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  Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince
 Posted: 12/13/13 13:12
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Millenium breaking disaster...

All river traffic has been halted and

police divers search for survivors.

Surrounding area

remains closed.

The man, known to...

Harry Potter.

Who's Harry Potter?

Um, no one.

Bit of a tosser, really.


that paper of yours.

Couple of minutes ago, I could have sworn

I saw a picture move.


While I was going

around the train.

Okay, I was wondering--


That's when

I get off.

You can tell me all about

that tosser Harry Potter.

You've been reckless

this summer, Harry.

I like riding around

the trains.

Takes my mind

off things.

All unpleasant to be old,

isn't it?

The tale is thrilling,

if I say so myself.

But now is not the time

to tell it.

Take my arm.

Do as I say.

I hardly just Apparated,

didn't I?


Quite successfully too,

I might add.

Most people vomit

the first time.

Can't imagine why.

Welcome to the charming village

of Budleigh Babberton.

Harry, I assume right about now

you must be wondering...

why I brought you here?

Am I right?

Actually sir, after all these years,

I just, sort of, go with it.

Wands on, Harry.



Merlin's beard!

You don't need

to disfigure me, Albus.

Well I must say you made

a very convincing armchair, Horace.

It's all

in the upholstery.

I come by this stuffing naturally.

What gave me away?

Dragon's blood.

Oh yes, introductions.

Harry, I'd like you to meet

an old friend and colleague of mine--

Horace Slughorn.


Well you know who this is.

Harry Potter.

So for love of theatrics,


You're, by any chance,

waiting for someone else, were you?

Someone else?

I'm sure I don't know what you mean.

Alright. The Death Eaters

have been trying

to recruit me

for over a year.

Do you know

what's that like?

You can only say no

to these people so many times.

So I never stay anywhere

more than a week.

The Muggles who own this place

are in the Canary Islands.

Well, I think we should put it

back in order for them,

don't you?



That was fun.

Do you mind

if I use the loo?

No, of course.

Don't think I don't know

why you're here, Albus.

The answer is still no.


and unequivanetly, no.

You're very like

your father.

Except the eyes,

of course.

You have your--

My mother's eyes, yeah.

Lily, lovely Lily.

She's exceedingly bright,

your mother.

Even more impressive

even though I could say

that she was Muggle-born.

One of my best friends

is Muggle-born.

She's the best in our year.

Oh please don't think

I'm prejudiced.

No, no, no.

Your mother was

one of my absolute favorites.

Look, there she is.

Right at the front.

All mine.

Each and every one.

Ex-students, I mean.

You recognise Barnabas Cuffe?

Editor of the Daily Prophet.

Always takes my owl

should I wish to register an opinion

on the news of the day.

Gwenog Jones,

captain of the Holyhead Harpies.

Free tickets

whenever I want them.

Of course, I haven't been

to a match in some time.

Ah, yes!

Regulus Black.

No doubt, there is

his older brother Sirius,

died a few weeks ago.

I taught the whole Black family,

except Sirius.

It's a shame.

A talented boy.

I got Regulus when

he came along, of course, but...

but I'd like to set.


Do you mind if I take this?

I do love

knitting patterns.

Yes, of course,

but you're not leaving, are you?

Oh, I think I know

a lost cause when I see one.

Regrettable, I would have considered it

a very personal triumph

if you consented

to return to Hogwarts.

Ah well, you're like my friend

Mr. Potter here.

One of a kind.

Well, bye-bye Horace.


Alright. I'll do it.

But I want Professor Merrythought's

old office,

not the water closet

I had before.

And I expect a raise.

These are mad times

we're living, mad!

They are, indeed.

Sir, exactly what was

all that about?

You are talented,

famous and powerful.

Everything Horace values.

Professor Slughorn's gonna try

to collect you, Harry.

You would be

his crowning jewel.

That's why

he's returning to Hogwarts.

And it's crucial

he should return.

I fear I may have stolen

a wondrous night from you, Harry.

She was truthfully...

very pretty.

The girl.

It's alright, sir.

I'll go back tomorrow,

make some excuse.

Oh you'll not be returning

to Little Whinging tonight, Harry.

But sir, what about Hedwig?

And my trunk?


are waiting for you.



Ginny, what is it?

I was only wondering

when Harry got here.


Harry-- Harry, who?

Harry Potter, of course.

I think I'd know if Harry Potter

was in my house, wouldn't I?

His trunk's in the kitchen...

and his owl.

But no, dear.

I seriously doubt that.


Did someone say Harry?

Me, nosey.

Is he up there with you?

Of course not.

I think I'll know if my best friend's

in my room, wouldn't I?

Is that an owl I heard?

You haven't seen him,

have you?

Apparently, he's wandering

about the house.





What a lovely surprise!

Why didn't you let us know

you were coming?

I didn't know.


Oh, that man!

What we won't do without him?

A bit of... toothpaste.

So when did you

get here?

A few days ago.

Day or for a while,

I wasn't sure I was coming.


sort of lost it, last week.

Said Ginny and I have

no business going back to Hogwarts.

It's too dangerous.

Oh, come on.

She's not alone.

Even my parents.

They're Muggles,

know something

bad's happening.


Dad stepped in.

Told us she was

being barmy and...

Took a few days,

but she came around.

But, this is Hogwarts

we're talking about.

It's Dumbledore.

What could be safer?

There's been a lot of talk

recently that...


got a bit old.

What rubbish!

Well, he's only...

How old is he?

Give or take a few years?

Cissy, you can't do this!

He can't be trusted.

The Dark Lord trusts him.

The Dark Lord is mistaken.

Run along, Wormtail.

I-I know

I ought not to be here.

The Dark Lord himself

forbade me to speak of this.

If the Dark Lord has forbidden it,

you would not to speak.

Put it down, Bella, we mustn't

touch what isn't ours.

As it, so happens,

I'm aware of your situation, Narcissa.


The Dark Lord told you?

Your sister darts me.

Understandable, over the years,

I've played my part well.

So well, I've deceived one of

the greatest wizards of all time.

Dumbledore is a great wizard.

Only a fool would question it.

I don't doubt you, Severus.

You should be honored,


As should Draco.

He's just a boy.

I can't change

the Dark Lord's mind.

But it might be possible

for me to help Draco.


