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  The Walking Dead Transcript~ Nebraska 2x8
 Posted: 03/31/13 10:05
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Previously on AMCs "The Walking Dead".

The barn is full of walkers.

We can't just leave. My daughter is out there.

My wife and stepson are in that barn, they're people.

Just give me the guns.

This world, what it is now, this is where you belong.

Rick, it ain't like it was before!

Shane do not do this


Don't look. Don't look.

Wait wait wait wait.


Come on!

Pull her away, pull her away!

We've been out. Weve been combing these woods looking for her and she was in there all along?

You knew.

Leave us alone.

Hey, Shane, just stop, man.

Get your hands off me.

I... - You knew and you kept it from us.

I didn't know.

That's bullshit.

I think y'all knew.

We didn't know!

Why was she there?!


Otis put those people in the barn.

Maybe he found her and put her in there before he was killed.

You expect me to believe that?

Do I look like an idiot?

Shane, hey hey hey.

I don't care what you believe!

Everybody just calm down.

Get him off my land!

Please. No.

Let me tell yosomething.

Hey. Don't touch him!

Haven't you done enough?

I mean it... Off my land.

What are you doing?

Hey, what are you doing?

Daryl almost died looking for her, Rick.

Any one of us could have. I'm gonna tell you right now...

That son of a bitch, he knew.

He didn't know. He's not like that.

He opened his home to us.

He put us all in danger.

Man, he kept a barn full of walkers.

So you just start an insurrection, hand out guns and massacre his family?

His family's dead, Rick.

Well, he doesn't believe that.

He thinks you just murdered them in cold blood.

No, man, I don't care what he thinks.

I was handling it, brother.

I was handling it and you just...

You had us out in those woods looking for a little girl that every single one of us knew was dead!

That's what you did. Rick, you're just as delusional as that guy.

You handling it, huh?

The Walking Dead 2x08



I have to ask you...

Did you know she was in the barn?

You know, maybe in some weird way this is for the best.

At least we know and now we can move on.

Move on?

Yeah, it's just like...

It meant so much to everyone...

Finding her, you know?

And then...

So now you'll just move on?

If we can.

I mean, we've lost others.

This is... This is Sophia.

The whole group...

This one was different.

So what happens now?

We bury her...

With your stepmom and your stepbrother.

And then?

I don't know.

I thought I'd find her.

We all did.

I mean, me...

That I'd be the one.

Like maybe she was hiding somewhere in a cave or a tree.

She'd be safe back. And I'd find her and bring he he did the right thing, shooting her like that.

I would've done it, too.


- Yeah?

Could you take Carl up to the house?

I want you to rest.


Hey, you dropped that.

You want us to start burying?

We need a service. Carol would want that.

Yeah, we all want that.

Let's... let's dig a grave for Sophia, and Annette and Shawn, uh, over by those trees.

And we'll need a truck to move the bodies.

I'll get the keys.

No no.

I got the truck.

And the others?

That's a lot of digging.

We bury the ones we love and burn the rest.

Let's get to work.

What did Hershel say?

He wants us off the farm, or Shane at least.

That's not a surprise.

We're lucky someone wasn't killed.

And all that gunfire...

More walkers could've heard it.

Baby, what is it?

She was there all the time.

And you did everything you could.

Yeah, I know. I always do, don't I?

Went after her, protected her, killed those walkers, but she still got bit.

And Carl still got shot.


People counting on me and I had 'em chasing a ghost in a forest.


Do you got something to say, Dale?

Well, go ahead, man.

Mr. Moral Authority, huh?


The voice of reason.

Let me ask you something, man. What do you do?

What do you do to keep this camp safe, huh?

What do you do? What, you fix up an R.V.?

You babysit some guns?

Man, you pointed one at my chest, right?

But you just... you couldn't pull that trigger, could you?

If I was such a danger, if I was such a threat,

what did you do to stop me, huh?

I smashed up on there, I saved Carl.

That's me. That ain't you. That ain't Rick. That's me.

Tell you what, Dale...

Next time I need a radiator hose...

I'll give you a call, man.

