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Post by bunniefuu » 01/14/15 16:27

Only 3 episodes till I'm caught up and I love this new show!! Who else watches it??

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Re: Scorpion

Post by metalkyria » 02/07/17 16:05

I do !!!
I started to watch it A year ago ,It is the Tv-show I love the most,I wacth each ep over and over again.
Even if I like/and watch many other series .Scorpion is the only show I'm "obsessed" with.
Maybeee it has to do (a lot to do) with the awesome Elyes Gabel..
I just can't get enough of Him (or) Scorpion

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Re: Scorpion

Post by khalessi » 06/23/17 18:51

I just checked out the promo as I hadn't heard of it. Looked like a good story line for a show. Imbd gave it a lot of bad reviews :(

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