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  1x18 - No Exit
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(fast tempo acoustic intro playing) They all need something to hold on to They all mean well You could never feel my story It's all you know oh! Previously on Reign BASH: It's not what we chose.

We're married before king and God.

You're pregnant with my husband's child.

And if Francis finds out I will do my very best to marry.

The beautiful creature standing beside me has agreed to be my wife! - Have you changed your mind? - I'm pregnant.

You look very pretty.

Perhaps it is time to rejoin society.

I can give you the pleasure you offer others.

These days he seems infatuated by Penelope.

Barely even notices affairs of state.

You are ill you could do harm to yourself, to France.

We have waited a long time for you to rise.

MARY: If it ever becomes a choice between our two countries, I will choose mine.

What's this? A wedding ring.

It's modest, I know.

It belonged to my grandmother.


I thought Diane de Poitiers came from money.

(sighs) Well, if you don't want it I didn't say that.

It's just well, why? We're married.

We can't be un-married.

I thought we'd agreed to at least try.

(wry laugh) How romantic.

Yes, let's try.

Well, there's a promising start.

They've spared no expense for Lola's wedding.

Bares no resemblance to mine.

Try not to be bitter on Lola's special day.

Kenna, Greer, I found you! Look at this necklace Julien just gave me.

KENNA: Well, now I am bitter.

Those sapphires are the size of grapes.

It's gorgeous.

But why are you talking to Julien before your wedding? And why aren't you dressed? The ceremony's in less than an hour.

Wish me luck.

And happiness.

With all of our hearts.

I think they have a chance.

She seems so hopeful and excited.

You're next.

Once Castleroy returns from his business.

We haven't set a date yet.

You might as well as it's inevitable.

Your reputation can't do with a broken engagement.

Thank you for the reminder.

At least Castleroy's title is real.

Well, the Master of Horse and Hunt may not have any lands but at least Bash is young and handsome.

I suppose he is, isn't he? How are things between you two? I don't know.

I can sense that he's trying.

But the fact that he has to imagine how awful our wedding was, how monstrous HENRY: Lady Kenna? Your Grace.

I can see by your dress that you're still trying to impress your king.

It's working.

(grunts) Don't hide yourself away.

Or I'll have to come find you.

This itches.

How is this marriage ever going to work? Oh.

Oh, dear.

Did I step on your toes? Are those tears of pain? No.

I'm just so grateful.

You're too good to me.

Do go on, wife.

This day, this necklace, marrying me, even in my situation.

No more of that talk.

I've only given you what you deserve.

From now on, we're in this together.

No secrets, no shame.

Just the two of us on the adventure of our lives.

(laughing) FRANCIS: Pleased to see you enjoying yourself.

It wasn't so long ago you were ready to rain anarchy down on this place.

It wasn't so long ago that your parents were trying to trick me into bequeathing them Scotland.

That's enough merriment for you two.

We have problems.

Well, then.

Mother, what's so wrong that it can't wait the length of a dance? That impatient-looking man over there is Cardinal Morosini, the Pope's new envoy.

Don't look now.

I thought the cardinal wasn't due for another week.

The weather cleared in the Alps, and he left early.

He came all this way to see Henry.

But your father seems to have chosen not to attend.

Well, maybe that's a blessing, seeing how Father is feeling.

Can't the cardinal be told that the king's indisposed? For an entire week? That's how long the cardinal is staying.

He wants to renegotiate leases on the Pope's tenancies in France.

We depend on that income.

FRANCIS: Can't you negotiate with him? Let's just say that the cardinal wasn't my choice for his current position, and he's well aware of it.

There might be another way.

I have an idea.

I'm not sure about this.

Trust me.

Just follow my lead.

Cardinal Morosini, what an honor and a pleasure to meet you.

Your Grace, a pleasure indeed.


You'll forgive our presumptions.

We thought you might agree, as Francis and I are the future of France and Scotland, and you are the future of Rome, that we might discuss the, uh, um how should I say it? The intimacies of our Papal relations? I'm not sure what you mean.

Well, you're here to discuss rents and tenancies, yes? With King Henry, indeed.

I'm sure Henry will sign off on anything that we agree on.

Tell me, are cardinals permitted to dance? To further the interests of Rome, why not? Then let us go further.

(clears throat) Have you learned anything? Where is Henry? Queen Penelope told me to tell you that the king is quite tied up.

Oh, Good Lord.

(sighs) Where is Penelope? She's gone to get supplies.

