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04x01 - A is for Alive
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A is for Alive PLL

Man: We're not done here!

Previously on Pretty Little Liars:

Keep pushing.

Told you it would sink.

Are you currently seeing Ezra Fitz?

No, I'm not.

This might be bigger than Mona, okay?

She could be working for someone.

Why didn't you tell me this?

'Cause I was being protective.

Are you immediate family?

Umm, no.

Then you need to wait outside.

Those bitches are finally going to get what they deserve.

You let me believe that you were dead?

So I could protect you.

There never was a happy ending for us.

Bye, Ezra.

Those bitches are going to be at the lodge at nine.

Do you understand?

You have no idea what's going on here.


Could anyone see her?

See who?


Is that...

Somebody pulled it out of the lake.

Get out of my way!

We have to get this out of here.

( Phones beeping )

Emily: You're mine now.



( Sharp intake of breath )

( Sighing )

Aria: What the...

Where's Mona?

This was all her.

She set us up.

Okay, let's go.

Let's get out of here.

Come on.

Spencer: Hanna! Hanna, let's go!

God, Mona, what are you doing?

Saving your mom.


Someone's coming.

Hey, they're coming this way.

Hurry up!

Hanna: Mona!

They're coming Mona, come on.

Hannah, we got to get out of here.

Seriously, come on.

Come on!

Mona, come on.

We have to go.


Hurry up!

Got it.

Come on!

( Television indistinct )

There's a report on the lodge, but nothing about Wilden's car.

Well, I guess the fire trumps a dead pig.

You can stop staring out the window, Aria.

The cops aren't coming to arrest us.

I'm supposed to feel safe just because you say it's all okay now?

After everything you've

put us through.

Do you think we'd be sitting here if anyone saw us?

Wanna know what I think?

I think you're lucky that we're not beating the crap out of you.

And I believe you could, Emily.

You really were the weakest link.

But look how strong I made you.

You should be thanking me.

Okay, that's it.

Hanna: Em!

You know we all want to take a turn.

But we won't.

You like games, right, Mona?

So, let's play one called the third degree.

How did you get the car out of the lake?

I didn't.

I put the car in Hanna's garage, and that was the last time I saw it.

Shana knew Jenna before she came to Rosewood.

I think she's in love with her.

They're both afraid of Melissa.

When Cece came to Radley, I thought she was Ali.

I don't remember what we talked about.

It was before they changed my meds.

Lucas gave Emily that massage.

He said you were tense.

I recruited Toby when he got that job in Bucks County.

I didn't push Ian off the bell tower.

I wish I knew who did.

( Birds chirping )

( Dog barking )

Mona's gone!

I don't remember falling asleep.

Did she drug us?

Wouldn't be the first time.

You guys, she still has that chip.

Oh, Emily, I borrowed your car.

Yeah, I have my own set.

Where'd you go?

Coffee run.


Where else did you go?

Americano, one pink.

Dry soy cap.

Super-sized drip, with three sugars.

And a skinny vanilla for you.

Did I get it right?

I want the chip, Mona.

And I want it now.

And I also got breakfast.

Multigrain scone.

I'm not in the mood to play room service.

I wish I could give it to you, Hanna.

But I can't.

Why not?

I need to find out who Red Coat is and so do you.

She tried to kill all of us, so, like it or not, we are in this together.

Okay, prove it.

Yeah, we want everything you have on us.


Mi casa es su casa.

In English.

She's taking us to her lair.

( Indistinct chatter )

All this for a muddy cop car and a dead pig?

( Horns honking )

It's Wilden.

♪ Got a secret, can you keep it ♪
♪ swear this one you'll save ♪
♪ better lock it, in your pocket ♪
♪ taking this one to the grave ♪
♪ If I show you then I'll know you ♪
♪ won't tell what I said ♪
♪ 'cause two can keep a secret ♪
♪ if one of them is dead ♪

( Indistinct chatter )

( Horn honking )

Oh, my God.

"You're mine now."

I know what the text meant.

"A" has a way to make it look like we killed him.

