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  1x14 - Long Way Back From Hell
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(Rebekah lies on an old mattress in a poor state suffering from the werewolf bites she received in the previous episode; there is a dripping sound by her bedside as she is coming into a conscious state. She shoots awake gasping only to look around and see a very familiar hospital in full swing; the sound of screaming patients in agony and bustling nurses and doctors attending to them; all dying from Spanish Influenza. She is hallucinating, as we see she is really in an abandoned hospital in New Orleans; antique hospital beds, wheelchairs and equipment left behind and forgotten. She breathes heavily and gasps with fear as she looks around lost in her hallucination. Blood dripping on the floor; a man drops a bloody rag; another man sits up in bed and coughs out blood. She gasps as two doctors drop another patient onto a cot and wheel him toward the morgue. She slowly rolls out of the bed, weakened by the werewolf venom in her system. A woman’s laughter is heard echoing through the corridors.)

Rebekah: Who’s there?

(No answer, she struggles to get out of that room as quickly as possible and escape. As she reaches the door she plunges through it escaping outside)

Rebekah: How the hell did I get here?

(She stumbles toward the steps but before she can go any further she is stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake. She gasps and falls to the ground only to look into the eyes of the familiar face that stabbed her)

Rebekah: Genevieve!

Genevieve: Rebekah, tell me you’re not leaving already. I thought we might reminisce.

(Rebekah falls unconscious)

(Meanwhile inside, Celeste looks over the body of Klaus who is shirtless and lying on a bed tied down by restraints. He too is weakened by Papa Tunde’s blade which has disappeared inside of him. He groans and starts to stir.)

(The witches have gathered to say goodbye to Sophie who was killed in the previous episode. Monique stands emotionless with a candle as a man lays bricks over Sophie’s grave. Elijah appears and quickly takes out three people at vampire speed, Monique is not phased but others gasp.)

Elijah: my siblings have been taken…where are they?

Monique: you’re interrupting my Aunt Sophie’s consecration.

Elijah: how did this happen?

Monique: Aunt Sophie was a casualty of war.

Elijah: Monique I recommend you give me what I want unless of course you’d like me to level this place and everything in it.

Monique: that won’t be necessary. I have a message for you from Celeste. (She puts her hand out in front of her performing a spell. Elijah pulls at the collar of his shirt uncomfortable, he rips open the top button of his shirt to see the name *Theresa* in italics tattooed on his chest; Monique continues as two more names appear; he rolls up his sleeve to see the familiar name *Sabine*) to find what you’re looking for follow the path she left behind.


(Rebekah lay on a hospital bed with the wooden stake still buried in her chest, she is now awake and gasping asGenevieve is humming and making an herb potion mixed with her blood.)

Rebekah: What the hell are you doing you ruthless bitch?

Genevieve: Poor Rebekah, you should rest. You’re looking a little peaked.

(She pulls the stake out of Rebekah’s chest and lets her blood drip into her potion)

Genevieve: Of course, that’s to be expected, given the impressive amount of werewolf venom in your system.

Rebekah: If I weren’t so bloody sick I’d rip you’re head off!

Genevieve: But you are sick and comforting the sick always was a talent of mine. I take care of my friends. We were friends, weren’t we? Of course we were.

(She applies a cold cloth to Rebekah’s forehead)

Flashback New Orleans, 1919

Rebekah: There, there... unidentified sick man

(The man coughs blood onto her apron)

Rebekah: Oh... that can’t be good. You! Red!

(Genevieve, in nursing uniform, turns to face her. Rebekah nods her over).

Genevieve: Here try to take a sip of this

(She gives the patient a small glass of herbal remedies. The man drinks it and quiets down.)

Rebekah: Mmm... just like magic.(Rebekah touches her so that she realizes what Rebekah was) But then again what would you expect from a practicing witch?

Genevieve: It’s a simple herbal remedy. It won’t stop the inevitable, but it should ease his pain and quiet his lungs. For a while, at least.

Rebekah: You are quite good at this Miss... what was your name again?

Genevieve: Genevieve.

Rebekah: Lovely... Perhaps you could give me some pointers.