The waiting is horrible.

I love it.

Henry that girl is humiliating us.

She's a thief.

She's looting the castle.

There are rumors that you have gifted her an entire estate.

She deserves it.

People are talking about your behavior.

Her control over you.

Rumors could reach the Vatican.

Is the cardinal already here? You've had your fun with the girl.

But it has to stop.


I will not be so demeaned by a woman! Yes, I can see that.

Your Grace, I've come to announce the arrival of James Stewart, Earl of Moray.

My lord Earl of Moray.

Why are you still on your knees? Your Grace, I always kneel before my queen.

Please, stand up.

I am also your sister.

Half sister.

Oh, James, you've grown a beard.

It suits you.

Why didn't you tell me that you were coming? There was no time.

Your mother, Marie de Guise, is in trouble.

And she needs your help.

Yes, we fund her troubles.

Mary, this is real.

And the French help you sent hasn't proved a solution.

It's rather the problem.

Well, I don't understand.

Your mother is French, and so are half the men she has running Scotland's affairs.

Scots want their affairs managed by men who share their nationality.

And they want it more passionately every day.

And why hasn't my mother attended to this problem? I'm not sure she sees it or cares.

Scots are a crude people to her.

In need of French leadership.

You have always resented my mother.

But she serves me.

Are you sure it is not me that you truly resent? Are you sure it's not my rule you wish to change? If it were, do you think I'd have come here to tip my hand? Then why are you here? Do you want me to tell my mother to bring more Scots - into her government? - One will do.

For the moment.

Who? You? You.

Scotland needs to see her queen.

To bow before her as I do, with pride and with duty.

Come home to Scotland.

Come home.

Now? You want to go to Scotland now? James says it's now or never.

The Scots feel occupied by their French allies.

If we don't act now, they could end up hating you more than they hate the English.

It needs attention, I can see that.

But why does it need your attention in person? So they can see that they still have a Scottish queen.

So I can strengthen my mother's rule.

And then, if that doesn't work, then to replace her, with someone who can rule for me.

Well, then let me send diplomats.

Let me help you determine the answers without sending you into the middle of so much unrest.

More Frenchmen? To solve the problem of not enough Scots? Mary, you convinced the cardinal to do business with us.

You can't leave in the middle of what you just started.

Then finish it without me.

I told him we were the future of Scotland and France, you and I both.

You know perfectly well why he doesn't insist on meeting with Father.

He keeps asking for you.

He wants more of your flirting, your innuendos.

You want me to risk Scotland's health to continue some game? To save France some embarrassment? My father is mad.

France is unstable enough as it is.

If word gets out of his madness, if Rome pulls its support and its money, this country could come apart.

Mary, I promise I will travel to Scotland with you.

Just not now.

Please wait until this deal is sealed and my father is better.

Don't you see? I need you here with me, safe by my side, while France is in peril, and whilst we're trying to have a child.

An heir.

For France, of course.

Stability for France.

A handy queen consort for the pleasure of the next king of France.

I don't just think of my country's needs.

I think of my wife's needs as well, but Scotland Is one and the same.

My country and I are one and the same.

Forget that, and you've forgotten who I am.

How are you wife? Perfect husband.

You? Husband and wife.

A family.

Two families, really.

Who'll have to meet, at some point, since the wedding was so quick.

Tell me about your parents.

After breakfast, hmm? I'm famished.

Julien, let's leave on our wedding tour as soon as possible, can we? Before I really begin to show.

Are you quite sure it's safe for you to travel? I thought maybe we ought to remain here a bit till everything's settled.

What needs to be settled? I don't know.

Living arrangements, paperwork your dowry.

My dowry? Why wait on that? Because, otherwise, it could be months of delay.

So what? We're both rich.

The money will follow us wherever we settle.


Of course you're right.

So tell me, where would you like to go on our tour? I admire your disregard for others' opinions, but we have to consider how this looks.

You've been staying with me.

People will talk.

You saved me, Nostradamus.

If people want to talk, let them say that.

Lady Kenna.

You distract me so.

What is it, hmm? Um, perhaps my new ring? A wedding gift from my husband.

Your son.



PENELOPE: Oh, it's lovely.

I want it.


Henry, I'm your queen.

And it's so cute and tiny.

(clears throat) A compliment to your fine tastes.

It's not right.

I won't have it.

(clears throat) Catherine.

Lady Kenna seems to need a wedding ring.

