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(Kieran's holding a mass.)

Kieran: Thank you all for coming. It means more than I can tell you. We gather today for the first public service of our newly reopened church. St. Anne's can finally once again be the heart of our community, where we can congregate as a people united. Here, this hour, we come together to praise God and give thanks. The events that took place at our church were tragic.

(Klaus and Marcel, sitting next to each other, start to talk, while Kieran continues speaking in the background. Marcel sees someone he recognizes across the church, but can't get a proper look at her.)

Klaus: Problem?

Marcel: No.

Klaus: Then pay attention. We're meant to seem like devoted parisioners.

Kieran: ...and it is that hope in our hearts, and with the help of many benefactors, that allows us to be here today. So we gather with renewed spririt, made stronger, committed to the ideals of peace and love. Amen.

(While Kieran's speaking, Bastianna enters the church.)

People: Amen.


(In the cemetery Sabine/Celeste guides some tourists.)

Celeste: Each tomb is well cared for. Families honor their dead with display of affection and respect.

(Trapped inside her tomb, Monique calls out, but the group outside doesn't hear her.)

Monique: Is someone there?

Celeste: This place belongs to the Deveraux family, known throughout the Quarter for their strong connection to witchcraft.

Monique: Please help me!

Celeste: And if you look close, these fresh bricks tell us someone in the family has recently fallen.

(Monique screams. The tourists look disturbed by the noise. In the next moment, Monique bursts out of the wall of bricks and tumbles out of the tomb. The tourists are frightened, though some of them take photographs.)

Celeste: Hello, Monique. Welcome back to the land of the living.


(The tourists are taking pictures of Monique's empty grave. Sophie enters the cemetery confused. When she sees what happened, she runs into a mausoleum, where Celeste and Monique are.)

Sophie: What is it? What's going on?

Celeste: It's a miracle.

Sophie: Monique? You're alive!

(They embrace)

St. Annes Church

(After the mass, the people leave the church. Kieran stands in the front of it. Marcel and Klaus join him.)

Klaus: Lovely sermon this morning, Father. Quite inspirational.

Kieran: I wasn't expecting you to join us.

Klaus: Oh, we were hoping for some word from your human sources on the recent Haitian invasion.

Kieran: My guys have their ears on the ground and no one has seen or heard any sign of whatever his name is.

Marcel: He is called Papa Tunde. And right now he's wandering in the Quarter with the power he absorbed from every soul I had buried in the Garden, so you might wanna put your ear a little closer to the ground.

Kieran: Or I could steer clear of whatever war is brewing between your kind and his, before I find myself–

(Cami appears and starts to shake Kieran's hand.)

Cami: I wanted to congratulate you on getting the church up running. I can see this is a bad time. Nice to see you, Marcel.

(She leaves.)

Kieran: Cami!

Klaus: Well, don't look at me. I tried to send her away.

(Klaus' phone rings.)

Klaus: Yes, Diego, what do you have for me?

Diego: Uh, we got a special delivery.

Klaus: Would you care to elaborate?

(Papa Tunde is seen, lying in the middle of a white, magical circle with blood all over his suit.)

Diego: Either our witch problems are over, or they're just get started.

(Klaus hangs up.)

Klaus: Marcel.

(They leave.)

Kieran (to the church visitors): God be with you. Thank you. God be with you. God be with you.

(Bastianna appears.)

Bastianna: Oh, I doubt that, but I do appreciate the thought.

Kieran: Bastianna!

(She hexes him.)

Bastianna: Toursion fou, mort de l'espirit! Give your nephew Sean my regards when you see him in hell.


(Elijah crouches near Papa Tunde's corpse. Klaus and Marcel are standing beside him.)

Klaus: Can I get you anything, brother? A magnifying glass, a pipe perhaps?

Elijah: You have a theory you'd like to share with us, Niklaus?

Marcel: Back in the day, the witches wanted to send a threat, they just killed a chicken and leave it on your doorstep.

Elijah: It's rather a large and ominous chicken, wouldn't you say?

