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  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
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BELLA: "Childhood is not from birth to a certain age.

"And at a certain age, the child is grown and puts away childish things.

"Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies."

Jake! Jacob!



lt's happening.


ALICE: You just have to break them in.

BELLA: l've been breaking them in. For three days. Can l just go barefoot?

ALICE: No, absolutely not.

BELLA: Just thinking it's a little much, you know? The dress and the shoes, and all of this.

ALlCE: No, it's exactly enough. Tomorrow will be perfect.

Where do you want them, boss?

ALICE: On either side of the aisle.

-What aisle?

ALICE: Does no one have vision? You, go home and get lots of beauty sleep. That's an order.

BELLA: Okay.

EDWARD: l was just checking for cold feet.

BELLA: Well, mine are toasty warm.

EDWARD: lt's not too late to change your mind.

BELLA: What? Now you're having second thoughts? You are.

EDWARD: No, l've been waiting a century to marry you, Miss Swan.


EDWARD: l haven't told you everything about myself.

BELLA: What? You're not a virgin?



BELLA: Look, you can't scare me away now.

EDWARD: Look, a few years after Carlisle created me, l rebelled against him. l resented him for curbing my appetite. And so for a while, l went off on my own. l wanted to know how it felt to hunt.



EDWARD: To taste human blood.



EDWARD: All the men I killed were monsters. And so was I.

BELLA: Edward, they were all murderers. You probably saved more lives than you took.

EDWARD: Bella, that's what l told myself. But they were all human beings. l looked into their eyes as they died and l saw who l was, and what l was capable of.

BELLA: And what l'll be capable of. Why are you telling me this tonight? Did you really think this was gonna change my mind about you?

EDWARD: l just wondered if it would change your mind about yourself, and who you wanna see when you look in the mirror a year from now.

BELLA: l know l can do this. Let me tell you why. Because you did.


BELLA: You should give yourself some credit for that. Now, hopefully, a year from now, l'm gonna look in the mirror and see someone like you. l mean, someone capable of courage and sacrifice and love.


BELLA: What is that?

EMMETT: Come on! Let's go!

EDWARD: l'm late for my bachelor party.

EMMETT: Send him out, Bella, or we're coming in after him.

BELLA: So, this party. Will there be strippers?


EDWARD: No, just a couple of mountain lions. Maybe a few bears.

EMMETT: Don't worry, Bella, we'll give him back in plenty of time.

BELLA: Okay, go, before they break my house.

EMMETT: Let's go! Let's go!

EDWARD: l'll meet you at the altar.

BELLA: l'll be the one in white.

EDWARD: That was very convincing.


ALICE: What did l say about beauty sleep?

BELLA: Sorry, bad dream.

lt was wedding jitters.

Do you need some help?

l could do her hair.

BELLA: Really?

Please. l'm not offended by your choice of groom.

BELLA: Just my blatant lack of respect for mortality.


Weddings. They bring everyone together.

Hey, so, did you find our daughter?

CHARLIE: Are those graduation caps?


How creative!

Or weird.

Alice? Bella?

BELLA: ln here, Mom.


RENEE: Oh, my gosh! You're so beautiful. Oh, honey.

Crap! My mascara.



Charlie, get in here.

CHARLIE: You sure? l don't wanna...

l know. l look hot.


CHARLIE: We thought you needed something blue. And something old. Besides your mother.



-lt was Grandma Swan's.

-But we added the sapphires.

BELLA: lt's beautiful, you guys. Wow. Thank you so much.

lt's your first family heirloom.

Pass on to your daughter, and her daughter.

BELLA: Mom, l love it.

Nope. No smudging my masterpiece.

She's right.

Thank you.

ALlCE: Okay.

Time for the dress!


ALlCE: Do you wanna see it?

RENÉE: l want to see it!


ERlC: They have got to be related.

What a gene pool.

ERlC: Seriously.

You've got some... The drool.

