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  The Walking Dead Transcript~ Secrets 2x6
 Posted: 03/31/13 09:11
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Previously on AMC's

The Walking Dead...

Give up our guns?

The guy will strip you clean anyway. You still want to learn?

There's one other item, I wrote it down separately.

It's personal. If we could be real discrete.

You're pregnant.

You can't tell anybody, okay?


Andrea, don't!

Back off, Dale.

Is that Daryl?


You weren't suppose to see this.

Don't look so worried.

It's my job.

No, it's not. You're a housewife.

Yeah, punk?

You see my house around here?

A housewife.

They don't have a mother.

She might be somewhere else.

Maybe she got eaten.

Everything is food for something else.

Sync and corrections by n17t01

Could you be more obvious?

Here, enjoy.

Are you trying to buy my silence with fruit?

Of course not. There's also jerky.

Will you please tell me why your dad has a secret barn full of walkers?

It's creepy.


You know that, right?


Just trust me on this, okay?

But I suck at lying.

I can't even play poker. It's too much like lying.

You have to keep this to yourself.

You have to. Please.

Dale, here's some peaches for you.

Mm, thank you.





Nothing's up. Why?


This is not that great, but...

What, no pictures?

I'm so sorry. I feel like shit.

Yeah, you and me both.

I don't expect you

to forgive me,

but if there's anything I can do...

You were trying to protect the group.

We're good.

But hey, shoot me again, and you'd best pray I'm dead.

What did Rick say?

You didn't tell him?


But you have to.

You're pregnant.

You need vitamins, medicine, a nice pillow.

You can have my share.

Honey, I don't want your food, okay? Eat.

You need to eat. You're too skinny.

And if you're not gonna let Rick take care of you, then someone has to.

Lori, you have a medical condition.

I'll make another run into town. Just tell me what you need.

I need you to be quiet about this.

All right? Please.

Hey! Peach man.

The creek flows south, past that farmhouse Daryl found.

Maybe Sophia dropped the doll there, the current brought it downstream.

So what, you think she took this road here and then she went north?

Yeah. What's up that way?

A housing development.

It went in maybe 10 years ago.

Take a run up there after gun practice.

I'll hold down the fort here, but take backup.

After what went down with Daryl, I don't want anyone going out alone. We stay in pairs.

I'll take suggestions on a partner.

See how they do on the range, then take your pick.


My binoculars.

Yeah yeah.

Okay, bye.

We'd like to join you for gun training today.

Hershel's been very clear.

I can't involve any of you in what we do without his okay.

He doesn't like it, but he consented.

Otis was the only one who knew guns.

Now that he's gone, we gotta learn to protect ourselves.

Her father saw

the sense in that.

No offense, but I'll ask

Hershel myself.

Dude, nice lid, man.

What's going on?

I want to learn to shoot too.

Can you teach me?

Well, man, that's... that's up to your parents.

Can you talk to them? They'll listen to you.

We'll see, okay?


Let me see what you've got there.

How the hell did this happen?

Well, it's my fault. I let him into the RV.

He said he wanted a walkie, that you sent him for one.

So on top of everything else, he lied.

What's he thinking?

He wants to learn how to shoot. He asked me to teach him.

Now it's none of my business, but I'm happy to do it. It's your call.

I'm not comfortable with it.

Oh, don't make me out to be the unreasonable one here. Rick?

I know. I have my concerns too, but...

There's no but. He was just shot.

He's just back on his feet and he wants a gun?

Better than him being afraid of 'em.

There are guns in camp for a reason.

He should learn to handle them safely.

I don't want my kid walking around with a gun.

But how can you defend that?

You can't let him go around without protection.

He's as safe as he'll ever be right here.

Look, everything you're saying makes perfect sense. It feels wrong.

I mean I didn't feel good about him following you out into the woods.

And I wish I'd said something. I should've gone with my gut.

He's growing up, thank God.

We've got to start treating him more like an adult.

Then he needs to act like one.

He's not mature enough to handle a gun.

I'm not gonna play with it, mom.

