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  1x10 - The Casket Girls
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Rebekah: [voiceover] For centuries, people have come to New Orleans looking for a fresh start. Looking to find adventure, fortune, and even love. Young society women imported from France with the promise of marrying a proper New Orleans gentleman like the legendary Casket Girls.

Louisiana, 18th Century

[Three French women are travelling by Horse and Carriage]

French Woman: Excuse me sir, how long before we arrive at the Governer's House?

Rebekah: (voiceover) Little did they know that the men who awaited them were far from proper, and not at all gentle.

[The carriage carrying the three women stops as they approach a group of men with torches and alcohol in the middle of the road, blocking their path. The men are shouting as they approach and shake the carriage. The women scream until the shaking stops, and replaced by the shouts of the men outside. They look around, frightened and confused. The man inside the carriage slowly opens and looks around at the devastated of deceased and bloody men scattering the floor. He looks ahead and tries to back inside the carriage as he is pulled out by an invisible force as he screams.]

[Rebekah appears in the door of the carriage with blood on her lips.]

Rebekah: There, there little lambs, all the bad men have gone away. [in French] You're safe here, please forgive the disorder. [in English] Us girls have got to stick together. Now, is there anything you want to take with you?

[The women abandon the carriage and the carnage and run from the scene with some belongings.]


French Quarter, New Orleans, Present Day

[New Orleans is abuzz with mills of people in town for the annual Casket Girls Festival in which a horse and carriage is seen with people drinking, dressed up in old costumes. Rebekah is walking down the busy street with a smile on her face.]

Rebekah: [voiceover] The Casket Girls legend lives on, now celebrated in typical New Orleans fashion with stylish costumes and supernatural flair. It's a yearly reminder of how woman can be oppressed by selfish men and how they can triumph when brave enough to fight for themselves.

Camille's Apartment

[Camille screams in agony on the floor. Davina is working her magic, removing the compulsion from her mind as Josh stands in the background]

Cami: Oh god, it hurts!

[Davina knees down in front of her]

Davina: I'm sorry, Cami. It's the only way to break Klaus' compulsion.

Josh: Believe me, I know what it's like. You're okay. And hey--all these notes that you made? It's very Momento of you. Nice work.

Cami: We've been at this all night. I don't understand what's happening to me, I don't understand any of this--

Davina: But you will. I will unlock every stolen memory, undo every piece of mind control that any vampire has ever done to you. When I'm done, you will understand all of it, and you'll be free. [beat] I can stop, if you want me to.

Cami: No, don't stop. I want to remember everything.

The Abattoir

[Hayley is standing in front of a mirror, trying to fasten the zipper on her dress. Elijah appears at the door behind her.]

Elijah: Would you like some help?

Hayley: [smiles] You might need to use all your vampire strength.

Elijah: Allow me.

[Elijah stands behind her and begins to fasten her zipper and buttons.]

Hayley: Thanks. Not too many pregnant Casket Girls, I guess.

Elijah: I think you look lovely. Only I would...

[He touches her birth mark and she covers it with her hand]

Hayley: I know, keep the freaky werewolf birthmark covered.

Elijah: Well, I don't suspect any of the riff-raff here would dare lay a hand on you, knowing you're under the protection of my family. Still, you shouldn't take any chances.

[Hayley looks at herself in the mirror and sighs]

Hayley: All knocked up and nowhere to go.

Elijah: You know... if you wanted the attend the festivities tonight, I would be more than willing to take you.

Hayley: Hmm... you and Klaus are barely on speaking terms. Let's not rock the boat, okay?

Elijah: Of course.

Hayley: Elijah, do you mind?

[Hayley motions to her zipper and Elijah steps forwards unbuttoning and unzipping her dress. He hesitates before smiling and leaving.]

Main Street, French Quarter

[Rebekah is at a store, searching through racks of dresses]

Rebekah: Dull, dreary, hideous-

[Marcel appears behind her]

Marcel: Talking about the clothes, or something else?

Rebekah: Why, feeling insecure? This festival might as well be in my honor. I need a proper costume, so bugger off.

