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Since Mary, Queen of Scotland, was a child, the English have wanted her country and her crown.

She is sent to France to wed its next King, to save herself and her people, a bond that should protect her.

But there are forces that conspire forces of darkness, forces of the heart.

Long may she reign.

Previously on Reign He heard them talk of a creature who resides in the woods.

They give it blood.

You have interrupted a sacrifice, which they will not take kindly to.

It's Olivia D'Amencourt.

She left a few months before you arrived.

Brokenhearted? - Yes.

He was.

You want me to marry Francis? You don't even like me.

I like you more than a queen I can't control.

You know much less about Francis' desires than I do.

Has something happened between you two? - I stopped it.

I want her gone.

I'm working on it.

Now! - I want her gone now! - Mary! She's staying and that's final.

And Francis has you.

Why would he ever look elsewhere? You're one of them.

You're a monster, you know.

You owe a debt.

And you will pay.

Choose someone to sacrifice.

And what if I refuse? Then we will choose for you.

No! Season 1, Episode 6 "Chosen" Synced by err0001 & Reef Francis! - Excuse me.

I've been looking everywhere for you.

Where were you hurrying to? My father's returning from Paris.

His carriage is arriving.

May I join you? - Please.

How are you? I've barely seen you lately.

Whenever my father's away, courtiers swarm me.

Seeking approval of the next King, in case the current one doesn't return.

And that awful business with the butcher boy.

Yes, yes.

We're trying to find his family, to return his effects.

That's not why I've barely seen you.

Are you feeling bad about the moments we shared? I felt I had to be honest with you about my feelings.

I appreciated your honesty.

I could use more of the same from others in my life.

If she's to be your wife, you need to trust her.

I hope that I can.

Right now the burden is on Mary, not me.

That sounds complicated.

If you're ever yearning for someone you can be sure of Someone who wants only you, you know where to find me.

Well? - I'm doing my best.

How difficult can it be for a girl like you to get a man into bed? His feelings are for Mary.

Do you want your reputation cleaned up? Do you want a big wedding and children to silence forever those who call you "whore" behind your back? Then make yourself the next Queen of France.

"Feelings"? Honestly.

Join us, Kenna.

We're going to greet the King.

You look especially lovely, Kenna.

Who are you dressed to impress? No one.

I'm just Can't Kenna be lovely simply because she is lovely? And you are lovely.

That was kind of you.

I plan to tell them about the King and me.

But you want to wait.

You haven't seen him in a while.

I understand.

He was saying good-bye to Diane.

He ended things with her for me.

I only ask that you be careful.

The King's heart seems mercurial.

And you still have the Queen to contend with.

And I only ask you that not assume I'm a fool.

I was hoping we needn't discuss this.

But clearly we do.

That kiss I remember it.

I was a bit drunk, and you were, too, weren't you? Would you like me to share in your remorse? Would that make you feel better? Yes, it would.

I regret that you are engaged to my brother.

A brother I consider my friend.

And who thankfully doesn't know what happened.

Still, he's been distant since we argued.

And I want to make things up with him.

I have to.

You understand, don't you? Of course.

What I don't understand is why we're still talking about this.

Because of your gift.

The necklace.

What necklace? I assumed, I thought It was in my rooms this morning.

You think I snuck into your room? - Well, I didn't know what to think.

After the kiss and-and my argument with your brother What? What is it? I've, uh, seen this necklace before.

Excuse me.



Are you well? I'm fine.

Thank you.

I'm not.

I've been feeling awful.

I feel like you're still angry at me about our argument.

About Olivia.

I'm sorry.

Is that what you're sorry about? He said he was leaving her.

I don't understand.

Why is she back here? Francis.

Mary, we need to talk.

It's important.

Follow me.

The people of this faith, they claim that I owe them a debt.

More than once, in their minds, I've interrupted their blood sacrifice.

The butcher boy said, if I didn't choose someone else to sacrifice, they'd choose for me.

So that's what's been going on in the woods.

Pagan sacrifice? - Among other dangers, yes.

And now they've chosen me? Because somehow they've got the idea that threatening you is a good way to get to my brother.

But that doesn't matter now, does it? What matters is finding out who left this marker in Mary's chambers.

What matters is her safety.

I'll make sure that there's a guard outside your room at all times.

You need to find out exactly how serious this threat is.