Pardon? A ring, Catherine.



Wear it in good health.

You shouldn't have to live like this.


But I'd also like you to live.

I'm too high-spirited to be a widow.

People will talk.


You'll only make it worse.

He's moved on now.

Go get some air.

I'm all right.

Keep it.

A token of my sympathy.

Henry is not himself, and that woman is making life untenable, not only for us but for all of France.

For France? The irony is, if Henry knew how close he was to exposing himself to his precious Vatican friends What are you talking about? A plan to get rid of her.

I need your help to get rid of Penelope.

You mean, to kill her? I wouldn't come to you if it were that simple.

Henry would suspect me; he'd have my head.

I don't need to be part of any of your schemes.

Oh, you do, for so many reasons, but I'll give you one that will appeal to you.

Help me, and I'll help you and Sebastian an estate of your own, far from French court.

But it's more than just land: it's a chance for you and your husband to live life free from the constant threat of Henry taking it all away.

But why me? Would your plan just throw me back into bed with him? Not at all.

But it does involve sex.

And rather a mess of it.

(both grunting) Sorry, I'm a bit spent.

You're hundreds of miles away.

Scotland, I'm guessing? Some dire news brought by Mary's brother James? He's convinced her she's needed in Scotland right away.

From the moment that I started to fall for her, this is what I feared most: that, someday, the needs of our countries would tear us apart.

Wouldn't have mattered, except you married for love.

I wanted to believe that we could push past these problems, - work together.

And can't you? Mostly, yes.

But what happens when being a good king means being a bad husband? That's simple: be a bad king.

That's why she wanted to marry you, isn't it? She never wanted to marry me.

She wanted to save your life.

Come on, you're smarter than that, and so is she.

Mary knew that you could promise her something that I never could, something that I warned her from the start.

You could put her first, always.

Isn't that what love is? To anyone but a king.

Perhaps one of the original gems was lost and had to be replaced with a fake.

Why not mention it to Julien? He'll probably just have it repaired for you.

I don't want to stir up mistrust.

It seems like mistrust is already stirred up.

What happened? Whenever I mention meeting his parents or going to Hungary on our wedding tour, he changes the subject.

Plenty of people would like to hide their parents.

Me, for instance.

It's also the subjects he does seem keen on like my dowry.

Well, it is a large sum.

For a rich man with a castle in Hungary, he seems awfully impatient to have it in hand.

What did your family tell you about him? Just that he was a very wealthy Hungarian who married two rich women.

Both wives died, making him sad, but even richer.

And there was nothing suspect about his finances? He gambled a bit, but all men do.

Besides, you can't gamble away wealth like his.

My brother came awfully close.

Talk to Julien.

You've both been so open till now.

Well, yes and no.

When I told him I was pregnant but wouldn't say who the father was, he said he wouldn't ask about my past mistakes if I didn't ask about his.

I'm sure he meant nothing more than the usual male adventuring.

You wed quickly is all.

It's nerves, Lola.

I'm sure of it.

Trinidad? Really? That seems awfully far.

Far from everything.

Olivia wants to find a new life with me.

You'd be taking her from all the comforts of court.

She's been through so much here.

We both have.

The years have been long and dark.

I'm thankful for the time I spent as your adviser, but I I want to give her a new start.

You're trying to save her.

You've seen danger here.

My old friend, how can I say this? I can't let you leave.

Your gift of sight is invaluable to me, to the safety of France.

You can force me to stay but not to see.

You'll have me, but not my visions.

Not if you cost me this last chance at happiness.

So you came to me as if I had a choice, - but clearly I don't.

You have choices.

And none will get you what you want from me.

I could take your life.

This is not a betrayal.

This is a friend saying good-bye.

I suppose I'll have to wish you luck, then.

You'll need it, you know.

If you think you're safe in the New World, you're wrong.

The land is soft and sweet, but filled with vipers.

(door opens) I've been thinking, and I want to take you to Scotland with me.

Yes, I know, you told me that.

But when? Next month? - Next year? - Now.

As soon as we can.

It will need to be brief, and I'll need to finish my deal with the cardinal before we leave, and make sure that my mother can handle my father.

It won't be easy, may take a day or two.

You're serious.

But what if we can't seal the deal with the Vatican? What if your father gets worse? What ? What if my wife doesn't realize that I love her? What if she doesn't see that I've put her first? Francis, thank you.

I promise you'll be glad we went.

When Scotland is stronger, France will be stronger, too.