Marcel: Bekah-

[He attempts to touch her and she throws his arm off her]

Rebekah: Don't. You made your choice. You and Klaus are best friends again, you've relinquished your right to touch me.

[Marcel's phone starts to ring]

Rebekah: I wonder who that could be.

Marcel: [Over the phone] What's up?

[Klaus is on the phone walking up and down the courtyard]

Klaus: A bit of an issue. It seems our little bird has flown the coop.

[Davina is working her magic again whilst Camille screams. Davina drops to her knees]

Davina: You should start to feel, like, a weight lifting.

Josh: And your cheat sheets are about to make a lot more sense.

[He drops files onto the floor, and the sunlight streaming through the window burns his hand. He winces in pain and quickly jerks his hand back]

Davina: I promise, as soon as the world stops hunting me, I will find the daylight ring spell.

Josh: I know, just... don't worry about that right now.

[Camille slowly picks up a photo]

Cami: I remember why I wrote this. I found a picture of Klaus and Marcel from 1919. Klaus compelled me to go out with Marcel, to spy on him. That's what he said yesterday, before he told me to forget. I'm remembering.

Davina: Let's take you back more.

[Camille nods and Davina puts her hands on Camille's temples and begins to work more magic, Camille begins to remember.]

Klaus: Leave New Orleans. Forget me. Your brother was ill. You have no reason to stay.

[Camille remembers the compulsion and her nose begins to bleed as she returns back to the present, where Davina is kneeling in front of her]

Living Room, The Abattoir

Klaus: You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to know the obvious. Our secret weapon has escaped.

Marcel: She wouldn't just leave, she knows the witches want her back.

[Elijah appears from around the corner and Marcel turns towards him]

Elijah: Her violin is missing. She may have left of her own volition.

Marcel: What did you say to her in the attic? She lied to my face so she could stay up there, thinking that you'd help her control her magic. How do we know you didn't take her?

Elijah: I have no idea where Davina is, or why she ran away. Can I suggest you take a step back?

[Marcel eyes him for a moment before turning away]

Elijah: I can assure you I have absolutely no desire to see that child come into harm's way. She's suffered enough with this Harvest ritual nonsense.

Klaus: That child, to whom you refer to so affectionately, is the most powerful witch in New Orleans. If she's fled, what's to stop her from destroying us? In fact, destroying all we've worked for? No, if she's not a friend to this family, then she is our enemy. Marcel: She is a friend, Klaus.

Klaus: Well, let's hope so. Lucky for you, I know how to get her back. Follow my lead.

[Klaus leaves and Marcel goes to follow when Elijah stops him.]

Elijah: You know how Niklaus operates. If he perceives a threat, he can become quite ruthless. This would not bode well for Davina.

Marcel: I'm not going to let anybody lay a finger on her. Elijah: Nor will I.

Courtyard, The Abattoir

[Hayley and Rebekah are ruffling around chests, looking at old white dress costumes]

Hayley: So the witch is missing, huh?

Rebekah: Walked right out of the front door, apparently. Know anything about it? Hayley: No, although I did tell her that the witch Elders were dead.

Rebekah: Well, why would she care, when the witches tried to kill her in their ritual?

Hayley: I think it was more that Marcel didn't tell her that the one thing preventing her from being free had been eliminated.

Rebekah: So you are the reason she's run off.

Hayley: Hey, I was just telling her the truth. She's the one who realized they were just using her to keep their control over the witches.

Rebekah: Yeah well, I've never been a fan of the boys club. Just wait, Elijah will join them and the three of them will be impossible.

[They watch Marcel and Klaus on the balcony muttering quietly]

Rebekah: Used by the witches, lied to by Marcel, manipulated by Elijah, threatened by Klaus. Just like a modern-day Casket Girl.

Hayley: Are you talking about Davina or yourself?

Rebekah: Does it matter? Either way, us girls have got to stick together.


[Sophie is on a table making out with an unknown man when Sabine enters and interrupts them with a cough.]

Sabine: Sorry to interrupt.

[Sophie looks back at the man and pats his shoulders as he leaves]

Sabine: I've been calling you for like an hour.