Klaus: Papa Tunde defeated Rebekah with ease, almost got the two of us as well. If he was supposed to be the prize fighter, why leave him for dead in our front yard?

(Rebekah shows up.)

Rebekah: Well, don't you look cheery. Listen to this: A girl literally exploded from a grave today as Sabine was giving a tour of the city of the dead. It was Monique Deveraux.

Klaus: What?

Rebekah: The tourists thought it was part of the show, but the witches are celebrating like it's some kind of bloody miracle.

Marcel: Maybe it is. They think that all hope is lost, but now suddenly a Harvest girl is resurrected. This is how we're gonna get Davina back – kill the witch who took her place.

(Hayley shows up.)

Hayley: I have a theory about who one of them could be. Celeste. Mean, it's got to be. Davina was trying to tell us, she was drawing pictures of Celeste. She was warning us that a great evil is coming.

Klaus: First, Papa Tunde returns to settle old scores, now your murdered lover is back. This isn't witches attacking vampires. They're declaring war on us.


(Rebekah and Elijah are talking.)

Rebekah: It's not too early for scotch, is it, with all the witchy shenanigans and subterfuge afoot?

Elijah: It is entirely too early if one intends to drive, yes.

Rebekah: Funny, I don't have any plans to go anywhere.

Elijah: She's not safe here. You have to take Hayley to the plantation house until this is over.

Rebekah: Are you worried about Hayley or whether or not you can trust me?

Elijah: It's precisely because I trust you that I'm asking you to do this.

Rebekah: Here's a novel idea: Why don't you let Hayley decide for herself? Why are you dictating her fate?

Elijah: You know why.

Rebekah: Then perhaps you should take her yourself.

Elijah: Well, then that would make me the very hypocrite you've accused me of being. Rebekah, I cannot legislate my feelings. My actions, however... So, would you kindly do this for me?

Rebekah: You know the mama wolf loves to be told what to do. She's not gonna like it. But I will do it for you, if only to end this silly quarrel between the two of us.

(Rebekah leaves the room. Marcel grabs her.)

Rebekah: What the hell do you think you are doing?

Marcel: Listen, everybody's running off looking for resurrected witches. Meanwhile, I think I saw one at the church: Genevieve.

Rebekah: What?

Marcel: I can't be sure. I only caught her out of the corner of my eye. Been with Klaus since. But it looked like her. And you and I both know that she would have a reason to wanna be back. A lot of unfinished business, a lot of secrets that you and I don't want getting out.

Rebekah: I have to take Hayley to the plantation. You need to find Genevieve and end this. End it like we did the last time.

(Marcel nods, then leaves.)


(Genevieve sits at the bar at Rousseau's.) Genevieve: Tea, please.

(Kieran enters. Cami sees him while pouring the tea.)

Cami: I'm busy.

Kieran: Cami, just hear me out.

Cami: You know, I came to your reopening because I wanted to try and make amends. Then I see you talking with Klaus, out in the open, like it's business as usual in the Quarter.

Kieran: It is business as usual. For the past three centuries, the O'Connells have always tried to keep the peace.

Cami: Save me the family history. It's all lies on top of lies.

Kieran: Cami, pour me a drink. I have to tell you something.

(Cami hands him a drink. He takes it. His hands are trembling.)

Cami: Uncle Kieran, what's wrong?

Kieran: I'm in trouble. What happened to your brother Sean is about to start happening to me.

Cami: What?

Kieran: I've... I've been hexed. And I don't know how long I have.

Cami: Wait. I know some people. There has to be some sort of... I don't know, antidote or...

Kieran: Cami, I need you to promise me one thing. When it gets bad, I need you to be as far away from me as possible.

Cami: No. No! There has to be some sort of way.

Genevieve: Of course there is. If you wanna save your uncle's life, all you have to do is take this—(she shows Cami Papa Tunde's blade)—and make sure it ends up in Klaus Mikaelson's heart.

Plantation House

(Rebekah and Hayley leave the car.)

Rebekah: I thought I was gonna have to drag you to the plantation kicking and screaming.