Genevieve: Certainly, though it is a bit odd. A vampire serving as a nurse.

Rebekah: Please, darling, I’m an Original Vampire. If my city is under attack from this nasty influenza, it is my duty to lend a hand. Besides, if this entire lot dies, who’d be left to eat?

Genevieve: You’re wicked!

Rebekah: You know, I think you and I are going to be fast friends... What do you say you join me at this swell, little jazz joint I've discovered on Basin Street tonight? We can toast to the health of New Orleans.

(Genevieve is about to say something but she catches the eye of a brunette nurse just behind them attending to a patient, the nurse stares at her with a concerned glance)

Genevieve: Oh, I don’t know

(Rebekah turns around to face the brunette nurse)

Rebekah: You, you should come, too. After playing angels of mercy all day, I’d say we all deserve some fun.

End of Flashback – Present Day

(Rebekah gasps in the hospital bed, she is alone now. She rolls over and falls off the bed landing on her feet; groaning.)

The Abattoir

(Elijah walks in quickly as Marcel is sending out more troops to search the city.)

Elijah: Anything?

Marcel: They're putting eyes and ears out everywhere; day walkers are working every contact we’ve got. Cops, dock workers, guys in the Treme. Word is out anyone trying to earn favor with me gets a lifetime of it if they find them.

Elijah: Good. I need a pen and paper

(He walks away and Marcel follows)

Marcel: Hey, am I taking orders from you now, or are we in this together?

(Elijah removes his jacket)

Elijah: Pen and paper, Marcellus. Now!

Marcel: I want her back just as much as you do, you know... The both of them.

(He turns to fetch the pen and paper from the desk drawer as Elijah removes his shirt and calls out for Hayley)

Elijah: Hayley!

Hayley: Elijah! You’re back. Did you find any–(she takes in his appearance – shirtless and covered in tattoos)–thing? What is happening?

Elijah: I need you to make a list of these names.

Hayley: Sabine? Elijah, what is this?

Elijah: I believe they represent the names of the women Celeste inhabited for the past two centuries.

(Marcel rejoins them and hands the paper and pen to Hayley)

Marcel: It's called a Devinette. It's old school. Kind of a riddle. Witches use them to teach their kids. Solve it and it disappears.

Hayley: Why? What’s the point?

Elijah: Celeste forced me to make a choice between yourself and my siblings, and now she means to mock that choice, taunting me with a childish game. The longer the game, the more they suffer. To find Klaus and Rebekah, we need to solve this riddle. The solution lies somewhere in these names.

Marcel: The name next to Sabine... Annie La Fleur, she’s the witch that was shunned from her coven just over a year ago. Never knew why, but I can find out.

Fleur-de-Lis Sanatorium

(Klaus still lies on the bed in an abandoned room as Genevieve enters; his eyes are closed but he is conscious as she touches his stomach where a nasty scar protrudes from where Papa Tunde’s blade disappeared inside of him, he opens his eyes still in a weak state and sweating, circles under his eyes.)

Genevieve: You poor thing

(She speaks to him gently and goes over to the hospital cart and picks up a scalpel off the tray, his eyes watch her)

Genevieve: Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

(She speaks as she cuts open his stomach along the line of the red scar, she pushes up her sleeve and digs her hand into his stomach; he screams and thrashes against the restraints as she pulls out Papa Tunde’s blade; he growls at her and writhes in pain)

Annie La Fleur Village

(Elijah and Marcel go to the village where Annie lived after she was shunned; they are able to speak to someone who knew her.)

Man: Annie was a good girl, the witches did her wrong shunning her like that; claiming she was doing dark magic; there’s no way but they had proof. So she just quit and I can’t really blame her for that cause once you’ve been shunned what’s the point in going on, you know?

French Quarter Street

(Elijah is walking down a busy street on his cell phone with Hayley explaining what happened to Annie La Fleur.)

Hayley: She killed herself?

Elijah: Yes, drowned herself in the Mississippi, to be precise; Celeste was clearly tired of the body and ready to take Sabine’s.

Hayley: How do you know that?

Elijah: Because she leapt to her death from the very location Celeste and I had our first kiss.

