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Previously on Reign - You killed 12 of my countrymen.

I will never forgive you for this.

Lord Castleroy, I heard what you did for Leith.

Getting him out of jail, into the army.

I didn't do it for him.

I did it for you.

My mother is a Catholic ally.

She is under attack.

Enemies screaming for her head.

And no one cares.

But the Duke of Guise? Do you know anyone else with an army as large? - Or as loyal? - Your men will report to me as they would to you.

But why would you need my men? - I'm going with you to Scotland.

French forces marched for Calais this morning.

Henry, you're not well.

We can take Calais.

Any fool knows he can't do that.

It's true, Father's army would failon its own but two armies Do you mean the duke's army? Mary's army? Mary will have to understand.

I have no choice.

Francis is trying to save his country.

And I can forgive him for that as I hope he will forgive me for doing what needs to be done for Scotland.

The English attacked at dawn.

It took almost everything we had, but we beat them back.

Between the constant attacks and desertions, we won't be able to hold the line.

Where's your commander? Dead.

Who's asking? The Dauphin of France.

Stand when you address him.

The English have been on our soil in Calais for two centuries.

I, for one, am tired of seeing them attack our lines.

I'm sure you are, too.

That's why you're not gonna hold this outpost anymore.

You're going to advance.

But we've lost half our company.

The English know that.

That's why they keep attacking, taking a few of us each time, until we can't fight anymore and are forced to retreat.

We're in danger of losing this war if we don't act.

The soldiers that you repelled this morning come from the castle of Montmorency.

That castle stands between us and our route to Calais.

If we take it, we clear the way.

So the Duke of Guise can stop holding the English back on the eastern front, and push his men through where the English aren't prepared to defend themselves.

He has thousands of men.

But there's 12 of us.

You want us to take a castle? Not you alone.

All the men along the line will advance as well.

My Lord, Your Grace.

The English have been spotted, headed this way.

We need to get you to safety.

So much for advancing to a bloody castle.

Send word to the duke.

Tell him to get here as soon as he can.

Your Grace, you can't stay.

If the English see you on horseback, if they even recognize you as a noble, they'll take you out first.

Meet your new commander.

We're advancing to a bloody castle.

We missed you at breakfast.

It's not healthy to spend so much time alone.

I know, I'm sorry.

I'm just worried about Francis.

I know you parted on painful terms.

He took men meant for my mother's protection to save French soldiers.

I know he had to.

Thousands of Frenchmen would have died otherwise.

Do all married couples have these struggles? I think you've redefined marital discord.

Mary, what is it? That guard.

Every time I see him, I want to gouge his eyes out.

Why on earth? Who is he? Your Grace, pardon my intrusion, but there's an urgent letter for you.

Ah, my cousins! Roman, how lovely to see you.



You look well, Catherine.

Given the circumstances.

What circumstances are those? That your husband has left the castle again.

I hear he's with a mistress in Paris.

Usually you time your visits around Henry's availability.

Though it could be said he's in a bad temper of late.

So you would have enjoyed his company less than usual.

I always enjoy his company.

As I know he always greatly enjoyed mine.

Except for the day when he left you in tears because he decided to marry me.

Oh, life is full of surprises, isn't it? Roman has trade.

As for me, I've come to reclaim the team of men I loaned you.

I need them for a job back in Florence.

I assume you have no objection as they've already served their purpose? Mary.

These are my cousins.

Hortensa, Roman de Medici.

Mary, Queen of Scotland.

I remember you as a child.

So talkative, free with words.

Catherine, could I have a private word with you? Oh, there you go.

More words.

Of course.

Uh, Beatrice, will you please show my cousins to their chambers and stay with them to ensure their comfort? Mary, what is it? I've received a letter from my mother.

Marie de Guise.

The Protestant insurgents surrounding her castle are demanding blood.

It's no longer a case of fighting them.

If she has any hope of survival, she needs to escape in secret.

But she needs money to do so.

For guards, transport, bribes if necessary.

Well, this is awful.

But why are you coming to me? - You know that I can't - She also wrote to me of a time when you feared for your life.

You wrote to my mother asking for help.