Well, start packing.

And tell your brother that Scotland will soon greet her queen and her king.

Both of you? Really? I thought you'd be pleased.

You wanted a queen for Scotland to bow to, and now you're getting more: a queen and a king.

A French king.

My king.

Scotland's king.

Who arrives with French soldiers, who even has "France" in his name.

James, this is silly.

Francis is strong and he's devoted to me and to Scotland.

When Scotland sees that with her own eyes, the crown will be stronger and so will my mother's position.

That's what you wanted, isn't it? Of course.

I apologize.

I worry too much.

Scotland will celebrate her queen, even if she arrives with some fair-haired French baggage.

(laughs) How soon can you leave? Uh, Francis has some business to attend to, and then we'll leave.

I'll make arrangements immediately.

You seem worried, my darling.

Are you having doubts? No.

I'm eager to go.

I've considered it for some time.

I've made mistakes.

I've misread prophecies and shared others where I probably shouldn't have.

Sooner or later, the truth will catch up to me.

Leaving is the right thing, for both of us.

I want you to know, whatever happens, you've already Olivia! Oh! Beware of vipers.

She's beautiful, but damnably willful and headstrong.

And there's something not right about someone else telling me who to spend my life with.

Not to mention she's been with a member of my own family.

Uh, forgive my lack of compassion, but I'm not sure whether you're bemoaning your situation with Kenna or mine with Mary.

(laughter in distance) (coins clinking) (indistinct conversation) FRANCIS: That was Mimi Natalia, wasn't it? BASH: Mary's brother's footman has expensive tastes in courtesans.

Suspiciously expensive, I think.

Hmm It needs more.

More? PENELOPE: More red.

More lace.

To keep the king's eyes from wandering to, uh, sad old habits.

Yes, Your Grace.

What do you want? Did you come here for this miserable little ring? Not at all.

You can keep it.

I actually came here to help.

(scoffs) I find that hard to believe.

Have you noticed that the queen makes no effort to have you removed? She tried and she failed.

She's an artist with poisons.

If she wanted you dead, you'd be rotting by now.

No, you're alive because you serve a purpose: you keep our poor mad king distracted.

He is unwell, yes.

I try to divert him from his pain.

Well, you used to divert him.

Until his mind wandered back to "sad old habits," - like me.

You won't get him back, if that's what you're thinking.

I don't want Henry back.

I've seen what he does to playthings, once they start to bore him, and it's not pretty.

What's your point? If you want to keep the king's interest and survive by his side Then again, if you're unconcerned I'm listening.

Have you tried blindfolds? Having him listen to the sound of your voice? His Grace would follow me anywhere.

Hot wax on his chest? - Just his chest? (laughs) No wonder he tired of you.

The standing cross? All I did was pay for the lady's services.

Since when is that a crime? It's rather how much you paid, and how you could afford it.

I told you, in thanks for a decade's service.

Service to my wife's brother, the Earl of Moray.

But he's a Scot, and you're a Scot and there's a Queen Mary on this coin, but not my Queen Mary.

That gold isn't mine.

You're lying.

Not a good start.

My men found this gold in your room, stitched into your valise.

Would you care to explain to me why you're carrying English gold? I don't know what you mean.

Where were you going when my men caught you ducking out of the castle? Meeting the person who paid you this gold? An Englishman? An enemy of my wife's? No.

I I'm not from these parts.

I just wanted to see the village.

Fetch the torturer and tell him that we may have a job for him.

I don't want to hurt you, but trust me they do.

He admitted to having enough gold to pay for a courtesan, but denied that the gold hidden in his own bag was his.

He's lying; he has to be.

There are plenty of ways for a Scotsman to get ahold of English gold.

We still trade with the English.

Then why so much of it, and why lie about it? Leave us.

This is my brother's footman - you are torturing.


For now.

Which is why I came straight to you.

Mary, does none of this trouble you? I trust my brother.

This footman could be a Protestant Scottish rebel, or work for the English, or both.

And whether James knows what his own man is up to or not, you aren't safe.

James will keep me safe.

Are you so sure? James is a Protestant He hates the French.

And many want to see him rule Scotland.

Only one claim to power is stronger than his, - and that's yours.

If his claim is so strong, then why doesn't he topple my mother without warning me? Why bring me back to make his task that much more difficult? You're assuming he wanted to see you home safely.

Accidents happen at sea all the time.

Then I will ask James about this.

And what if he's a part of it? He'll lie and you'll learn nothing from it.

