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  Star Trek: Into the Darkness
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Spock, I'll pick you up!


It's our only chance

to save the species.

When the volcano erupts, the planet dies.

Pick it!


Spock, are you all right?

Surprisingly, I'm still alive.

R�m�ne�i the reception hall.

Come to save him.

I'm the team and I go down.

Had to abandon the shuttle.

You can not leave him there, Sulu!

We have no choice.

Sorry, Uhura.

Spock back


Bump us.

Captain abandoned spacecraft.

You must ajunge�i

alone on the Enterprise.


Uhura, you're ready to iNOS?


Jim, the beach is the other.

I know.

We do not go to the beach!

Oh no!

I hate that!

I know!

And how ridiculous is Tisi

to hide a ship on the ocean floor?

All sitting here last night.

A saltwater erode ...


Where is Spock?

All the volcano, sir.

Captain on the bridge!

Lieutenant, you open a channel

for Mr. Spock?

Heat affects his communicator

but we are still in touch with him.


I activated the device, Captain.

At the end of the countdown,

reac�ia a volcano make inert.

Yeah, make him him and inert.

We can use the transporter?

Negative, sir.

Not in the magnetic field ...

I want to beam Spock here.

Finds a solution!

If we have direct sightlines ...

No way.

I had to do

with an active volcano.

Sir, if I erupts, do not guarantee

that will withstand the heat.

I do not know if we men�ine altitude.

Our shuttle was hidden

The cloud of ashes,

but Enterprise is too high.

If demara�i a rescue action,

Note the indigenous species Vesi be.

Spock, nobody knows

rules better than you,

But there must be an exception.


It's an action that violates

First director.

Shut up, Spock.

Trying to save you!

Doctor weigh the needs of the milking

more than the needs of the least.

Spock's your life of the game.

Regulation can not

be violated in any ...

Trying to reconnect.

If Spock were here

And I go, what should I do?

You would let you die.

Are you okay?

Captain, did you let us see the ship.

He has nothing.

Bridge to Captain Kirk.

Yes, lt.

Commander Spock aboard, sir?

Alive and unharmed.

Comunica�i him that detonation

successfully held device.

Have you heard?

Congratulations, Spock.

You just saved the world.

Aces violated the First Directive.

Come on, Spock.

We have seen.

Big deal.

Star Trek

In the dark

I Royal Hospital of Pediatrics

I can save.

What did you say?

Your daughter.

Who are you?

Get back.

Forget that.

Just not an answer, is not it?

I San Francisco

Starfleet Headquarters

Spock, listen.

That's why we called.


Leaving emotions aside,

I think it's very unlikely

us to be select

for the new program.

Why else would we call Pike?

It's not routine.

He gave us the newest ship in the fleet.

I was sure of and i

There are numerous the possibilities ...

A five-year mission, Spock.

Unexplored space,

uncharted territories.

Think about how you'll be thrilling.

Hello, ladies.

Jim Kirk.

Nothing remarkable.


So you describe exploration

Nibiru in Captain's Log.

Yes, sir, I wanted to lose

time with the details.

Fish Story me more

about the volcano.

Sensors show is very unstable.

If you erupt, you desolate planet.

Hopefully not erupt, sir.

May I fish story.

Unstable is a relative term.

I think I had the wrong information.

Or maybe erupted

Because Mr. Spock

detonated a device

Cold fusion within him,

immediately after a civilization

hardly invented the wheel

saw a ship spaces

how to pick up from the ocean.

That's how you describe the situation, right?

I ...

Did you write a report?

Why did not you tell me?

I assumed wrongly that Vesi says

Truth in Captain's Log.

Yeah, I'd have said

If I was forced to save life of.

A fact for which you are

deeply grateful

And why we considered

need to take responsibility

the actions taken ...

Yes, you have a noble eared

unless you give me and push the pit.


Is it

an offensive term?


Starfleet's mission to observe

And to explore, not to intervene.

If the mission had gone

as planned, Admiral,

indigenous species would be found

The intervention never ours.

It's a technicality.

Are Vulcan, sir.

We focus on technical details.

Leave that attitude, Spock.

Show more attitude

At the same time, sir.

At your referi�i?


You're free, Commander.

You know what pain you?

I think so, sir.

Tell me if you know what you wrong.

What you Invasive LECS now?

Do not trust a Vulcan.


Not even possible

to answer questions.

You mins.

You mins in a formal report.

Do you think the rules did not apply

Because you're not agree with them.

So I convinced to join up aces.

Therefore I gave aces ship.

And I gave the ship

Because I saw you potentially.

And now I see

that you have no hint of modesty.

What to do?

Spock let him die?

That's not the point.

I think not, sir.

You have done what aces?

I would not have risked life of

Prime ofi�erului my first.

Needs to investigate a planet

not change his destiny.

You've broken dozens of rules of Fleet

And it was to kill the crew.

But I did.

And Tisi CASI members of the crew have lost ...


since I took command?

This and the defect is.

You think you're infallible.

Not one.

You think not possible to make mistakes.

Always the same story with you.

Rules are for the ALSI.

It should.

And what's worse is that uses your

luck as an excuse

to prance.

Given the circumstances,

question came from Admiral Marcus.

He convened a special court

to which I was invited.

Understanding the rules requiring Fleet

to do in such a situation?

And they took command Enterprise.

You're sent back to the academy.

Admiral, asculta�i.

No, why should I listen?

You do not ascul�i

anyone but you.

Not possible to ascul�i.

No strands to the rules,

not take responsibility for anything,

Respec�i and not the function.

Do you know why?

Because you're not ready for it.

I London

I archive Kelvin memorial

I was sent

To: Admiral Marcus

How did you find?

I know you better than you think.

I first met

in a dive like that.

IBS mind?

Have you eaten

a beating.


No strands mind?

No, it was ...

You took a hell of a beating.

You were and erve�ele nose.

Not you?

Yes, it was a decent swing.

A decent swing.

Look, that's your problem.

I gave it back.



Let Aves Prime ofi�erul great care.

Spock never going to work with me.

He was transferred.

The USS Bradbury.

You'll be my first ofi�er.

Yes, I was slightly

to convince Marcus.

But sometimes I can be very eloquent.



I believe in you.