Ask the hunters that you know in the woods.

Talk to the guards, Nostradamus, anyone.

Maybe the servants saw how the necklace got into my rooms.

I'll question them.


I'm sorry.

I'd never have cut those bodies down if I'd known it would lead to Mary.

I don't blame you for cutting the bodies down.

I'd have done the same thing.

Then what are you so angry about? There are too many secrets between us, brother.

Far too many.

I'm sorry, Your Grace, I've never seen it before.

You're certain? And nobody unfamiliar has entered my chambers? No, Your Grace.

Ask the household servants if they've seen any strangers about.

It's important.

Yes, Your Grace.

I'm sorry, Lady Kenna - Stop.

You said you would break things off with Diane.

I trusted you and I took you at your word.

Lady Kenna, Your Majesty.

Oh, yes, I know.

I did exactly as I promised.

How can you say that? You brought her back from Paris and she stood at your side as she always has.

Come, stand at my side.


It's been a long time since I used that word.

It's true, it's an honor to stand beside a King.

It implies something.

I understand that.

But to have a King behind you.

And on his knees.

Why is she back here? Diane's being moved to the cottage.

You are my mistress, Lady Kenna.

She is my friend and the mother of my son.

The cottage? Here on the grounds? The grounds are quite expansive.

When? - I don't know.


There's an architect she employs in Paris.

Some renovations are required.

Renovations? - Yes.

Well, how long will that take? - Kenna.

I don't know.

And I don't care.

And neither should you.

It's over with her.

I'm with you now.

So Be with me.

Do they really think I could drag some innocent into the woods and slaughter them? - Could you? To save yourself? - No.

But to save Mary? I don't understand how you ever worshipped alongside these savages.

I was young, it was a different faith.

We worshipped the natural world.

A sacrifice was only a very small part of it.

It was not human.

Do they count me one of them because of you? I don't know.

The larger question is what people here in the castle would consider you if they knew.

I'm Catholic.

I practice my father's religion.

As do you.

Have no illusions.

If they learned about my past, we would both burn as heretics.

We're outsiders.

You live here at your father's will.

And someday, your brother's.

Do not covet his future wife.

Even the laws of your chosen faith are clear on that.

Mary is in danger because of me.

And Francis knows that.

If anything happened to her - He will blame you.

So there's my choice? Choose someone to kill Or let them kill Mary? It's only a matter of time now that they've marked her.

Pay the debt.

And then harden your heart against her.

We need to get you out of here.

They must have drugged me.

There's no other way I-I would sleep through this.

My head feels as heavy as that stag's.

Please sit down, then.

Look at my hand.

It looks as though I've been burned.

Where you touched the pendant.

Perhaps it was dipped in some sort of poisonous oil, sumac or ivy.

How much danger am I in? I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

Mary, are you all right? Stay here.

I'll be right back.

I don't know you at all.

Yes, you do.

This was meant to terrorize us.

And motivate you.

That's why they chose Mary.

This horror was not my doing.

You need to remedy this.

I'd do it myself, but it's you that they want something from.

You do realize what you're asking me to do.

I don't blame you for their actions, but it's you who brought this on Mary.

They're asking me to take a life.

A life; a person.

To hang them from a tree, slit their throat, and bleed them out.

You do know that? - Did you consult your experts? Whoever it is that you know in secret? Or whatever it is that you know in secret? Is there really no other way? Good Lord, what is that? How could this have happened? You've had someone break into my room before.

Why don't you tell us how it's done? Are you accusing me of this? We're not accusing you of any involvement, Mother.

Does that mean you know who's done this? Right now, we're less worried about who than how.

They'd have to have drugged her.

This is poppy.

I suspect your guard was given the same thing.

Where is he? Infirmary.

Severe stomach pains.

That means he drank too much of it.

A stag's head.

What message is that meant to convey? It's a symbol of the pagans.

What do either of you know about pagans? Only what everyone knows That they're becoming bolder, more ruthless, and thirsty for blood.

And it seems the more fear they spread, the more power that they gain.

These devils have come inside our walls.

Inside my home.

These heretics worked together to threaten us.

Now we must work together to stop them.

What an inviting little party.

Has Diane finally deigned to acknowledge that we exist? It's not Diane's gathering, it's mine.

But these are the King's chambers.

Yes, well, now they're my chambers, too.