That's it.

They're ready.

Come on.


'Cause that's your little girl.

That's not my little girl.

That's some other thing.

My Sophia was alone in the woods.

All this time I thought...

She didn't cry herself to sleep.

She didn't go hungry.

She didn't try to find her way back.

Sophia died a long time ago.

A few more trips.

We got lucky.

If that barn had any more, we could've been overrun.

Good thing Shane did what he did...

When he did.

You can't tell me this was right.

It wasn't. It'll cost us with Hershel.

He's grieving. He'll come around, see we had no choice.

Look, I shot too. This wasn't all Shane.

Look, I got no qualms about it.

Walkers in my backyard?

I'm not saying that we shouldn't have

taken care of the problem, but creating a panic?!

There's no point arguing about it. It's done.

There's nothing we can do about it.

Better get moving.

Hey! Hey!

All right!

So if your group leaves, you wouldn't stay?

I... I hadn't really thought about it.

I mean, I... I didn't know that...

Do... do you think this is really the time...

To discuss this, I mean?

Well, I'm not really feeling like there's a lot of time for anything.

No no, there... There is.

There is. I mean, I-I... I want...

Oh my God.

Sweetie, can you hear me?

What's wrong with her?

She might be in shock.

Where's Hershel?

We can't find him anywhere.

Hey, kiddo.

Your stepmother's things?

He was so sure she'd recover.

They'd just pick up where they left off.

Looks like he found an old friend.

That belonged to my grandfather, gave it to dad when he died.

I didn't take Hershel for a drinker.

No, he gave it up on the day I was born.

He didn't even allow liquor in the house.

- What's the bar in town?


He practically lived there in his drinking days.

Betting that's where I'll find him.

Yeah, I've seen the place. I'll take you.

All right, I'll get the truck.


N... no.

It's an easy run.

Like the pharmacy?

Hey, Maggie?

I'll bring him back.

Maggie, that was different.

Rick? You want to have a conversation about this before you leave?

So you're seriously gonna go after this guy with everything that's going on, huh?

What you gonna do?

He's right.

This is not the time to head off, not today.

You don't know what's have...

I'm not arguing.

It's the least I can do for

Hershel after we... what?

After we what?

Carl said he would've shot Sophia himself.

That's your son. He's getting cold.

He's growing up in a world with...

He's growing up in a world where he needs a father like you...

Around, alive, not running off, solving everybody else's problems.

It's not just his problem

I'm trying to solve.

We need Hershel for the baby.

I'm going after him.

You ready?





Hey hey hey hey hey.

Hey, are you all right?

Come here.

I want you to know that I'm real sorry for your girl.

Thank you.

When I opened that barn I had no idea.

If I did...

Everybody thinks that I'm a...

I was just trying to keep everybody safe.

I had no idea she was in there.

This place is going to hell.

Yeah, I'm trying hard to prevent that.

You won't be able to.

No, there are people in this group who think that what

Shane did was justified.

I know you two can't stand each other, but he did something that needed to be done.

He's dangerous.

Yeah, he's a hothead.

No, Lori, he's dangerous.

I think he killed Otis.

Otis was killed by walkers.

He knew how to handle walkers.

Otis was the one who was putting them in the barn.

You need to be really clear with me right now.

What are you saying?

I believe that...

That Shane sacrificed Otis.

I can't prove it, but I-I-I...

I think that he... I think that he shot him and left him for bait, so that he could get away.

Shane may be a hothead, but he's not a murderer.

And... and why would he kill somebody who's trying to help?

I don't know. Maybe he was pinned down.

He said... he said it. He all but threw it in my face.

I'm telling you... I knew guys like him, and sooner or later...

He's gonna kill somebody else.

Maggie said she loves me.

She doesn't mean it.

I mean she can't.

I mean... well...

She... she's upset or confused.

She's probably feeling, like...

I think she's smart enough to know what she's feeling.

No. No.

No, you know what? She wants to be in love, so she's... she needs something to... to, like... to hold onto.

Glenn, it's pretty obvious to everyone Maggie loves you, and not just because you're one of the last men standing.