And she came through with a loan of 50,000 crowns - to recruit an army.

I never used that money.

Well, you never gave it back, either.

I've exchanged ten times that amount with your mother.

Is this really about an old debt? No.

It's about how it feels to be a female ruler, trapped and alone.

If anyone knows how terrifying that is, it is you.

And I'd help if I could.

But all of the court's money is tied up in the war with Calais.

I'm not talking about the court's money.

I'm talking about your money.

The funds you keep hidden.

Just in case you have to leave France in a hurry.

I don't - Don't try to deny it.

Not six months ago, you escaped the tower and were ready to disappear because Henry wanted you dead.

How were you going to support yourself in exile? You and my mother were friends once.

I wish her well.

There is no hidden money.

Catherine, I beg of you! You're a queen! Don't beg.

It invites sympathy, then pity, then disdain.

Give the impression that you're weak, and you'll soon need a secret fund.

That's all.

You may go.

Who's there? John Priveaux.

At your service.

I wondered when you'd get here.

You weren't seen? I'm never seen.

And yet your name is known in certain circles.

Your uncle's for one? He has spoken of your rise in your field.

A man who gets the job done.

A mercenary.

Your messenger said you had an urgent matter to discuss.

Queen Catherine has a secret stash of gold somewhere for emergencies.

I need you to find it and bring it to me.

I would have preferred to have not used your services, but I gave Catherine the option of being a human being and saving a life, and she refused.

Was that wise? Considering you're about to steal it? Done right, she won't even notice it's gone.

Perhaps not for months.

By then, it will be too late.

Fair enough.

I'll have it for you in two days.

Well, how will you go about it? You don't want the details.

I won't have blood spilled if that's what you're intending.

No one intends to spill blood.

But plans go awry.

Obstacles come up.

I can't be expected to finish my job with half my tools.

No innocent blood then.

Promise me.

I can promise I'll try.

But if it gets in the way of success You will keep me apprised before any serious action is taken.

Leave everything to me.

Forgive me, Father.

Since my last confession, I have taken the Lord's name in vain many times.

And ordered the assassination of a dozen Scottish visitors.

I struck my servant.

A slap, which I regret, as it was a loss of self-control.

And she's been sulky ever since.

Also, my cousin Hortensa is here.

Expect worse of me.

I loathe her.

I'm prepared for my penance.

Father? Oh, come, Bash, the air is bracing, we're all young and wed, and you must shake this black mood.

There's nothing that you can do.

That's exactly the problem, isn't it? I'm here while thousands bleed from English swords.

And my brother Francis will survive the war.

You must believe that.

It's true, Bash.

There's no point in imagining anything else.

Come play.

Is that as good as you've got? Lola! Are you all right? It's just a cramp.

Uh, they've been happening.

But this one uh, perhaps I should lie down.

We need to take care of you.

We'll stop and rest here.

How much further to the English line, sir? Just a few miles.

Aah! What is your name? Leith Bayard, sir.

I am in your debt, Leith Bayard.

I told him you were a good luck charm.

Who'd kill the Dauphin of France? We were safe with you.

I'm not a good luck charm.


I know you're there.

Oh, you're wise not to speak, though it tells me more than you think.

For one thing, this has nothing to do with the war.

If it did, our negotiations would be much more in the open.

You'd be boasting about your English superiority.

And for another, it tells me that you don't intend to kill me at least not yet.

Which means you want something.

Information, perhaps? Money? And since you got into the castle so easily, you either work there unlikely or you're a mercenary, hired to kidnap me for someone else.

Someone close to me, in desperate need of funds, who has long had it in for me.

A young queen, perhaps? The good news is, you've chosen your victim wisely.

I'll double whatever they offered.

But you must bring me the head of the person responsible for this.

Do we have a deal? Oh, there you go, that's a nice kick.

The baby's well.

You'll be fine, too.

Bit of blood isn't anything as long as it stops, and yours did.

Rest here a bit.

Thank you, Agnes.

Would you like more water? Another pillow? I think all I need is rest.

It's getting harder as the weeks go by.

You're sharing a bed with two of us, one who steals the covers and the other one kicks and turns all night.

