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Previously on AMC's

The Walking Dead...


He just snuck up on me! He clocked me in the face!

Got his neck broke.

So this is where you planned to do it...

We're gonna lay down our guns.


Sync and corrections by n17t01

I'm going after them.

Don't, they could be anywhere.

And if Randall com back, we're gonna need you here.

Rick and Shane ain't back?

- No.

We heard a shot.

Maybe they found Randall.

We found him.

- Is he back in the shed?

He's a walker.

Did you find the walker that bit him?

No, the weird thing is he wasn't bit.

His neck was broke.

- So he fought back.

The thing is, Shane and Randall's tracks were right on top of each other.

And Shane ain't no tracker, so he didn't come up behind him. They were together.

Would you please get back out there, find Rick and Shane and find out what on earth is going on?

You got it.

Thank you.

You bit too?


Shane was.

That wasn't Shane. You know that.

Used to be.

What happened?

You guys attacked?

I mean, I... I heard a gunshot, but I didn't see any walkers nearby.

How did Shane die?

Oh my God! Go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go.

We... we gotta get to the house, tell the others.

We'll never get through that.

Can't go around.

Carl, stay close. Go!

Patricia, kill the lights.

I'll get the guns.

Maybe they're just passing, like the herd on the highway. Should we just go inside?

Not unless there's a tunnel downstairs I don't know about.

A herd that size would rip the house down.

Carl's gone.


He... he was upstairs. I can't find him anymore.

- Maybe he's hiding.

- He's supposed to be upstairs.

I'm not leaving without my boy.

- We're not.

We're gonna look again. We're gonna find him.

Maggie. - You grow up country, you pick up a thing or two.

I got the number... It's no use.

You can go if you want.

You gonna take 'em all on?

We have guns. We have cars.

Kill as many as we can, and we'll use the cars to lead the rest of them off the farm.

Are you serious?

This is my farm.

I'll die here.

All right. It's as good a night as any.

All right, here we go.

Come on. Hurry.

Oh shit.

All right. Okay.

Up there. Hurry.

Well, what about you?

I'll be right there.

Drop the lighter when I say.

We'll stop some of them from reaching the house and distract the others, so at least we'll have a chance.

Hey-hey-hey, look at me. You can do this.


I love you.

All right, go-go-go.

Hey! Hey!

You want some?!

Come and get it!

Come on! Come on!

Come on!

Over here!

Come on, over here. Come on, over here!

Carl, now!

Keep it steady!

I'm trying!

Damn it.

The barn's on fire.

They're headed for it.

Maybe Rick set it to draw 'em in.

I can't find him anywhere.

So maybe he snuck outside.

What do I do?

He was here.

He must've run off, maybe looking for Rick or went after Randall himself.

- Maybe he set the fire.

Yo! Must've been Rick or

Shane who started that fire.

Maybe they're trying to get out back!

Why don't you circle around? Go!

Got it!

Hey! Here!

Get in here!

Put it right there! Come on!

Oh no!

Carl, now!

This way!

They're all over the place. There's no corralling them.

We're gonna run out of ammo before we even make a dent.

We need a new game plan.

There. Head for the woods now, as fast as you can. Come on.

Come on!

I checked the shed. I can't find him anywhere.

Not in the cellar or the attic.

Why can't he listen for once?

Ok okay, if he followed his daddy, he went that way.

No, you'll lead 'em right to him. We can't stay here!

That's my boy!

You're gonna have to trust.

If we find him, he's gonna need his mother. We've gotta go.

Get the others.


Beth, Patricia, come on. We've gotta go now.



Hershel. Hershel!

Hershel, it's time to go!

Come on! Now!

Hershel! Hershel!

We gotta go. We gotta get out of here.

We gotta go.

Stay behind me. Stay behind me.

Come on, girls. Come on.

No! No!


Get in!


Get Carol... She ran that way.

Get in!

Look out!

They got her! We gotta go!

Dog, come on!

Where the hell are they going?

Should I follow them?

I'd say yes.

Swing it around. Swing it around here.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Oh my God.

I can't get through.

Head out.


Get off the farm now.

Don't say that.

Maggie, it's lost!