So what's the problem?

I didn't say it back.

I've never had a woman say that to me before except my mom, of course, and my sisters.

But with Maggie, it's different.

We barely know each other.

What... what does she really know about me?


We're practically strangers.

But I... I didn't know what to do with it.

I just stood there like a jerk.

Hey. Hey, this is a good thing, something we don't get enough of these days.

Enjoy it.

And when we get back, return the favor.

It's not like she's going anywhere.


I know about Lori, her being pregnant.

I got her those pills.

I figured.

Hey, I'm sorry I kept it from you.

Don't be. You did what you thought was right.

It just so happens it wasn't.

Her heart's racing. She's burning up.

We need Hershel. He'll know what to do.

Would you look in on Carl for me?

Of course.

Moving to the suburbs?

Listen, Beth's in some kind of catatonic shock.

We need Hershel.

Yeah. So what?

So I need you to run into town real quick and bring him and Rick back.


Your bitch went window-shopping.

You want him? I' fetch him yourse.

I got better things to do.

What's the matter with you?

Don't you be so selfish.

Selfish? Listen to me, Olive Oyl.

I was out there looking for that little girl every single day.

I took a bullet and an arrow in the process.

Don't you tell me about me getting my hands dirty!

You want those two idiots? Have a nice ride.

I'm done looking for people.


Who's with you?


Maggie sent him?

He volunteered.

He's good like that.

How many have you had?

Not enough.

Let's finish this up back at home.

Beth collapsed, is in some sort of state.

Must be in shock. I think you are too.

Maggie's with her?

Yeah, but Beth needs you.

What could I do?

She needs her mother.

Or rather to mourn like she should've done weeks ago.

I robbed her of that.

I see that now.

You thought there was a cure.

Can't blame yourself for holding out for hope.


When I first saw you running across my field with your boy in your arms, I had little hope he would survive.

But he did.

He did.

Even though we lost Otis.

Your man Shane made it back and we saved your boy.

That was the miracle that proved to me miracles do exist.

Only it was a sham, a bait and switch.

I was a fool, Rick, and you people saw that.

My daughters deserve better than that.

So what do we do? Just wait for him to pass out?

Just go.

Just go!

I promised Maggie I'd bring you home safe.

Like you promised that little girl?

So what's your plan? Finish that bottle?

Drink yourself to death and leave your girls alone?

Stop telling me

how to care for my family, my farm.

You people are like a plague!

I do the Christian thing, give you shelter, and you destroy it all!

The world was already in bad shape when we met.

And you take no responsibility!

You're supposed to be their leader!

Well, I'm here now, aren't I?



Yes, you are.

Now come on.

Your girls need you now more than ever.

I didn't want to believe you.

You told me there was no cure, that these people were dead, not sick.

I chose not to believe that.

But when Shane shot Lou in the chest and she just kept coming, that's when I knew what an ass I'd been, that Annette had been dead long ago and I was feeding a rotten corpse!

That's when I knew there was no hope.

And when that little girl came out of the barn, the look on your face...

I knew you knew it too.


There is no hope.

And you know it now, like I do.

Don't you?

There is no hope for any of us.

You ready?


Man, how many times we gonna have to do this?

Look, I'm done. I'm not doing this anymore, cleaning up after you. You know what the truth is?

Nothing has changed.

Death is death. It's always been there, whether it's from a heart attack, cancer, or a Walker. What's the difference?

You didn't think it was hopeless before, did you?

Now there are people back at home trying to hang on. They need us, even if it's just to give them a reason to go on, even if we don't believe it ourselves.

You know what? This... this isn't about what we believe anymore.

It's about them.

Son of a bitch. They're alive.

I'm Dave.

That scrawny-looking douche bag there is Tony.

Eat me, Dave. Hey, maybe someday I will.

We met on I-95 coming out of Philly.

Damn shit-show that was.

I'm Glenn. It's nice to meet some new people.

Rick Grimes.

How about you, pal? Have one?

I just quit.

You've got a unique sense of timing, my friend.

His name's Hershel. He lost people today, a lot of them.