Hayley: Yeah, well we all just wanna protect me and the baby, right?

Rebekah: Hey, I'm on your side, remember? So what gives?

Hayley: Tonight's a full moon, Rebekah.

Rebekah: So what? You're preggers, you can't turn.

Hayley: Yes, but I wanted to invite a few people over.

Rebekah: Of course. Every red-blooded American werewolf will be a bundle of fur and sharp teeth tonight, whilst your cursed crescent clan will be–

Hayley: Human, but only for a few hours and won't be again until the next full moon, so... I asked Josh to get a message out to Eve in the bayou.

Rebkah: Josh isn't dead yet? Well good on him. I love a nice survival story.

(A man leaves the Mikaelson Mansion with a moving dolly.)

Rebekah: ( She looks surprised) Who the bloody hell is that?

Hayley: Kegs out back, right? Ahem.

Man: Yup.

Rebekah: Right. It appears you weren't gonna wait for me to grant you permission to throw a kegger.

Hayley: Listen, you all want me safe, fine. I'll do as I'm told. I'll play damsel in the glass tower. But tonight's the one night a month that I can meet my family. Now you could rat me out, send me to my room, or you could help me to throw one hell of a party.

The French Quarter

(Celeste/Sabine walks down a street, followed by Elijah. She turns around to him.)

Celeste: Elijah. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Elijah: My family needs an ally among the witches, and you've helped us in the past. Perhaps together we can avoid an unnecessary conflict.

Celeste: They may be willing to make a deal, if it were with the noble Elijah. But there will never be any peace at long as it involves Klaus.

Elijah: Is that what's always is about? You want my brother out of town?

Celeste: I'm just telling you how they feel. My people are scared, they're desperate, but they're not dumb. You have a niece on the way. It stands to reason you'd be willing to discuss how to run him out of the city.

Elijah: Let's walk together. You can take me on one of your famous tours.


(Sophie and Monique are in the backroom.)

Sophie: You should eat, after everything you've been through.

Monique: I was dead.

Sophie: But you're here now.

Monique: Aunt Sophie, what happened to Mom?

Sophie: Your mother loved you so much. She had faith that she could use magic to complete the Harvest and get you back. In the end, she sacrificed herself for the cause, for the witches, for you.

Monique: And do you have her faith?

Sophei: I lost my faith. Then I realized that if I didn't believe, I would be letting you down. I tried to get it back. I tried.

(Marcel appears.)

Marcel: Monique Deveraux. Everyone in the Quarter's been talking about you.

Sophie: Classy. You kill her mother and now you've come to threaten her?

Marcel: I'm not here to threaten anyone.

Monique: What do you want, Marcel?

Marcel: There were three more girls sacrificed during the Harvest. I want to bring them back.

Sophie: Who are you kidding? You don't care about those girls. You just want Davina back, so you can use her power again.

Marcel: I just want her alive.

Monique: He's telling the truth.

Sophie: How do you know that?

Monique: I can feel it. He's loyal to her. He's here to help.

St. Anne's Church

(Cami is sitting in the church, holding Papa Tunde's blade in her hand. Klaus enters. Cami quickly hides the blade.)

Klaus: I got your message. Where's Kieran now?

(Klaus takes a seat next to Cami.)

Cami: In the attic. Resting, praying. He's gonna go crazy and die, isn't he? Just like Sean. And we'll still be in this stupid fight because he lied to me about the witches. And vampires. And you.

Klaus: Camille. I can see why you hate me. Truth be told, I have done some dreadful things. But the lies your uncle told were meant to protect you. He is a good man with a loyal heart. And he is your family. As for these witches, their attack on Kieran should be proof enough they are the enemy. In that we are united.

(Klaus stands up. Cami follows him, holding the blade in her hand.)

Cami: Klaus.

(He turns around and looks at the blade, then at Cami, then at the blade again. Cami hands it to him.)

Klaus: This is Papa Tunde's blade.