( Pounding )

( Morose, heavy rock playing )

♪ The streets a liar ♪
♪ I'm gonna lure you into the dark ♪
♪ my cold desire ♪
♪ to get a boom, boom, boom of your heart ♪
♪ the danger is I'm dangerous ♪
♪ and I might just tear you apart ♪
♪ oh ♪
♪ I'm gonna catch ya ♪
♪ I'm gonna get cha get cha ♪
♪ oh ♪
♪ I want to taste the way that you bleed ♪
♪ oh ♪

If Red Coat's "A," why did she save us from the fire?

So she could set us up to take the fall for Wilden's murder.

Yeah, a cat plays with a mouse for hours before she actually eats it.

Once it's dead, the fun's over.

So we're Ali's mice?

We're her dolls.

Guys, Alison isn't playing with us, okay?

She's dead.

♪ This is a bad town for a such a pretty face ♪

You were on the Halloween train.

Dressed like Caleb.

To think we were this close to our first kiss.

And to getting rid of me for good.

That wasn't me.

And I can prove it.

When I took this, you were already in the box.

And these two put you in there.

Its not gonna happen!

That's Wilden.

Listen to me.

Emily: He was the queen of hearts?

Just leave her.Plans have changed.

Garrett's going to tellthem everything.

There's two of them?

We can't let that happen.

Who's that?

Your sister.

Oh, yeah, that's convenient.

Right before you could actually prove it.

Wait, Mona, what's going on?

Someone's deleting all my files!

Spencer: Mona, shut it down!

I'm trying to.

Little girl:Alison? Faster.

Come out, come out,wherever you are.

( Laughter )

It's not fair, Aria.

It was Emily's idea.

( Laughter )

Faster, faster!

Hey, there!


Where did you get these dolls?

They were a present.

Mine's name is Aria.

And that's Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Mona.

Who gave them to you?

Your friend, Alison.

She started playing with us right after you moved in.

Yeah, whatever you need.

All right, I'll be there.

See you tonight.

Was that Caleb? Is he back?

No. It was Mona.

What exactly is it that she needs?

She just wants to move the RV until we can all get rid of it together.

I'm driving her there.

I was thinking about last night, and Mona put her gloves on before she touched Wilden's car.

Meanwhile, our prints are all over it.

She's like Hannibal Lector smart.

She's been doing this for a long time.

Who's to say that she's not still doing it?

Em, you're right. But if I've learned from my mom, it's keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

So, you're going to be her new bff?

If that's what it takes to get that chip.

( Knocking )

Hey, I thought you were at work.

Nobody's getting anything done today.

All anyone can think about is poor Wilden.

Do they know who did it?

No, but there are witnesses.

I'm not sure exactly what they saw, but...

You doing okay, Hanna? I'm sorry I had to leave so early this morning.

We really didn't get a chance to talk.

Who's that for?

Jessica DiLaurentis.

She stopped by the police station this morning.

She's moving back.

Wait, back to their old house?


Jason made it seem like she hated it here.

He said that she couldn't face all the memories of Alison.

Well, something must have changed.

I mean, in spite of what's been going on with Wilden, she seems to be in a pretty good place.

( Phone ringing )

That's probably your dad.

Maybe Mrs. D isn't so sad anymore because she knows what we know.

We don't know anything, Hanna.

I saw who pulled us out of the fire, Em. It was Alison.


He threw it on this pile.

I'm sure of it.

You think they left anything inside?

Hey, it's not safe to go in there.

Toby: Spencer?



We shouldn't be in here.

Well, we are.

So, we might as well look.

Toby: And what are we looking for?

Red coat.

( Sighs ) I don't think she's in here.

What if it was Ali?

And what if she brought us here because...

She's ready to come home.

She pulls everybody out and then takes off?

Because she knows it isn't safe?

It's possible.

Well, yeah, if you're not taking into account that she died two years ago.

Sure, it's possible.

( Floor creaks )


I don't think we're in here alone.

( Bird crowing )

( Toy drumming )


It feels like home when you see a friendly face.


