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  1x21 - Long Live the King
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Previously on Reign You killed someone in the woods when the pagans forced you to choose a sacrifice.

I murdered a man who was about to kill another.

And to this day I wonder: Did he have a family? I have very powerful uncles.

What, the Duke of Guise? Do you have any idea what you've done? You just let the devil into our home.

FRANCIS: It's Father.

He's gone utterly mad.

You think I'm delusional? French forces marched for Calais this morning.

I need the Duke's army to save France.

We stay and finish this or we die trying.

Fire! (CROWD CHEERING) MARY: Did you see Francis yet? Not yet.

It's strange how, after months of waiting, these last moments are the most agonizing.

What about you? Don't you want to look for Leith? He was conscripted so he wouldn't be punished here.

If he survived, he would never return.

It's better that he doesn't.

Why isn't Bash here to greet his brother? He's out in the Blood Wood again hunting for the Darkness.

(SIGHS) Why Bash feels it's his duty to end this, I don't know.

I just want him to come home to me.

Take me away from court and our mad king.

MAN: God save Prince Francis! For 200 years the English have occupied our port city of Calais, but no longer! (CROWD CHEERS) Calais is ours once again! (CHEERING) And I am proud to say that I fought alongside the bravest soldiers in Europe, And the Duke of Guise, whose men and bravery helped us achieve victory! (CHEERING) Mention your father, Francis.

Don't let that son of a bitch do it first.

In truth, the real hero of Calais is the man with the vision of a France free and whole! The man who masterminded this victory! King Henry Valois! (CROWD CHEERING) We have our work cut out for us with that one.

Get to it.

MAN: King Henry! Mary.

Francis you came back to me.

You came back.

God is on our side.

Not only did we reclaim Calais, but I have news of my own: My spies in England have been tracking the queen's slow crawl to the grave.

After countless rumors and endless waiting, she is dead! The queen of England, Mary Tudor, is dead! (CROWD CHEERING) The Tudor queen betrayed the Catholic Church, her own faith, by naming a Protestant to the throne.

But God's will reigns.

We will take the time to relish our victories, knowing that one day England will be ours, crushed and then reborn under its rightful queen, Mary Stuart! (CHEERING) (FAST TEMPO ACOUSTIC INTRO PLAYING) They all need something to hold on to They all mean well You could never feel my story It's all you know oh! We both said some things we didn't mean We took our cheap shots, didn't we? You grabbed your coat and keys and said I thought you might never forgive me for going to Calais instead of Scotland.

Your mother Escaped to Dunbar Castle.

She's safe.

Oh-oh-oh, don't wanna lose you, babe I still love you, darling I thought about you every night.

Every inch of my heart Even when I don't want to I thought I'd never get to tell you again I love you.

I still love you I still love you.

I overheard the servants complaining when I brought in the logs.

I don't think they've come across many noblemen who enjoy cutting their own firewood.

I find it charming.

And this home? Our home? Do you find it charming as well? It's lovely.

I'm thrilled it was available on such short notice.

But I would ultimately like to find something further from court.

You said you would as well.

Not Hungary; I know you've tired of the weather in your homeland.

I crave a warmer climate.

But but you Why are you so eager to put distance between you and court? Is there someone there you hope to avoid? Lola, you can tell me the truth.

Are you worried about a resemblance? Your hair is so dark and lovely.

So is yours.

The child will likely be fairer than either of us.


Well, uh, many dark-haired people have fair-haired children.

No one will know the child isn't mine.

Because I will be the happiest and proudest father and husband anyone has ever seen.

Mary - Not yet.

If we could lie here a little longer.

Just a few more moments with nothing else to think about except each other.

I know you have grave reservations.

But today you are faced with the news that Mary Tudor has died.

The world will be looking to you for your response.

And if I shall stake my claim to England.

Elizabeth will be looking.

She knows that she's most vulnerable to your claim now before her coronation, before she consolidates her power.

It's a brief window of opportunity that my father seems keen to take advantage of.

If I stake my claim, there will be war.

I will be declaring myself my cousin's enemy for life.

I just want it all to go away.

I don't want to think about England, or my cousin, or my half brother and his lords who now control Scotland.

I've just got you back.