Sophie: I thought you'd have taken the hint.

Sabine: You've been acting like this since Agnes was killed.

Sophie: Yeah, can you blame me? It's not like I have a lot to keep me going these days.

Sabine: Well, while you've been drowning your sorrows by nailing everything that walks, I've been doing my tours, keeping my head down and my ears open. Marcel's daywalkers are scouring the whole town looking for a girl – brown hair, blue eyes, sound familiar?

Sophie: If Davina is not with Marcel, he won't know if we're practicing magic.. And if we can actually get her back, we can fix everything.

Sabine: Sun goes down, vampire search parties quadruple.

[Sabine holds up Davina's old hairbrush]

Sabine: I got this from her family's old house. Feel like a locator spell?

Camille's Apartment

[Davina pours water into a glass and sets it on the kitchen table in front of Camille with Josh standing behind them]

Davina: Keep drinking. You need the vervain in your system so you can't be compelled again.

Josh: Hey Cami, you don't have any like... human blood in your fridge, do you? Davina: For crying out loud, here.

[Davina holds her arm up in front of Josh's face. He hesitates a moment before taking a hold of her wrist. She then stops and spaces out as a vision flashes through her mind. Camille stands up.]

Cami: Davina?

Davina: Someone's practicing magic. They're trying to find me.

Cami: Then we have to run.

[Camille is returning from a room with belongings underneath her arm, she shoves them into a bag]

Davina: There is no way to sneak me out of the Quarter. By now, everyone's looking for me – the witches, Marcel, Klaus.

Cami: My uncle will know what to do.

Davina: Cami-

Cami: I mean, he has to know some of what's going on in this town, right?

Davina: Cami stop.

Cami: Unless he's been compelled.

Davina: He knows.

Cami: What are you talking about?

Davina: He knows. He works with Marcel. They're practically friends, I hear them talk. He knows everything.

[Camille is shocked and she looks at Josh who returns from the other room]

Cami: No. He would've told me if he knew the witches put a hex on my brother.

[Davina says nothing and looks to Josh who remains silent.]

Cami: He knows?

Davina: Cami-

Cami: Oh, my god. He knows.

[Camille sits down and Davina heads over to her]

Josh: Hey, you guys seriously need to go, like now. Plane, train, automobile, whatever. Take my car, it's parked down at the docks. I'll text you the where.

Davina: Put your number in Cami's phone. Most of the Quarter is shut down right now, we'll have to walk. And the sun is taking forever to go down.

Josh: Hey, no tears.

[Davina hugs Josh]

Davina: Promise you'll met us as soon as it gets dark out?

Josh: Yeah, don't worry about me. Just don't let them find you.

[Davina smiles and nods]

The Abbatoir Courtyard

[Hayley is walking through the courtyward with two of Klaus' guards behind her]

Hayley: I know Klaus told you to follow me, but does that really mean you have to follow me to the bathroom?

[The two guards cross their arms over their chests as Hayley's phone rings. She lifts her phone and sees "Sophie Deveraux"]

Hayley: Give me two minutes, it's my gynecologist.

[Hayley heads into the parking garage and shuts the door, answering her phone]

Hayley: What the hell do you want?

[The scene shifts back and forth from Hayley to Sophie standing in the graveyard]

Sophie: I know you don't trust me, but you need to listen. Everything is about to change. Davina's on the loose.

Hayley: Figured that out on your own, huh? Remind me again why I should give a damn?

Sophie: I need something from you so that the witches can complete the Harvest.

Hayley: On what planet would I help you witches get more power? All you've done is hex me left and right.

Sophie: You'll help me because if we don't complete the Harvest, our access to magic will fade for good, which doesn't bode well for your family.

Hayley: What do you know about my family?

Sophie: You're from the Crescent Wolf bloodline. Marcel forced a witch to curse them so they'd be trapped in wolf form.

Hayley: And I should keep listening to you because...?

Sophie: Because my bloodline executed that curse. Help me complete the Harvest and I'll undo the curse for you.

Hayley: But what can I do?