I'm truly sorry to hear that.

To better days and new friends.

And to our dead... may they be in a better place.

Ah. Ah.

Not bad, huh?

I got it off a cop.

I'm a cop.

This one was already dead.

You fellas are a long way from Philadelphia.

It feels like we're a long way from anywhere.

Well, what drove you South?

Well, I can tell you it wasn't the weather.

I must've dropped 30 lbs. In sweat alone down here.

I wish.

No, first it was D.C.

I heard there might be some kind of refugee camp, but the roads were so jammed, we never even got close.

We decided to get off the highways, into the sticks, keep hauling ass.

Every group we came across had a new rumor about a way out of this thing.

One guy told us there was the coast guard sitting in the Gulf, sending ferries to the islands.

The latest was a rail yard in Montgomery

running trains to the middle of the country...

Kansas, Nebraska.


Low population, lots of guns.

Kinda makes sense. Ever been to Nebraska, kid?

A reason they call 'em flyover states.

How about you guys?

Fort Benning, eventually.

I hate to piss in your cornflakes, officer, but...

We ran across a grunt who was stationed at Benning.

He said the place was overrun by lamebrains.

Wait, fort Benning is gone? Are you for real?

Sadly, I am.

Oddly, the truth is there is no way out of this mess.

Just keep going from one pipe dream to the next,

praying one of these mindless freaks doesn't grab a hold of you when you sleep.

If you sleep.

Yeah, it doesn't look like you guys are hanging your hats here.

You holed up somewhere else?

Not really.

Those your cars out front?

Yeah. Why?

We're living in ours.

Those look kinda empty, clean.

Where's all your gear? We're with a larger group

out scouting, thought we could use a drink.

A drink? Hershel, me I thought you qu.

Well, we're thinking of setting up around here.

- Is it... is it safe?

It can be,

although I have killed a couple of walkers around here.

Walkers? That what you call them?


That's good.

I like that. I like that better than lamebrains.

More succinct.

[ - Okay, Tony went to college. - Two ]Dars.

So what... so what, you guys set up on the outskirts or something?

That new development?

Trailer park or something?

A farm?

¶ Old McDonald had a farm ¶

you got a farm?

¶ E-I-e-I-o.

- Is it safe?

It's gotta be.

- You got food, water?

You got cooze?

Ain't had a piece of ass in weeks.

Listen, pardon my friend.

City kids... they got no tact.

No disrespect.

So listen, Glenn... we've said enough.

Well, hang on a second. This farm... it sounds pretty sweet.

- Don't it sound sweet, Tony?

Yeah, real sweet.

How about a little Southern hospitality?

We got some buddies back at camp, been having a real hard time.

I don't see why you can't make room for a few more.

We can pool our resources, our manpower.

Look, I'm sorry. That's not an option.

Doesn't sound like it'd be a problem.

I'm sorry. We can't.

We can't take in any more.

You guys are something else.

I thought... I thought we were friends.

We got people we gotta look out for too.

We don't know anything about you. No, that's true.

You don't know anything about us.

You don't know what we've had to go through out there, the things we've had to do.

I bet you've had to do some of those same things yourself.

Am I right?

'Cause ain't nobody's hands clean in what's left of this world.

We're all the same.

So come on, let's... let's take a nice friendly hayride to this farm and we'll get to know each other.

That's not gonna happen.

Rick... this is bullshit.

Calm down.

Don't tell me to calm down.

Don't ever tell me to calm down.

I'll shoot you three assholes in the head and take your damn farm!

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Relax.

Take it easy. Nobody's killing anybody.

Nobody's shooting anybody. Right, Rick?


We're just friends having a drink. That's all.

Now where's the good stuff, huh?

Good stuff, good stuff, good stuff. Let's see.

Hey, look at that.

That'll work.

You gotta understand... we can't stay out there.

You know what it's like.

Yeah, I do.

But the farm is too crowded as is.

I'm sorry. You'll have to keep looking.

Keep looking.

Where do you suggest we do that?

I don't know.

I hear Nebraska's nice.


This guy.


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