I want us to have a chance to love each other.

You told me once that you would support whatever decision I made in regards to England.

Is that still true? I will stand by you.

You can count on me, as I count on you.

I'm thinking of writing my cousin a letter.

BASH: Did you find anything? More sacrifices 50 paces back.

They've been dead for a few days.

My lord, it grows darker.

It's an eclipse.

Don't be afraid.

It's blood.

Fresh blood.

Another sacrifice to the Darkness? Don't touch him.

That boy came out of the shadows.

He's cold as ice.

(HIGH-PITCHED WHISTLE) It's all right! It's all right! It's all right! I'm not going to hurt you! It's all right! You're safe now.

My name is Sebastian and I want to help you.

What's your name? This whistle, I know what it means, and it strikes fear in my heart, too.

Where did you get it? Have you seen him? Have you seen the Darkness? Don't bring him back with us, my lord.

That child will take us all to hell.

No, he won't.

He'll take us to the Darkness.


I got your message.

You said you wanted to discuss business? Gabrielle, if you don't mind.

Shall I return later? Not tonight, beauty.

You on the other hand why don't you come back here when you finish your chores? An interesting choice.

Assuming you let her know she has one since she's a servant and you're a duke.

I'll let her know.

I liked her.

And she's certainly a step up from one of Catherine's spies.

I wanted to discuss this letter you wrote to Elizabeth of England.

At least three people read every letter you send, even the ones delivered through private messengers.

You think I don't know that? And why do you question my word? Your letter states that you want peace with your cousin and her country.

And for that, you're willing to relinquish your claim on England forever.

A thought suited for another world.

But we live in this one.

If I stake my claim, thousands of people will die to try and make it good.

Either Elizabeth or I will lose our heads.

And for what?! I'm already Queen of Scotland.

I'm going to be Queen of France.

Isn't that enough? So you're willing to disarm, hoping your opponent will disarm? Here's what you should know: When you disarm, your opponent shoots you.

We're not at war.

Royals are always at war.

Why? Why must I join in this madness? I can be a good wife to Francis and a good queen to his country.

You can never have a normal life because of who you are, and without power you're nothing but a threat.


The truth is, you're still simply a guest at French court.

The wife of the Dauphin.

You must beg the king and queen for anything Scotland may need.

All your power comes from what you might do in the future.

This is your only card.

Once you play it it's gone.


There you are.

Why are you? Who's this? We found him in the woods, alone and covered in blood.

He won't say a word about what happened to him.

The blood isn't his.

He has no cuts, no bite marks, nothing to match the other victims of the Darkness.

What makes you think the child encountered him? He was carrying this; It's a kind of pagan whistle.

I've heard it twice before, and both times the Darkness was nearby.

I think he uses it as a warning to inspire fear.

Well, if it belongs to the Darkness, how did this child get a hold of it? You must have got close to him.

Was your family chosen? Were they sacrificed? Can you tell us where you were? Enough! Leave the boy alone.

He's been through hell; You don't need to hold him over the coals.

Are you hurt? No one will hurt you here.

I promise.

The child knows something.

He's just too frightened to speak.

To you; He's afraid of you.

Perhaps the situation requires a more delicate approach.

From the duke I learned nothing.

Well, nothing of political interest.

But this morning I bed one of his lieutenants, who was curious to see what attractions I held for his master.


It always works.

And was he more forthcoming? - Much.


He says King Henry refuses to delay while supplies and armies are being replenished.

He will not wait on England.

They've just returned from war.

Henry said they'd take time to celebrate Calais.

Mobilization has already begun.

The offices are being sworn to secrecy.

The king means to attack England within the week.

He wants to slay Elizabeth and put Mary on the throne then.

BARTOS: Good afternoon.

I'm looking for Lord Julien.

Will you tell him his Uncle Bartos is here to see him? BENJAMIN: Yes, sir.

(DOOR CLOSES, FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Oh, Bartos! (LAUGHS) How good to see you.

You look positively road-weary.

Please, come in.

Thank you.

Leave us.

We're fine here.

Would the gentlemen? - We're fine.

What's all the fuss? And when did we get so familiar? (DOOR CLOSES) I'm not here to be reunited with a secretary; I want to talk to my nephew directly.