Perhaps I should sleep in my quarters this evening.

That's not what I want.

Not at all.

You've been so kind to me.

A better husband than I could have hoped for.

Or might deserve.

Don't do that.

All I meant was, I've been happy.

Really and truly happy these last months.

When I think of how things might have gone for me I'd be facing moments like this alone, save for some cold nuns around me, judging me.

I'm glad I'm a step up from a nunnery.

I am a bit scared about giving birth.

I know you fear it as well.

It's dangerous for women.

Lola Would you be with me? At my side? I I think you'll be in better hands with your lady friends.

I want to hold your hand.

You make me feel safe.

I need - You don't.

I always want to be there for you.

That's not the same as saying you'll be with me.

I, uh It's all right, I understand.

It's not common for men to witness childbirth It's not that.

If I'm careful with my words, it's only so you'll understand.

You have a strength you have yet to realize.

Remember that.


What do you mean, the queen has been kidnapped? I would keep your voice down, unless you're trying to alert the entire country to the vulnerability of Henry's court.

Someone slipped this note under my chamber door ten minutes ago.

"20,000 francs to be delivered to the base of the Louis XI obelisk by sundown tomorrow.

" Good Lord.

As you're the last royal in the castle, I thought it prudent to let you know.

In case you want to do anything about it.

What do you mean? The Medici family has a long-standing tradition not to negotiate with kidnappers.

If we bowed to their demands, we would never be safe.

Well, what of Catherine? - Well, perhaps Henry will pay the ransom.

It will take days to get word to him in Paris, long after the deadline.

The letter makes it clear that if we do not give into the demands, Catherine's body will be dumped at the castle gates.

My dear, I've been in this situation before, and there are really only two possible outcomes.

Either Catherine's kidnappers intend to return her alive in which case, they'll certainly wait a few days for the ransom or they don't.

In which case, there's really no rush to do anything.

A servant just dropped this off at my door.

She said it was found at the castle gate.

My God.

That earring it's Catherine's.

Then there is a third possible outcome.

The kidnappers intend to return Catherine alive, but in pieces.

Our policy is clear.

We simply can't give in to their demands.

The castle of Montmorency lies before us, - ours for the taking.

What makes you so sure we'll take it? Did you see the men who attacked us this morning? I was too busy soiling my pants, Your Grace.

There was a man with a red beard and another wearing a lady's favor.

I saw them before, twice.

Don't you see? The castle is undermanned.

The same few men are being sent each time.

They strike fast and withdraw to deceive us into thinking that the castle is too strong to take.

Soon it will be too strong.

We must get there before the English reinforcements arrive.


Get in position! Move! Take cover! We can't fight that, Your Grace! We can't even turn and run.

What now? We have no choice.

We stay and finish this, or we die trying.

Kenna told me that you were unwell, that it might be the baby.

We're both fine, thank you.

You don't look fine.

What is it? I received word from my family's banker.

The dowry was transferred to my husband two days ago.

The money Julien has been waiting for has arrived and is in his grasp.

I thought you were holding it back.

No, the banker couldn't, not anymore.

Legally, he's owed it.

And worse still, the banker said Julien had been pressing for it.

That he'd been relentless.

But you have no proof he needs the money, do you? No.

But Julien married me before he loved me, or I loved him.

And I do love him But why would he, why would any man, marry a girl pregnant with another man's child unless he was going to get something out of it? And what if he did? What if he's secretly broke and ashamed, or in debt.

And he met and married a very rich girl who only married him because she's pregnant with another man's child.

And what if those two people fell in love anyway? If the end of your story is a happy one, then does how it began really matter? I hope Lord Castleroy is your happy ending.

Do you think of Leith often? Every day.

I pray for his future, I pray for his survival even though I'll never set eyes on him again.

Fire! The English have placed a wagon full of gunpowder next to the cannon, for ease of reloading.

One flaming arrow, well-aimed, would take it out, as well as the entire English squad.

You won't make it ten feet out of these trees before you're blown to pieces.

If I acted alone, yes, but not if we work together.

That cannon can only shoot in one direction at a time.

If you were to charge down the right flank, drawing its fire, I could sneak down the left and get close enough to take the shot.