Sophie: I need to consecrate the remains of a powerful witch so I can absorb their magic. I know of one whose body was never found. Her name is Celeste DuBois. I believe you and she have a friend in common?

Hayley: Elijah.

Sophie: Story goes that when she died, he buried her in a secret spot at her request. All you have to do is find out where.

[Hayley hangs up and sighs]

Main Street, French Quarter

[The Festival is in full swing, marching bands and people partying in dressed up costumes to celebrate. Davina, in disguise with a mask over her face and Camille walk hurriedly down the sidewalk]

Davina: There's people everywhere.

Cami: Just keep walking, no one knows it's you.

Davina: Cami-

[Camille and Davina stop as they see Klaus walking ahead of them, searching around]

Cami: We have to get off this street.

[Camille and Davina rush off down a side street. Marcel and Elijah are in the middle of the street talking quietly to another]

Marcel: Kieran is gonna call me first if he hears anything.

[Klaus approaches them]

Klaus: Ah, you two look rather cozy.

Marcel: Hardly, I was just telling Elijah how we're wasting time.

Klaus: You don't like festivals?

[Rebekah shows up]

Rebekah: I don't see why not? Who doesn't love a street fair?

Klaus: Sister, come to help us find our stray?

Rebekah: We can't let your secret weapon get in the wrong hands, can we?

Klaus: For the record, we're moments away from retrieving her.

Elijah: I recognize that tone of voice, Niklaus. Clearly you have some diabolical machination. What is it?

[Klaus smirks before he walks closer to a figure ahead]

Klaus: Timothy... [He puts a hand on his shoulder and compels him] Might I have a word?

Camille's apartment

[Josh is still in her apartment on his phone]

Josh: Cami! It's me. Again. Stalking you. Look, just really need to know where you guys are so I can meet you before the sun comes up. Again.

[His phone beeps and he looks at who is trying to call him from an unknown number]

Josh: Uh, hello?

[The scene switches from Klaus in the street with Timothy and Josh in Camille's apartment]

Klaus: Joshua, my most disappointing minion. I suspected you wouldn't answer the call were it from me.

Josh: Klaus. Hey. What up? Guess what, I just moved to Turkey. Weirdly, they don't eat turkey here. Go figure.

Klaus: You're lying. In fact Marcel and I were just chatting about your failed double agent status, and we've surmised that you're likely still in town and in the company of a friend – a young, angry witch.

Josh: Nope. Nope. No witches here. Totally digging Turkey, though.

Klaus: Are you really going to leave Davina's fiddler soul mate, Timothy alone with me? Oh, Josh. What would she think of that? I assure you I just wanna talk to her. Tim and I will be at the compound. I really do hope she comes home soon.

[Klaus hangs up]

St Anne's Church

[Davina and Cami enter the church]

Davina: We should keep moving. How long do we have to wait?

Cami: Give it a few minutes, then I'll check to see if the coast is clear.

[Cami's phone vibrates. She picks it up.]

Cami: Josh, sorry I missed your calls. [pause] What?

[The shots alternate between Cami in the church and Josh at Cami's place.]

Josh: Look, I didn't want to tell you, but I know Klaus. If Davina doesn't show up, he'll kill Tim.

Cami: We'll think of something. Make your way to the Quarter. Stay hidden. We'll text you when we have a plan.

[They hang up]

Davina: I have to go.

Cami: Davina, wait.

Davina: I can't let Tim die.

[Davina senses another flash of magic]

Cami: What's wrong?

Davina: The witches.

[The latches on the church doors clank loudly. The witches enter, chanting.]

Witches: Gadyen nan balans. Gadyen nan la foi. Se pou nou fe sa yo dwe fe. Davina: NO!

[The church's foundations begin to tremble. Davina levitates the witches, including Sabine, then snaps their necks using her magic. They fall to the ground, dead. Davina goes to Cami, who lies on the ground.]

Davina: Cami?

[Cami doesn't budge, Davina leaves the church]


[Hayley enters the house, her two bodyguards in her wake.]

Hayley: I'm just grabbing some clothes. Give me two minutes, please?

