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  1x22 - Slaughter of Innocence
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Previously on Reign Have you seen him? Have you seen the Darkness? I was born a pagan.

Is that why you've taken this on? Because you feel some blame for the blood spilled by this faith? Leave me alone.

He is mad, and a mad king incites chaos and rebellion.

He listened to me.

His sanity started trickling back in, and for a moment I could actually see my father again.

I must kill my son and wed his wife.

What's happening? I'm frightened.

I don't want to go! Is the king angry again? What's going on? Is the castle under attack? The king has summoned everyone to the courtyard.


What's this about? I don't know, but I fear the worst.

One or more of you here, my friends, my family my subjects tried to kill me.

I have taken steps.

You have seen my new men, modeled after the Praetorian Guard of the Roman Emperors; loyal only to me.

But I knew more needed to be done.

The guilty revealed.

And this night in a dream God told me how.

My oath to him This sword will not be sheathed till it has taken a life.

As the sun rises, this sword will cast a shadow.

When that shadow touches the guilty I'll know.

Not now.

Give them time to tell their sins and due penance.

Let their souls be wiped clean.

God likes that best.

Everyone wants to confess.

Who here made their confession yesterday? I did.

Travers, my lord.

Secretary to Lord Bellamy.

Did you fornicate last night? Or take the Lord's name in vain? Of course not, my lord.

We should all be as ready as you.

Be off.

Don your finest clothing.

The celebrations of our victory at Calais will reach their peak.

Clean that.

I was wrong.

He is lost.

All the time I was growing up, I saw him as the greatest man in France.

I'm sorry, Francis.

It's too late for assassination; we'd never get near him.

He must be removed from the throne by a superior force.

A coup? It's deadly for us if we lose and dangerous if we win.

A coup puts power in the hands of the military.

We have no choice.

But how? What can I offer the generals to back me, rather than Father? I can give them no more reward than he.

Some generals were dismissed before Calais.

Surely, they feel betrayed by their king.

And each one of them is a noble with a territory and men of their own to command.

It could work.

But if we win, if we seize power what happens to your father? He will be imprisoned, see the finest doctors, and in time either he will regain his senses or he will die a natural death, but he can never be king again.

His time will be over and you will rule beside me.


What is it, what's wrong? I've had a nightmare.

I saw him outside the window, staring at us.

You see? The guards that Bash sent are here.

You're safe.

It was just a dream.

Bash will return from Visegard soon.

And when he finds the Darkness, we'll make sure he never threatens you or anyone else ever again.

Your wounds have healed, I see.

Well, I found no more excuses to stay in bed.

I also, um - I found this.


It's a deed to lands that include farms, orchards, a manor house.

How could I ever thank you? This is more than I could have ever dreamed You saved my life.

I only regret that I couldn't give you a title, but that is the king's job and my father is These are dark hours; it is not a good time to ask for such a thing.

We must share a drink.

I have something important to attend to.

Another time? Oh, good luck with that girl that you told me about.

If she doesn't wed you now, she's a fool.

I brought you that drink.

Don't you think you owe me a smile? I didn't ask for the drink.

Feel free to take it back.

You're making an enormous mistake, you rich tart.

I am in the king's personal guard.

So you'd better start being nice to me, - if you know what's best - Darling! - Sorry I'm late.

It's all right.

This gentleman was just keeping me amused.

Well Only the best for the heroes of Calais Right? Sorry for intruding.

I can tell when somebody's being pushed into something that they don't want to do; I've seen too much of it.

In the army, you mean? All my life.

Have a drink with me and tell me about it.

I I'd love to, but, uh I truth is, I'm-I'm looking for someone.

Those are the saddest words I've heard all day.

Your Majesty, I've done as you wished.

The matter of the additional spice to be added to the Dauphin's plate, have you changed your mind? No.

I want it done at tonight's feast.

Don't be concerned about the sin.

I reconciled with God for us both.

See his plate is piled high with meats.

To those watching, it will look as though Francis choked to death.

Oh! And tell them to leave up the garlands.

I'm planning a wedding here in the near future.

If I can sway the generals to my side, I shall return with them and their men beside me.

Will that be enough? If the Duke of Guise sets his forces against us He is a cautious man.

Perhaps he'll wait to see who wins this Well! Two happy couples on a happy day, hmm? Mary, aren't you coming to see the joust and the naval spectacle? "Spectacle"? Two ships in mock combat.

