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They all need something to hold on to They all mean well You could never feel my story It's all you know oh! - Previously on Reign - Lord Castleroy.

I know I'm not the man of your dreams.

Will you accept my humble proposal? We're married, we can't be unmarried.

I thought we'd agree to at least try.

Henry, end this now.

Leave, Penelope.

Get out.

Now! - Henry, no! - While the king feels forgiving.

this country could come apart.

I was paid to murder the Queen of Scots on her voyage home.

We'll go when it's safe.

My mother's in jeopardy now.

Scotland is in jeopardy now.

Guards, surround the queen.

Locked in the tower? But I have done this for you.

I love you, and I've put you first.

You can't just leave me locked in here.

Francis! Francis! No! Gabriel commanded my best archer corps.

Some of his men were twice his age.

But they all loved him.

He sang to them at night.

He sang of this place.

His home.

Your brother died fighting for his home, his people.

With great bravery.

I understand you lost a son today.

But I lost a soldier, and only one of those can be remedied.

Gabriel's men followed him because he was a nobleman.

They will follow his brother for the same good reason.


We don't need your money.

Martin's only 14.

He's too young.

A year older than I was when I first saw combat.

My lord Duke, I can't allow it.

You can.

And you will.

Would you ask my men to sacrifice themselves for the protection of estates that won't sacrifice for them? Be proud of your sons.

I am.

No no You gonna come and get real love You gonna feel what I feel, baby We're up against the setting sun When you gonna get real love Ooh, ooh Watch out! Don't hit Lola! I'm fine.

I'm not that far along yet.

It wasn't so long ago we were all talking about our first kisses? Now you're all married.

And soon you will be as well.

Unless I ruin it before then.

Or my father does.

He's arriving today, and I'm worried he'll offend Lord Castleroy with too small a dowry.

We can't afford much.

Have you told Lord Castleroy your family's lost its fortune? He might be understanding.

Tell a suitor we're broke? My father would have a heart attack.

I've had more opportunities than you can count.

And what do I do? Fall in love with a servant and nearly ruin his life, too.

We've all had the same opportunity, and look at us.

I never dreamt that I'd be wed to a bastard with an imaginary title.

Lola's been forced to hide her pregnancy.

Even Mary and Francis Yes, when we couldn't come to terms on my brother, my beloved husband locked me in a tower.

It's been almost a month.

Are you and Francis on any better terms? Well, I can now talk to him without screaming.

Does that count as "better"? Your Majesty? I have dire news from Scotland.

It's about your mother, Marie de Guise.

The Protestants and their Lords of the Congregation have sent an army to besiege my mother in Edinburgh.

There are men outside the castle demanding her surrender.

Her friends don't know how much longer she can hold out for.

Mary, I'm so sorry.

My brother James warned us that the Protestants were planning a rebellion against my mother.

If I had gone with him, I could have stopped it.

Or you could've been killed.

This news only proves it.

It's too bad we couldn't protect my mother by locking her in the tower as you did with me.

Instead of arguing, let's help her.

Your mother needs soldiers and quickly.

And how are we supposed to get them? Certainly not from your father.

Armies can be bought.

Who has that kind of money? My mother.

Francis, I've already asked your mother.

More than once.

She's always said no.

Then we will ask her together.

And we will keep asking until she says yes.

Mother, we need to talk.

I realize that.

Why do you think I sent for you two? Oh, you sent for us? So you've heard the news then? I'm sorry, Mary.

You must be crushed.

Well, I'm worried, I'm not crushed.

There's still time to send reinforcements.

Oh, dear.

I don't think we're talking about the same news.

Have you not heard about the succession? Whose succession? Not yours, I'm afraid.

Word came from England.

It's official.

Elizabeth will be their next queen.

Mary Tudor's dead? The old bitch is still clinging to her miserable life.

But she managed to cough up the gall to hand over her crown to Elizabeth.

A bastard, a Protestant no less, and not my son's wife! Are you even pregnant yet? Could you possibly be any less use to France? Do not talk to my wife that way.

She's a queen and an ally.

She was supposed to get me England! We've been feeding and housing this ally for most of her pointless life.

And what have we gotten? A drain on our treasure and army, an endless parade of dramas and headaches.

