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Previously on Reign: Mother.

You're - Marie de Guise.

Your future mother-in-law.

It's a nuptial contract.

He confessed to your night in Paris.

Oh, no.

Wouldn't it be best if we just told Francis the truth? No! For me, it would not.

Marry Lord Julien.

He came to France looking to make a good marriage.

He could give your child a name.

You promised me someone with a title.


Bash, I hereby declare you the Master of Horse and Hunt.

What does that even mean? Shut up and say the words.

Please! This is marriage.

It can't be undone! Say the words! Your shaving mirror is useless.

We'll have your dressing table and mirror brought in.

And where would they go? I don't understand why I couldn't stay in my old chambers.

Because you're married.

Yes, I know.

The king's bastard, no less, when I asked for a man of title.

The king gave me one.

The "Master of Horse and Hunt"? That's something Henry made up.

It comes with no wealth, no land.

The title I was expecting was the Duke of Anjou, with a ch√Ęteau in Anjou, with a suite of rooms in Anjou.

You act as though this were my fault.

I'm no happier about it than you.

You? What do you have to complain about? You're now married to a beautiful woman of noble birth.

Who's notorious for sleeping with my father.

I see no awkwardness there.

Yes, well it's all in the past.

Is it? We both know Henry.

We know he enjoys the privileges of kingship.

As you enjoy the privileges of whatever it is a relationship with my father can get you.

You make it sound as though I'm the most self-centered woman in France.

Oh, I can't say that.

I haven't met all the women in France.


Then all I care about is me.

And all you care about is Mary.

I'm not jealous, truly.

But a love like that, could destroy both of our lives.

She's married.

It's in the past.

All right, yes, I see your point.

We both need to keep our pasts in the past.

This is our life now, Kenna.

It's not what we chose, but we're married before king and God, till death.

I won't pretend I love you, but we should probably start liking each other at least.

From the Sultan in Constantinople.

How long will they keep coming? Oh, my mother said gifts for her wedding were drifting in for a good year.

A bridle? For the Arabian thoroughbred now in your stables, Your Grace.

Better try it on your wife.

It may help you to keep her in hand.


Care for a dance? Mm.

Thank you for understanding.

Does the court truly not notice the change in your father? Any who do are keeping their mouths shut.

And the rest attribute my father's behavior to his temper.

France cannot be governed by a mad king.

He's ill, Mary.

They can find no trace of poison, perhaps something is wrong.

He needs our compassion.

Time to recover.

And what if he doesn't recover? My mother's doing her best to divert important matters from the king to her; trying to run the country behind my father's back; keeping the world from seeing how sick he is.

These days he seems infatuated by Penelope.

He barely even notices affairs of state.

She may be a blessing in disguise.

How's Lord Julien? He's charming.

We've been riding, walking in the hills he taught me to skate.

He makes me laugh.

And? For a man we know is looking for a wife, he's been slow off the mark.

I'm going to be showing any day now.

What if he's not the right man? Maybe I don't really please him.

Or maybe he just needs a push.

Oh, he'll get a push.

Lady Lola.

You're a vision of grace.

Thank you.

Such a lovely night, isn't it? Such beautiful music.

Would you honor me with a dance? I thought you'd never ask.

You're unusually clear on what you desire from others, Lady Lola.

I'm not complaining.

We're well matched.

We could be two annoyingly direct people together.

So I'll say, directly, that I'm in a mood for marrying.

But I fear I'm not the husband most women would want.

That's nonsense.

You're titled, wealthy and good company.

And you were patient when you taught me to skate.

Is patience important when it comes to choosing a partner? We live in a world where marriage is a risk; where a husband may become a tyrant.

I think most women would count themselves lucky to be yours.

Women run more risks than that, Lola.

I was married twice before.

Both my wives died in childbirth.

They died in blood and pain.

Far too young.

I won't go through that again.

That's why I've decided never to have children.

What?! I can't lose anyone else that way.

I refuse.

I don't need heirs; my line would continue, I have brothers.

But, i i if you want to marry There are ways to prevent conception.

That thought needn't upset you.

We'd be happy.

I, uh, I I suppose.

That's grand.

Would you consider doing me the honor of becoming my wife? Say, "Yes.

" Please.

Uh yes.

I have an announcement to make.

The beautiful creature standing beside me has agreed to be my wife.

Oh! I'm so sorry, Your Majesty.

It's all right.

Wait a moment, then follow me out.