Mary, don't you need to know how much you can trust your own brother? For the sake of your mother and for Scotland, give me a little time to find you some answers.

I want to take you to Scotland, but not if I'm leading us both into danger.

Do it quickly.

There's a storm coming.

We need to leave soon.

(grunts) Wait.

I don't know about this.

What's wrong? Is the platform unsteady? It's not that.

It doesn't feel right.


It's wrong.

You're a wicked old king, and you need to be cleansed of your sins.


Take me down.

Kenna said you would beg.

Oh, dear Kenna.

(sighs) How I miss her kind face.

Shut up.

(pounding at door) Henry, I'm sorry.

I tried to make him wait.

But the rumors - The bishop insisted on seeing you.

Bishop?! Don't you remember? This is Bishop Renauld, from Provence.

He came with the cardinal, the Pope's delegation.

RENAULD: Your Grace.

I I cannot look.

This is, - is blasphemy.

Then close your eyes, you pious fool.

I will, but what of God? Oh, don't bring don't bring Him into this.

But He is here He is everywhere; He sees this mockery! If you turn from Him what if He turns from you? But would He? It is God's will that puts you here.

It is God's will that gives you your armies, your gold, your crown.

He only provides for those who are worthy and righteous.

I see no righteousness here.

Henry, end this now.

Send this witch away, - before her wickedness curses us all - Wait! They're in it together! Don't you see? Leave, Penelope.

Kenna and the queen - Henry, they've got you twisted in knots! - It is you who have bound and twisted me.

Get out.

What? - Now! Come, child.

While the king feels forgiving.

Henry, no! - Come.

Get off me! Henry, you poor thing.

Oh, look at you.

It all seemed so so harmless.

Oh, Catherine Catherine, I am lost.

I need God's support.


(thunder rumbles) Wait.

Where are your things? I watched you pack.

Where is the ? I can't go with you.

What? I don't You mean to send me off without you? What's changed? Why would you do this? My gift, it's truly a curse.

I can't escape its burdens, however far I run.

But you can.

And you must.


I won't leave you.

You will.

I've seen it, Olivia.

I've seen you happy with someone else.

You're lying.

The vision that changed your mind, we both saw it, didn't we? That snake was a message from Catherine.

She considers me a weapon she doesn't want to lose.

She will punish me for defying her.

She will kill you.

That is the cost of my leaving: your life.

That is her message.

But if we were far away There is no escaping her reach.

And what if I stayed? And be shackled to a man enslaved to a wicked queen? Oh, that is no life for you.

That is barely a life for me.

Be free of this place that has caused you so much pain.

Be free of me.

(thunder rumbling) Pardon.

Time to go.

Weather's turning.

No, no.

My cousins will look after you.

I've sent them word.

Start a new life.

And be happy.

(thunder rumbling) (thunder rumbling, bell ringing in distance) A letter of credit has come from your father to the bank where I work.

With your word, I'll sign it, and your dowry will be moved to your husband's accounts.

Just my word? It's your father's request.

The money is not yours, of course.

Women cannot hold such accounts.


Heaven knows what foolish things women might do with our own money.

Gamble, buy prostitutes I beg your pardon? What if I wait? Does the money stay safe in my father's accounts? Of course; but safe from what? Nothing.


I'll send word when I'm ready.

Good day.

(knocking on door) Forgive me, Mary.

Would've requested an audience, but I seem to have misplaced my footman.

Is something wrong? - The storm is blowing in faster than I thought.


I did notice the sky was darkening.

Not that storm.

You've heard of the Lords of the Congregation? Those tiresome Protestant malcontents? Tiresome until they agree on something.

They've voted to start a rebellion.

A blockade will provoke a battle with Catholic authorities, and then they intend to remove your mother by force.

You couldn't have missed the weight of the gold in your valise.

You are guilty or covering for someone who is.

Is it James? Shall I question your master? Fetch me his master, the earl.

Take two dozen guards, and prepare for a fight.

You may kill if needs be.


It's, it's not his gold.

Who paid you then? An Englishman? Very well.

(screaming) - Where did you hear about this? - From your own envoy.

You can ask him yourself.

Well, what can we do? Come home to Scotland.

Leave now.

But Francis, he's not ready yet.

Leave without him.

Let him catch up.

He'll only be days behind us.

(grunting) Do you know what this gold tells me that you won't? You're brave.

But your loyalty has a price.