It's not a toy.

I'm sorry I disappointed you, but I want to look for Sophia

and I want to defend our camp.

I can't do that without a gun.

Shane's the best instructor I know.

I've seen him teach kids younger than Carl.

You will take this seriously and you will behave responsibly.

And if I hear from anyone in this camp that you're not living up to our expectations...

He won't let you down.


Now if you're gonna do this,

you listen to Shane.

Okay, dad.

All right? You be careful.

You coming?

I gotta help Dale

clean the spark plugs on the RV.

He said he's gonna teach me mechanics.

I should probably go look for him.

You found me.

He's a good learner.

Spark plugs, huh?

Want to tell me what's going on?

You're old.

You're... You know things.


What if somebody told you something that somebody else should know...?

Glenn, stop being dramatic. Spit it out.

There's... there's walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant.

Hey, come on, man. Don't give me that gangsta shit.

Good work.

Don't be discouraged.

You'll hit the target eventually.

Who says I didn't hit my target?

Try this one. It's heavy.

You get better balance, twice the rounds.

I'd say she's got the hang of it.

I'd say she's ready for the advanced class.

It might be worth your while after the rest of us head back to camp.

Sure. Why not?

How's it feeling?

I like the weight.

So you decided not to leave us.

Something change your mind?

Got it.

That's a great shot.

Nervous Nelly?

She find her way home?

Found her in her stall this morning.

I love your fields.

Took a long walk this morning.

I ended up by the barn.

I heard the moans.

That's unfortunate.

I'm sure you have your reasons for keeping this a secret.

I saw the broadcasts before they stopped, saw the irrational fear, the atrocities, like the incident at my well.

We put down a walker.

You killed a person.

Well, if you watched the same broadcasts I did, you saw walkers attack,

kill. They're dangerous.

A paranoid schizophrenic is dangerous too.

We don't shoot sick people.

With all due respect, you are cut off from the outside world here.

But I've seen people that I cared about die and come back, and they're not people.

My wife and stepson are in that barn.

They're people.

I'm sorry.

Let me help.

I'll speak to Rick.

He's a good man.

We can make the barn more secure, keep everybody safe.

The barn is secure.

Keep this to yourself if you want to help.

Rick is a man of conscience, but are you so sure about everyone in your group?


I take it your boy did well.

Not bad, actually.

Be grateful you don't have a daughter.

If only things were as simple as wanting to shoot.

Carl's getting that chance, thanks to you.

And I'm eternally grateful for what you did and your hospitality.

We'll earn our keep.

I appreciate that, but with Carl getting better, I imagine you'll be moving on soon...

Fort Benning, I hear.

Still a virgin.

The target's too small.

Come on, that's crap. Half-hour ago

I saw you nail a bull's-eye at 25'.

It wasn't moving.

You think a walker's gonna hold still for you?

Focus and reload, go again.

Uh-oh, did I piss you off?

Come on, girl, you've got walkers all around you.

They're the woods. They're in the RV.

You're gonna need more than a damn screwdriver.

Stop badgering me.

You're too damn emotional.

You need to shut it down. Take all that guilt, take that fear, that being pissed off, take it out.

Right, 'cause you're so calm.

See that? See, I can be pissed off.

I could be whistling "Dixie"

and I'll always hit the target.

But you, God, you shoot like a damn girl.

You stand here and you point your weapon.

Point like you point your finger. Do not think about it.

I'm talking about muscle memory, girl...

Muscle memory.

Now go on, shoot that son of a bitch.

He's coming for you! He's 10' away!

He's 9'... He's 5' away!

Right there, that's the walker that got Amy.

Now you shoot that son of a bitch! Shoot him!

Hershel expects us to leave?

Does anybody else know?

Not yet.

Were you gonna tell me?

Of course.

When? How long have you known?

Not long. You don't need to worry about this.

How can you expect me not to worry? We have shelter here and food and water and medical care.

I've been talking with Hershel. It's not carved in stone.

He thinks it is.

We have to fix this.

People are settling in here. They'll be devastated.