And that Jim Kirk deserves a second chance.

I do not know what to say.

Now that premiere.

It's all right, son.

And the emergency edin�� the Daystrom.

We name.


Put the uniform.


I'm not captain, Spock.

I first ofi�er.

I was relegated

And you were moved.

Glad to see

that the consequences were not more serious.

You gotta be kidding.

Captain, my intention was not ...

No captain.

And I saved the life of Spock.

You wrote

report and I lost my ship.

Commander, I realize now that had

announced that I sent you the report.

I know your obsession

to follow the rules,

but I can not do that.

Here, when someone saves life of me,

not stick a Cushite back.

Vulcans do not lie.

Then I ask

human side of you.

Understanding why I came after you?

Commander Spock?

I'm Frank Abbott

We'll work with me.

Yes, Captain.

Do you know ...


That you and I miss.

Admiral Marcus arrives.

Thanked aces that came so quickly.

Had taken place.

Perhaps some of you have found

already that happened in London.

Sinta was an archive of the Fleet.

Now it's just a smoking crater.

An hour ago, I received a message

from Starfleet ofi�er

who told me

that he committed the bombing.

He was forced by this man,

Commander John Harrison.

He's one of of our.

He's guilty

this act of cruelty.

For unknown reasons, John Harrison

declared war fleet alone.

We must not allow in any case

Federation spaces to flee.

I comanda�i all ships in the region.

And on behalf of

that we lost,

We'll �ncol�i�i the bastard.

It's a manhunt.

Let's do it.

Perimeter sensors Earth

signals were detected in warp

within the system

So we know that can not be far.

Vesi has ships

the formations of the blockade,

Vesi and organize search teams ...

This man does not forbid you to kill ...

Are Authorized

to Use the specified torque to defend.

What's in the briefcase?

Not now.

Not seem strange

they are is an archive?

It's as if a library would attack.

Chris, is everything okay?

Yes, sir.

Mr. Kirk still accommodates

the role of Prime ofi�er.

If you have something to say, Kirk,


Tomorrow may be too late.

Nothing, sir.

I apologize.

Go ahead.

Do not be shy.

Why this archive?

All the information

there were public.

When will necessarily

to strike fleet

This could be just the beginning.

Top of that, Mr. Kirk?

Sir, in case of attack,

Protocol dictates

as ofi�erii commanders,

masters and Prime ofi�eri, to gather

Starfleet Headquarters, here.

In this room.

How can Harrison to reach

here without a ship with warp drive ...


We need air defense

the room and the Daystrom Edina.

Commander, Mr. Scott found

Harrison's ship wreck something.

We called the emergency.

Captain, I found this among the remains


So crooked escaped.

What do you mean?

It's a portable conveyor transwarp.

Possible to find out where he went?

We have already learned, sir.

I'll enjoy.

Went in one place

where we can not go.

Admiral, not on Earth.

It's on the Kronos, sir.

I request you depending repune�i

I sent them and I'm going after him.

Leave the us a minute.


Yes, sir.

So Harrison took

parent planet Klingon?

A deserted?

Not sure, sir.

It was established in the province Keth,

uninhabited region.

Hiding there, sir.

He knows that if we approach

The Klingon spaces, there will be war.

Fleet can not go

after him, but I did.

Please, sir.

The war with the Klingons is inevitable,

Mr. Kirk.

My guess has begun.

Ever since I learned of their existence,

Klingon Empire

already conquered and occupied two planets.

They fired about six times

in our ships.

Moving towards us.

Buildings in London was not a cache.

It was the headquarters of a secret division of the Fleet

called Section 31.

Working on defensive technologies

Ofi�eri trained and to obtain

information about Klingons

And Al and potential enemies

able to hit us.

Harrison was one of the best

you of our servants.

Now it's a runner and want to remove it.

Pike always said you're one

of the men of our iste�i.

You should have heard him defend yourself.

He has convinced

to enlist in Starfleet, is not it?

Yes, sir.

And say who persuaded him

him to enlist?

I am responsible for his death.

And I will be yours.

Sir, please.

All you ...

Mr. Spock, you said that the province

the hides Harrison


In our defensive strategy,

Section 31 created

a new type of photon torpedo.

It has long range, it's screen.

It'll be invisible

Klingon sensors.

I do not want to get hurt,

but I want to remove.

You stop at the edge of the Neutral Zone,

Sinti and your position Harrison,

open fire, killing him

And take her soles and ISAs.

Permission to take

Mr. Spock as first ofi�er.



Where were you?

For what?

Medical examinations.

by a shootout.

It's my duty to ...

I'm fine, Bones.


I'm fine.

Situation report, Mr. Spock.

Enterprise will be ready for launch

until our arrival.




I thanked that reinstated depending aces.


Since you are and Prime ofi�er,

it is my duty

I object strongly to

against mission conditions.


There are no rules in the navy to condemn

a man to death without trial.

One thing you

Admiral Marcus aces and forgotten.

Moreover, preventive launch torpedoes

Klingon Homeworld by violating ...

You said that the area was uninhabited.

It'll be one victim.

In case you have not heard, our orders

Fleet unrelated rules.

Stay least.

Firing torpedoes

the Klingons?

With or without rules or action is immoral.

With or without rules, was moral

to save you from the volcano.

And this is what I walked.

Jim, calm down.

Do not stop to take ethics lec�ii

of the robot.

Resorting to insults suggests

Aves that a defensive attitude

And that my opinion is correct.

Not asked their opinion.

Bones, get this off my diaper.

Captain, our mission can

trigger a war with the Klingons.

And by one's self is immoral nature.

Maybe we should will g�ndi�i

as to ajunge�i one to this conclusion.

Captain Kirk.

I ofi�erul of scientific Wallace.

I was

Enterprise appointed Admiral Marcus.

These are transfer orders.

Asked Aces

still a ofi�er of scientific, Captain?

I'd like it.

Lt. Carol Wallace

PhD in Applied Physics,

specialization: advanced weaponry.

Recommendations impressive.


But superfluous now that I'm back

May milked never hurts.

Sit down, Doctor.

Prepare yourself for takeoff.

Do not sign anything.

These demons had on my ship.

There are problems, Mr. Scott?

I was just explaining to Mr.

they can not accept weapons on board

without having to know what's inside them.