Swear to it.

Make the Unbreakable Vow.

It's just empty words.

You'll give it his best effort...

when it matters most.

He'll just slither back

to his hole.


Take out your wand.

Will you, Severus Snape,

watch over Draco Malfoy

as he attempts to fulfill

the Dark Lord's wishes?

I will.

And will you,

to the best of your ability,

protect him from harm?

I will.

And if Draco should fail,

will you yourself

carry out the deed

the Dark Lord has ordered

Draco to perform?

I will.

Step up, step up!

We got fating fancies.

And he's made me go.

At just in for time for school.

Puking Pastilles.

Meeting's in the cauldron,


Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder.

How real many spinned it at that one?

Handy if you need

to make a quick getaway.

Hello, ladies.

Love potions, eh?


They really do work.

Then again the way

we heard you, sis...

You're doing just fine

on your own.


Are you not currently dating

Dean Thomas?

It's none of your business.

How much for this?

Five galleons.

Five galleons.

How much for me?

Five galleons.

Five galleons.

I'm your brother.

Ten galleons.

Ten galleons.

Come on, let's go.

Hi, Ron.


How are Fred and George

doing it?

Half the alley's

closed down.

Fred reckons people

need a laugh these days.

I reckon he's right.

Oh, no.

Everyone got their wands

from Ollivanders.


Is it me

or do Draco and Mummy

look like two people who

don't want to be followed?



He's lovely.

They've been known to sing

at Boxing Day, you know?


Oh, please.

What's a Wrackspurt?

Invisible creatures,

they flow in your ears

and make your brain go fuzzy.


So what was Draco doing

with that weird-looking cabinet?

And who were

all those people?

Don't you see?

It was a ceremony.

An initiation.

Stop it, Harry.

I know where you're going with this.

It happened.

He's one of them.

One of who?

Harry's under the impression

Draco Malfoy is now a Death Eater.

You're barking.

What would You-Know-Who want

with a sod like Malfoy?

Oh, then what's he doing

in Borgin and Burkes?

Browsing for furniture?

It's a creepy shop.

He's a creepy blood.

Blood? His father is a Death Eater.

It only makes sense.

Besides, Hermione saw it

with her own eyes.

I told you,

I don't know what I saw.

I need some air.

What's going on?

What's in that?

What's that?

What is it?

I don't know.

What was that?

Relax, boys. It's probably just

a phantom messing around.

Come, Draco. Sit down.

We'll be at Hogwarts soon.


What a pathetic excuse for a school.

I think I pitched myself

off the astronomy tab

I thought I had to continue

for another 2 years.

What's that supposed

to mean?

Let's just say I don't think

I see me wasting my time

in Charms class

next year.

Amused, Blaise?

Let's see just

who's laughing in the end.

You two go on.

Wanna check something.

Where's Harry?

He's probably on the platform.

Come on.

Didn't Mummy ever tell you

it was rude to eavesdrop, Potter?

Petrificus Totalus!

Oh yeah...

She was dead before you could

wipe the drool off your chin.

That's for my father.

Enjoy your ride

back to London.


Hello, Harry!


How'd you know where I was?


your head's full of them.

Sorry I made you miss the carriages,

by the way, Luna.

That's alright.

It was like being with a friend.


I am your friend, Luna.

That's nice.

Oh, about time.

I've been looking

all over for you two.



Professor Flitwick,

you know me for five years.

No exceptions, Potter.

Who are those people?



What's this cane here then?

It's not a cane, you cretin.

It's a walking stick.

And what exactly will

you be doing with all...

be construed

as an offensive weapon.

It's alright, Mr. Filch.

I can vouch for Mr. Malfoy.

Nice face, Potter.

Would you like me

to fix it for you?

Personally, I think

you look a bit more...

devil may care

this way but...

It's up to you.

Well, have you ever

fixed a nose before?

No, but I've done

several toes...

How different

are they really?

Um, okay, yeah.

Give it a go.


How do I look?

Exceptionally ordinary.



I'm here in a minute.

Will you stop eating?

Your best friend is missing.

Why won't you

turn around, you lunatic?

He's covered in blood again.

Why is it

he's always covered in blood?

Looks like it's his own

this time.

Where have you been?

What happened to your face?


What did I miss?

The Sorting Hat says we ought to be

brave and strong in these trouble times.

Easy for it to say, though.

It's a hat, isn't it?

Very best of evenings to you all.


First off, let me introduce

the newest member of our staff.

Horace Slughorn.

Professor Slughorn, I'm happy to say,

has agreed to resume his old post...

as Potions Master.

Meanwhile, the post of

Defense Against the Dark Arts...

will be taken by

Professor Snape.

As you know,

each and every one of you

were searched

upon your arrival here tonight.

And you have the right

to know why.


there was a young man.

Like you,

sat in this very hall.

Walked this castle's corridors.

Slept under it's roof.

You see, to all the world,

a student like any other.

His name:

Tom Riddle.

Today of course, is known

all over the world by another name.

Which is why

as I stand,

looking out

upon you all tonight,

I'm reminded

of a sobering fact.

Every day, every hour,

this very minute, perhaps...

dark forces attempt

to penetrate this castle's walls.

But in the end,

that greatest weapon...

is you.

Just something

to think about.

Now off to bed,

beep beep.

That was cheerful.

History of Magic is upstairs,

ladies, not down.

Mr. Davis, Mr. Davis,

that is the girls' lavatory.


Oh, this can't be good.

Enjoying ourselves,

are we?

I had a free period

this morning, Professor.

So I noticed.

I would think you would want

to fill it with Potions.

Or is it no longer your ambition

to become an Auror?

Well, it was, but I was told to have

to get an Outstanding in my O.W.L.

So you did, when Professor Snape

was teaching Potions.

However, Professor Slughorn's

perfectly happy

to accept N.E.W.T. students

with "Exceeds Expectations".

Brilliant, um...

Well, I'll head there straight away.

Oh, good, good.

Potter, take Weasley with you.

He looks far too happy over there.

I don't want

to take Potions.

There's Quidditch trials coming up,

I need to practice.

Attention to detail in the preparation

is the prerequisite of all plan.

Harry, my boy,

I've been beginning to worry.

You brought someone

with us, I see.

Ron Weasley, sir.

