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  1x22 - From a Cradle to a Grave
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FLASHBACK--The Baby's Bedroom

[Some time before the events of The Battle of New Orleans, Hayley sits in a rocking chair in the baby's room, where she is writing a letter. Klaus enters the room and leans in the doorway]

KLAUS: Writing a love letter to one of your many suitors? So, who's the lucky recepient, then? [smiles] Jackson? Or, Elijah? [Hayley rolls her eyes at him] Don't tell me it's me? [they both laugh] I thought I was out of the running ages ago!

HAYLEY: [laughs] And the award for "Biggest Ego" goes to...[gestures toward Klaus, who continues to laugh] [groans when the baby starts to kick] Oh!

KLAUS: [walks toward Hayley] How is our littlest wolf?

HAYLEY: Do you want to...? [rubs her baby bump]

[Klaus steps back, looking nervous, and Hayley gives him a look]

HAYLEY: Come on! [gestures to her belly]

[Klaus reaches out and touches Hayley's belly, and he's startled when he feels the baby kick]

HAYLEY: [laughs] You feel that? [they both laugh in amazement]

KLAUS: [suddenly feels awkward and stands up] Right! I'll leave you to your secret letter, then!

[Klaus rushes off, and Hayley smiles as she thinks about Klaus and the baby. In voiceover, Hayley narrates her letter as the scene cuts to Hayley giving birth with the help of the witches]

HAYLEY: [voiceover] Dear Zoe...or Kaitlyn...or Angela. To my little girl. Your dad just asked if this was a love letter. I guess it kind of is. I never got to know my mother. I have no idea what she must have thought when she carried me.

[Hayley screams at Genevieve and Monique in the present, as she is in labor]

HAYLEY: [to Genevieve] AHHHH! Let go of me, you bitch!

HAYLEY: [voiceover] So, I thought I'd write to you, so you can know how happy I am at this very moment. How much your father and I can't wait to meet you...

[In the present, Klaus limps into the hospital and finds the witches with Hayley. Hayley is shocked and relieved to see him. Klaus lunges toward a witch guard and rips his head off. Abigail and Genevieve link hands and telekinetically pin Klaus to the wall]

HAYLEY: [voiceover] And, I want to make you a promise, of three things that you will have that I never did: a safe home, someone to tell you that they love you every single day, and someone to fight for you, no matter what.

[In the present, Klaus fights against the spell pinning him to the wall, but he cannot get free. Monique and Abigail anchor the spell and go back to helping Hayley]


HAYLEY: [voiceover] In other words, a family. So, there you go, baby girl. The rest, we're going to have to figure out together. I love you. Your mom.

[Klaus and Hayley watch fearfully as Genevieve grabs the ceremonial athame that was used for the Harvest. Hayley continues to scream in agony and terror]

GENEVIEVE: [to Hayley and Klaus] You should know this brings me no joy. I promise I'll make it quick.

[One of the witches covers Hayley's lower half with a sheet]

GENEVIEVE: Let's begin, shall we?



[Davina enters the compound's courtyard and is horrified to see all the dead and dying vampires laying around. Cami and Marcel are tending to Diego and the other vampires who are still alive]

DAVINA: [horrified] Cami? [she sees that Marcel is beaten and bloody] Oh god, what happened?

MARCEL: [weak and out of breath] Klaus...

CAMI: [interrupts] They fought, and he got bit. [she puts a damp cloth on Diego's forehead and goes to tend to the others]

DAVINA: Marcel...

MARCEL: It's okay! I gave as good as I got. But, we need Klaus' blood to heal.

[Marcel grips Davina's shoulder before walking to where Cami is helping the others near the fountain]

DAVINA: [thinks for a moment] You fought Klaus-- did he bleed?

MARCEL: I got him pretty good, yeah.

DAVINA: [determined] Where?


[Davina walks down the street to where Klaus and Marcel fought. As she looks around, we get flashbacks to the fight. In flashback, Marcel punches Klaus in the face, causing him to spit his blood all over a car and the cement. Davina picks up an empty plastic up from the ground and sets it on the car. As she starts to chant a spell, Josh stumbles out of an alley and finds her]

DAVINA: [lifts her arms] Venez sanguis. Venez sanguis. Venez sanguis. Venez–

JOSH: Uh... Davina? What the hell?