Calais - They don't care about Calais.

They know how lords and generals talk of battle.

The men are chess pieces.

But we don't see ourselves that way.

No one risks their life for some lord's strategy.

We do it for those we love, for our brothers-in-arms, and so we don't look like cowards.

And for money.

I don't view you as chess pieces.

Then prove it.

Get us out of here alive.

I can't promise that.

But this is not a lord's strategy.

This is about survival.

That cannon is the fist of God.

If we stay here and do nothing, it will pound us to pieces.

But if we advance, dispersed and on the move, the English won't know who to target.

It is the best chance for most of us to survive.

Greer told Lola not to worry about Julien, but I worry.

All I'm asking is that you get close to him, feel him out on his finances.


His background? - No.

Well, why not? You don't want to pick this marriage apart.

It came together very quickly.

Let them find their way.

You know.

That Lola got pregnant by someone else.

That's why she rushed to the altar.

Do you know by who? No.

But I suspect you do.

Some cad who can't take responsibility.

But she found Julien.

And maybe she's lucky.

Her child will have a name, respectability She's in love with him.

And if he's not in love with her She can never be free of him.

They're wed.

She can protect her heart.

And as her friend, I want to help her do that.

As my husband, I want you to help me.

Please? You said you would keep me apprised before any serious action was taken.

I've spilled no blood.

You kidnapped the queen of France! And cut off her ear.

You really are new at this, aren't you? The queen is fine.

I purchased the ear off a grave-digger.

And put Catherine's earring on it to better tell the tale.

Besides, your orders were to get the money as quickly as possible.

By stealing it.

Not by ransoming her.

The Medicis are refusing to pay.

I could have warned you about that.

The ransom is a distraction.

What anyone would expect in a kidnapping.

And is it your intention to kill the queen? Since she surely suspects I'm responsible.

Oh, she suspects all right.

She's offered me double my fee to bring her your head.

Relax, Mary.

I wouldn't succeed in my line of work if it were known that I could be turned so easily.

I'm not going to kill Catherine.

And you won't be blamed for this.

How do you intend to pull that off? The queen has no way of proving you're responsible.

So all we need is a credible alternative.

Someone we can frame for the crime.

I'll deliver the queen the head.

She'll pay me, and I'll give you the money.

Minus my cut.

The queen goes free, and everyone's happy.

Except for the innocent soul who dies in my stead.

If you're worried about innocence, then choose someone who isn't.

Given all the treachery and backstabbing at court, it shouldn't be that hard.

Pick a name.

Someone this world would be better off without.

And don't waste time about it.

You hired a mercenary to kidnap Catherine? I didn't mean for it to go that far, but yes.

Now, to get out of it, I have to pin the crime on someone else.

You'd do that? You'd send an innocent to their death? I don't know what I'm capable of anymore, to be frank.

But there is one possibility.

For months I've been trying to figure out which of Catherine's men participated in the massacre of my countrymen at the brothel.

Some time ago, I paid a servant to track down one of the prostitutes who escaped to find some descriptions of the men involved.

According to the prostitute, one of the men had a scar on his left cheek from brow to chin.

Lots of men have scars.

He also badly burned his hands after the massacre.

This isn't justice.

It's solving your problems with the blood of another.

I know how this goes.

As do you.

That's why you came to me.

You killed someone in the woods when the pagans forced you to choose a sacrifice.

I did it for you.

And for myself.

I murdered a man who was about to kill another.

And to this day I wonder.

Did he have a family? Did he die for his own beliefs? Or was he simply acting on the orders of those above him? Was he really as guilty as I thought at the time? And what's the answer? The answer is, you have to be sure.

Because if there's any doubt in your mind, your conscience won't ever let you rest again.


What a talent you have for sneaking up on people.

Oh, I couldn't help but notice you speaking with Catherine's guard.

You mean my guard.

I lent Catherine my men some time ago.

Why do you ask? I, um, wanted to employ him to help me find Catherine.

My dear.

You need to be a much better liar if you want anyone to take you seriously.

I wanted to question him.

He did some work for Catherine.

And I'm curious to the specifics.

