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C/C or C/L?
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Author:  Kris2782 [ 03/16/03 12:46 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

I am !00% for Clark and Chloe! They have *a-m-a-z-i-n-g* chemistry..I mean, did you see "Rush"?

So I'm wondering what the concensus around here is, considered I'm already waaaayy outnumbered in the DC forum :lol


Author:  jf8402 [ 03/16/03 15:47 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

Nope, sorry, i think that Clark and Lana make suuuuuch a better couple than Clark and Chloe. Did you see Nichodemous? Or Red for that matter. But i don't blame Lana for being cautious about her relationship with Clark, however, i believe that she still has major feelings for him...but that's just my thoughts/suspicions/ideas...laterz.

Author:  Kris2782 [ 03/17/03 17:16 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

I've seen all the episodes *gasp* I wouldn't miss it! I just feel like their "relationship" is too...something I can't really put words around it. I almost feel like his feelings for her don't go much beyond infatuation and vice versa. For example, Lana wouldn't/couldn't 'bare' to see him sick.

Author:  bunniefuu [ 03/20/03 14:35 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

Kris- Lmao! :lol :rollin

You know.. people would be shocked. I've watched all of them too... but here's the thing. I was a *complete* C&L shipper.. and the last year I'm not sure what I've become. I am almost sick of seeing Smallville altogether. :ohno :ohno
I can't figure it out myself. :dunno Maybe it's due to the lack of new episodes lately? I forget when the last one was and if I even bothered to turn it on. :shake :shake

As for C&C. Nope. I'm not sure I could go there either.. since I was always a C&L. But I'm actually starting to go with the Clark and Lex group-- since it's the only damn interesting storylines going on. :drink :rollin

Okay, let me run out of here really fast now.. :lol :lol
:run :run

Author:  Kris2782 [ 03/20/03 16:19 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

hmmm the last one it was a while ago :lol was Rosetta the one where the doctor went comatose *hehe* that was fun to watch that guy was an ass!
As for C&C. Nope. I'm not sure I could go there either.. since I was always a C&L.
t doesn't matter ;) you could totally go there. Just watch them, they are so cute!

And also..and storyline with Lex is interesting. Damn, I just *love* him!

Author:  margroks [ 03/26/03 07:54 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

Is it really just the relationship thing that gets people to tune in? I hope not. I like the action and the Superman origins stuff. Rosetta was the best ep ever and I want more of that. Love triangles are silly and not needed in a story that's great already. If Clark becomes seriously interested in anyone, Chloe is the Lois of Smallville, obviously. But he's sixteen and doesn't know what he wants. Quite frankly, people have their shippy preferences and that's fine, but I hate to see all the obsessive and divisive posts that sometimes happen as a result. I want more from Smallville than just mooney eyes and romantic angst. Clark needs to grow up a bit and embrace his heritage. Right now he needs good friends more than anything. True love will come eventually.
I want humor, mystery and Superman mythos, please. I must confess, however, that I don't perceive that Clark and Lana have any chemistry at all.

Author:  Kris2782 [ 03/27/03 11:53 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

The relationship stuff is a fun bonus to the show, but that's why I tune in.

I love the story, and the Superman nuances throughout the episodes that have no attention what-so-ever directed towards them. I love the little things that happen and are shown that depict Clark as, well, the young Superman.

Author:  sydneybristow15 [ 04/13/03 19:32 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

Clark and Lana.

Chloe makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a fork everytime she's onscreen.

Author:  margroks [ 04/22/03 07:27 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

I guess I'll never understand this attitude since Chloe represents the kind of woman Clark will someday marry. (That and the fact that AM is such an awesome actress.) Chloe was put in the Smallville universe to represent the outsider viewpoint and Clark's direction in the future, the work he pursues and the type of woman he realizes he wants.

Author:  bunniefuu [ 04/23/03 16:34 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

sydneybristow15~ Welcome to the board! :welcome
:wavey :wavey :wavey
:wave :wave :wave

And LMAO! I can relate to how you feel about Chloe. I remember screaming the same things the first season about her. Of course I haven't watched any episodes since before Xmas so I'm a little behind in it this year. And actually, now I also don't like Lana as much as I did. :barf on them both. But Clark? Now Clark I CAN watch. :lol :lol

Author:  Kris2782 [ 04/24/03 09:28 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

Now Clark I CAN watch
Amen! And don't forget sexy Lex!

I completely agree margroks. I think AM is a fabulous actress :)

Author:  Lighthouse215 [ 05/02/03 21:31 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

I'm totally a C/C supporter! I can't stand Lana most of the time. :nono

I wouldn't mind seeing Lana hook up with Lex.. :lol

Author:  Kris2782 [ 05/04/03 10:11 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

OMG and subject our sexy Lex to her? Noooooo!

Author:  bunniefuu [ 05/13/03 15:15 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

:shake :shake :shake

Hmmm... no. I've thought about it. Lex doesn't do it for me. I love his character and acting to no end, but sexually? Nope.

Superman can save me though. :aroused :aroused

Author:  Jen132228 [ 07/12/03 06:15 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

Chloe and Clark of course! Lana... is just too precious, always so blumming innocent. I hate the innocent characters. They're so fake. And presonally I don't think Lana and Clark have ANY chemistry, I saw Nichodemous and it done nothing to push me slightly to the side of C/L.(:barf )

Author:  jbangelo [ 07/12/03 10:53 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

Jen, :welcome Glad to have you!

BTW, :love your Friends avis!

Author:  Kris2782 [ 07/14/03 05:24 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

Jeeeennnnnnnnnnn! *waves like cazy* How fabulous is it that you found this thread of all the threads in the world! :lol ;) I should have sensed it! :rollin Wooohoooo another C/Cer!

Author:  Jen132228 [ 07/18/03 03:05 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

Thanks jbangelo... uhhh I don't really know what avis means, but thanks all the same;)

Alright there Kris?:grin :wave I know! Out of all the threads in all of ezboard... I come onto THIS ONE:celebrate (<---don't that remind you of The Jungle Book, when they start singing "oooo ooo ooo, I wanna be like you oooo." Or is that just me?:dunno )
Anywho... C/C rule!:grin :silly

Author:  jbangelo [ 07/18/03 03:48 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

avis/avatars...your little animations you have! They are cool. I take you are a Joey/Rachel supporter?

Author:  Jen132228 [ 07/20/03 02:11 ]
Post subject:  C/C or C/L?

Oh righttttttttttt... of course, duh! God I'm so stupid!
And yes I am a Joey & Rachel supporter:D Ahhh they're just fab... just imagine how I when I saw this series finale, I was like jumping up and down in my chair, I was sooooooooooooo happy.

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