Cami: A witch gave it to me. Said it would cause untold pain and torment, even to an Original. She said if I stuck it in your heart, she'd heal Kieran.

Klaus: And yet you chose to reject their offer.

Cami: Maybe if I were more like you, I could do it, but I'm not–

Klaus: A monster?

Cami: I'm not stupid. If there's a war going on, I wanna be on the winning side.

Klaus: Let's see what we can do about saving your uncle, shall we?


(Hayley hangs up some clothes for the werewolves. A golden eyed wolf appears and looks at Hayley.)

Hayley: Hello again. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.

St. Anne's Church

(Klaus bites his own hand and lets the blood drip into a goblet.)

Kieran: You've gotta be kidding me.

Klaus: A vampire is trying to reverse a witch's hex placed on you, and it's the cup you find sacrilegious.

(Kieran cuts his hand.)

Cami: Are you sure this is going to work?

Klaus: Not remotely. But I can't attempt to use my compulsion to counter Bastianna's curse if the good Father has vervain in his system. Thus, we bleed him out. I never said this would be pleasent.

Cami: Just do what you have to do.


(The werewolves, transformed into humans, put on the clothes from the clothesline, while Rebekah is cooking something in the kitchen. She leaves a voicemail on her cell.)

Rebekah: So help me God, Marcel, if you don't call me back with an update, I will kill you myself.

(One of the werewolves shows up in the plantation house, shirtless.)

Rebekah: Oh. I beg your pardon. I was expecting someone... furrier.

Oliver: You're one of them, aren't you? An Original?

Rebekah: Yes. You might want to say that with some more respect. I suppose you'll be wanting Hayley.

Oliver: Or I could just talk to you. I'm Oliver. I didn't catch your name.

Rebekah: I'm Rebekah. Hayley, the party's here!

The Abattoir

(Sophie, Monique and Marcel are in the courtyard. Sophie tries a locator spell.)

Marcel: You got enough power left to find these witches?

Sophie: I know the Harvest was an epic fail, but I can still do a locator spell. Before I do that, we need to make a deal.

Marcel: What deal?

Sophie: If I betray these witches, they're gonna come looking for me. And if I'm caught, I'm dead.

Marcel: I said I'd protect you.

Sophie: If you could do that, you wouldn't need my help in first place. The Quarter isn't safe. Vampires on one side, witches on the other. No way am I letting Monique get in the middle of that. In order to get her out, I'm gonna need money. Do we have a deal?

Marcel: Find the witches. I'll give you anything you could ever need.


(The garden is lit by hundreds of candles and lights, music is playing, werewolves are all around. Oliver starts dancing with Rebekah.)

Oliver: Come on, you can do better than that!

Rebekah: Sorry, I've got a burdened brain tonight.

Oliver: No, no, no, no, no, no. Tonight is not the night for burdens. It's to celebrate. It's to enjoy life for the few hours that we get to live it. It's to hug our friends, our family and to dance our asses off.

(Hayley walks inside the house. She starts tidying. One of the werewolves enters the room.)

Jackson: I seriously doubt you invited us here to wait on us. You're Hayley. I'm Jackson. It's nice to see you again.

Hayley: You're the wolf who's been watching me.

Jackson: I gotta keep my eye on you. Precious cargo and all.

Hayley: Right. Gotta protect the miracle baby.

Jackson: No, that's not what I meant. I don't care about the baby. Sorry, that came out wrong. I mean, of course I care. You're a Labonair. A baby, it's a big deal. But personally, my interest is in you.

Hayley: You don't even know me.

Jackson: Our parents knew each other. They were of the same people but not the same bloodline. Now, you know how pack hierarchy works, right? Everybody has their part to play, and... we had our part too.

Hayley: What part was that?

Jackson: You were supposed to be my wife.

In the French Quarter

(Celeste/Sabine and Elijah are walking through the streets.)

Celeste: So this next part of town is one of the few areas where any of the original French architecture remains. The most of the buildings were destroyed in the seventeen hundreds when the city burned for the first time. Am I putting you to sleep?