DAVINA: [stops chanting and gapes at Josh] Josh, what are you doing here? I told you to rest!

JOSH: [weakly] I'm fine!

DAVINA: You're gonna start hallucinating soon!

JOSH: I mean, unless I'm hallucinating you standing in the middle of the street and chanting for no reason...[laughs tiredly] Wait, am I?

DAVINA: [determined] I'm gonna save you. I'm gonna save all of you.

[Davina returns to her spell]

DAVINA: Venez sanguis. Venez sanguis. Venez sanguis la force de la bête à moi.

[Josh watches in amazement as Davina's spell siphons all of Klaus' blood that splattered onto the ground and the hood of the car into the air, where it falls into the cup]

JOSH: Okay...I am hallucinating...


[Hayley is still in labor, and the witches, led by Genevieve, assist Hayley in her birth. Hayley screams in agony]

KLAUS: [shouts] I will bring hell to your family!

GENEVIEVE: [to Hayley] One last push! Push! The baby's almost here!

KLAUS: [shouts] I will bathe in rivers of your blood!


MONIQUE: I can see the baby!

GENEVIEVE: Push! Gently! Gently!

KLAUS: [shouts] You will die screaming!

[Hayley falls backwards just as the baby is born]


[Both Klaus and Hayley stop screaming once they see their baby. One of the witches helps cut the umbilical cord, and Genevieve wraps the baby in a blanket]

GENEVIEVE: You have a beautiful baby daughter.

[Hayley and Klaus stare in shock]

GENEVIEVE: We must start the sacrifice as soon as the moon sets with the morning sky--

HAYLEY: --Please. Please, can I hold her?

[Genevieve brings the baby over so Hayley can hold her. Hayley is amazed by the sight of her daughter. She looks up at Klaus and manages a small smile before kissing her daughter on the forehead. Suddenly, Monique grabs Hayley by the hair, pulls her head back, and slits her throat with the knife. Hayley gasps]


[Hayley falls backward, and the witches grab the baby before leaving the church]


[As the witches leave, Monique twists her wrist, which causes Klaus to fall to the floor, weakened. He looks up at Hayley's dead body above him in horror]


[Some time later, Elijah bursts into the church]


[He stops dead in his tracks, panting and out of breath as a result of the werewolf bites, and struggles to focus his vision. Eventually, he sees that Klaus is sitting at the sacristy, with Hayley's head resting in his lap. Klaus is near tears. Elijah approaches them]

ELIJAH: No. No, no. No...[he falls to his knees next to Hayley and realizes that she's dead]

KLAUS: [numb] She's gone.

[Elijah starts to cry, which causes Klaus to start to cry, too]

KLAUS: You've been bitten. Here. [He bites into his wrist and offers it to Elijah. Elijah is stunned]


[Davina returns to the compound and presents Marcel with the blood that she has salvaged from the fight. Cami is at Josh's side, and he is fading fast]

MARCEL: [gently] There's only enough here for one.

DAVINA: [distraught] No! This has to be enough!

[Marcel pats Josh on the shoulder, but he doesn't notice. Davina starts to cry]

DAVINA: I can't choose. Please don't make me choose.

[Marcel looks at her with sadness and takes the cup from her]

MARCEL: Save your friend. [He walks toward Josh with the cup] I can take care of the rest of us.

CAMI: [shocked] Marcel?

JOSH: I can't--

MARCEL: Judging by the look of that bite, you don't have time to argue.

DAVINA: [crying] Marcel?

MARCEL: Josh is one of my guys, and enough of my guys have died today. So, come on.

[Marcel helps Josh sit up, and Cami helps feed him the small cup of blood. Behind them, Mikael's spirit is watching this happen]

MIKAEL: [to Davina] One point for you, and one point for Niklaus.

[Davina glares at him angrily. Marcel forces himself to stand up, and makes his way to the door. Cami chases after him and blocks his way]

CAMI: Hey! Where do you think you're going?

MARCEL: To find Klaus, get his blood, and save as many of my guys as I can.

CAMI: [stops him] Wait! For that you'll need a weapon--and, it just so happens, I have an arsenal.

[Davina stares at them, as the three begin to form a plan]


[Elijah lays Hayley's body back onto the table at the sacristy while Klaus sits nearby]

ELIJAH: [distraught] How?

KLAUS: [numb] I was bested.