Hayley: Poetic, I guess... in a creepy vendetta sort of way.

Elijah: All these names, these lives, stolen that Celeste might take her revenge. I suppose we have no choice but to see where they take us. Hayley, I have to go. I'll call you back.

Hayley: Elijah, wait!

Elijah: What is it?

Hayley: Ask Marcel if he knows anything about a name on that list Brynne Deveraux. Sophie said that it was her family's bloodline that put the curse on the crescent wolves, but Celeste said that she was the only one that could break it. If Brynne Deveraux was actually Celeste when she cast the spell, then maybe Celeste can still break it.

Elijah: I’ll see what he knows.

Hayley: Elijah, I’m really sorry that you’re going through this. If I had known that Celeste made you choose who to help–

Elijah: You were going to die in that fire Hayley along with my brother’s child there was no choice

(He hangs up before she can respond)

Fleur-de-Lis Sanatorium

(Klaus is now in a sitting position as Genevieve has put his black long sleeve shirt back on him; he is still weakened, sweating and in a poor state. He glares at her.)

Klaus: My wound isn’t healing.

Genevieve: The amount of dark magic contained in that blade? It's gonna take a little while.

Klaus: You’re one of them aren’t you? The witches back from the dead; seeking vengeance. Why show me kindness?

(She strokes his face)

Genevieve: You never did anything to me. And the truth is, seeing you like this, I can’t help but pity you.

Klaus: Then betray the others and stand with me. I will reward you in ways you cannot possibly fathom.

Genevieve: Klaus Mikaelson, offering a deal to little ol' me? I should be flattered. But first we need to have a talk about your sister.

(His facial expression changes as she walks away from him)

Klaus: Rebekah is of no concern to you. If you mean to harm her–

(He growls out, his voice rising)

Genevieve: Ah, the protective brother. A shame that loyalty isn't reciprocated. But then, I'm no stranger to Rebekah's treachery. Something you and I have in common. Here.

(She holds out the bowl that she was seen previously making in the company of Rebekah)

Genevieve: Drink. I'm just trying to help you. Heal you. Get you to see the truth that's been right in front of you for almost a century.

(Klaus drinks but before he can swallow he is about to spit it up; Genevieve puts her hand over his mouth, tipping his head back and forcing him to swallow it; he chokes it down)

Genevieve: Your sister had an unfortunate run-in with some wolves last night. I imagine you're tasting the venom in her blood. It's the only way I can show you what you need to see. In her weakened state, I'll be able to guide her down memory lane. That's how I'm going to have my revenge. By showing you her betrayal.

(She says putting her hand on his forehead linking their minds. Rebekah in her hallucinatory state stops in the corridor she looks up to see Klaus standing at the other end staring at her.)

Rebekah: Niklaus!

(She runs toward him passing rooms on the way; in the first room there is a young boy sitting on a table; his eyes darkened with purplish bruises holding a cloth to his mouth coughing up blood. In the next room, a teen girl in a pink night gown sitting in a bathtub staring at her; blood dripping down her mouth and onto her grown. The next room, an old man hitting his chest and spurting up blood; she cringes as she passes the sign on the wall that reads *Crematorium* she pushes the door open.)

Flashback, 1919

(Rebekah walks into the Crematorium with a smile on her face to greet Marcel; the two embrace and begin to make out. He pushed her up against the wall and puts his hand on her leg. She laughs and pulls away.)

Rebekah: Marcel have some respect. Marcel: Yeah, I don’t think they mind.

(He looks around briefly, indicating the bodies in the morgue they're in, all lost to Influenza.)

Marcel: Did you ask Genevieve about doing the spell?

Rebekah: I will when the time is right.

Marcel: Rebekah, you’ve been hanging around that witch for weeks waiting for the time to be right. She wasn’t supposed to become your sidekick. One little spell and we can finally be together for real. What are you waiting for?

Rebekah: She’s a sweet girl, is all. If you must know, I feel badly for using her.

Marcel: Then we’ll find another witch; one you don’t have to fake a friendship with. Unless you’ve changed your mind?