Elijah: As surprising as you might find this, it's not every day that someone asks you to betray your own brother... Celeste.

Celeste: How did you know?

Elijah: As Davina was drawing your likeness, I dared to imagine that your presence was near. And when Sophie discovered that there was no magic in your remains, I wondered – could you have possibly cheated death by using your power to place your essence into the body of another? And if so, then who? And then I recalled the lovely Sabine.


Sabine/Celeste: Are you continue following me, Eljiah, or do you wanna talk?

Elijah: You know who I am.

Sabine/Celeste: Original vampire, always wears a suit.


Elijah: Your visions of my brother's child precipitated the death of the last elder within your coven...


Agnes: Tell them what you saw.

Celeste: (chanting)

(Elijah kills Agnes)


Elijah: Ensuring that the Harvest ritual could not be completed – unless you were to control it. You have been playing a very long game indeed. But to what end?

(Celeste steps closer and kisses Elijah.)

Celeste: Oh, Elijah, my lost love... After all this time, don't you understand? I died because of Klaus. And even after all his vindictive lies about witches led to my death, you stood by him. All because of your vow – "Always and forever."

(Elijah starts feeling dizzy.)

Elijah: What have you done to me?

Celeste: Oh, it's a simple enchantment. You needn't worry. I'm not here to kill you, Elijah, I'm here to teach you the error of your ways. "Always and forever" was the greatest mistake of your life.

(Elijah falls to the ground.)

St. Anne's Church

(Klaus hands Kieran the goblet.)

Klaus: Drink up. It will heal your wound.

(Kieran drinks Klaus' blood.)

Klaus: I think you've suffered enough. (compels him) You will overcome what the witches did to you. You will resist the dark urges of their hex.

Cami: Did it work?

Kieran: How do I know if it worked? All I know is that the vervain is out and I'm at the mercy of this murderous bastard. I bet you find that really funny, don't you, Cami, you little– (He looks shocked as he realizes what he said.) I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that.

Klaus: Well, I guess that's our answer.

Cami: Wait, Klaus! Where are you going? What are we going to do?

Klaus: I'm gonna find the witch who did this, and then I'm gonna do what I do best.

The Abattoir

(Sophie still tries the locator spell.)

Sophie: I'm weaker than I thought.

Marcel: You want the deal, Soph, you gotta hold up your end. I'm on a clock.

Sophie: Okay. It's working.

Marcel: That's one. I need all three.

Sophie: I'm giving you whatever I can pick up.

Marcel: Keep trying.

Klaus: Or don't. Who needs a locator spell when I have all the leverage I need right here?

(Klaus takes Monique and disappears.)

Sophie: No! Monique!

In the French Quarter

(Elijah is crouching on the ground, breathing heavily.)

Elijah: You poisoned me with a kiss. At least you haven't lost your sense of irony.

Celeste: We may have time for more. But first I'm going to cure you of your greatest flaw – this absurd devotion to your lunatic family.

Elijah: Your anger is with me. Now, if you have come here seeking revenge–

Celeste: Oh, I'll have my revenge. Starting with Klaus. He is gonna know pain and torment like he's never felt before. Unless you choose to save him, of course. But then that leaves Rebekah, your tragic sister. She's about to find herself in quite the predicament. You could save her. But then that leaves Hayley in jeopardy.

Elijah: No. No, no...

Celeste: Poor girl. She has no idea how dangerous it is to be loved by you. Oh well. With your body weakened by my spell, you won't be able to save them all. You'll recover with just enough time to choose one. Who will it be? I can't wait to find out.

French Quarter

(Klaus walks through the streets with Monique Deveraux in tow.)

Klaus: Witches of the French Quarter! I have with me Monique Deveraux. What a shame it would be were I forced to sent her back to the death she's just escaped! Should you wish to prevent this, bring me the witch Bastianna!

Marcel: The hell you think you're doing?

Klaus: I'm opening negotiations.

Marcel: You know my rules. We do not hurt kids.