ELIJAH: [becomes furious] You were bested. Huh. [walks toward Klaus] You were BESTED? [Klaus looks at him in shock] My invincible brother.

[Klaus pulls himself weakly to his feet and looks Elijah in the eyes]

KLAUS: They took the baby. But, there's still time. We can save her.


[Klaus and Elijah rush around the cemetery, trying to figure out where the witches are keeping the baby]

ELIJAH: [frantic] The tombs are empty, the grounds are deserted, she's NOT HERE!

KLAUS: This is the only place they can be! We'll keep searching.

ELIJAH: They are NOT HERE, Niklaus! We're wasting time!

KLAUS: The Harvest was here! The Reaping was here! They're about to perform a ritual which will feed their ancestors for centuries! Ancestors who are buried HERE!

[Klaus stops talking when he notices an angel statue on top of one of the tombs]

KLAUS: [sighs in frustration] This statue, we've passed by this three times, all whilst going in the same direction.

[Klaus and Elijah brainstorm silently as they examine the various tombs near them]

ELIJAH: They've fabricated some kind of illusion.

[Klaus vamp-speeds to the top of the tomb with the angel statue and tries to get a better view of the cemetery. When he looks out, there seem to be an infinite number of tombs, stretching out to make the cemetery appear to be endless]

KLAUS: That's one word for it.


[Cami leads Marcel and Davina into Father Kieran's secret apartment's hidden room, which is full of files and various historical artifacts]

MARCEL: So, this is what Kieran was hiding.

CAMI: More like stockpiling. From what I can gather, it's mostly weapons.

DAVINA: [shakes her head in disagreement] Dark objects--created by witches.

MARCEL: And co-opted by the humans.

[Davina starts looking through the various dark objects, which includes the Needle of Sorrows that Kieran took from Agnes, as well as a small clock, a bangle bracelet, and what looks suspiciously like the Gilbert watch/compass]

MARCEL: Kieran's been keeping this a secret for years. You really sure you wanna show me all this?

CAMI: You said knowing my uncle's secrets could get me killed? But, what if those same secrets could save the lives of my friends?

DAVINA: Look at this! [She picks up what looks like a gold throwing star from the shelf of dark objects] I learned about it in the Le Sais, it's called The Devil's Star. They say one throw can make a thousand cuts.

MARCEL: A thousand cuts sounds about right. I need to make Klaus bleed.

[Davina hands Marcel the star, and he takes it before he goes to find Klaus]


[Klaus and Elijah are still walking through the maze illusion in the cemetery, using a stone like a piece of chalk in order to mark the tombs that they pass]

KLAUS: [sighs] It's ingenius. I can see them, I can feel them, and yet, they are not real.

ELIJAH: [still distraught as he runs his hands through his hair] There has to be a way. Even if we could just push through--

KLAUS: --What we need to do is focus.

ELIJAH: [snaps] My only focus right now is that child and her safety, do you understand me? [furious] This-- all of this-- this is the world that you created, Niklaus.

KLAUS: Brother--

ELIJAH: All of your scheming, the enemies that you have made every single day of your miserable life-- what results did you expect? That your child would be born into a happy life? That the mother would be alive to know her daughter? That we could live and thrive as some- as some sort of family?

KLAUS: That was your fantasy, brother, not mine!

ELIJAH: [enraged] NO, brother! This was our hope. This was our family's hope. [tries to catch his breath] And now she is gone. [softer] Do you understand? I let this person in. I let her in! [tries to hold back tears] I don't let people in! You knew this. You've taken her from me! I needed her, and you've broken me.

[Elijah sits down on the stoop of one of the tombs and puts his head in his hands. Klaus quietly sits down next to him and grips his arm in comfort]

KLAUS: You can tell your niece how much you cared for her mother when we save her.

[Elijah looks at him, his chin quivering, as Klaus nods encouragingly]


[Hayley's body is still laying on the table at the sacristy, where Elijah left her. Her neck looks as though it has healed. Suddenly, she awakens with a gasp and grabs her throat. As she sits up, she's overwhelmed with flashbacks of being in labor, the baby being born, Klaus being pinned to the wall, and Monique slitting her throat. She realizes the baby is still alive, but has been taken by the witches, and calms herself before leaving to find her]


[In some hidden tomb full of lit candles, Genevieve, dressed in a white dress, sets the swaddled baby in a basket. Behind her, Monique and Abigail, also in white dresses, watch her]

GENEVIEVE: [looks through the skylight to check on the sky] The moon has almost faded from the morning sky. [she grabs the ceremonial athame] I need to prepare.