Rebekah: I want to wake up with you in our home, in the bed that we share. I want to walk down the street with you by my side so everyone knows that you are mine and I am yours. I don’t want to be afraid of what my brother will do to me for loving you. If this is the only way to get it, then no, my mind hasn’t changed.

(They kiss again as Genevieve walks into the room)

Genevieve: O-oh!

(They break apart to look at her as she stands there holding bloody sheets)

Genevieve: I didn’t know anyone was in here. I’m so sorry

(She hurries out and Rebekah follows after her)

Rebekah: Genevieve!

End of Flashback, Present Day

(Rebekah has opened the door leading back into the corridor to follow Genevieve

Rebekah: Genevieve, wait!

(Genevieve disappears and Rebekah is left alone in the abandoned hall)

Rebekah: I’m sorry.

(Klaus is pulled out of Rebekah’s mind to face Genevieve he seems amused and bored)

Klaus: So this is you’re great betrayal? Rebekah and Marcel have been sneaking around behind my back for the better half of two centuries.

Genevieve: Yes, against all your warnings you’ve disciplined them for it before had you now? Harshly from what I understand.

Klaus: Well, I had my reasons.

Genevieve: Oh, you don’t have to convince me as far as I’m concerned you only needed one. That it suited you. Have you ever read the Old Testament, Nik? You see God wasn’t powerful because he was right, he was right because he was powerful.

Klaus: I don't know what you're playing at but if the sum total of your plan was to turn me against my sister was this revelation, this will have been a wholly ineffective endeavor.

Genevieve: You poor thing. After a thousand years, dishonesty from your family has come to be expected. I wish that was the sum total of their treachery. Unfortunately, it’s not.

The Pit

(Marcel's vampires are casually relaxing at the bar when suddenly the doors fly open and a man is thrown onto the floor. Elijah and Marcel follow in behind him.)

Man: Wh-what do you want from me (Marcel throws him into a chair)

Elijah: Well, I assume you're familiar with this pigsty, quite appropriately known as the Pit. See, awkwardly enough, only weeks ago a group of human beings just like yourself slaughtered many of the companions of the vampires that you see assembled before you here.

Marcel: You run the records room at city hall. We're told the former Mayor kept a detailed record of the supernatural community. A ledger of names of witches, werewolves and vampires specifically their death records. We need it.

Man: I-I don't know where it is.

Elijah: I think we both know that's a fib. Anyone feeling hungry?

(Elijah closes the door a little so that the sunlight is not there and the vampires can come forward.)

Man: Oh! Ok w-wait they moved the records after the Mayor died they're at the sacristy of St. Anne's Church.

Elijah: See? There, wasn't so difficult, now, was it?

Fleur-de-Lis Sanatorium

(Rebekah is running through the abandoned corridors when she comes around the corner to face two small children they stand before her quietly then suddenly they let out a piercing, deafening scream.)

Rebekah: Ah!

(She stumbles backward)

Genevieve: rRugh day? Oh, Becks! Those bites are looking nasty.

Rebekah: Why make me relive the past? We both know how it ends.

Genevieve: You and I both know, but I thought your brother might like to hear our story, so I linked your mind to his. You’re gonna show him everything.

Rebekah: NO! NO! Please don’t do that to me, I’ll do anything.

Genevieve: It’s too late, friend.

(Rebekah tries to attack her but Genevieve is too strong; Rebekah grabs her head and screams in pain until she falls unconscious; Genevieve walks away leaving Rebekah alone in the hall)

The Abattoir

Elijah: Marcel, here’s another name from our list: Brynne Deveraux. Says here she drowned herself some twenty years ago. Do you recognize the name?

Marcel: Brynne? Yeah, yeah, we used to hang out knock around a bit.

Elijah: You can spare me the details, please.

Marcel: She used to do some spells for me now and then. Girl had power, cursed a whole pack of werewolves just because they were pissing me off. Speaking of, what do you think Klaus is gonna do when he finds out that you left him to suffer while you saved Hayley and her wolf friends?

Elijah: Let’s avoid discussing matters that are not your concern, shall we, Marcellus?