There's something you should know.

Why should I believe a word that you say? I know you're one of Catherine's ladies-in-waiting.

I am one of Catherine's ladies.

One of her special ladies.

They call us the "Flying Squad.

" We're trained and polished and sent to sleep with important noblemen and report back to her.

Haven't you ever wondered why she knows so very much? It can't all be from servant gossip.

Well, I'm sure you're well rewarded for making love to men and then betraying them.

We are.

This time, the queen has overstepped.

She asked me to seduce the king, to remove him from Penelope's influence and see that he was engaged with someone that Catherine could control.

I'm sure that would be quite a notch on your belt.

The most powerful man in France.

He's the most dangerous man in France.

The queen briefed me.

Too well.

A mad king? I'm not going near him.

So you told Catherine "No"? The queen does not react well to refusal.


I must leave France.


You could arrange it.

You could find me sanctuary in Scotland.

In exchange for what? I have information that is vital to your safety and Scotland's.

Where's Francis? - I really need him.

He's gone to the stables to see the new thoroughbred.

I think half the men went with him.

Well, this will be awkward.


Not so fast.

I pay my debts.

Your Grace, when you signed your marriage contracts, you didn't know that there was a secret clause slipped in among them.

It promises that if you die without an heir, Scotland will belong to France.

How do you know this? I was ordered to sleep with the bishop, see if he was open to amending the contracts.

Drive! Be careful, Your Grace.

Without an heir, you're worth more to them dead than alive.

A "secret clause"? This is exactly the sort of trick my family would pull.

Well, the contracts went on forever, page after page.

Some were even in Latin.

Well, I'm sure it was well hidden.

I'm going to go to my mother and demand to know if it's true and what the hell she and my father think they're doing.

They think they're getting insurance.

In case I'm not cooperative in laying claim to the throne of England.

If I don't provide an heir Then there's a sword hanging over you.

If you're not named the English queen's successor, my father can cut his losses, kill you and gain Scotland to use as his staging area to invade England.

If he can't use me to get England while I'm alive he'll use me dead.

Francis, don't tell your mother just yet.

I don't want her to know that we know.

We must find out if Charlotte was telling the truth or if she just concocted a story to get herself out of France.

We need to get that contract.

It's the only way to confirm what Charlotte said is true.

Where does the king keep his important papers? In his chambers, mostly.

The guards are unlikely to let you or me in without a good reason.

There's one person I know that they will let in.

There's a special paper I need to find and it's in Henry's chambers.

Mary, the king's lost his mind! I'd be taking my own life into my hands.

Also, I'm a married woman and I promised Bash.

I understand.

And if you can't do it, I won't press you.

But you should know what I need you to look for.

Henry and Catherine have betrayed the alliance.

They deceived me into signing a contract that gives our Scotland to the French.

If I die without an heir, Scotland will lose her freedom.

That cannot happen.

We must do something.

The king is not in his chambers, Lady Kenna.

He asked me to wait for him.

"Paragraph two.

" "In case of wife's death " My lord! Kenna.

I know why you're here.

You do? You miss me.

It's a copy.

Without my signature.

Who knows where the original is.

I'm sorry, Mary.

You've been betrayed.

This is nothing more than a license to murder whenever it's convenient.

It's not just a threat to me.

It's a threat to my country.

This alliance was supposed to strengthen us against England, not sell us out.

I'll write to my mother.

When she hears of this - Mary, it's not just my family that's betrayed you.

Your mother's advisor spent hours going over the contracts.

I've just looked through the ledgers of the Treasury.

On the day of our marriage, a surprisingly large payment was made to Marie de Guise for services rendered the crown.

She was desperate for money to prop up her rule, and I'm sure she thought that this was an easy way to get it.

That you would conceive an heir, live a long and happy life, and never even know about it.

We will have a son, Mary, in time.

I know.

We can't hand this off to someone else.

All of our parents are in on it.

I know.

They won't lift a finger to change things.

Unless they're forced.

My mother is under immense pressure from the Protestant faction in Scotland.

They would love to oust her and see the nation under Protestant rule.

What if they found out that she had sold out her country for money? Her political enemies.

Don't you think that they would use that against her? They'd whip up Scotland into a frenzy.

To save her rule, she'll have to deny it.

Say she'd never think of doing such a thing.

Publicly distance herself from ever trying it.

She would have to find her copy of the contract.

And burn it.

And when France sees Scotland baying for French blood It'll be the same.