[Hayley goes to a trunk and pulls out Elijah's journal. She looks for anything about Celeste, and reads several passages.]

Elijah: [voiceover] Celeste entrances me... She is perfection... She is dead. Even as the sun rises, I see only night. But for the promise I made to her, that in death, I would bury her far from the mayhem of witches, vampires, and men...

Hayley: I am so sorry, Elijah.


[Davina hurries through the festive streets of the Quarter when Josh finds her.]

Josh: Hey, it's just me. Don't, like, melt me.

Davina: What are you doing? You're supposed to be hidden.

Josh: Yeah. So are you, remember, but you're kind of working that whole "girl on a mission" look that makes me nervous. Are you sure that you really want to mess with, like, the baddest dude in all of history?

Davina: He messed with me when he took Tim. I'll kill him, all of them.

Josh: Davina, Originals can't be killed.

Davina: Maybe they can. I have so much power, I've never felt anything like it before. It's growing, gathering inside me. I'm strong, Josh.

Josh: If you kill them, then--

Davina: What? Josh: If you're gonna do it, don't hold back. You hit them with all you got. [Davina leaves. Rebekah startles Josh by appearing suddenly]

Rebekah: That was very sweet, not telling Davina that if she kills Klaus, you die, too, very noble. Problem is, she goes after my brother, she'll be the one who ends up dead. A very unnecessary end to an already tragic story. Perhaps you'd like to help me help her.


Klaus: Where's Rebekah gotten off to?

Elijah: It's not Rebekah that I'm concerned about, and how can you be so certain that Davina will come?

Klaus: One might think you've forgotten what it's like to be in the grip of an all-consuming infatuation. She'll come.

Elijah: Are the maudlin theatrics absolutely necessary, Niklaus?

Klaus: Ha! It's a fair point, Timothy, play something a little more upbeat, please. That's a good lad. Took you long enough to spread the word.

Elijah: Have you met his nightwalkers? Not the brightest assortment.

Marcel: All that matters is, I got it covered. When Davina gets here, you two need to let me do the talking.

Klaus: Well, I'm sure you'll have your chance. Hello, love. Silence is golden, Timothy. Thank you. Tim: Davina?

Davina: You got me here. Now let him down. Klaus: Well, first, we have to have a little chat about you returning to the fold.

Marcel: (to Klaus) What did I say, Klaus? I got this. (to Davina) D, what happened? Why'd you run? Talk to me. Hey, I can make it right.

Davina: How, by threatening my friend?

Klaus: Actually, that was my idea. Apologies. I've been known to go too far to make a point, But I do always get results.

Davina: You pretend to be so confident, but I know the truth. You're afraid everyone can see what you really are-- an animal. [she tortures Klaus with magic] A beast. Why don't you show us your real face? That's enough of you.

[She incapacitates Klaus]

Elijah: Davina, you don't have to do this.

Davina: You-- You looked me in the eyes and lied to my face, pretended you wanted to help me.

Elijah: Listen to me. Davina: (to Elijah) You call yourself the noble one, but you're a killer just like your brother. For 1,000 years, you've fed on innocent blood. Why don't you choke on it? (turns to face Marcel) And you-- I trusted you. I loved you, but you were just using me to stay in power. You don't care about me.

Marcel: You're wrong.

Davina: When you lost to Klaus, you handed me over like some trophy. Maybe I should boil you in bronze. Marcel: I care. I took you in like you were my own blood.

[Rebekah stabs Marcel through the chest and he falls over]

Rebekah: Come on now, love. Don't tell me you were falling for that. Isn't it time for us girls to have a chat? Now, that is impressive, and well-deserved, in my opinion. Now, before you turn on me, I have a surprise for you.

[Josh enters the courtyard]

Davina: Josh, what are you doing? Get out of here.

[Rebekah grabs Josh by the throat]

Josh: What are you doing?

Rebekah: Now, if I were Klaus, I would rip Josh's head from his neck, feed it to a nightwalker, and that would be the end of your friend But hurting people is such a boyish thing to do, like how Klaus compelled your fiddler on the roof, and, while I am many things, I'm certainly not my brother. It's ok, Timothy. You can come down. No one is gonna hurt you.