Marcel: Oh, come on, Elijah. I got guys all over this city. You honestly think that I don’t know that the Crescent wolves had a little family reunion out at the plantation last night? Thanks for letting the house burn, by the way. Good riddance! But my question is, what’s Hayley doing with that bunch?

Elijah: Marcel, I’m aware of your history with the city’s wolves, and I assume you understand that if you lay a finger upon Hayley, it will be the last thing you do on this earth.

Marcel: I see I hit a nerve. And just when we were getting along.

Elijah: We were right! Every name upon my flesh signifies a witch who died by her own hand. All but one. Clara Summerlin.

Marcel: Ring any bells?

Elijah: None.

Marcel: Okay, well, if she didn’t off herself then how did she die?

Elijah: Influenza Epidemic of 1919.

(His tattoos disappear)

Elijah: I suppose we have our answer, though I have no idea what it means.

Fleur-de-Lis Sanatorium

(Genevieve has an old record player sitting on a vintage wheelchair, she plays an old jazz tune it echoes throughout the hospital corridors; Rebekah wakes to the sound. A quick shot to the Jazz Club in 1919 playing the song.)

Rebekah: NO! NO! Please!

(Klaus hears the music as well; Genevieve enters the room).

Genevieve: Your sister's tryst with Marcel was only the beginning. You see, the burden of your condemnation was too great, and as a result your deepest fear came to pass: that their love for each other would overshadow their love for you and turn it into hate. Nik, they conspired to rid themselves of you for good.

(Rebekah runs down the hall she finds the record player and smashes it against the ground but the music still plays as she holds her head flashing back to that night in the Jazz club).

Flashback Jazz Club, 1919

(Clara, Rebekah and Genevieve walk through the club)

Clara: Okay, next round’s on me.

Genevieve: Clara Summerlin, no! I’ll be soused.

Rebekah: Get it while you can – it’s the last real gin in the city!

(Clara heads to the bar)

Clara: Bartender?

(Rebekah and Genevieve sit down at a table)

Genevieve: You’re nothing like I thought you’d be when I first met you. I was brought up to think your kind were, well...

Rebekah: An abomination of nature?

Genevieve: You’re anything but! Not just you, your whole family is so... elegant

(A quick shot over to Elijah)

Rebekah: Yes, I agree, Elijah is quite peerless.

Genevieve: I don’t know... I mean, he’s nice and all, but if I had to go for one Mikaelson boy...

Rebekah: Klaus? Genevieve, who’d have thought a saintly little witch like you would go for the bad boys? I knew we were destined to be friends!

At the bar

Clara: More gin, please.

(A man next to her spills his drink on her)

Clara: Oh!

(Elijah appears by her side, handing his handkerchief to her)

Elijah: Please, allow me. Keep it, it’s yours.

(He walks off)

At Rebekah’s table

Rebekah: Well, there’s a load of us Mikaelsons. If you like bad boys, you’d love my brother, Kol.

(Present-day Klaus appears, observing this conversation intently within his mind.)

Genevieve: And where is this mystery brother of yours?

Rebekah: It’s complicated. Like all siblings, we’ve had our ups and downs. Family feuds. In fact, I was thinking of reaching out to someone we haven’t seen in a very long while. I was hoping that maybe you could help me contact them. But it would have to be a surprise. No one could know.

Genevieve: Of course. Do you want me to find your brother Kol?

Rebekah: Actually, I’d like you to find Mikael... our father.

End of Flashback, Present Day


Genevieve: Don’t dismember the messenger. Part of you must have known, suspected at least. Your father came to New Orleans in 1919 to kill you, did he not? And as the city burned, he nearly succeeded.

Klaus: My family and I have done some terrible things to each other over the years, but Rebekah would not call my father! No matter how angry she was. Genevieve: It’s sweet of you to believe that, to believe in her, but by the time we’re done you’ll know just how wrong you are.

The Abattoir

(Hayley is typing on the computer as Elijah enters)

Hayley: Hey, look, I found–

(Elijah stops her with a gesture, indicating silence.)

Elijah: You were right about the Deveraux witch.