Scotland protects France by engaging the English on two fronts so it cannot focus its force on growing its foothold on your backyard, Calais.

I don't need a lecture from you on geography.

Scotland cannot blunt the English threat alone, Your Grace.

Especially not now! - Yes, I've heard all about it.

Protestants threatening your mother.

She needs reinforcements - just like always.

No, not just like always.

She is under siege.

There are soldiers at her gates! And now you're afraid your poor mother might die? Well, don't we owe it to Scotland and France, as rulers, to ask if that might be a good thing? Your mother can't handle the job that you gave her.

Or else she wouldn't be under siege! Father, stop this.

Mary's crown is at stake, which puts France at risk as well.

More than her crown is at stake.

Your mother failed us completely.

And now they want her head on a pike.

Be careful.

Or yours might follow.

No one? Not one country or lord offers help? My mother is a Catholic ally.

She is under attack.

Enemies screaming for her head, and no one cares? Scotland has many friends at court.

But every conversation I have with a noble or diplomat ends the same way.

"We're with you, Dauphin, but what does the king say?" I hope you didn't tell them.

Mary, I should never have let my father Words don't bother me.

You are safe in this castle.

Not even my mother Threats don't bother me, either.

Losing bothers me.

Mary, that's silly, you're A queen? Yes, I am.

But one with scant power here.

And less every day back home.

On the other hand, I'm also queen because I'm a de Guise.

I have very powerful uncles.

I hope you're not thinking My mother is surrounded on all sides.

Protestants are burning and pillaging Catholic churches.

Why would they stop their campaign of destruction before making sure I lose my mother and my crown? But the Duke of Guise? Ever since you've been back at court, you've chosen to keep your distance from him.

The same as my parents have.

Your Uncle is a dangerously ambitious man, who has built himself an army by stealing recruits from their mothers.

And paying them well.

Do you know anyone else with an army as large or as loyal? Loyal to him.

And him only.

Is that someone that you can trust? He is my Uncle.

If that doesn't buy me his loyalty well Trust is a luxury I can no longer afford.

Sorry, you're not to be let in under any circumstances.

Do you know who I am? You're the contest winner the king enjoyed.

And then cast aside.

Penelope, what are you doing here? Surely a bounty of demeaning tasks awaits you in the kitchen.

I need to see the king immediately.

I'm pregnant.

With his child.

You're not pregnant.

Even if you are, it's not with the king's child.

Well, the king will want to know.

He's going to wonder if he's got another chance at happiness.

Another chance at a child - he could truly love! - Shut her up now.

Henry, I love you and I miss you! And I'm carrying your child! You're pregnant? You're certain it's my child? There's been no one else, Your Majesty.

I was a maiden when you took me.

See that she's taken care of.

Set her up with a cottage in one of the villages.

Oh! I have some mistresses.

In Bernay, I think.

The child could have siblings to play with, huh? Wait.

That's all I get? Henry! It's more than you deserve.

Are you sure you want to be playing this game? If you overplay it, if he loses patience with your displays, you won't like how it ends.

The two dead girls before you didn't.

Nothing bothers me more than problems I've already solved coming back to be problems again.

If that's what you make of yourself, my child, expect me to make you a lesson to my other problems by grinding you into the dust you no longer see fit to sweep.

Oh-oh-oh! Oh, I've missed you two so much! Father.

Where's Mother? She's at home with your other sisters.

I've only brought these two so you could introduce them to potential suitors.

Aren't they a little young to be looking for husbands? Considering all the trouble we've had with you, I regret not bringing them sooner.

And I hope you haven't made too large a mess for me to clean up.

I realize I made a mistake, but it's not as bad as you may have heard.

No? Tell me, will there be any surprises for Lord Castleroy on your wedding night? Anything he can accuse you of later? No, it didn't go that far.

Does that embarrass you? Then imagine how it embarrassed the family.

I may sound harsh, but it's for your own good.

You can't afford to lose another suitor.

Do I have it wrong? No, Father.

I stopped by our new house on the way back.

It needs work before we can live there.

Especially if we want to bring it to your standards.

Oh, Bash, that's lovely, but what happened out there? You've been out in those woods for weeks hunting that creature.