[Abigail and Monique wait until Genevieve leaves before they begin to talk privately]

ABIGAIL: She'll go through with it. The ancestors promised her her life.

MONIQUE: What about their promise to us? Four Harvest girls sacrificed, four girls returned. But, her friends hijack it, and our friends have to stay dead? Cassie was our friend. I hope she doesn't go through with it. Then, you and I can do what the ancestors want, and they'll give us Cassie! And, drag Genevieve back to where she came from.

[Abigail nods in agreement. Monique grabs the baby in the basket, and she and Abigail go to join Genevieve]


[Genevieve walks down between rows of tombs, to the front steps of a large tomb, which serves as their altar. Lit torches line the aisle. She lays the athame onto the altar. Abigail and Monique follow her as they carry the baby in the basket. They each take their places--Genevieve is at the altar, facing the aisle, while Monique and Abigail stand on her left and ride side, respectively. On the altar is a circle made of salt, with designs made within it's lines]

GENEVIEVE: It's time.


[While everyone is gone, Davina and Mikael's spirit are in Klaus' study, where Davina is looking at Esther's grimoire for the spell she needs. A similar salt circle to the one set up at the cemetery is set up on the floor]

DAVINA: It says I need to channel power from a nexus vorti?

MIKAEL: [laughs] Ah, yes. My wife, Esther, always did love to dress things up a bit. It's fancy witch-speak. A nexus vorti-- a rare occurrence. Something so infrequent, it's almost a miracle. Like, an astrological event. Or...

DAVINA: ...A miracle baby.

MIKAEL: Voilà.


[Genevieve lifts the baby into the air, while Abigail and Monique hold up their hands toward the baby and begin their spell]

GENEVIEVE, ABIGAIL & MONIQUE: [in unison] Nouvel vie, nouvel ame, me lange avec nous.


[Davina is about to start her spell. She starts collecting all of the dark objects she grabbed from Kieran's hidden room]

MIKAEL: So, are you certain that you have the power to bring me back?

DAVINA: I do now.

[She takes the dark objects and starts to set them in various places around the circle. Included in the objects are a bracelet, a pocket watch, what looks like a key, a compass, and a pocketwatch. Mikael watches her with interest. She holds her hands out and begins the spell]

DAVINA: [chants] De la cendre à l'os, de la chair à la vie. De la cendre à l'os, de la chair à la vie.

[Mikael hunches over and starts to shout in pain as Davina continues the spell]


[Klaus and Elijah are breaking their way through the illusion by destroying the tombs. When they reach a room full of candles, they stop and catch their breath]

ELIJAH: [sighs] We've passed through here twice already. We're running out of time. [He punches through a wall in anger and frustration]

KLAUS: Then we move faster. [He marks the wall with a third tally mark]

HAYLEY: [calls out from behind them] Or smarter.

[Elijah and Klaus freeze when they heard her voice, and turn to see the source of the sound. Hayley stands in the doorway, dazed and exhausted-looking]

ELIJAH: Hayley.

[Elijah and Klaus are shocked to see her. Elijah rushes over to touch her face to make sure she isn't an illusion]

ELIJAH: How are you here?

HAYLEY: [numb and dazed] I woke up in the church. I felt this hunger... I knew what I needed. I can feel her. She's here. I can feel my baby.

[Elijah looks confused, but Klaus realizes what has happened]

KLAUS: You died with the baby's blood still in your system. [He turns to Elijah] She's in transition.

ELIJAH: [horrified] Which means she has to drink the blood of the child if she is to survive.

KLAUS: [horrified] To be reborn a hybrid.

HAYLEY: I don't care about me. I'm gonna go find our daughter.

[Hayley leaves, and Elijah and Klaus rush after her]


[Davina continues to cast her spell, as Mikael paces around the study and groans in pain]

DAVINA: De la cendre à l'os, de la chair à la vie. From ash to bone, from bone to flesh, from flesh to life.

[Once Davina's spell is complete, she passes out onto the floor. Mikael, also, falls to the floor in pain]


[Hayley leads Elijah and Klaus through the maze of tombs in the cemetery's illusion toward her and Klaus' daughter. Meanwhile, Genevieve, Monique, and Abigail continue their spell around the baby]

GENEVIEVE, ABIGAIL & MONIQUE: [in unison] Nouvel vie, nouvel ame, me longe avec nous.