Because we're in love.

You were bound to find out soon enough.

I just wanted to tell you myself.

You and the King? - In love? I'm the King's official mistress.

It's shocking, I know.

And amazing.

Kenna, it is, it's amazing.

You all probably think it's a horrid idea Just like Mary.

Mary thinks it's a bad idea? - Why? - You know Mary.

Always so worried.

So cautious.

I suppose it's her job to worry.

It's not mine.

I should say not.

What's that mean? Nothing.

If you're happy, we're happy.

Aren't we? So, give us the details.

How did it happen? When were you first alone with him? Has he been courting you for a long time? It was fast.

Um, unexpected.

But you knew him well before things went too far? Your Grace.

Very well.

Can you tell us anything? Does Catherine know? What does Diane say? Oh, who cares what Diane says? I'm the King's mistress now.

Diane's the mother of the King's favorite son.

She's a fixture at court.

She's been here for Decades, yes, I know.

Too long, some might say.

And now it's my turn.

The King can move on.

Kenna, that might not be so easy.

It's been easy enough for him so far.

Well, yes, I'm sure, but Look at those tiles.

"H" and "D" for Henry and Diane.

Their love is literally written in stone.

What is this, water? I asked for mint sprigs.

Most of the castle servants are gathered to hear from you.

Shall I send a few back to the kitchen? Your uniform, Robert.

It's a disgrace! Fix it.

You may let them in now.

What are you waiting for? By now, you've all heard what has happened.

Someone who is no friend of France has invaded the castle and threatened us.

All of us.

This was done in the name of a faith that some of you may feel sympathy for.

Please know that we do not judge this faith today, only the actions that someone has wrongly taken in its name.

Queen Catherine and I cannot promise that the guilty parties will not suffer.

Only that they will suffer more intensely if someone does not come forward.

For the sake of France, for your King, and for peace, if you know anything, please step forward.

You will have our protection And our thanks.

None of you have stepped forward, that must mean that none of you knows anything.

Except that isn't possible, is it? Let me explain why we will have an answer.

People are questioning whether they're safe in this castle.

My home.

That means they're questioning me And everyone in this room.

One of you knows who did this.

And they will come forward.

By midnight.

If not I will send my guards to your villages and burn each of your homes to the ground.

No killers on hand, my Lord, if that's what you're looking for.

A baker who tried to sleep with a nobleman's serving maid, two drunks, and a thief from Alsace.

Bring me the thief.

Release Samson.

Don't tell anyone I was here.

Yes, my Lord.

Don't call me "my Lord.

" They pain me.

Doesn't that matter to you? Yes, but this is my bedroom.

I don't want to vacate it for repairs which don't need to be made.

The tiles stay.

Well, I can't bear to look at them.

Then don't.

I'll have them covered with any tapestry you like.

Tapestries Diane's chosen.

She decorated this room, didn't she? - Oh, Kenna.

I'm weary of this.

I'm beginning to find affairs of state more appealing.

Yes, I can't take my mind off them.

You're being ridiculous.

Diane's having a 15-bedroom cottage redone.

And you won't even replace some tiles for me? Do you stop to think what this must be like for me? - I risked everything for you.


They're just tiles.

And how many believed you when you told them that? Where are they now? - I won't be one of them.

You have me.

You have nothing to fear.

You say that.

Yes, and if you can't trust my word, how can changing some tiles be enough to persuade you? I don't know.

But if it matters enough, you'll find the answer.

If you don't mind my asking, my Lord, where are we going? I told you.

You're being conscripted for a military mission.

Where will we meet these other soldiers? I've fought for the King before.

Usually we gathered up in the Bailey.

This way.

That's Blood Wood.

Is that where we're going? - Would you rather go to jail? - I might.

What do you want from me? What's going on? We're not going to meet up with other soldiers, are we? Keep moving.

Stop talking.

We're almost there.

Come on.

Where's Mary? I don't know.

The last I saw her, she was questioning the staff with the Queen.

I'm sure she'll be here soon.

Who'd want to miss this? I suppose the King wants our minds off our troubles.

I wish I could get my mind off him.

Did I go too far? Demanding that he tear out a handful of tiles.

Where is the King now? He said I mustn't miss the fireworks.

Of course he wouldn't say why he couldn't join me.