But I'm dead awful at Potions.

A menace, actually so.

I'm probably just gonna--


we'll sort you out.

Any friend of Harry's

is a friend of mine.

Get your books out.

I'm sorry, sir, I haven't actually

got my book yet and nor is Ron.

Not to worry,

get what you want from the cupboard.

Now as I was saying,

I prepared some concoctions

this morning.

Any ideas

what these might be?

Yes, Miss...?

Granger, sir.

That one there is


It's a truth-telling serum.

And that one--

It's terribly tricky to make.

This is Amortentia.

The most powerful

love potion in the world.

It's rumored to smell differently

to each person

according to

what attracts them.

For example, I smell...

Freshly mown grass

and new parchment and...

Spearmint toothpaste.

Now Amortentia

doesn't create actual love.

That would be impossible,

but it does cause

powerful infatuation or obsession.

And for that reason,

it is probably the most

dangerous potion in this room.

Sir, you haven't told us

what's in that one.

Oh yes. What you see before you,

ladies and gentlemen,

is a curious little potion,

known as Felix Felicis.

But it is more commonly known

referred to as--

Liquid luck.

Yes, Miss Granger.

Liquid luck.

Desperately tricky to make,

disastrous should you get it wrong.

One sip and you'll find

that all of your endeavours succeed.

At least

until the effects wear off.

So this is what I offer

each of you today.

One tiny vial of liquid luck

to the student

who in the hour that remains,

manages to brew

an acceptable

Draught of Living Dead.

Recipes for which can be found

on page 10 of your books.

Issue one doubt, however.

Only one set of student

manage to brew a potion

of sufficient quality

to claim this prize.


good luck to you all.

Let the brewing commence.

How did you do that?

You crush it,

don't cut it.

No, the instructions

specifically says to cut.

No, really.

Merlin's beard!

It is perfect!

So perfect I'd just say

one drop would kill us all!

Here we are then,

as promised.

One vial of Felix Felicis.


Use it well.

Oh Harry,

you got my message?

Come in.

How are you?

I'm fine, sir.

Enjoying your classes?

I know Professor Slughorn

is most impressed with you.

I think he overestimates

my abilities, sir.

Do you?


What about your activities

outside the classroom?


Well, I notice you've spent

a great deal of time with Miss Granger.

I can't help wondering if--

Oh, no, no, I mean...

She's brilliant

and we're friends.

But no.

Forgive me.

I was only being curious.

But enough chit-chat.

You must be wondering

why I summoned you here tonight.

The answer lies here.

What you're looking at

are memories.

In this case,

pertaining to one individual:


Or as he was known, then:

Tom Riddle.

This vial contains

the most sufficient memory.

On the day

I first met him.

I'd like you to see it.

If you want.

I'm to admit to some confusion for

receiving your letter, Mr. Dumbledore.

In all the years Tom's been here,

he's never once had a family visitor.

There have been incidents

with the other children--

Nasty things.

Tom, you have a visitor.

How'd you do, Tom?


You're the doctor,

aren't you?

No, I'm a professor.

I don't believe you.

She wants me

looked at.

They think I'm...


Or perhaps they're right.

I'm not mad.

Hogwarts is not a place

for mad people.

Hogwarts is a school.

School of magic.

You can do things,

can't you, Tom?

Things other children can't.

I can make things move

without touching them.

I can make animals do

what I want without training them.

I can make bad things happen

to people who mean to me.

Can make them hurt.

If I want.

Who are you?

Well, I'm like you, Tom.

I'm different.

Prove it.

I think there's something

in your wardrobe

trying to get out, Tom.

Thievery is not tolerated

at Hogwarts, Tom.

At Hogwarts, we'll be taught not only

how to use magic, but how to control it.

You understand me?

I can speak to snakes too.

They find me.

Whisper things.

Is that normal for someone like me?

Did you know, sir,


Did I know I just met the most

dangerous dark wizard of all time?


If I had, I...

Over time

while here at Hogwarts,

Tom Riddle grew close

to one particular teacher.

Can you guess

who that teacher might be?

You didn't bring Professor Slughorn back

simply to teach potions, did you, sir?

No, I did not.

You see, Professor Slughorn possesses

something that I desire very dearly.

He will not

give it out easily.

You said Professor Slughorn

would try to collect to me.

I did.

Do you want me

to let him?



so this morning,

I'm gonna be putting you all

for a few drills

just to assess you


Quiet, please!

Shut it!


Alright, um,

now then, remember,

just because you made

the team last year

does not guarantee you

a spot this year.

Is that clear?


No hard feelings, Weasley,


Hard feelings?

Yeah, I'll be going out

for Keeper's, well,


nothing personal.


Such a big guy like you?

You've got more of a Beater's build,

don't you think?

Keepers need

to be quick, agile.

I'll have my chances.

Say, um, you think you could

introduce me to your friend, Granger?

Wouldn't mind, eh,

getting on a first-hand base,

you know

what I mean?

Come on, come on.

Go, Cormac.

Come on, Ron!

Come on, Ron.


He's brilliant.

I have to admit I thought

I was going to miss that last one.

I hope Cormac's

not taking it too hard.

He's got a bit of a thing for you,

Hermione-- Cormac.

He's vile.

Have you ever heard of the spell:


No, I haven't.

If you had a shred of self-respect,

you'd hand that book in.

Not bloody likely.

He's top of the class.

He's even better than you, Hermione.

Slughorn thinks

he's a genius.

I'd like to know

who's that book was.

Let's have a look, shall we?


Why not?

The binding is fragile.

"The binding is fragile"?


Who's the Half-Blood Prince?


That's what it says

right here.

This book is property

of the Half-Blood Prince.

For weeks,

you carry around this book.

Practically, sleep with it,

and yet you have no desire

to find out

who the Half-Blood Prince is.

I didn't say I wasn't curious

and I don't sleep with it.

Well, it's true.

Well, I got a nice chat

before I go to bed.

And all you do is that bloody book.

It's like being with Hermione.

Well, I was curious

So, I went to--

The library?

The library?


And nothing.

I couldn't find a reference


to the Half-Blood Prince.

There we go.

That settles it, then.

Yeah, uh...

hoping to find you

in the Three Broomsticks.

Uh no, emergency choir practice

from the freighthorse.