JESSICA: So, you think Bella's gonna be showing?

Jess, she is not pregnant.

JESSICA: Okay. Who else gets married at 1 8?



CHARLIE: You ready?


BELLA: Yeah. Just don't let me fall, Dad.


MlNlSTER: Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here on this glorious day to witness the union of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Please repeat after me.

EDWARD: l, Edward Cullen.

MINISTER: Take you, Bella Swan.

EDWARD: Take you, Bella Swan.

MINISTER: To have and to hold.


EDWARD: To have and to hold.

BELLA: For better or for worse.

EDWARD:For richer, for poorer.

BELLA: ln sickness and in health.

EDWARD: To love.

BELLA: To cherish. As long as we both shall live.

EDWARD:l do.

BELLA: l love you.



Just thought it'd be bigger.



-Hi, guys.

We were just saying how pretty everything is, you know, just saying.

Well, thanks so much.

You don't think it's too much?


-Not at all.



Hey, man. Nice to see you.

-l'm happy for you.

-Thank you.

l hope you'll be happy, Bella.

BELLA: Thank you, Billy. Have you heard from him?

BILLY: l'm sure Jake wishes you the best.

Well, l plan on getting drunk.

They're serving up some pretty fancy champagne.

Sue, can l get you a glass?

Sparkling fire water.

Sounds great.

CARMEN: Bella.

-Congratulations, Edward.

EDWARD: Thank you.


Eleazar and Carmen, right?



Yes, and these are our cousins from Alaska.

-Tanya, Kate.

-We've heard so much about you.

-Welcome to the family.


BELLA: Thank you.

lrina. Come meet Bella.

-l can't do this.

-You promised.

IRINA: They invited one.

lrina, he's our friend.

IRINA: They killed Laurent.

EDWARD: He tried to kill Bella.

IRINA: l don't believe that. He wanted to be like us. To live in peace with humans. With me.

l'm sorry.

CARMEN: lrina!


Let's not monopolize the bride.


BELLA: Thank you.


EDWARD: Well, what's a wedding without some family drama?


EMMETT: Excuse me.

Is this on? Hello?


Umm, I'd like to propose a toast. To my new sister. Bella, I hope you've gotten enough sleep these last 18 years. 'Cause you won't be getting any more

for a while.



Well, Bella was just like everybody else, totally mesmerized by Edward. Or "The Hair," as l call him. And then, suddenly, Edward is all about Bella. Even though she's not the captain of the volleyball team. I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. Or the president of the student council.

CHARLIE: Edward will be a good husband. I know this because I'm a cop. I know things. Like how to hunt somebody to the ends of the Earth.


ALICE: Now that you're my sister, you'll have to get over your aversion to fashion.

CHARLIE: And I know how to use a gun.

ALICE: Skirts, heels, handbags.


RENEE: Go to sleep, my love Go to sleep When you wake You'll see me

I'd like to thank Renée and Charlie for bringing such a wonderful person

into the world and into our lives. We will cherish and protect her forever.

EDWARD: It's an extraordinary thing to meet someone

who you can bare your soul to. And who will accept you for what you are.


EDWARD: I've been waiting, what seems like a very long time, to get beyond what I am. And with Bella, I feel like I can finally begin. So I'd like to propose a toast to my beautiful bride. No measure of time with you will be long enough. But let's start with forever.



SETH: Whoa!

EDWARD: Another one of your gifts just arrived.

BELLA: What?

EDWARD: Yeah, come on.

BELLA: What's a wedding present doing out here?

EDWARD: Just a little more private.

JACOB: The best man didn't have time to get a tux.

BELLA: Jacob! Jacob.



-Hey, Bella.


BELLA: This is kind of you.

JACOB: Kind is my middle name.

EDWARD: l'll see if Rosalie wants to dance.

JACOB: l'm sorry l'm late.

BELLA: Doesn't matter. Everything's perfect now.

JACOB: Will you dance with me?