Remy where is he? Where is Lord Julien? Uh-uh, Lord Julien's away.

Where? He's been out of touch with the family for months gallivanting all over the continent for nearly a year.

The family sent me here to find him, after we heard a rumor he'd been married at French court.

It's true, he's both married and with child.

He's hard to keep in check, but I'll start at the tavern he favors.

Uh, wh where are you staying? I'll come around with Julien as soon as I track him down.

He's evading his family, I don't know why, but those who finance his disregard deserve an explanation.

I'll wait right here for his return.

(SIGHS) (DOOR CLOSES) I have to tell you something.

I have to do it quickly and you have to hear everything I say beyond something that'll shock you.

I don't understand.

I love you.

That is who I am, the man who loves you, but I'm not Lord Julien.

What are you talking about? My real name is Remy.

I was Lord Julien's personal secretary before he died.

This is madness.

(SIGHING) The real Julien Varga died in a terrible fire.

We were traveling through Bavaria.

The inn we stopped at burned to the ground.

I was carrying Julien's cloak, with its crest.

The local magistrate assumed I was he.

His life was there for the taking.

So I took it.

I took it and then I met you and I gave you a life I gave us a life - a wonderful life.

For his money, is that it? You you robbed a dead man? Yes.

It was a decision made in the moment, because I saw suddenly how easy it could be.

He has a family far away, whom he hated and rarely saw, money he could never use.

So I let the stipends keep coming.

But, eventually, they wanted contact with their wandering son, they wanted to see him.

And then you met me.

Good timing, was it? Because the stipends got cut off? Do I have that right? Yes.

You were going to fleece me for all you could and then run from your crime.

The story you told about being disenfranchised from your family, it all makes sense; They weren't your family at all.

Did you murder him? No.


I did not.

You might think I'm the lowest form of grave robber, but I didn't kill him.

And while I planned to leave you, I didn't.

I stayed, because I fell in love with you.

I risked everything to be with you.

I risked this day, which I prayed would never come.

Have you been caught? Is that why you're telling me this now? There is a man in the other room.

He is Lord Julien's uncle, sent by the family to find him.

You can hate me for the rest of your life.

You can turn me in to the authorities.

All I ask is that you back me up for as long as it takes to get him out of this house and out of our lives.

I don't know who you are.

But I'm not sure I want him to leave, because you terrify me.

You're sure? He could just be mobilizing against a counterattack on Calais.

A naval commander's confirmed it.

Henry has ordered a fleet to set sail for England by week's end.

You've seen the state of the French army.

If Henry invades We will be slaughtered.

After Calais, we are depleted on all fronts.

There must be some way to reach him.

Francis Henry doesn't understand right from wrong, or care.

He's killed innocents, he's shut out his closest advisors, he's closed his mind to reason.

No one can get through to him.

This has gone on long enough; He has to be stopped.


Absolutely not.

Don't get sentimental about a father who was never - sentimental about you.

But he is my father, and the king of France.

We owe him our allegiance.

Or how can we expect it ourselves? He is sick.

He needs our help, not to be put down like some rabid dog.

I need to get him away from here, away from the castle, take him somewhere.

A hunting trip.

CATHERINE: A hunting trip? - That's your solution? - We have said before that he may be being poisoned here in the castle by a means we have not yet discovered.

We have ruled out poison.

I am not convinced.

I know what he has done and what he has become but I need one last chance to break through to him.

I need to make sure that I have tried everything.

All right.

But whatever you plan on doing, do it quickly we are running out of time.

I will reach him.

You know as well as I do there's no reaching Henry.

He's gone.

We promised Francis time.

The time is now.

Catherine, I can't.

I I'd be defying my husband - betraying him, murdering his father.

My husband the father of my children handing over my crown to you the moment Francis is king.

I can't think about myself.

We need to think like queens now.

Or thousands of men will die needlessly in a war we are not prepared for and we cannot win.

We cannot save Henry, but we can still save those men.

And we can spare Francis from having to be a part of his father's murder.

There is some truth in that.

LAUGHS: And a strange kind of mercy.

So it's settled, then.

Together you and I are going to kill the king of France.

REMY: I realize we've talked around your nephew's absence today.