Does anyone fancy

a butterbeer?

A chum of mine

was sledging down Clagsby Hill.

We had a very long, home-made

Norwegian style sledge.

We hurtled down,

we hit what most...

Ron, sit aside me.


Something to drink?

Three butterbeers

and some ginger in mine, please.

Oh, bloody hell.

Ron, see they're only

holding hands.

And snogging.

I'd like to leave.


You can't be serious.

That happens to be my sister.


What if she looked at me

and saw you snogging me?

Would you expect her

to get up and leave?

Hey, my boy.

So wonderful to see you.

And you, and you.

So what brings you here?

Oh, Three Broomsticks and I go way back

further than I care to admit.

I could remember

when it was One Broomstick.

All hands on deck, Granger.

Listen, my boy,

in the old days, I used to throw together

the occassional supper party.

Select a student

or two.

Would you be game?

I consider it

an honor, sir.

You'd be welcome too,


I'd be delighted, sir.


Look for my owl.

Good to see you, Wallenby.

What are you playing at?

Dumbledore's asked me

to get to know him.

Get to know him?


It must be important.

If it wasn't,

Dumbledore wouldn't ask.

You got a little bit...

Katie, we don't know

what it could be.

Harry, what...

I know what I'm doing.

Did you hear

what she was saying

back in the pub there

on me and her snogging?

I warned her.

I warned her not to touch it.

Don't get any closer!

Get back, all of you.

Oh no, no, no.

Do not touch that,

except for the wrappings.

Do you understand?

You're sure Katie did not have this

in her possession

when she entered

the Three Broomsticks?

It's like I said.

She left to go to the loo.

And when she came back,

she had the package.

She said it was important

that she deliver it.

Did she say to whom?

To Professor Dumbledore.

Very well. Thank you, Leanne.

You may go.

Why is it

when something happens,

it is always you three?

Believe me, Professor,

I've been asking myself

the same question for six years.

Oh, Severus.

What do you think?

I think Ms. Bell

is lucky to be alive.

She was cursed,

wasn't she?

I know Katie.

Off the Quidditch pitch,

she wouldn't hurt a fly.

If she was delivering that

to Professor Dumbledore,

she wasn't doing it


Yes, she was cursed.

It was Malfoy.

That is a very

serious accusation, Potter.


Your evidence?

I just know.

You "just" know.

Once again, you're astonished

with your gifts, Potter.

Gifts mere mortals can only

dream of possessing.

How grand it must be

to be the Chosen One.

I suggest you go back

to your dormitories.

All of you.

What do you suppose

Dean sees in her-- Ginny?

And what does

she see in him?


He's brilliant.

You called him slick git

not five hours ago.

Yeah, well, he was running

his hands all over my sister,

wasn't he?

Something snaps.

You've got to hate him, you know?

Old principle.

I suppose.

So what do you think

he sees in her?

I don't know.

She's smart,

funny, attractive--


You know,

she's got nice skin.

Skin? You're saying Dean's

dating my sister because of her skin?

For blood, I mean.

I'm just--I'm just saying

it could be

a contributing factor.

Hermione's got nice skin.

When you say it,

as skin goes, I mean.

I've never really

thought about it.

But I suppose, yeah.

Very nice.

I think

I'll be going to sleep now.


So tell me, Cormac, do you see anything

of your uncle Tiberius these days?

Yes, sir, in fact I'm meant

to get hunting with him

and the Minister of Magic

over the holidays.

Oh, well, be sure

to give them both my best.

And what about

your uncle, Belby?

For those of you

who don't know well,

Marcus' uncle invented

the Wolfsbane Potion.

Is he working

on anything new?

I don't know.

He and my dad

don't get along.

'Prolly cause my dad

says potions are rubbish.

His only potion worth having

is a stiff one at the end of the day.

And what about you,

Ms. Granger,

what exactly does your family do

in the Muggle world?

My parents are dentists.

They attend to people's teeth.


And is that considered

a dangerous profession?


Although, one boy, Robby Fenwich,

did bite my father once.

He needed ten stitches.

Ah, Ms. Weasley.

Come in, come in.

Look, her eyes.

They've been fighting again.

Her and Dean.


I'm not usually late.

No matter,

just in time for dessert.

That is if Belby

has left you any.






I'm sorry, sir, I was

just admiring your hourglass.

Ah yes,

most intriguing object.

The sand runs in accordance

with the quality of the conversation.

It is stimulating,

the sand runs slowly.

If it is not...

I think I'll be going, then.


You have nothing

to fear, dear boy.


some of your classmates...

Well, let's just say

they're unlikely to make the shelf.

Shelf, sir?

Anyone who aspires to be anyone

hopes to end up here.

But then again, you already

are someone, aren't you, Harry?

Did Voldemort

ever make the shelf, sir?

You knew him, didn't you, sir?

Tom Riddle?

You were his teacher.

Mr. Riddle had a number of teachers

who was here at Hogwarts.

What was he like?

I'm sorry, sir.

Forgive me.

He killed my parents.

Of course, it's only natural

you should want to know more.

But I'm afraid

I must disappoint you, Harry.

When I first met

young Mr. Riddle,

he was a quiet,

albeit brilliant boy,

committed to becoming

a first-grade wizard.

Not unlike

others I've known.

Not unlike yourself,

in fact.

If the monster existed,

it was very deep within.

You okay, Ron?

I'm counting on you, Ron.

I've 2 games on Gryffindor, ya?

Be good, Ron.


What's he wearing?

So how was it, then?

How is what?

Your dinner party?

Pretty boring actually.

But I think

Harry enjoyed dessert.

Slughorn's having Christmas,

do you know?

I'm about to bring someone.

I expect

you'll be bringing McLaggen.

He's in the Slug Club,

isn't he?


I was going to ask you.


Good luck today, Ron.

I know

you'll be brilliant.

I'm resigning.

After today's match,

McLaggen can have my spot.

Are you alright?



Hello, everyone.

You look dreadful, Ron.

Is that why you put

something in his cup?

Is it a tonic?

Liquid luck.

Don't drink it, Ron.

You could be expelled for that.

What are we talking about?

Come on, Harry,

we've got a game to win.

Weasley! Weasley! Weasley!

Weasley! Weasley! Weasley!