(Before she can say anything Marcel enters)

Marcel: Find anything about Clara, the mystery witch?

Hayley: Not much. She was a nurse as the Fleur De Lis Sanatorium

(Marcel freezes)

Hayley: Recognize her?

(She clicks on a picture and points to her)

Hayley: Top row, second from the right.

Elijah: No, I don’t. Marcel.

(He looks up and recognizes the odd behavior)

Elijah: Marcel? Do I need to remind you that Niklaus and Rebekah are somewhere suffering horribly? If you know something, talk.

Marcel: The Sanatorium. That’s where you’ll find them.

Hayley: Are you sure? How do you know?

Marcel: I just know.

Elijah: How do you know?

Marcel: If I’m right, you need to know exactly what we’re walking into. We did something, Rebekah and I... I think the witches are trying to use it against her. It was, uh... something that you’re not gonna like.

Fleur-de-Lis Sanatorium

Genevieve: Are you ready to see more proof?

(Klaus doesn’t say anything, so Genevieve links their minds again)

Flashback Cemetery, 1919

(Genevieve is performing a spell while Marcel and Rebekah stand behind her; Klaus watches unseen. Genevieve holds up a newspaper article with a photo of Marcel and Klaus at the Jazz Club; she crumples it up and uses a wooden blade to put into the flame of the candle flame; Klaus gasps)

Present Day

Genevieve: What do you see?

Klaus: My father’s blade... it went missing when I was a boy. He beat me half to death, so sure I had stolen it. Rebekah was so kind to me in the weeks after the beating... I should have known she was the culprit. She never could stand weapons were things not meant for girls.


GENEVIEVE: Pran ce mesaj sa a, les cendres sur le vent.

(Genevieve finishes the spell as the newspaper article catches fire and disintegrates)

Present Day

Rebekah: No!

(Klaus is sitting in the chair, tears fall from his face he now knows the truth )

Klaus: My sister. Rebekah. REBEKAH!

The Abattoir

ELIJAH: For the better part of a century, I have wondered how father found us, what foolish mistake that we had made to destroy our time in the one place that we could finally call home. Did you know, I even blamed myself for a time, Marcellus?

HAYLEY: Elijah..!

ELIJAH: Niklaus treated you like a son.

MARCEL: Rebekah. I loved her. I still love her. All we ever wanted was to be together, but as long as Klaus was around, that was never gonna happen. But hey, I guess you wouldn't know anything about that, huh?

ELIJAH: When Klaus learns the truth, there will be no end to his rage. I will not let my sister suffer that wrath.

MARCEL: Then we need to get to them before he learns the truth.


CELESTE: Just give it up, Rebekah. It's inevitable at this point.

REBEKAH: Sabine.

CELESTE: I prefer Celeste, actually. All these names I've had over the years and I still prefer the first. Perhaps it was the way it sounded on Elijah's lips, like a declaration of love. Oh, he was a good liar. All of you are.

REBEKAH: Say what you want about me, but Elijah is a good man.

CELESTE: Still defending him, even until the bitter end. Good. I'm counting on that familial love. It'll be the ruin of you all. Now that Klaus knows what you've done, he'll never stop until he's had his revenge. He'll kill Marcel. Do something horrible to you. Elijah will never forgive him. Your betrayal will ultimately pit brother against brother. And the fabled Mikaelson bond will crumble.

REBEKAH: I'll kill you, you bitch.

CELESTE: You already did. Though at the time, I wore a different face.


REBEKAH: Genevieve, we need to talk. Privately.

CLARA: I'll be fine here. You go ahead. You should wash up anyway. Hey. Incinerate that as soon as you can.


REBEKAH: You were the other one. Clara. You should have minded your own business.

CELESTE: I suspected my friend was being exploited. It was my business.


GENEVIEVE: Call it off? Are you mad?

REBEKAH: I was wrong. It was stupid and and impulsive, and it will ruin us, Genevieve. Not just Klaus but Elijah, too. I risked tearing our family apart for my own selfish happiness. I'm begging you, please, don't bring Mikael here. If Klaus finds out what we have done... what you have done.

GENEVIEVE: Klaus will kill me. He'll kill my entire family.