BELLA: Where have you been? We were gonna put your face on a milk carton.

JACOB: Mostly northern Canada. l think. lt's weird to be back on two legs again, in clothes. Gotten out of practice with the whole human thing.

BELLA: Are you okay? Being here?

JACOB: Why? Afraid l'll trash your party?


JACOB: You're not the only one. You'd think l'd be used to telling you goodbye by now. Come on, you're not supposed to be the one crying, Bella.

BELLA: Everyone cries at weddings.

JACOB: This is how l'm gonna remember you. Pink cheeks. Two left feet. Heartbeat.

BELLA: 'Cause what, soon l'm gonna be dead to you?

JACOB: No. l'm sorry. l'm just trying to appreciate your last night as a human.

BELLA: Well, it's not my last night.

JACOB: l thought you...

BELLA: l didn't really wanna spend my honeymoon writhing in pain.

JACOB: What's the point? lt's not like you're gonna have a real honeymoon with him, anyway.

BELLA: lt's gonna be as real as anyone else's.

JACOB: That's a sick joke. You are joking? What? While you're still human? You can't be serious, Bella. Tell me you're not that stupid.

BELLA: l mean, it's really none of your business.

JACOB: No! You can't do this!

BELLA: Jake.

JACOB: Listen to me, Bella.

BELLA: Jake, let me go!

EDWARD: Jacob, calm down, all right?

JACOB: Are you out of your mind? Huh? You'll kill her!

Walk away, Jake.

Enough, Jacob!

JACOB: Stay out of this, Sam.

You're not gonna start something that we'll have to finish.

JACOB: She'll die.

She's not our concern anymore.

Let's go, Seth!

BELLA: l'm really, really, really stupid.

EDWARD: No, it's all right. Come on, people are probably missing us. Let's go back.


So, he really won't tell you where he's taking you?

BELLA: No, it's a surprise.


Well, wear a hat. Sunscreen.

Take care of yourself.

BELLA: l will.


l love you, Bella.

l love you.

So much.

Thank you.

Everything's packed and ready to go.



l'm gonna go see him.




CHARLIE: Well... lt's gonna be strange, you not living under my roof.

BELLA: Yeah. lt's gonna be strange for me, too.

CHARLIE: You know it will always be your home, right?

BELLA: l love you, Dad. Forever.

CHARLIE: l love you, too, Bells. l always have and l always will. All right. Go on. You don't wanna miss your plane. Wherever it's going.




EDWARD: You ready?


BELLA: Yeah, l'm ready.





EDWARD: Please pull over.


BELLA: So, we're not staying in Rio?

EDWARD: No, we're just passing through.

BELLA: Are we close?

EDWARD: That's lsle Esme. lt was a gift from Carlisle.


BELLA: ls this totally necessary?

EDWARD: l am nothing if not traditional. You wanna take a look around? You tired?


EDWARD: Do you wanna go for a swim?

BELLA: Yeah, that sounds nice. l could use a few human minutes.

EDWARD: Don't take too long, Mrs. Cullen.


BELLA: Okay.




BELLA: Don't be a coward.



EDWARD: I promised we'd try. lf this doesn't work...

BELLA: l trust you.

Tu vida...




EDWARD: How badly are you hurt?

BELLA: What?

EDWARD: No, Bella, look. Bella, l can't tell you how sorry l am.

BELLA: l'm not. Really, l'm not. l'm fine.

EDWARD: Don't say you're fine. Just don't.

BELLA: No, you don't. Don't ruin this.

EDWARD: l've already ruined it.

BELLA: Why can't you see how perfectly happy l am? Or was five seconds ago. l mean, now l'm sort of pissed off, actually.

EDWARD: You should be angry with me.

BELLA: l mean, we knew this was gonna be tricky, right? l think we did amazing. l mean, it was amazing for me.

EDWARD: That's what you're worried about? That l didn't enjoy myself?

BELLA: l know it's not the same for you, but for a human, l can't imagine that it gets any better than that.