You shouldn't

have done it.

I know. I supposed I could have just

used the Confundus charm.

That was different.

That was try-outs,

this was a natural game.

You didn't put in?

Ron only thought

you did.

Charm spell.

Just practising.

Very good.

How does it feel, Harry?

When you see

Dean with Ginny?

I know.

I see the way

you look at her.

You're my best friend.

Oops! I think

this room's taken.

What's with the birds?


It feels like this.

I can't help it if

she's got her knickers in a twist.

What Lav and I have, well,

let's just say,

there's no stopping it.

It's chemical.

Will it last?

Who knows?

Point is

I'm a free agent.

He's at perfect liberty

to kiss whomever he likes.

I really couldn't

care less.

Was I

under the impression

he and I would be attending

Slughorn's Christmas party together?

Yes. Now,

given the circumstances,

I had to make

other arrangements.

Have you?



Well, I just thought

seeing is not the risk at going

with who

we'd really like to,

We should go together,

as friends.

Why didn't

I think of that?

Who are you going with?

Um, it's a surprise.

Anyways, you have got to worry about.

You can't take anyone.

You see that girl

over there?

That's Romilda Vane.

Harry, she's been been trying

to smuggle you a love potion.



She's only interested in you because

she thinks you're the Chosen One.

But I am

the Chosen One.

Okay, sorry, um...


I'll ask someone I like.

Someone cool.

I've never been

to this part of the castle.

At least,

not while awake.

I sleep-walk, you see.

That's why

I wear shoes to bed.

Harmonia nictere passus.

Harmonia nictere passus.

Harmonia nictere passus.



I didn't get

into the Slug Club.

It's okay, though.

He's got Melvin hanging up

towels in the looroom.

I'm--I'm fine, mate.




what are you doing?

What happened to you?

No, I've just escaped.

I mean, I left Cormac

under the mistletoe.


That's who you invited?

I thought it would

annoy Ron the most.

Thank you very much.

We will catch up with you.

He's got more tentacles

than a Snargaluff plant.

Dragon tails?

No, I'm fine, thank you.

Just this one.

They give one horribly bad breath.

On second thoughts,

it might keep Cormac away.

God, here he comes.

I think she just went

to paddle her nose.

She's a little minx,

your friend.

Nice to work.

How nasty isn't she?

Yeah, yeah,


What is this I'm eating,

by the way?

Dragon balls.

You've just brought yourself

a month's detention, McLaggen.

Not so quick, Potter.

Sir, I really think I should

rejoin the party. My date--

Can surely survive your absence

for another minute or two.

Besides, I only wish

to convey a message.


From Professor Dumbledore.

He asked me to give you his best

and he hopes you enjoy your holidays.


He's travelling.

And he won't return

until term resumes.

Travelling where?

How are you?

Get your hands off me,

you filthy Squibb.

Professor Slughorn, sir.

I just discovered this boy

lurking in an upstairs corridor.

He claims to have been

invited to your party.

Okay, okay,

I was gate-crashing.


I'll escort him out.

Certainly, Professor.

Alright, everyone carry on,

carry on.

Maybe I did hex that Bell girl.

Maybe I didn't.

What about you?

I swore to protect you.

I made the Unbreakable Vow.

I don't need protection.

I was chosen

for this.

I don't know

what all this mean,

but I won't fail him.

You're afraid, Draco.

You attempt to consider,

but it's obvious,

let me assist you.


I was chosen.

This is my moment.

Unbreakable Vow.

You sure that's what Snape said?

Positive. Why?

It's just, you can't break

an Unbreakable Vow.

I-I worked that much out

for myself, funny enough.

I don't understand.

Oh bloody hell.

I miss you.


All she wants to do

is snog me.

My lips

are getting chapped, look.

Then I'll take

your word for it.

So what happens

to you?

What happens

if you break an Unbreakable Vow?

You die.

Voldemort has chosen

Draco Malfoy for a mission?

I know it sounds mad.

Has it occured to you, Harry,

that Snape was simply pretending

to offer Draco help

so he could find out

what he was up to?


That's not

what it sounded like.

Perhaps Harry

is right, Remus.

I mean, to make

an Unbreakable Vow--

It comes down to whether or not

you trust Dumbledore's judgement.

Dumbledore trusts Snape,

therefore, I do.


can make mistakes.

He said so himself.

You are blinded by hatred.

I'm not.

Yes, you are.

People are disappearing,

Harry. Daily.

We could only place our trust

in a handful of people.

If we started fighting

amongst ourselves,

we're doomed.


Open up, you.

Don't you trust me?

It's good.

Just, uh, get...


Not for me. No.

You'll have to forgive


It takes its toll,

his condition.

Are you alright,

Mr. Weasley?

We're being followed,

all of us.

Most days, Molly doesn't

leave the house.

It's not been easy.

Did you get my owl?

Yes, I did.

If Dumbledore is traveling,

then perhaps news to the Ministry,

but perhaps that's the way

Dumbledore wants it.

As for Draco Malfoy...

I know a bit more.

Go on.

I sent an agent to Borgin and Burkes.

I think from

what you described...

What you and Ron

saw at the end of summer,

the object that Draco

is so interested in,

is a Vanishing Cabinet.

A "Vanishing Cabinet"?

They were all the rage

when Voldemort first rose to power.

You can see the appeal.

Should the Death Eaters

come knocking,

one simply have to slip inside

and disappear for an hour or two.

It transports you

practically anywhere.

Tricky contraptions, though.

Very temperamental.

What happened to it?

The one

at Borgin and Burkes?


It's still there.

It was delicious,

Molly, really.

Are you sure

you won't stay?

No, we should go.

The first night of the cycle's

always the worst.



Has Ron

gone to bed?

Um, not yet. No.


Merry Christmas, Harry.

Merry Christmas.

Harry, no!

Harry! Remus.


I killed Sirius Black!

I killed Sirius Black!

You coming to get me?

Get me!

He's trying to get me!






It's so easy for them

to get to you.

You're bloody lucky

you weren't killed.

You have to realise

who you are, Harry!

I know who I am,

Hermione, alright.


Hon, go somewhere.

That's my Won-Won.

Excuse me,

I have to go and vomit.

...Always you ruin

half the start.