The others... We can't leave them.

Get off the farm now!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Where's Lori? Did you see Lori?

I don't know what happened, Rick. They just keep coming.

It's like a plague. They're everywhere.

Lori! Did you see her?


We have to go.

Find mom and the others.

It's my farm!

Not anymore!

Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Come on!


Come on!


Rick! Rick! Wait!

Come on, I ain't got all day!

Let's go!

Oh my God. Oh my God.

All right, let's just... Let's just circle back to the highway.

Did you see my dad? Did... did he make it?

Did you see?

I couldn't see anything.

And Beth... I lost Beth. We've gotta go back there.

We can't go back, okay? There's nothing to go back to.

But Beth...

I-I... I think she was with Lori.

Did they make it?

I don't know.

Patricia? Jimmy?

What if they didn't make it? What if nobody made it?

They made it, okay?

They had to.

All right, let's just circle around to the highway where we left supplies for Sophia.

No, the herd came from that direction.

Just stop. Stop the car.

Stop the car.

Let me drive.

Hey hey hey hey.

Hey, Maggie, look at me. Look at me.

Hey, we're alive. We made it.

Okay? I'm sure they are, too.


I love you.

Maggie, I love you.

I should've said it a long time ago and it's been true for a long time.

We're gonna be all right, okay?

We'll be all right.

Okay. Yeah.

Wait, where's mom?

You said she'd be here.

W... we gotta go back for her.


No. Why are we running?

What are you doing?

It's... It is mom.

We need to get her and not be safe a mile away.

Shh. You need to be quiet, all right? Please.


It's mom.

Look, Carl, listen...



You've got to get your boy to safety.

I'll wait here for my girls and the others.

I know a few places.

We'll meet up at one of them later.

Where? Where is safe?

We're not splitting up.

Please, keep your boy safe.

I'll hide in one of the cars.

If a walker gets me, so be it.

I've lost my farm.

I've lost my wife and maybe my daughters.

You don't know that.

They'll be here.

And you don't know that.

You're a man of God.

Have some faith.

I can't profess to understand God's plan, but Christ promised the resurrection of the dead.

I just thought he had something a little different in mind.

We stick together.

Hey, we gotta turn around.

Straight back to that herd?

Um, no.

The highway's back there. That's where they'll be.

Rick will go back to where we first broke down and Glenn too.

We're headed east, get to the coast. We should've done that from the jump.

Look, we've got a shot to get out of here in one piece.

I gotta find Carl. He may have escaped with somebody.

I hate to say it, but they're on their own.

There's no way to even begin to start looking.

You're wrong.

Look, we can't go back.

I'm sorry. It's suicide.

All right, then let me out.

Hey! Whoa!

Then turn around, or you let us out right now.

I should do it, you know. Okay?


You're out of your damn minds.

Okay. Come come come come.

I don't know how much longer we can stay here.

I... I'm not leaving without mom.

So we're just gonna walk away?

Not knowing if my wife, your girls are still out there?

How do we live with that?

You've only got one concern now...

Just one...

Keeping him alive.

Nature may be throwing us a curveball, but that law is still true.


It's not safe here.

I'm sorry.


Oh thank God!

Where'd you find everyone?

Well, those guys' tail lights zigzagging all over the road... figured he had to be Asian, driving like that.

Good one.

Where's the rest of us?

We're the only ones who made it so far.



She saved me, then I lost her.

- We saw her go down.


They got her, too.

Took her right in front of me. I was...

I was holdin' onto her, daddy. She just... what about Jimmy? Did you see Jimmy?

He was in the RV. It got overrun.

You definitely saw Andrea?

There were walkers everywhere.

Did you see her?

I'm gonna go back.


We can't just leave her.

- We don't even know if she's there.

She isn't there. She isn't.

She's somewhere else or she's dead.

There's no way to find her.

So we're not even gonna look for her?

We gotta keep moving.

There have been walkers

crawling all over here.

I say head east.

Stay off the main roads.

The bigger the road, the more walkers, mo assholes like this one. I got him.

Damn it.

Oh shit!


- What's wrong?

We've been riding red for the past hour.

Better make sure we don't get forgot.

You out?