[Genevieve holds the athame above the baby, preparing to complete the sacrifice]


[Mikael pulls himself up from the floor in the study and gasps as he's brought back to life]


[Hayley, Elijah, and Klaus are still searching through the cemetery for the baby. Genevieve is about to sacrifice the baby]

GENEVIEVE, ABIGAIL & MONIQUE: [in unison] Nouvel vie, nouvel ame, me longe avec nous.

[Hayley, Elijah and Klaus turns a corner and see Genevieve holding a knife above the baby's head]


[Elijah picks up an urn and lobs it at the witches, which slams against Genevieve's hand and knocks the athame onto the ground. The three run toward them, so Monique and Abigail hold each other's hands and channel the ancestors' power to throw them backwards while Genevieve goes to find the athame]

ABIGAIL: La mère, le père, le frère, la sœur... La mère, le père, le frère, la sœur...

MONIQUE: You fools! To come against us in our place of power, in our strongest hour. You don't face three, you face us all.

[As they continue to use magic against them, Elijah and Klaus can see that hundreds and hundreds of the dead witches have come together to protect them as they complete their sacrifice]


[Diego is still at the compound, laying in the courtyard, still dying from his werewolf bite. Mikael approaches him]

DIEGO: Who the hell are you?

[Mikael grabs Diego by the hair and vamps-out before feeding on Diego to death. When he's done, he growls and grunts animalistically, scaring the other dying vampires]


[Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah are still fighting against the witches' magic. Klaus and Hayley each run in opposite directions, while Elijah continues to rush straight towards them, in hopes of overpowering them]

[Hayley finds Genevieve picking up the athame, and starts to fist-fight her to keep her from using it against the baby. She once again knocks the knife out of her hand and into the ground]

[Klaus gets cornered by the spirits of Papa Tunde's twin sons, who telekinetically throw Klaus into a tomb, shattering it]

[Hayley knocks Genevieve down and runs toward the baby, but Genevieve casts a pain infliction spell on Hayley, which makes her fall onto her knees. Meanwhile, Monique and Abigail are still using their powers combined powers to channel the full strength of the ancestors]

[Elijah fights to get close enough to them to get the baby. Klaus pulls himself out of the tomb and angrily rushes toward the action]

MONIQUE & ABIGAIL: La mère, le père, le frère, la sœur... La mère, le père, le frère, la sœur...

[Klaus sees a wrought iron fence, and breaks off one of the spikes. He throws it forcefully toward Abigail, which impales her through the stomach and kills her, breaking the connection that she and Monique had to the ancestors]

[Monique quickly runs to grab the athame to finish the sacrifice herself. Klaus and Elijah vamp-speed toward her, but she uses her magic to block them using a wall of fire]

HAYLEY: Noooo! [Genevieve continues the pain infliction spell to prevent her interference]

[Just as Monique is about to sacrifice the baby, she's hit with the Devil's Star, which embeds itsef in her stomach. Her body becomes covered in cuts, and she coughs up blood before falling to the ground. Klaus and Elijah turn around to see that Marcel was the one who saved the baby. Before they can say anything, Marcel vamp-speeds to the baby, and then vamp-speeds away with it. Klaus follows after him]


[Klaus enters the compound to find all of the bitten vampires dead and strewn across the courtyard. Marcel is holding the baby in his arms as he sits by the fountain, waiting for him]

MARCEL: I was too late. There should have been more time.

KLAUS: [looks around the room at the carnage] Looks like the wolves came back and finished what they started.

[The baby stirs and coos, and Marcel stares at it]

KLAUS: You took my daughter so I would heal you and your friends.

[Marcel looks at him weakly, but Klaus just laughs and shrugs]

KLAUS: Here.

MARCEL: [pulls away] This bite, all this...[he looks over at Diego's dead body] I know it didn't come from nowhere. This is the last note in a song that I started a century ago when I brought your dad to town. And for that, I am sorry.

KLAUS: [kneels down in front of him] No. You saved my child's life, Marcel. For that, you deserve this. [He holds out his wrist, and Marcel bites into it and drinks his blood] We will take down whoever brought this upon us, I swear it.