Tim: He told me I couldn't climb down off this beam.

Rebekah: Then don't climb, silly. Am I the only smart one in the room? Jump.

[Tim jumps down and Rebekah catches him. Tim goes to Davina]

Tim: Davina, how did you do all that? How did I even get here?

Davina: I'll explain everything, I promise. [to Rebekah] Why are you doing this?

Rebekah: Seems to me that you're the one holding all the cards, but you don't know who to trust. I've just proven that you can trust me. Now I'd like to show you one more thing. Won't take long. You can bring your friends.


[Sophie is on the phone with Hayley. The shots alternate between them]

Hayley: Look, Sophie, I told you everything that I found.

Sophie: You said he buried her between two lovely oak saplings. News flash-- that was 200 years ago. They're all just trees now.

Hayley: You want to be the all-powerful witch, keep looking. Say a prayer. Have a little faith. You can do this.

[Sophie hangs up]

Sophie: Ok. Soeurs et freres, mwen rele sou nou. Mennen me sa me chache. Please, please help me. I'm trying to do the right thing.


[Rebekah takes Davina, Tim and Josh down into the Garden]

Josh: Oh, don't worry. They're not really dead, just really hungry... and I'm not helping.

Rebekah: You think my brother Nik is awful? Marcel learned from the best. This is how he treats his so-called friends who betray him. Most of what these poor souls did is no worse than what Josh did. Take Thierry, for example. He was Marcel's most trusted friend. Klaus tricked him into breaking one of Marcel's rules. Marcel knows this, and yet he keeps Thierry locked in here day after day, suffering.

Tim: This is insane.

Davina: Why are you telling me this?

Rebekah: Because you need to know who you're dealing with, who you can trust. Tim: Hey, hey, it's gonna be ok. I mean, you're gonna be all right. Here. Drink something.

[Tim hands her a bottle of water, and Davina drinks from it]

Rebekah: Davina, both you and I have been lied to and taken advantage of by Marcel and Klaus. Maybe together, we can get a little payback.

[Tim starts coughing and falls to his knees]

Davina: Tim?

Tim: It was Klaus. He made me do it. I didn't even know what I was doing until I made you--

Rebekah: Made her what?

Tim: Drink.

Davina: Tim?

Rebekah: Klaus poisoned the water.

Davina: Tim?

Josh: Davina? Oh, no.


Kieran: Cami, are you all right? Did you eat today? Oh, you must have fainted.

Cami: Yeah, or I got mystically cold cocked by 3 witches. Where's Davina? Does your friend Marcel know she's here?

Kieran: Cami, I can explain.

Cami: Vampires? Witches? My brother, your nephew, hexed by a witch.How could you not tell me?

Kieran: It's complicated. There's a lot you don't understand.

Cami: You hid the truth from me. You let me believe that Sean was crazy, that I was crazy, instead of telling me the truth.

Kieran: I was protecting you. You saw what happened to Sean. Cami, please--

Cami: Get the hell away from me. You are every bit as bad as the other monsters in this city.


[Elijah, Marcel and Klaus revive]

Elijah: Well, isn't this monumentally awkward.

Klaus: Rebekah, where are you?

Rebekah: I'm with Davina, and she's dying because of your treachery.

Klaus: Well, I tried to talk to her out of respect for Marcel, but she made it quite clear she is not our friend. My apologies is you thought she was yours.

Rebekah: Just tell me how to cure her. Vampire blood isn't working.

Klaus: No. It wouldn't. You see, the poison I compelled Timothy to feed her is quite potent. It's just a matter of time for her.

Rebekah: For both of them, you diabolical bastard. They're children. We could've dealt with her fairly.

Klaus: There is no dealing with those who threaten us. Davina sealed her fate when she stood against me. This was her choice, not mine.

[He hangs up. Elijah and Marcel stare at him]

Klaus: Oh, come on. The stench of your judgment is overwhelming. Need I remind you that Davina just bested the lot of us? I did what had to be done. Don't worry, Elijah. I remain as redeemable as ever.