My father is obsessed with England.

He doesn't want to waste the lives of his troops on a pointless war with Scotland.

And my mother - No, she knows this is no time for a war.

Not with a mad king leading the army.

Francis, if this works, your parents will have to burn the evidence.

It'll be as if the contract never existed.

Once the news is in Scotland, we can trust your mother's enemies to do the rest.

But are you sure you want to do it this way, Mary? You are setting your mother up for a very hard time.

Then she shouldn't have deceived me.

My first duty is not to my mother.

I am the Queen of Scotland, not the Queen of Marie de Guise.

Well, the hard part of the plan will be getting the word out of France.

My mother will be suspicious of any letters addressed to Scottish Protestants.

I think the next step is to have a party.

Did you have to invite quite so many Scots? Diplomacy.

I want my countrymen to know that France doesn't have all of my attention.

I don't suppose you have seen my Lady Charlotte around, have you? She seems to have disappeared.

Because someone said they saw her speaking with you.

My ladies can be quite temperamental sometimes.

They're like disgruntled servants who get turned out for breaking the crockery.

They blame their mistress.

And carry lying tales.

She only said she was sorry for spilling her drink on me.

But I will bear your warning in mind if I ever have a conversation with her.

If she finds out, if she's even suspicious, she could do anything.

She's just irritated that we've invited every Scot within a hundred miles of French court.

All to hide our interest in just one.

Lord McKenzie is concluding a deal with the French military to provide wool for their uniforms.

He's expected to go home any day now.

Anyone we trust to make the news public in Scotland could go straight to Marie de Guise instead and demand payment for their silence.

Years ago, he fought with my father against the English.

He is a loyal man.

Years ago, he was a loyal man.

He has spent the time since then becoming a wealthy, comfortable man.

Will he want to anger the French government? Risk losing his business deal? I suppose we'll find out.

Henry is adding diamonds to my crown to sparkle as I do, he says.

Don't you think a royal crown suits me? Of course, Your Majesty.

It makes your head look smaller.

Almost back to normal size.

You're a saucy one, aren't you? I beg your pardon? Saucy? Don't be offended.

It's a good word, "saucy.

" It's sauce that makes food worth eating.

And women like you that make life worth living.

You're outrageous.

Oh, don't take yourself away from me, beauty.

Do you know who I am? I can guess.

From the clues I'd say, uh, you're a lady-in-waiting.

You're too well-dressed to be anything else.

And by the fleur-de-lis on your bracelet, you serve the Queen of France.

And by the tone of your conversation with the queen, I'd say you're out of favor.

You're right.

I do serve the Queen of France.

Well, if it isn't the master of two amusing things.

How's marriage treating you? As well as can be expected.

Have you seen Lady Eugenie tonight? Will her charming bosom fall out of that gown? What do you think? I think I'm married.

No reason to let that slow you down.

The Lady Kenna could teach you something about that.

Probably a few other things, too.

Her wedding barely past, and there she was, her rump like a ripe apple in my hand.

I'd forgotten how she looks from behind, perky as a young deer.

You know how when you see the white tail of a hind, and you long to bury your arrow in Am I to understand you called Lady Kenna to your chambers? I gave no summons.

She was waiting for me.

You can't blame the girl.


You could have a king's son as your firstborn.

My gift to you.

Your queen wishes to have a word with you.

Just you.

My men like to stay close.

The queen wants privacy.

Oh, it'll be private.

They'll be just outside the door.

Mary, I don't like this.

Well, you're right.

We don't know if we can trust Lord McKenzie.

Or anyone.

I know, but Change of plan.

Lord McKenzie why do your men stay outside? They can hear what I have to say.

Well, lass why am I here? You fought with my father at Solway Moss.

What was it like? It was hell on Earth.

I listened to the screams of men impaled with arrows as they died on that marsh.

And at day's end, your father limped home and died.

And did your heart die with him? For the past ten years, you have lived here, in the safety of France, and I've seen too much suffering at home.

And you would ask of my heart? Ask me that question when you have earned the right.

The day of my marriage, a secret contract was slipped in amongst the others.

The French arranged it with my mother.

It gives Scotland to France, if I die without an heir.

I cannot allow it to stand.

Do you understand what I'm saying? I cannot allow it.

I may live in France, but I have the heart of a Scot.

France has betrayed us! So I charge you men to take the news with you.

Tell the world.