EDWARD: Last night was the best night of my existence. You're the best.

BELLA: You're not gonna touch me again, are you? You know that's not what l mean.

EDWARD: Let me make you breakfast.





BELLA: l win.


EDWARD: Bella? You having a nightmare?



BELLA: lt was just a dream. lt was a really good dream.

EDWARD: Then why are you crying?

BELLA: Because l wanted it to be real.

EDWARD: Tell me. Bella, l can't.

BELLA: Please.

JACOB: Maybe they'll say she was in a car crash. Or tripped and fell off a cliff.

PAUL: Keep it in play! Keep it in play!

Come on!


Come on! Come on!

At least l'll get one thing out of it.

No, you won't.

Cullens are not a danger to the town or the tribe.

Well, he's either gonna kill her or change her.

-And the treaty says...

-l say, Jacob.

l say.

You know, if you wanted things different, you should've become alpha.

JACOB: Turning it down seemed like a good idea at the time.

Jake, you really think you could kill Bella if she comes back a vampire?

No, make one of us do it, then hold a grudge against us.

JACOB: Shut up, Leah.

Would you just get over it? lt's not like you've imprinted on her.

At least they seem happy.

Yeah, some people are just lucky, l guess.

JACOB: Lucky? None of them belong to themselves anymore. And the sickest part is their genes tell them they're happy about it.

Least if you imprinted on someone, you'd finally forget about Bella. l mean, being any kind of happy is better than being miserable about someone you can't have.


EDWARD: Bella, these are our housekeepers, Gustavo and Kaure.


EDWARD: This is my wife Bella. Excuse me. Well, l guess we just leave them to it.

BELLA: What was that all about?

EDWARD: She's afraid for you.


EDWARD: Because l have you here all alone.

BELLA: You mean she knows about you?

EDWARD: She suspects. She's native Ticuna. They have legends about blood-drinking demons who prey on beautiful women.




BELLA: You're late.


EDWARD: Bella?

BELLA: Hey, don't come in here. You don't need to see this.

EDWARD: "ln sickness and health," remember?

BELLA: lt must have been the chicken. Could you grab my bag?

EDWARD: What is it?

BELLA: How many days has it been since the wedding?

EDWARD: Fourteen. Why? Will you tell me what's going on?

BELLA: l'm late. My period, it's late.

EDWARD: That's impossible.

BELLA: Can this happen?




-ALlCE: Bella? Are you all right?

BELLA: l'm not 100% sure.

ALICE: Why? What's wrong? I just...

BELLA: You just what? Alice, what did you see?

ALICE: Here's Carlisle.

CARLlSLE: Bella, what's going on?

BELLA: l don't know. l'm a little worried. Can vampires go into shock?

CARLISLE: Has Edward been harmed?

BELLA: No. l know that it's impossible, but l think that l'm pregnant.


BELLA: Carlisle, l swear, something just moved inside me.

EDWARD: ls this even possible?

-I don't know.

BELLA: What's he saying?

CARLISLE: The sooner Bella's here, the sooner we can find out what it is. I need you to get to the mainland at once.

EDWARD: Yeah, yeah, l will.

BELLA: Well?

Damn it.


Kaure's making sure you're still alive.




What did you do with her?

EDWARD: What do you know about this?

l know that you are a demon! You killed this little girl!


EDWARD: Her people have legends. She might have seen this before.


EDWARD: Please. Tell me how to help her.

You only do bad.

EDWARD: l am begging you. l will do anything. l love her. Please. Tell me how she can survive this.


EDWARD: l'm not gonna let it hurt you. Carlisle will get that thing out.

BELLA: Thing?

EDWARD: Wait here while we load.

ROSALlE: Hello?

BELLA: Rosalie.

ROSALIE: Bella? What's going on?

BELLA: l need your help.

Hey, Son.

What's going on?

Bella called him.

Hey, haven't seen you in a while.

-You okay?

