie Mills to see Jennifer Mills.

I'm her sister.

I didn't know Jenny had a sister.

She does.

One second.

Extension 49, please.

Don't be afraid of number 49, Abbie.

When was the last time you saw your sister? I'm sorry.

Saw or talked to? Last time I saw her was back row of a county courthouse five years ago when she was arrested for breaking and entering the first time.

I tried to offer to help.

It's complicated.

I'm sorry, Miss Mills, but Jenny doesn't want to talk to you.

Thank you.

You're an officer of the law.

Is she not obligated to speak to you? I could force the issue and make Jenny talk to me, but that isn't gonna get us what we need.

Would you be amenable to my speaking with her? If she's amenable.

Sure, knock yourself out.

Would you, again, please? Thank you for seeing me, Miss Mills.

Curiosity got the best of me.

Who are you? Abbie's new boyfriend? We are amicable, and yes, I am male, but I suspect you're implying something else.

What's your name, tall, dark and British? My name is Ichabod Crane.

What do your friends call you? "Icky"? Not if they wish to remain my friends.


Sense of humor, too.

I've seen the demon in the woods.

The one you and your sister saw as children.

Shh They lock you up in here when you talk crazy.

That's why I'm in here and she's out there.


She didn't tell you, did she? Ask her.

Make her tell you all the dirty details.

I wonder what you'll think of her once you know.

I'm afraid I have some regrettable news.

Your former doctor, Dr.

Vega, tragically leapt to her death last night.

I'm very sorry.

Your sister was the last person she spoke to.

The doctor said, "We've all got it coming.

" What did she mean? I don't know.

You do know there are things in Sleepy Hollow that are not of this realm.

What do you think could have killed the doctor? It's time to go.

The Four Horsemen are coming.

You're a liar.

The first is already here.

He beheaded Sheriff Corbin and Reverend Knapp before he fled from us.

You're not menteinsana, Miss Mills.

I don't believe you are.

Neither does your sister.

If you mean what you say then you know there's not much I can do for you.

You already know what I do.

Help us fight the Horsemen's army.

Help you? It's all over but the crying.

My conscience is clear.

Ask Abbie if she can say the same.

Lieutenant, please.

What's the cause of this rift between you and Miss Jenny? I told you, it's complicated.

I was born more than two centuries ago, and my wife is prisoner in some otherworldly realm.

I'm no stranger to complications.

Miss Mills, stop.

What happened with you and your sister is between you and your sister.

But your secret is in the way of a truth we must uncover.

The consequences of keeping this secret could be dire.

I'm gonna trust you with something that I've never told anybody.

Not a shrink, not a priest, not Sheriff Corbin.

When Jenny and I saw that thing in the woods I remember waking up.

Felt like I'd only been asleep a few minutes.

Apparently, it had been four days.

And the whole town had been looking for us.

What the? I found them! Hey, over here! They asked a lot of questions I didn't want to answer.

Someone else was in the woods.

Can you describe him? I told Jenny, "Don't say anything.

Follow my lead.

" She didn't listen.

A man come out of the ground.

She told him about what we saw.

She told him I saw it.

And that the rancher who found us saw it, too.

When she was done, the doctor turned to me.

Abbie did you see this thing, as well? No, I didn't see anything.

Abbie! - It's all right, Jenny.

She's lying! - I didn't see anything.

Why are you lying? - I'm not.

I didn't see anything.

Why Abbie.

Tell them what you saw.

Tell them what Don't touch me! Tell them what you saw, Abbie! Tell them! I told Jenny to keep her mouth shut about what we saw.

Our parents were out of the picture, we finally landed in a decent foster home Your parents were "out of the picture.

" That is a story for another day.

The point is, we would have been in enough trouble if they found out that we were in the woods sneaking beers after school.

But if we started talking about demons and all that, I told her we would be put back in the system.

So you said nothing.

Like she should have.

And you were allowed to stay in the foster home while she was relocated.

You were afraid.

You lied because you were afraid.

Not only of the creature but of the earthly consequences of your tale.

But you do realize there's no need to be frightened still.

Sorry? - You were frightened then, you still are today.

Of what? - Of admitting the truth.

That you turned your back on Miss Jenny.

Look, you're right.

What's between me and my sister is between me and my sister.

She told the doctor that you saw the demon, and the rancher who found you saw it as well.


Gillespie? Yeah.

He never admitted to seeing anything.

Probably because it would have cost him the 15 minutes of fame he got from being a small-town hero.

But he knew.

He never told.

We should pay Mr.

Gillespie a visit.

I get the feeling That things ain't right Honey, you've been out all night And now you've got my heart doin' time It's once Too many Three times a golden rule Paige? Ow.

Paige? Is that you? Who hung this in my office? Five people are dead, including two of your own.

And you think, just because you heard a rumor about a headless horseman running around town, it's all a big joke? Yeah, it was me, sir.

It's just a stupid prank.