Have you found it yet? The Darkness? No sign of it yet, but it's only a matter of time.

The Blood Wood is vast, but not limitless.

Have you been all right? I hope there haven't been any more encounters with the king.

I've been staying out of his way.

Waiting for you to return.

Why do you stop? It's not our first kiss.

You're my husband, it's all right.

It's not as though I'm inexperienced.

I'm well aware of that.

Well, if you wanted a virgin No, I don't.

But I care about your experience.

I know not all of it has been good.

There's no changing that now.

I disagree.

And gone in the blink of my eye, gone, gone Gone, in the blink of my eye What are you doing? Helping you forget everything and everyone that's come before this.

Tell me what you want very specifically.

Leave nothing out.

All right.

Gone, gone, gone In the blink of my, blink of my eye Do you have any idea what you've done? Francis, you should have talked her out of this madness.

You should have helped her.

I know you're a student of history.

Perhaps you missed this chapter: The Duke was dismissed from your father's court for grasping at too much power.

And you know what he did then? He fielded that army to grasp at more.

He's a vicious self-serving killer, a threat to any throne.

Coming from you, that's a ringing endorsement.

I wouldn't be so smug, my dear.

You just let the devil into our home.

Thank you so much for coming, Uncle.

We wish it was under better circumstances.

Like your wedding, perhaps? I seem to have missed my invitation to that happy event, Your Grace.

The wedding was very rushed.

I hope you took no offense.


Don't trouble yourself over niceties.

I don't.


The king and queen send their regards.

They regret not greeting you personally, but urgent matters demand their attention.

You don't have to make excuses.

I'm aware of your parents' opinion of me.

And from what I hear, even when your father is present, the king is no longer in the castle.

I don't know what rumors you've heard, sir, but Call me Christian, and let's spare ourselves lots of pointless formality and posturing.

I have friends who tell me what goes on in this castle.

I know why you asked for me, and I'm here to get you out of the hole my sister's incompetence put you in.

Very well, no posturing.

My mother is in danger, but I'm guessing that it will take more than family loyalty to buy your help.

So what will it be? Money? Land? Neither.

Your father dismissed me from court years ago.

I want a position in court again.

A more permanent one.

Lord Magistrate of France will do.

The lord magistrate is the king's right hand.

You want a better position than the one that you were stripped of after you challenged your king? I didn't challenge my king, I served him.

By appointing generals without his permission and doling out political patronage to your friends? While your father was busy producing heirs, bastards and otherwise, he needed my help, whether he cared to admit it or not.

He needed your loyalty, whether you cared to provide it or not.

I can make your army serve me for nothing if I wanted.

I have that authority.

They're right outside if you'd like to try.

I just don't know how many will still be around tomorrow if I'm not.

They're loyal to the man who pays them, not the boy who waves crowns at them.

We'll consider the terms and present them to Henry.


Your father will never agree.

He has to.

Or you'll lose Scotland, and so will we.

Hurry up! I mean, I want you and everything, but we must be quick.

What's the meaning of this? Sorry, Your Majesty, I was just I know what you were just, you vile little man.

Have you no decency? Laying your hands on a favorite of your king? Leave, before I have you thrown in the dungeon! I hope he didn't hurt you.


I got here just in time, didn't I? If that man had had his way, he'd be able to claim your unborn child, and where would that leave you with the king? I'm already pregnant.

My child is the king's.

Then I'm sure you'll agree it's not just yourself that you need to protect anymore.

The life of the king's unborn baby is at stake.

We simply can't risk that.

You need to go somewhere safe.

The king will be outraged when he finds out you're locking me and his baby in here.

No, the king will be outraged when "his" baby comes out looking more like one of his stable boys.

Or, more likely, no baby comes out at all.

Neither of those things will happen.

Enjoy your solitude, my dear.

I'll drop by every month or so to share in the joy of watching your belly grow.

Wait! Don't leave me here! A word of advice from someone who knows: Don't make friends with the rats.

They bite.

Wait, wait.

Greer tells me her sisters have never been to a castle before.

I say we give them the royal tour.

That can wait.

I'd like to discuss the matter of Greer's dowry as soon as possible.