Running on fumes.

We can't stay here.

We can't all fit in one car.

We'll have to make a run for some gas in the morning.

Spend the night here?

I'm freezing.

We'll build a fire, yeah?

You go out looking for firewood, stay close.

Only got so many arrows.

How you doing on ammo?

Not enough. - We can't just sit here

with our asses hanging out.

Watch your mouth.

Everyone stop panicking and listen to Rick.

All right, we'll set up a perimeter.

In the morning, we'll find gas and some supplies.

We'll keep pushing on.

Glenn and I can go make a run now, try and scrounge up some gas.

No, we stay together.

God forbid something happens and people get stranded without a car.

Rick, we're stranded now.

I know it looks bad, we've all been through hell and worse, but at least we found each other.

I wasn't sure... I really wasn't... but we did. We're together.

We keep it that way.

We'll find shelter somewhere. There's gotta be a place.

Rick, look around. Okay?

There's walkers everywhere. They're migrating or something.

There's gotta be a place not just where we hole up, but that we fortify, hunker down, pull ourselves together, build a life for each other.

I know it's out there. We just have to find it.

Even if we do find a place

and we think it's safe,

we can never be sure. For how long?

Look what happened with the farm.

We fooled ourselves

into thinking that that was safe.

We won't make that mistake again.

We'll make camp tonight over there, get on the road at the break of day.

Does this feel right to you?

What if walkers come through, or another group like Randall's?

You know

I found Randall, right?

He had turned, but he wasn't bit.

How's that possible?

Rick, what the hell happened?

Shane killed Randall.

Just like he always wanted to.

And then the herd got hi we're all infected.


At the CDC, Jenner told me.

Whatever it is, we all carry it.

And you never said anything?

Would it have made a difference?

You knew this whole time?

How could I have known for sure?

You saw how crazy that mo...

- That is not your call.

Okay, when I found out about the walkers in the barn, I told, for the good of everyone.

Well, I thought it best that people didn't know.

I'm sure you had your reasons.

Is there anything that...

I killed him.

I killed Shane.

He came at me.

He killed Randall to get me into the woods.

He planned it.

I had... I had no choice.

I gave him every chance...

And he kept leading me further out.

He pushed me, and I let him.

And after awhile, I knew...

I knew what he was doing, what he was up to.

And I kept going.

I didn't stop.

I could have, but...

I just wanted it over.

Dogging me every step of the way.

Acting like I stole you and Carl, like...

Like I was in the way.

I just wanted it over.

I wanted him dead.

I killed him.

He turned.

That's how I knew Jenner...

Jenner was right.

Carl put him down.


We're not safe with him...

Keeping something like that from us.

Why do you need him? He's just gonna pull you down.

No. Rick's done all right by me.

You're his henchman and I'm a burden.

You deserve better.

What do you want?

A man of honor.

Rick has honor.

I think we should take our chances.

Don't be foolish.

There's no food, no fuel, no ammo.

What was that?

Could be anything.

Could be a raccoon, could be a possum.


We need to leave.

I mean what are we waiting for?

Which way?

It came from over there.

Back from where we came.


The last thing we need is for everyone to be running off in the dark.

We don't have the vehicles.

No one's traveling on foot.

Don't panic.

I'm not...

I'm not sitting here, waiting for another herd to blow through.

We need to move, now.

No one is going anywhere.

Do something.

I am doing something!

I'm keeping this group together, alive.

I've been doing that all along, no matter what.

I didn't ask for this.

I killed my best friend

for you people, for Christ's sake!

You saw what he was like, how he pushed me, how he compromised us, how he threatened us.

He staged the whole Randall thing, led me out to put a bullet in my back.

He gave me no choice.

He was my friend, but he came after me.

My hands are clean.

Maybe you people are better off without me.

Go ahead.

I say there's a place for us, but maybe... maybe it's just another pipe dream.

Maybe... maybe I'm fooling myself again.

Why don't you... Why don't you go and find out yourself?

Send me a postcard.

Go on, there's the door.

You can do better?

Let's see how far you get.

No takers? Fine. But get one thing straight... you're staying.

This isn't a democracy anymore.

Sync and corrections by n17t01

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