You sold it once, why not sell it again? Will you talk if I promised you your freedom, plus three times the gold you were paid? Five times.

And a prince's oath that I will let you live.

Mary, I'm sorry to be so plain.

But you never knew our father as I did.

You never knew what he dreamed for you.

For your time on his throne.

I can't risk this marriage, this alliance, for a dead man's dreams, even my father's.

Can you risk it for Scotland? Would you rather be the queen you were born to be or a pawn of the French court? Finish packing my things.

Only enough for two weeks.

Francis can bring the rest, if he follows.

I'm leaving for Scotland.


FRANCIS: Ten times the gold you were paid.

And you can buy all the courtesans you want.

And you swear I'll be spared? I'll be set free? If I believe your story, you'll be placed on the ship of your choosing, by my men.

And what happens to you after that is up to you.

I was paid to murder the Queen of Scots on her voyage home.

Who paid you? - Englishmen.

I didn't know them, but I heard them talking.

They want James to be Scotland's king.

Married less than a week, and you've already tired of me? I don't feel well is all.

I is it the baby? No, I I think it's just nerves.

There's (sighs) so much uncertainty.

The baby, my future my husband You're uncertain about me? I fear we don't know each other well.

Is there anything weighing on you? Any troubles of yours a wife might share? I I'm sure, in time, we'll share everything.

You may even tell me who fathered your baby.

Our baby.

Or I may never ask.

Because it may not matter.

What matters is how we feel about one another.

And I feel love for you.

I know it all happened very quickly, but that's where we are.


With our secrets.

With our pasts.

I swear, if I believed knowing every single thing about one another could protect us from future troubles, I would tell you every moment of my past.

But my life this wonderful life, began the day you agreed to be my bride.

Then why do I feel afraid? Because life is full of uncertainty.

(quiet laugh) That's why we love.

To face it with someone.


Let's face life together, Lola.

You and me.

Can we? My father believed that actor was part of the Vatican delegation.

You did it.

And now you're saying we're rich? Well, richer than we were.

That estate that Henry promised Penelope belonged to Catherine; she's given it to us.

She also let me keep her ring.

Well, you have everything you wanted: land, money, jewelry Practically everything.

I was able to get this back as well.

Penelope looked so pathetic, back in the kitchen.

Yet still, I couldn't resist.

Should I buy you a new ring, now that we can afford it? No, you fool, you gave it to me.

Such a queer feeling, whenever I look at it.

What's that? A sort of certainty.

One I've never felt before.

Someone's always going to be looking out for me now, no matter what.

I'm not sure you need looking out for.

Well I'm stuck with him, aren't I? Might as well put him to some kind of use.

Leave me alone.

Get out.

Please! Go.

Will my sins never leave me? Did the footman tell you that James was involved with the plot? No, but can you take that chance? I take that chance every day.

The English are constantly plotting against me.

If they want a Protestant king in Scotland, of course they would choose James.

But do you really think that he had no inkling of this? His own man in the pay of your enemies? James has written to me of dozens of plots against me.

Plots that were to his benefit.

He tells me because he wants what is best for Scotland.

As he knows I do.

Mary, please, we will go later, when it is safe.

My mother is in jeopardy now.

Scotland is in jeopardy now.

I said we'll go when it's safe.

We will never be safe.

I know that you're afraid this is a trap.

I am, too.

But I need to take this chance.

I have to.

I will be home soon.

Please trust me.

(quietly): I can't.

Guards! Surround the queen.

What are you doing? (thunder rumbling) Locked in the tower? Did you think that I would try to slink out of my rooms, like a rat in a passageway? Not like a rat.

Like a defiant queen.

You will be released as soon as your brother has cast off.

I told him that we'd follow as soon as we could.

So, you lied? - It is not a lie.

When I know that it is safe to - It will be too late! We both know that day will never come.

I will not help you with the cardinal, if that's what you think.

I know.

My mother and I will do what we have to; we'll find a way.

You may hate me right now, but I have done this for you.

I love you, and I've put you first.

You love a girl! You don't love a queen or you would allow me to be one! You are putting yourself and your country first, - just as you always have! - That is not true.

If Scotland falls, I will never forgive you! You will lose my country, and you will lose me! I warned you, Francis we are one and the same.

Scotland won't fall.

And neither will we.

I can't hear another word.

Get out! I'll be back when you've had a chance to calm down.

Francis You can't just leave me locked in here Francis! (echoing): Francis! Francis! Francis!

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