REBEKAH: Which is exactly why I need you to undo it.

GENEVIEVE: It doesn't work that way. There is no undoing it. Mikael is coming. The only hope now Is tell Klaus the truth. Confess what we've done.

REBEKAH: That is not an option. He will dagger me and leave me in a box for centuries. You will not say a word.

GENEVIEVE: You used me. This whole time. Our friendship. All you wanted was a favor, and now you want to take it back? Well, you can't. And I will not suffer because I was foolish enough to trust you.

REBEKAH: It was a mistake. I know that now. But that one mistake will destroy us. Aah! Uhh! Aah!

GENEVIEVE: You brought this on yourself. I will not be destroyed along with you. Uhh!

REBEKAH: I'm so sorry, Genevieve. But if you tell Niklaus you summoned Mikael, you're dead either way.

CLARA: Genevieve, is everything all right?


CELESTE: So, you infected me, too. Compelled the orderlies to keep us in quarantine until we died. Fortunately, I just took another body. Genevieve wasn't so lucky. Well, now that she's back You're the one who's luck's run out.

(Elsewhere in the sanatorium, Genevieve talks to Klaus)

GENEVIEVE: I'm sorry. I know how much this hurts. To see what she did To see who she really is. But you needed to know. You needed to see it. And now that you have, you can take your revenge. Our revenge. Please. Go ahead. You'll need your strength for what comes next.

(Klaus feeds from Genevieve's arm. She slowly undoes his bindings. He jumps up suddenly, aiming Papa Tunde's blade at her, but leaves her unharmed.)

KLAUS: Rebekah! Rebekah!

(Elijah and Marcel arrive outside the sanatorium)

ELIJAH: We should divide the building. I'll start at one end, you at the other.

(Inside, Rebekah sees Klaus)

REBEKAH: Nik. Nik, it isn't true.

KLAUS: I want to believe you, sister. But your face tells a different story. You cannot hide from me, Rebekah! Nor can you run. This ends now.

(Outside, Celeste walks out the front of the sanatorium. Hayley sneaks up on her and hits her over the head with a shovel.)


HAYLEY: Hey, there, witch bitch. You and I are gonna have a little chat.

(Inside, Klaus hunts Rebekah)

KLAUS: Rebekah! Tired of running?

REBEKAH: I know how much you enjoy the chase. I'd sooner deny you the pleasure.

KLAUS: Well, then I'll take my pleasures in other ways. No more "daggered in a box" for you. Trust me, sister, you'll long for what the dagger offered. This will be far less merciful. How to describe exactly what this blade does?

REBEKAH: You don't have to do this, Nik.

KLAUS: After I plunge this into your heart, you will be immobilized, imprisoned in a state of raw, inescapable anguish. Time loses all meaning. It's not unlike a living hell, which I find rather fitting given your treachery.

REBEKAH: Then do it. If that's what you really want.

KLAUS: Are we skipping the part where you beg for mercy? For forgiveness? Because I was really looking forward to that.

REBEKAH: I'll pass. I know better than to think it would do me any good.

KLAUS: That's it, then? You concede? Like a lamb to the slaughter. What would your father think of you now?

(Rebekah goes at Klaus, but he throws her off easily. Still weak from the werewolf venom, she grunts in pain. Covertly grabbing a weapon, she gets up and goes at Klaus again, hitting him repeatedly with it. Klaus is stronger and throws her off. Marcel enters and goes at Klaus, ineffectively.)

KLAUS: Just the man I wanted to see.


KLAUS: Rebekah's punishment won't be complete until she watches you die.

REBEKAH: Nik, it was my idea to summon Mikael. If you're gonna hurt anyone, it should be me.

KLAUS: Such loyalty to your beloved. You know, if you had offered me even a fraction of the same, I wouldn't have to do this.

(He lifts the blade, about to stab Rebekah with it, but Elijah intervenes and stabs it into Klaus' chest.)

ELIJAH: Go. Both of you. Run as far and as fast as you can. Run!

(Rebekah and Marcel get away, leaving Elijah with a disabled Klaus in his arms.)



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