Was he trying to get rid of me so he could have a moment alone with Diane? Is there some other mistress that he's courting? God knows I've been trying his patience lately.

Kenna, shut up.

I'm sorry! God, no wonder he can't stand me anymore.

No, shut up and look.

You're missing the fireworks.

So are you.

Most of the household staff has been interviewed.

We caught a groom in a lie, but it led nowhere.

Has Bash learned anything? He said he was going to question the seriousness of the threat.

He knows how serious it is.

I've been doing some questioning of my own, and do you know what I've learned? No, tell me.

That Bash used his position, and money to take a prisoner from the castle jails.

A prisoner he warned would not be returning.

A thief.

And I can guarantee you that that thief does not deserve to be strung up in the woods and slaughtered like an animal.

And Bash does not deserve to be the one to do it.

Is that what it means to pay the debt? Human sacrifice? Bash wouldn't do it.

I think he would.

For you.

And I can't say that I don't want him to.

Because I care for you as well.

I knew that my brother had feelings for you, I just - Had no idea how deep they ran.

You needn't worry about that.

But there is something I should tell you.

If you mean to tell me that you've been in his arms, you needn't bother.

I saw you.

I saw you both.

It was a mistake, I wasn't thinking, and he He what? Forgot that he was my brother? Forgot that you were my fiancée? I know that I've made mistakes with Olivia.

Seems like the biggest mistake that I made was being completely honest with you.

I've been nothing but since you returned, and each time I've paid the price.

Well, tonight, Bash is paying the price as well.

I didn't realize I've warned you of the stakes of life at court.

I told you that we can't act on whim, on feeling.

You didn't listen.

I did! Then why are we here now? And who will my brother be when he returns? I wonder if Henry's cheap display of affection works.

If the melted candles pleased his young mistress.

Maybe the fireworks had unintended benefits of frightening the heathens in the woods.

Do you think they fear fire? Those pagans? I couldn't say, Your Majesty.

They should.

May I have a word with Her Majesty? This one claims she has information.

Y-Your Highness.

I know it's late, but You realized the time, and you knew your house was about to burn down.

I understand why you're here.

Yes, Your Grace.

Well, out with it then.

Contrary to public opinion, I do not relish destroying people's homes.

I believe the girl was hoping for some confidentiality.

Wait just outside, if you please.

I'll call if I need anything.

You'd better have more than mere gossip.

You already have my suspicion for waiting so long.

My father always told me that to stick your neck in was to see your neck cut.

Well - And Though I saw one of your guards take that stag's head, - I didn't see his face - Was it one of my guards? Yes.

I could tell by his uniform.

He came in for scraps as they often do.

He didn't think anyone saw him.

And he-he's a guard, I wasn't about to stop him.

You stick your neck in and - Yes, we've already covered that.

I have nearly a hundred guards.

Did you notice anything about him, anything at all? He was covered in blood.

Once he had that thing in his grasp.

I can tell you that.

You didn't see no blood on anyone? No, I didn't see a guard drenched in blood.

If he'd a brain, he'd have changed.

He would have changed.

But a guard has only one uniform.

Another's would be ill-fitting, unkempt.

My guard Robert, where did he go? He left, Your Highness.

He said you dismissed him.

Well, I didn't.

He's responsible for the stag's head placed in the queen of Scotland's room.

He's a heretic! Find him.

Now! What are you gonna do to me? Tie it around your feet.

My feet? Are you one of those devils of the woods? The ones who-who spill blood? I said tie your feet.

And stop talking.


Stop begging.

Say your prayers.

You have time.

Time? Time for what? I need an audience.

Or all this will be for naught.

I only stole the money to feed my family.

Maybe I deserve to lose a hand, but not-not-not this! My little girl, she's only three.

She needs her father to look after her.

We all have people to look after.

Oh, please, don't do this! Oh, no! Don't Please release me! Silence or I will peel you before I slice you.

I don't deserve this! Oh, God! No! You've threatened someone very close to me.

Now, I need to know.

If I kill someone, anyone, even someone as wretched as this, my debt will be paid.

The conditions are simple.

Make the choice and the offering, any human offering, and your debt is paid.

Then I choose you.

Don't pretend this faith is so strange to you.

You're betraying your family, bastard-born or not.

Shut up! It's not just the King's blood in your veins.

Your mother's blood is our blood.

I think you're ignorant, I think the bloodlust is in you.