Mr. Scott revealed to you a obiec�ie ...

Report to the bridge.

Mr. Scott, understanding their care, but we

need these torpedoes on board.

With all due respect, sir, but torpedoes

Photonic fuel use.

I can not even detect

what fuel

is in compartments

torpedoes, because they are shielded.

I asked to see the plans,

but he told me ...


There are secret.

So I said, "I do not see plans

do not sign anything. "


We completed.

We are ready to go.

Thanked Mr. Sulu.

Scuza�i me, sir, I'm

to start the warp core.

Get off.

Jim, your vital signs

not look good.

Report to sickbay.


I want to give approval for weapons.

And what is this Tisi, Captain?

No time for Discus, Scotty.

I Tisi what is this?

Warp core.

It's a radioactive catastrophe


A minor change

magentic field

caused by the release of several dozen

The load torpedoes unknown

can trigger the launch of a reac�ie

that will kill the crew.

Storage torpedoes on board

Enterprise is the last straw.

And that was the first drop?

What ...

There are a lot of drops.

What zice�i the fact that the fleet

I seized ECUAS transwarp?

A fool uses it now

as to SOPA the galaxy.

How do you think took it?

We have orders, Scotty.

That scares me.

It's a military operas.

That we now?

I think we're explorers.

Sign up for torpedoes.

That's an order.

I Keep all other Options

than to resign depending.

Come on, Scotty.

Do not give your choice, sir.

I do not give a choice.

Not a passive assist ...

I accepta�i or quit?

Are you free, Mr. Scott.


For God's sake,

do not use torpedoes.

Captain, I'm sorry

to Admiral Pike.

We all are.

We sim�i�i right?

Yes, thanked, lt.

Scotty just resigned.

And your friend criticize me


Sorry, I have to say this,

but I wish sometimes

to extricate them bangs.

Maybe it's me ...

No sunte�i.


Stay least.

We certa�i?

Rather not talk about it.

Lord, how it be?

You gossip.

Captain on the bridge!


Mr. Chekov.

You keep itself after Mr. Scott.

Engineering know me better?

Affirmative, sir.


Are you new chief engineer.

Put the uniform red.

Yes, Captain.

Take anchors, Mr. Sulu.

Yes, sir.

Lt. Uhura, open

a channel for the ship.

Mr. Chekov, what's the deal there?

All systems running, Captain.

We understandable.

We are ready to warp to your order

Thanked, Mr. Chekov.

Okay, let's do it.

Yes, sir.

Canal opened, sir.

Warning, the crew of the Enterprise.

So how do you Tisi, Christopher Pike

former captain of the ship

And our friend


Whoever killed him ran

of our

And hides

the Klingon Homeworld.

Believe that we dare

follow him there.

But there we go now.

Admiral Marcus ordered to avoid veiling

with any media to be detecta�i.

Relations between the Federation

And the Klingon Empire are strained

And any challenge

can lead to war and Gaza.

I will personally lead

a team of intervention

in a town abandoned

on suprafa�a Kronos.

There we will capture fugitive

John Harrison,

And it will bring the Earth

to be judged for his actions.

Well, to catch the bastard.

Kirk finished.

Captain, I would take a good decision.

If you need the help, I'd be happy

accompanied the team to the intervention.

You happy?

Try using your expressions

to convey an idea.

Thanked, Mr. Spock.

Spock, you scared me.

What's up, Doc?

Check the torpedoes ...

Did you not understandable.

What are you doing on board?

There is no document confirming

transfer to the Enterprise.

Must be a mistake.

I agree, Dr. Marcus.

But the identity of privin�a mins in your.

Wallace is your mother's name.

Admiral's suppose your father.

Please, Spock.

I know I have no right

to ask.

But please ...

Can not know we're here.

Engineering has stopped

suddenly warp core, sir.

Mr. Chekov, you ruined my ship?

Sorry, sir.

I do not know what happened.

The core was overheating.

I was forced to stop the emergency.

Must be a fault in the cooling system.

I need time to find her.

I'm sorry, Captain.


Mr. Sulu, while there is

until destina�ie?

they do not predict.

Then hurry.

Where is Spock?

I'm here, Captain.

Come with me on Kronos.

Lieutenant, how's Klingon language?

I've never practiced it, but I got it.

Okay, and you live.

Do I expect problems

the two of you working together?

Absolutely not.


We meet in hangar.

Jim, just will not dispose there

is not it?

Do you rob a bank machine

which has a run flat tire.

I'm sure Engineering

'll finish repairs

until we get back.

Right, Mr. Chekov?

I'll do my best.

Mr. Sulu, take over.

When you leave, I was sent

a message to Harrison's position.

Tell him you have some massive torpedos

ASINT directly to him

If you oppose Resistance

And is not afraid to uses you.

Is there a problem?

No, sir.

But we were never

in the captain's chair.

You're fine.

Jim, wait.

You just put

In a game of huge stakes poker

Without a good book

Like to play the bluff.

Sulu is a good man,

but he has cloth captain.

You'll have the following

two hours.

Now stop with the metaphors.

That's an order.

Mr. Sulu, make sure that the ship

k'normian� is ready to fly.

Provisional Captain Sulu

by Hangar 2.

I want merchantman captured

the incident last month Mudd

to be fueled and ready to fly.

Captain Kirk is headed

right now on it.

Ready for action, Captain.

Renun�a�i in red uniforms.

Sunte�i trafican�i k'normieni weapons.

�mbr�ca�i yourself with this.

If opera�iunea is compromised, the involvement

Fleet must remain a secret.

Unless you want to switch on your

a war, Mr. Hendorff.

No, sir.


Neither do I.

Detecting a single sign of vias

Keth Province.

Given the information

offered by Mr. Scott,

is likely

be John Harrison.

Mr. Sulu, I found the guy.

Announced that it no joke.

Warning, John Harrison.

Here Captain Hikaru Sulu

of the USS Enterprise.

A shuttle to the elite ofi�eri

is heading to your position.

If they do not surrender immediately

launched an all cargo

advanced long range torpedo

ASINT to your position.

You have two minutes to confirm

that you comply.

Refusal will result

consequence your annihilation.

If you put me to the test,

a to e and uezi.

Mr. Sulu.

