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 Posted: 12/15/13 11:06
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We work very hard providing transcripts for you. You are more than welcome to link to them. You may even save or print a copy for your personal use (click on the link at the top left of each transcript that says print view to read the transcripts with black font on white). However, you may not republish anything from without obtaining written permission!

Read our Copyrights

All transcripts courtesy of an anonymous source, however, they are not fully edited yet with the character names... If anyone would like to help edit them with character names please let me know and we'll give you or your site/blog/etc. credit!** email Bunnie here


1.01 - The Pilot

1.02 - Snakes in the Garden

1.03 - Kissed

1.04 - Hearts and Minds

1.05 - A Chill in the Air

1.06 - Chosen

1.07 - Left Behind

1.08 - Fated

1.09 - For King and Country

1.10 - Sacrifice

1.11 - Inquisition

1.12 - Royal Blood

1.13 - The Consummation

1.14 - Dirty Laundry

1.15 - The Darkness

1.16 - Monsters

1.17 - Liege Lord

1.18 - No Exit

1.19 - Toy Soilders

1.20 - Higher Ground

1.21 - Long Live the King

1.22 - Slaughter of Innocence

Bonus: The Pilot Script download here

Can't find the show or information you're looking for on our site? Try eBay or Amazon for actual TV scripts, movie screenplays and/or spoilers.

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