Yes, you've introduced me to his very silent new wife.

Forgive my directness, but I'd appreciate some of the same.

Where are the servants? I, uh, sent them home as the truth is a delicate matter.

Lord Julien's been gone for some time.

It was an issue of money.

He had, uh, - gambling debts.

I knew he enjoyed cards REMY: It was rather a passion for him.

One that sadly took precedence over the passion he had for his wife.

He was deeply in debt and fled from those debts.

My nephew abandoned you? REMY: I I can assure you, the love he bore his wife is true, and that this is excruciating - for Lady Lola to discuss.

Is that so? How can anyone be sure of someone who lies so easily, who uses others for what they can offer him, regardless of the cost? - Lola - The cost is to me, to my reputation, to my faith in another, in my husband, a man I gave my heart to.

REMY: I assure you I can speak to his heart, torn apart daily as his feelings for you grew.

BARTOS: And I can speak for the family.

I had no idea about the depth of my nephew's gambling problems.

To see you left in this way.

I feel shame for my nephew.

I assure you, the family will take care of you financially.

And the child.

You make a passionate case.

If only Julien had your depth of feeling.

If that's all there is to be said for now? Yes.

For now.

I must return home and alert the rest of the family.

Remy, if you see Julien Oh, of of course.


Is that Julien's ring? What? (CHUCKLES) That's Julien's signet ring.

Why are you wearing my nephew's ring? You see? You're not so scary under all that blood.

We really should get you a proper bath and some lovely covers to sleep under.

You know, when I was a little girl, my mother had a blanket made of fleece.

How do you stay warm? Do your parents let you sleep beside them? Where are you parents? They must be worried that you're cold or hurt.

They're dead.

I'm sorry.

But you needn't fear that they're worrying.

I'm sure they're looking at you right now.

And they can see that you're safe.

Can you tell me what happened to them? Then will you tell me what happened to you? So we can make sure it never happens to anyone else.


What? What's "Visegard"? BOY: A bad place in the mountains.

He took me there.

Who did? The man with the sharp teeth.

MARY: He's on a hunt.

He could have an accident on his way back.

What, a stray arrow? No, it's too dangerous with Francis at his side.

What about poison? Could you get something past his tasters? I tried that recently.

It backfired.

I can't see a way.

I've never known you to wilt from a challenge.

Certainly not when you were trying to get rid of me.

You're a very imaginative murderer.

There must be a way.

There is one time to get to him.


He's been taking mass alone.

There are no tasters, no guards.

And he feels absolutely safe.

These are for a private mass.

CATHERINE: Just him, a priest and the Almighty God.

We will have one chance at this.

We won't get another.

And if we succeed, I'll be a widow.

And Francis will rule.

Long live the king.

I've never heard of any town called Visegard.

What do you hope to find there? The boy was neither sacrificed nor fed upon.

Yet the Darkness brought him there for some reason.

If we find this place, it may hold clues.

It may even be a place the Darkness resides.

And what makes you think that? When pagans spill blood to feed the Darkness, they have to bring it somewhere.

You don't even know where this town is.

It could be days away.

You said that when you return, that you would take me to our new home, that you would get me away from Henry.

Perhaps I should leave you.

No, we have business still.

You're right.

Pack your things.

We'll leave tonight.

I'll think of some excuse.

You're not planning to go with her? I can't involve her in this.

If I tell her what I know, I have to tell her how I know it.

How you know what exactly? That Visegard is more than just a place.

It's a pagan word.

It means "Where Darkness rises.

" And that I know this because I was born a pagan.

Is that why you've taken this on? Because you feel some blame for the blood spilled by this faith? It's more than just that.

I was forced to kill two men in those woods a zealot of the faith and an innocent.

And ever since then, I have a darkness in me that I despise.

The Darkness touched us all.

It tortured Olivia.

If you're going to search for Visegard, I'm going with you.

There is nothing quite like the feast of a fresh kill.

I feel cleaner.


Ready to take on England.

But to stage an invasion now, before we have replenished our forces, is it not better to wait? You know, Francis we should have done this a long time ago.

All those hunting trips I shared with your brother, I regret not having had these moments with you.

Why do you push so hard to conquer England? Perhaps I am more ambitious than most kings.