Remind me never to get on your nerves.

I Kronos

We arrive at Harrison's position

three minutes, Captain.

It's unlikely to come willingly.

Estimated as the opportunity to try

to kill us it's 91.6%.


Well that does not care about death.

Sorry, lt.

I hear you ...

I said nothing.

So much talk and well

If you stay I ascul�i.


I'd rather discuss in private.

You prefer not to talk at all.

Our plans ...

You do not �ncepe�i now?

You never time.

I'm sorry, Captain.

Only two seconds.

When the volcano were not you thought

not to us

about how I'd be affected

If you die, Spock.

You SIMS anything.

He did not care.

And not only upset

on you.

And the captain's

I'm not in the middle bagasse.

He's right.

Afirma�ia I do not care

Death is not correct.

The chance optimum aware fiin�elor

to maximize efficiency and

is a Vias long and prosper.


It sounds like a song of love, Spock.

Did not understandable aces.

It's true that we have chosen

do not feel anything

when I realized

that my life of approaching end.

When Admiral Pike died

I researched a science con.

I lived that moment mor�ii Sims him.

Anger, confusion, loneliness.


May had experienced these feelings

And before

a thousand times more powerful

the day my world was destroyed.

I chose to stop living

ever these feelings.

Nyota, confusing my choice

SIMS not

with an expression of indifference.

But I assure you that the truth

exactly the opposite.

What the hell was that?

What is happening?

What step signal?

We interrupted.


to reconnect.

We urm�ri�i of a ship

Klingon D4 class.

I think it's an area abandoned.

Is it just a routine patrol.

Hold on tight.

Our ship has

capacit��i offensive.

He's got us.

Engines within.


Is fast approaching.

We can get rid of them there.

Sugera�i use passage

of buildings in the bud.

The ship would fit.

It fits.

Captain, would fit.

No room.


And I said that room.

Not a good example.

I never tracked?


That worries me.

I got rid of them.

Or we jamming sensors.

Or we get rid of them.

We are ordered to land.

Captain, they want to know

why I came here.

I'll torture us,

a question to us,

And then kill us.

So come out with gun in hand.

We are overwhelmed Armoured numerically

�narma�i weak.

We die Tosi

If you attack first.

I got aces and me

Because speaking Klingon.

Leave the talking to me.

I'll go.

It's only logical Options.

If an interrupt now

you will not only angry Klingons

but also on lt.


We're here to help.


Thanked, Captain.

Looking for a killer.

It hides the ruins them.

He killed people milking.

Why should I care about a man

Al and that kills people?

Because I Hold the honor.

He has no honor.

You and your peers

sunte�i in danger.

Lower weapon!

How many torpedoes?

Lower your weapon!


Weapons threatens me with aces

in your message.

How many?

I surrender.

In the name of Christopher Pike

my friend

accept their surrender.


Put the handcuffs.

Bones, come in the area of ?detention.


Lt, contact Starfleet.

I announced that we got Harrison

in custody

And that we leave immediately

're done repairs to the warp core.

Why the hell did he teach?

Do not know.

A shattered one

a detachment of Klingons.

I want to know how.

Looks like we have a Superman board.

You tell me.

Get Bras through openings.

Her to take a blood sample.

Why not move, Captain?

Somehow a fault unexpected

the warp core

that you accidentally left the floating

the edge of space Klingon?

How the hell do you know that?


You will find that Desin

pression information, Captain.

Have you finished?

Tell me what you have learned.

If I ignore it, Tosi those

the ship will die.

Captain, will try

only manipulate you.

I do not recommend

Let interac�iona�i with de�inutul.

Give me a minute.

Come to explain the situation.

You're a criminal.

I saw you killed

nevinova�i people.

We received the authorization to get liquid.

Are you still in the ViaSat ago

Just because I allow such a thing.

So shut up.

Captain, you're going

and let me love you once and once again

Up Bras hurt?

It is clear that you want.

Then tell me.

Why did you afford to live?

We take Tosi mistakes.

I handed strand because

despite your attempts

to convince me of the opposite

It seems you have a con a science, Mr. Kirk.

If you did not have, I would be impossible

tell yourself the truth.

Coordinates not far from Earth.

If you want to know

why I committed those acts,

Go and take a look.

Give me one reason

which you and listen.

Can they figure 72.

I'm on board your ship, Captain.

That's always been.

They suggest you open a torpedo.

You know what bothers me?

Changes, Improvements.

And so I flew here on the ship.

Just because I tried

to do the right thing.

And what do you do?

State and look at me as a clam.


Scotty, are Kirk.

Taman Captain James Tiberius

Perfect Hair.

Have you heard?

I said perfect hair.

Where are you?

But where are you?

Are you drunk?

It's my business what I do

free time, Jim.

I need your help.

Possible to record these coordinates:

You write?

You think I do not remember four numbers and N?

Do not trust me.

What was the third?


I do not know what to clamp

but I think

Know that one when I see it.

I think you were right

in privin�a torpedoes.

I take that as an excuse.

I think about it.

You quit.

You've forced!

Mr. Scott!


I arrived.

I'll do him no favor.


Very well.

You �icnit all?

You're not going to ascul�i

this guy.

Pike killed him,

was to kill you and you,

And now think it's a good idea to open

Because a torpedo so and told him?

What saved the life of us, Bones?

Doctor's right, Captain.

I do not approve, Spock.

I feel uncomfortable.

Should you invest and

to control of emotions, Doc.

In this situation, logic dictates ...


A maniac trying to make us

Let us alone in the air

And you all talk ...

I do not know what to teach,

But that's the reason.

I'll open a torpedo.

The question is how?

Jim, without Mr. Scott on board

Who's ready

to dismantle

four tons of explosives?

Daughter of Admiral's interesting

torpedo and is skilled in weapons.

Maybe we can help it.

Daughter of Admiral?

Carol Marcus.

New ofi�er of scientific climbed the ship

with a false identity.

And when were you going to tell me?

When it became relevant.

Just got.

Torpedoes in the hold weapons?

Charged and ready for launch.

What are they?

I do not know.

So I transferred

your ship as you know.

I apologize for that.

If you had problems because my


I'm Carol Marcus.

James Kirk.


My dad gave me access

all weapons programs.