Klaus: Spare me the hypocrisy of your moral code. It didn't stop you from killing Monique's mother. Bastianna! I know you're close. The stench of witches hangs in the air. Mark my words! I will end this girl with the very blade you meant for me.

Marcel: I'm not saying it again. We do not kill kids.

(Klaus hold the blade near Moniques throat. Marcel vampire speeds up to him. They start to fight. Within the fight, Klaus loses the blade. Klaus breaks Marcel's neck.)

Klaus: I decide who lives and dies here, Marcellus.

(Suddenly Sophie Deveraux appears with the blade in her hand. She sticks it into Klaus' chest, where it immediately starts to slide towards his heart. Klaus starts screaming in pain. Bastianna also shows up.)

Bastianna: I'll take it from here.


(Jackson is sitting at the piano, playing quietly. Hayley is standing near him.)

Jackson: I know it's a lot to take in.

Hayley: You think? I just wanted to meet my family. I never imagined I'd meet my husband from some weird-ass arranged marriage.

Jackson: I guess you don't know about any of this because there was never anyone around to teach you. The Crescents aren't just any pack of wolves. The bloodline goes back to the very beginning. Two families – yours and mine. I guess that makes us kind of a royalty.

Hayley: This is a joke, right? I mean, if you're royalty, where's the throne?

Jackson: New Orleans used to be our town, and we lost it all because of some infighting. The vampires came after us, and if our families were united we could've taken them. So our parents decided to bring the two lines back together. And you and I were betrothed.

Hayley: I'm sorry. This is ridiculous.

Jackson: Look, obviously things didn't work out the way anyone thought they would. Our pack made a huge misstep with the vampires when we refused to back down, and Marcel had us cursed by a witch. You are the last one of your bloodline, Andrea. Or Hayley, whatever you call yourself. These people will follow you. You can help them – you and what you represent.

Hayley: And what is that exactly?

Jackson: A time when things were different. When our people fought back. And after everything you went through to find us... You're the one who's gonna break our curse.

Hayley: What are you talking about?

Jackson: Your witch friend. She told Eve she was coming here tonight to set us free.

Hayley: Wait, what witch friend?

Somewhere in the woods

(Rebekah and Oliver are kissing.)

Oliver: I'm sorry. I really like you but this is the deal we made.

Rebekah: What deal? With whom?

(Some wolves appear, growling and baring their teeth.)

Cemetery/ French Quarter/ Plantation house


(Bastianna, Celeste and Genevieve are at the Cemetery, chanting a spell.)


(Elijah's lying on the ground. His phone starts buzzing. He awakens, still breathing heavily.)

Elijah: Hayley.

Hayley: Elijah, something's going on with the witches.

Elijah: Listen to me. You were right. Celeste is back. Niklaus, Rebekah – you're all in danger.

(At the plantation house, the door claps shut by a gust of wind.)

Jackson: What's going on?

Hayley: It's a trap. I didn't make a deal with any witch.

Jackson: What?

Elijah: Hayley, you have to find Rebekah. You stay with her until I get there.

(The house is catching fire.)

Hayley: Elijah, it's a spell. They're trapping us inside.


(The three witches continue chanting. At the plantation, flames erupt all around the house as the doors and windows shut.)

Celeste: You know what to do.

(Bastianna and Genevieve leave.)


Hayley: We have to get out of here.

(Jackson tries to break through the window with the piano stool, which breaks while the window remains intact. Flames erupt inside the house, torching the curtains and the carpet. Jackson pours water from a vase of flowers onto a towel, which he hands to Hayley.)

Jackson: Here. Breathe through this.

(Hayley coughs. The fire gains size. Suddenly a window shatters. It's Elijah, fighting his way through the fire. He lifts Hayley and brings her outside.)

Elijah: Where's Rebekah?

Hayley: I don't know. She went off with one of them. Elijah, my friend is still in there.

(Jackson falls to the floor, coughing as the fire rages on. Elijah rushes back into the house to save Jackson.)

Elijah: On your feet.