Uh, this is for you.

It's from my mom.

Tell her I said thank you and I look forward to having her over for tea

as soon as I'm settled in.

I will.

Is Jason back, too?

He's down South.

Renovating grandma D's place.

It's a beautiful house, but she let things go.

And it smells like old people.

( Laughs )

Ali hated that smell.

It's good to hear someone say her name.

People avoid it.

They're trying to be polite.

But it's not nice.

It's weak.

No, no, no. That's fragile.

I'll move those.

Emily, would you mind helping with these?


Can you set that on the bed?

You kept all of her things?

I think that's what she would have wanted.

Emily: She's buildinga shrine to Ali.

Or Ali wants her old room back.

I know how real it feels when you think you see her.

Maybe that's justbecause none of uswant to let go of her.

Imagine how Mrs. D. must feel.

I think we're here.

Where's here?

Some creepy farm in the middle of nowhere.

Okay. Be careful, okay?

If I'm not back by midnight, send a search party.

Thanks for helping me.

We're in this together now, right?

Kind of like old times.

That should do it.

Are you sure it's safe in here?

Yeah. I mean, it'll be fine for a few days.

You know, there's stuff in there that can bring us all down.


I just haven't thought about you and me as an "us" for a long time.

Well, anyway...

Hi, I'll get a cappuccino, please.


( Sighs )

You know, I could pretend like I didn't see you, but I don't want to lie.

This is new territory for us.

What... what do I do?

Do I say "hi" to you?

Do I avoid you?

Well, I'm saying "hi."

( Both laughing )

We probably shouldn't have a coffee together though, right?

Yeah, yesterday I might have said that that would be okay.

Why not tonight?

I got offered a permanent job.

Oh, that's great.

I haven't said yes yet because it's at Rosewood.

Ezra, you know it's a lot easier to not see you when I'm actually not seeing you.

I really need this.

I have a family now.

I know. I understand.

And if you want to see other people...

Sometimes that's the best way to move on.

I'm not ready for that.

( Door opening )

( Indistinct conversation )

Bye, Mr. Fitz.

Spencer: He was shot multiple times.

And the place that he was killed was a different location than where the body was found.

Says that time of death...

thank you...

was between ten and midnight.

Which is when we were at the lodge.

So, we can't use that as an alibi.


And "A" knows that they're going to figure out fire was arson.

And who would believe that we were there and we didn't start it?

You see this?

It's a fork.

You can use it to eat the breakfast your boyfriend just cooked for you.

I love the way that sounds.

You calling yourself my boyfriend.

Eat. ( Laughing )

I am.

This is perfect.

Not just the food.

You being here.

Is there any more coffee?

( Sighs ) It goes against my better judgment,

but this is your last cup, okay?


All right.

So, what does "A" have on us?

( Phone ringing )

Going through withdrawals over here.


Hey, is everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was just a lead on a new job.

Thank you for breakfast...


Paige doesn't know about Wilden yet.

Not sure how much to tell her.


Do you believe in that four seasons of grief theory?

That you have to live through a year of everything, before you can really get over someone.

You guys have survived so much.

Can't you just wait it out for a few months?

Just feels like we're back where we started.

And we can't go back to where we were.

There's too much at stake now.

You know I totally support you and Ezra together, but maybe he's right.

You know, it's senior year. You should be having some fun.

Look at him.

They're hanging on his every word.

You've never been on one, but there's this thing called a double date.

And it's what you do with your friends when you can actually be seen in public with the person you're going out with.

Oh, my God.

I am so busted.

Hackett just saw me staring at Ezra.

Now he's walking over here.

I think that what Mr. Fitz meant was steinbeck used the farmer as a metaphor for his frustration.

Is he gone?

No. And he's totally watching you.

Girl: Let's just meet at your house after school.

Do you have a minute?

Yeah, sure.

You look tired.

Well, I only slept for like twelve minutes last night.

Every time I closed my eyes I saw Wilden.

And then I saw a pig, and then I saw Wilden with a pig face.