Then I heard that handles

The design of torpedo us.

When I went to ask for explanations,

did not even want to see me.

Then I discovered that photons

had disappeared from official documents.

I gave them to me.

Are you smarter than suggested

the reputation you, Captain Kirk.

I have the reputation?

Yes, we are friends

Christine Chapel.

Christine, yes.

How is she?

It was transferred as a nurse

outer border.

I like it better there.

Very good.

You have no idea who I'm talking about,

What are we doing here?

Shuttle is ready to fly?

Of course.

Come back, please.


Come back.

It's too dangerous to try

to open a torpedo Enterprise.

But there is a nearby planetoid.

Can I open one there.

But I'm gonna need help ...


Captain on the bridge.

Mr. Sulu, Drs Marcus

McCoy and landed on the planetoid?

Yes, sir.

Right now prepare torpedo.

Activity Detected Klingon?

Not yet, but if I stay

time here, we will find it.

Lt. Uhura, have announced fleet

I got that Harrison?

I received no reply.

Engineering to bridge.

Captain, I heard?

Mr. Chekov, give me some good news.

I found fault, sir,

but damage is important.

Fix them now.

You know what was the cause?

No, sir.

But I take responsibility.

Something tells me that was not your fault.

Continue repairs.

The shuttle is the reception hall, Captain.

Bones, that we thanked adjustments.

Dr. Marcus will need

The best hands on the ship.

When I dreamed of a planet

Abandoned alongside a gorgeous woman,

there was no torpedo.

Dr. McCoy, they remember

that you're not there to flirt.

How can I help hands

My legendary Dr. Marcus?

To see how strong

these weapons must open warhead.

This requires to access

fuel compartment.

Unfortunately for us,

torpedo warhead's a little unstable.

Honey, I did once a cesarean

the emergency on a female Gorn.

Eight children.

And micu�ii

� knew know how to bite.

I think I got your rocket.

Dr. McCoy, is a bundle

fiber cable on the inner wrapper.

You have to cut the 23th thread down.

Whatever you do, do not touch anything else.

You understandable?


I do not even think of.

Dr. McCoy, wait for my signal.

Reprogram processor detonation.

Are you ready?

And yet how.


Sir, torpedo was armed.

Warhead will explode in 30 seconds.

What the hell happened?

I can not get my BRAS.

Fixa�i signal them

And teleporta�i them back now.

Conveyor not know how to distinguish it

Dr. McCoy torpedo.

We can not teleport separately.

Dr. Marcus, a possible disarm?


Jim Beam it here.


If I teleport, he dies.

Let me do it.

We are ready to teleport a

Dr. Marcus to your order, sir.


Torpedoed off, Captain.

Dr. McCoy, are you okay?



You need to see this.

I Coordinates


Reduce speed propellers

Approaching the bud.

USS Vengeance, the crew requested Pun�ii

entrance to the hangar construction.

Aves permission to intrasite the hangar.

I need a team

Welding in one basket.

Damn ...

What aces found?

A ciud��enie.

Fuel compartment

was removed and modified torpedo

cryotube to hide this.

Is he alive?

But if you try to wake him

without an appropriate procedure,

could die.

This technology overcomes me up.

How far is it, Doc?

No advance.

Cryotube is ancient.

I was no need to hustle


since I discovered warp drive.

Which explains the most interesting

aspect of our friend.

Is 300 years.

Why is a man torpedo?

There are people in all torpedoes,


I put myself there.

Who the hell are you?

Vestige of bygone times.

Genetically modified to be superior

as to lead the ALSI to peace

in a world crushed by wars.

But I was condamna�i as you some criminals

obliged to exile we take.

I slept for centuries,

hoping that things

will be different when we wake up.

But due to the destruction of Vulcan,

Your fleet began to investigate

frenetic remote sector of space.

My ship was found


But I was awake.

We sought information about John Harrison.

Until a year ago did not exist.

John Harrison was an illusion created

when I was awakened by Admiral Marcus

as to help him in his plans.

A firewall designed

I hide my true identity.

My name is Khan.

Why would an admiral for help

a man frozen for 300 years?

Because I'm better.


At all.

Alexander Marcus had to respond

a threat uncivilized

in civilized times.

Therefore need

the mind of a warrior,

my mind

to design

weapons and warships.

Admiral suggested that violated all

rules sworn to observe

just because he wanted

to exploit the intellect?

I wanted to exploit cruelty.

Intellect is not enough to fight,

Mr. Spock.

# Do not even step a possible rule

How would you like to step over dead bodies?

Marcus I used

as weapons design,

that helped him accomplish and

dream of a militarized Fleets.

I sent you

you uses your weapons.

My torpedoes launched

secretly against a planet.

And then he sabotaged the ship

like to stay in enemy space,

easy mark

an inevitable consequences.

Klingons were

to seek the offender,

And you have not had

any chance of escape.

Marcus would take part

The war was talking about.

War you wanted.


I saw opening fire

on a room

ne�narma�i ofi�eri filled.

You killed in cold blood!

Marcus took my crew.

You're a criminal!

She used friends

that to control me.

I tried to take them in a safe place

hiding them in weapons

they project.

But I was found.

I had no choice.

I ran alone.

And when I ran, I

every reason to believe

Marcus that I killed those Tosi

which itself most.

I replied with the same currency.

My crew is my family, Kirk.

You did not do anything

for your family?

Proximity alert, sir.

A ship coming towards us at warp speed.


The warp?

No, Kirk.

We both know who it is

I think not.

Not coming from the direction of Kronos.

Lt, take him to the infirmary Khan.

Be preserved for six ofi�eri security.

Yes, Captain.

Captain on the bridge.

How long get here?

Over three seconds, sir.


Yes, Captain.

Hailing us, sir.

On screen.

Transmitted throughout the ship.

Captain Kirk.

Admiral Marcus, it will wait.

Stra and Nica ship Aves.

Neither do I expected to hear

that you've got Harrison live

Despite orders.

I was improvising nevoi�i

the warp core

defect was unexpected.

But you and Tias already, right?

Not understanding what you mean.

Therefore aces came, did not you?

That we ajuta�i with repairs.

Why else would come just

Fleet Commander

the edge of the Neutral Zone?

Captain, we ship scans.