I know. I'm working on it.

Maybe I can talk to him too and plead our case.

No, things are uneasy. The best thing right now is to give Hershel some space.

Don't look at me like that.

Like what?

Like you're scared. Like you don't trust me.

I can take it from everyone else, but not from you.

I don't understand how you could keep something like this from me.

Carl's barely on his feet. And Sophia's missing.

And Daryl and T-Dog are hurt. How can we leave?

It's not what I want either, but if we have to go, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you and Carl are okay.

We'll get by. We will.


Come on, let me give you a lift.

My feet work just fine.

Look, I'm just trying

to get you rattled,

give you an idea what it's like when the shit starts to fly.

Is that an apology?

I crossed the line when I brought Amy into it.

Yeah, it's an apology.

You're a real dick sometimes.

Yeah, I acknowledge that. I'll tell you what, I've got a lead on Sophia. I'm gonna go check it out.

Why don't you come with me, be my backup?

My wife was pregnant once.

She miscarried and we didn't try again after that.

I'm so sorry.

The thing that I remember most is how nauseated she became at the smell of cooking meat.

And she was a meat-eating gal... my wife, but with the pregnancy... that Thanksgiving, the turkey... she couldn't be in the house for two days until it was aired out, poor thing.

Glenn told you?

What did you expect? The boy has no guile.

I haven't told Rick.

I can't.

Because of Shane?

Was it that obvious?

No no, I don't think anyone knew.

I didn't, not for sure.

Look, I thought my husband was dead.

And I felt like

I died with him.

And I...

I wanted to feel something... anything.

And now I hate myself for it.

And the baby?

It's Rick's.

None of the rest of it matters.

Then what's your concern?

Memories are what keep me going now.

Memories of what life used to be.

And I...

I've got a deep well to draw on.

I still remember joy.

But I think Carl's well is already running dry.

And this baby...

The baby won't have any good memories at all, only fear and pain.

You can't think like that.

We can still find joy and we can still take strength from each other.

Do you really think this baby has a chance, that it could grow up and live a happy life?

Look me in the eye and tell me that my baby will grow up to be your age and die happy.

Tell me. Tell me you believe that.

I'm sorry. I'm... It just came out. And it was Dale.

It's okay. I never should have put you in that position.

I've been thinking about what you said about needing help.

And you're right that I do.

Name it. Yeah.

If you're still willing to make a run into town for me...

I'm your man.

Thank you.

It's okay. It's not a big deal really.

You didn't have to come.

You could hate me from a distance.

Please say something.

Maggie, I...

I asked for your trust and you betrayed it.

Now my dad's pissed at me.

Your turn.

So your dad thinks they're sick?

You agree with that, even after what you saw

at the well?

I'm not sure what I saw at the well.

Yes, you are.

Look, if you'd seen Atlanta, you would not have a barn full of walkers.

I wish you'd stop calling them that.

What do you call them?

Mom, Shawn, Mr. and Mrs. Fischer,

Lacey, Duncan.

What does she want now?

I can't say.

So when one of them asks you to keep your mouth shut...

Crawl out of my butt and help me look, please.

You've got to be kidding me.


No! No!



Glenn, help me!

Help! Glenn!

Get it off me! Help!

Did it get you? Did it bite you?


We're gonna have to go house to house.

We'll start at the far end and we'll work our way back.

If Sophia got this far, she has a real shot, don't you think?

Hey! We got your stuff.

Maggie, hang on, please.

Come on in here.

Why? Nothing to hide. We got your special delivery right here.

We got your lotion, got your conditioner, your Soap Opera Digest.


Next time you want something, get it your damn self.

We're not your errand boys.

Honey, I...

And here's your abortion pills.

That was not cool.

Which part?

The part where that bitch almost got us killed?

I should've gone alone.

If you want to blame anybody, blame me.

Right, take the blame.

You know, for a smart guy, you're really stupid.

Okay, I'm confused, because I think you just paid me a compliment, but you made it s...

I've already lost three of the people that I care about most in this world.


Shut up.