Sir, is it true that

Professor Merrythought is retiring?

Tom, I couldn't tell you

if I knew, could I?

And by the way,

thank you for the pineapple.

You're quite right.

It is my favorite.

But how did you know?


Good gracious,

is it that time already?

Off you go, boys, or Professor Dippett

will have us all in detention.

Look sharp, Tom.

Don't be caught

out of bed after hours.

Is something

on your mind, Tom?

Yes, sir.

See, I couldn�t think of

anyone else to go to.

The other professors...

Well, they're not like you.

They might


Go on.

I was in the library

the other night.

In the restricted section.

And I picked something

rather odd about this rare magic.

I thought perhaps,

you could illuminate me.

It's called, as I understand it,


I beg your pardon?

I don't know anything about such things

and if I did,

I wouldn't tell you.

Now get out of here

at once

and don�t let me ever catch you

mentioning them again!


I'd be surprised if you weren't.

I don't understand.

What happened?

This is perhaps the most important

memory I had collected.

It is also a lie.

This memory has been tempered with

by the same person whose memory it is.

Our old friend,

Professor Slughorn.

But why would he temper

with his own memory?

I suspect

he's ashamed of it.


Why, indeed.

I asked you to get to know

Professor Slughorn

and you had done so.

Now I want you to persuade him

to divulge his true memory.

Any way you can.

I don't know him

that well, sir.

This memory is everything.

Without it, we are blind.

Without it, we leave

the fate of our world to chance.

You have no choice.

You must not fail.

I highly recommend,

reacquaint yourself

with the chapter

on antidotes.

Now, I'll tell you more about

bezoars in our next class.

Right, off you go.

Elise, don't forget your rat tail.

Aha! It isn't

the Prince of Potions himself!

What do I owe

this pleasure?

Oh, sir, I wondered

if I wanted to ask you something.

Ask away, dear boy.

Ask away.

Well, you see the other day,

I was in the library

in the restricted section,

and I came across something

rather odd

about a very rare piece of magic.

Yes, what was

this rare piece of magic?

Well, I don't know,

but I can't remember the name exactly.

But it just got me wondering,

are there some kinds of magic

you're not allowed

to teach us?

I'm Potions Master,


I think your question better be

posed to Professor Snape.

Yes, he and I don't

exactly see eye-to-eye, sir.

What I mean

to say is...

Well, he's not like you.

He might misunderstand.

Yes, it would be no light

without the dark.

And so

it is with magic,

myself I always strive

to live within the light.

I suggest

you do the same.

Is that what you told Tom Riddle, sir,

when he came asking questions?

Dumbledore put you up to this,

didn't he?

Didn't he?


Oh, it's you, Potter.

I-I'm sorry,

I'm busy at the moment.

That's beautiful,

isn't it?

The moon.


Had ourselves a little

late night snack, did we?

It was on your bed, the box.

I just thought I'd try one.

Or twenty?

I can't stop

thinking about her, Harry.

Honestly, you know, I reckon

she was starting to annoy you.

She could never annoy me.

I think I love her.

Well, brilliant.

Do you think

she knows I exist?

I very well hope so.

She's been snogging you

for three months.


Who are you talking about?

Who are you talking about?

Romilda, of course.

Romilda Vane.

Okay, very funny.

What was that for?

It's no joke.

I'm in love with her!

Alright, fine.

You're in love with her.

Have you ever actually met her?


Can you introduce me?

Come on, Ron.

I will introduce you to Romilda Vane.

I'm sorry, sir.

I wouldn't bother you

if it weren't absolutely essential.

Where's Romilda?

What's the matter with Wimby?

Very powerful love potion.

Very well,

better bring him in.

I always thought you could whip up

a remedy for this is in no time, Harry.

Well, I-I thought this called

for more practised hands, sir.

Hello, darling.

Fancy a drink?

Perhaps, you're right.

I'm sorry, by the way, Professor,

about earlier today.

Our misunderstanding.

Oh, not at all.

Old water under the bridge, you know.


Well, I expect you're tired a bit,

after all these years.

And the questions

about Voldemort.

Don't use that name!

Here you go, boy.

Bottom's up.

What's this?

Tonic for the nerves.

What happened to me?

A love potion.

A bloody strong one at there.

I feel really bad.

You need to pick me up, my boy.

Got butterbeer, wine,

dazzling oak-matured mead.

I had other intentions for this,

but I think, given the circumstances.

Here you are, Potter.

To life!



Professor, do something.

I-I don't understand!

Come on, Ron,


These girls...

They're gonna kill me.

Quick thinking on your part,

Harry, using a bezoar.

You should be very proud

of your student, Horace.

Ah, yes.

Very proud.

I think we agree

Potter's actions were heroic.

The question is:

Why were they necessary?

I, indeed.

This appears to be a gift,


You don't remember

who gave you this bottle?

By the way,

it possesses remarkably

subtle hints

of liquorice and cherry.

When not polluted

with poison.

Actually, I had intended

to give it as a gift, myself.

To whom,

might I ask?

To you, headmaster.

Where is he?

Where's my Won-Won?

Has he been

asking for me?

What's she doing here?

I might ask you

the same question.

I happen to be

his girlfriend.

And I happen to be his...


Don't make me laugh.

You haven't spoken

in weeks.

I suppose you want

to make up with him

now that he's suddenly

all interesting.

He's been poisoned,

you daft dimbo!

And for the record,

I've always found him interesting.


He senses my presence.

Don't worry, Won-Won.

I'm here.

I'm here.




Oh to be young

and to feel love's keen sting.

Well, come over,


Mr. Weasley's well attended.

About time,

don't you think?

Thank you.

Just shut up.

Stop it, Ron.

You're making it snow.

Tell me how I broke up

with Lavender again.

Well, she came to visit you

in the hospital.

And you talked.

I don't believe it was

a particularly long conversation.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm bloody thrilled to be shot of her's.

She seems a bit...

put out.

Yes, um...

She does, isn't she?

You say you don't remember

anything from that night.

Anything at all?

There is something.

It can't be.

I was completely boggled,

didn't I?



That's Katie.

Katie Bell.


how are you?

I know you're going

to ask, Harry.

But I don't know

who cursed me.

I've been trying

to remember. Honestly.

But I just can't.