C�uta�i something, sir?

Where is de�inutul, Kirk?

According to Starfleet rules, I'm going

Khan to go on the Earth

to be tried.


Have you talked to him.

Exactly what I wanted to avoid.

I took a risk

when I woke up miserable.

I thought his inteligen�a top

Will you help us defend our

any hazards

will meet in the future.

But I made a mistake.

And now my hands

the blood of the people killed.

Please teach it to me

like to finish what I started.

And what vres to do

the crew, sir?

To launch to the Klingons

And to Persimmon 72 Vies?

To start a war at the same time?

He and his men in the torpedo.

I did not want to bother you unnecessarily

Knowing what's inside them.

Have you seen what he's capable to do


She imagined what would happen

If we wake up and the ceilal�i?

What he said?

Fighting for peace?

Play with you, son.

Do not you see?

Khan and his crew were condamna�i

to death as a war criminal.

And now it is our duty

perform this sentin��

before to die

And because of someone else.

Do you ever ask it again.

For the last time, son.

Lowers shields.

Tell me where it

It's in Engineering, sir.

But it'll be right

the transporter room.

I'll take care of him.

Do not lower the shields, Mr. Sulu.

Khan is in the infirmary

And that you and Tisi.

Can I know the details of your plan?

I told Marcus that will bring

a fugitive on the earth.

That'll do.

Mr. Chekov, we warp?

Sir, if you go to warp,

you risk serious damage core.

Can they do it?

From a technical standpoint, yes,

but I do not recommend, Captain.

They recorded.

Mr. Sulu, sets a course for Earth.

Yes, sir.

Go ahead.

At least we move again.

If you crede�i in Safety at warp

lets you know ELAS.

Lt. Uhura, contact Fleet.

Tell them that I was in the neutral zone urm�ri�i

of a Federation Starship unknown.

Communications not working, sir.

Permission to enter the bridge.

Dr. Marcus.

You'll catch us and only I

can not stop him to destroy the ship.

Let me talk to him.

Carol, are the warp.

We can catch up.


The ship is an advanced model

with superior performance ...

Captain, recep�ionez data

you are not understanding.

Where are we?

At 237,000 miles from Earth.

Damage report.

Weapons not working.

We can not fight back.

We have a breakthrough in the hull.

What damages have?

The hull is badly damaged, Captain.

Evasive maneuvers.

Your right to point the Earth.


Everyone on the ship

they die

If not you let me talk to him.

Uhura, call them.

Sir, are you, Carol.

What causa on that ship?

I heard what you said.

You made a mistake and now they're

Silins and a whole �ndrep�i.

But, Dad ...

I do not think the man that I grew

is able

to destroy a vessel

full of innocent people.

And if I be wrong, then you

they destroy it with me on board.

No, Carol.


We can intercept the transmission signal?

No, sir.


Captain Kirk without any Authorized

And in aiding

the fugitive John Harrison

You deserted enemy territory.

I have other Options

than follow you and destroy you.

A�inti�i phasers.


Over quickly.

�inti�i torpedoes

the aft deck to the Enterprise.

Sir, my crew just follow orders.

I take responsibility

for my actions.

I myself took the decisions.

If you submit coordinates

Khan, Please send me cru�a�i crew.

Please, sir.

I'll do whatever you want.

But Keep all them live.

Impressive sorry.

So you better sims, you know that anyway

I was not going to Cruse crew.

Fire at will.

I'm sorry.

Weapons can not shoot, sir.

Shields are down.

We have no energy.

Someone in Engineering

systems reini�ializat us.

What do you mean man?


Their guns were deactivated.

Enteprise, I heard?


Guess what I found near Jupiter.

Are you on the ship!


And I just committed an act of treason

against a Starfleet admiral.

I'd like to leave now.

Beam me.

You're brilliant, but not much

energy now.

Stay on the reception hall.

What do you mean Aves energy?

What stepped Enterprise?

Apela�i me.

Spock, the ship's status?

The options are our

limited, Captain.

We can not shoot, can not run.

We have however an Option.

Uhura, Scotty when he contacted,

Put him with me.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Spock, take over.

Captain, you must object.


I said nothing.

Since we can not defeat

of the outer vessel,

Options only

is to attack from the inside.

And how big a team intervention

would be detected,

staff should be minimized.

Vesi welcome Resistance,

So you need the one

with advanced combat abilit��i

Tins and knowing details of the ship.

That suggests to me

vres that you alias with Khan

man had to omor��i.

I'm not team up, but I use it.

The enemy of the enemy is my friend my.

An Arab proverb attributed to a trapped

betrayed and beheaded subjected ITS.

It's a good saying.

I'm with you, Captain.

I need you on the bridge.

Faces you can not let it.

My role is to make sure the ship

that I had the best decisions possible

thing you do not believe in state

at this point.

You are right!

What you are about to do does not make sense,

Does not make sense, it's instinctive.

I have no idea what to do.

I just know what I can do.

Enterprise and her crew need

a captain who knows what to do.

Not me.

It's you, Spock.

Tell me what you know about that ship.

Class Dreadnought.


more than three times faster.

Advanced weaponry, as amended

to functional with minimum crew.

Unlike other Federation ships,

is built only for battle.

I will do everything in my power

that you pay for what you did.

But now I need your help.

What I offer in return?

You said you'd do anything

your crew.

I can not guarantee their safety.


Not possible to guarantee

not even the safety of your crew.

Bones, what are you doing with that tribble?

Tribble's dead.

Inject platelets Khan

in infected �esuturile

necrotic host.

Khan's cells regenerate

an amazing pace.

I want to know why.

Come with me or not?

What do you do?

We'll be there.

Sulu pozi�ioneaz�

Enterprise right now.

Here the ship?


On a service door in bay 7

Section 101A.

You need to find yourself commands

The corec�ie and to open airlock.

Are you crazy?

Whoever you are.

Listen to it, Scotty.

It'll be fine.

Ba not be right.

Want to open an airlock to space.

Risk to die or explode.

Lieutenant, is it possible to make contact

the new Vulcan from current position?

I'll try.


Mr. Sulu, which is the state

other ships?

Their systems are all inactive.

Align the ship now.

Scotty's the deal there?

Captain, I'd like to Hear from You


They blocked access to the ship's computer.