[Marcel looks up at Klaus in shock, finally healing. Klaus looks at his daughter in awe and relief]


[Marcel hands him the baby, and he takes her]

KLAUS: Shhhh. Oh! Hey! Hey there.

[The baby looks over at Marcel, and he smiles from joy. They laugh. Behind them, hiding in the shadows, Mikael is watching them and holding the indestructible white oak stake]


[Klaus is holding the swaddled baby as he stands in the baby's nursery. He lays her down in her crib and watches her with interest. Mikael climbs up the stairs with the stake. Mikael is about to walk in the nursery when he freezes, blocked by an invisible barrier. Behind him, Davina appears. When Klaus walks out of the nursery and into the hallway to investigate, Mikael and Davina are gone.


[Davina has dragged Mikael back to the church's attic. When he makes it to the threshold, he can't break through]



MIKAEL: [limps into the room] Agh! Why is this happening? You brought me back to kill my son!

DAVINA: I brought you back to punish him. And you will! When I'm ready. And not a minute before.

MIKAEL: What have you done?

[He lunges at her, but she stops him easily with magic]

DAVINA: I added a little something extra in the spell that brought you back! [She holds up her wrist, on which she is wearing the dark magic bracelet she took from Cami's arsenal] I spent eight months of my life up here, being used as a secret weapon. [smiles] Now, you can see how it feels.

[She uses her magic to bring him to her, and then forces him on his knees]

DAVINA: Kneel.

[Davina smirks and telekinetically slams the attic door shut]


[Elijah and Hayley are shackling Genevieve in one of the tombs to get information from her]

HAYLEY: [furious] Why?

GENEVIEVE: The ancestors left me no choice--

HAYLEY: You were willing to sacrifice an innocent baby for more power?

GENEVIEVE: No, not just power! It was the ancestors' decree. It was her decree.

ELIJAH: [grabs Genevieve roughly by the face and forces her to look at him] It was whose decree?

GENEVIEVE: I'm surprised you have to ask. [laughs weakly] After all, you were the one who convinced your siblings to consecrate her on New Orleans soil.

[Elijah lets go of her, disgusted, as he realizes who she's talking about]

HAYLEY: [stunned] Esther.

ELIJAH: So, not even death can stop my mother from seeking the annihilation of her own flesh and blood.

GENEVIEVE: [anxious] This isn't the end. As long as that child lives, the witches of New Orleans will never stop coming for it. [starts to cry] Esther will never stop coming for it. It has been decreed-- your baby will be consecrated among her ancestors. She will not live.

[Hayley and Elijah just glare at her. Genevieve begins to bleed from her eyes]

GENEVIEVE: They're coming for me, I can feel it. I failed them. Understand-- I just wanted to live. Tell Klaus... I'm sorry.

[Genevieve starts to choke up blood. Hayley watches her for a moment before sighing and stabbing her in the stomach with the athame and cutting her abdoment open]

HAYLEY: [furious] I'm not.

[Hayley walks out of the tomb, as Elijah follows behind her. Genevieve dies, still restrained by her wrists against the wall]


[Klaus and Elijah sit in Hayley's room, while Hayley sits with the baby in the rocking chair in the nursery, located right off of her bedroom]

KLAUS: We should have felt our mother's hand in this. We should have known she would not be bound by anything as obvious as death. And now, she has control of the witches. They will never stop.


KLAUS: Nor would I expect the Guerrera wolves to back down. Hayley and the child are wolf royalty, and as such, they are a threat to Francesca's claim to the leadership. [Hayley listens to them talk from the other room] They will never be safe. [he pauses for a beat] What was it you said to me earlier? That I have made enemies every day of my miserable life? Well, the worst of them are within these borders, brother. [Elijah sighs in frustration] I have brought into the world a weapon they can use against me.

ELIJAH: Then we will arm ourselves! Brother, we have fought every adversary in this town, and we have won. And we'll fight them again, no matter who they are! We will make this home a fortress.

KLAUS: [lowers his voice] I will not have her live her life as a prisoner.

ELIJAH: Then we leave here, together. All of us.

KLAUS: Wherever we go, however far we run, those who seek power and revenge will hunt us! They will hunt her. She has inherited all of our enemies with none of our defenses.

ELIJAH: So, whether we stay, or we leave-- we condemn her.

