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80's songs playlist

Posted: 05/30/14 11:37
by bunniefuu
You can find all the songs from the episodes on AMC's website here: ... n-spotify/

But let's talk about them here. Share with us your favorite song(s) from the episodes here!

Re: 80's songs playlist

Posted: 06/12/14 09:41
by destinyros2005
Surprisingly, I don't recall any of the songs from the first episode from the 80's and I LOVE 80's music! Interested to see what other songs they use.

Re: 80's songs playlist

Posted: 07/22/14 17:25
by bunniefuu
Is it bad that when they were playing I was all like, OMG, I remember this song? :drink :lmao I felt like I was a kid again..