Elijah: So you compelled that boy to poison Davina without consulting Marcel or myself.

Marcel: You know what the worst part is? It's that you're so predictable, I had to make an alliance with your brother, who I don't even like.

Klaus: Judging by your expression, you have something you'd like to share.

Marcel: Damn straight, I do. I got a call from Kieran earlier, right after Sabine and some witches almost got their hands on Davina first.


Marcel: Oh, hello. Let me guess, protection spell?

Sabine: You think I'd let a day where witches can do magic pass by without one? They all should've done the same.

Marcel: You broke one of my rules, Sabine, and I'm guessing that spell of yours is probably a one-time deal. I'll give you two choices-- an immediate reunion with your dearly departed friends, OR, you can do that same spell for a young witch friend of mine. [Sabine gives him a look] Yeah, you probably know which one I'm talking about.


Klaus: So, when you slipped away to allegedly check on your nightwalkers, you were, in fact, colluding with a witch. That's very clever. I suppose I should be proud.

Marcel: Eh, I just wanted to make sure I had a failsafe just in case, as Elijah expected, you started acting like you.

Klaus: Except that now you've involved the witches, who, last time I checked, were enemy to us all, to everything we have, and to our family.

Elijah: Davina is Marcel's family, Niklaus, or did that somehow slip your mind as you tried to take her life? You will call Rebekah. You'll tell her that Davina will recover. Do wish the same could be said for that boy.


[Davina revives, gasping. She turns to Tim's body]

Davina: Tim? Tim? Tim, Tim, wake up. Tim, please wake up. Open your eyes. No, no. Please wake up. Please don't leave me alone.


[Rebekah carries a sleeping Davina into the courtyard]

Marcel: Is she ok?

Rebekah: She's devastated and exhausted. Where's her room?

Marcel: No. I got her. I got her.

[Marcel takes Davina. Rebekah glares at Klaus before walking away]

Rebekah: [voiceover] It is said that this is a man's world, and sometimes it is. For every Casket Girl that was saved, countless others were not.


[Marcel watches over Davina]

Marcel: She'll never trust me again.

Elijah: Perhaps. You must never surrender the fight to reclaim that trust.

Rebekah: [voiceover] But women are more resilient than given credit for.

Elijah: These drawings, what are they?

Marcel: She drew those the whole time she was in the attic, said they're different than what she draws when she senses magic. These ones, she called them evil.

Rebekah: [voiceover] And some women, well, let's just say their oppressors had better watch out.


[Klaus walks through the Quarter and sees Cami walking toward him]

Cami: Surprised to see me? After all, you did compel me to leave town.

Klaus: You remember.

Cami: Chalk one up for decompulsion. Hurts like hell, but it's worth it. Made me realize exactly why I want to stick around. Oh, and Klaus, if you hurt Davina or Josh in any way, I'll expose you to the world, and then you can kiss the French Quarter good-bye, forever. Have a nice night.


[Rebekah talks to Thierry]

Rebekah: I, too, am resilient, and I'm tired of being oppressed. For 1,000 years, my brother has taken what he wants in whatever way he wants, regardless of the consequences. Marcel seems determined to allow it, and Elijah stands right by his side, futilely awaiting the day that he'll change.

Thierry: So men suck. What do you want me to do about it?

Rebekah: Despite your dire warnings to Marcel, he just can't seem to quit my brother. The two of them stand side by side ruling this city whilst you're left in here to rot. I want you to help me take New Orleans right out from under all of their noses, and I have something they won't see coming, someone on the inside. She's quite the resilient girl herself.


[Marcel finally leaves. Davina opens her eyes when the door closes]


Hayley: You ok?

Elijah: I'm better now. How was your day?

Hayley: Killer. What's with the artwork?

Elijah: Davina's sketches. I wonder if they represent some kind of premonition. They seem to suggest something is coming. Something sinister.

Hayley: Oh, my god. Isn't that...


Sophie: Hello, Celeste.


[Hayley tries to call Sophie]

Hayley: Come on, Sophie. Pick up. Pick up.



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