You know, something we do when someone new joins the force.

Good one.

Morales, right? Yes, sir.

You used to date Lieutenant Mills.

Yeah, how'd you know that, sir? Assume I know everything.

Captain, we've got a report of shots fired at the Gillespie ranch on Pine Road.

Tactical's en route.

Copy that.

If you need me, I'll be at the Gillespie ranch.

Captain, what's going on? What are you two doing here? I didn't call you.

Seems our investigation has dovetailed with yours, sir.

What's going on? We got a report of shots fired inside the house.

Just pulled up.

Found ourselves in a full-on hostage situation.

The suspect has his wife at gunpoint, won't talk to anybody.

I take it the suspect's name is Gillespie.

Captain, Mr.

Gillespie is asking to speak to a Lieutenant Mills.

This seems familiar.

You got this? I got it.

Lieutenant Mills is coming in.

Copy that.

In position.


Gillespie? Mr.

Gillespie? It's Abigail Mills from the sheriff's department.




Gillespie? Stay out.

He's lost his mind.


Gillespie, you wanted to talk to me? Mr.

Gillespie, I'm here to help you.

Let me help you.

You can't help me.

Sure I can.

Let's just talk.

Send in tactical now! Crane! Stand by, Captain.

Hold the team.

Stand down.

Stand down.

We're standing down.

We are just fine here, aren't we, Mr.

Gillespie? Mr.

Gillespie? You're gonna let me help you.

You can't help me.

He's coming for you next.

Who is? Who's coming for me? The Sandman.

Next time you fall asleep you're dead.

No! Is there a reason why you're standing alone? Far removed from everybody else? I'm trying to think.

You know, this isn't your fault either.

I know.

Just wish I could've done something.

You did your best.

You were right about Jenny.

She's the key to all of this.


Vega, Mr.

Gillespie, me.

None of us did anything to help her even though we knew she was telling the truth.


Gillespie said that I was next.

The next time I fell asleep I'm dead.

The Sandman was coming to get me.

Who's the Sandman? Really? The, uh kindly dream giver who sprinkles sand in the eyes of children.

Put 'em to sleep.

Sounds barbaric.

What does the Sandman look like? I don't know.

The Sandman.

Is he perhaps a-a How did you put it? Faceless nightmare monster? The one from my dream.

Crane, I think I found something.

I requested coffee from the charwoman in the entrance hall, but she said you're particular to this beverage.

She's called a receptionist.

Or Wendy.

And yes, I am.

It's an energy drink to help keep you awake.

It'll keep me awake.


I'm fine, I'm all right.

Uh, so you were saying? You have found something.

Yes and no.

Basically, dream spirits have been around as long as humans have been dreaming.

They're mostly easygoing types.

Along the lines of the traditional Sandman.

But there's others.

Less friendly.

Vengeful types.

Does this mean anything to you? It's from an 18th century Mohawk story about a dream demon.


You know him? The creature in your nightmare, did he have black hollow eye sockets? Yeah, he did.

And a veil of flesh where his mouth should be? - Who is he? - A myth.

Clearly one that's become all too real.

I first heard of it from the Mohawks who fought with us in the 37th regiment.

You fought alongside Native Americans? Fought, plotted, executed various forms of espionage.

Many of our Mohawk friends were colonist spies.

They could infiltrate the ranks of the crown without anyone thinking twice about their presence.

They were invaluable to the cause.

They told me a fairy tale, a legend spun to frighten the young into a life of righteousness.

"Always do right by your neighbor, children, "or the spirit of Ro'kenhrontyes will come for you in your dreams.

" Native Americans would draw the symbol in the way we would make the sign of the cross to ward away evil.

Wiroh claimed that the dream spirit killed his father as punishment for turning a blind eye on his neighbor's plight.

So if this dream demon is responsible for Vega and Gillespie and is coming for me, what do I do? I carve this symbol in my doorstep? Only if you believe crossing yourself will actually keep the Devil at bay.

Look, I do not want to die because of something I did over ten years ago.


We must visit a Mohawk shaman.

That's easier said than done.

How so? After the Revolution, the new government and the Native Americans fought over land.

There aren't very many of them left anymore.

How is that possible? Their nation stretched the continent.

Their rules for governments formed the very basis of how we planned to unify 13 diverse states in a single federation.

They were my friends.

Maybe this dream spirit has a long list of people to visit after he's done with me.

A shaman.

Is there a place we can find one? There is a guy.

I don't think it's what you're expecting.

Bung, bung, bung, bung, bung Bung, bung, bung, bung, bung, bung Mr.

Sandman Bring me a dream Bung, bung, bung, bung Make him the cutest The shaman sells motorized carriages.

Trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, a little bit of everything.

Welcome to Geronimotors.

Seamus Duncan, owner, manager, and your humble servant.

Lieutenant Abbie Mills.

This is my partner Ichabod Crane.

Sheriff said I had 90 days to clean up the environmental waste in the back.