In the woods

(Rebekah's lying on the ground with numerous wolf bites all over her body. Dead wolves are lying around. Someone steps closer – it's Genevieve.)

Rebekah: Help me.

Genevieve: It's been such a long time, Rebekah. I'm going to enjoy this. (Later, Rebekah is gone and Elijah takes a look at the dead wolves. He finds a black jacket which he picks up. Celeste appears, followed by the other two witches.)

Celeste: Missing something? You won't hurt me. I'm the only one alive who can break the curse on Hayley's family. And Genevieve knows where your sister is. Bastianna has Klaus, tucked away some place safe. He's suffering horribly, I might add. And all because you chose to save the little wolf instead of your own blood.

(When Elijah walks towards her purposefully, she uses magic to bring him to his knees, screaming.)

Celeste: What a horrific ending to your pathetic, diseased family. I guess "always" isn't forever, after all.

Plantation House

(Hayley and Jackson are standing in front of the burning house.)

Jackson: I have to go. The moon.

Hayley: Listen, Jackson. I wanna thank you for protecting me. Not just tonight.

Jackson: I have been dreaming about this since I was a kid. I never thought it would go like this.

Hayley: Hey. I won't stop until I'll find a way to break this curse. I promise.

(Jackson leaves.)

Alley outside of St. Anne's

(Cami and Kieran leave a building. Cami is calling Klaus.)

Cami: Come on, come on, come on. Klaus, where are you?

(Bastianna is standing near them.)

Bastianna: Mr. Mikaelson is currently indisposed.

Cami: What happened? What did you do?

Bastianna: I did nothing. Someone completed your task for you.

Cami: If you got what you wanted, then my uncle–

Bastianna: Will die soon and in great anguish. You see, dear, you failed to hold up your end of our bargain. You chose instead to side with evil as your uncle has done many times before you. But take heart. His punishment will atone for his attempts to prevent the Harvest. His suffering will purify him. You'd do well to heed his lesson, girl. To oppose us is to oppose the natural order. By choice or by force, the witches of the French Quarter will rise again.

The Abattoir

(Marcel is surrounded by some of his guys in the courtyard.)

Diego: We've looked everywhere for him. Tore apart the cauldron, the city of the dead. Wherever they got him, he ain't in the French Quarter.

(Elijah charges toward them.)

Elijah: MARCEL! Where is my brother?

Marcel: I got guys out looking for him right now.

(Elijah starts throwing vampires against the walls.)

Hayley: Elijah!

Marcel: Klaus threw one of his classic temper tantrums, snapped my neck, tried to take on a coven of witches by himself. He got dropped. I don't know where he is or how to find him.

Elijah: They also have Rebekah. Every one of you will help me to find them. I'm gonna kill them all.

Somewhere in the French Quarter

(Sophie tries to persuade Monique to leave New Orleans.)

Sophie: Come on. We have to go.

Monique: I don't wanna go.

Sophie: Monique, this isn't a debate. I just stabbed an Original. He's gonna kill me as soon as he's recovered. Look, I'm sorry for everything. I should have come and got you before that stupid Harvest. But you can still have a normal life. One without all this crazy witch nonsense.

Monique: But I am a witch. And I don't want to go.

(Monique uses magic to burst blood vessels in Sophie's brain.)

Sophie: Monique?

Monique: The ancestors said you didn't have enough faith. I was hoping they were wrong. I should've known better.

(Sophie's nose starts bleeding.)

Sophie: Monique.

Monique: You tried to stop the Harvest.

Sophie: Please don't do this.

Monique: Now you wanna run when we need to stay and fight.

Sophie: Please, I'm begging you. Don't, don't–

Monique: The four of us, when we return... We'll have enough power to rid this city of vampires, and we'll kill anyone who doesn't keep the faith.

(Sophie's eyes start bleeding. She starts coughing.)

Sophie: Monique... please...

Monique: You should have believed.

Sophie: Stop... please...

(Sophie falls to the ground. Monique walks toward Celeste, Genevieve and Bastianna, and joins them to walk down the street. Sophie lies in the street, apparently dead.)

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