You're smart. You're brave.

You're a leader. But you don't know it.

And your friends don't want to know it.

They'd rather have you fetching peaches.

There's a dead guy in the well? Send Glenn down.

You're walker bait.

I can't take you becoming one of them.




They walled off the hallway?

They tried to make a stand here.


She was never here, was she?

I don't know how to tell Carol this was another dead end.

Come on, let's move.

Cover that street. I'll clear the car.

Oh shit.

Focus now. Clear the jam. Focus.

Are you kidding me?

Come on. I got your back. Go.

Andrea, Andrea, let's go.

Come on.

Andrea, come on.

The blood on Maggie's shirt...

She was attacked.

Are you guys all right? How bad was it?

It was pretty close.

I'm so sorry.

I should never have asked you to go.

I offered.

I thought the town was safe, but if you hadn't come back...

But we did. I always do.

The morning-after pills... Will they even work?

I don't know.

And I don't know if I want them to.

Then I got these too, just in case.

Prenatal vitamins.

That's a hell of a choice.

I'm glad it's not mine.

Lori, we're friends, aren't we?

With everything we've been through... Yeah.

I can't tell you what to do.

I could never tell you something like that.

But your choice...

Maybe you shouldn't make it alone.

Come on then.

Get over here. Get over here.


Not today.

I'm so sorry.

We'll cover more ground tomorrow.

What happened out there?

Um, I...

The place was overrun.


Let's go get you cleaned up.

Shane, Shane, I was thinking, you've got that

nice new ride of yours,

plenty of fuel, more than enough for you to get far from here.

What, you telling me to leave?

I know you've been planning to.

Maybe now is a good time.

Is this about Andrea?

I'm looking out for the group.

You think the group would be better off without me, Dale?

Why don't you tell that to Rick or Lori?

Their boy would be dead if I

hadn't put my ass on the line.

And Otis's.

You've been vague about that night, about what happened.

Otis died a hero.

So you've said.

A little boy lived because of what went down that night.

I think you ought to show some gratitude.

I wasn't there.

No, man, you weren't.

But I was the time that you raised your gun on Rick.

Come on. Jesus.

You had him in your sights and you held him there.

I know what kind of man you are.

You think I'd shoot Rick?

That is my best friend.

That's the man that I love.

I love him like he's my a brother.

You think that's the kind of man I am?

That's right.

Well, maybe we ought to just think that through.

Say I'm the kind of man who'd gun down his own best friend.

What do you think I'd do to some guy that I don't even like when he starts throwing accusations my way?

What do you think?

Is there something you need to tell me?

We can't leave. I'm pregnant.

Are you?

I threw them up.

You can yell if you want.

You can scream if you have to, but talk to me.

How long have you known?

Does it matter?

Days? Weeks? And you didn't tell me?

I'm telling you now.


I found these. So Glenn knows, right?

Instead of going to me, you sent him to get pills?

I panicked. You tell me we have no roof and no walls...

Do not put this on me!

You tear into me for keeping secrets when you're holding onto this?

You want me to bring a baby into this?

To live a short, cruel life?

How can you think like that?

We can't even protect the son we already have.

So this is the solution?

Rick, I threw them up.

I screwed up.

I don't know how we do this.

We can make it work.

How? Tell me how.

We'll figure it out.

Shouldn't we try to figure it out?

You threw up the pills.

You want this baby. I know you do.

Not like this.

Not giving birth in a ditch.

Not when its life will hang by a thread from the second it's born.

Not when every cry will put it, and Carl, and everyone we care about, in danger.

That's not right.

Rick not even giving it a chance isn't right either.

Maybe this is why

I didn't want to tell you.

I still... I still don't understand why.

You really think I'd make you have a baby you don't want?

No, so that if I

went through with it, it would be on my conscience and not yours.

Maybe that's true, but I can't live like this anymore, Lori.

We can't live like this.

Is there anything else

I should know about?

Shane and I.

I know. Of course I know.

You thought I was dead.

The world went to shit and you thought I was dead.



Sync and corrections by n17t01

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