Now? In front of your daughters? We don't need to discuss Greer's dowry.

I've given the matter some thought, and I'm not interested.

Not interested? Then what is it you want? Only your blessing for her hand.

You have it, my lord.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

with you, Father.

It's urgent.

Nothing is more urgent than war.

I agree.

That's why I came to discuss - a solution for Scotland.

All this time we've been waiting for Mary Tudor to give us England.

To allow us the privilege of putting your wife on the throne.

But the English don't wait.

They take what they want, just like they took Calais from us.

So I'm going to take it back.

After that, I'll take all of England.

We'll attack from Scotland in the north and Calais in the South.

When they wake up tomorrow to see French soldiers massing around Calais, we might even get lucky.

They might surrender to spare themselves certain defeat.

Tomorrow? How could you? I can't wait to see the look on Mary Tudor's face when I claim the English throne for myself.

I just hope that sick cow lives long enough - for me to execute her.

Father, tomorrow? What have you done? Can't you read?! General Brantome's men are moving northeast from Rouen as we speak.

General Brantome? I had to relieve Laval.

No imagination.

No courage.

Stop babbling, Father, and tell me the truth.

Did you do this? - Why wouldn't I? We don't have the strength to take Calais.

Our armies are spread too thin, all over Europe! If we lose, and they capture our forces, they can stage an invasion and sweep down through France unopposed! But Francis, we can't lose! Yes, we can, and we will! Father, thousands will die.

You don't understand.

"Blessed be the Lord, my strength, "which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.

" I prayed for His guidance, and He spoke to me in a glorious waking dream.

He said that I would claim victory at Calais! Son, be happy with me! Thanks to your father, you are going to rule half of Europe! Francis? What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost.

I have.

It's Father; He's gone utterly mad.

Define "utterly," because this is a man who's ridden a pig through the throne room in nothing but his under things.

Mother, he is starting a war.

What? - He's attacking Calais.

Oh, Francis.

Your father, is that what he told you? - It's all over his maps.

Darling, relax.

I've taken General Laval into my confidence.

He knows to do nothing without my approval.

General Laval has been dismissed.

Brantome's in charge now.

Who's Brantome? Oh, yes, I forgot.

He's the new one Henry brought it to replace Laval when he refused to rename the Fifth Army.

"God's Gauls.

" Don't worry, Brantome's with us.

All of these dismissed generals.

I'm beginning to guess how Mary's Uncle knows so much.

What will you do when Father realizes your contravening all his orders? Tomorrow he'll be invading the Spanish.

The next day the Dutch.

When he starts remembering who he invaded yesterday, perhaps his wits will have returned, and this whole nightmare will be over.

Darling, relax.

If I left things to chance, we'd still be bowing to Queen Penelope.

I promise, it's under control.

For France's sake, I hope you're right.


Not yet.

You know, we can stop all this.

It worked.

I've forgotten all about You see, I can't even remember what his name is anymore.


There's still more that I want you to forget.

Oh, in that case, I'll forget that you told me not to take off my skirt.

That's not what I mean.

I want you to forget every boy who ever smiled at you.

Every man who ever flirted with you.

Everyone but me.

Surely a messenger would have sufficed.

I wanted to speak to you alone, away from your men.

But not away from your men, I see.

Have you spoken with your father? The king will not agree to the position you want.

You never asked him, did you? We both know it was a fool's errand.

There is something else that you want from me.

Are you going to tell me, or am I meant to guess? Wise men look to the future.

They're patient.

When I started to build my army a decade ago, other men saw a ragtag rabble.

I saw what it would become: A bargaining chip that would one day bring kings to me, begging for favors.

You never expected to be Father's Lord Magistrate.

You want to be mine, when I'm king, even if you have to be patient.

I won't have to be patient for long, I don't think.

Is it poison, I wonder, that is driving him mad? I don't trust you and I don't like you.

Well, being liked is a king's job, not his lieutenant's.

Everything in me says I should say no.

And yet you are here away from your wife.

I think you knew you might have to say yes, and she would object.

She would pay any price to save Scotland, but would never ask you to.

She knows how your family feels about me.

Well, you've just explained to me why I love her.

Enough to have her locked in a tower, I've heard.