JACOB: So, you finally heard from Bella?

They're extending their trip. Seems she caught a bug. They wanna wait until she feels better before they travel.

She's sick.

Yeah, she told me not to worry, but she sounded, l don't know, off.

She'll be okay, Charlie.

Come on. Let's eat.

Jacob, let it go.

JACOB: ls it true?

Hello, Jacob, how are you?

JACOB: Listen, just give it to me straight.

BELLA: Jake, is that you?

JACOB: She's here?

-They came home two weeks ago.


BELLA: l'm glad you came.

-Close enough.

-What's your problem?

BELLA: Rose, it's okay.


JACOB: You look terrible.

BELLA: Yeah, it's nice to see you, too.

JACOB: So, are you gonna tell me what's wrong with you?

BELLA: Rose, you wanna help me up?

JACOB: You did this!

We didn't know it was even possible.

-What is it?

CARLlSLE: l'm not sure. Ultrasounds and needles won't penetrate the embryonic sac.

ALICE: l can't see it, either. And l can't see Bella's future anymore.

CARLlSLE: We've been researching legends, but there isn't much to go on. What we do know is that it's strong.

And fast-growing.

JACOB: Why haven't you done anything? Take it out of her!

This is none of your business, dog.


All this fighting isn't good for Bella.

The fetus isn't good for Bella.

Say the word, Alice. "Baby." lt's just a little baby.


JACOB: Carlisle, you've gotta do something.

BELLA: No. lt's not his decision. lt's not any of yours.

EDWARD: Jacob, l need to talk to you.

JACOB: l always knew you'd destroy her.

EDWARD: She thinks Carlisle can turn her at the last minute, like he did for me and Esme.

JACOB: Can he?

EDWARD: Probability is slight. And if her heart fails... Look, Jacob, l need you to do something for me.


EDWARD: For her. You have a connection with her that l'll never understand. Maybe you could talk to her, change her mind. You can keep her alive.

JACOB: And if l can't?

EDWARD: lf she dies, you get what you always wanted. To kill me.

BELLA: Rose, l'm fine, really. So, Edward sent you in here to talk to me?

JACOB: Sort of. Though l can't figure out why he thinks you'd listen to me. l mean, you never have before.


JACOB: Since when are you and blondie BFFs?

BELLA: Rose understands what l want.

JACOB: What are you thinking, Bella? Seriously.

BELLA: l know this seems like a scary thing, but it's not. lt's like this miracle or something. l can feel him.


JACOB: So, it's a bouncing baby boy. l'm sorry l didn't know. Should've brought some blue balloons.

BELLA: lt's just a guess. When l picture him, l see a boy. We'll see.

JACOB: You won't.

BELLA: Jake, l can do this. l'm strong enough.

JACOB: Come on. You can spout that crap to your bloodsucker, but you don't fool me. l can see what that thing's doing to you. lt's a killer, Bella.

BELLA: You're wrong.

JACOB: And when you die, what was the point? Of me loving you, you loving him. How is that right for anyone? Because l sure don't see it. Listen to me, Bella. Please. Just don't do this. Live, okay? Please.

BELLA: Jake, everything's gonna be okay. Jacob, don't go.

JACOB: l know how this ends. And l'm not sticking around to watch.




WOLVES: Jake! Jake! Jake!

Jake! Jake! Jake!

PAUL: Is it true, Jacob?

QUlL: What will it be?

PAUL: It's growing fast.

LEAH: It's unnatural.

JARED: Dangerous.

QUlL: Monstrosity.

PAUL: An abomination.

QUlL: On ourland.

JARED: We can't allow it.

QUlL: We can't allow it.

PAUL: We can't allow it.

WOLVES: We can't allow it.

SAM: We have to protect the tribe. What they've bred won't be able to control its thirst. Every human will be in danger.

JARED: We're ready.

LEAH: No time to waste.


SAM: We must destroy it before it's born.

SETH: You mean, kill Bella?