It was my father who taught me to push hard.

Oh, he expected a great deal from his sons.

Did you know he was captured by the Spaniards? I was six or seven at the time.

They imprisoned him in Madrid, under the cruelest conditions.

One day, my brother and I were taken to visit him.

He saw our boat and he ran to us.

I ran to him.

He passed us by and jumped in the boat.

We'd been traded as hostages for his freedom.

Why did he let that happen? He was the one who arranged it.

Sons must sacrifice for their fathers.

This is the lesson.

I learned it with my brother, beaten and starved for three years.

Father When we returned there was no loving embrace.

He was a hard man to please.

Like God.

Father, it wasn't right.

What he did to you, it wasn't right.

I believe in a loving God.

And I believe His work is done by people like you, and you have so much more to do in France before you turn to England.

You have already achieved the glory.

Now do the good.

Yes, of course.

There are things to do in France first.

I tell you, he asked me to keep the ring so that he wouldn't gamble away a family keepsake.

Bartos, what are you looking for? BARTOS: Julien is a large man.

I see no boots his size, no cloaks that would fit him.

There's no trace of my nephew anywhere.

You're making an ordeal out of nothing.

BENJAMIN: Begging your pardon, mistress, I left my gloves LOLA: Not now, Benjamin.

BENJAMIN: As they're my only pair - Please be on your way.

You there.

You work for the master of this house, do you not? - This is a private matter.

Just go.

Where is he? Where is Lord Julien? He's standing right there.

But this man is this man And this woman? BENJAMIN: His wife, my lord, Lady Lola.

Get out, Benjamin.

Just go.

You took my nephew's name.

What else did you take? - I never harmed him.

I promise you.

Remy, just tell him what happened.

Is he still alive? Answer me.

It was an accident, I swear You killed him.

LOLA: No, no, no! Let go, let go! Stop it! Stop it, please! - I'll kill you - Let go of him! (GRUNTING) (GASPS) My God.

I killed him.

I have to go now.

I'm moving today.

But I wanted you to know that these ladies are going to look after you.

They're the kindest governesses in the castle.

It's for the best.

They're gonna take much better care of you than I ever could.

Um, my mother gave this to me when I left Scotland.

She said it would always keep me safe.

I wanted you to have it.

Please don't leave me.

They'll burn me.


Why would you say that? You worship the gods, not God, don't you? I don't care if you're a pagan.

I'm never going to let anybody hurt you.

Would you like to come and stay with me? Just for a while? You know, I don't even know your name.


Mary, I did it.

What? - I convinced him to postpone the invasion.

France is safe.

He listened to me.

His sanity started trickling back in, and for a moment I could actually see my father again.

I'm not saying that he's cured.

That may take time.

What is it? What's wrong? How much time? How can you be sure? - I'm not.

Then you agree, - we can't risk it.

Risk what? Letting him live? Mary what have you done? FRANCIS: It's not too late! He has agreed not to invade England! He saw reason! He's getting better! Do you hear me?! Well, if there's hope, maybe.

There is hope! I've seen it! You have to stop this right now! In nomine patri et fili et spiritus sancti.


Who sent you?! (GRUNTING) Who sent you?! Who?! MAN: Your Majesty, the Duke of Guise.

My friend! You're the only one I can trust.

I must speak with you.


FRANCIS: I thought your plan was to poison him.

It was.

I stopped it.

I got to the priest in time.

I don't understand.

If you didn't send the assassin, who did? I don't know.

But I can't help but notice who's benefited the most.

Who's come out of this smelling like a rose.

My uncle.

How did he know the specifics of our plan? That we called it off? CATHERINE: He has spies, surely.

What if he's playing both sides? What if he warned the king of an attempt on his life? If we succeed in spite of this, job done: Francis becomes king and the duke benefits from his promise of a position at court.

If we fail Then the duke is the man who warned the king.

He still benefits because he gains my father's trust.

The only complication was our calling off the attempt.

The duke's already warned the king; He looks like a hysterical fool if nothing happens.

So he makes something happen.

Sometimes, to sell a pail of water, you start a fire.

If this is true, then the king will listen to no one but the duke from now on.

He was listening to me.