La bride sur le cou.

Look, I don't think we're waiting for this "A's" shoe to drop.

I feel like we're waiting for it to stomp on us.

Careful, Hanna.

When you use words like "us" and "we," my mind goes to this place where I think we could actually be friends again.

Do you remember when my dad left?

I did not want to get out of bed, but you forced me to go to every sale that summer at the mall.


I miss my shopportunist friend.

Look, I have a French study group after school, but I can cancel, if you want to hit Macys.

I don't just want it.

I need it.

C'est un rendez-vous.

It's a date.

Coco Chanel.

Man (Over loudspeaker ):Aria Montgomery,report to the viceprincipal's office.

Aria Montgomery, please reportto the vice principal's office.

I gave you a chance to be honest with me. And you chose to lie.

I'm not sure what you mean.

I know you're sleeping with your teacher.

I wanted to believe you. But after receiving an anonymous correspondence from a concerned student...

Well, I told you that Mr. Fitz and I had seen each other after he left Rosewood High... only occasionally,

but broke it off before it became serious.

We've called your parents.

They're on their way.

( Phone ringing )


I'm relieved to know he's in custody.

Thank you.

You're arresting him?

In this state, it's a felony for a teacher to have sex with a minor.

Ezra Fitz is going to prison.

Miss Montgomery!

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Uh, your mom suggested I have you bring these home for her to sign.

( Sighs )

Sure, I'll take care of it.

And tell her I hope she's feeling better.

( Sighs )


It looks incredible...

But it's just so far away.

That's what I love about it.

It's got one of the best swim programs in the country.

I thought you'd be excited.

Oh, it's an amazing opportunity.

You have to take it.

You have to say yes.

It's an amazing opportunity for us, Emily.

I want you to come with me.

To Stanford?

They offered me a full ride.

And you're as good as I am. If they want me, they'll want you, too.

I just thought I was always going to go to Danby.

Danby's great.

But you and me in California.

Think about it.

Except for Hawaii, you can't find a college that's further away from Rosewood.

Further away from "A."

We'll live together, and you can decorate the place however you want.

We'll study on the beach.

Spend weekends in San Francisco.

And how much fun would it be to drive across country?

You, me, donuts and diners.

We can start over out there.

Don't you want to live where you're not afraid of the dark?

In a place where I don't always have to be afraid for you?



I want to go.

I want to be with you.

Oh, yes!


I really love you.

Oh, come here.

I love you, too.

Want me to help you take everything upstairs?

Um, no. I'll just put it away later.

You sure? I don't mind.

How about a soda?


So, when Caleb comes back you should surprise him with that lace camisole.

Maybe with that sheer Donna Karan barely buttoned.

Good idea.

Has he found his dad?

Um, he was heading to his aunt's cabin.

And they really don't have good cell service there, so...

I haven't heard from him.

Maybe he got lucky.


So, how 'bout you?

Who are you wearing that blue strapless for?

Well, since Noel there hasn't been anybody.

So, I bought it for me.

That's a healthy attitude.



I should actually probably get going.

I had fun today.

No, you didn't.

I know you're just pretending to be my friend again.

It's the only copy.

If I were you, I'd burn it.

You're giving it to me?

Just like that?


I really loved you once.

And I really was your friend.

I had a really great night.

Me, too.

Drive safe.



You two make a cute couple.

Did you slither on down here to comment on my love life?

I need a favor.

Yeah, wrong address.

You probably didn't know that Darren was a friend of mine.

We met right after I moved to town.

Can't believe he's dead.

Sorry for your loss.

If anything happens to me, can you give Toby a message?

What would happen to you?

Seems to me like you're indestructible.

Well, it seems to me that everyone who saw Ali the night she went missing is waking up dead.

Wilden saw Ali that night?

That's what Garrett told me.

Did you burn yourself?

Toby isn't answering my calls, and I know that you're still friends.

Tell him I never meant to hurt him.

( Tablet beeps )

( Tablet beeps )


Newscaster: It feels like the entire town of Rosewood has come together to mourn the loss of Detective Darren Wilden,

one of Rosewood's most high-profile police officers.