HAYLEY: [stands in the doorway, holding the baby] There's a third option. I grew up in a warzone. My parents thought they could protect me. But, in the end, they were slaughtered, and I spent my childhood alone and unloved. [She looks down at her daughter and smiles at her, while trying to hold back tears] I made a promise, to my baby, and to myself, that she would not grow up like I did. That she would grow up safe, and loved. And yet, here she is, on her first day in this world, with a grandmother who is bent on sacrificing her, [starts to stutter as she cries] and a-a mother, who has to drink the blood of her own baby to survive transitioning into a hybrid. And I'm the one who loves her the most.

[Klaus and Elijah just look at her, saddened]

HAYLEY: I think the only thing to do is... send her away, while we stay behind and clean up the mess that we've made.

ELIJAH: No! This is insane. You heard Genevieve-- so long as she lives, that baby will be hunted.

KLAUS: [stands up and joins Hayley and the baby] Not if no one knows she lives.

ELIJAH: [confused] What is it you intend to do, brother?

KLAUS: Whatever it takes to save our family.


[On the main street, Francesca is holding a press conference to cover up the events of the previous day or so. The street is packed with reporters and townspeople, as well as Oliver. Francesca notices Marcel walking among the crowd, and sends a signal to Oliver to follow him while she continues to speak]

FRANCESCA: Today begins a new day in the Quarter. My family, long time residents of this great community, pledges to help every citizen recover from the terrible outbreak of gang violence that erupted on the streets of our city last night.

[Oliver follows Marcel into the Jardin Gris voodoo shop as Francesca finishes her announcement]

FRANCESCA: We will rebuild. We will remember those who perished [gestures to a memorial wall] as we seek to disinfect our town of its worst elements. We will work together to ensure that the heart of the Crescent City thrives again!


[Oliver opens the door to the shop, where Marcel is waiting for him]

OLIVER: [closes the door behind him] Last man standing, huh?

MARCEL: [shrugs] I'm interested in making a deal.

OLIVER: Don't look like you got much to offer.

MARCEL: I'm hearing word the Guerrera's want the Quarter to be a No-Vampire Zone. I can make that happen-- in exchange for you leaving us alone across the river. Or, I can unleash hell on your new wolfpack.

OLIVER: [laughs] And how can you do that?

MARCEL: Easy! I made my peace with Klaus. He cured me. So now, it's you versus us.

OLIVER: Klaus is a warmonger. You think he's gonna choose to side with a pack of scrawny vamps, or an army of the new wolf breed that he created?

MARCEL: I'm thinking he's gonna side with us...[Oliver scoffs] Especially when he finds out that your pack killed his kid.

OLIVER: [grows serious] What?

MARCEL: [turns and gestures to a box on the counter] Open the box, and let me know what you think Klaus will believe about who's responsible for what you find inside of it. [Before he leaves, he stops at the doorway] Cremation may be the best way to go, before Klaus smells it on you.

[He leaves Oliver alone in the shop, where he nervously approaches the box. When he looks inside, he winces, and his face goes pale]


[Cami approaches the memorial wall on Rue Dumaine, where a crowd of people have gathered to pay their respects to all of the citizens who died in the (covered up) Battle of New Orleans. People cry around her as Cami scans the photos and notes stuck to the wall. She sees a framed sign that reads "In Memorium: Baby Mikaelson" on the wall, and gasps]


[Klaus is standing on the balcony over the courtyard, mournfully staring down below, when Cami rushes into the compound]

CAMI: Klaus? The baby?

KLAUS: She died. A few hours after the Guerrera attack.

CAMI: [gasps and covers her mouth before starting to cry] This is-This is all my fault!

KLAUS: I can assure you it is not.

CAMI: No! If I hadn't hesitated, I could have uncovered Francesca's plot in time to stop it! KLAUS: And how would you have stopped the coven of witches in league with her? [tears up] No. If anyone is to blame, I am.

CAMI: I am so, so sorry.

KLAUS: [turns to face her] Camille. I appreciate you being here, but we cannot be friends.

CAMI: [confused] What?

KLAUS: You had me pegged from the start. A man, damaged by his demons. And those demons are all at the moment hell-bent on killing me, and everything I find beautiful. [walks closer to Cami] And you, [sighs] you are beautiful. [beat] Please. Please, just go.

CAMI: Klaus--

KLAUS: [in tears] Go.