But most especially, tell Lord Hardie, the leader of the Protestants who oppose my mother.

They will raise such a stink, the contract will never survive.

You'd defy Marie de Guise? I would defy the Devil himself if he tried to buy and sell my country! I will not risk Scotland's freedom.

So like my father, I ask you to give up your comfort.

To do what is right.

You will lose your business deal.

You will earn the anger of my mother.

And I have nothing to give you in exchange, except my gratitude.

Your Majesty.

We have waited a long, long time for you to rise.

That was amazing.

I never In France, the queen is the person who is married to the king.

But to those men, you are their liege lord, the one to whom oaths of loyalty are made.

No one's ever looked at me like that before.

I can still feel it, like a weight in my chest.

All my life, I have been a chess piece in other people's courts.

But now I have the responsibility.

Mary, your people have been ruled by a regent for too long.

They are ready to give their hearts to you, the true queen.

There is power there, if you can take it and keep it.

Like a bit of privacy, do you? - Afraid for your reputation? - You could say that.

So you've never been to French court before.

My first night and my last.

Mmm I return to Paris tomorrow, with Lord McKenzie, to conclude our business, and then.


Back home to Scotland.

Really? Have you ever been to Scotland? My duty doesn't allow me to travel beyond France.

Oh, yes, the queen.

You can't leave her.

Tedious though her company may be, I'll never really escape her.


Tell me about Scotland.

Well, cold and harsh, some call her.

But with beauty that can pierce your heart.

The king's chambers? - Excuse me? Do you deny you were there? We didn't actually have sex.

I don't want to calibrate the exact inch you stopped.

We had an agreement.

I remember.

I also remember you jumping very high to answer Mary's beck and call.

So your visiting my father is a form of childish payback? Or payment for what? You think I went to the king's chambers for fun? He's lost his mind.

I was terrified the whole time I was with him.

Why did you go to him, then? For Mary.

My queen.

She asked me to find a secret document that put my country at risk.

Mary sent you into the lion's den? - She asked, and I agreed.

I know you don't think I notice anything that's not a pretty dress or a jewel, but strangely enough, I give a damn about my country.

Henry came in just as I found the paper, and there was nothing I could do.

I couldn't tell him why I was really there.

His very touch makes me ill.

I'm sorry.

My country was at stake, but what was at stake for you when Mary batted her eyes and you rushed off to be her true and gentle knight? You'll never be that knight for me.

You'll be my husband, but never that.


This marriage is based on nothing.

What a pair my father tied together for a lifetime.

I love getting a mysterious summons from my bride-to-be.

Julien, thank you for coming.

There's something I have to tell you.

Is it about the wedding? Y your family? - Have you changed your mi ? - I'm pregnant.

That's why Mary pushed me towards you so aggressively.

Why you said yes so quickly.

I know this all happened so fast, but do you care for me at all? If I didn't care for you, why would I be confessing to you now? Will you tell me who the father is? No.

I don't want him to know.

Why? So you've been carrying this secret around with you.


Oh, Lola.

We've both made such a botch of our lives.

How have you made a botch ? I won't ask about your past, if you don't ask about mine.

Well I suppose we'd better have the wedding before you start to show.

You still want to marry me? Are you still the most beautiful girl I know? Yes.

Are you still the most annoyingly direct? Yes.

I don't need a match made in Heaven.

I'll be perfectly happy with a match made somewhere north of Paris.

You are magnificent and daring.

But don't you think we're pushing our luck by lingering? If the queen were to discover us here, in her chambers, I doubt nothing short of our executions would satisfy her.

Wherever the queen is, I assure you she's already quite satisfied.

What are you doing? Nothing reveals an indiscretion quite like hair gone wild.

You know where everything is.


And that robe you just picked up fits you perfectly.

Oh, it should.

Because you're the queen.

How perceptive of you.

I suppose bowing would be pointless now.

Well, you've shown your willingness to serve me quite sufficiently this past hour.

But you'd be advised, for your own safety, to keep this to yourself.

Not that anyone would believe you.

Why didn't you tell me? If you'd known I was a queen, would you have gone through with it? I would have gone through with it no matter who you are.

I made love to you because you are the most intriguing woman I've met in France.

Oh, Lord McKenzie thought he was so special for having a private session with Queen Mary.

With Mary? A private session? Aye.

Now he says we're not going to Paris, but straight back to Scotland in the morning, on the first ship.

What, your business unfinished? How odd.