SAM: Her choice affects us all.

JACOB: Bella's human. Our protection applies to her.

LEAH: She's dying anyway!


SAM: We have real enemies to fight tonight.

JACOB: Tonight?

SAM: You will fight with us, Jake.



JACOB: (STRAlNlNG) l will not. I am the grandson of Ephraim Black. I am the grandson of a chief! I wasn't born to follow you, or anyone else.




SETH: Don't worry. They're not following us.

JACOB: What do you think you're doing here?

SETH: l left Sam's pack.

JACOB: Go home, Seth.

SETH: l won't stand behind him.

JACOB: Oh, yes, you will. l'm not kidding. Get out of here.

SETH: ls that an order? Gonna make me bow down, too?

JACOB: l'm not ordering anyone. Look, l'm just going off on my own here, okay?

SETH: Great, and l've got your back.

JACOB: No, you don't. lf Sam comes after Bella, are you really ready to fight your own brothers? Your sister?

SETH: lf it's the right thing to do.

JACOB: Whatever. l'm gonna go give the Cullens a heads-up. Do what you want.

SETH: How cool is this? Two-man pack. Two against the world.

JACOB: You're getting on my nerves, Seth.

SETH: l'll shut up. Can do.

JACOB: Get ready. They're coming for Bella.

EDWARD: They're not gonna touch her.

JACOB: Agreed.

Man, l can smell them from all the way out here.

What the hell are you doing here?

LEAH: l'm not gonna let my little brother get himself killed.

SETH: Go away, Leah! l can take care of myself.

LEAH: That you think so proves you need a babysitter.

JACOB: Okay, would the both of you shut up? Did Sam send you?

LEAH: Sam doesn't even know l left.


l think he just figured it out.

Jake. l know what his plan is.

Sam's lost the element of surprise, and he doesn't want to take you on outnumbered, so he's not gonna come at you head on. He's got the place surrounded and he'll wait for his opportunity.

We won't get through without a fight.

No fights.

We won't be the ones to break the treaty.

The treaty is void, at least in Sam's mind.

Not in ours.

Carlisle, no one's hunted for weeks.

We'll make do.

You've done us a great service, Jacob. Thank you.



l know they're out there somewhere, but l can't hear them anymore.

lt's so quiet.

l stopped hearing them, too, the second l decided to leave.

lt's nice.

You know you can't stay here.

-But l don't have any place...

-l can't trust you with the Cullens. You hate them too much. You don't even like me.

LEAH: l don't have to. l just have to follow you.

JACOB: Look, Seth doesn't want you here. Neither do l.

LEAH: Being unwanted isn't exactly a new thing for me. Look, l'll stay out of your way. l'll do whatever you want, except go back to Sam's pack and be the pathetic ex-girlfriend he can't get away from. You don't know how many times l wished l could imprint on someone. Anyone.

JACOB: Just to break the connection.


JACOB: All right. l'm gonna do a perimeter run. You got my flank?






CARLlSLE: Your rib is cracked. But there are no splinters. You haven't punctured anything.



EDWARD: lt's breaking her bones now. lt's crushing you from the inside out. Carlisle, tell her what you told me. Tell her.

BELLA: Carlisle, tell me. lt's all right.

CARLISLE: The fetus isn't compatible with your body. lt's too strong. lt won't allow you to get the nutrition you need. lt's starving you by the hour. l can't stop it, and l can't slow it down. At this rate, your heart will give out before you can deliver.

BELLA: Then l'll hold on as long as l can, and then...

Bella. There are some conditions that even venom can't overcome. You understand?

l'm sorry.

Edward, l'm sorry.

EDWARD: l can't live without you.

BELLA: You won't. You're gonna have a part of me. He'll need you.

EDWARD: Do you honestly think that l could love it or even tolerate it if it killed you?

BELLA: lt's not his fault. You have to accept what is.