Do you want this position or don't you? I want the chance to serve a great ruler.

Great rulers aren't afraid of the truth, no matter how painful.

The truth is, you love your wife.

The truth is, she needs me.

So what will it be my prince? When I am king, the position is yours.

But I have one condition.

Your men will report to me as they would to you.

But why would you need my men to I'm going with you to Scotland.

Well, that's unwise.

And if you die, your promise to me is worth nothing.

Well, then, I suggest you keep me alive.

My Uncle agreed? He'll send enough men to Scotland to quell the rebellion and save my mother? Yes.

I'd almost lost all hope.

Francis, how did you manage it? I convinced the Duke that it was in his best interests.

I'll explain when I'm back.

Back? Back from where? I am going with him to Scotland.

What? Francis, no.

Mary, I have to.

It's the only way that I can assure your mother's safety.

And what of your safety? Well, the Duke gets nothing if I don't survive.

With a man like that, I can't imagine a better guarantee.

Francis, I I don't know what to say.

You're saving my country, my mother, and you're risking your life into the bargain.

You needn't say anything.

I've only kept my promise.

As a king and a husband.

You've done so much more than that.

Gave you a minute When you needed an hour Just to push it aside And we're burning all the Bridges Burning all the Bridges now I'm not complaining, but I thought you wanted to take things slowly.

Not anymore.

Oh! Burning all the Bridges now Mmm But it was all in your head.

There was never a baby.

That took less time than I thought.

Please can I keep working here in the castle? I'll empty chamber pots, I'll muck stalls, anything.

Oh, stop groveling.

As much as it warms me to hear it.

I may have other uses for you.

Other uses? - I have ladies technically, they're my friends, none of whom I trust.

Because they're women who sleep with men for a 'cause.

Much like you did with the king.

Only it would be my 'cause.

I promise you'll enjoy it more than emptying chamber pots.

I'm gonna send you to a lady I know in Italy.

You'll be taught proper manners, and the art of deception.

And if you work hard, you may be welcomed back in the castle as a member of my Flying Squad.

This is where you thank me.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

Uh That will need fixing, too.

My family has owned successful mines for generations, and I'd always hoped to pass that expertise on to my son, but unfortunately, I've had only daughters.

Take the Dumfries mine it's returned 20 tons of copper a week for years.

A perfect investment for a man such as yourself.

in the spice industry, Father.

Why would he want - to invest in mines all the way over in Scotland? You can't want me to waste Lord Castleroy's time explaining things that are beyond your intelligence.

Do I have it wrong? I think you do, sir.

Quite wrong.

I think you forget you're no longer simply addressing your daughter, but my future wife.

And I'm sorry to say that's not your first mistake.

I've done research on your mines, and Dumfries has been played out for years.

Much like the rest of your holdings.

Now, let's look at some different figures.

As part of our marriage settlement, I will provide 10,000 francs to each of Greer's sisters to be used as their future dowries.

This will allow your daughters to marry men of title and fortune, making you and your family wealthy.

That is what you want isn't it? Uh There is just one condition.

Greer will have final approval over her sisters' marriages, so she can see to it that they marry men they love, not those forced on them.

Uh, why are you doing this? A good businessman always knows what something is worth.

And to me Greer is priceless.

I never meant for you to go to war for me.

When are you going to realize that I love you, and I'll do anything for you? Darling, let me be grateful for what you've done without making promises you can't keep.

What you did was extraordinary.

I think maybe when I return, you won't be the only one waiting for me.

You're suddenly very sure of yourself.

I am.

But just to be safe.

Look at me.

Am I the only one in this bed with something to forget? What do you mean? When you're with me, I want to be the only one inside your head.

I want you to look into my eyes and see only me.

I want you to always remember what I feel like.

So when you're using your fingers for some other task, you wish they were touching me instead.

I will.

I want you to always remember what it feels like to be with your wife.

Ah, my wife and my son.

Closest family I have in this world.

Sharing my castle, my blood, my legacy.

Why would you lie to me? What do you mean? Don't bother adding more lies to the pile.

I know what you've done.

You've kept me caged up in this place like one of your song birds.

Sending in generals to humor me.

Don't blame Mother when you've been hatching plans to attack half of Europe.