It will be a wonder.

And you are the guest of honor.

Me? Oh, Henry insists, my dear.

Oh, of course, I'm honored.

I regret we haven't been as close as we should.

I may have been a bit judgmental in your behavior with my sons and about your lack of an heir with Francis.

As it turns out, God's plan there may be for the best, after all.

I should go.

But, you can't.

You're not just a hero of Calais, you led the invasion.

I am looking in at some of the injured soldiers who couldn't be here today.

But you will be back for the feast tonight? - Of course.


Shall we? Come in! Could you put the tray on the table over there? I could, but I don't have a tray.

Should I go find one? - Leith! Thank God.

I heard you were alive, but What's this? My land.

Look at the map.

Look at the list of holdings.

Farms, tenants paying rent! River access, orchards, a manor house.

I don't understand.

I'm a hero of Calais, Greer.

I saved the Dauphin's life.

Francis calls me his friend.

This is wonderful.

But it It can't change anything.

I'm engaged to Lord Castleroy.

I'm a rich man.

You Are a comfortable man.

But this would not clear a tenth of my father's debts.

It wouldn't provide my sisters with dowries.

My father would sell them to the highest bidder.

Well, they well, they could live with us! You don't understand how people like us live! My sisters belong to my father, they're his property! He'd never agree to let them move to what he'd see as some some backwater, where they would never find appropriate suitors.

I get the idea.

Please understand.

I'm due in the harbor.

They want me to join some other veterans on the ship; some kind of naval spectacle.

Apparently, there are people who consider today a celebration.

I don't want to part like this! Greer, at some point, you have to stop piling all of your family's problems on your back.

You have to take a risk.

You have to trust love and fate and me.

Uh, I beg your pardon, ma'am.

My carriage is in the road.

I'm taking a noblewoman back to the castle, and she has gone into labor.

Uh, my lady, you should've waited for me to get you.

Hey, what are you doing? I can't help you! I'm not a midwife.

Then send for one.

I can reimburse you for your trouble.

What reimbursement will help me if this lady dies on my hands? Or her babe, and all of France will blame me.

His Majesty King Henry of France.

Her Majesty Mary, Queen of Scots.

Her Majesty Catherine, Queen of France.

Turn your eyes on a display of French might.

A spectacle to honor the heroes of Calais.

Each ship is full of soldiers just returned from our victory.

Long live the king! Wait till you see the fireworks.

God bless you, Your Majesty! Is there anything I can get you, my dear? Some warm mulled wine? No, thank you.

I'm fine.

Leith came to see me.

I made it clear to him that we're over, that I'm marrying you, that you're my future.

You must allow me to be relieved in not losing the woman I love.

They're firing cannons.

How strange.

I thought they were using fireworks.

It must be safe enough, as long as they don't point at each other.

Well, cannons can be hard to control.

The sound of victory.

The sound of France.

Doesn't that excite you? My God, Leith is on one of those ships.

Those who aren't blown to bits won't survive.

The water's freezing.

I told them to fire with care! Who's manning the guns, a pet monkey? Wait, you actually told them to fire the cannons? What kind of spectacle would mere fireworks have been, hmm? Well, never mind.

I refuse to have you disappointed, Mary.

This is all for you, you know.

There'll be another chance tomorrow.

Tomorrow? When we'll do it again! Properly this time! A hundred men dead like that.

Life so carelessly taken.

I feel like I'm the one losing my mind.

Mary, there's something you should know.

Henry asked for an annulment once more.

It can only mean he wishes to end our marriage and turn to someone else.



I saw what he did to you.

That came out of nowhere.

He's never shown the slightest bit of interest.

When he had his hands on you, he had his hands on England.

So he's decided to wed me, then keep all three crowns for himself.

Thus his suddenly generous acceptance of the fact that you are not pregnant yet.

He wants to give you an heir himself.

And the spectacle, the carnage - Botched display of his prowess.

Does he honestly think that Francis and I would agree to have our marriage annulled? It's ridiculous! No.

Even he wouldn't.

He's going to kill his own son! If you're right, our only chance is to overtake him and his guards.

Assuming that Francis is able to persuade the generals to join us in a coup.

If Francis comes back at the head of an army, we'll know he succeeded.

If he comes back alone, we have no protection from Henry, and neither does Francis.

You there, what's this? What is this? What happened here? I beg of you, speak freely.