EDWARD: Because you've given me no choice! Bella, we're supposed to be partners, remember? But you decided this on your own. You've decided to leave me.

BELLA: Don't see it that way.

EDWARD: Well, l have no other way to see it. 'Cause it's me who'll lose you. And l don't choose that. l don't choose that.




Washington driving in the red zone. Almost stripped of the ball. He stood up and Calvin finally...

EDWARD: Are you cold?

JACOB: l got it.

BELLA: Don't do that.

JACOB: What?

BELLA: Smile like l'm your favorite person in the world.

JACOB: You're one of them.

BELLA: Feels complete when you're here, Jake.



We need to find a way to get some food into her system.

-lf l could only see the fetus...

-The baby.

...maybe l could figure out what it wants.

EDWARD: Think you might be right. Jacob just had an idea.

JACOB: lt wasn't an idea. lt was a snide comment.

BELLA: What were you thinking?

JACOB: That it's probably just looking for someone

to sink its teeth into.

He's thirsty.

l know the feeling.

lf it's craving, it's not gonna want animal blood.

l have some O negative laid aside for Bella.

Walk with me.

JACOB: Wait, wait, wait.

You're gonna make her drink that?

lt's the fastest way to test the theory.

Only if you're comfortable with it.

BELLA: l'll try anything.

Just hold on.

JACOB: l think l'm gonna be sick.

This might make it a little easier to take.

BELLA: Tastes good. Mmm.

Your pulse is already getting stronger.

lt's working.

-Well, you sound better.

BELLA: l am. l feel much better.

CHARLIE: This whole thing must've put a kink in the honeymoon, huh?

BELLA: You could say that.

CHARLIE: Otherwise, married life treating you okay? Edward still walks on water and all that?

BELLA: Yeah, but, l mean, it is different now.

CHARLIE: The important thing is that you're better. And that you're coming home soon, right?

BELLA: Okay, Dad, l don't want you to freak out, but l'm going to a medical center in Switzerland.

CHARLIE: What? No, no, you're not. You're not going to Switzerland. What are you... You said you were better.

BELLA: I am.

CHARLIE: No, Bella. l'm getting on a plane. No. No.

BELLA: lt's really more of a spa. And l'm sure that l'd be better by the time you got there anyway.

CHARLIE: Bells... l don't know.

BELLA: Dad, don't come. And picture me healthy, like l'm sitting on the couch with you, eating pizza or something.

CHARLIE: You want me to visualize?

BELLA: They say that it helps. Just picture me like that. Like l was. lt'll make me feel better. Dad, l got to go, okay?


BELLA: l love you.

CHARLIE: Bella...


EDWARD: l'm sorry l've been so angry.


BELLA: l would be, too. l've left you alone in this. Marriage.

EDWARD: Well, they say the first year is the hardest. Who was that?

BELLA: What?

EDWARD: l thought l just heard... Just say something else.

BELLA: Like what?


BELLA: Edward, what's going on?

EDWARD: He likes the sound of your voice.

BELLA: You can hear him?

EDWARD: ln mind. He likes my voice as well.

BELLA: What? What do you hear?

EDWARD: lt's so strange. l thought he was like me, but he's not. He's like you. Good and pure. He's happy.

BELLA: Of course you are. Of course you're happy. How could you not be? l love you so much. What do you hear now?

EDWARD: He loves you, Bella.

Oh, my gosh.



So, that's the last of it?

Bella could deliver as early as tomorrow. lf she's going to have any chance at all, she'll need more blood.

And you need to feed. You have to be at your strongest for her. We need to go tonight.

Carlisle, you're the enemy now. Sam won't hesitate. You will be slaughtered.

Emmett will come with us.

-That won't be enough.

CARLlSLE: We have no choice, Jacob. lf there's anything we can do to save her, we have to try.

JACOB: You'd risk your lives for her?

Of course we would. Bella's a part of our family now.

JACOB: Yeah. l can see that. This really is a family. As strong as the one l was born into. l know what l have to do.