I know what you did,


You hexed it,

didn't you?


You have

to get rid of it.


Take my hand.

It's the Room of Requirement.

We need to hide

the Half-Blood Prince's book.

Where no one'll ever find it.

Including you.

What was that?

What was that?

See, you never know

what you'll find up here.

Alright, close your eyes.

That way you can't be tempted.

Close your eyes.

S u B:

V e R d i K

That can stay hidden

up here too if you like.

So, did you and Ginny

do it then?


Well, hide the book?

Oh, yeah.

Oh, g--

Still no luck with Slughorn then,

I take it?


That's it.

All I need is a bit of luck.

Well, how do you feel?


Really excellent.

Remember, Slughorn usually

leaves early, takes a walk,

and then

returns to his office.


I'm going down to Hagrid's.


No, Harry, you've got

to go to speak to Slughorn.

We have a plan.

I know but I've got a really

good feeling about Hagrid's.

I feel it's--it's

the place to be tonight.

Do you know

what I mean?



Well, trust me.

I know what I'm doing.

Or Felix does.


Merlin's beard, Harry!

Sorry, sir.

I should have announced myself.

Clear my throat.


You probably thought

I was Professor Sprout?


What makes you think?

Ah well,

just your general behaviour, sir.

Just sneaking around,

jumping when you saw me.

Are those tentacular leaves, sir?


They're very valuable,

aren't they?

Ten galleons a leaf

to the right buyer.

Not that I'm familiar with

any such back alley transactions

but one does hear rumours.

My only interests

are purely academical.

I mean, personally,

these plants always kinda freak me out.

Exactly how did you get

out of the castle, Harry?

Through the front door, sir.

I'm off to Hagrid's, you see.

He's a very dear friend

and I just fancy paying him a visit.

So if you don't mind,

I will be going now.



It's nearly nightfall.

Surely, you realise

I can't allow you to go

roaming the grounds

by yourself.

Well then, by all means,

come along, sir.

Harry, I must insist you

accompany me

back to the castle


That would

be counterproductive, sir.

And what makes

you say that?

No idea.


Merlin's beard!

Is that an actual Acromantula?

A dead one,

I think, sir.

Good God.

Dear fellow, however

did you manage to kill it?

"Kill it"?

My oldest friend,

he was.

I'm so sorry,

I didn't--

Ah, don't worry yourself.

You're not alone.

Seriously misunderstood creatures,

spiders are.

The eyes I reckon,

they unnerve some folk.

Not to mention

the pincers.


I reckon that too.


The last thing

I wish to be is indelicate

but Acromantula venom

is uncommonly rare.

Would you allow me

to extract a vial or two,

purely for academic purposes,

you understand?

Well I don't suppose it's gonna do him

much good now is it.

My thoughts exactly.

I have a ampoule or two about my person

for just such occassions as this.

Old... Potion master's habit,

you know?

I wish you could have

seen him with his prime.

Magnificent, he was.

Just magnificent.

Would you like me

to say a few words?


Had a family, I trust?

Oh, yeah.



Farewell, Aragog.

King of the arachnids.

Your body will decay...

but your spirit lingers on

and your human friends

find solace,

the loss

they have sustained.

# Laid to rest, #

# And his wand,

snapped in two, #

# Which was sad, #

I had him from an egg,

you know?

Tiny little thing he was

when he hatched.

No bigger

than a Pekingese.

A Pekingese, mind you.

How sweet!

I once had a fish.


He was very dear to me.

One afternoon,

I came downstairs and...

it vanished.


That's very odd,

isn't it?

Yes, doesn't it?

But that's life!

I suppose,

you--you go along with

and suddenly...




It was a student

who gave me Francis.

One spring afternoon,

I discovered the bowl on my desk...

With just a few inches

of clear water in it...

And floating on the surface

was a flower petal.

As I watched, it sank.

But just before

it reached the bottom,

it transformed

into a wee fish.

It was beautiful magic.

Wondrous to behold.

The flower petal

had come from a lily.

Your mother.

The day I came downstairs,

day's the bowl was empty.

That's the day

your mother...

I know

why you're here.

But I can't help you.

It would ruin me.

Do you know

why I survived, Professor?

The night I got this?

Because of her,

because she sacrificed herself...

Because she refused

to step aside.

Because her love was more powerful

than Voldemort.

Don't say his name.

I'm not afraid of the name, Professor.

I'm going

to tell you something.

Something others

have only guessed at.

It's true.

I am the Chosen One.

Only I can destroy him,

but in order to do so,

I need to know

what Tom Riddle asked you

all those years ago

in your office

and I need to know

what you told him.

Be brave, Professor.

Be brave

like my mother.


you disgrace her.


she died for nothing.


the bowl will remain empty.


Please, don't think badly of me

when you say it.

I had no idea

what he was like, even then.

I was in the library

the other day.

In the restricted section...

and I read something

rather odd about this rare magic.

It's called, as I understand it,

a Horcrux.

I beg your pardon?


I came across the term

while reading...

and I didn't fully

understand it.

I'm not sure

what you were reading, Tom,

but this is very dark stuff.

Very dark, indeed.

Which is...

why I came to you.

A horcrux is an object

in which a person has concealed

part of their soul.

But I don't understand

how that works, sir.

One splits one's soul

and hides part of it in an object.

By doing so,

you are protected,

should you be attacked

and your body destroyed.


That part of your soul

which is hidden lives on.

In other words,

you cannot die.

And how does

one splits his soul, sir?

I think you already know

the answer to that, Tom.


Yes, killing rips the soul apart

and it is a violation against nature.

Can you only

split the soul once?

For instance,

isn't seven--


Merlin's beard, Tom!

Isn't it bad enough

to consider killing one person?

To rip the soul

in seven pieces!

This is all hypothetical,

isn't it, Tom?

All academic?

Of course, sir.

It'll be our little secret.


This is beyond anything

I imagined.

Do you mean, sir,

he succeeded, sir?

In making a Horcrux?

Oh yes, he succeeded, alright.

And not just once.

What are they exactly?

It could be anything.

Most common place

of objects.

A ring, for example,

or a book.

Tom Riddle's diary.

It's a horcrux, yes.

Four years ago when you saved

Ginny Weasley's life

in the Chamber of Secrets,

you brought me this.