The greatest naval spectacle of all time, my lord.

That is, until the ship exploded.

The king replaced the fireworks with gunpowder.

Can you believe they survived Calais for this? These soldiers are from Calais? There'll be twice as many tomorrow when they do it again.

That's impossible.

No one would do this again.

Begging your pardon, but you would think no one would do it the first time, wouldn't you? Still, you've got to wonder who's worse off, these poor fellows or the ones shipping off for England.

At least for them it was quick.

No one is shipping out.

King's orders.

Tell that to the 3,000 men leaving tomorrow night.

You want me to join a coup? You may have Henry's favor today, but it can't last.

The king's behavior is getting more erratic every day.

News of his madness will spread, contenders for the throne will appear, and civil war will follow, one way or another.

And I can't disagree with your logic, but we lack one essential element for a successful coup.

A leader ready and at hand to fill the power vacuum once the king is gone.

Well, Francis will be the leader, obviously.

He'll be the next king.

Francis carries the stain of his father's mistakes.

He represents everything the coup would be against.

We need someone the nobles and the nation can rally around.

You, Mary, bring the promise of empire.

Use the promise that someday soon, England and all its power and riches will be yours.

Use this to make yourself the most powerful person in France.

More powerful than my husband? If you want to lay claim to a nation, take France.

Why would the Darkness bring a young boy to this place? Every house deserted.

What happened to these people? The area was beset by flood a year ago.

The town sits on higher ground.

Why did no one settle here? Not entirely deserted.

The family that once lived here.

From the stench, I'd say there was another victim.

Pascal's scarf.


This sacrifice is fresh, a few days old.

This is where the blood on Pascal came from.

From the dirt, these picture have been here a long time.

A storm Fire - Flood.


But why draw them here? - I think they may be depictions of actual events that occurred in this region.

The Great Storm? - Nearly two decades ago.

Years later, the fire that raged destroyed Angers and the nearby forests.

The flood that wiped out the surrounding areas.

And the blackening of the sun.

The eclipse so recently witnessed.

Are these predictions? - Accurate predictions.

What does this one mean? - Stars falling from the sky.

I don't know, but it's the only one left.

It's a pagan rhyme.

I heard Pascal chanting it to himself.

"I lie behind the star-bright sky.

I do not fear this life's good-bye.

Close your eyes for my caress" "for I am the Darkness.

" "I lie behind the star-bright sky.

I do not fear this life's good-bye.

" Pascal, why are you saying that rhyme again? Are you scared? It's too quiet.

Where are the guards? Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Get back! Guards! Guards, help! Your guards are dead, and soon you will be, too, but the boy will survive.

Give him to me.

Please leave us! - I cannot.

I am the Darkness, the Devourer, the feeder of the gods, but I cannot feed them forever.

Pascal, offer her blood to the gods.

Appease their hunger before it grows.

Excuse me.

I have a list of the officers on the boat.

What's your bloke's name? Leith Bayard, but I don't think he was an officer.

The foot soldiers are laid out elsewhere.

I can show you.

Greer! You survived.

You survived.

This is why the people love a joust.

Seeing nobles knocked on their asses after a long war.

Ah, Lord Montgomery takes down another opponent.

Where is everybody? And why are they all so dour? They're at a joust, not a funeral.

Many of them lost loved ones in your mock battle, Henry.

Hail Queen Mary.

Good God, finally.

It's the English crest.

Mary! My God, she's wearing the English coat of arms.

The Queen of Scotland! She's all but declaring herself England's queen.

Mary! Mary! Mary! Mary! Mary! Mary! Who knew all it took was a statement dress to get France in the palm of her hands.

She is the future.

They see that.

I can't see her! You're ready, aren't you? It's like we dream the same dreams.

Mary, Mary! - Long live Queen Mary! Queen Mary! Is she really taking England? They've lost control of themselves.

Have they forgotten who the king is? I'll give them something to cheer for.

Halt the competition! I am going to joust Lord Montgomery.

Gamekeeper - But, Your Majesty, his armor's damaged, he'll need a fresh horse.

Then you have much to attend to.

Members of the English contingent are leaving.

Off to warn Elizabeth.

I hope you know what you're doing.

Send your riders after theirs.

If they stop, they may reveal some English sympathizers amongst the French.

You're squeezing your cousin Elizabeth's throat, and to what end? To give the people hope.

So they can imagine a brighter future.