Weapons are functional again

three minutes.

And I will not be able to stop

to destroy Enterprise.

R�m�ne�i the reception hall.

Commander, garbage chute is directed

to Section 101A of the other ship.

Captain ships are aligned.



I'm in the hangar.

Give me a second.


Wait for.

I do not know, Captain.

The door is a pinhole ...

is very small.

The four feet of Patras.

It's as if the Aces jump

of a car in motion

on a bridge in a glass of water.

It's nothing.

I've done this.

And it was harder.

Should jump on O. ..

Does not matter.


Find corec�ie commands?

Not yet.

Captain, before you switch on,

you better and Tisi

that there is a debris field

between ships.

Spock, not now.

Scotty, you're doing?

Give me two seconds, punk.

Tell me it will work.

I have information or trust

sufficient to say, Doc.

Wait, Captain.

You all quiet.

I'm ready to open a door

Are you ready?


Spock Press.

Executing secven�a launch in 3 ...

Mr. Kirk is heading

to a collision at 0.32.

Captain, Aves remains directly in the bud.


Jim, you kick bad.

I know.

And see me.

Do not move.

Use the compass viewfinder, Captain.

Is required corec�ie

of 37.243 degrees.

We understandable.

Returning back to the course.

Scotty, you're ready to open the door?

What are you doing here?

A minor revision to the console airlock.

You're great.

Mr. Scott, where are you?

Captain, it appears that he will not hear.

Trying to reconnect.


Captain, what is it?

The viewfinder is hit.

Uhura, tell me

that Mr. Scott responding again.

Not yet.


restore the signal.

Func�ioneaz� communicator.

I do not know do not respond.

What is that?

Are you a member of the Fleet

or private employee?

Show and my other hand.

Aras as a private employee.

Impending collision alert.

Khan uses evasive actions.

Are leftovers right in the bud.

See them.

I signal Khan lost.

Mr. Sulu, I lost Khan?

I do not know, Commander.

It is difficult to detect

by this debris.

Khan was hit?

Try to find him now.

Captain, you must Change the

destina�ia: 183 by 47.3 degrees.

Spock, the viewfinder is not working.

Flight at random.

Captain, without compass

achieve the intended purpose is impossible

from a mathematical perspective.

Spock, after you get back, you

to talk about your clock.

Commander, I'll succeed EASC.

My visor still func�ioneaz�.

You see, Kirk.

You're 200 feet

in front of my right.

Make a corec�ie two degrees

And follow me.

Scotty, we're approaching.

Receive ready?

I recep�ionezi?

I recep�ionezi, Scotty?

If we hear, Mr. Scott,

open door in 10 ...

9 ...

What's this countdown?

I hear nothing.

Where are you, Mr. Scott?

6 ...

1800 meters ...

5 ...

Scotty, where are you?

3 ...

We arrive, Scotty!


I'm sorry.

For what?

Mr. Scott, opens a door

Open the door!


Welcome aboard.

I'm glad to see you, Scotty.

Who is he?

Khan, it's Scotty.

Scotty, this is Khan.


I and they realize we're here.

I know the best way to bridge.

I'm stuck on stun.

Theirs will not be.

File not attempt to shoot pot cheeses.

Commander, we have established links

aces that I requested.

On the screen, please.


Discussion ...

I'm ashamed to be your daughter.

Sir, they opened the door of a hangar

axle 13.


A to-and recently activated systems

And we take it away?

Turbolifts can be traced easily.

Marcus ensnare us.

This road leads

besides Engineering.

And will not use weapons

that does not destabilize the warp core.

We take advantage.

Where did you find that?

It's a long story.

I'll be brief.

In your travels, have you met

ever a man named Khan?

As you know, I swore

not to reveal information

which may

to change their destiny.

You have to follow their own path.

That being said,

Khan Noonien Singh was

most dangerous adversary

which has faced Enterprise.

It's brilliant, ruthless

And will not hesitate to kill Tosi.

Aces defeated him?

Yes, with a high pressure.

I do not want to jinx it,

but where is everyone?

The ship is designed to manned functional

minimum, even if one is needed.


Are you all right?

Where is Khan?

Lt, I gathered Tosi ofi�erii

doctors and engineers hold weapons.

All right.

Dr. McCoy, you inadvertently activated

a torpedo.

Possible repeat the process?

Why would I want to do this?

Possible or not?

I'm a doctor, not mechanical torpedoes!

Just 'cause you're doctor

I want to get the attention ascul�i.

Where is it?


Follow me.

When we get to the bridge, to sleep.

Khan paralyzed him?

I think it will.

November helped him.

We have energy again, sir.

Enterprise �inti�i again.

Take care and remain a

Excuse me.

Admiral Marcus, sunte�i arrested.

You did not do that, do you?

Think for a minute

what are you, Kirk.

Think about what you

Kronos made.

You led an incursion

enemy planet.

You killed a Klingon patrol.

Even if you escape undetected,

all war will break out.

And who's going to lead?


It must remain in charge,

all our way of vias

going to be destroyed.

If you want to leave the ship,

will have to kill me.

I'll kill you, sir.

But can paralyze you

And pluck you out of the chair.

I'd rather not do

in front of your daughter

Are you okay?

Yes, Captain.



Hold on!

And I must to sleep.

Where's the captain, Mr. Sulu?

Sensors not working, sir.

I can not locate.

I have a simple proposal for you.


Your crew my crew instead.

You betrayed us.

Iste� What are you, Mr. Spock.

Spock, no ...

Mr. Spock, give me crew.

What will you do after I give?

Including, as far as I know,

genocide fiin�elor

they considera�i lower.

To destroy you, Mr. Spock?

Or give me what I want?

Our carriers do not.

Luckily, mine func�ioneaz�


Lowers shields.

If I do that, I have no warranty

that will not destroy the Enterprise.

Then you take it logically, Mr. Spock.

First, a master to kill

as to demonstrate my determination,

And if you still do not give in,

I'll have no choice

than to kill you

And all your crew.

If you destroy the ship,

He'll kill and peers.

Your crew needs oxygen

as to supravie�uiasc�.

Mine do not.

I will Sinti systems Supports

Behind the nacelle aft of life.