They aren't plans anymore! French forces marched for Calais this morning.

They're already halfway there.

You think I'm delusional? Read these dispatches.

They aren't from any of your performing generals.

What happened to General Brantome? I've sacked them all.

We don't need any generals.

Not when we have a king to lead our men.

I leave tonight to join the invasion.

Oh, dear.

No trousers.

This keeps happening.

I realize now that you two were only trying to protect me.

Guarding my legacy.

But that's my job, not yours.

I will not be remembered as King Henry, ruler who dreamed of conquest.

I'll be remembered as King Henry, conqueror.

Greatest military strategist since Hannibal.

Henry, darling, you're not well.

I have headaches.

You know what else I have? The backing of God.

Francis, please, talk some sense into your father.

It's too late.

We can't stop the invasion.

And anyway, Father's right.

What? We can take Calais.

Any fool knows he can't do that.

It's true, Father's army would fail on its own.

But two armies.

One marching head on.

The other across this frozen marsh, flanking the English from behind.

Do you mean the Duke's army? Mary's army? Mary will have to understand.

I have no choice.

I need the Duke's army to save France.

If we don't win this war, it won't matter what happens with Mary's mother.

England will have its way with both our countries.

Father, if I do this, you have to cooperate.

No more dismissing anyone who disagrees.

You will be a conqueror but only if we work together.

Can you promise me that? My son, making history with me, just like I've always dreamed.

I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier.

I hope I wasn't out of line.

It's my father who should be apologizing, though he never would.

No one's ever stood up for me like that before.

Or for my sisters.

I was surprised to see how quiet you acted around your father.

I've come to rather enjoy your usual nature.

Outspoken, bold.

How long have you known the truth about us? I've known for some time.

As a businessman, I always do my research.

But as a gentleman, I I wasn't about to bring it up.

And as your future husband, you should know I'm Too rich to care.

I can't thank you enough.

No need to thank me.

Everyone deserves the chance to find happiness.

Just as I have.

Which brings me to this, I have something I'd like you to look over.

But promise me you won't sign it until you're ready.

This is our wedding contract.

Yes, and since you're now in charge of all marriage contracts for your family, it means nothing without your approval.

And I fell Into a well of hope Is something wrong? No, that felt surprisingly right.

So you are taking my mother's last hope, leaving her to the mercy of thousands of Protestant rebels demanding her head and my crown.

Mary, please understand.

I do understand.

You're doing what you think is best for your country.

Not only my country.

If France is beaten at Calais, your country will suffer, too.

France can hardly defend Scotland.

Defend Scotland? When have you ever defended Scotland? Except with brave words? - That is not fair.

Now you want fair? We are rulers, not schoolchildren.

Blood will be spilled because of the choice you have made, - my mother's blood.

You don't know that.

But the blood of thousands would be spilled - Yes, - French blood, I know.

I do not only think of France! No, you do not.

But you do put her first.

As any king would.

Then can you forgive me? It is myself I cannot forgive.

I've made an awful mistake.

Our marriage was an awful mistake.

Please don't say that.

There were a thousand moments where I could've done something.

Made secret treaties, sold favors, even snuck away to Scotland to be with those people who need me.

And do you know why I didn't? Because I love you.

Because I am your wife.

Mary, listen, when we have taken Calais, the first thing I will do is travel to Scotland with your Uncle's army.

We can still save your mother.

Like when you promised you would take me to Scotland with my brother? Like when you promised soldiers the time before that and the time before that? You make it sound like every promise I make is an empty one.

What other promise can you make? You are the future king.

It's not that simple.

Maybe it should be.

For both of us.

What does that mean? Nothing.

I don't know.

I'm only going to ask two things of you.

The first is that you stop making me promises you know in your heart you can't keep.

And the other? Come back to me.

Live through this battle.

And don't let England cost me you.

Forward! Have faith, Mary.

Francis is clever and strong.

He'll return home safely.

I hope so.

But even if he survives, our marriage is What? Francis is trying to save his country, and I can forgive him for that, as I hope he will forgive me for doing what needs to be done for Scotland, whatever that may be.

What if he can't forgive you? Well, that will just be too bad.

I won't let him put my country at risk again.

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