Such glory you promise.

And so cunning you've become.

How you've changed since you came back to us from convent.

I miss the girl you were.

Many will.

She was easier to kill.

I love you.

I love you.

I have to secure the door.

It's locked.

Let me help you undress.

Please, just just hold me, a little more, please.

We have no reason to stop.

I want to marry you.

Greer, don't do this.

I thought you were dead.

I'm not.

I'm standing right here before you, and you should not let me go.

Not for money, or your family, or anything.

Nothing's changed, except I felt the pain of your loss more deeply than I ever thought I could.

And you will.

I swear to you, Greer, if you don't take this chance with me, you will.

Marry me.

Marry me! No, Leith, I can't.

I can't! When you are alone and miserable, remember this is the moment that you threw your happiness away.

And I'll remember you as the woman who told me I wasn't enough.

I will become everything you are so convinced that you need.

I will rise and rise and rise, until I am rich and powerful.

But I will never be yours again.

Your lance, Your Highness.

His Majesty King Henry and Lord Montgomery.

I suppose that's good comeuppance for Montgomery.

He will have to take the blows it's bad business to outshine your boss.

King Henry! For God's sake, go to him! Is the king all right? Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! The king has been gravely injured! Where is the physician?! Your Majesty It's all right.

I'm here.

Are you hurt? No, but Bash, look out! Get Kenna and Pascal out of here.

Pascal must succeed me, or the Black Death will awaken.

The Black Death.

The plague.

That's what the signs at Visegard were counting down to.

Bash, I've had visions.

The castle beset by death.

Bodies laid out in the hall.

It will happen, if my work is not done.

Stay with Kenna and Pascal, please.

How rare is the gift of sight.

I don't believe you have it.

I think you're a killer, feeding on others' fears.

You're pagan-born.

Deny it, but in your heart you know the gods have power.

They demand respect.


And if they don't get it You took the blood, not the gods.

I'm here to save you.

I took my people into the Blood Wood and showed them how to feed the gods, and since that day the plague has not returned.

But the gods hold it leashed, in the shadows, and if I die without a successor, it will run wild over the land.

Bring Pascal to me, and I will save your world.

His father knew it was his fate.

He understood the honor.


No more children, no more sacrifices, and the slaughter of innocents ends here.

It can't end! Does he live yet? He lingers.

He won't survive; they say he can't.

There's pieces of the lance stuck in his brain.

Is this what we wanted? - It isn't.

Henry's fall was out of our hands completely.

Is that not God's will? Now no more blood needs to be spilled.

None but my father's.

We should say good-bye.

In spite of our feelings, I've always tried to do what's been best for our children and for you.

And for France.

Shh, there are no more regrets.

In my way, I have always loved you.

You are the love of my life.

Oh, to see your kindness returned Yours must, as well.

It's in you still.

You must show it to Diane.

She is unprotected once I'm gone.

After being so much a part of my life, of ours neither of you should be alone.

She is extended family, your equal in s so many ways.

Catherine be friends.

Please reach out to her.


I will reach out to her.

Rest now, Henry.

Rest long.

Francis, now.

Just Francis.

Francis, what have you come to say to me? Must we right every wrong? I'm not sure what you mean, Father.

Oh, it's you.

Did I tell you that you were named after my elder brother? He was to be king.

He feared the job, the giving and taking of lives to a cause.

He was like you in that way, too.

I thought him weak.

I knew I would be a better king.

It was a competition all along.

Such games we play against those we love.

I won it all.

On a tennis court of all places.

When he collapsed after I poisoned his water.

You killed your brother.

No one ever knew.

Now I know why you warned me against my brother.

Turned me against Sebastian.

Betraying someone you love blackens your soul.

It's a weight you carry all of your days.

Can I let it go now? God forgive me.

The king is dead.

Long live the king! The king is dead.

Long live the king! The king is dead.

Long live the king! The king is dead.

Long live the king! The king is dead.

Long live the king! Well, hello there.


Do you recall? Yvette.

Rhymes with "How could I forget?" A new government is forming between toasts and whispers.

So let's have that drink now.

What changed? You were in such a hurry when last we met.

I wasn't thirsty then.

I am now.

Another time.

As this hour, I am destined to meet another.

Aren't you a heartbreaker? - Not at all.

Don't you be one, either.

You're late.

Only barely.