And after what you sufoca�i with Tosi,

'll step over your dead bodies

to get my people.

I start?

A choice �n�eleapt�, Mr. Spock.

I see the 72 torpedoes

are still in their tubes.

You'll realize

If you are not mine, Commander.

Vulcans do not lie.

Torpedoes are yours.

Thanked, Mr. Spock.

We respect understanding.

Respect her and you.

Kirk's time to go back

to your crew.

After all,

No vessel shall not perish

without its captain.

A ASINT phasers at us, sir.

Dasi us out.

Shields at 6%.


How long is it, Lieutenant.


The crew of the Enterprise, Prepare yourself

to detonate nearby.

What are you talking about?

What is detonation?

A primed torpedoes.

Sir, I deactivated guns.

A good move, Commander.

Thanked, lt.



I'm glad to see you, Jim.

You helped Spock

to detonate torpedoes?

Of course.

He killed his crew Khan.

Spock is not of emotions, but not cruel.

I saved the crew of Khan.

alive and unharmed in cryovials.


Sir, Network Central

supply fails.

Trece�i on auxiliary power.

And it fails.

Commander, the ship is caught

gravita�ional field of the Earth.

Can we stop it?

I can not do anything.

Evacuated area.

The emergency quarantine.

I hope you do not get seasick.



Lt, announced evacuate all puns.

Yes, sir.

As captain provisional

abandona�i be ordered to ship.

I will stay on board

And I'll transfer all energy

by sus�inerea of ?life

And exhaust hangar.

With all due respect, Commander,

we do not go anywhere.

One day I missed the ship.

One day!

Gravita�ionale systems


Hold on tight.

Evacuation would be impossible unless we

energy to stabilize the ship.

We can restore power?

Only in Engineering.

We must return to the warp core.


Scotty, we must go



We have to jump!




The emergency power

is at 15% and dropping.


Rails yourself.

I can not.

Gotcha, Captain.


Do not let go.

Even if our plan works,

still have to divert energy.

He's right, Captain.

What are you talking about?

Someone needs to turn

corec�ie command.

And the lad's a catch ...

Behind parabolicei deflectors.

I'm going now.

Let's go.

I initiated evacuation protocol.

I �ncepe�i evacuation.

Mr. Sulu, divert all energy

available to the stabilizer.

I do my best, sir.

Oh no!

Injectors are not aligned.

There's no way to divert energy.

The ship is dead, sir.

Is lost.

Yes, it's not

Wait, Jim.

If you go in there, I'll die.

Can you hear me?

Radiation kill us.

I ascul�i?

What are you doing?

Open a door

I'm going inside.

The door that shields us from Radiation.

I die before he go up.

You should not climb.

If you do not restore power

And Shields,

We'll be incinera�i

entry into the atmosphere.

Warp core started again.

Thrusters, Mr. Sulu.


Wait for!

Shields active.

We have energy again.

Mr. Spock, I stabilized the ship.

It's a miracle.

There is such a thing.

Engineering to bridge.

Mr. Spock.

Mr. Scott.

Sir, I came up here.

Gr�bi�i sure.


Decontamination not finished yet.

A radiate throughout the compartment.

The door is locked, sir.

How's the ship?

Out of danger.

All right.

Aces rescued the crew.

You used what he wanted Khan

against him.

A good move.

What I have done is your

And that's what you did.

It was logical.

I'm afraid, Spock.

I do not see the hope.

How do you choose not to Sims?

I do not know.

I feel right now.

I wanted to know

Why do not I let you die

why I came back for you.

Because you're my friend.


It was close.

Sets destina�ia:

Starfleet Headquarters.

I motors are compromised.

Landing uncertain.

I Confirm Order.


Scana�i enemy ship

After the signal lifetime.

Sir, no one could supravie�ui.

He could.

Yes, sir.

He just jumped 30 meters.

We can teleport?

Damages are too high.

Not recep�ionez signal.

But can you beam

on your foot, sir.

Go after him.

Be ready to receive and your coordinates.

Position: 351 752 519.

Coordinates confirmed.

Aduce�i a cryotube.


Remove this from cryotube it on.

Hold him in a coma.

I'll put him on Kirk inside.

It's our only chance

the functions to maintain its brain.

Enterprise to Spock.


Activate cryogenic secven�a.

McCoy to bridge.

I can not contact Spock.

I need Khan in lifetime.

Aduce�i the bastard back on board.

I think it can save Kirk.

He can teleport the ship?

They all move.

I can not lock on.

Go to teleport someone there?

Spock, no!

Turns out!

to save Kirk.

What is it?


To call Jim.

Your father was captain of the ship.

I challenge you to excel.

Stop being so melodramatic.

Do not die well.

Transfusion you exhausted.

You spent two weeks in bed.


Your cells were heavily irradiated.

I had no choice.


After we got him, we synthesized

blood serum of miraculous.

Do you have any criminal impulses,

Sims get a power-hungry tyrant?

No more than usual.

How did you get it?

I did not get it.

You saved my lifetime.

I came and I with Uhura

a hand.

I saved the life of aces

me and the whole crew ...


You're welcome, Jim.

Will always find someone

that would do us harm.

As to stop, the risk of expect

same evil within us.

Our first impulse

is to seek revenge

when we lose loved ones.

But that's us.

We are here today

that you renamed USS Enterprise.

And to honor those

that and lost life of a year ago.

When Christopher Pike gave me ship

I asked to recite the oath captain.

Words whose importance

not understanding then.

But now they look

as a call to remember

who was formerly

And who should be back.

And these words ...

Of space, the final frontier.

These are the voyages

of space ship Enterprise.

Its mission five years:

to explore strange new worlds and ...


to discover new forms of vias

And we civilization ...

to presume where one

has gone before.

Captain on the bridge.

It's hard to exits your

Once you ordinary.

Not so, Mr. Sulu?

Call Bina title of captain.

It's you, sir.

Mr. Scott, how's warp core?

Purrs like a pisicu��, Captain.

He's ready for a long trip.


Come on, Bones.

It'll be fun.

Five years in space.


Doctor Marcus.


you came into our family.

It's good to have a family.



Where to go?

Since I had a place

mission so long,

leave the decision in your mind, Captain.

Mr. Sulu, start.

Yes, Captain.

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