The whorehouse massacre.

Don't act so surprised.

My guards may have served Catherine, but they're loyal to me.

Did she put you up to this? Who? Catherine? She's been trying to banish me from court for years.

Afraid I'll steal her husband.

She already assigned that little harlot of hers, Beatrice, to spy on me.

And now she's got you doing it, too.

You're trying to gauge my involvement in the slaughter of your countrymen.

Well, I had nothing to do with it.

I loaned Catherine those men long before she planned the incident.

And if you intend to say otherwise, I'll deal with you in the same way as Beatrice.

Queen or not.

Are you threatening me? Let's just say I can't have either of you bearing false witness to Henry when he returns.

If it means stepping on an insect, a servant, a nothing to make my point clear, I don't mind getting the heel of my shoe bloody.

If I've read you wrong, I apologize.

But Catherine must be taught to stay out of my affairs.

Assuming she makes it back to the castle.

I was about to send the servants to look for you.

Where have you been? Looking into Julien's background.

Among other things.

Is he destitute? He was married before.

Did he kill his wives? - I have no idea.

But I did learn of his activities closer to home.

He's planning a hunting trip.

Lola mentioned it.

With one horse and a carriage to carry some belongings.

But no hounds, no falcons.

He didn't request hunting gear of any kind.

You said her dowry came through.


It's in his possession.

You think he's going to leave her? I don't know.

But he's leaving the castle tonight.

And I don't for a minute think he's going hunting.

Did you do as I asked? I don't believe it.

Did you cut off the head of Mary, Queen of Scots? No.

I brought the head of the one behind your kidnapping.

As you asked.

What? Not Mary? Then who? Answer carefully.

If you lie, I won't tell you where to find the money.

Someone who's hated you for a long time.

Who needed money desperately.

You'll find proof of what I've said when you return to the castle.

Now, where's the gold? If you lie, I'll find you again.

And next time I'll take your children as well.

There's a chest of gold in an empty sarcophagus, beneath the apse of the Church of St.



Be fast.

Don't miss.

Sir, they're advancing! God save us all.

Well done, men! All of you! Where's Leith? He was behind me.

Leith! A carriage but no hounds for a hunting trip? Isn't that odd? Bash found his lack of interest in hunting supplies quite odd, yes.

Oh, he's going to leave me.

If you love Julien, you should talk to him.

See if he will share his troubles.

And pray that they're just financial.

I was just checking in on your beautiful bride.

Thank you, Kenna.

Uh, no, darling, don't.


I want to talk.

What you need is rest.

And I'm going to sleep in my quarters this evening so you get it.

And the hunting trip? Are you still going on it? I may, yes, if you're well.


Please don't.

Stay with me.

All right.

Uh but I may stop in court for a hand of cards.

Hmm? I'll have your dinner sent to you.

Julien, please hear me.

I don't need elaborate things, anything that you can't provide.

I admit I I went into this marriage as a means of survival.

But I never would have done that if I hadn't thought I'd found someone I could care for.

And I do.

I want you.

And you can keep me for much less than you might imagine.

I wish you could believe that.

Who could believe that of a girl like you? You're everything I ever dreamed of.

Get back! I want every entrance to the castle locked down till further notice.


Thank God.


You expect me to believe you know nothing of this? No, I swear.

Organize a search of Hortensa's rooms and those of Mary, Queen of Scots.

I want to know everything about her: her movements, her letters, anyone she's been meeting with.

Until I'm satisfied with the details of what happened, I will seek the identity of my true abductor and destroy them.

Go! Leith! Leith? Over here! He needs a physician.

The nearest French encampment is a few miles away.

We'll go get help.

No, you must join the others.

We need as many men as possible at the castle.

See that they send a rider to the Duke of Guise, telling him that the way is open, but it may not be for long.

Hurry the war is all but won if we press our advantage.

You should go as well.

I'll be all right.

Shut up.

You'll bleed out in the field as our army passes by.

I am not about to let you die.

You're coming with me.

Oh, please.

No, I can't I can't make it.



A wise man once told me yesterday, as a matter of fact that we fight for those that we love.

I'm just like you.