I couldn't leave right away as I'd spent hours waiting for you, bored senseless, and then suddenly, I Oh, Father.

My evening took the loveliest turn.

Word's back from the village.

The midwife's taken ill herself and is no condition to travel.

The baby should have come by now.


It should have.

I fear for its life, and yours as well.

I don't mean to scare you.

Are there words you want written down in case? Yes.

But if there's any way you can save the baby None that wouldn't kill you.

Or that I'm equipped for.

"My dear friend, Mary.

I am alone and my child struggles to join this world.

I release you from your promise, from the protection our secret gave me.

For Julien has died.

And I'm afraid I may soon join him.

Please, bring help.

But if I die and the child survives, care for my baby as if it were your own.

With Francis.

" - Your friend is Mary, Queen of Scots? - Yes.

Please, have it taken to the castle.

And hurry! Bash.

I'm so sorry about your father.

I don't know what my place is here anymore.

Your place is with me.

No, I meant - I know what you meant.

You don't need your father's name or to slay every dragon to be worth something.

You've done enough.

You are enough.

Now you deserve some happiness of your own.

I think I found it in you.

I love you.

I love you, too.

What a miracle.

Look! Shooting star.

Ooh, another one.

The stars are falling.

It's the final sign before the Darkness said it would return.

He said it would sweep the land.

What would? The plague.

Francis, you haven't slept! The nobles and my father's advisors were in my ear all night.

I am the King of France.

Yes, you are.

I never wanted it to happen this way.

Fearing my own father, hating him at the end.

I saw the bodies of those men that drowned in those boats.

Heroes slaughtered.

I saw the way that he touched your face.

You were at the tournament? Mary, I know that you said that my father's death - was God's will - Francis, it was.

Although some people would question a God who grants us such power, based on nothing but the fortune of our birth.

It isn't fair, the privileges we are given.

And the price we must pay for them.

I can feel myself changing.

And not for the better.

Every choice I have made to protect France and Scotland, even you, for all of them there is a reckoning.

And it's always the woman who must bow to the queen.

I feel like I'm killing part of myself.

But I'm ignoring my heart until it becomes blind and deaf.

I can feel myself growing harder and I worry that I that I'm becoming someone you will not love.

Then don't.

Don't grow harder, share your burdens, tell me your darkest truths, and I I will tell you mine.

So we don't end up married but alone, two people going down separate paths, justifying our sins as acts of survival.

If we can forgive each other, perhaps we can forgive ourselves.

Excuse me, Your Grace, but there's an urgent letter from Lady Lola.

Thank you.

Lola's giving birth.

Julien is dead, and she is all alone.

Where is she? Uh, at-at a house by the mill.

You should go.

Me? You.

Because you are the father of her child.

Because I've wanted to tell you for months.

Because, finally, Lola wants you to know it, too.

Francis, she writes that she may not survive.

There is no time to lose.

Be there when, God willing, your child comes into the world.

Hurry, and I will come and join you after I have gathered some help.

All this time - I will explain after.

But for now I beg you, be by her side.


I need a doctor.

Or a midwife.

Lola needs help.

No one will be leaving or entering the castle.

Not for some time.

I'll speak with the guards.

The portcullis will be lowered, all gates will be secured.

Why? What's happening? Word has come from surrounding villages.

People are dying of plague.

Standing in the same room with someone who is ill risks infection.

I know what the plague does.

People are already hiding their sick for fear of being locked in their homes with them.

But, Lola, she You cannot help her.

Francis is leaving the castle to go and be with her! Stop him! Francis, wait! Thank God you haven't left.

What is it? People are dying.

The plague has come and it's spreading.

Your mother has ordered the castle locked down.

Lola is not far from here.

I shall return with her and the baby.

No, Francis, you can't leave.

You urged me to be by her side.

You know she shouldn't be alone now.

It's a terrible decision, but it's our duty as rulers to make the right one.

You are going to a village which has likely been exposed to plague.

If you bring back people who may have been infected with it "People"? Your friend.

My child, perhaps my only child.

You're not just risking your life, but everyone in this castle.

If you leave, and you return with anybody who is ill Mary, you said you felt yourself growing harder.

Don't let it happen.

Listen to your heart, and you will hear it as clearly as I do.

You are the king of France! You no longer have the privilege of obeying your heart! That's not the kind of king that I want to be.

Lower the gates.

But King Francis Is aware of the threat to us all.

Lower the gates now.

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