Do you both realize how much danger you're in because of what you've done? The good news is we're both still alive, so Henry doesn't suspect us yet.

But his paranoia is awakened.

We'll never get another chance.

Henry's untouchable now.

God help us all.

I lie behind the star-bright sky, I do not fear this life's good-bye.

Pascal's coming with us if that's all right with you.

BASH: Of course.

He'll be in good hands.

As will you.

These men will escort you home and stand guard until I return.

I knew this would happen.

You're going to find Visegard, aren't you? QUIETLY: I lie behind the star-bright sky, I do not fear this life's good-bye.

I'm going to go search the mountains.

If I find the man with the sharp teeth, I'll make sure he can never hurt you again.

I promise.

Pascal you go wait for me in the carriage, please.

I actually believed you.

I believed you when you said you wanted us to have a life together, but this IS OUR FUTURE: You breaking your word and abandoning me to an empty home so you can run off - and be the hero.

You think I want this? I don't know what you want.

Maybe you're just not suited to domestic life.

Maybe neither of us are.

For all your confidence, I think you've seen yourself as the plaything of others.

I know you were handed to me like an object, a punch line for what we both thought was a cruel joke.

But this marriage is no longer something that happened to me.

It's You are what I want.

I want to come back to you.

I just have to finish this first.

Then come back to me, or I'll kill you myself.

I have to turn myself in.


They'll never believe it was an accident.

They'll think you murdered the uncle and Lord Julien.

Oh, God, I can't think.

We could run.

We can't run.

You need to get away from me I've brought you nothing but pain.

That's not true.

Let me help you.

No, I can't, Lola.

When Julien's uncle doesn't return, his family will send investigators.

Lola, stop! I'll say Bartos never got here, that he must have learned that Julien had died.

We have a body.

There'll be no ongoing hunt for Lord Julien.

He will die here tonight, - and you can be free.


You are good and honest.

What have I done to you? You said the fire burned his body beyond recognition.

If it worked before, it could work again.

And you can vanish without anyone following.

What about you? What have I left you with? Our memories before tonight.

A name and respectability for this child.

And you a widow.

We can never see each other again.

I know.

Lola, I'm so sorry.

So am I.

We haven't much time.

The servants could return at any moment.

Go back to French Court.

Don't be alone.

There are too many challenges ahead of you.

If the real father is a good man, let him be a part of your lives.

Promise me that.

Go now, my love.

Don't look back.

Promise me you'll run.

I'll run for my life.

PASCAL: I lie behind the star-bright sky, I do not fear this life's good-bye.

Close your eyes for my caress.

I've never heard that rhyme before.

Who taught it to you? My father.

Do you want to tell me what happened to your father? A bad man killed him.


I think the bloodlust is in you.

(YELLS) KENNA: Whoever killed him will someday be punished.

Bad men always get what they deserve.

(BELL TOLLING) (WIND WHISTLES SOFTLY) Francis, Henry had to be stopped.

It wasn't an easy decision to make, but I thought it was the only way.

I know what you thought, but you agreed to wait.

You lied to me.

I'm sorry.

Sorry for what? You don't regret it we both know that you'd do it again.

When you told me that you wanted to relinquish your claim to England, I stood by you, and today when I told you what I wanted, I thought you stood by me as well.

Instead, you worked with my mother to murder the king of France! We wanted to spare you.

I didn't want you to carry that burden for the rest of your life.

I did what you couldn't do.

I did it for France.

For the nation that you used to put before all else, even me.

Because that is what rulers do! - What is wrong with you?! - (GASPS) He is my father! There are risks that you take for the people that you love.

You used to know that.

Who are you becoming? HENRY: It was good to be with Francis today.

The boy truly loves me, I understand that now.

I have misjudged him in so many ways.

He doesn't want England.

He shies from conquest.

Without my constant pushing, he would be content to hide under the covers with Mary.

I can't live in fear or tolerate it in others.

I was so close to death today, I could feel its dark hand on my throat.

But God spared me for the work I must do.

It is for me to sit on England's throne, to slay their bastard queen, and rule a new empire! It's what I was meant for! (PANTING) But Francis was right.

Before I I invade England there are things I must do here in France.

First I must kill my son and wed his wife.

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