SETH: Jake! They're coming.

JACOB: l know.

We should phase, Jacob. We can't protect ourselves like this.

JACOB: They'll see it as a threat. l wanna talk! Be easier if l could hear you, too.


This isn't your territory anymore.

-How's the new family working out?

-You done?

You coming home, Jake?

JACOB: Not until l finish this.

What do you mean?

JACOB: l want Sam to take back Leah and Seth.

LEAH: What?

SETH: No way!

JACOB: Quiet! l want them safe. And l want this over.


l need Sam to wait until Bella's

been separated from the problem.

You mean till she's dead.

Ease up, Paul.

Then what?

JACOB: Tell Sam that when the moment comes, l'll be the one to destroy it.


JACOB: l'm the only one who can. They trust me.









You played us?

Can't we come up with something

just a little more classic?

Thank you.

-They make it out all right?




Are you okay?

Yeah, it's not like l'm the one carrying a demon.

This is pretty important, Bella. Why don't you tell Jacob what you've decided?

What now?

Rose is trying to talk Bella out of her baby names.

She hates them.

Well, then l'm on your side no matter what you picked.

They're not that bad.

BELLA: lf it's a boy, EJ. Edward Jacob.

EDWARD: Okay, fine, that one's not awful.

Why don't you tell him the girl's name?

BELLA: l was playing around with our moms' names. Renée and Esme. And l was thinking... Renesmee.


Too weird?

No, that's not too weird. lt's beautiful. And it's unique, which certainly fits the situation.

l like Renesmee.

He likes it.


Rosalie, pass the morphine.


Carlisle said the placenta must have detached.


-He's coming as fast as he can, but...

-We'll have to do it.

Rose! Let the morphine spread.

There's no time. He's dying.

Get him out now!

Look at me, Bella.


JACOB: Rosalie, don't!


Alice, get her out of here!

BELLA: (EXCLAlMS) Rosalie!


Save her! You've got to change her!

EDWARD: l can't, not whilst he's still in there. l got to get him out first. Stay, Bella. Stay focused. Keep your heart beating.

No! He's suffocating!





EDWARD: Hey. Hey, hey. lt's Renesmee.


You're beautiful.




JACOB: Bella?



EDWARD: Jacob, take the baby.

JACOB: Keep that away from me!

Edward. l'll take her. l promise l'm okay. Let me.

JACOB: What is that?

EDWARD: lt's my venom.


EDWARD: You're okay. Come on. lt's supposed to be working.

JACOB: Oh, my God.

EDWARD: Come on. Bella, come on.

JACOB: l won't kill you. That'd be too easy. You deserve to live with this.


JACOB: She didn't make it.

EDWARD: You're not dead. You're not dead. Come on!

EDWARD: No, it will work. lt will work.

EDWARD: Please, please, please, please.


EDWARD: Come back to me, please, baby. Bella, Bella, please, please.


Hi, hi.

l don't care what he's done.

-He's still my son.

-l'm sorry, Billy.

l just thought you should know. Bella's dead. lt killed her.

Let's go!


JACOB: It's like gravity. Your whole center shifts. Suddenly, it's not the Earth

holding you here. You would do anything, be anything she needs. A friend, a brother. A protector.


Alice! Jasper!

You're gonna be all right.

-We're outnumbered.

-By a lot.

EDWARD: l won't let them hurt my family.







JACOB: Stop! lt's over! lf you kill her, you kill me.

EDWARD: Jacob imprinted. They can't hurt her. Whoever a wolf imprints on can't be harmed. lt's their most absolute law.

EDWARD: She shouldn't be this still.

CARLlSLE: lt's the morphine.

EDWARD: Maybe l was too late.

CARLlSLE: No, Edward. Listen to her heart.









At least our dispute with the Cullens is over.



Goodness, no. Our dispute goes far beyond the fate of a mere human.

And what might it be?

Why, brother, l thought you understood. They have something l want.





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