I want to go home.

There must be someone that you'll fight to see again.

There's a woman.

But it could never work.

Is she married? - No.

Not yet, anyway.

But she's above my station.

Well, have you considered that maybe you have more to offer her now? The friendship of the next king of France.

Do you know what kings get to do? They get to give lands and titles to those they wish to reward.

It's one of the better aspects of being king, because, trust me, some of them are far less enjoyable.

You'd do that? For me? Why wouldn't I? Because you're merely a chess piece? I have lost good men, and I'm not prepared to sacrifice any more, especially if I can help it.

Live, Leith Bayard.

Live and go home to the woman you love.

Marry her and be happy and live for as long as you possibly can.

But live.

It's our men.

The road to Calais is now open.

Roman De Medici, Your Grace.

I supervised the search of Hortensa's room.

Her jewel box was empty.

Turns out she was penniless.

How? I thought her husband left her a fortune when he died.

We found this among her things.

Bring it.

Instructions on the delivery of money? It would seem she was being blackmailed.

By someone who suspected she had arranged her husband's death.

And did she? You know Hortensa.

It's distinctly possible.

According to that letter, she had been paying vast sums for years to keep the secret.

That's why she came here and held you for ransom.

I'm sorry, Catherine.

I don't know how any of this escaped our notice.

For a moment, what I thought had escaped my notice was Mary, Queen of Scots.

A child I'd raised for a while.

I wondered what lessons she'd learned from me lately.

I warned her not to beg, not to look weak.

You think she arranged all this? I think she's capable of all of it, except the murder of Hortensa.

It takes time for a woman to grow that hard.

I was nearly 30 when I killed an innocent.

I suppose innocence is all relative.

I wonder how long Mary's will last.

Because once gone, it can never be reclaimed.


I didn't play cards.

I was going to leave you, and I suspect you knew that.

I've fallen out with my family.

They're not good people.

I I don't want to go into it beyond that.

I only I have no money of my own.

I was going to live off yours.

What I could get my hands on, anyway.

Your dowry.

Go on.

I am about as close to penniless as a son of a wealthy family could ever be.

And is that why you married me? Why you didn't care about me carrying another man's child? Because of my money? Yes.

But as I came to love you, I knew I couldn't keep such a secret from you any longer.

The shame of telling you the truth, of admitting that our life could only be funded by your family's money What about my shame? Abandoned not one year into our marriage.

Did you think about that? I wasn't thinking clearly.

You said you didn't want to be alone, that fear made you want me at your side.

Well, my fear made me want to run away.

What are you so afraid of? All I have to offer you is me.

But I thought if you meant what you said, if you needed less, if you could live a simpler life I could.

I want to.

I want to forgive you, I I want to be with you, but how do I trust you? With time.

With our whole lives.

I will prove myself to you.

Promise me: no more lies.

I promise.

You came back.

This is just a sample.

The rest is hidden safely, awaiting your instructions.

Minus my cut, of course.

And Hortensa's body? Buried safely, with a forged letter planted in her chambers I took her head quickly, if that brings you peace.

You made an excellent choice.

I'm not sure there is one when it comes to murder.

But I've been at court long enough to know how the Medicis work, and how they act.

Hortensa was going to have Beatrice killed.

Her guard confirmed it.

I traded one life for another today.

And I pray that I've saved my mother.

But at what price? - Count yourself lucky it was bought so cheaply, Your Grace.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Actually, I'm not quite done with your services yet, if you're still willing.

That gold you acquired is bound for Scotland, to help my mother.

I need to be sure it arrives in the right hands.

I need someone I can trust to lead a group of men to secure her rescue.

There would be a substantial purse in it for you, as well, of course.

Finding men like myself, willing to do whatever's necessary in spite of the risks, isn't easy.

I've already taken care of that part.

Follow me.

These men used to work for Hortensa, until their mistress lost her head, and now they work for me.

And they answer to you.

Pack your belongings.

Be ready to sail within the hour.

Yes, Your Grace.

Are you sure you know what you're doing? Those men are rumored to have carried out the massacre of your countrymen.

They're monsters.

Indeed they are but they're my monsters now.

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