We're not here about that.



You guys into time travel? I got a tricked-out DeLorean in mint condition.

We need your help Combating the dream spirit.


Seriously? You want me to go all kemosabe and cast a spell and do a rain dance? Get out of here, you jokers.

It's no joke.

We wouldn't be here if we weren't serious.

He has visited her.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You want to buy a car? I'm your man.

Otherwise I can't help you.

You understood everything I said.

I recognized the fear in your countenance when I mentioned Ro'kenhrontyes.

He is coming for my friend.

What will you do when he comes for you? My conscience is clear.

His Honor Edmund Burke once said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

" And we may all at times stand idly when action is required.

But if you turn your back on Lieutenant Mills, how will you acquit yourself a good man when Ro'kenhrontyes comes to you in your dreams.

Come on.

I don't know where you came from, but you can drop your "friend of the tribe" stick.

No one's a chief, no one lives in teepees, and no one has powwows.

Got it? You stopped having powwows? I rather enjoyed those.

Get in.

Where are we going? We're taking a little trip.

First things first.

Ro'kenhrontyes isn't your run-of-the-mill demon.

There's run-of-the-mill demons? Fair.

Anyway, he doesn't just want to kill you.

He taunts you first.

He rubs your face in the mess you made.

He drives you to a pain so unimaginable, you willingly take your own life.

Ergo Dr.

Vega and Mr.


And into the valley of death we go.

The good pass through on their way to Heaven.

The evil go straight to Hell.

Those in between, they belong to Ro'kenhrontyes.

If they're not redeemed, he takes their souls to Hell with him.

But I can't stop him? Only on his territory.

You drink that tea, you enter his dreamworld.

Then the fight begins.

Down the hatch.

Once you enter the dreamworld, the spirit chooses the challenge you have to face.

You're a living being walking in the valley of death.

So If she dies in the dream? She dies.


I see.

Crane! Jasmine.

Cherry root.

Hops? Not bad.

It's certainly preferable to your energy drink.

What are you thinking? Well, I'm coming with you now, so no point in discussing it.

The tea will put you to sleep.

The venom will allow you to control your actions while you dream.

It's the venom.

What-what venom? Their venom.

Is this strictly necessary? So you don't hurt yourselves.

Scorpion stings they're, um ouch.

You have to focus now.

Once you enter the dreamworld, the tea will keep you connected.

But only you will know what you have to do to defeat Ro'kenhrontyes.

Is that necessary, the banging? Lieutenant! Crane? Crane? Lieutenant! The imagination It is, uh, it's a powerful thing, Jenny.

What you actually saw was-was likely an animal or a hunter.

What we saw was a demon! Tell him.

Did you see this monster, Abbie? Yes, she did.

Tell him.

I've had this coming a long time.

We all have.

He's coming for you next.

Tell them what you saw.

I didn't see anything.

She's lying.

Why are you lying?! I didn't see anything! Tell them what you saw! Abbie? Why are you lying?! Tell them what you saw, Abbie! Don't touch me! Tell them what you saw! Abbie, what's wrong with you?! Desist, Ro'kenhrontyes! Ichabod Crane.

Leave her be! Stop! I saw a demon.

I saw a demon in the woods and I lied to protect myself.

I was a coward and I betrayed my sister.

I turned my back on her when she needed me.

And I will not do it again.

It was my fault.

You can come at me all you want, but I see you.

I'm not afraid anymore! Lieutenant.

Miss Mills? I'm here.

How are you feeling? Better.

No more scorpions ever.

Seven years of tribulation, huh? According to scripture.

How long have we been doing this so far? Mm I'm certain it will become easier once we get accustomed to No, sorry, I'm too tired to lie.

Stay as long as you want.

I have some unfinished business to take care of.

How'd you two get in here? - The old munitions tunnels.

I broke a wall.

Why are you in here? We thought it would be a good spot for us to do our work.

On the premises, but out the way.

Good point.

I agree.

Just don't break any more walls.

You want access to this place, I'll get you a key.

Thank you, sir.

Captain, would you like to discuss what the lieutenant and I discovered? - Is it over? - Yes.

That's all I need to hear.

It's late.

Go home.

Get some sleep.

Listen I'm not really good at this kind of thing, but I You're welcome.

You gotta let me get the words out, okay? The things one most tries to hide are often the things most easily seen.

Which is why I'll add, "Yes, you do need to see your sister.

" I am way ahead of you.

Like I was saying, unfinished business.


Mm! Abbie Mills to see Jennifer Mills.

Her visitors log says she refused to see you.

I'm telling you, if she doesn't want to talk to you, she can be pretty stubborn.

She doesn't have to talk.

She just has to listen.

Jenny? You have a visitor.

What the hell? She was here at lights out.

Where could she have gone? These doors are electronically locked.

We have people watching the ward.

There's no way out.

She found one.

Get the administrator and lock the building down.

She's good.

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