I knew then,

this was a different kind of magic.

Very dark,

very powerful.

But until tonight,

I had no idea just how powerful...

And the ring?

Belonged to Voldemort's mother.

Difficult to find.

Even more difficult to destroy.

But if you could find them all,

if you did destroy each Horcrux--

One destroys Voldemort.

How would you

find them?

They could be hidden anywhere,

couldn't they?

True, but magic,

especially dark magic...

leaves traces.

It's where you've been going,

isn't it, sir?

When you leave the school.

Yes, and I think perhaps,

I may have found another.

But this time,

I cannot hope to destroy it alone.

Once again, I must ask

too much of you, Harry.

Have you ever considered

that you ask too much,

that you take too much

for granted?

Has it ever crossed

your brilliant mind

that I don't want

to do this anymore?

Whether it has or hasn't

is irrelevant.

I will not negotiate

with you, Severus.

You agreed.

Nothing more to discuss.

Oh, Harry...

You need a shave,

my friend.

You know, at times,

I forget how much you've grown.

At times, I still see

the small boy from the cupboard.

Forgive my mawkishness, Harry.

I'm an old man.

You still look

the same to me, sir.

Just like your mother,

you are unfailingly kind.

A trait people never fail

to undervalue, I'm afraid.

The place to which we journey tonight

is extremely dangerous.

I promise you for the company of me

and I stand by that promise.

But there's one condition.

You must obey every command

I give you without question.

Yes, sir.

You do understand

what I'm saying.

Should I tell you to hide,

you hide.

Should I tell you to run,

you run.

Should I tell you to abandon me

and save yourself,

you must do so.

Your word, Harry.

My word.

Take my arm.

Sir, I thought you couldn't

Apparate within Hogwarts.

Well, being me

has its privileges.

This is the place.

Oh, yes.

This place has known magic.


In order to gain passage,

payment must be made.

Payment intended

to weaken any intruder.

You should have

let me, sir.

No, no, Harry. Your blood's

much more precious than mine.

Voldemort would not have made it easy

to discover his hiding place.

He would put

certain defenses in position.


There it is.

The only question is

how do we get there?

If you would, Harry.

Do you think

the Horcrux is in there, sir?

Oh, yes.

It has to be drunk.

All of it

has to be drunk.

You remember the conditions

on which I brought you with me?

This potion

might paralyze me.

I may risk

to get what I'm here.

I'd cause me so much pain

that I'd beg for relief.

You are not to indulge

these requests.

It's your job, Harry, to make sure

I keep drinking this potion.

Even if you have

to force it down my throat.


Why can't I drink it, sir?

Because I'm much older,

much cleverer and much less valuable.

Your good health, Harry.




Can you hear me?


You have to keep drinking

like you said, remember?


I will stop. I will stop.

But only--

only if you keep drinking.

Don't make me-- Kill me.

I'm sorry, sir.

Kill me!

All my fault.

My fault.

Just one more, sir.

One more, I promise.

I promise I'll do what you say.

No, no.

I promise!






Look, you did it, sir.







Lumos maxima!

Stupefy! Stupefy!







Partis Temporus!

Go to your houses!

No toddling!

We need to get you

to the hospital wing, sir.

To Madam Pomfrey.


Severus, Severus is awakening.

Wake him.

Tell him what happened.


to no one else.

Severus, Harry.

Hide yourself below,


Don't speak or be seen by anybody

without my permission.

Whatever happens,

it's imperative you stay below.

Harry, do as I say.

Trust me.

Trust me.

Good evening, Draco.

What brings you here

on this fine spring evening?

Who else is here?

I heard you talking.

I often talk aloud to myself.

I find it extraordinarily useful.

Have you always been

to yourself, Draco?


you are no assassin.

How do you know

what I am?

I've done things

that would shock you.

Oh, like cursing Katie Bell

and hoping that in return

she would bear

a cursed necklace to me?

Like replacing a bottle of mead

with one lace with poison.

Forgive me, Draco,

I cannot help feel

these actions are so weak

that your...

heart can't

really have been in.

He trusts me.

I was chosen.

I shall make it

easy for you.


Very good.

Very good.

You're not alone.

There are others.


The Vanishing Cabinet

in the Room of Requirement.

I've been mending it.

Let me guess, it has a sister.

A twin.

In Borgin and Burkes.

They form a passage.


Draco, years ago, I knew a boy

who made all the wrong choices.

Please let me

help you.

I don't want your help.

Don't you understand?

I have to do this.

I have to kill you.

Or he's gonna kill me.


look what we have here.

Well done, Draco.

Good evening, Bellatrix.

I think introductions aren't over,

don't you?

Love to, Albus,

but I'm afraid

we're on a bit of tight schedule.

Do it!

He doesn't have

the stomach.

Just like his father.

Let me finish him

in my own way.

No, the Dark Lord was clear

the boy has to do it.

This is your moment, Draco.

Do it!

Go on, Draco,





Avada Kedavra.



he trusted you!

Go on!


Fight back, you coward!

Fight back!

No, he belongs

to the Dark Lord.


You dare use my own spells

against me, Potter?


I'm the Half-Blood Prince.



what has happened.

If you should have the need

to talk to someone...

You should know...

Professor Dumbledore...

You meant

a great deal to him.

Do you think

he would have done it?



No, he was lowering

his wand.

In the end,

it was Snape.

It was always Snape.

I did nothing.

It was fake.

Open it.

To the Dark Lord:

I know I will be dead

long before you read this

but I want you

to know

that it was I

who discovered your secret.

I have stolen

the real Horcrux

and intend to destroy it

as soon as I can.

I face death in the hope

that when you meet your match,

you will be mortal

once more.



Don't know.

But whoever they are,

they have the real Horcrux.

It means

it was all a waste.

All of it.

Ron's okay with you,

you know.

You and Ginny.

If I were you when he's around,

I'd keep snogging to a minimum.

I'm not coming back,


I got to finish

whatever Dumbledore started.

And I don't know

where that'll leave me,

but I'll let you and Ron

know where I am...

when I can.

I've always admired

your courage, Harry.

But sometimes,

you can be really thick.

You don't really think

you're going to be able

to find all those Horcruxes

by yourself, do you?

You need us, Harry.

I never realised

how beautiful this place was.

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