Now it's in you.

Oh, please.

I know that frown.

I see the same on you.

Are you not happy to see me? Yes.

Of course.

I was thinking about our son.

I'm sure it's not easy on him to see you displaced.

It's not the first time.

I feel displaced as well.

She wants to change things.

There's workers in my bedroom.

Dust and noise.

How long will the work take on the cottage, hmm? You don't need to worry about it.

I'll take care of it all.

Why can't she do that? Fix things without bothering me? She's very young.

Perhaps she'll learn.

When will I learn? - I don't care what you learn.

As long as you don't forget.

Not with you to remind me.

Has Sebastian returned? - Not yet.

And you told his servant to bring word immediately? - I did.

My Lady, you need to rest.

Yes, fear is exhausting.

That guard will be caught before dawn, but I wish I knew Bash had returned without harm to himself or Come and sit with me, Sarah.

Tell me something about yourself I don't know.

There must be some story you'd find more diverting than mine.

Some fairy tale maybe? - One with a happy ending.

Shall I return that for you? You lied.

You said that you had never seen the necklace, but you're the one who put it on my pillow.

Guards! Don't bother.

If the King's bastard fails again to pay his debt, he'll need to learn.

How many of you are there? - Enough.

Sarah, you'll burn for this! All of you.

Guards! Jackal, let me go! In the end, you did nothing wrong.

Though I wish I'd known what you were planning.

Better that you didn't.

More convincing, I suppose.

Lord knows you convinced me.

I'd have done the same, in your position.

Anything it takes to protect someone I love.

But now you don't need to do a thing more.

What else would I do, exactly? - After my debt was paid? - Nothing.

You think I still mean you harm? - Why would that be? - All I meant was You don't pick your family or their faith.

And it doesn't matter whose blood flows through your veins.

You choose your own path.

Or your King will.

I come from a town where it's better to be a Protestant.

But now, being so close to the King, I'm Catholic.


Devout, even.

How close do you think I am to the King? - Do you know who I am? - No.

You think I once shared the faith of those savages, that it was mine? - No.

Mine and my family's? The family I couldn't pick.

I don't want anything, I swear.

You're the King's bastard.

And my mother is? Diane de Poitiers.

Are you all right? Were you hurt? I'm fine.

Have they caught your mother's guard? Robert was caught fleeing through the Blood Wood.

Now he's down in the jails with your maid.

They'll be questioned until they are burned.

It's done.

The debt's been paid.

You're safe now.

Bash, what did you do? Tell me.

I'm sure it was more than you thought you were capable of.

If we're finished - We're not.

You were both in terrible danger because of what you mean to each other And what that meant to me.

For a moment, more than one, I thought you deserved to die for what you did.

Not by my hand, but in the wood.

That if it happened, you'd have brought it on yourself.

Francis - But it could be at my hand.

We both know it.

I'm going to be King someday.

Mary is already a Queen.

We are rulers.

We need to lead with a clear head and compassion.

We've too much power to let anger and jealousy cloud our judgment.

And our situation Well, it lets others get between us.

Not if we swear to be true to one another.

Not if we promise.

What is an engagement but a promise? And it means nothing.

Because unless it makes sense for France, I can't marry you.

And if a better option arises for Scotland, you need to take it.

It is your duty.

What are you saying? We have positioned ourselves for the worst sort of pain.

When it is right for France, should you agree, I will be by your side, fully committed.

Until then You can spend your time with others.

I have to accept that.

You mean I do.

Is this really about Olivia? Someone needs to take control of things between us.

I can do it.

I can keep my distance.

Even if it means releasing you to another.

Anyone But not my brother.

Is that a warning, little brother? Yes, it is.

I can't promise you anything.

You can't burn the truth, or him! He is sent by the true gods.

Defy him, and he will come for you! For your last drop of blood.

Your sons and daughters, too! Mary, you can't watch this.

I begged them to offer her the mercy of a quick death before they put her on the pyre.

They put an arrow in her, then.

They're not who we thought they were.

He threatened my life tonight.

The blood priest? - I was speaking of Francis.

Trying to rule his heart by ruling mine.

We're not safe here.

You have to heed your brother's warning about Mary.

The real warning is that there are people who matter more, and people who matter less.

Those who will be remembered, and those who will be forgotten.

I'll make sure you're remembered.

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