[Cami leaves. Klaus sadly watches her go]

[On the other side of the courtyard, Elijah watches Cami leave from the balcony, where Klaus joins him]

ELIJAH: Did Marcel play his part?

KLAUS: He managed to locate a stillborn baby in a hospital in upstate Louisiana.

ELIJAH: I trust he agreed to the terms.

KLAUS: He has agreed to allow me to compel him to forget what he knows of my child. In exchange, he wants vials of my blood.

ELIJAH: The witches will have to believe this. Soon, that fourth Harvest girl will resurrect. The coven will rebuild. If they sense that your child lives, they will hunt her.

KLAUS: The witches will buy what we sell. We just have to sell it properly.

[The two stand in silence for a long moment]

ELIJAH: Well, then, all that remains is to say goodbye.


[Elijah and Klaus continue their conversation over a montage of clips to wrap everything up]

[In the nursery, Hayley packs up the baby's bag with the letter she wrote to her. Elijah helps her lift the baby out of her cradle and into her arms. Hayley looks away as Elijah gently sticks the baby's finger with a pin to release a large drop of blood. Reluctantly, Hayley kisses the blood off of her finger to complete her transition]

[A crowd of people gather for a candlelight vigil for the deceased community members. Elijah and Hayley arrive to set a bouquet of flowers by Baby Mikaelson's spot on the memorial wall]

KLAUS: [in voiceover] They will be watching us. All of them. The three of us leaving together will draw too much attention. I will go alone. Take your mourning public when I am gone.

ELIJAH: [voiceover] I don't think imagine that will be too difficult. Grief, after all, is grief.

[Francesca watches as Hayley approaches the memorial. She breaks down in tears and blows a kiss to the plaque that announces the baby's "death." Elijah holds out a hand, who takes it]

[On a country road, Klaus sits on the hood of his SUV, holding his swaddled daughter, as he waits for the person who is taking in the baby for them]

ELIJAH: [voiceover] In what world will she be safe without her father? Who can protect her better than we?

KLAUS: [voice-over] There is one person.

[A car pulls up to Klaus, and Rebekah gets out. When she sees her brother and her newborn niece, she smiles. Klaus smiles back]

KLAUS: Hello, sister.

[Rebekah gently touches the baby, and stares in wonder]

REBEKAH: Oh, she looks like her mother. [smiles] Maybe there is a God after all.

KLAUS: [laughs] Well, she has a hint of the devil in her eyes. That's all me. [beat] I need a witch you can trust to cast a cloaking spell.

REBEKAH: I'll get one.

KLAUS: No one can ever find her.

REBEKAH: I know what to do, Nik. [They both look at the baby] Perhaps we'll get a white fence. I think that would be lovely.

[Klaus holds up the baby to get a last look at her before she leaves with Rebekah]

KLAUS: [whispers to the baby] This city would have seen you dead. But, I will have it your home. And every soul who wishes you harm will be struck down, just as sure as my blood runs in your veins. [Rebekah looks horrified] You will return to me.

[Klaus kisses his daughter on the forehead and the cheek before handing her to his sister. Then, he gives Rebekah and the baby the tiny wooden knight that he carved for Rebekah 1,000 years ago, which causes Rebekah to grab his hand and start to cry]

KLAUS: In spite of our differences, Rebekah, there is no one I would trust more with my daughter's life.

[Klaus hugs Rebekah and kisses her on the cheek]

KLAUS: Be happy, sister.

REBEKAH: [smiles] She will be happy, Nik. I promise. [They smile at each other] What's her name?

KLAUS: [pauses for a moment] Hope. Her name is Hope. [He starts to cry]

[Rebekah leaves to put the baby in her car, as Klaus watches]


[Cassie, the fourth and last Harvest girl, awakens and rises from her tomb in the cemetery. She walks out into a clearing and looks around. She walks to a gravesite, where she lays a rose on a headstone. She's soon joined by a fellow witch named Vincent, who appears to have risen from the cemetery as well]

VINCENT: May you rest in peace.

CASSIE: What's the fun in that? [She looks at Vincent] Come along. We have much to do.

VINCENT: Yes, mother.

[Cassie turns to leave, and Vincent follows her. The camera pans to the gravestone, which reads "Esther: Our Beloved Mother," suggesting that Esther and Finn are inhabiting Cassie and Vincent's bodies]



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