I wonder what he and Mary spoke about.

No idea, but he was feeling quite singled out about it, it seemed, by the expression on his face.

Favored by the queen.

If only he knew about this.

Of course, he won't.

Don't worry.

Mary knows.


Where have you been, friend? The men and I are going into the village for a final night of hospitality, courtesy of, uh some of France's most experienced ladies.

You'll join us? I think I won't.

Ah, a whore is such a disappointment after you've had the real thing.

But you poor fellows go, enjoy yourselves.

Very well.

We sail in the morning.

Hey, hey why do you keep looking at that door? The only thing you need to worry about opening is my britches.

Little lassie! Lassie, come here.

Agh! No! What the devil is going on? Aah! It's done.

Every man? Every man of Lord McKenzie's? Yes.

And the whores? The ones we paid off got away.

They won't be coming back.

The few we were worried would talk they died with the men.

My lady they were whoring themselves to the Scots when we came in.

It's not as if they were innocents.


I'm sure they chose their vocation willingly, happy to service men like you.

My lady ?! Go away.

My condolences on the loss of your countrymen.

As I see, you've already heard.

This was not lightly done.

It's a matter of royal business.

France cannot afford a war with Scotland over the contract.

And with the king ill, I simply don't have time to try to calm down two countries.

You killed a dozen men because you couldn't be bothered with the extra trouble? I will never forgive you for this.

Forgive me or forgive yourself? Welcome to being a ruling queen, Mary.

Men will trust you and die.

These are the first.

But they won't be the last.

It'll go on and on, until your death, because that's the way it works.

And a beautiful, young queen, the men are gonna throw themselves into the fire for you, my dear.

They'll shoulder lost causes and take on risks they should never take.

In time, you'll get used to it.

You'll know in your bones the losses you face each time you send men out, and you'll do it anyway.

It'll be a cold choice.

It's mathematical, you could say.

Because the only other option is to pull the covers over your head and give up.


I heard what happened.

I've been looking for you.

I need Lady Kenna, please.

I get headaches.

I'm so sorry.

Your touch your touch is so soothing.

I miss your innocence.

Your gentleness.

Sometimes, Penelope her voice grates.

Father Father I think Queen Penelope's getting jealous.

You know how women are around you.

It's a burden sometimes.

I wasn't expecting to see you here.

Because Mary's not here? I didn't come looking for Mary.

I was worried about you.

Why? Because you're not safe in this castle.

And I will always defend you because you're my wife.

I am surprised you're willing to allow the bodies of your victims to return to Scotland.

Those poor men died in a fire as anyone can see from what's left of them.

Their families deserve the consolation of burying them at home.

Mary Queen of I hope you're not gonna make a habit of this bursting in.

One day I might be indecent.

I would like the contract now.

In my hands.

Perhaps you don't understand what's happened.

You lost.

Take it with grace.

You will give it to me when you hear what I have to say.

My dear, there's nothing you can say that can trump the fact I can stop you from getting word of the contract back to Scotland.


But getting word to France is much easier.

Word that the king is mad.

That the House of Valois is ripe to topple.

How many dissatisfied nobles, hungry for power, do you think will step into the vacuum? You're talking about civil war.

Every duke that has a grudge against Henry will be lined up outside of the gate.

They'll fight us.

They'll fight each other.

Mary - You wouldn't do it.

It would destroy France.

You are the Queen of France.

I am the Queen of Scotland.

You wouldn't harm Francis.

Francis is welcome to join me in Scotland as my consort.

Just as I am his consort here.

It seems only fair.

If I thought you were serious, you wouldn't leave this room alive.

I sent three riders out this morning.

Unless they hear from me with the agreed-upon phrase, they will deliver my letters to two dukes and to the Vatican.

The world will know that France is open for the taking.

Is she bluffing, Francis? She's Mary Queen of Scots.

I wouldn't like to guess what she would do.

You killed 12 of my countrymen.

Look into my eyes and tell me that I'm bluffing.

This is the original that has your signature on it.

Burn it.

That was quite a bluff you ran against my mother today.


I did send out three riders.

To deceive my mother.

Well, I'm sure you didn't give them dangerous messages that could blow up France.

You'd never have done that.

But, I did.

What? I'm going to be Queen of France someday.

And I hope to be a good queen.

But France has you and your mother to look after her welfare.

Scotland only has me.

If it ever becomes a choice between our two countries, I will chose mine.

In whatever way necessary.

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