♪ Didn't know what this would be ♪
♪ but I knew I didn't see ♪
♪ what you thought you saw in me ♪
♪ I jumped the gun so sure you'd split and run ♪
♪ ready for the worst before the damage was done ♪

Do you really think "A" put something in there?

With his rotting, stinking corpse.

Since there's a viewing, you can assume that he's been embalmed.

And that would suspend decomposition and prevent the mourners from having to deal with the rotting and eventual putrescence of the corpse.

Okay, what the hell did she just say?

Who is that?

Guys, "closed caskets keep secrets."

His is open and exposes yours."

There's something in that coffin that's incriminating to us.

Are you really so sure about everything you're so sure about?

Yes. And in about thirty minutes they're going to open the casket for viewing, people are going to walk past to say

goodbye to Wilden.

Whatever "A" has on us...

Okay, we didn't kill Wilden.

So what could it be?

Besides another set-up.

Yeah, Em's right.

We shouldn't even be here.

If we get busted for poking around that casket...

I don't think we have a choice.

We have to look.

I mean, at my grandma's funeral, they kept the casket in a private room until the service started.

Let's just go find it.

Aria was right.

The casket isn't here yet.

Okay, so let's split up. And if you find it, send out an S.O.S.

( Indistinct conversation )

( Phone ringing )

Looks like we got the same "A" message.

( Phone ringing )

( Phone ringing louder )

( Phone continues ringing )

( Muttering under breath )

( Sighs )

Spencer: Blocked.

Mona: Kisses?


I'm not leaving here until you do.

( Phone redialing )

( Phone ringing )

Woman ( Over phone ):Hello?


Why are you calling me on my mom's phone?

( Church bells ringing )

How did "A" get this?

You're sure it's her's?

If anything happens to my mom...

When was the last time you talked to her?

This morning.

She called me from the hotel.

That's good.

That means she's okay.

Hanna, there's no way we're letting "A" bring down Mrs. M.

So, is that what this means?

My mom's "A's" target?

You girls all look so pretty.

Hi, Mrs. DiLaurentis.

Ali would be so proud of you, Hanna.

You've really kept the weight off.

Thank you.

Why don't you girls come and sit next to me?

Who is that?

All in prayer: The lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.

So, these are your toys?

You don't play with them.

I know you want to kiss me.

You're home already?


It's four o'clock.

Are you okay?

I... I'm just a little tired.

No, you're not just a little tired, mom.

I think something's going on with you.

Marion: Oh...

I'll make you a snack.

Did she just wake up?

I think there's something wrong with her.


It's called "lazy much"?

I want you to leave.




( Door slamming )

( Sighs )

Who is that?

♪ I'll keep quiet you won't even know I'm here ♪

Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Hanna?


I'm Officer Holbrook. Pennsylvania state police.

My partner and I are investigating the murders of Officer Reynolds and Detective Wilden.

We already spoke to the police when Garrett was killed.

I read that in the report.

I've actually been reading a lot about you four.

Wilden had a thing for you.

He had a nasty habit of harassing us.

I've read through most of his notes and I agree with you.

His conduct borders on unprofessional at best.

Thank you.

So why did you come to his funeral?

We're, uh, supporting our local police department.

I'm sure it's appreciated.

We'll probably have to bring you in for questioning.

But remember, we're the good guys.

Just here to find out the truth.

( Phones beeping )

"Truth won't set you free, bitches."

"I'm going to bury you with it."

"Kisses, A."

Oh, my God.

Hanna: "A" was there that night?

Aria: She recorded the whole thing.

♪ You'll never know what hit you ♪
♪ won't see me closing in ♪
♪ I'm going to make you suffer ♪
♪ that's how you put me in ♪
♪ I'm underneath your skin ♪
♪ the devil within ♪
♪ you'll never know what hit you ♪
♪ LA, LA, LA ♪
♪ the devil within ♪
♪ you'll never know what hit you ♪

The End

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